In the Locker Room


Here is where my photo-whore mania began. Yay! I took a ton of pics for this particular role play, though I only included about 10 in the actual story. Zuriel had built a locker room for the occasion and sent me a note card to preface the story. We dressed up in opposing college team uniforms--he was the studly away team quarterback and I was the head cheerleader for the home team. This role play actually went on so long that we had to stop midway through and pick it up again the next day. Yeah, it's that long. Enjoy!

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In the Locker Room 

The call of the grid iron, the glory of the game had started to fade as the field emptied.  The crowd was leaving slowly but surely while you and your fellow cheerleaders decided to hang around awhile and cool down from all that yelling and high kicking. Oklahoma State had just won against the Kentucky Wild Cats, beating them in double overtime by a field goal so you already knew the party tonight was going to be crazy back at the quarterback's large house. As the rest of your squad started to go shower down to get ready for later tonight, the entire squad arrived just in time to see your precious locker room ransacked. Blue spray paint on the walls screaming GO CATS! was on everything along with the girls' panties and other things just scattered and shattered all over the floor and hall way. The opposing team had long gone, though, and just surveying the carnage, you spied your duffel bag half stuck in the away team's locker room door. Peeking your head in, you found your clothes and things scattered all over the locker room floor. With a scowl on your lips, you slipped inside to gather your things, not hearing much else from the girls after the door shut and you started collecting your makeup and clothes...

The game was a bust. No matter how hard he tried today, he just couldn't keep his team in the spirit, and every time the score jumped in the other team's favor, they lost the wind in their sails. The other team just must have studied the plays too well, or maybe his team hadn't practiced hard enough. Either way, Oklahoma won in double overtime with room to spare. He already knew the rival team would be partying tonight while his own team would be running drills until sunrise, but for now he skipped the bus since he'd driven himself here in the first place, taking refuge in running the track to burn off some of that energy. He wasn't even aware of the plans his team had had of sacking the girl's locker room until he rounded the corner and got pelted with a crap load of toilet paper and whatever else the girls in the hall--running out to throw things at him--had on hand. Letting out a sigh, he ducked into the locker room and locked it behind him for a little privacy since his team had long gone and he was the only one still around. He turned and started to head for the showers until he spotted someone else in the locker room with him, and since the door was locked behind him, a slow, sly smile crept over his lips as he looked her over up and down...

Lisa huffed, growling under her breath as she looked around the room trying to locate her scattered belongings: a shoe here, her hair brush there, lipstick under a bench, her blouse waded in a ball in the corner of the room. Damn those UK boys and their pranks! It wasn't her  fault they'd lost the game. At least she'd seen her bag stuck in the door so she knew where her things had ended up, but still... She didn't belong in this locker room and so she scurried about quickly gathering her stuff so she could get the hell out and go home. As she bent down to scoop up a hair tie she spied on the floor, she heard the door open and shut behind her. She froze, then slowly turned as she straightened to see the opposing team's large quarterback standing in the doorway watching her.

Zuriel smiled as he was finally noticed by her and the scenery he beheld was not half bad at all. He honestly didn't care about her things, but rather the fact that she was alone in his team's locker room with the door locked behind him. The girls across the hall wouldn't even hear anything with the door shut, let alone with their bantering chatter drowning out any small sounds they might have picked up on. "You know, I wasn't in on that prank. The boys hate to lose I guess, but not that you'll listen anyway." He strolled closer, the scent of the game still on him as he got within arm's reach and his eyes kept traveling up and down her legs until she spoke or did something. She was in a bad place, alone and locked in--not that it was a bad thing from his point of view. "So, did you find everything?" He acted genuinely concerned about her things, but the look in his eyes said otherwise, especially with them following her curves before flitting up to her eyes when she found her voice.

Lisa was still to angry to think of anything but finding her scattered belongings. She didn't even notice, nor care, that his eyes wandered over her as he made excuses and tried to exclude himself from the shenanigans. Guys were liars and she had no doubt in her mind that this was one a liar, too. Bunch of jerks. Who did they think there were, anyhow? Bunch of sore losers, that's who. She went back to the task of retrieving her hair tie from the floor, her eyes turning to him for a second as she bent down, then settling on the black scrunchy as her fingers clasped around it, "Yeah, sure you weren't..." Rising, she slipped the tie around her wrist so as not to lose it again since her pack was on the floor by the door where she'd first found it. She turned and perused the area, seeing if she'd missed anything, but was really more anxious to be on her way. "I don't know... I think so. Why do you care, anyhow?" She was still irritated, and though she wasn't normally such a bitch, she needed to vent her frustrations and he was handy at the time.

Zuriel lifted a brow as he shrugged out of his jacket and tossed it to the floor, "Normally us Kentucky boys are fairly cordial, but I guess you need some redneck." He batted one pompom from her hand as he stepped in and a large hand lifted under her chin to grab her throat in a hard grip. Gritting his teeth he led those cute sneakers back midway into the locker room and slapped away the last pompom from her grasp while his own hand tightened around her slender neck. "Guess we might not have beat your team's score, so for every point you all won by, I'm gonna make sure I make up those points..." A light inhale came as he pushed the backs of her knees against the bench by the wall lockers. Strong enough, he lifted her, and her sneaker clad toes were soon scraping the concrete under her feet, finding no purchase while he held her aloft easily. "Mmm... I can say one thing: Oklahoma girls are tiny. Must not be enough corn around here..." The grin on his lips was followed by a lick of his tongue, drawing his free hand down her side just to feel those curves.

With her mind still set on going home, she had focused her attention on her bag, having already dismissed him from her cares. He was no one. Just some guy from the other team--albeit a very cute one--but she was in no mood for flirting right now. She was tired, it had been a long day, and all she could think about was getting into a nice, hot bubble bath and washing the sweat and dust from her body. What she was not expecting was the sudden violent reaction he had with her. Even as he'd first spoken she'd ignored it, but she couldn't ignore the grasp of his fingers around her throat. She was so fucking stunned at first that she didn't even move and could barely get her words out, "What the..?" In a flash, she realized the danger she'd put herself in coming into this locker room alone, but hell...she'd seen the other team's bus leave already, so she'd thought they were all gone, anyhow. As he dragged her across the room, she tried to scream, but his large hand was pressing on her windpipe and it was all she could do to draw a breath let alone choke out a cry loud enough for anyone to hear outside these walls. It dawned on her at some point that she'd lost her pompoms--for all the fucking good those would do her. What would she do? Beat him off with fluff? His grip tightened even more around her neck and she actually felt her feet lift off the ground as he manhandled her backwards against the bench. Through gritted teeth, she growled out, "Put. Me. The fuck. Down. Jerk."

Zuriel smiled wickedly as he heard her tell him to put her down, so he did with a thump on her back to the bench as his hands suddenly slipped over that body. His fingers squeezed and kneaded those tits, stroking his thumbs over the covered nipples hiding in her cheer leading outfit. "Fine. I can do that. I just got two or three final touchdowns to make before I leave." His other hand snaked up her supple thigh, dragging his nails along the tender, taut flesh just to marvel at that young cheerleader's body...all his, like she was nothing more than a feast right now to his senses. "I was watching you on that third down when we were three behind. All I kept thinking was how sweet your little ass might actually be." He curled his fingers under her shirt, jerking it up to expose her nipples to the warm, humid air of the locker room before his hand clasped and tugged her little pink buds between his fingers. His other hand tensed and almost seemed to be waiting; he knew this little body wasn't going to just give in, so he slapped her thigh hard and dragged his nails right over the pink hand print in her flesh. "Don't make me hurt you more than I have to. I'm taking my last score out in this fucking locker room whether you like it or not."

