The Sacrifice - Part Two

Part two of an erotic two-part epic story. An angel sacrifices herself and her chastity to two shemale demonesses in order to save the life of a small town nun in a forsaken land. 

WARNING!!! This story contain extreme content that may be offensive to some readers. It details the rape of an angel by two demonesses and is not for the faint of heart. If you are offended by such material, please do NOT read the story. You have been warned!

Sacrifice – Part 2

Icilla cooed at Tzila as she felt the angel growing hot and slick again from her own icy slush-cum melting inside her snatch. Lifting Ahavah off her cock, the frozen demoness wriggled out from under her cum-soaked skin before she stood up and licked her lips. "Go on, Tzila. Fuck her good for me." She was giving her companion a chance to use the angel again while she took a little breather to gather her strength. Not like she needed much since her cock was still as rock hard as it had been the second they heard this angel whore scream from having her wings torn off. Still, Icilla left Ahavah in Tzila’s hands, letting the swamp demoness do her worst to the poor angel. Icilla narrowed her eyes wickedly, stepping up beside the pair to help Tzila move the angel into position when she was ready for some more. Her icy blue hands held the cherub captive to make sure her cohort got to use her curvy angelic body any way she liked. "We're going to turn this little slut into a cum-covered bitch in no time, Tzila. Teach her ass not to get in our way next time we want some nun!"

Tzila’s menacingly sharp teeth showed as she grinned at her companion. The demoness slowly drew her hips back, dragging her long phallus from the depths of the angel's protesting throat and out from between her luscious, cum-coated lips. Without releasing her grip on the angel's hair, Tzila dragged her to her unsteady legs. The seraph was so weakened and exhausted that she put up no resistance when the demoness slipped her slimy green hands under the angel's plump ass cheeks and lifted her feet from the ground. "My turn to fill that cunt with cum." The angel's legs naturally draped around the demoness' hips like a lover’s warm embrace. Her still-hard dick bounced and glanced off Ahavah's smooth, creamy thighs, and with one thrust the shemale demon's cock plunged straight into her core.
Taloned fingers clawed at the golden, tanned skin of the angel's hips while the demoness roared at the tight grip around her bulbous shaft. "RRRAAHHHH! Fuck! So tight and warm!" The unholy swamp creature actually shuddered with pleasure before she started rapidly pumping her captive full of thick, hard demon cock. "Oh the perverse pleasure of defiling a heavenly host. Never before I have felt anything so exquisite on my cock. We just may have to keep you prisoner so we can use you again and again. Make you our little cum whore." Tzila turned her maniacal grin to her companion to see if she agreed, then she nodded and said, "You should fill her ass while I rape her pretty cunt, Icilla. Let us see how much she likes having two cocks splitting her open at once." Leaning in to nibble at the angel's neck, the demoness teased. "Think you'd like that, whore? Would you like both our cocks fucking you at the same time?"

Ahavah shook with the chill of Icilla's cum filling her womb until the heavenly heat of her own body melted it inside. As Tzila’s weighty cock slipped from her lips, she doubled over and spewed the massive load of cum that had been forced into her stomach, leaving lines of thick white spunk still dripping from her lips and chin before the demoness dragged her to shaky legs. When the angel rose to her feet, the frozen dick pulled from her soaking wet pussy lips with a wet plop! like a cork coming from a bottle, and what seemed like gallons of thick, slushy cum gushed from her lips to the ground. Already the angel was a cum-soaked wreck and still these beasts wanted more from her. Whimpering weakly, with barely any strength left to hold herself up let along fight back, the angel's legs draped over the swamp demoness' hips as the succubus lifted Ahavah' pussy in line with her cock.
The angel felt the ice demoness' cold hands at her back, holding her in place for her companion to use and she groaned at the feel of that mossy dick poking and prodding at her abused pussy lips. "Nnggg n-no...no more. Please... I c-can't take it." She was so drained that she could barely get her pleas out, but they were ignored anyhow. The demoness hitched her hips and Ahavah wailed in agony as her massive prick spread her tunnel wide open again. "NNYYAAHH!! Oh, God, please! Please stop! I can't stand it anymore!" Tears sprung in the angel's eyes as she wailed in misery, but when the swamp demoness spoke to her companion, inviting her to join the fun, the angel gasped and shook her head in fierce denial. "Oh, no, no, no! She can't! You'll split me in two!"

