The Sacrifice - Part One

Part one of an erotic two-part epic story. An angel sacrifices herself and her chastity to two shemale demonesses in order to save the life of a small town nun in a forsaken land.

WARNING!!! This story contain extreme content that may be offensive to some readers. It details the rape of an angel by two demonesses and is not for the faint of heart. If you are offended by such material, please do NOT read the story. You have been warned!

The Sacrifice – Part One

The cold chill of winter had set in over the small church in the middle of nowhere. The priest who oversaw the church was already in bed, leaving the poor innocent nun alone in her evening prayers. Prayers tonight that might not be answered in the way she hoped. This land was old and had long ago been forsaken. The work of the church here had been forbidden by the damned ages ago. And yet the mortals still built this holy place against the warnings of all the local villagers whom the priest would name as his flock. But on this night the words of the nun kneeling in prayer reached other ears—ears as old as time itself. Tonight the icy chill of the wind brought her here, this demoness of ages past. She knew the church might hold some power over her, so before she did anything she called on a friend just as ancient as she was to help her defile this place in the name of the profane. "I call to you, demoness of the dark, dank swamps. Join me and help me ravage this place to the ground." The nun inside did not know the peril that was coming, nor would she until they made their presence known, but still the demoness bided her time and waited for her companion to join her.

The ruffle of wings like leather beating on the wind sounded until a large, dark figure dropped from the sky to fill the doorway of the little church. The glow of green serpent-like eyes shone until she stepped over the threshold and the dim light of the church illuminated the reptilian demoness. Looking like she'd stepped right out of the darkest, dingiest swamplands, she stood beside her friend, folding her arms across her ample chest as she took in the scene. A vile grin spread across Tzila's face as she spoke, "Well, well... What have we here? Did you call on me to have a little fun tonight?" Her teeth, sharp as razors, gleamed in the light as her vile green lips spread wide, making her grin look more like a grimace as her eyes alighted on the nun praying before the altar, unaware yet of their presence. "What a tasty looking treat, too." Her wings fluttered in excitement as the cold wind blew through the doorway.

The ice demoness smiled at Tzila as she came from the sky. Those teeth—always so vicious looking even during a smile—often made Icilla shudder at the sight. But that didn't take away the fact that Tzila was the epitome of sensuality and seduction. Icilla smiled as well and looked back at the nun in prayer. The poor unsuspecting mortal had no idea they were even there. "I thought we could use a little party favor and destroy the church as well for the mortals’ vanity in thinking they could build a house of worship on our lands. Care to help me break her?" Icilla inhaled, blue nostrils flaring as she grinned wickedly and looked her friend in the eyes. "She's ripe too. Never even been touched, like most of the good nuns we've played with." Icilla drew her fingers over her companion’s mossy green cock—the blue a sharp contrast to Tzila’s skin.

Tzila hadn't even bothered to glance at her friend once she'd set foot in the door and seen the tiny church with the nun kneeling at the altar in prayer. Her mind had been too busy conjuring up ideas about what sort of malice she could unleash upon this place and its lone inhabitant. Her demoness cock was already growing firm and thicker just envisioning what they could do to punish these mortals for once again defiling their lands, but when her icy companion stroked a blue finger over her shaft to stir her cock to life, the thick piece of meat pulsed and jumped to full erection. The rows of silver studs, used to make sex even more pleasurable—or painful, depending on who Tzila was fucking—gleamed along the underside of her shaft in the muted light of the church. Her lip curled in a sneer and she grunted, "Mmf. I'll break her, all right. Right in half when I shove my cock inside that tight little cunt of hers." Tzila's arms unfolded with her hands clenched into fists and she set one foot forward to launch herself at the tiny nun only a short distance away.

Icilla didn't even have to encourage her friend any more. Just a touch brought the green demoness’ cock to life already, and the thought of tearing this virgin nun apart with her companion only seemed to make the winged devil hungrier for the fun to begin. Icilla lowered into a crouch, joining Tzila for the pounce to come as she inhaled the nun’s fresh, untouched scent from across the small church. The poor girl had no idea what was about to happen and the anticipation made the icy demoness growl with need as her own studded length stirred to life and grew thicker from the promise of the carnage to come. "Let’s get her!"

