Even With A Cold...

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Even With A Cold...

Zuriel smirked, "Oh so now someone is feeling frisky, eh?"

Vixxen shrugged. "Not overly so, but I'm not feeling so bad that I wouldn't want to play with you."

Zuriel lifted a brow, "Then we might just have to tease each other 'til you're in a better mood...hehe."

Vixxen giggled. "My mood is fine. Just sick, baby."

Zuriel grinned and slid his hand across your bare ass, raking his nails along soft skin. "Okay, if you say so. I just don't want you to feel like my orgasm is a chore. I want the gooey baby I fell in love with...heh."

Vixxen smiled softly and closed her eyes with a sigh, little chills sweeping up her spine starting at the place where your fingers traced lines over the curve of her ass. "It's never a chore to make you happy, love."

Zuriel ticked his tongue, sliding his middle finger right between those blushing cheeks--a slight little tease tingling your senses, "I hope not, beloved. I really don't want you to be like 'Oh gods, he's trying to fuck me again.' Heh."

Vixxen said, "There are days that I just want to chill and not play around, like today. Some days I just don't feel up to it. But I always tell you and you've always respected it, and I thank you for that. But as your lover and partner I also feel that its important I do what I can to make you happy if I can. And if that's what makes you happy, then I want to do it for you. Most of the time, I want it as much as you do. You turn me on, you get me wet, and I love playing with you. Just not when I'm sick." She frowned, both because of her cold and because she felt like she was letting you down.

Zuriel lifted a brow again and cleared his throat, sliding his fingers over your hip and slowly cupping two thick digits between your thighs, rumbling as he pressed in and held close, resting his temple against yours. "You don't have to thank me, but I have to say that you getting naked is sending me a different signal." His fingers lifted free in a flicker, rising to his lips for a taste of his woman with her watching.

Vixxen smiled sheepishly and blushed, chewing her lip and groaning in her throat at the feel of fingers slipping free of her slit. Her head rolled against yours and she kissed you softly, nodding. "You placated me earlier today. I wanted to thank you for being understanding. So... here I am, naked and ready to please you, because your woman loves you."

Zuriel shared that taste with his mate, licking your lips lightly after that kiss. "Now that sounds more like my girl..." Winking as he took your hand, he lead you to the couch, pulling you in for another kiss, nipping your bottom lip before tossing you back to fall flat on the cushions.

Vixxen strolled to the couch behind your lead, dropping there to watch your sexy self standing over her until you dropped to your knees between her feet. Rising to clasp your face in her hands, she leans in and kisses you deeply, swishing her tongue over yours in a tangle of heated muscles. She inched her ass forward to the edge of the couch, spreading her legs wide to press her heat against your belly with a soft grind.

Zuriel stayed right there for the kiss but he shook his head, stepping back and even kicking the table aside a bit to make room before he dropped to all fours. His tongue laved along his lips as he stalked closer, sinuously moving his hips with every predatory stride like a beast closing in to your body, perched like an offering from the gods. Muscles tensed and flexed for your pleasure, dipping his head down almost like a canine, but instead of sniffling he drew his lower canine teeth from your ankle, rising, flowing over your calf. Teeth caught your inner thigh in a teasing bite, fangs rasping along skin until the fuzzy press of his lips graced yours. He trained his eyes up as his tongue soon curled at your belly button. Kissing his way up your body, his hands slipping along your sides as he rose higher still and purred as he made it to his knees. Sucking your lips into his, he swirled his tongue between your them to savor the taste of you.

Vixxen looked at you curiously when you backed away, almost like she'd wondered what you were up to. She didn't move, but her eyes followed you dropping to the floor between her legs and she smiled, thinking she knew where this was going. But you surprised her. Instead of instantly diving for her pussy, she watched you dip lower to drag your fangs upwards over her leg from ankle to inner thigh and she damn near melted into a puddle on the couch. By the time your lips moved to her nethers, she was trembling and her heart was thudding in her chest. The rough scrape of stubble brushed over her lips as you kissed your way to her belly and she gasped so softly she barely made a sound. Those lipid blue eyes were locked on your every move and her belly flipped when you turned your gaze up to greet them. God, you were so sexy she could hardly stand it. Her belly dipped with a quiver under the swirl of your tongue at her navel and she breathed out, "Oh Zuriel..." just before you rose back to your knees to kiss the exclamation from her lips. By the time your arms slipped around her and you kissed her again, she was shaking like a leaf from her excitement.