The air whooshed from her lungs when her back hit the hard wood of the bench, her head banging against it so hard she saw stars. She groaned, her eyes clenched shut against the pain, and she rocked it back and fourth trying to shake the slight daze of the impact. With his hands roving her body, she jerked, trying to slip off the bench away from him, but his hands stopped moving and gripped her, pushing her down and preventing her from escape. She was so tiny, and he was so big and strong, she had no hope for getting away. Her heart hammered in her chest and--her body quaking--she stammered out, "P-please...let me go. I won't t-tell anyone, I swear. Just don't...don't do this." Her eyes looked up to him, imploring, and her body trembled visibly. But he had other ideas. He fully intended to get his payback for having lost the game, and she was his prize. When he jerked her little cheerleader top up, exposing her pert breasts, she let out a little cry of humiliation and fear. Her bottom lip trembled as though she were fighting off the urge to cry, but when his fingers clasped around the pink nipple atop her breast, her jaw fell open and her body arched in pain, a cry echoing through the room, bouncing off the metal lockers. That cry resounded again when she felt the hard slap of his meaty hand connecting with her thigh, her body writhing at the touch of his nails dragging up over her soft, delicate skin.

Zuriel chewed his bottom lip as he just shredded her top in two, dragging the ruined cloth away to fully expose her tits to his hand roaming her pert little nipples, swirling them with just the tips of his fingers one at time until she felt the hard pinch of those fingers clasping again and pulling tightly just to see how much she could take with the stars swimming in her vision. He didn't miss the sight of her bottom lip trembling at all; in fact, if she'd even tried to glance at him, those tight football pants would show an obscene bulge just begging to be let out as he teased and tugged her nipples equally so neither one was left out of that torment. He glided his hand between her thighs and his thick fingers pressed in tightly against her clothed lips, rubbing in a slow circle that fought through her denial, trying to make it juicy. But even if it didn't, he did have other plans, stroking her tits in his big strong hand before his thumb pressed in on one tender bud and his finger flicked the other by the sheer virtue of his size next to her body. "Hmmm... Still talking, I see." He rose up on his feet and just dropped his pants, climbing out of them before he slipped back down and dragged her in place to shove his tip right between her quivering lips, taking her hot little mouth halfway and pausing to feel her take a choked breath before he started pumping his hips. The masculine taste overpowered her senses, coating her tongue fully as the scent of him was so strong and close it filled her nose each time he backed his hips up and slid that dick tighter between her lips like he owned them. "Mmm... That's a girl. No need to give you a W...I...N... when I can just take the victory right here."

Lisa lay there trembling, listening to the sounds of the other girls chattering away--some happily over the victory, others angrily at the defacing of their locker room--and she silently cursed them of their ignorance and inability to aid her. They were so damned noisy, in fact, that even if she were able to scream before he was able to cut the sound off with his hand, they wouldn't be able to hear her anyhow. Wondering just how stupid she could be to have allowed herself to wind up in this predicament, she racked her brain to think of just how to get out of the situation. Waiting, looking for any opportunity, she endured his fondling, though it disgusted her and humiliated her being exposed and touched by some random dude. When his fingers slipped between her legs, she tried to press her knees together to keep him out, but a rough shove of his hands and his arm wedging between them prevented that from happening again. She had always thought herself chaste, wanting to save herself for "The One," so she'd only ever just kissed other boys. Once in a while, out of curiosity she'd touched herself for a bit, but never to climax and no one else had ever touched her before, so when she felt him stroking her through her panties, she both flushed with embarrassment and groaned, the feel of someone else caressing her unlike anything else she'd ever felt before. In fact, she was almost disappointed when he stood to remove his pants, and she had to stop herself from begging him to continue. Then he grabbed her hair and lifted her, his cock dangling just in front of her face, and her eyes grew wide, never having seen one in person before. Nothing could have prepared her for the scent, for the taste, for the feel of his cock head slipping past her lips. She mumbled a squeal as it nearly filled her mouth, and she gasped in a breath just before he shoved it in fully, pressing her nose to his pelvis.

Zuriel shook his head and grabbed her hair roughly in one big hand, "No, no. Open your mouth and stick your tongue out." He slid his dick from her lips and tilted her head back so her tongue was nearly pointing at the tip of his cock before he leaned over and dangled a line of saliva from his own tongue to spatter hers heavily. "Leave it to me to find the one cheer-whore who has virtue. Look up at me... Yeah, just like that." He was training that mouth on purpose, making her hold it open as he slowly circled his tip right on her tongue to get it good and juicy. "Now when it hits the back of your throat, I want you to think of swallowing...and just do it." He let out a hot inhale of breath as he guided that dick back inside her little mouth, taking it all the way until his tip pushed past her throat and dipped down inside just a couple of inches. "Now hold it...hold it... Nnnn..." He twisted his hip to the side as that thickening meat pressed against the inside of her cheek and his free hand slapped her face lightly, the impact making his dick jiggle in her mouth and sent the wavering head wiggling in her gullet before he slid it back out. "I saw that pout, bitch. You want me to fuck your little pussy, so listen the hell up to what I say..." Both hands lifted into her hair before he shoved her nose down to his lower belly, burying it tightly against his pelvis before he gripped both sides of her hair and jacked her mouth up and down his thick shaft glistening with your saliva coating it. "I'm gonna do it just like this when I got your sexy thighs wrapped around my hips..." There was no quarter given; he pumped her mouth hard up and down his fat cock making her take every inch between her lips as the rest jolted wildly down her throat, claiming her mouth as his own, fucking the poor cheer captain like a little slut in the opposing boy's locker room. He paused with his tip between her lips, ordering her with a single word: "Breathe..." As soon as he felt her inhale, he shoved it back in and started fucking her mouth again, driving it hard between her lips to slide it tightly down her gagging throat.

The occasional porn she'd secretly viewed on the Internet could not have prepared her for this. She was long past trying to find a way to escape, and at this point she wasn't really sure she wanted to anymore. This was never how she'd imagined her first time to be but hell, he was so dreamy, and the fact that he was so controlling, just demanding it of her, had her blood boiling and her stomach twisting in excited little knots. Her head tilted back at an almost uncomfortable angle when he yanked on her hair, and her eyes turned upwards to look at him. Doing as she was told, she parted her red lips and slid her tongue out, as though she were catching raindrops on a stormy day, but what hit her tongue was not rain, and she nearly choked as he let his spit drip down into her mouth. She winced and tried to pull back, but another rough grab of her hair and a jerk of her head held her firmly in place until she felt the smooth, hot skin of his cock head dancing on her tongue. The long, hard shaft slipped in inch by agonizing inch until the head was lodged in her throat and her body instinctively tried to expel it. She gagged, and her eyes teared, her hands grasping at his hips trying to push him away. Her cheek bulged grotesquely when he shifted his hips, the outline of his cock pressing against it from the inside. She mewled, the sound muffled around her full mouth, and her fingers bit into his hips trying to force him away, but he was only just beginning and those hips started to rock, dipping and withdrawing the long shaft back and fourth past those ruby lips to fuck her sweet innocent little mouth. Blessedly, he withdrew, letting her take a much-needed gasp of air, but the instant her lungs were full, her throat was blocked again and she choked once more, the walls of her throat massaging his cock head each time she coughed.