Icilla smiled wickedly at hearing the angel begging for her not to join in. Already Ahavah was impaled on that mossy cock of Tzila’s, so it took little effort to step in behind the angelic beauty that was covered in cum and sweat which froze and melted on her skin again and again. Now she was about to split her with her demonic friend and it thrilled her to no end. "Ohhh… Listen to that panicked begging. Sweeter than a broken harp playing in the background!" The blue demoness stepped in and prodded her cold tip between the angel’s crack, searching, grabbing Tzila by the hands to make her green companion hold the seraph’s ass cheeks open for the invasion. As her blue dick inched closer to that sweet hole, it twitched as though it were literally begging not to be penetrated. Icilla poised her pierced tip right against that flickering rosebud and slipped her head in closer to Ahavah’s delicately curved neck. 
Her icy horns knocked the angel’s floating halo aside before the feel of icy fangs punched through her soft skin. She sucked, drinking down the holy servant’s hot blood at the same time that her hips lurched forward, driving through the tight ring of flesh. The frozen cum she’d left inside the squirming angel began to melt from the heat of Tzila’s cock stirring her pussy anew and the spilling semen dripped along her tan slit to her ass, making the angel’s tight backdoor slick enough for Icilla to probe her even deeper. 
The frozen demoness gasped and smiled around the bite that she held fastened over Ahavah’s pulsing vein and felt the hot blood pumping onto her blue tongue. She gulped the sweet nectar down as she slid the length of her cock inside the angel’s ass and started fucking her tight little hole. Icilla lifted her hand and grabbed the angel’s hair, pulling her head to the side for her fangs to lift from her stained skin, then she leaned in to entwine her tongue with Tzila’s to give the green demoness a taste of the angle that was between them, leaving the fang marks bleeding as she kissed and swirled her tongue in Tzila’s mouth. With another gasp Icilla pulled free of the kiss and bucked her hips in time with Tzila’s thrusts to keep pace with how rapidly she was fucking Ahavah’s cunt before red-speckled words reached Tzila’s ears. "Taste her...  Fuck, she's almost too sweet!"

Tzila felt the pressure of Ahavah's lush body being pressed harder into her own when Icilla closed in from behind the angel. The swamp demoness curled her fingers deep into the cleft of the holy defender’s round, plump cheeks and pried them apart to give Icilla plenty of room to prod that tender hole. She could feel the icy-hard press of her companion's cock grinding against her own through the thin layer of skin inside as Icilla slid her shaft deep into the angel's tight ass. Their prisoner wailed and jumped in Tzila's grasp, but she sunk her claws deep into her ass cheeks and pulled wider, letting her companion stuff that sweet asshole full icy cold dick. Watching her companion sink her fangs into the tender morsel, Tzila's eyes flared with hunger and need. 
She kissed her companion—her long, lizard-like tongue flicking and twining around Icilla's to draw the sweet blood from her mouth. "Nngg... She's so sweet. Like ambrosia!" The sample wasn't enough. In fact it only fueled her hunger. The demoness had hardly finished speaking when her maw opened wide and she growled as her head dropped to the other side of the angel's neck. Sharp teeth like razors pierced the soft flesh and warm, sweet blood flooded her mouth. The demoness groaned around the wound and sucked, drawing rivulets of crimson nectar into her mouth. She gulped and gulped but forced herself to stop before she killed their plaything and lifted her face to the sky with a roar of satisfaction as her mouth and chin dripped with crimson. "AARRRR!" Her hips pumped faster and she railed the angel's pussy with a cock that had swelled to twice its normal size with the infusion of angelic blood in her veins.