Zuriel met your lips tentatively--softly, even--as his head swung from side to side gently before a pull of lower teeth clutched at your lip in a tug that popped the pouty flesh from his mouth's grasp. Playing with your tongue, he used his own to wrestle and flip inside your mouth sweetly before his hand lifted. Strong fingers caught your hair and his lips demanded more attention in his primal need growing so furiously that he could not contain the need for having his woman any longer. Rocking his hips, the press of his belly ground and slid firmly against your lips from how close his body was between those delicious thighs. He was not going straight for the kill; instead he was playing you like a harp as his free hand sneaked in between our bodies so that he could pinch your nipple at the same instant that he claimed your mouth with his own. He was intentionally sparking that feeling inside, making you quiver even more when he lifted higher on his knees to suckle your bottom lip, tugging that bud between his fingers with a growl edging his lips sweeping tightly to yours. Why do what you expected? A quick bang and be done? Oh, no.. This was so much hotter than that.

Vixxen whimpered into your mouth. The tug of her lip between your teeth was wickedly delicious, and she let out a grunted sigh as it pulled free just before your tongue slipped back into her mouth, stealing her breath away. Vixxen was almost afraid to move she was so spellbound, even as your hand slipped to her breast, but her body sparked to life the instant your fingers found her nipple. It was like hitting a switch; her hips rolled forward and she groaned loudly this time, feeling like every muscle in her body had turned to Jello. Kissing you back hungrily, her lips pressed and mashed against yours, her tongue swirled and tangled with your own. The muscles between her legs, deep in her core, pulsed with life, clenching hotly, and she could feel the liquid heat start to flow. Sick or not, you were driving her wild and her body responded to your touch like it was conditioned just for you. Without thought, her legs flexed and her thighs tightened around you, pulling herself hard against your belly to start a slow grind of her clit against your hot flesh.

Zuriel lifted a brow and opened his eyes fully feeling your hips starting to move, grinding a little harder against his skin. He pulled back and shook his head, sucking your nipple into his mouth before it dropped free with a wet pop pulling your bud from his lips. "No, no... You don't get to cum by friction." Powerful hands slid under your thighs, lifting those legs until he spilled you back on your hands to keep watching as his tongue slithered free and flickered like a serpent's over that button. Smirking around his tongue as he looked up to you, his hands drifted over your legs to hold on as he turned his head down and started lapping his tongue over that clit in long glides of smooth wet flesh teasing your nerves. The feel of teeth snapped into your inner thigh, but slowly released as his lips turned and glided along your flesh so he could find that clit again and kiss it firmly. Zuriel's lips sucked and drew it into his mouth, fingers curling tighter to grip while his tongue ground and battered that rising little nub between pink lips, growing wetter from the play from his tongue and lips. Your lover was doing everything he could to make you wet and slick, tasting your essence with every flick and swish of tongue grinding down firmly, curling and sliding away before lips mashed and pulled again. His mouth opened as his eyes lifted and looked right into your face and he purred against your pussy with just the tip of his tongue circling your swelling little clit.

Vixxen was already enjoying rubbing herself against your stomach, but when you lifted her legs over your shoulders, sending her back onto her arms on the couch, she just grinned and let her knees fall wide, presenting you with the glorious sight of her folds spreading open in her arousal. Already you could see the glistening sheen of her honey starting to trickle and the feminine scent of her wafted to your nose, making your nostrils flare. Vixxen's gaze roved over your body there between her legs to your face. Her hungry beast. Her sexy animal. God, she loved you and how you turned her on. That heated tongue slid upwards between her folds and her head dropped back as her hips rose, fingers curling against the soft leather of the couch so that her bangles clinked and clanged on her wrists. "Mmmm god..." Your licking was so soft, so subtle, that when your teeth nipped at her inner thigh, she jerked with a sharp gasp, her head snapping up and her eyes landing on you again, her lips parting as she panted. Heated breath graced her clit followed by the suckle of your lips and she melted again, trembling even harder. "Oh sweet Jesus..." Her heels scraped up and down your shoulder blades in her vain attempt to keep still, but she was so worked up that her legs kept flexing as she used her ass to lift her hips, needing to feel more of your mouth on her most sensitive flesh.

