Jay Harasses Vixxen


So this one was actually done prior to Wolven Z Rapes Susi, but I got my stories out of order. The only bummer about posting stories on a blog: can't change the order unless you delete and repost them, and that's a major fucking pain in the ass, so I'm letting it slide. It doesn't affect the stories. It just makes a tiny bit more sense when Z raped Susi as revenge in the werewolf story as a result of Jaidyn taking Vixxen in this story. Other than that, they each read well on their own.

There aren't a ton of photos with this one. I'm not really sure why. I guess just on some days the mood strikes me and on others it doesn't. See the set at http://www.flickr.com/photos/lisa_languish/sets/72157641685390713/

Jay Harasses Vixxen

Jaidyn crossed the yard going towards the only beautiful thing out there, stopping when he was close enough for you to hear him. "Something tells me you're standing out here for a reason. Could it be you're waiting to see Nick or me?"

Vixxen was so lost in thought she hadn't noticed you walking up to her and she blinked as though waking from a daydream, staring at you almost stupidly lost. "What? No, I was lost in thought. I'd gone for a walk around the pond and got to thinking about a day Zuriel and I had spent on the raft and just got wrapped up in the memory." Giving you something akin to a dirty look, she quips, "Why in the world would I be waiting for you...or Nick for that matter?"

Jaidyn smirked and shook his head, looking back at the raft before turning his eyes back to the blonde pussy before him. "Oh, no reason. Of course I have to rip the boy's balls off for fucking my girl. Beyond that, you just looked like you were aching to top somebody off...like me."

Vixxen's eyebrow raised. "First of all, you'll do no such thing. Secondly, how do you even know if he touched one of your girls? You were gone all day yesterday."

Jaidyn narrowed his eyes. "I can smell it..."

Vixxen shrugged and waved a dismissive hand. "It's not like you haven't fucked every pussy that sets foot on this land, yourself, and he's still young and naive. The boy hardly knows what he's doing. Can you blame him for not being able to resist the temptations that are around every corner here? You won't lay a hand on that sweet young man. Zuriel will talk with him, but the one you need to punish is the one that tempted him in the first place. Keep your girls in line and there won't be a problem."

Jaidyn growled softly, but for once seemed to listen to reason. He pulled a hand to his chin pondering how best to handle the situation then. "Fine. The human can keep his balls for now. But if he ever sniffs in Darina's direction I will not hesitate to lay him out."

Vixxen seemed to nod in satisfaction, trying to hide her astonishment that you actually listened to her. "Then I would suggest you warn him in advance. And your woman, too. I've seen her eyeballing him. He's an attractive young man. He's as much a temptation to the ladies of Eden as they are to him."

Jaidyn lifted a brow. "Seriously? You think my Rina is eyeballing the boy?" If he wasn't pissed before, he was now. "That curvy little bitch! If she even touches him I'm gonna fuck her raw for a fucking month. How dare she even look at him, the little country fucktard!"

Vixxen rolls her eyes. "Oh, calm your tits. Just because someone looks doesn't mean they're going to act on it. He's a handsome boy. Young, fresh, sweet, innocent. The complete opposite of you and Zuriel. Well, Z's sweet, but aside from that the boy is just new meat...fresh variety. Of course the girls are going to look and--if they can get away with it--touch." A devilish little smirk crosses her lips. "Half the fun is corrupting that innocence of his, I think. It's a novelty. It will wear off sooner or later."

Jaidyn glowered and stepped forward, pushing both hands under your tits before bouncing them together and stepping back. "Calm your own tits. Nothing and no one is better than me. Not even Zuriel. He's a paltry pretender when I know he could be a stone cold killer...especially with the ladies. But you've got his balls in a noose." The grin returned to his lips. "But one day the rope will break and I'll be waiting to see you on your knees in front of me. Hehe."

Vixxen couldn't stop herself. She didn't even think about it it all happened so fast. Making a fist as soon as your hands pressed under her breasts, Vixxen's arm reared back even as you stepped away and she punched you right in the mouth. It hurt like a motherfucker and she hissed, shaking her hand. Then as she realized what she'd done, her heart started thudding in her chest, but she lifted her chin and glared at you, steeling her resolve. "Don't you ever touch me like that again, Jaidyn. You may push the other girls in Eden around, but I won't tolerate it. You will never, ever see me in my knees before you. Not willingly. Now get out of my sight. You make me sick." She stood there trembling with rage, nostrils flaring and eyes narrowed.