Ahavah sensed something terribly wrong in every fiber of her being. The angel was drawn almost desperately to the small church as though she could hear the wails of a thousand souls in tortured agony crying out to her. Nothing had yet happened. It was only a warning of those long dead calling to her, beseeching her help for those still living on their land. Ahavah saw the church and, using only her thought, projected herself into the small sanctuary. At her feet was a young nun, kneeling in prayer, silently whispering the Hail Mary. 
The angel whipped around at a sound behind her and found she'd arrived none too soon. There in the doorway of the sanctum were two demonesses looking as though they were deciding which parts of the nun each one would take home to eat later. Ahavah stepped down the aisle, placing herself between the demonesses and the nun. Lifting her hand in warning, she raised her voice, though the mortal remained oblivious. "In the name of the Holy Father, I command you to stop. Go back to your places of origin, demons, and return ye not to this holy place of God."

Icilla had hardly taken a step when the light broke overhead, illuminating the sight of one of the holy host dropping down to the altar from on high to protect even this lowly place. The super sweet presence of the angel appearing before them was enough to make her mouth water but Icilla knew better than to just attack her. She couldn't help but to look the pure souled savior up and down as she stood between the pair of demons and the nun to block their attack. Icilla looked to her cohort and growled, nodding in the angel’s direction before she spoke. 
"And thou knowest better than to come between a demoness and her prey, high one!" Icilla steadied herself, keeping herself in check until she knew the moment was right to attack. The angel was beautiful and the scent of her was so pure that it made Icilla’s nose hurt and head spin. What a reward she and her friend would have if they succeeded in corrupting one of the holy host to their demented plans. She wished she could whisper to her companion, but instead her blue tail coiled around Tzila’s own, communicating silently for her to brace for it…to just let the holy avenger think she had the upper hand. Tails writhed together as the demonesses seemed to be communicating somehow. Even the angel could surmise that these two had worked together before. Perhaps they were even lovers or just lifelong friends. With the arrival of the white haloed vision between them and their prey Icilla knew she just had to bide her time and hope that Tzila understood her meaning of the tail’s caress.

Tzila was mid bound when the room flared to an almost blinding glow. She stopped short, squinting angrily at the interruption to see an angel, shroud in white, standing between her and her prey. The demoness hissed between clenched teeth and took a step back to her companion's side. Spittle flew from her lips and razor sharp teeth as she growled out, "Vile angel. You disgust me. If you fly back to your pretty little cloud and leave us to our fun, you may escape harm. But if you try to intercede on this pathetic mortal's behalf, we may just have our fun with you instead. Go now, before I change my mind." 
Tzila felt something slinking around her tail and her eyes discreetly flickered in Icilla's direction before landing back on the divine being blocking their path. "Stop us if you can, angel." The last word came out in utter disgust, dripping with hate and loathing. Despite the interruption, Tzila hadn't lost her erection. In fact, the thought of defiling an angel in place of a nun had her even more excited. Her cock pulsed with life and a glimmer of precum already bead at the slit in the head, glazing the silver ring that was threaded through it.

Ahavah's eyes flit from one demoness to the other. They'd stopped their advance for the moment so she dropped her arm back to her side, hoping to convince them to leave the nun and the church alone. It seemed, though, that they would not be dissuaded. They stood their ground, challenging her for the freedom and safety of the nun. Ahavah had no choice. She would have to fight and send these vile abominations back to the underworld. Her fists clenched at her sides as her glorious wings lifted higher, spreading until it seemed they filled the whole room. "So be it," the angel said. She crouched and sprang forward, colliding with both demonesses, launching all three of them through the doorway and into the freezing cold snow, though the angel nor the demonesses could feel the effects of the mortal world. Ahavah could, however, feel the bitter cold touch of Icilla's demonic skin and the vile, almost slimy caress of Tzila's body as she tumbled with them over the snow. The angel stood immediately, thrusting the green demoness aside with inhuman power as she wrestled with the ice demoness. "You will not defile this place! Arghh!" She could take one at a time, but they were as strong as she, so while the green demoness recovered from being thrown, Ahavah used all her strength to subdue the foul creature from the arctic circle of Hell.