Zuriel lifted higher onto his knees, taking your body with him from the way your legs rested over his shoulders until the push of his chest swept in under your ass. He locked his hands on your thighs tightly from the outside to prevent you from wriggling free even if you didn't really want to. The lift of his body rising made his jammies fall around his knees, but you didn't even realize it from how he had you aloft, putting your pussy in perfect distance for his tongue to do more than stroke and flicker your little clit. He wasn't speaking to you on purpose, instead choosing to use his body language to show you how badly he wanted you. The first tell tale slide of his tongue split your glistening lips wide and slowly pumped that pink hole with the length of his straightened muscle taking you higher. His thick cock hung mostly erect from just tasting you, and with him controlling your body like this, it was so easy to slide his tongue free of your hold so he could dip, flutter, and lift the tip under your clit in rising strokes before that muscle reversed and drove back inside. His head wracked, pumping once, twice, three times before his tongue slither out to batter that clit with the tip again, not giving you a breath to settle into the tease. He pushed his tongue right back inside that tight cunt to fuck you with his face rocking back and forth while his silvered eyes watched you over your body, looking between the peaks of your tits to see your face contort in bliss from his tongue making you sopping wet.

As you rose her body bent so that she sank back, stretching her arms outwards along the couch with her ass in the air against your strong chest. Trapping her lip between her teeth she waited in anticipation, seeing your mouth hovering just over her pussy with your head resting there between her thighs. She wanted to beg you, wanted to demand you taste her, but words seemed paltry at the moment as though you both were beyond the need. Though she hadn't seen that you'd lost your pants, she could distinctly feel the hot, soft skin of your cock brushing along the small of her back as you leaned into her with your face dipping down to taste her once more. Vixxen could feel herself unfold for you, her lips parting like the Red Sea for Moses at the glide of your tongue between them. The feeling was exquisite, soft, erotic beyond imagining, but when your tongue went rigid and dipping into her hole, she gasped and her hips rose to plunge you into her depths. Vixxen's head rolled over the couch and she sucked in a breath, her breasts heaving with each gasp. Fingers curled on the edge of the couch and she started panting as though she'd run a marathon. The sweet flavor of her essence spilled fourth over your tongue and soon her clit was peeking from its hood, hard and pumping with the throbbing beat of her arousal.

Zuriel simply could not wait any longer. Even fucking that pussy with his tongue had him swollen and thick already, and the desire to feel you bucking into him was so prevalent on his mind that he just hopped up onto his bunny slippers. All he had to do was let your ass fall...your legs folded just from the weight of your ass sliding to the couch below. He grinned wickedly as he felt your ass drifting down over his heated length and with the parting of his lips, the tip slipped between your nether lips from underneath, rising upward. The head of his cock curled inside all the way, seating you right on that shaft. The stance of him hopping up on his toes in his bunny slippers wedged your heels into the sky as he pushed in tight and held it for the smallest second. "Baby, I can't even tease you any fucking longer!" Driving it in deep, he slid back into tight deep pumps of his hips mashing into your ass from the angle in which he held you captive. The explosive pace he rolled into you stirred and churned those folds, making you take every inch from the closeness of our bodies. You were both connected in such a primal and tight manner that he could stare down at your face when he entered you, allowing him to start fucking your slick wet hole with his fat dick humping hard, making your feet bounce in the air.

Vixxen let out a little squeak as she suddenly felt gravity pulling her ass in a slide down to the couch once the support of your hands slipped away. Her cheeks smoothed over your chest and down your stomach until she settled on the cushions, but her legs bent even farther back as you leaned in over her. Vixxen watched you looming over her body and the feel of your cock pressed in hot and hard against her slit, squishing between her wet folds until your hips angled and the head dipped into her pink hole. Groaning almost as if pained, she grabbed desperately at your arms, almost pulling herself into you as she felt your shaft sliding into her slick tunnel. She could feel the thick shaft pressing her walls open to fit you, the muscles fluttering as her arousal pulsed through her body like a living creature, needy and hungry for you. Using all her strength, Vixxen pressed against the couch to lift her hips against the demanding pumps of your own forcing her back down. Bodies slammed and pelvises banged until the wet slapping sounds of your cock in her cunt were all you could hear aside from her sweet moans and your heated grunts. Vixxen saw your head tilt to take in the sight of your cock disappearing into her body and she found the act so erotic that her pussy clenched around you, pulsating wildly. "NNnggg fuck! So tight...it hurts..."