Despite the hurt of getting cold cocked, Jaidyn shook his head and turned his face back to the woman who had just belted him. Smirking, the split in the corner of his mouth showed, and just like an another injury she'd given him in the past had done, the wound slowly zipped closed leaving just the trickle of red down his chin. "I see someone wants a repeat of the barn. Fine. I'll wait when you're carrying in groceries and fuck you in your own floor. I'm nothing if not patient." He inhaled. Sure, there was anger seething from her, but underneath there was a scent of arousal and he grinned devilishly. "You got a mean right hook, but next time aim higher. Broken noses take time to heal, even for us. Gives you a few seconds to really kick my ass." His eyes were taking in your body from head to toes just then, like the punch had gotten him hot, as was evident by the bulge in his pants.

Vixxen saw you looking at her--leering, really--and instinctively her eyes drifted to your crotch. You were arouse, that much was evident, and she scowled in disgust realizing that her abuse turned you on. Trying to hide her revulsion, not wanting it to please you, she yanked her stare from your groin to your eyes. "Don't be ridiculous, Jaidyn. You and I both know I would never kick your ass. It was just a reaction to my anger." Pausing, she added, "But I'll remember that next time you piss me off, if only to prolong your agony a few seconds longer." She couldn't help but keep glancing at your crotch, both fascinated and mortified by your reaction. Was there no winning with this man? No avoiding turning him on? It seemed to be a lost cause.

Jaidyn noticed where your eyes kept going and his hands dropped to unzip his pants, letting his cock fall free from his clothes. "Go on... Get a real good look at it. You didn't get to see much of it while you were dirty on the barn floor, but man did it love splitting you open. See? It remembers..." Jokingly, he lightly bounced his hips, making the hard length bob and weave right there before your sight. "I know you hate me, and I'm fine with that, but there is no denying what you wanted to see just then, so take a good look."

Vixxen was torn between revulsion that it was attached to you and the sudden, undeniable fascination with that gorgeous cock. She was a woman, after all, and it was natural to be aroused at the sight of one, especially one so beautiful, so she faltered for a second--maybe two--before she gathered her composure (and shut her hanging jaw from her shock at your audacity) and snapped her eyes up to glare at you. "You pompous ass..." Saying nothing more, Vixxen turned on her heel and stomped off to the docks just to get away from this infuriating man.

Jaidyn laughed because you was in shock, but he knew better. That was your way of avoiding the turn-on despite the fact that he was acting like an ass. So when you turned to leave he just followed, walking out onto the docks before he grabbed his dick in one hand and started stroking it right in front of the head bitch of the land. "Now I get it... You want me to fuck you in the ass." He smirked and all the while his hand pumped up and down his swelling length that was growing tighter from his own designs making it harder. "Or you can just lie down and I'll squirt all over your face and tits...give you something to lick off your fingers."

Vixxen wasn't really surprised you had followed. You weren't the type to give up so easily, especially when you was getting your sick jollies from tormenting her. She kept her back turned to you, though, until you shot off at the mouth again, coming frighteningly close to striking a nerve, though she denied it even to herself. Whirling on you as though she meant to strike you again, she stopped short and took a breath, glowering instead. "I want nothing of the sort. I want nothing of you, Jaidyn. So put yourself away and go home. I'm sure one of your little sluts would be more than happy to lay down and spread their legs for you, but I am not one of them." Her eyes kept flitting down to your crotch as you stroked yourself, but then they'd skate across the lawn to the house or turn to look at the sea only to glance back at you ever-growing cock. Every time she looked she scowled harder, but though she kept looking away, her gaze kept returning.

Jaidyn lowered his eyes and looked the lovely blonde up and down once more, listening to your words as he stroked himself right there and he noticed that your eyes kept going to his cock even if you tried to hide it. He had a look on his face like he was thinking even while he toyed with his shaft, curling his fingers at the base and squeezing upward so you could see it. "Okay. So it sounds like to me like you hate the jerk-side of me, but you obviously want to feel this..." He shook his dick at you before going on. "So why don't we make a deal? The same one I intended to make when you were at my place having a drink the other night." He lifted his gaze to your face and grinned wickedly. "You don't even have to enjoy it. Just take your shorts off and I'll do my business. And in return..." He let the ultimatum sink in before giving you the reward part, "I will never again even bother you."