Icilla knew it was coming. She could see it in the angel’s eyes that she was going to protect this mortal in the service of Heaven. So when the angel made it clear to her companion that she was going to fight them it didn’t come as a complete shock, but it did knock her through the doorway out onto the snow-covered ground. Icilla growled as she tumbled in a roll and righted herself before the angel began wrestling with her, trying to subdue her after she’d tossed Tzila aside like a paper doll. It wasn't the fact that an angel had come down to stop them; it was that this poor heavenly servant was trying to take on two of this land’s oldest demons on her own and that made Icilla smile with grim determination as she started to fight back. "Angel bitch! Grrraaaah!" Icilla grabbed the heavenly girl by the throat in a single hand, driving the angel’s feet from the snowy ground as icy fingers clasped and stole a little breath from her. She knew Tzila would be angry after having been struck. 
The green demoness might like being spanked for some kinky fun, but hit her in anger and she was another demoness entirely. So Icilla held the angel in her grip and held her aloft as long as it took for her friend to join her. "We will not be defeated by you, seraphim!" Icilla snarled. Bare white fangs in her mouth gleamed as she struck down and sharp nails cut through angelic clothing like tissue paper, stripping the holy being bare in moments. The heavenly servant kicked in her grasp, but once Tzila found her footing and came to help the angel would soon learn that she had bitten off way more than she could chew. Icilla looked over the angel’s shoulder, waiting for the green demoness to help her ravage this holy servant like the piece of cake she knew she was. "Tzila, get in here!"

The impact of the angel hit Tzila with more force than she'd expected. She was almost impressed at her strength and determination, but when the bitch backhanded her so hard that she slammed into the short stone wall along the church yard she scowled, growling like a hell hound as she rose to a crouch. A few feet away, Icilla was wrestling with the sun kissed angel, her lambent wings flapping wildly to gain leverage against the blue demoness. Despite her best efforts, though, the angel was out of her league...and outnumbered. Icilla wrapped her hands around the angel's throat and at the moment she called for help, Tzila sprang from her crouch onto the angel's back. Soft, white feathers kissed over her mildewed green skin as she grabbed the angel's arms and wrenched them behind her back, taking away her ability to fight back. The swamp demoness' own leather wings stretched out to counter-balance against the angel's attempted flight, forcing her to be still in their grip. 
"Let's see how well you get away without wings, whore!" Tzila gripped both of the angel's wrists in one inhumanly strong hand, gripping her left wing with the other. Screeching as she wrenched in a downward yank, she sundered the sinew and muscles from the heavenly host’s flesh, ripping the wing away. The angel jerked in her grasp, screaming in pain. Tzila grinned like nothing pleased her more and her cock jumped at the sound of Ahavah's utter torment as she reached for the wing on her right shoulder. With another primal screech, the demoness tore the remaining wing from her shoulder with a shred of flesh and muscle, tossing it away without a care. "Scream for me, whore! I love the sound of it. It makes my cock harder for you..." Tzila leaned in closer, pressing her full, green breasts against the angel's now naked back, and licked her long, mossy tongue over the skin to her ear. "Mmm... Heavenly."

Ahavah had thrown the green demoness aside knowing she couldn't take them both at once, but even fighting just the frozen demoness, she was not nearly as strong outside the church as she had been inside. This was their land—claimed eons ago before the humans had even arrived—and their power here was strong. The angel fought with all her might, but the demoness proved to be more powerful, clasping her hands around her throat to subdue her. Icilla's icy sharp claws shredded through her gossamer gown, stripping away any form of modesty she’d had, leaving her naked and vulnerable there in the church yard. "S-stop!" Ahavah's wings flapped madly, fighting to lift her bodily away from Icilla's grip, but something stuttered their motion, preventing her from flying. The smell of rot and decay, of bogs and marshes, filled her nose and she turned to see the green demoness had regained her senses too soon. 
Ahavah felt the slimy clasp of her claws around her wrists and she cried out in fear and anger at having been captured before the fight had even begun. "No!" She twisted and squirmed, trying to break free of their combined grips, but they were too strong. The feel of hot, smooth skin brushed over naked ass and dipped between her legs, and to Ahavah's horror she realized it was the demoness' hard, green cock. Her eyes went wide and she jerked again in their grips until she felt a pressure on her shoulder and then the searing pain of her wing being ripped from her flesh. Ahavah's head lifted to the heavens and she wailed in pain and sorrow, "Nooooo!" As her cry was still echoing over the cold, frozen vale the other wing was torn from her back and she screamed again in agony, "Ahhh, God!" Her skin instantly healed, but the wings would take time to regrow. With nothing shielding her shoulder blades she could now feel the press of naked, mossy flesh against her backside. Tzila's serpent-like tongue slathered over her neck and the angel shuddered in disgust. "Let me go, vile creatures! You will pay for your blasphemies!"