Zuriel actually moaned out when he felt her little mewl vibrate his dick, chewing his lower lip as he held her lovely hair and fed her every bit of his shaft until his balls pressed against her chin and he held it all the way in again. "Mmmnh...fuck. We might make a hot little cock-sucking slut out of you yet. Keep moaning on it...that feels fucking amazing!" There was no telling how long he could take, and just from how he commanded that little body with hardly any effort spoke volumes. He was going to fuck this one until she was dripping with his spunk and leave her there for her cheer leading team to find, sweaty and cum filled. One hand twisted in her red locks and he firmly clamped the back of her head before his now-free hand slipped in towards her face. Rolling his hips in a building momentum, he stopped again with just his tip between her ruby red lips and clamped down on her nose. He slowly pulled back--utterly slow--cutting off all her air while he had her nose and the back of her head gripped until his tip pulled with a wet smack of those lips. "Now what did the redneck teach you?" He waited for her tongue to slide out and, thankfully, he let go of her nose to grab her head once more in both hands, stuffing her throat full of his conquering dick making her turn little knots in that belly from just how he made her suck him off like a prized hooker. "Mmmmn...damn, bitch. Getting better. Now take it." His hands urged her down, forcing those lips to the base of that shaft and he held her there with his cock lodged in her throat as the seconds ticked by and her air grew shorter and shorter. His teeth clenched with her hands digging at his hips, nails trying to hurt him enough to back off, but every time she dug in, his hands tightened with arms flexing to hold her in place. He watched her eyes closely and right when they started to roll back in her skull, he drew out quickly with saliva clinging to his dick as it bobbed eagerly in front of her face. "Nnnhaaa...fuck! That's it. Yeah!" He gathered her pony tails in both hands and, using them like small handle bars, he slurped her mouth faster up and down that swollen prick growing hot and sloppy in her mouth, bits of red hair clinging to her lips and chin as he fucked her face with all the needy abandon of a man who knew exactly what this cheer captain wanted.

Lisa was hardly in the position to move, so all she could do was ride it out and let him have his fun with her mouth. 'Just do it...just do it...just do it...' she chanted in her head. She just prayed for him to finish so he would be on his way and she could go home and forget this even happened. Fuck the ache between her legs...she'd felt it before and was able to ignore it; she could do it again. All she really wanted (wasn't it?) was for him to get off and be out of her life. As he fucked her mouth, she learned how to angle her head so that she wasn't choking quite as badly, though he filled her mouth so fully that she had to suck gasping breaths of air through her nose just to keep from blacking out, and when his fingers plugged that off, too, she panicked and started banging on his hips, the sound of her screams muffled around his cock so that only the two of them could hear it. Finally he slipped from her lips and she sucked in a huge breath of air, but she had already learned her first lesson and when he asked her to prove it, she tilted her head and slid her tongue back out to receive him. Before she could even react, her face was pressed into his belly and her nose was blocked by his flesh. He could hear her trying to draw air--sucking, snorting, choking around his length--and her wild eyes, rolling like a frightened horse, turned up to plead with him until her vision grayed and her eyes rolled back into her head. The next thing she knew, she was drawing air through her nose again with the musky scent of him buried in her nasal passage and his cock was plunging into her throat like an animal.

Zuriel wound his hands in those small pony tails and slowly pulled her all the way to the very head of his dick, loving the look of her saliva clinging to him in shiny string that snapped when he pulled out and gave her a real chance to get some air. But that was cut short as he swung his hips and slapped his meaty dick against her cheek. "I bet you're juicy and wet as fuck right now... No boys on your team who know how to reign in a hot little filly like you, are there?" Using the hold on her hair, he just guided her lips under his tip, leading her pouty mouth down the underside of his fat girth pressing firmly against her face, leaving shiny trails on her forehead. "You can admit you want me to break it open for you..." He left the crude remark hanging, and with a tug back, he swiveled his hips once more, smacking her other cheek before he pulled her straight down and rested that dick on her forehead, his balls dangling right over her nose. "Of course, if you can't admit it, I can just break it open anyway." Licking his lips he pulled her pigtails together in one hand, grabbing his cock with the other so he could smear that smell all over her face and leave her cheeks, nose, and lips glistening with her own spit. "I'll give you one chance to admit it, but we both know you're gonna say no just so you can be fucked by the losing team's quarter back in your own school." He pulled his cock down and wobbled the tip between her lips, garbling any response just to be an asshole with a slick grin on his lips.

She hated to admit it, but she was actually beginning to enjoy the taste of him and the feel of his cock in her mouth. Now she understood why the other girls bragged about it so much. She'd always thought they were just looking for attention and she'd thought them to be sluts, but now... Now she just wanted more of him. She wanted to know if she could made him cum this way like the other girls on the squad made their boyfriends do. So when he withdrew from her mouth and she sucked in a lung-full of much needed air, she actually heard herself whimper in disappointment. She mentally chastised herself for showing such weakness; it could be an open invitation to something far worse--something she may not be able to handle. When she felt the wet slap of spit-covered skin on her face, she winced and tried to back away, but the grip on her hair was too strong and her head jerked back into place. She twisted and turned her face, but he manipulated it like it was nothing to him, and soon her face was glistening with her own spit and his precum. Feeling like a used whore, she fought to keep from bursting into tears and when he spoke, she went to reply and tell him to go fuck himself, instead, but he wasn't really waiting for an answer and as her lips parted to speak, she found the head of his cock thrust back into her lips. "Mmfph! Grllbrgg!"

Zuriel laughed at that reply stifled by his own dick in her lips, growling low in his throat before he snatched the back of her skull and shoved her mouth down the entire length of it. "Nnn... What was that, bitch? I couldn't understand you." It wasn't until she tried talking with that meat rod in her mouth that the first throbbing pulses along the underside reached her tongue's caress as he forced it down her throat. He knew she wanted it, but he was making her say it. Even the look in those eyes--humiliated and defeated--still sparkled with the need to taste him flowing inside her hot little mouth. The primal man before her wrapped her hair around one hand and let the other fall from her head just so he could pinch and pluck at her nipple with every surging shove of that shaft between her hot lips, and seeing her lip gloss give his shaft a redder tint only turned him on more. The thick feel of his precum on her skin was nothing like the real thing, leaking right onto her tongue before his cock head smeared it down the back of her pink little muscle massaging his dick. Purring like some jungle cat, he guided that mouth hard up and down his shaft again, pumping her lips as the weight of him grew in her mouth. He was growing bigger. None of the girls ever warned her about this while telling their slutty tales of sucking off their boyfriends--it was something only she could feel personally! The tip of that dick skated one last time back along her tongue, and when he reversed his hips it sprayed thick, salty goo all over her tongue, painting it before the tip pushed past that gag reflex and it pumped hot and thick down her throat. "AhhhhhHHh FUCK...HNNN!"

