Anal Play


I somehow overlooked this one while copying role plays from my SL note cards, so its out of order from the others, but I don't think it much matters. It wasn't really tied into any sort of storyline we'd had going; just a random act of sex...and sometimes those are the best. Zuriel is still wearing the "youthful" skin and emo look he'd bought for the Succubus film he'd had a part in, so I decided to dress in my emo girl outfit, too. Apparently he liked it (well, my Chuck Taylor shoes, really) a whole lot.

Z & Lisa Anal Play

Lisa laughs. "Look, I'm emo, too!"

Zuriel: Oh good lords...lol

Lisa: Hehe. I love this outfit.

Zuriel: Damn baby now that I see it fully...Yeah it's pretty hot. All hot and like the unattainable girl. Hehe.

Lisa: Haha unattainable, eh? I'm sure you could change that quickly.

Zuriel: I know I could. Just grab you by the hair and throw you against the wall and take it.

Lisa's face goes deadpan. "Well then..." She swallows hard.

Zuriel smirks. "Oh... I see you wanted me too...hehe"

Lisa shuffles her feet and looks down at them. "I didn't say that... exactly."

Zuriel grins. "So what? I can read it in your thoughts."Zuriel smiles and slaps your ass, drawing his nails over your cheeks.

Lisa squeaks and jumps, pressing against you with a soft sigh. "Ohhh... you dirty..."

Zuriel raises a brow. "Dirty what?"

One corner of her mouth turns up in a half-grin, the almost constant blush deepening the pink in her cheeks. "I'm not really sure... That was just sneaky." Lowers her voice as she nips her lip, "But I loved it..."

Zuriel grins and slaps your hot little butt again, rubbing the sting in nice and slow as he turned his eyes to look into yours. "It's all I know. Just make you love every little thing I do...hehe."

Lisa presses her lips together to stifle the second squeal, a little scowl crossing her brow as this one stung a bit more. "Yes well, you do it better than anyone I've ever known. I swear sometimes you either read my mind or we were just fated to be together."

Zuriel shakes his head and curls his fingers under your dress, just tugging it up over your ass to bare it to his hand slipping back down to rub your stung skin. "I think it's fate. Not everyone I know has this kind of connection, especially when we get...heated." His hand raised, smacking down firmly against the other cheek before his nails raked over the blushing pink skin.

Without the dress to cushion the blow, albeit it barely, your big hand connecting with her bare flesh resounds with a smack! and she jumps again with another squeak, though this one comes out louder since she couldn't be bothered to try and keep it in. Chewing the inside of her cheek, she moves to reach her hand around to rub her stinging bottom, but bumps instead into your hand still resting there. She tries to move it away, but being the stubborn ass that you are, your hand doesn't budge and she mewls, burying her face against your chest. Nodding in response to your comment, she mumbles her reply, "Mmm... Mhm..."

Zuriel smirks and pushes your hand away then thinking better of it he reached over with his free arm and pulled your hand to his chest to move it out of his way before another good swat echoed across the water. He rubbed it in nice and firm, kneading your cheeks with his large hand exploring your ass. "Oh, she lost her tongue on that one. But see, I can explain further." He gripped your dress from the bottom and drug it all the way up around your hips before his hand slipped back down to grope and rub your perky little ass. "Last night while you topped from the bottom you had your fun, and even in that we connected." He held your arm over his chest when another blow slapped harder against your pert butt and the skin was starting to glow red as he went on. "And right now my baby girl needs to be used. Nothing more...hehe."

The first slap tingled, the second stung, the third to the bare flesh started to burn and without even seeing, she knew the flesh was beginning to glow hot pink if not red. With her wrist wrapped in your hand, she gave a gentle tug hoping to slip it free without your even noticing, but those fingers tighten almost as though you'd done it in reflex, without even thinking about it, but she knew in her gut that you were fully aware of her intent and was letting her know not to even think about trying to block your hand from the next swat. And when it came...oh, dear lord did you make her feel it. Her fingers flexed in your grip and she cried out fully this time, no more squeals or whimpers, her body jolting and bumping against you. Your words settled in her brain but she could barely focus on them--her stinging cheeks kept calling her attention back over and again. Growing restless, her legs start to shift, rubbing back and fourth against one another and she squirms along your body wantonly.