Ahavah begged as the swamp demoness' slick fingers pried her ass cheeks open, exposing her sweet hole to the air. "Oh no, no, no! Please no! Anything but that!" Her full breasts mashed flat against Tzila's as the frozen demoness pushed up behind her, aligning her icicle cock with the warm, tight hole. As soon as it made contact, Ahavah's eyes flew open wide and she cried out in shock, trying desperately to pull her cheeks free of Tzila's grip so she could protect her tender hole, but the swamp demoness sunk her claws into the flesh and trapped her in her vulnerable position until the shemale demon’s companion pressed upward and launched her frozen dick deep into angelic bowels. 
The angel cried out—the melodic sound echoing over the cold vale— and her head fell back onto Icilla's shoulder in her agony. Like an open invitation, the angel suddenly felt the icy demoness' fangs pierce her soft, succulent flesh. Her eyes clenched in pain and she groaned, feeling her blood flowing from her veins into the suckle of frigid lips. When it was finally over, she sighed in relief as the two demonesses shared her life's essence in a kiss with their cocks still pumping her holes full. But then the mossy demoness attacked the other side of her neck and drained her more, leaving her even weaker than she'd already been. Her head swam and her vision blurred, but nothing could numb the pain of the two massive pricks splitting her holes open until she swore they were meeting in the middle of her body. Groaning, she begged them, "Nnggg…God…No…more..."

The frozen demoness locked eyes with her green companion while they shared the angel between them like a pair of wolves devouring a doe in the forest. Ahavah was just as leggy as a doe, but looking far sluttier now that she was pinned between them and covered in demonic jizz. "More? I think she said more, Tzila!" Icilla stepped back, pulling her cock from the angel's ass and caught the stunned beauty by the arms, sneering as she taunted, "We’re not done with you yet, bitch!" 
The ice demon gripped Ahavah by the breasts, pinching her nipples to taut peaks in her fingers, forcing the angel to either hold on to the demoness’ hips or tip backwards into the snow and hang by her breasts. The new angle gave Tzila all the room she needed to keep using that juicy cum-filled cunt all she liked. Icilla hissed from fitting her cock inside the angel’s mouth, adding to the new perilous predicament the angel found herself in. The frost demoness turned her eyes back up to her companion. "Help me break this whore, Tzila!" She shoved half of her dick down the angel’s throat, fucking her pretty, gasping face so hard that the force of her thrust sent Ahavah skidding down Tzila’s cock still clamped inside her pussy. Using the angel like a toy between their dicks, Icilla shoved hers inside Ahavah’s mouth, her own greedy lusts rushing the poor, spitted angel down the green demoness’ shaft.
Tzila cackled wildly, her razor sharp teeth gleaming between bloodied green lips at her friend's taunts. "Oh, yes, she wants more, Icilla. More of our big, juicy cocks stuffing her full!" The angel—still dazed from her blood-loss—dropped from Icilla’s clutch like a marionette whose strings had been cut. Tzila grabbed her meaty hips tightly, keeping her legs wrapped around her own waist as the frozen demoness clasped onto her angle's torso and thrust her frosty blue cock down her holy throat. "Nnngg... That's it, Icy. Make her suck that cock like a blueberry Popsicle!" Sharp, taloned fingers curled and dug into the angel's meaty flesh at her hips and Tzila growled like some menacing beast from the swamp as she started slamming her hips, pumping her immense green cock deeper into the angel's holiest of holes. 
She was already so slick, so wet, so full of their combined cum that it slurped and sloshed and sucked at her shaft like a succubus' highly trained mouth. Tzila's eyes rolled into her head as she reared her face to the sky in utter pleasure of feeling that hot, tight tunnel sucking at her swollen shaft. Her lips parted as she let out a grunted sigh, and as she did her tail slowly curled upwards between her thighs. The spiked tip dipped and poked, prodding between the angel's plump cheeks until she felt the divot of her tight pucker. Tzila's eyes opened and a feral grin came over her face as she lowered her head, pleased at her finding. The next thrust slammed not only her cock into Ahavah’s cunt, but also her barbed tail deep into the angel’s unprepared ass. "Nnggg! Fucking every hole now, angel! And deny it all you want, but you're fucking loving it! Listen to how wet you are!"