Mentally dancing between begging for more and telling him to fuck off, she found herself stupidly trying to reply to him with her mouth full of cock. Of course the sound only came out garbled and wet, her spit squishing out of the corners of her mouth and she ended up making herself choke harder around the mass of meat lodged in her throat. The mix of choking tears, spit, and precum on her face spread, smearing her pretty make up so that her mascara was under her eyes and her lip gloss--smeared from the constant assault of his cock in her mouth and on her face--left a pink shine around her lips. Giving up the fight of trying to speak, she simply gave in and worked her mouth around that thick shaft, sucking as best she could with as quickly as he was moving inside that wet cavern. Though her lips were already stretched painfully wide around his girth, she was astounded to feel him swell, stretching them even wider. Her eyes grew wide and she made some sound of panic in her throat as she tried to pull away, but her hair was so tangled in his fingers that she actually felt a few strands snap from her scalp. Her only thought was that she was going to choke for sure on the sheer size of him and when he came, flooding her mouth and throat with thick, hot cum, she knew for certain she would drown in it. Instinctively she swallowed what didn't shoot straight down her throat, her lips and tongue working against his shaft to force the copious amounts of cum into her stomach. Her hands altered between gripping his hips and banging against the muscles as they flexed, his seed still pumping deep into her belly.

Zuriel looked down at the flooded and sputtering girl on the bench. The sight of her with her makeup smeared and eye liner running down her cheeks only seemed to make her somehow more enticing to him as he held her mouth down on his cock to make sure she got every drop from him. She felt his tip pull from her throat as he lifted his dick from those lips and curled a hand under her chin to make her look him in the eyes. "Open up. Let me see all that cum in your mouth." Once he caught sight of the thick mouthful of cream in those lips, he gripped her hair again and just danced his cock along the crook of her neck until it slipped over her shoulder. "Now swallow it all, stick your tongue out like the little slut I know you are, and let me see it all gone." He waited until she did what he commanded, but the instant her tongue was out, he backed his hips up and slid his dick over her outstretched tongue just to tease a little and he smiled seeing every last bit of it was down her throat and filling her belly. The slide of his cock wiped the last bit of gloss from her lips and wiped any drops she missed from him erupting between her lips. His cock was still hard and twitching in front of her pretty face, and he slowly threaded his fingers in her hair to lift her from the bench before she felt against her back the cold slam of the lockers behind her. "Now I want to hear you scream when you cum like a little whore." His hands sneaked in and drew over her nipples, still hard from the wild mouth fuck he just used her for, and his cock was hard and thick between her thighs as he drew his hands down her sides and hooked his thumbs into the waist of her skirt.

Lisa turned her eyes up to look at him, his thick, hot cum still pooled on her tongue. Though she'd swallowed so much already, she just couldn't bring herself to take this last bit. She was so aroused and yet she was so disgusted with him--with herself--that she really just wanted to spit it at him to express how much she despised this man. Instead, he slipped his hand under her chin, demanding that she show him what was in her mouth and she caved, having no will to resist him. Slowly, as if in a dream, she parted her lips and there on her tongue was the last glistening droplets of milky while cum on that pink cushion. Feeling the head of his cock dancing on her lips, she winced but didn't move, and when he commanded that she swallow it, the last thoughts of spitting it at him fled her mind and she drew in her tongue, closed her eyes, and swallowed with a grimace. Ever obedient, she slipped her tongue back out between her swollen pink lips, her eyes downcast in subservience. When his cock head brushed over her tongue once more, the pink muscle slid out farther to lap over the smooth skin, a groan emanating from her throat. She couldn't get enough of it, though she would never fucking admit that to him, but when he grabbed her by the hair again--god damn, that hurt!-- she whimpered and stumbled to her feet from the bench, nearly tripping against the lockers where he slammed her tiny frame hard, the metal handle biting angrily into her back. Hissing in a breath of air, she tried to crumple in on herself, protecting her breasts from his pinching grasp, but his arms were to big, his hands too strong, and she did nothing to stop the shooting pain. It only served to distract her from his other hand, busy working its way to her skirt. As soon as she realized, she knew this was far from over and she was indeed in deep, deep trouble.

Zuriel rumbled like some kind of animal as he pressed against her smaller frame, her soft skin flushed with heat even when she was mauled to the lockers like a rag doll, and he made sure she felt the very warm and thick press of that dick between her thighs. He licked his lips once as his hands pushed down, easing her skirt over those small hips until the cloth caught the tip of his cock. He pushed them more and the fabric snapped off his tip to send that dick smacking heavily against her now bare slit. He let out a breath and dropped her clothing from his hands just before those palms slipped in behind her small ass cheeks and squeezed. The sudden lift of his grasping hands drew her body closer and the feel of his hot shaft glided right along those lips as he held her pressed against the lockers right there. "Such a good little cheer slut. Makes me think the boys you played with before me had no clue what to do with this hot little body." He had to test the waters and see just how juicy this little cheer bitch was, so his hand dropped down, moving his fat cock out of the way before two fingers slid over her lips just to feel how hot she still was from just being made to suck him off and swallow down every drop. It was deliberate and slow; the teasing glide of his fingers dallied before the middle one split her lips and dipped inside, feeling precisely how tight that tunnel was because he might have need to shower after this was done. Even if he wasn't right, he still slid that finger deeper, narrowing his brows as he felt her walls clinging to him so snugly his digit alone was having trouble slipping in. "Wow... Fresh cheer slut, too."

Lisa could still hear the last of her squad in the locker room next door, though she'd heard several leaving at intervals the whole time she had her lips wrapped around his thick cock, and a small part of her still longed to cry out to them for help, still envied them their jovial innocence as they left for the after-game party. But another part of her, a darker part she'd never known until today had existed, smothered that small voice inside her, drowning it out, demanding more of this wild, wicked man, demanding that he finished what he'd started. That dark voice inside her frightened her but also thrilled her, and she followed it like a siren song down a path that had no way back. Jogging her mind back to the situation, she felt the hard press of his cock against her inner thigh and her dazed eyes focused, turning to look at him, though she trembled like a leaf when he drew her skirt down past her hips and over her thighs. When his hand cupped her ass, she turned her face away, her cheeks turning a deeper shade of red. Never before had anyone seen her completely nude let alone touched her in such away, and she nearly died of embarrassment. But when that thick, hard cock slipped right up into her crevasse, she gasped in shock, the feel of it intoxicating, making her head spin. But that...that was nothing; those fingers--oh dear lord, those fingers of his!--teased over her dewy lips and her knees buckled. Thank god he was holding her up or she would have dropped to the floor for sure, but the action made her legs splay wider and her nether lips spread open, revealing their inner pink glistening flesh. When one of his rough, calloused fingers delved between them, she nearly screamed from the pleasure, her body jumping and slamming up against his hard form. Every little touch, every action that pushed his intent just a step father heightened her senses until every nerve ending in her body was on fire. My god! No wonder people talked about sex so much...this...this felt unbelievable! Barely restraining herself from begging for more, she turned back to look at him, and as soon as her eyes settled on his, she received an even bigger surprise. That thick finger pushed inside her virgin entrance, completely shocking her entire system. She stiffened, too stunned to move at first, and winced at the pain of the invasion while simultaneously moaning at the pleasurable feeling of having something stretching her tight walls.