Icilla watched as Tzila tore the angels’ wings from her body, feathers fluttering all around as her friend ripped them free one at a time to litter the ground. Icilla turned a glance to the green demoness licking the angel’s neck and smirked. She saw the look of panic on the angel’s face and decided she liked that gasping look on her features. "Now, Tzila, let’s have some fun with the choir girl!" The icy demoness tugged at the angel’s halo, pulling her down while she nodded at Tzila to follow, granting her companion first crack at the angel’s ass while she teased her own dick against her cherubic face. Icilla dropped to her knees and urged Tzila to follow. Between them they now had a naked, defenseless angel at their mercy and it might not be fun for the angel, but it would sure be a helluva good time for the demonesses. "Go on, Tzila. She hit you. You deserve to split this cunt open first!" Icilla gave her friend the chance for a little vengeance while taking her own delight in popping her pierced cock head between the angel’s bitching lips. The frozen demoness rubbed her cock over Ahavah’s face and mouth as her icy fingers reached down and grabbed ahold of the angel’s hair and head all at once. Icilla was being the nice one for now, but she knew her mossy companion would not have the same restraint as she did. Icilla waited, knowing that when Tzila crammed the angel’s cunt full of her cock their captive would gasp and that was all the ice demoness would need to stuff her dick right inside those pretty, pouty lips.

Tzila's laugh bubbled over like gasses erupting from the foulest depths of the swamp from which she'd crawled when her friend suggested they have fun with the angel. As Icilla dragged the holy being to the ground by her neck, Tzila kicked her legs out from under her, pressing down over her ass as she dropped to the snowy ground. "Your ass is mine, bitch! You'll learn some respect for the rulers of this land. Soon you'll be begging for our cum after we defile you in every way imaginable!" The swamp demoness lined her studded cock up with the angel's unsullied pussy and grabbed her thick hips. One swift, hard yank drew the subdued cherub back, impaling her on fat, pulsating demoness cock. The fit was so tight—so heavenly perfect—that Tzila threw back her head and roared. The sound was bestial and evil, echoing over the cold, dark lands, but still it did not drown out the sound of the angel crying out in shock and pain. Tzila's head righted and she grinned maliciously at the sweet sound of her victim gasping and squealing in pain at the violation of her virgin cunt. It turned the reptilian demoness on so much that she sank her long green talons into the angel's thick ass cheeks, holding her in place so that she could ravage her snatch from behind. Her amphibian green eyes rolled up, taking in the sight of her frosty companion stuffing her thick, blue cock down angelic throat. "Nnnn... Honeyed angel pussy. I don't think I've ever felt anything so sweet and delicious around my prick before."

Ahavah choked as the blue demoness clenched her throat and dragged her head down to the ground, but she barked out a strangled cry as her feet were knocked out from under her. The smell of decaying leaves and stagnant water crawled over her back and she felt the slimy grip of the green demoness grasping her full, round hips. Her eyes grew wide as she saw the blue cock dancing only inches from her face, but they grew even wider when she felt the head of Tzila's demonic shaft gliding up through her puffy folds to line up with her holy entrance. "N-no! Oh, dear God in Heaven, don't let them do this to me!" Talons scraped against her flesh as the demoness jerked her backwards and her massive girl cock broke past her barriers, slamming fully into her pussy in one thrust. The angel gasped in shock at the pain of being force open so brutally and let out a cry that rang to the heavens. "Ahhhh, God!" No sooner did she cry out than Icilla jammed her own girl cock past the angel's lips, silencing her cry to a garbled, muffled, grunting sound. "Mmffph!" Like a slab of meat on a spit, the angel hung from their shafts, stuffed into at both ends as they started pumping their inhumanly large dicks into the divine being.