Zuriel smiles almost wickedly as he held your hand from escaping. Those cheeks--nice and deep pink from his smacking--only enticed him further as a playful lift of his palm almost landed another swat to your ass. But he waited until you tensed for the blow that never came and when you turned your eyes up to see what was going on, he lifted from the pillows and manhandled that body face down against the dock. "I can tell you need reminding. Why else would you dress up like one of my fantasy girls and get all antsy beside me?" He pulled something from his pocket while you were face down, the only warning as to what it was squirted right over your blushing cheeks and trickled down your crack before he reached in and his fingers smeared your tight little hole with juicy lube. "So before you go nerd raid with the rest of us, I think I'll remind you who this ass belongs to...just because I can." The smile on his lips turned devious, holding you down as he dropped the bottle to the docks and your ears caught the sound of his zipper being tugged down. Making sure to smack his fat dick against your skin--still blushing from the smacks he gave you--he rubbed it through the lube so that it was nice and slick by the time he angled it between your cheeks. "My little emo slut...and we both fucking know it." With a grunt from his lips he drove it right inside, making you take it all with no warm up, no teasing...just the hot feeling of your ass stretching open around that invading dick stuffing right between your cheeks.

Lisa's body almost seem to stutter when she anticipated that blow, tiny little jerks like she kept expecting it, but it never came. She was so bewildered that when you moved like a cat and flipped her over, she simply grunted out her held breath, her heart hammering in her chest. Finally she managed to find her voice while at the same time trying to figure out just what the hell it was you were doing behind her, but you pinned her down so that she couldn't turn her head, so she settled for trying to offer an explanation, though for what, she wasn't sure. "I wasn't trying to... I mean, it wasn't my intent... I just liked this look and thought you'd find it cute. I never..." Her words were cut short when she felt the cold, slimy lube dropping onto her exposed asshole. It hit her like a flash and her eyes bugged as she realized your intent. "Oh god, no..." The distinct sound of your zipper rang in her ears and she pushed against your grip, trying to crawl away but she was no match for your strength and she mewled in her throat. That sweet little sound quickly escalated to a gasping cry when the thick head of your cock pushed past her pucker and her head lifted off the ground as her entire body clenched, trying to reject the thick object from invading her depths. "Arrhhhhh god!" She hisses a breath between clenched teeth, willing her body to relax and just let you in.

Zuriel inhaled harshly as he gripped your arms from behind and with barely any effort he held them in check just to keep you bent over for his amusement. You could feel his whole dick inside your tight little ass no matter how much you relaxed once you realized this was going to happen no matter your intent at all. It wasn't until he hopped up on his toes that you knew exactly how this was going to go, pulling back so the last few inches of that shaft slipped through your tight little pucker but the way he was leaning over you to hold your arms to keep your ass in the air gave him just enough space to jam it in hard. Making your ass take those deep wild sticks of his cock stretching you open, his thighs smacking against your reddened ass cheeks when he plowed that dick deep inside you just to open you up and savor the feel of your tight little hole gripping his entire length even while you fought to relax to make it not that damn tight. "Oh yesssss... Your god wants to hear his servant mewl like a little bitch. I told you back when we met chucks were my weakness." He pulled back after a good hard slam of his cock inside your ass and the pumping started, no longer hard with his weight behind it this was the stroking of a man taking his pleasure right out of your little hole any way he wanted. "You knew looking like this was a sacrifice to your god...so I am doing the right thing and taking that offering." He hissed through clenched teeth while he fucked your hot little ass right there, gripping your wrists like fuck handles to pull himself straight down in an angle spreading your pucker open with his thick shaft burying all the way.