Zuriel was a little shocked at how she reacted just to his touch, his free arm lifting hers to pin them against the lockers with just one strong hand holding them together to keep her from tumbling to the floor, and he did that with good reason. For the moment he slipped his finger inside her sweet, tight body, and her knees damn near buckled like she was going to fall unconscious, the only thing keeping her awake and on her feet was him holding her up. He could feel it with the first slide of that thick digit stretching her open, but he was still surprised a cheerleader had actually survived this long with her virtue intact. And lucky him; he got to be the one to take it. So even though his team lost the game today, he was going to be leaving with a personal victory from this yummy little girl. "I can't believe it. A virgin cheer captain." It wasn't that all of them were whores. It was just rare to find one these days, what with so much sexual freedom and experimentation, and just feeling how tight she was, he knew it was going to be something he couldn't rush or he would tear her apart literally. That middle finger of his curled inside a little deeper, worming back and forth through her squeezing walls, welcoming him and trying to force him out all at the same time so feverishly that he had to calm his own breathing down to not rush this. She could see the excitement and disbelief in his eyes with how they went wide every time he dipped his finger inside, his index finger stroking snugly over her little rising clit. He couldn't help but look down just to see the pure pink greeting his sight. It was so damn fresh that her lips were blushing redder, making that wet pull of her lips show off the delicious interior every time he pried them apart lightly and slid his middle finger in a little further. He watched her face closely as he made that tight little hole take every bit until his knuckle pressed firmly against her lips, twisting his hand with both amazement and awe at someone so damn tight that he was actually a little worried about fucking her ragged. There was no denying what he wanted, especially when his other finger started prodding at her slit, trying to fit inside just to get her body ready for him without too much pain, but that was going to be difficult. His cock throbbed expectantly and his hand pumped slowly, and just when his fingertips were wet enough, his index and middle pressed in between those lips. His brows furrowed as he bit his bottom lip and pushed harder just to get them both inside for a tight stroke filling that little pussy. His fingers started disappearing further and further between those lips, coaxing her walls to react and open up for him until he couldn't stand it any longer and stuffed them both in hard to feel her body clench around them like a second skin. "Fuck..."

Lisa heard the muffled chattering and giggling of the last girls leaving the locker room, the door slamming shut behind them, and her head turned towards the sound, distracting her for only the briefest of moments. Then she felt his finger slip from inside of her and her body actually rocked against the lockers, the sudden feeling of emptiness leaving her hollow and aching for more. He kept talking shit about her being so pristine, being a virgin, and she was angered that she felt shamed about it, as though she was some loser that couldn't get laid, but she'd stayed true to her convictions and turned down many boys over the years to save herself. What a joke. Now here she was, being taken against her will (she was still resisting him, wasn't she?) and she found herself... Oh, who was she kidding? She was loving every fucking minute of it, from the moment his fingers had first clamped down around her nipples to torment her. Nipping her bottom lip, turning her eyes up to gaze at him, she realized she was panting, gasping for each breath, and her cunt was throbbing and dripping with arousal. My god, when did she become shut a wanton beast? Was this always within her, buried deep inside? She felt him poking, prodding, slipping yet another finger along the length of her nether lips and she wriggled in the grip of his hand around her wrists, her round cheeks brushing against the cold lockers behind her. Each time those rough fingertips passed over her clit, she jumped and a little mewl slipped from her lips. Her did that over and over until she thought she would go mad from the exquisite feel of it, and then he shocked her once more with not one, but two of his thick digits pressing into her. Not gently, not slowly, but oh-my-fucking-god all at once and her knees finally did collapse and she hung there by the sheer strength of his hands, crying out in both agonizing pain and utter pleasure. "Ah god! Please!" She begged him. Whether it was for him to stop or give her more she didn't know, but beg him she did. "Please... Oh, my god..."

Zuriel heard the last of her squad slamming the girl's locker room doors behind them as they left. It was no one but him and her now in the boys locker room and he had her all to himself finally. "Please what...?" His big arm wrapped around the back of her falling neck and the tug of him flexing pulled her tight to his chest as his hand kept pumping back and forth just to get her juices flowing more hotly. With him so close, she could feel the press of his cock resting right against her thigh from the front. The two fingers spread her walls a little more, but even he was reveling in the feel of how tight that cunt gripped his fingers as they delved in and out. The sensation was driving him mad and his cock pulsed hotly against her skin through every detail he used to play with her body. His face was so close from how he gripped her neck, not letting her fall away from him an inch, while he probed and strutted his fingers back and forth through those blossoming lips, almost as if they were waiting for this beast of a man to stretch them apart. "Go on... Say it, bitch. Tell me what you're praying for." His voice purred right against her cheek as he held her aloft, those fingers curling like they were searching until the touch of a place inside stirred her senses in a way that she could hardly ever do on her own. When he realized he found it, his fingertips pressed in tighter to grind right against that spot within to make her answer stutter from those lips, gasping out words to the lord above. Just as the pressure got so intense she was quaking, he pulled his fingers out wet with her honey, tapping them once, twice, three times over her swollen clit before they curled back in with a squish of wetness that brought a wicked gleam to his eyes. Whispering against her cheek, he said, "Say it. Come on. Just say it and we both score."

Lisa tried to speak, tried to even formulate a coherent thought, but he had her mind so muddled she couldn't put two words together. Just his mere presence--his proximity to her--was driving her wild. She could smell the dirt and grime and sweat of the game still clinging to his flesh, the essence of testosterone and pheromones mingling in her nose, stimulating her senses, heightening her arousal to a fevered pitch. She heard him, she knew he was speaking, but all she could do was moan and gasp and whimper. The feel of his hard cock, the shaft throbbing heavily along her thigh, made her stomach flip. She may not be experienced, but she knew where that thing went, and she thought maybe--just maybe--she should try one more time to convince him to let her go before he hurt her, before he ruined her virginity. But she felt those soft lips moving as he spoke against her cheek, his hot breath caressing her ear, and she caved, her voice suddenly there pouring from her lips as though it were a stranger speaking through her, "Ah, god! Fuck me, please! I can't stand it anymore. I want it. I do! I want you to fuck me so bad. Please stick your cock in me and fuck my virgin pussy!"