Ahavah’s head was spinning from the loss of blood, the up-side-down drop, and pure exhaustion. Bending nearly backwards in the grip of the swamp demoness left her head spinning even harder until she almost blacked out, but the cold, tight clasp of the ice demoness at her breasts shocked her back to awareness and her hands grappled at the beast’s blue ass to hold herself upright and keep her head from slamming to the ground. It was exactly what the demoness wanted, though, and as the angel cried out in panic, the demoness jammed her massive blue cock straight down her throat, silencing her cries. "MMffph!" Rigid bumps of metal down the shaft beat and bumped over her red, swollen lips as Icilla thrust in and out of her stretched open mouth. The shaft plunged all the way down her unobstructed throat and the shape of Icilla’s cock showed clearly from the outside view of the angel's neck each time it pressed in.
Ahavah’s long legs remained tightly wrapped around the swamp demoness' thighs. Her white heels nestled up under the round, green cheeks of the swamp demoness’ ass and she could feel that bristly tail gently swishing along her calves and ankles each time the demoness’ ass tightened to pump her monstrous green cock back into the angel’s sore and aching pussy. "Nnmmm! Mmffpph!" The angel protested, but the words were so muffled and garbled around blue cock that they were indecipherable. Then she felt something small but hard poking and prodding between her ass cheeks just below where the demoness' cock was spreading her open. On the next thrust her cunt was filled and her ass was pried open wide around the pointed tip of the demoness' tail. It was not nearly as thick as her cock, but it was big enough that the angel's eyes flew open in shocked pain and she wailed around Icilla's frosty shaft. "MMFFRRLL!!!"

Icilla watched her companion fucking that cunt deep, smelling the scent of fear and arousal from Ahavah in the air around them as her mouth was plundered and fucked hard enough to kill a mortal. Fortunately for them all an angel could withstand more than a human and the obscene bulge in Ahavah’s throat formed in the shape of the ice demoness’ dick slurking hard down her gullet was proof she could take it all. Before long the angel realized Icilla was no longer even trying to hold her up. Fingers instead clamped and pinched at both buds on her breasts, and despite the frozen cum on her flesh the blue beauty held fast. The sheer brunt of her bucking shoves sent the mewling angel back and forth between them, alternating between having her air cut off harshly or having both of her holes opened up by the violent swamp demoness. Ahavah was nothing but sexy meat bouncing between the two of them and the wet noises of her cunt and ass being reamed only shadowed the sounds of her gagging coughs. The angel might have felt the mercy of heaven once, but now all she knew was sexual torment. These two were not letting up and were even using her in ways that no human could ever do. Icilla watched as she railed Ahavah’s succulent mouth. Her blue balls tapped and smacked frosty and full against the angel’s forehead each time she bucked in and held the poor divine being in the air only by the virtue of her infernally hard shaft that was jammed down her gullet. 
The only way Ahavah was able to get some air or stop Icilla even for a moment was to grab the demoness’ ass and push her away, but even that didn’t last but for a split second. As far as the demoness was concerned, Ahavah was nothing but a fuck glove that she was sharing with her companion. Icilla loved the way Tzila looked fucking the angelic slut. It made her want to fill this whore with her seed so that they could create a little demon-angel with hers and Tzila’s cum mingling together inside the seraphim’s womb. She wanted to use Ahavah as their breeding sow—to keep her as a cum-guzzling tart for them to abuse anytime they wished. All the angel had to do was ask them for mercy for real and Icilla would claim her for Tzila and herself. "Belial’s beard, Tzila! Ohhh, fuck! She's gagging! Nnngh!" Icilla clenched one eye closed as she humped the angel’s lips, battering her captive’s eyes with her frost-blue balls thumping rhythmically with each roll of her hips. "Mmmnhh fuck!"
Tzila growled low and deep and long, but the sound escalated as her hips picked up speed until she was slamming so hard into Ahavah that she thrust her mouth down Icilla's cock until her frigid balls were mushed to the angel's forehead and her demonic companion was forced to take a step back and thrust back even harder to regain her balance. Her words came out like barked growls, each one clipped and harsh. "Gonna. Fuck. This. Pussy. Till. She. SCREAMS! ARRHHH!" She battered her hips against Ahavah's pelvis so hard that it would have broken a mortal's bones, but the angel was durable and could take the beating. Ahavah’s massive tits bounced and swayed on her chest, flinging gobs of the demonic cum that painted them everywhere as they flailed. Tzila's eyes flared and she gnashed her wickedly sharp teeth as her tail swelled even fatter deep inside the angel's tightly-gripping asshole. "Cum for me, slut-whore-bitch! Cum on my cock and make it all sloppy wet for me! ARRHH!"