Zuriel felt his dick twitch and jump when he heard those words fall from your lips. His arms scooted in tighter making those legs line up in a more firm clasp over his shoulders. It was like telling a wolf the dinner bell was ringing. Him hearing that it hurt so fucking good only gave him more fuel for the carnal fire building between his legs with every wild stuff of thick girth stretching your pink hole wide. The only time he slowed down long enough to give you a full breath was to scoot closer until finally the toes of his bunny slippers latched fully on the wooden floor giving him the right leverage to pound that pussy with his strength drilling straight in. Fuck, yeah, it hurt...and in all the right ways. Gritting his teeth with lips curled into a snarl, the feral sounds above almost drowned out the wet noise of pussy pussy lips squishing from the sound of fat dick reaming you open. Like this, he could hold you in place as long as his stamina held out, giving him all the time in the world to turn that cunt into a soaked mess. The leather couch prevented you from scooting away now that he was inside you; sweat held you in place while the pinion of his swinging hips crammed your hot hold fully and deeply enough that the tight union squeezed his shaft almost to the point that it really fucking hurt. The pain--the sexual frenzied hurt--was making him fucking crazy with the feel of him trying to fuck you through the gods damned couch. "Nnnhaaa!"

Vixxen was nearly bent in half--her knees almost to her chest--as you closed in on her, sinking that cock even deeper into her tightly gripping hole. Juices spilled out, thick and frothing around the rim, coating your thick shaft. Vixxen skitched an inch, maybe two on the couch before she caught, her body sticking to the leather, letting you force yourself into her more until she swore your balls were going to sink into her ass as hard as your cock was driving into her cunt. The soft, hot feel of their skin dipped and pressed between her spread cheeks and she groaned at the wicked feel of them mashing against her backside. Daring to look up at the sound of your growling, her heart stammered in her chest and her belly twisted in a knot, seeing the hungry look in your eyes. Vixxen's fingernails dug into the flesh of your arms and she gasped, her pussy spasming so hard that she gushed out more juices to trickle down her ass over your balls. The sounds of wet skin slapping wet skin echoed through the house--shluck-sluck-sluck!--and she winced at the pleasured-pain of your thick cock stretching her narrow walls wider to accommodate your girth. It was too much. She couldn't hold back any longer. The feeling that was was being split in two was stirring her belly into a frenzy and she gasped-screeched-wailed until she convulsed beneath you, her nails dragging red lines down your arms as she came. "AhhHhhHH fuck!!! Z! Holy fucking shit... I'm coming! I'm coming so fucking hard, baby! GahhhHH!!!"

Zuriel was so lost that he hardly registered what you were saying. He couldn't even begin to hold back the pained sounds of him grunting out in hot hurt from how tightly those walls gripped him.  Those rabid shoves went into overdrive feeling your pussy clench down on him in a rush of slippery honey suddenly bursting out from under and around his shaft while it churned your juicy slit. His eyes fluttered, and for what seemed like minutes he didn't move, just convulsing on top of your body as he fought his addled brain from blacking out during the hottest clamp of your cunt on his dick ever. So hard did those muscles pull--so tight did your folds squeeze--that his balls felt the tug at the base of his cock before anything else. The head of that dick erupted like a geyser, spurting thick creamy cum inside your still-quaking tunnel hugging his length. Zuriel's eyes rolled into the back of his head and his mind swam as his balls unloaded and drooped between your cheeks while a stream of mingled juices leaked down the crack of your ass. He stuttered and mumbled over you while his fingers creaked into the couch to hold on. His eyes were so clouded over that he swore he'd passed out, but the tight grip of your body sucked him back to the present. "Nnnn fuck! Ahhhn shit...Uhhhh!"

Vixxen groaned, her head lolling back and fourth over the couch at the feel of you erupting inside of her. The warmth flooded her womb, leaving her feeling whole and complete. Still making small utterances of bliss, she looked up into your eyes and smiled, trying to catch her breath. Finally she let out a small laugh and said, "I should let you talk me into sex while I have a cold more often. You went above and beyond, baby. I love you."

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