Icilla was going to have to fuck her companion—maybe even let the swamp demoness have some of her icy blue ass after this—because it was so incredibly hot watching Tzila stuff the angel full in a single stroke. Icilla groaned when Ahavah gasped out a cry to her lord that fell on deaf ears. The hot, musky scent of Tzila opening the angel’s pussy up clashed against the cool, windswept embrace of the ice demoness stuffing those pretty angelic lips. Icilla couldn't help but exclaim, "Tzila... By Abbadon’s beard, I’m gonna let you have my ass after this! This little angel cake is amazing!" 
Her demoness friend fucking the poor angel wide added to the gagging sounds of Ahavah on her dick, making the blue demoness push even harder until the angel had to fight for a breath from the sadistic pair now taking her like a boar over a fire pit, fucking both angelic ends with a growing glee. This pure soul on their dicks was completely at their mercy when she was fucked like this, and Icilla might have sworn the angelic bitch was even beginning to enjoy being taken like a common whore in a back alley. From over Ahavah’s halo the icy demoness’ face began to blush a deeper hue of blue throughout her cheeks. She grew colder as she grew hotter, sending a biting blast of cold wind across all three of them there in the snow as the demonesses used the holy avenger like nothing more than a fuck doll. "Nnmmh… Promise to save me some Tzila. I just wanted you to get her pussy first!" Icilla bit her lower lip as she gripped the angel’s head and started fucking the divine soldier’s mouth as deep as possible. Unholy studs tickled the angel’s tongue as she crammed that blue cock down her throat in a forceful curl of meat jamming inside.

Tzila had never felt anything so tight, so warm, so wet before in her life. Despite that they'd taken no time to work the angel up for entry, her cunt was as slick as a moss-covered rock in the swamps. The demoness' dick slipped through her walls as they fluttered like angel's wings around her studded shaft. She could feel the pop! pop! pop! of each stud bumping past the holy ring of muscles guarding her divine entrance as the demoness forced her fat shaft in and out of her sloshing cunt. Tzila growled like the beast from the depths of Hell that she was, her lip curling to expose needle-sharp teeth. "Nnn… Her pussy is getting sloppy wet. I think she likes being fucked by her enemies, Icilla. Maybe she needs to be cooled down a bit..." Tzila raised one hand and brought it down on the angel's ass, a loud crack! resounding through the snowy woods just before the angle let out a muffled cry around the blue demoness' shaft. "How about you stuff her full of frozen cock for a while, hmm?" Tzila hammered her hips rapidly against the angel's ass in three short, rapid bursts, slamming her full of thick green cock before she laughed manically and rose to her feet with her cock hard and swinging in the cold air. "Your turn!"

Ahavah heard the demoness of ice suggesting to her friend that they fuck one another and for a moment she thought she'd be off the hook, but though the swamp demoness' cock jumped and twitched inside her pussy when she heard the idea, she didn't stop fucking her. The angel closed her eyes and whimpered softly, silently crying at her situation. Tzila mocked her openly, describing to her accomplice how wet her pussy was growing, and to her own dismay and horror she found the she-demon was right. The angel could feel her own juices not just dripping but pouring from her slit down her thighs. Dear God, she was turned on! Her cheeks flushed a deep shade of red in her shame, but she couldn't deny that the cock plunging to the depths of her holiest place was making her feel incredible. So much so that she started sucking voluntarily at the cold rod in her mouth. "Mmm... Mmfph!" The demoness behind her slapped her ass, sending a vibrating sting traveling down her cheek to her pussy and she groaned around Icilla's shaft, but when the seductress pulled her long, hard shaft from her slick tunnel the angel whimpered again, this time in frustration.