Lisa's face planted to the pillows with her arms wrenched painfully behind her back. All she could do was turn it to the side and endure what you did to her. She was pinned--trapped and helpless--and when you lifted to drive that cock straight and deep into her tight ass, all she could do was clench her eyes and groan. The pain was immense--you'd given her absolutely no time to adjust--but despite that, she could not deny the arousal building inside her. The pain was exquisite and its only barely overrode the incredibly pleasurable feel of your cock inside her. As if the physical aspects weren't enough, the complete and utter domination of her body made her stomach flutter and her limbs quake. Her grunts were deep, heavily accented by heated breaths with each withdraw and renewed thrust into her tight ass, and when you shifted to start pumping into her harder, those grunts became pants, then pants becoming cries of pleasure until you had her moaning like a bitch in heat.

Zuriel loved hearing those noises--from the ones that sounded like he was hurting you to the sharp cries of pleasure he reveled in each time he shoved that dick deep in your ass. His hand lifted from your wrists to clasp the back of your neck, making sure you were keenly aware when he started throwing his weight behind that cock stretching your ass open with those hard thrusts pounding you without mercy. The feel of his fingers at your neck tightened and he turned his eyes down to see you panting like his personal slut taking every inch of that cock inside. "Go on... Tell Daddy how much you needed to be used. I can feel it every time I pull back, trying to relax but it's just a little too big to escape from, so say it." He leered over you as he held your neck from behind and the pumping of those hips sent him drawing back and forth with quicker strokes stirring your senses so full of your loving Master's shaft. Growling behind you with fangs bared since he no longer needed to hide what he was from you any more, the feel of pointed claws clutched your flesh as he bore down on you and drilled your little ass without a single shred of mercy just like we both needed to have. It never stopped; the pace would change, though his legs burned from the crouch he was in, but the feel of your asshole clamping and trying to loosen around him was just too much to ignore. Jerking forward with a glare down at you bent over with your hot ass in the air, those words spilled from his huffing lips again. "Say it..."

Lisa's cries changed again; the pain and pleasure were so intermingled, she wasn't sure what she was feeling anymore other than a cacophony of stimulation. Every time you changed pace, every time you shifted position, the intensity changed with it, growing and diminishing and then swelling again. Her whole world came down to her point of entry and your cock inside it. Her attention only shifted when your hand wrapped around her neck, scaring the wits out of her and jogging her back to her senses. You wanted her to admit how much she wanted it, and god knows she did, but she couldn't seem to make the words come to her lips; they were too busy spilling her grunts and groans onto the docks beneath her. She almost decided to ignore the question and just ride out the assault when she heard--hell, felt--that rumbling growl and the pin pricks of your claws biting into her neck. Her stomach clenched and she nearly came right then and there, but she dared not until you told her to, so she gasped instead and cried out her reply, "Fuuuuck! I needed you to fuck me, Daddy! I needed your cock in my ass so fucking bad! Ohhhh god..."

Zuriel could only smile through the heated breaths he was taking every time he jammed that cock hard in your ass. His legs were about to give out, so he just mauled your hot little body to the docks beneath while never once slipping out of your ass. He slammed his hands to the pillows under our bodies to prop himself up. The only side effect from changing position like that, though, was that he had so much more room to move as he lifted his hips. The feel of Daddy's weight smacking your ass started again, but this time you felt every fucking inch of that cock stroke through your tight little hole clutching at him. Just the swollen head of it hovered a second every time he lurched back and stuffed your ass full of that dick so hard his hips slapped your stinging cheeks. He wasn't pinning you really any more, but the urgent way he shoved that dick between your cheeks didn't give you much wriggle room anyway, and lords know what would happen if you tried to crawl away from him while he was fucking your ass like he owned it. "That's my good baby girl. Keep screaming for me! Uhhhnnn... " With more room, he was destroying your asshole. That poor little pucker stretched open so damn much, you already knew it was going to gape when he was finally done with you. Sweat beaded on his forehead as he swerved his hips down in a hard rut, taking your ass like a maniac now that he could move without having to hold you down like a godsdamned trophy. He closed his eyes just to savor the feel of you under him being railed by that thick shaft, taking you to the deepest part of your tight ass, and the impact from his hips made your pinkened cheeks jiggle from the sheer force pounding your body with a growing need as that cock started to throb and swell each time he crammed it in all the way.