Vixxen looked at him incredulously, her mouth hanging open like a buffoon. Her eyes closed for a full second before she opened them and shook her head, picking up her jaw to speak. "Let me get the right... Are you implying that if I fuck you...you'll leave me alone and never bother me again?" Her brows furrowed and she crossed her arms under her breasts, cocking one hip in a stance that said 'I don't believe you.' "And what's to say you'll hold up your end of the bargain? I don't trust you, Jaidyn. That's the thing. I don't believe a word of it." Her features softened for a moment as a thought crossed her mind and her eyes seemed to glaze over as she stared at the docs. "Besides, I don't think Zuriel would much approve..." She hadn't shunned the idea, but she still didn't think it was a good one.

Jaidyn rolled his eyes and stepped closer, making sure to be bare inches away while he stroked that dick close enough you could feel the heat from it. The scent of him--like pine and something else hard to place--drifted over you until his voice shook you from your thoughts. "You can act like its rape. That way if he asks, you can just say it was my fault so I'll get beat up and torn apart." He smirked and actually stroked the tip over your thigh before continuing, "For a shot at your ass, I'd take a few cuts and broken bones. Now...take off your shorts."

Vixxen wanted to take a step back feeling your knuckles brushing against her hip and thigh as you continued to stroke yourself right up against her, but she was frozen in place. Suddenly she felt dirty, as though she'd already been violated. It was a combination of your proposition, of your stroking yourself right next to her when she loathed you, and of the deception to Zuriel and the fact that she'd even consider it. All of it made her feel sleazy and disgusting and vile. Vixxen couldn't seem to make her feet move so she turned her head away, instead, to keep from looking at you. "I still don't trust you and you've said nothing to change my mind about that, Jaidyn. Even if I told him you raped me, I would know the truth, and I would never forgive myself. You're blackmailing me through threats. That's what this comes down to."

Jaidyn was already primed and hard, so backing down at this point was going to be difficult. Not to mention that you looked too edible to pass up, so he stepped in anyway. "Ahh... I get it. Okay. Make this convincing then..." Suddenly letting go of his dick long enough to reach out, he grabbed your shorts in a hard tug that sent the ripping sounds of fabric to your ears as he just tore your clothes off and grabbed your blonde hair to throw that delicious body onto the docks. "Now you can have a clear mind about doing it for me. I'll just do it for you." Growling, he clambered over that body, using his weight to pin your newly-naked ass underneath him as you felt his cock searching between your cheeks for the wet hole he knew you had.

You moved in so quickly that she didn't even have time to step back and before she knew it, her shorts were ripped into tatters and she was left standing there pantless. "No! No, no... That's not what I... Hey!" She stumbled backward and fell to the docks with a grunt. The blood rushed to her head and she started to panic as you crawled over her, your cock spearing her ass cheeks as she continued to argue your assumptions. "I never agreed to this, Jaidyn. Get off of me! Now this is rape! STOP!" Her hands and elbows dug into the blankets and pillows as she tried to crawl away, but you were too heavy for her to get out from under. Squirming, her ass banged and brushed against your his pelvis, and she only succeeded in sliding your cock up and down the crack of her ass instead of dislodging you. "Get...OFF! ARRHHHH!!!" Vixxen screeched and screamed, bucking under you so hard that you actually bounced a time or two atop her, but she was simply not strong enough to toss you off her back. All she did was succeed in winding herself into frustration.

Jaidyn actually held down the delicious blonde to feel your ass wriggling in defiance. There was no denying how hot your struggling made him and he wished he could seriously do this to you anytime, but a deal was a deal. He gave a fuck less if you didn't want it now and this gave you true deniability. "I thought that was the plan... You really are a confusing whore, you know that?" You could feel that fat dick rubbing in your crack like he was deciding on which hole to take. Z might only break his arm if he fucked your ass, but that pussy was so sweet and pink that he almost didn't want to fuck you without taking it. So he opted to let you choose even if you really had no choice. Grinning, he stroked his cock from your clit all the way back to your tight little asshole with a grunt coming from his lips. "Now which hole..? Nnnmm... Both are so succulent, don't you think?" Slowly he rocked his hips, listening closely for which entrance made you gasp the hardest as that shaft ground tightly between your cheeks and thighs from above your wobbling ass as you struggled to get loose.