Ahavah could take the beating, there was no doubt, but still her body reacted as anyone's would and it tried to reject the mass of flesh being repeatedly forced down her throat until she thought it was dipping into her belly. She retched and gagged and choked, but nothing would dislodge Icilla's fat prick from her mouth. Spittle flew from her lips and she cried muffled whimpers as she fought to shove the blue demoness away. Every time she gained an inch, though, the swamp demoness would slam into her pussy harder, forcing her lips back down the full, long length of the frozen demoness, choking her once again. She was already so slick and wet from being fucked endlessly for hours with the cum of both demonesses sloshing in her womb, but still she felt herself gushing her own honey from her arousal as the thick green cock pumped into her tight hole and the wicked barbed tail teased and prodded her asshole open. Ahavah's nipples were rigid red peaks on top of her bobbing, swaying breasts, and they hurt so good that she wanted to touch them and feel the slick cum that glazed them. 
But she held tight onto Icilla's hips to keep from falling as both demoness' filled her with their cock from each end until she swore their tips were meeting in the middle of her body. Ahavah was trying so hard to hold onto her chastity, if even only in her mind; to maintain her honor and dignity and purity. But then she heard the green demoness demanding that she cum and despite her shame and humility, despite her will not to enjoy her violation, Ahavah felt the tingling in her belly and the tightening of her cunt. Her eyes opened wide and she sucked in a breath through her nose, letting out her muffled scream around the ice demoness' fat dick as she came and came. "Mmfff! MMMRRPPPHH!!!" She came so hard that her cunt seemed to explode around Tzila's pumping shaft. Her sweet cream gushed out, making the sloppy wet slurps of her cunt’s flesh around that green dick sound like someone trying to free their stuck foot from a swampy, muddy bog.

Icilla couldn't help but be greedy. Feeling the orgasm Ahavah had made her stop mid stroke and hold her tightly to keep her from falling loose. But then she literally dropped the angel on her back to the snow, grabbing her by the halo to drag the length of Tzila’s dick out of Ahavah’s cunt with a wet slorp of juices and contracting muscles still trying to hold the green beauty inside. "I want some of that ass! Gimme it, bitch!" Icilla dropped down and crawled up behind the stunned Ahavah, spreading the angel’s creamy thighs before she grabbed delicate ankle and drove her blue dick in to the hilt, stretching her ass harder than Tzila’s tail had been. Bare, hard nipples like ice cube grazed Ahavah’s back while the blue demoness railed her ass open right after she’d cum on Tzila’s cock. Now it was Icilla’s turn to gasp and start panting as her shaft began to throb fatter and colder. "Nnnhaaaa! Ahhh! Damn it! So damn tight still!" Licking her lips, Icilla looked up and winked at her companion to join in again while she bore into the captive angel. "Get that slimy green dick back in her, Tzila!"
Tzila's howled in rage when her soaking wet flesh-glove was plucked from her throbbing, twitching cock. As soon as she had felt the angel climax around her shaft with her holy juices gushing over her balls, she felt her own orgasm crawling to be set free and then her damn blue cunt of a friend snatched it from her. She growled out her curses, "Rahhh!! You fucking bitch! I was just about to bust a nut in her!" Tzila dropped to one knee, and in her rage grabbed the angel's hair and slammed her mouth down the full length of her pulsating green cock. "Gonna get off one way or another… Now suck it, bitch! Suck the cum right from my swollen, green balls! Nnggg... Fuck, yeah! That's a good whore. Just like that." The demoness didn't know if the angel was complying because she had finally succumbed to being used by them or if she was just trying to hurry this up and get them off, but she didn't give a fuck either way so long as she got to blow her load again. She was so full and swollen with demonic seed that her balls were aching painfully and she wanted to pump it all down this heavenly bitch's throat. "Use your tongue. Yeahhhh… Just like that."
Ahavah was still whimpering and trembling from her explosive orgasm when gravity suddenly claimed her and she hit the cold ground with a thud. She was not used to falling, but her wings were gone and she plummeted with a cry. The arctic demoness dragged her over and she was so weak that she couldn't even resist. Chills swept her body as Icilla’s frozen blue hand caressed her warm thigh and lifted her leg. Ahavah heard the marsh demoness ranting and raving, but she was too distracted by the feel of that cold blue cock prodding at her backside where the green demoness' tail had been plundering only moments before. 
The angel stiffened, knowing Icilla's cock would be much larger than Tzila's tail, and braced herself for the plunge. The thick head pushed, spreading her ring open only to contract back down around it as she shoved the shaft in deeper and deeper. Ahavah's eyes opened wide and she barked out a little cry as she felt the fat rod spreading her wide and deep, but that little cry was her undoing as Tzila grabbed her hair and forced her thick, mossy green cock back down her still-sore throat. The angel gagged once more on fat prick, bracing her hand on the demoness' hip to try and hold her back, but nothing was going to stop her. Tzila had been denied her orgasm and she was hell-bent on getting it now. Spit, drool, and her own cum slathered the green cock and dribbled down her chin, but the angel sucked and slurped for all she was worth, flitting her tongue over and around the fat shaft to get the demoness off quickly.
Icilla was a demoness and she was greedy enough to steal from her companion to get her own desires met. She wasn't really denying Tzila; she’d just wanted to feel the angel quivering on the end of her dick each time she rammed it home and made her tanned ass jiggle from the force of her larger beef pole slurping thick and fat between her buns. "I don't care. Use this whore all you want. I just wanted some of this ass. Uhhhaaaaaa!” A mere human like the nun would have broken by now, but the angel Ahavah, though delicate, was durable at the same time. They had fucked her more than any mortal could have ever taken, making her a far better prize. 
It was a good thing Heaven saw fit to give these devils something sweet to play with! Icilla opened up the angel’s ass and she felt that ring clenching around her prodding shaft to the base until her blue nuts were framed by her cum-glazed slit in the front and her perfect ass cheeks in the back. Icilla bit her bottom lip, huffing so hard that plumes of cold air rushed from her lips, slowly fogging up the air around the trio. Icilla angled her hips just a bit more so that the studs along the bottom of her shaft plucked and prickled their way inside Ahavah’s asshole keenly, making her really feel when she started fucking that ass hard enough to hurt. "Nnnn...shhhhiiit...uhhh!" They were still fucking like banshees after all this time, and though Icilla didn't want it to end this quickly, she felt the first cold peel of precum dribble from her cock, slathering the angel’s insides like a slushie and adding a chill to that ass as it was ripped open.