Lisa hit the docks with a grunt, her breasts trapped beneath her rolling with every rocking motion of you mercilessly fucking her poor ass. Her glasses nearly slipped off her nose and she quickly pushed them back up just as you renewed your assault. She placed her forehead down on her arms, letting her arch her ass upwards in the small amount of room you gave her so that you had absolute, complete access to her puckered hole. Her legs spread out wide and she rose up on her knees, pushing back against you, wanting you deeper and taking her completely. She could feel your heavy balls slapping against her swollen little clit and it drove her bat-shit crazy. Her fingers clutched at the rug under her and she lifted her head, drawing in a long, deep breath, feeling her orgasm building...building...holy shit, was it building inside her! She let out staccato cries, each louder than the next, until her tiny body convulsed beneath you and everything clenched, every muscle freezing as she screamed. Her ass gripped you so hard it was almost painful. She felt you stutter and almost stop, but then you growled, your resolve renewed--you were not going to be denied, even involuntarily--and with a huge thrust your cock plunged back inside that tight hole, making her scream again. Her cum poured fourth, dripping from her cunt to the blanket under her and still she cried out with every deep, penetrating thrust.

Zuriel narrowed his eyes as he focused on making that ass remember him. Every wild shove bottomed out inside your ass slapping his heavy nuts against your clit. But it wasn't until you spread your legs and dug your toes into the pillows that he lost all sense of personal control. When your ass arched up his eyes snapped open fully and the feel of hot quick breaths rushed against the back of your neck and shoulders. The lift of your body let him go a precious inch or two deeper, so that the tight little ring of your asshole clamped his entire length with each stride he lifted from your cheeks then hammered back in harder. His brows knotted down as the slow swell in his shaft grew and grew until he was shaking behind your lifted ass, but the second you came from his nuts clapping your lips without pause, he tensed up. Forcing himself to move even though muscles seized and tried to lock into place--almost like his own body was wanting to deny him--he powered through and jammed that dick violently inside his baby girl's ass like some beast, grunting like crazy. His lips parted in a scream that rumbled out past his gleaming fangs. His head tilted up and the sudden release of his orgasm exploded like a gunshot inside your tender little hole. It was so fucking vibrant he could feel the ring of your hot little pucker milking out a line of seed in a gush that flowed inside your ass. He jolted back in with arms shaking like he was having a seizure on top of you, his cock just pouring like someone turned on a fire hose, and all you felt amid stuttering shoves of that dick was the constant pumping explosions of his cum flooding you deep and hot. He had just cum with you the night before, but this was like he hadn't cum in fucking weeks. So much poured inside of you that it leaked from your ass in little geysers each time he jammed his cock back in and it coated your hot little pussy with a fine gloss of pale white, then flowing down to stain the pillow beneath our bodies. He heaved in a hard breath and just jammed it in and held it right there, keeping it deep as he fucking could while he felt his dick stop shaking very, very slowly.

Tremors kept passing through her body, her orgasm being dragged out the entire time your cock swelled in her ass with your cum jetting deep inside her. Collapsing to the ground, panting to catch her breath, she languished in the feel of your cock just staying nestled inside her as you rested atop her. Turning her head, sweat beaded on her brow, she smiled softly with a chuckle, "Well, that was completely unexpected but amazingly fun."

Zuriel huffed, lightly stroking his cock inside your ass, but once he felt your ring holding him, he hissed and settled back inside all the way and he looked right down at you with a grin on his panting lips. "Unexpected my ass. You knew this was coming, you little damn tease...hehe."

You could feel her body shaking as she laughed, the grin spreading over her lips, though she turned her face away as if she could hide it. "I don't know what you are talking about, sir. I am completely and totally innocent of any such manipulations."

Zuriel smirked and pushed a little harder with his hips just to show you he was still right there, jolting a little from being over sensitive after cumming like that. He grabbed your hair and turned your face so you could peer up at him. "I call bullshit, but I think we both know what we like well enough that you were not getting away looking like this without me fucking you."

Lisa groanrf again, her poor ass so sore, but still loving the feel of you buried inside it, that one push making her clit twitch yet again. She whimpered when you grabbed her hair, but her eyes slide sideways to look at you as best she could when you turned her head and she couldn't hide that grin anymore. "Oh, I was hoping. But even if it didn't happen, I'm content just spending time with you."

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