'Fuck! He's so damn heavy!' she thought to herself. No matter how hard she struggled, she couldn't get free of you and every time she tried, she just felt your cock pressing in harder between her cheeks. You were intentionally moving it up to her ass and then down to her pussy tormenting her, and she whimpered and cried with every shift. If you were asking her where she wanted to be fucked, you'd get no such satisfaction from her. She wanted neither and refused to answer. Despite that, she still whimpered every time your cock head dipped near her pussy, almost slipping in. But when it slid back upwards like a snake, she'd jerk and cry out almost in terror of that thick piece of meat spreading her ass open, making her feel even dirtier than she already did. It rested there almost mocking her and she shuddered so hard that you could feel it, then the slick glide of cock slithered back to her pussy and she mewled again, nearly sagging in relief under your weight.

Jaidyn knew all he needed to know when she whimpered and whined feeling his cock stroke over her tender little asshole. It was the fear and degradation he loved the most, so why not make the prissy bitch feel like a dirty slut having her ass forced open in the first place? "See? Wasn't that hard to tell Jay which way you needed him to fuck you." He rose on his knees and pushed your cheeks open, drooling a long line of spit between your buns before the head of his dick swept back in and he lowered himself. Only after the tip of his cock was pressed right against your little asshole did he say, "You want it right there, don't you? You want me to tell Zuriel you just need to be fucked like a dirty whore so that I'll never have to do this again? Tell him to just treat you like a fuck doll so that you know your place, bitch?" He knew he was hitting a nerve: the bad-ass biker slut needing to be used like a common hooker. Maybe that was just what Z needed to do with you. But he put it out of his mind when his hips hunched forward and that dick slowly slipped in, pushing past the ring of muscles that were trying to fend him off, and he reveled in breaking through your resistance. "Nnn.. That's it. Right where you needed it the most, huh, bitch?"

Vixxen's eyes went wide when you drew up to her asshole again and stayed there this time, like your decision had been made. Shaking her head so that her blonde hair tousled about, she stammered,"No, no, no...!" Her hips sank as though to pull away from you, her arms reaching out and catching the edges of the blanket and the pillows as though to use them to crawl away, but all she did was succeed in pulling them against her face. They muffled her cries as you pushed, pressing the head of your cock into the tight ring of her ass, forcing the muscles open to take your girth even as she clenched and tightened trying to fight you and keep you out. Instead of resisting, though, it only ended up causing more pain and she wailed, crying into the pillows under her with a wracking sob. "NNNaahhhhhhHHH!!"

Jaidyn rumbled his pleasure into your ear from behind and the crawling did little to move him since his dick was lodged fully in that tight ass. "Nnnm, god... See? Listen to you whine like a fucking schoolgirl. Why won't you admit it one fucking second that you are turned on by me, you complacent whore?" He truly didn't care as he lifted and suddenly those hips stirred to life, pumping the tight ring of flesh that was hugging his swollen shaft, plugging your bowels with the length of hard meat as he started humping between your cheeks. He reached out and grabbed your wrists, tugging your arms back so that you were truly held with no escape while he tormented you through the feel of his thick cock splitting your asshole open. "Some part of you inside is grinning like a slut while you fight feeling this. Uhhnn!" He stroked it deep and held it there just a few seconds before lifting back out to prod and stretch that tight little hole wide with his rod--the only tool needed for this job. He already knew you were denying yourself and that was fine with him. You could pretend to love Zuriel when all you really wanted was to be taken and fucked raw like all of his girls before you. Biting his lower lip, he swayed in rougher, stroking deeper than before and with a bit more power to make your body writhe from the impact of fat cock stuffing your ass.

Vixxen didn't know if she was angry or despondent at his words. They weren't true. She wouldn't believe it! Vixxen loved Zuriel with all her heart. And though she enjoyed when he got rough with her, she didn't want to be raped...especially not by this man. Arguing more to convince herself than him, she sobbed out, "No! I fucking hate it and I hate you Jaidyn Jameson!" Even as she denied it, her body responded to the stimulation; it was a natural reaction that she couldn't control. As that thick cock plunged into her ass, her cunt grew wet and soon your balls were slapping against those wet lips that were chuckling louder than the waves on the pond lapping at the shore. Your breath on her neck left chills running down her spine and she shuddered, groaning miserably. Your proximity to her neck always made her stomach bottom out with thoughts of you feeding from her and the adrenaline shot through her veins. Her voice stammered as she muttered so softly that it could have been mistaken for a groan of pleasure, "Nooo...." You stilled suddenly and it was like the calm before a storm. Vixxen could hear her own heartbeat in her ears and then you set to fucking her ass again doubly hard. She gasped, her head jerking up from the blanket with a cry that rivaled the rest she'd made. "Ahhh shit, no!!!"