Icilla watched as her friend fucked the angel harder. She could smell the heady scent of the angelic bitch growing more intense from the juices that had started pouring down her thighs and she just knew that Ahavah was ready for more. Icilla made sure Tzila had ahold of the angel first then she stepped around her body on the snowy ground, dropping to her blue ass on the powder white snow, and with no help or warning she pulled Ahavah back while she moved forward, using her own spread thighs to lock the angel into place. The cool press of the ice demoness kissed the backs of Ahavah’s thighs as she grabbed the angel’s hips in hand, dragging that cunt down. Icilla felt the pure popping sensations of the angel’s pussy being dragged down her studded shaft as she entered that tight ring of muscles. 
It unwillingly gave way to her overly-thick shaft and was so warm that when Icilla pulled out, steam pulsed from between Ahavah’s thighs like dry ice meeting a warm, wet volcano. The squishing noises were loud and juicy by the time Icilla yanked the angel down her cock and started bouncing the captive soldier of heaven in her lap. "Fuck! Belial’s breath! She feels even tighter down here. Nnnnn!" The demonesses were not even close to being done with this piece of angel food cake. Icilla holding the angel’s hips kept the sultry female bobbing on her shaft and she looked down between her own tits to watch Ahavah’s ass bobbing on her fat length as it split the angel wide.

Tzila stroked her own length to keep hard (not that she was going to lose her erection watching the hot scene) as Icilla sprawled on her back and dragged the angels' curvy ass down into her lap, forcing her popsicle shaft deep into the angel's steamy cunt. The green demoness laughed wickedly as she saw steam rising from between the angel's thighs, the hissing sound issuing forth as her friend's frozen cock sizzled within her warm, wet walls. "Ohhh… She is one smokin' hot pussy, isn't she, Icilla? Careful she don't melt your cock right off!" 
As she teased her friend, Tzila stepped up to the angel and grabbed the back of her head, sliding her hand under the holy shield of her halo. The touch stung and burned the back of her hand, but it was worth ignoring the pain to shove the innocent bitch's face right down the fat length of her shaft. "NNngg... Suck it, whore! I want to hear you gagging on my shaft while Icy there fucks your pretty virgi-" She stopped mid-word as though she'd caught herself in a mistake, but the mock was intentional. "Ohhh, that's right! You're no longer a virgin, are you? Looks like she'll be fucking your sloppy whore cunt now..." The demoness reared back her head and let out a hearty, malicious laugh at her own joke as her hips started jackhammering, pumping her fat prick down the angel's choking throat. "Ahhh… Yeahhh... Take it all!"

Ahavah coughed as the ice demoness drew her cold, blue shaft from her mouth, leaving a sheen of frost glazing her red lips like delicate lace. The angel licked her skin, melting the frost and tasting the musk of the frozen demoness that was left behind on her lips. The smell of swamp reached her once more as Tzila stepped in front of her. Ahavah's eyes turned up to see the green demoness, looking like a human reptile, standing before her. Her heart started to pound in her chest at the horror of having to take this one's cock in her mouth, but before she could speak her ass was yanked backward. 
An icy cold spear lanced her core like an icicle from the deepest caves of Hell had been pried from the ceiling and thrust into her burning hot hole. Ahavah's back arched and she cried out in a combination of freezing agony and blissful pleasure at the stark contrast moving and thrusting inside of her. "Nnyyaah! Nngg..." As she cried out, Tzila grabbed the back of her head and forced her opened mouth down her long, green shaft. Her dick tasted like moss and earth, thick and pulsing between the angel's lips. Hips rocked upwards, bumping her from the ice demoness' lap only to drop back down from gravity pulling at her own weight, impaling her over and over on the fat, blue cock as she moaned muffled sounds around the green dick spreading her lips wide. "Mmffpph!" Ahavah slid her hands up Tzila's thighs to clasp her ass, sucking her studded shaft as wetly as her pussy was sucking at Icilla's frozen prick in her cunt. "Mmmm..."

