Darina Makes Susi Lick Her Clean


After Jay fucks Darina at the bar in their home, he orders her to have Susi suck his cum from her while he goes to work. Happy to oblige, Darina finds Susi in her room for some fun.

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Darina Makes Susi Lick Her Clean 

Darina sauntered up the stairs to Susi's room. She didn't even bother knocking, throwing the door wide open and scaring the girl half to death. With her head phones on, she'd not even heard anyone coming. Darina strolled over to her with a shit-eating grin on her face, Jay's cum still hot and fresh in her pussy trickling down her inner thighs. Grabbing the girl by the hook on her collar, Darina dragged her to the fur rugs she had to sleep on and forced her to the floor without explanation.

Susi about jumped out of her skin when her door slammed open. Seeing Jay's head skank walk through the door, Susi whipped her headphones off and set them in the corner by her stereo. "What do you want? Didn't the kingpin give you enough cock to satisfy you for the night?" The bitch didn't even say anything. She just walked right up and grabbed Susi by the collar, dragging her to the furs in the corner and unceremoniously shoved her to the floor. "Hey! What the fuck, bitch?!" Crawling back to her knees, Susi's eyes threw daggers at the curvy brunette, but before she could get up the busty broad settled on the furs in front of her and spread her legs wide, giving her a good view of her gooey, dripping snatch. Despite herself, Susi licked her lips staring at the sight.

Darina grabbed the girl by her crazy blue locks and yanked her head right down between her thighs. "Lick it up, little whore. Jay instructed me to have you suck his cum right from my cunt and I intend to do so." Lifting her hips, Darina ground her musky, cum-soaked pussy right against against Susi's lips and nose until she did as instructed. "Open up, now. Let Momma Darina feel that pretty little pink tongue of yours lapping at her gooey slit. That's a good girl..."

Susi barely needed any encouraging. The sight of her pussy, dripping, glistening with the milky white cum and juices dribbling from her hole, coating her still red and puffy lips after just getting fucked hard had Susi practically drooling for a taste. Darina's dainty little fingers latched onto Susi's hair, drawing her face down, smearing that musky concoction all over her lips and nose and Susi nearly drown in it until she opened her mouth and licked a line from the bottom of her slit just above her ass hole to the tip, laving right over her still swollen and sensitive clit. The petite punky girl let out a muffled grunt right into Darina's folds, blowing air over her clit with her roughly expelled breath. "Mmffph! Mmrllff!"

Darina thread her finger's through Susi's shocking blue hair and gave it a yank, lifting her head from between her legs. "On your knees..." Lifting one leg to swing it over Susi's head, Darina spun to her own knees and rose to her feet, standing so that her cunt was right in the girl's face. As Susi turned her eyes up to the woman, Darina grabbed the girl's hair again and draped one leg over her shoulder, yanking her face back to her slit. "Such a good little whore, doing as she's told. It's about damn time you listened to someone around here. God knows you're always back-talking Jaidyn. Nnngggg fuck, yes! That's it... Suck it all out. If you're good, I'll cum again just for you." Flexing the muscles in her leg, Darina rose on her toes then sank back down to her foot, grinding her slit up and down Susi's rapidly lapping tongue, coating her cute little face in her juices and Jay's cum. "F-f-fuck yes...get every...last fucking...drop... Nmmm..."

Susi was just starting to get into tasting her, slurping up the creamy nectar of their comingled cum from her tasty slit when the pushy bitch grabbed her hair and yanked her up. "What the..?" Susi gave an angry, confused look when she was told to get to her knees, but she complied, watching the buxom brunette rise to her feet. That beautiful pussy greeted her sights again and she inhaled deeply, the smell of sex heavy in the air.
Susi's hands slipped around the woman's hips to her ass just as Darina's hands wrapped in her hair again, forcing her face back to her slit. Wasting no time, her little pink tongue darted out, lapping and dipping over Darina's lips, sucking and slurping up and down the folds. Then she would bury her face and thrust her tongue out, stabbing it deep into her fuck hole and purse her lips around the entrance, sucking hard to draw out the concoction of their cum. The liquid oozed out over her tongue and Susi slurped it into her mouth, swallowing it down with a groan of pleasure. Her fingers squeezed Darina's ass cheeks and pulled her hard against her face, hungry for more.