Zuriel pushed his newly teased cheer slut against the lockers to hold her body upright so he could tear out of his shirt, grinning devilishly as he gripped her leg and lifted it in a high kick, like the ones she had to do so often on the field during a game. To keep her legs apart, he pressed in, and her foot over his shoulder rose up from the closer proximity of his body against hers. "I knew it. Seems Oklahoma boys don't know how to make a bitch squirm until she begs for it." His big frame pinned her to the lockers as he reached down and guided his tip right between her lips, watching her face closely as he slowly rocked himself forward. For the first time she felt him sliding in, and she knew this was both going to hurt and feel fucking amazing. His face screwed up in both concentration and disbelief at the feel of something so tight that his dick went purple by the time he guided it halfway in. Something stopped his advance, but the insistent football player could no longer deny that he wanted inside this little pink cunt. With a grunt he stuffed it in, and the pain of feeling him break through hit her nerves. One foot barely dangled on the ground as he held her up by his hips pressed up under her ass and the bend of her leg in that high kick stretched her muscles as surely as that thick shaft spread her open so hard that he was shaking from feeling her pussy trying to shrink back down around him. In nothing but sneakers and socks, he bumped his hips in tightly, holding her right there as he reached out and grabbed her chin in his strong hand before his juicy finger slipped between her lips to give her a taste of that lost virgin juice still coating his fingers. "Hnnn... Holy hell girl, you are so fucking...tiiiight... Uhhaa...!" Even though it hurt when he broke through, his face was still a mask of both lust and pain, those walls squeezing him so fucking hard he felt like her cunt was going to cut it off, but even through the pain he started moving. She could suddenly feel of him gliding through her walls with that fat dick, stretching her open like all those mouthy cheer sluts who bantered about sucking off their boyfriends. But they would never have it like this, since he didn't even go to this school. The memory alone would be no one's but hers. Fitting in tightly, he started humping her against the creaking lockers. It seemed to take forever, but the more he moved and the longer he worked his hips and stuffed that pussy full, the more the pain left her senses and soon he could feel the heat of her around his purple dick moving more easily. Panting right in her face, the smell of his masculine conquest reaching her nose with him so close, his very presence seemed to overpower her senses, finally getting inside her deep enough to make that hot little pink hole take every inch until his balls slapped heavily against her skin.

His snarky comments about the boys at her school continued to raise her hackles and she scowled at him when he was blinded by the shirt lifting over his head. That look remained when when she was within his sight again, but he paid it no heed (as if he'd even care; he'd probably find it amusing to know that he continued to get under her skin). Her leg lifted over his shoulder with the heft of his hand and her body slammed backwards against the lockers with a bang as she did the splits in the air. Her eyes went huge, looking at him as though he'd lost his damn mind, and he could see the fear plastered on her face. This wasn't right, was it? Weren't they supposed to lay down? Shouldn't he be on top of her or something? What the hell was he doing? She felt the head of his cock sliding between her folds, bumping over her clit, and though that fear never left her eyes, she couldn't stop the heated groan that left her lips. Murmuring breathlessly, she asked, "W-what are you doing?" But he didn't answer her. He just gave her that wicked look he seemed to have all the time, like some sexy fucking playboy, his only reply the press of his cock at her entrance and a slow, halting grind into her tight canal. Her fingers flexed, gripping at the ridges and handles of the lockers behind her, looking for any sort of purchase to cling to. Whimpering, she sucked in a sharp breath, then another, each inch he forced into her tight walls stretching her painfully. And then she felt a pressure and he stopped. His eyes turned to look straight into hers, his face right there scant inches from her own. A heart beat passed and he thrust...and there was a sharp pain that shot from her core to her mind. She gasped and cried out, the ache throbbing deep within her, but her cry went unheeded--he was lost to his conquest and had no fucking intentions of stopping now. His big hands held her, grasped her as he pushed into her, pinning her against the lockers. Every thrust rocked her, the bang, bang, bang of her body hitting the empty lockers resounding in the room. Gritting her teeth, still fighting the pain, she mewled, clenching her eyes shut as he took what he wanted from her. God, she had no idea it would hurt so fucking bad! Who the hell said this felt good? She felt warmth trickling along the inside of her left leg and she idly pondered it, but she could only focus on the feel of his thick shaft stroking her narrow walls, the feel of his heavy balls slapping at her ass, the rhythmic banging of his pelvis against her clit and she realized... Oh, my god, the pain was gone. And in its place...holy fucking shit...! My god, he felt so good inside her! And all at once she knew why her girl friends did this. It was bliss. It was ecstasy. It was the most incredible feeling ever. Leaning her head back to rest against the locker door, she finally let out a groan not of pain but of absolute pleasure, and her body finally relaxed to receive him fully and completely.

Zuriel already knew what that hot trickle was, but he paid it no mind. It blasted a sensation down his dick only to level and drip from his balls, but even that was soon forgotten as he held her against the lockers. Her entire squad had just left her here--not that they knew where she had gone in the first place--and now with him inside her, claiming that pussy as his own, he watched her face contort. The pain brought a grimace to those pretty features, every stroke opening her up more as he tensed and stuffed his cock inside as deep as he could get it in that tight pussy of hers while it was holding onto him like a dying soldier left on a barren field. He saw that look in her eyes, the total and utter wonder of what the hell was happening, right up until he slammed his dick inside and started fucking that pretty pink pussy. The stories she would have for her squad after this would make Shelley's doggy-style night on her boyfriend's car seem like a toddler's game. His eyes caught her face as it slowly moved from that pained look to one of blushing pleasure filling her cheeks with heat and the sudden realization that this was supposed to feel good, and when the realization hit her, he felt those walls loosen up just enough to give him all the room he needed to plow her hot cunt deeper. The sounds of her body banging into the lockers echoed around them both, every inch used to strum that tunnel like he was playing her body like a violin, and the angle of his dick slithered across the underside of her clit with every building thrust he wracked inside her. "Hnnn... Yeah, it hurts. But just for a little while." He knew what that look on her face meant, seeing the color return to her cheeks as he held her in a split up against the lockers, and he took that hot little snatch to the deepest depths he that could reach, making her jolt when his tip pressed inside a deeper, tighter grip in her hot little pussy. "Oooo..."

Lisa started to sound like some rambling idiot, but quite frankly she didn't much fucking care. All she could manage to expel was "Holy shit... Holy shit... Holy fucking shit!" She was so full, so stretched apart around the size of his cock in her tight little entrance that she thought for sure he was going to split her in half, and yet she could not get enough. Without even realizing at first that she was doing so, she found herself pushing her back against the locker--the lines of the doors leaving impression in her skin--in order to push her lower body closer to him, trying to force him deeper into her hungry cunt. She could hear his breathing, his grunting like a frenzied animal, and it only fed the fire of her passion. There was hardly more she could do back to him in the precarious position she was in--he had her pinned so tightly to the locker it was a wonder the door didn't collapse under their combined weight--but she rocked her body using the muscles in her legs to push off the floor while simultaneously flexing her thigh against his shoulder to grind herself against him. Gasping, she demanded, "More... Give me more!" She nipped her lip and turned her eyes up to him, "Fuck me harder. You feel so fucking amazing, I can't get enough of it." Her eyes drifted, releasing his gaze to settle between their bodies at the juncture where they connected, and she marveled at the way his thick shaft disappeared inside her, only to withdraw glistening and slick with her juices. The sight sent her reeling and she groaned, closing her eyes just to lavish in the feel of it, only to part once again, mesmerized by the erotic sight of their bodies being connected so fucking intimately.