Icilla gasped out at the feeling; the heat of the angel taking her cock seemed to just melt her prick, but it was the angel’s own juices coating her dick that made the heavenly warrior glide up and down her studded shaft. The ice demoness huffed as her cock grew thicker just from the sensation. The stark contrast of cold meeting sweet heat gliding up and down her length made the sound of a wet bendy straw as her pussy slurked over the studded length that was now bouncing Ahavah's cunt up and down on the blue demoness’ lap. Her legs had fully pinned the angel so that she could do nothing but take Tzila's dick in her mouth, and even lying down Icilla could see her companion force the angel to take her musty swamp dick. No doubt the mossy green cock with which Tzila was ignobly pumping the angel’s face was still coated in her own heavenly flavor. 
"Nnn… Fuck! Make her take it all, Tzila! Once we break her, you and I...get some alone time. I want to suck that angel’s essence off your cock!" She didn't care how bad she was being. Tzila was making her hot just watching her use the poor angel’s mouth, and Ahavah’s riding her cock like some wanton mortal in heat made the steam billow even colder from between the angel’s legs. The frost was even dripping off the heavenly being’s swollen clit from the friction of cold meeting heat the likes of which the demoness had not savored in centuries. All of this erotic sacrilege was building and Icilla knew it. She didn't want to be the first one to bust, but the heat and gooey juices from the angel being forced to ride her dick was driving her insane. Little puffs whistled from her parted lips with colder breaths rising from her open mouth as she began to pant.

Tzila's claws raked through the angel's hair, forcing her face harder and faster down the length of her shaft until she felt the head dipping down her fluttering throat. The demoness started chuffing and panting, her huge green breasts bouncing on her chest as her hips picked up pace to face-fuck the angel into a gagging, drooling wreck. "Hnn..hnnn... S-suck it, bitch! Make me cum down your throOOOAT!" As she spoke the words, her eyes rolled back into her head and her hips jut forward, slamming the length of her cock down the seraph's throat. "Arrrghhhh!" Ropes of thick cum jetted from her tip, shooting down Ahavah's gullet before she could even think to swallow it. Even still, Tzila felt her angelic lips and tongue working around her thick, throbbing shaft to swallow more as the blasts of steamy cum continued to erupt from her cock. "Swallow it! Suck it all down, my angelic little whore! Nnggg..."

Ahavah felt the stuttering pops of cold metal suds raking past her tight ring of muscles every time Icilla's shaft thrust in or drew out of her quivering hole. The sensation was heavenly, sending tickling vibrations through her pussy to her belly, making it flutter and quiver delightfully. The angel started sucking in gasping little breaths through her nose, moaning and whimpering muffled squeals of rapture around Tzila's thick shaft in her mouth. Her cunt flexed excitedly, squeezing the girth of frosty shaft just as the green cock stuffed in her mouth swelled impossibly thicker. Ahavah's fingers clenched in the mossy demoness' ass as her eyes grew wide with shock, feeling the demonic cock plunged down her throat. Tzila growled an unholy sound and Ahavah felt thick, hot creamy liquid gushing down her gullet. Her mouth and tongue worked to swallow it, osculating along the studded underside of the demoness' cock, drawing more cum from her wicked shaft. As Tzila unloaded her balls into the captive angel's belly, Ahavah's cunt clenched hard around Icilla's fat dick deep inside. The constant stimulation was already too much, but to feel the demoness explode from the pleasure of using her pushed her over the edge. The angel wailed in ecstasy around the cock in her mouth as she had her first mind-shattering orgasm ever. Her pussy contracted, grasping Icilla's thick girth as her ambrosia poured from her slit in a heated wave of warm honey washing over the icy demoness’ cock and balls. "MMmmpphhffff!!"

Icilla felt the angelic bitch shivering not just from the cold, but the rise of her edge coming closer to the point of exploding in bliss from being used like some common mortal in a back alley of some godforsaken city. But here on the snow covered peaks by the old run down church this angel was getting her just desserts right in front of the very doors of the house of God. Icilla knew the angel could not deny herself any longer by the time she was bucking and gagging on Tzila’s dick, rocking down over the ice demoness’ blue shaft before the green she-devil rammed her cock deep down the angel’s gullet. She was fused into a primal sex machine between these two demonesses of lust that were using her poor body for their own perverse delight to the point of forcing the angel to orgasm from the rough fucking she was getting. But even Icilla was not prepared for the heat of the angel’s cum rushing down over her pierced shaft. The sensation made a fang peek over her blue bottom lip as she felt the warmth flood over her like a lava flow only to trickle down her own juicy balls while they flopped against the angel’s clit. She had already been as sweet as angel food cake, but now with her drizzling her hot cream down the ice demon’s length she was utterly delicious. 
Icilla felt the stirring in her lifting nuts the second the angel’s pussy contracted and sucked at her dick like it was trying to milk her of every infernal drop of cum building in her swelling girth. "NNgaaaahh...fffuck!" Icilla looked up at her companion, seeing the look of glee on Tzila’s face as her cock swelled thicker, lubed by the angel’s own creamy juices. The ice demoness couldn't hold back any longer. It was like a cold gale-force wind erupted from between her thighs. The force of the first cold geyser bursting forth to flood the angel’s pussy with her icy seed blew Tzila’s tail upward. The slushy cold demonic cum sneaked in to fill every nook and cranny of the angel’s tight tunnel like a melting ice floe. Icilla’s cum inside the angel was a liquid slush at first, but it quickly solidified into ice inside her tunnel and only by the virtue of her own heat—ragged and hot from being fucked by that blue dick—did the ice demoness’ cum melt enough to keep the angel riding her fat shaft. Ahavah’s heavenly body heat melted the demoness’ load so that it oozed from her cunt and dribbled down those hefty blue balls that were still bouncing from Icilla forcing the angel ride her thick cock.