Tzila felt the heavenly pulls of those lush angel lips around her shaft—the velvety soft warmth of her tongue licking along her lengths—and it brought her climax back to full throttle. The green demoness clenched her fingers in the angel's hair and growled like a jungle cat. Her hips beat double-time, pumping so hard against the Ahavah’s face that her balls slap-slap-slapped against her chin as they flew wildly. The angel's hands pushed and shoved and beat at her muscular green thighs, but she would not be denied again. "Arrrhhhh suckit-suckit-suckit whore! I'm gonna fucking cum down your throat and make you swallow every...damn...DRO-O-O-OP!!!!" 
Tzila shoved the angel's head down as her hips lurched upwards, holding in her place while her cock jerked and pumped down her throat. Her cum gushed like water from a hydrant, filling the angels' belly with her thick, steamy demon seed. "NNNNAAAHHHH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK YES!!!" As she came, Tzila drew back, gushing more cum on the angel's tongue to let her taste her mossy, musky sperm before she tugged the fat, gleaming head from her lips. The final spurts blasted her face, leaving cum dripping from her eyes, nose, and lips like a cream-coated angel food cake. "Nnnggg... fuck! Never have I had anything so pure and delicious," she growled out, huffing like a hellhound that had been chasing its prey.

Ahavah squirmed and whimpered and squealed around Tzila's cock as the ice demoness ravaged her ass. Every bump and stud that lined Icilla’s shaft riveted over the tight ring of muscles that held her prick trapped inside her tight hole, sending a vibrating sensation through her lower body. It hurt so bad but it felt so good, and the angel started moaning despite herself, sending vibrations down Tzila's shaft between her lips. She could feel the soft but cold press of fat, blue balls mushing between her cheeks and along her pussy lips with every deep thrust the demoness delivered and she gasped through her nose every time Icilla bottomed out inside of her. "Mmrrff! Nnpphhff!" Her leg dipped and bobbed over the blue demoness' hip as she struggle to remain upright and keep slurping at Tzila's shaft, but she nearly toppled over when the green demoness suddenly roared. 
The already thick shaft swelled even bigger until the angel's eyes went wide in alarm and her lips stretched until she thought they would tear. What felt like gallons of sticky, hot cum blasted straight into her belly. All she could do was sit there and take it, unable to move—unable to spit or swallow of even gag it back up. The angel couldn't even whine or cry with the semen flooding down her throat. Almost mercifully the demoness jerked back, but then another blast of steamy hot cum bathed her tongue. Ahavah tried to swallow most of it, but there was so much that it splurt from her stretched lips when her cheeks bulged full, spattering cum over the demoness' shaft and balls and to go dribbling down her chin. When the immense shaft finally pulled free of her strained lips she sucked in a breath, but it was cut short when she cried out at a final spray of sticky cum showering her pretty face. She winced as it dripped from her features while the ice demoness continued to ravage her poor asshole.