Jaidyn couldn't even begin to admit how worked up your struggles had him. Maybe it was the fact that he was fucking your ass out of spite, but it didn't stop him from pulling his swollen prick from your ass. He hopped to his feet and lifted that butt, throwing you face down onto the pillows and wrestling your arms back until you were bent over like some prize on the docks waiting to be savored. Jay lowered himself into a crouch and put that dick right back inside your tight little asshole, pulling out and holding the top of his cock down to stuff it in again just to feel you writhe underneath him while he mounted you like a show pony. By the third time that he eased out and slammed it back in, the tempo grew suddenly frantic and hurried for some reason, and you could feel that dick swollen and throbbing in your ass when he started fucking you like a bitch in heat right there on the dock. "W-what..? Are you fucking...k-kidding?!?" He had this shocked expression on his face. Normally he was such a fucking stud that he could fuck for hours and hardly grow weary, but the feel of that tight blonde ass around his swelling shaft was too much. Something about this particular fuck was so goddamned hot that within the first few minutes you felt his cock spurt a little hot precum inside your asshole. Maybe your ass was just that good, and if it was, then he understood why Zuriel never let him just fuck you whenever he wanted. The pressure built with every lilting shove bottoming him out inside your tight little hole. Panting, he felt his dick swelling harder and thicker from the rising edge coming closer, making his balls draw up tight just before they sprayed, and he growled with a bite to his lower lip to hold back just a little bit longer. "Uhhn fuck!"

Vixxen froze for a half second like she didn't know what happened, then she realized you'd risen from atop her and everything moved into high gear. Her arms reached, her hands clambered, and she started to scramble away in sheer terror, but she'd not even gained any ground before your strong hands clasped around her hips and dragged her ass back to you, the blanket sliding under her knees to bunch beneath her. One of your hands slipped under her waist, the other pressing to the back of her head forcing her face down into the blankets.
The first dip of that cock back into her burning, stretched asshole made her grunt deeply into the blankets, and it almost--almost--sounded as if it felt good to her. The second time you pulled out and forced it back in made her whimper and squirm under you and her arms jerked in the grip of your fist. The third plunge in--harder, deeper, filling her ass until she swore he was going to pierce her stomach--made her yell out again with a sobbing cry that followed. Her shoulders bobbed as she cried, the tears now trickling over her cheeks, rolling down her face to drip to the blanket. Vixxen heard you grumbling--complaining about something--but she couldn't care less. In fact she felt your cock grow fatter, stretching her poor ass wide enough that she swore she felt it tear, and she gasped crying out again as your pumps became even more desperate and a hot trickle of precum seeped inside her bowels.

Jaidyn huffed at his own endurance not being what he wanted today. He had you--and probably for the last time because of his own honor about making promises--but fuck, he wanted more. He knew why Z kept you guarded and protected if you could make him cum in hardly any time at all. You hardly ever took it in the ass either! He could tell from how tight that hole suckled and tugged at his swelling prick and it was growing so fat that he was going to leave your ass gaped at least a little while. He couldn't stop it any longer; he had no more strength to hold off the swelling tide growing in his balls and you felt him speeding up even more to plow your ass without any mercy--not one fucking bit. As he rolled over the peak, his dick erupted like a geyser spraying you full of his cum. Flooding your insides deeply, he reeled back to hold it half way in and let the last few jerks of his cock subside. Then he slowly eased out, looking relieved but a little disappointed in himself as he panted and tried to speak. "Huuunn...W-well..." Inhaling to steel himself, he slowly slipped out, wiping his cum-covered cock on your upturned ass before standing up and zipping his cock away. "Damn... What a let down. Not you... I mean me." He stood up and picked his phone from his pocket, snapping a picture of your splayed-open ass dribbling his cum. "Now, as per the agreement, you'll never be bothered by me except having to see me home once in awhile." He turned to leave, dialing Darina as he started strolling to his house leaving you bent over and filled with cum on the pillows. "Hey, bitch. Get home soon. Yeah, I know. Bye..." He hung up and went inside.

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