Zuriel felt his cheer leader pushing back, forcing him a little deeper each time she found some momentum so she could drive down just a little bit harder onto his spearing dick pounding her open. His heavy body moved in tighter just before his arm hooked under the leg she was using to keep her still standing, stealing all of her power to do anything but take it as he lifted her foot from the floor while her other leg fell from his shoulder. Using nothing but the now-warm lockers to press her against, his hands flattened on the metal and his hips rocked even tighter. She was so worried about laying down that through her lust-filled haze it had never dawned on her that at this moment she was flat on her back, "lying" in midair from the strength of the player fucking her hot little cunt. Every time she tried to fight back a little, to send him reeling, he smirked and locked her down in a totally different way so he could claim that body without giving her anything to use against him as he battered her pussy. Damp skin slid along warm metal and even if she never grabbed a hold of him, his hips stuffing her lips full of cock kept bouncing her up so she could slide right back down onto that throbbing shaft cramming inside her with the weight of a ram hitting her deep against the moaning metal. The sound of his breathing hit her ear from the side, panting against her as he fucked her against the lockers like a piece of sexy meat with nothing but his mercy giving her any kind of pleasure. He took it all...showed her what it meant to be claimed like a good cheer slut should have been all those times she'd just kissed boys and left them wanting more. He would not be left wanting; he would not be denied and it showed each time she tried to push back or drop her feet, his thighs ramming in and lifting her sneakers against his ass in a primal need to fill her up with every fucking inch he had. It was now intimate and powerful, holding her from the floor by sheer virtue of both his size and desires pumping hard inside that slit. The words she let go in his ear previously only spurned him on, throwing his body weight behind those hips to bounce her like a fuck slave right there against the lockers. His personal bitch property right here, being railed for the first time with every flex of his muscles crashing her up against the locker door he had her perched against.

Lisa thought that it couldn't get any better than this. She could feel every movement of his cock inside her, the glide of the slick skin around his shaft caressing the nerve-laden walls of her entrance stroke after deep stroke making her body tingle, stirring a deep, throbbing sensation within her loins. It was both frightening and exhilarating, and though she didn't know what was happening, she didn't want it to stop. So when he moved and let her leg slip from his shoulder, she panicked and nearly screamed "No!" But then he hefted her like she was nothing, her feet lifting right off the floor to pin her against the locker doors. He never even withdrew--his cock stayed buried inside her throughout the entire shift in positions--her fear that it was over already all for naught. And in this new position--dear god!--he was able to go even deeper. She wrapped those legs around him like a vice, digging her sneaker-clad heels into that tight quarterback's ass, holding on for dear life while pushing him, begging him, forcing him deeper with every thrust. The sound in her throat was like a cat purring, and she snaked her arms around his shoulders, her fingers gripping, dragging, clawing at his back. She was at his mercy and she loved every fucking second of it. He had her so hot, so wet, that she could hear the sounds of his cock slushing and sucking inside of her and she actually blushed at how aroused this stranger had gotten her. But she could not deny the feeling swelling inside her, burning like embers swirling in her gut, sending sparks through her body. They started small, but grew and grew, and as it rose in pitch, her clit twitched and she could feel the walls of her cunt start to flutter. "Ohh... Oh god, something... something's happening!"

Zuriel growled at the feel of those sneaker-clad heels digging into his flesh. The press of them into his skin opened up that cunt completely, so the instant she grabbed his strong shoulder in her hands, he used her own strength against her. The pounding turned ferocious as he rammed that ass against the lockers and the banging grew so fucking loud that she swore someone would come to see what the racket was about. But the doors never opened and she was at his mercy like a sexy plaything plastered to the locker's metal door with sweat starting to dampen her skin. She was slowly being glued sticky against him as his own flesh heated up and grew moist from the effort and friction, slushing that pussy deep and hard enough that every shove made those lips smack wetly when he drilled his dick in wildly. His lips flew a million miles a minute, the lust addling his brain so much that he probably didn't make any damn sense, but he gave a fuck less about his words; he just couldn't stop them. "Fucking god... So damn tight and wet! Do it, little girl... Cum all over this fucking-dick-so-I-can-stuff-it-in-your-lips! Hnnnaaahh...! Little home team whore getting opened up by my fucking cock for the first time. Do it bitch... Explode all over meeee!" The feel of that cock slamming in her cunt so madly made it grow hotter, swelling fatter as those juices smushed and squished around his pistoning shaft, jarring her up and down so fucking fast and deep that the door behind her buckled with a big dent the size of her pert little ass. He leaned back just long enough to see her face contort in bliss as the wave started cresting through her senses and he powered back in tight, pressing his chest to hers to feel her nipples hard against his skin before teeth caught her neck in a primal bite. His breath rasped past her wet skin that was clutched in his teeth, holding on for dear fucking life while that pussy sucked and slurped at him, so damn juicy all he could manage was to speed up, working her honey into a froth as he fucking hammered her against the lockers like he owned that cunt.

Lisa could feel the strange sensation building inside her and though part of her panicked at it, the other part embraced it, grasped at it, dragged it from her depths to race through her veins. Just as the first climax she'd ever experienced began to surge through her body, she heard his demands and she could not fucking refuse. In fact, it was like pouring gasoline on a burning fire, her orgasm raging through her like an inferno exploding, and her entire body clenched, limbs grasping him painfully tight, fingers clawing, heels digging, and her tight little cunt just squeezed that thick cock of his  inside her so he couldn't even move until she let out such a scream that everyone nearby would have heard her had anyone still been around. "Oh... Sweet... JESUS! Gahhhhhh!!!" Her walls spasmed, clenching and clenching, milking his cock until the initial shock passed and she relaxed some, letting him move once again, though the grip around his cock remained, holding him like a velvety glove inside her.

Zuriel was hardly stalled by those muscles clamping around his thick cock, but right as they squeezed, he did lose some steam until she flooded his balls with those pristine juices coursing down his dick, only to leave a dripping puddle on the floor between his feet. Licking his lips, he stirred his dick through her juicy cunt, slowly at first, just a few strokes hitting her in the aftermath of cumming for the first time on some hard cock, but he wasn't playing around with her either. The sudden burst of speed pounded her hard again into the lockers and that dent, making her sweaty ass slap and pop against the door. And through it all, the feeling of that shaft throbbing and growing even thicker in her tight walls was too much for him to bear. A hot leak of something melted from his tip that was stuffing her pussy deeply and his teeth unlatched from her skin when he started fucking her just as raw all over again after she came on that swollen dick. "Oh, shit... Nnnhaaaa!" His face screwed up in what looked to be pain before hands slapped down over her ass and she felt him dragging her from the safety of the lockers pinning her body. He was so damn lost inside her that the world upended to her vision as she tumbled from his grasp only to be saved from the floor with a skid of her hands over metal and his own fingers white knuckled as they clenched her cheeks tightly in that powerful grip. When he came in her mouth earlier there was so much--though she'd had no idea just how much--but feeling him explode inside her gave her the real sensation of how much he was pumping inside her broken pussy. Panting as he rocked his hips, he tried keeping her aloft while he came, and his arms shivered like they were fraying ropes barely hanging on. Flooding her tunnel so full his seed that it dripped from her swollen lips to trickle up her ass crack while he held her like that, he continued stroking his spurting dick inside her. "Gaaah... F-fuck!"