Icilla had all she needed when Tzila finally came. The scent of her infernal lover exploding sent her over the peak in a rush of blue dick swelling as thick and cold as a juicy popcicle. The angel’s body heat made the demoness roar wildly behind her haloed head while she continued to fight for a breath while Tzila pumped her lips and face full of demonic seed. Icilla couldn't hold it any longer. The sight and smell of Tzila climaxing always made her sweat and licking her lips in hungry need. She rutted faster and drove that ring of flesh tighter from the cold that was emanating from her fat shaft, but the arctic blast that followed was nothing the angel could prepare for. Icilla’s demonic cum blasted into her ass but then froze in place like an icy-glazed toy. Icilla’s fat demon dick stayed locked frozen inside Ahavah’s asshole until the moisture built up from the angel’s heat melting her cum. When it was loose enough to pull out, the demoness left the angel’s ass with a cock-shaped ice plug lodged deep inside. Icilla panted and leaned over Ahavah’s face to lick a drop of Tzila’s cum from her chin, tasting her infernal lover just because she could. Slowly the ice demoness rose to her feet then reached down to grab the angel’s wrist in both hands. "Let’s take this one to the cave, Tzila. We can fuck her again after she recovers." Icilla nuzzled up to Tzila’s side, wrapping her tail around her green dick for a squeeze. "I'll let you have me until our pet recovers. Take her arm and help me."
Tzila was still shuddering and growling like a beast as the ripples of her orgasm coursed through her wicked veins. She nodded—ginning to her companion as her cold blue tail twined around her still-pulsing green cock—and rose to her feet, dragging the angel up by her hair to unsteady legs. Cum dripped from Ahavah's every hole: her mouth, her ass, and her sore and abused pussy. She was a glorious sight to behold. The angel had no fight left in her. She was a weak and muttering mess and Tzila helped her friend drag the cherub to the nearby ice cave where Icilla resided on this plane. At the back of the cave were shackles make of ice. It seemed taking captives was a common thing for the arctic demoness. Tzila grinned and threw the angel to her knees at the shackles. "Get her other wrist." 
Nodding to her companion, the swamp demoness cinched the angel's right arm in the shackle. The sound of ice tinkling as she struggled in her bonds echoed through the cave and it made the demoness smile menacingly. "What a lovely sight: a captive angel dripping our cum-batter from every orifice. We must do this more often, Icilla." Tzila crossed the distance, stepping in front of the angel as she hung from her chains in the wall. "But in the meantime, while she recovers, I'm going to take you up on your little offer and rape that pretty blue ass of yours until you can't stand up any longer." Tzila was not stronger than her playmate, but she shoved her to the wall nonetheless and bent her over to tease and toy with her ass, preparing her companion for her massive green cock.
Ahavah had felt the icy cold blast of cum—such a stark difference from the swamp demoness—filling her bowels, and before her body heat had a chance to thaw it out it froze into the perfect form of a frozen dildo stuffed deep in her ass. Even when the demoness withdrew, the frozen replica remained inside until it slowly melted and dissolved to drip from her hole in a thick, white slushy mix of demonic cum. Ahavah shivered—both in disgust and from the nefarious chill—but before the rest of the melting cum could drip from her ass, the demonesses were forcing her to her feet and dragging her across the church yard to a cold, dark cave of ice. 
She could only groan as she realized that they had no intention of letting her go, knowing she would continue to be a plaything for them until they tired of her. The angel dropped to her knees as Tzila shoved her down with cum still dripping from her face and cunt and ass. She lifted her head to wail, “Noooo!” as they shackled her in ice to the wall. Left there sobbing, almost seemingly forgotten, she watched as the demonesses turned their attentions to one another. The last thing Ahavah saw before passing out was Icilla bending lewdly over, exposing her dark blue asshole to Tzila, just begging for her to fuck it with her fat, green cock. Then everything went black.

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