Tzila peered down over the angel's head at her companion and saw the look of utter lust and pleasure on her face as she screamed out her climax. The green demoness grinned and licked her own lips at the sight. Gripping the angel's hair in a twist, she pumped her still-spouting cock deeper and harder down her gagging throat, blasts of cum jetting straight into her belly as she gagged and retched one the massive she-demon dick prying her lips open. "Filthy angel whore! You love drinking my cum. Admit it! Hot and thick and creamy just sliding down your throat into your belly. I'm going to fill you until you bloat with my seed! ARRGHH!" Tzila’s head rolled back and she roared to the bitter winter sky as her hips rocketed faster, pumping endless amounts of cum into the angel's mouth until she thought she would drown in it. Her muffled whimpers and cries only spurred the swamp demoness on, making her thick cock twitch and jump deep inside the angel's holy, hot mouth. "Suck it! Suck it deep! Draw out every last drop, my sexy little cum whore. Nngg..."

Ahavah was chilled to the core. Not even her own angelic heat would stave off the cold from the demoness’ cock deep inside her. She shivered both from the chill and from a fear she'd not known until today. Her only comfort was knowing that she'd saved the innocent nun from the same fate by sacrificing herself to these vile creatures. Her lips stretched as the green demoness forced the full length of her overly thick cock deeper down her throat so that she swore the tip had entered directly into her belly to pump her full of unholy cum. What little splashed on her tongue tasted like swamp—foul and fetid and musty. Ahavah gagged on the taste, her eyes clenching shut as her body racked with spasms. She coughed and gobs of cum sputtered from her full lips around the green shaft still stuffing them hard. Thick white cream drooled down her chin and dribble to her breasts even as more ropes of steamy hot demon seed flooded her belly. As if that weren't torment enough, Ahavah felt the ungodly swelling of the ice demoness’ cock between her nether lips stretching them wider still as her cum rolled to a boil in her balls. The she-demon wailed and the angel felt an icy cold blast of thick, slushy cum jetting inside her womb. Though muffled, the angel screamed in horror at the feel of the ice cold cum filling her insides. Her belly bloated from being pumped full of demonic cum from both ends until the excess gushed from both sets of her lips to dribble back down the demonesses' cocks to their balls.

Check back soon for Part Two!

Icilla cooed at Tzila as she felt the angel growing hot and slick again from her own icy slush-cum melting inside her snatch. Lifting Ahavah off her cock, the frozen demoness wriggled out from under her cum-soaked skin before she stood up and licked her lips. "Go on, Tzila. Fuck her good for me." She was giving her companion a chance to use the angel again while she took a little breather to gather her strength. Not like she needed much since her cock was still as rock hard as it had been the second they heard this angel whore scream from having her wings torn off. Still, Icilla left Ahavah in Tzila’s hands, letting the swamp demoness do her worst to the poor angel. Icilla narrowed her eyes wickedly, stepping up beside the pair to help Tzila move the angel into position when she was ready for some more. Her icy blue hands held the cherub captive to make sure her cohort got to use her curvy angelic body any way she liked. "We're going to turn this little slut into a cum-covered bitch in no time, Tzila. Teach her ass not to get in our way next time we want some nun!"

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