Stop the Hate Campaign - March 2014


The porn community of Second Life is banding together to promote an anti-hate/anti-bullying campaign involving posting pictures to Flickr to take a stand against homophobia. The note card I received in SL explains the motivation behind this campaign:
This is a project idea I would love to get going in SL and Flickr for the Month of March.

Friend of mine is being harassed and griefed by homophobic idiots, been going on for 3 days now. He muted and reported them, they keep making alts to come after him and harass him. He's to the point of tears, but I was thinking maybe get some photographers and porn group members together and have them spread the word and lets try a "Stop the Hate" pic event for March, everyone do a anti bully or hate pic and post to flickr,

Let it be known how you feel, write it on the pic, or in the description,

It saddens me that people are so ignorant and full of self-loathing that they feel the need to take it out on others. If you have a Flickr account, please show your support in this movement by posting your own anti-hate/anti-bullying photo and help STOP THE HATE!

Below are my Stop the Hate photos. Please vote on your favorite at my Flickr page:

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