The little minx was turning her on--there was no denying that. Her mouth was skilled and her tongue was like a serpent's. Darina's hand tightened in the fistful of hair she had and her hips jerked, humping her cunt over Susi's lapping, licking, probing tongue. Her long brown hair brushed over her back as her head arched to the ceiling. Drawing in a gasp, her hips suddenly bucked and jerked and she cried out, humping her snatch hard on Susi's face as she came on her expert tongue. "Ohhhh shit! Nnng fuck, girl! Suck it all! Drink me down, you little whore!" Susi's tongue never faltered. She lapped up every drop even as Darina's lips kept mashing over her nose and cheeks. Darina dropped to her shaky knees and grabbed Susi, pushing her to the floor and spinning her around. Straddling her face, Darina slipped her arms under the girl's ass and yanked her panties down her legs, throwing them aside before grabbing those cheeks and lifting her legs off the floor, draping them over her own shoulders. Susi's pretty little cunt came into view and Darina leaned down, inhaling her fresh scent as she settled her ass over the punky girl's face. "Eat it, girl. I'm not done with you yet." Digging her fingers into Susi's ass cheeks, Darina pulled and spread her open, laving her tongue from Susi's clit to her asshole, teasing and toying with the pucker before kissing her way back over her nether lips to suckle on her clit.

Holy fuck! Susi was completely aroused by being made to suck the cum from Jay's main woman's cunt, but she had thought she'd have to frig herself later just to get off. Never in her wildest dreams did she think the hot brunette was going to pleasure her, too. Susi braced her hands at her back, helping Darina keep her ass in the air so the woman could lap at her wet pussy even as she ground her own freshly cum-covered snatch in her face. More than happy to oblige, Susi's pink tongue slipped up and down that slit once more, drawing in drams of fresh cum still dripping from her hole. The feel of Darina's tongue teasing at her ass had her groaning harder than ever, though, and her moans vibrated through her lips on Darina's clit. Susi pursed her lips around that hard bud and suckled like a babe at a teat, pulsing her lips and trapping the clit between her teeth to add a sharp sting to the sweet sucks. Susi heard the sudden, sharp intake of breath and the squeeze of her ass as she did this, telling her just how much Darina loved it. Once she regained her composure, Darina's tongue plunged into Susi's cunt and flickered in and out, in and out, fucking her pretty little pussy until Susi was forced to stop sucking and left gasping against Darina's nether lips.

Darina nearly lost it again when the girl started sucking on her clit, using her teeth to drive her over the edge, but she was not about to go without tasting why this little slut was so important to Jay. Determined to make her cum, Darina pulsated her tongue deep into the girl's snatch, fucking her with the hot, wet muscle until she started gasping. Darina shook her head side to side, banging her tongue against the girl's inner walls. She withdrew only long enough to dip her finger into the sloppy wet pussy, coating it in the girl's juice, then she slipped her finger to Susi's asshole and toyed a circle around the rim. Wanting to make sure it was wet enough, though, she spit on the hole and spread it with her finger before forcing the digit in past the tight ring. Pumping her finger into her ass, Darina mashed her face back into the girl's pussy and thrust her tongue deep into her cunt, penetrating both of her holes at once.

Susi kept trying to resume eating Darina's pussy, but the woman was driving her crazy, making her gasp and wail, so she resorted to slipping her fingers into the tanned vixen's slick hole, pumping them in and out as her own pussy was lapped and sucked. And then Darina did something that completely took Susi off guard. Her finger first dipped into her pussy, but then she forced it deep into her ass and Susi nearly leaped off the floor from under her. She cried out between the woman's legs and grasped her thighs, shaking in fits as the brunette's tongue slid back into her hole, fucking both her ass and pussy at the same time. Susi couldn't fucking take it. Her legs flexed and curled over Darina's shoulders, using them for leverage to lift her hips higher, begging for more. Darina's finger pumped hard and fast in Susi's ass and her tongue pulsed just as quickly in her snatch until Susi jerked and screamed, her own cum gushing out to flood Darina's mouth. "AHHH SHIT! Holy fucking shit! Fuuuuuck yes!" As soon as she came, Susi's mouth latched back around Darina's pussy, sucking slurping, biting at her folds, her tongue laving up and down, pausing only to suck at the woman's clit again before moving to tongue fuck her just as she was doing to Susi.

Darina pumped Susi's ass hard, slamming her finger in to the knuckle making her pale cheeks wobble from impact. Her tongue was burred deep in the girl's pussy when she felt her jerk and heard her wail. A sudden gush of warm fluid splashed Darina's tongue and she pressed her lips to the folds, drinking down Susi's cum with smacking slurps and moaned gulps. "Mmmm fuck yes, you little slut. Cum for me. Flood my mouth." Darina felt Susi's lips suckling at her once more, that hot little tongue of hers swirling around her clit and plunging back into her pussy and with having the girl cum on her tongue, she fell into the abyss again. Darina grunted into Susi's folds and shuddered, her own climax raging through her as she came, her juices pouring down over Susi's lips and chin. Panting, exhausted, she let Susi's ass slip, lowering her to the ground as she crawled from on top of her. Susi lay on the floor sprawled in exhaustion and Darina slipped in behind her, draping an arm over her side. Kissing her temple, she murmured, "Mmm... I guess I'll let Jay keep you, after all."

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