Still riding the effects of her orgasm, her every nerve singing hallelujah like the church choir, she gasped in shock as he stepped back. Quick reflexes and years of cheer practice saved her ass as she moved to catch herself up-side-down on the lockers. The squelch of skin slipping over metal and a loud pang! of her hands bracing on the dented door stopped her flip as his hands wrapped around her ass to hold her torso in place. And through it all his cock drilled into her, splitting her like a rail. In just a matter of hours she went from chaste virgin to a gymnastic slut and she wouldn't change it for anything. God, she could not get enough of that amazing cock. Her arms flexed, the toned muscles bulging to support her own weight against the door and she flexed her legs to press her thighs against his ribs, lifting her hips upwards to stroke his cock along her inner walls. She could hear his hot fucking groans and her nipples drew to tight buds on her rolling breasts--the sound was so deliciously wicked! And then she felt him swelling inside her, as he had in her mouth earlier, but this time... Ohhhh this time it was sooo much better. That cock grew thick and heavy with cum, coaxing her walls even wider, and when he gushed inside her, she felt so primal, so wicked, so utterly fucking good that she arched her back, her head hanging nearly to the floor, and let out such a cry of pure pleasure that it was ringing through the halls of the school. "Ohhhhh fuck yesss!"

Zuriel knew even as strong as he was he could not hold her for long, especially mid-orgasm and after, so he pulled her from the lockers and let her slide to the floor as he clambered close and just stuck the head of that dick back inside her cum-filled lips. Hooking her legs over his thighs, he bent his own to slide in a little deeper just to get some of the fire in his lungs to cool down. He met her gaze and grinned devilishly at her on the locker room floor, still holding his dick in those lips. "Look at you, all fully broken in just like a good cheer leader whore should be." He turned a sly grin back down at her cunt as he just lightly bounced his legs to glide the tip of it between her lips. "I bet I get a few thank you letters from your football team after they enjoy you, too." It was hard to tell if he was done or not, simply because he didn't let her go. Instead, he reveled in her cum-soaked cunt so he could dip his dick inside only to pull it out, covered in their mingled juices while he held her ankle in his big hand securely. "You don't seem to be running that mouth now, ehh?"

Lisa was still coming down from back-to-back orgasms after he settled her on the cold, hard floor when he started talking smack again. Even through her blissful haze she managed to scowl at his provocations. The feel of his cock prodding at her overly-sensitive, twitching cunt was utterly distracting, but she forced herself a retort to cling to what little pride she had left (honestly, did she have any left?). "I am no whore, you asshole. You technically raped me. I didn't want this to begin with and..." She gasped as his cock head stroked an especially sensitive spot--god damn it, how fucking weak can she be??-- and she coughed to finish her argument, "...and I am certainly not going to start fucking the entire football team just because you needed your..." She groaned again (for fuck's sake, Lisa, keep it together!), "...revenge." Trying desperately to keep the scowl on her face just to show him she meant business, she found it slipping with every damnable subtle move he made with his dick dipping, teasing, lingering. God, was he never going to be done? She huffed and turned to face the lockers, trying to hide her desire and maintain her facade.

Zuriel grabbed both of her ankles as he dropped to one knee, lifting her legs higher before the slow push of his hips sent that dick back inside her cum-filled pussy. He leered over her as he started pumping her all over again, watching her face when he slid it back in deep and started thrusting back and forth with her legs bouncing in his grasp. "Nnn... No. Most likely when you get the itch, you'll come looking for me." He rocked on his knee, hardly using his hips--just sheer body weight drawing back and surging inside to the base of his cock--so when he stuffed it back in, a gush of his cum and hers squeezed out of her lips and leaked right up between her ass cheeks, flowing along her lower back while he was all too happy to break her facade all over again. "I already know you love it. You wanna show up and just suck me deep before offering this pussy up to me." Even if he was wrong he said it, looking down at her spread open from his hold on her ankles, thumping in tight and deep with that satisfied grin still etched on his face.

Her body was inched forward by the force of his grip on her ankles manipulating her into position as he dropped to his knee, and a little cry burst fourth exclaiming her surprise, her head jerking from her stare at the lockers to look up at him in shock and surprise. Jesus Christ, he wanted more? She wasn't certain, but she had thought that once a guy was done, he was done. And yet after two orgasms, he was still primed and ready for more. Her pussy was already so sore that she didn't think she could take any more battering, and yet when his slid that cock back into her so easily with their combined fluids and started thrusting against her, using his weight to drive himself deep into her womb, she couldn't stop the moans from coming if her life depended on it. Her hands reached out to grasp at his muscular calves and she used them for resistance, pulling back with her arms to draw her body forward and brace herself against his onslaught. And through it all, contradicting her own actions and moans, she argued with him. "Never. I will... Unngh... I will never come looking for you... Uhhh, god!" Panting, she fought to catch a breath, feeling that stirring in her belly again. She mentally chased it away while embracing it at the same time. "I despise you and... Ahhhh fuck... And everything you are.... Mmm..." Not once could she bring herself to look at his face, knowing everything she said was a lie, but she clung to her last tattered shreds of dignity, refusing to let him win even this last personal victory for the day.

Zuriel obviously didn't look like he was slowing down as he slid back inside that tight cunt and he felt her fingers clutching at his calves, so perhaps her squad of sluts were not totally right about guys being done after they climaxed. Even as she still argued with him about denying what he could feel, what he could see, his smile went from smart-assed to a deadpan-grin looking down at her as he kept rocking back and forth over her trapped body merely held by those ankles. "Then why are you trying to pull me in harder?" With a lean that stretched her legs up and back, he started driving in with more weight smacking her ass as that dick swelled back full and hard through being clutched by her walls, clinging so vibrantly to him from how sore and swollen her pussy already was. "Let me tell you what I think..." His pace even out, and though he acted like he was giving a boring lecture, the tighter shove of his cock bottoming out in her cunt kept the words from being hardly boring. "You'll get horny thinking of me and from there you'll try and find a guy who is full of bravado and talk..." He pushed her ankles higher like a pair of joysticks on a plane, guiding her pussy right in line with his dick, stuffing between her red lips rimmed by pink flesh beneath his squishing shaft. "You'll suck him off. He'll lie back like a bitch and take it. Might even blow his load in your mouth and leave you hanging..." The speed of his body grew as he taunted her, talking through every shove of that shaft burying inside her walls so deeply that she felt his tip prodding at her cervix within. "You'll try the next one, and the next, but none of them...will...ever...come...close..." Grunting, he kept breathing harder, getting faster as he held on and finished his thought. "Then when you realize no one can fuck like me...you'll come looking."

Realizing what she was doing when he pointed it out to her, her fingers flexed and relaxed their grip on his calves, slinking away like a dog scolded for getting into the garbage. Her eyes flit shamefully to the side, staring at everything and nothing while she tried to feign innocence, but her actions came too late; she was already right where he needed her, where he wanted her, and the point was driven home both figuratively and literally when his cock dipped fully back inside her, drawing yet another unintentional groan from her lips. She tried to just lay there, to pretend like she was no longer interested, like she hated what he was doing and just wanted it to end. And as he droned out his thoughts, she rolled her eyes as if she thought he was ridiculous, but her damnable body kept betraying her and she couldn't stop the gasp that came when he pushed that cock deeper and deeper into her pussy.

Zuriel didn't need her body to betray her. In fact, he relished in the defiance she showed him by looking away and trying to act like she was just waiting for him to leave. It made it all the sweeter when he rolled her legs all the way up and stuffed his dick inside her pussy from below--so much better to hear her gasp from the action. Grabbing her wrists as he rocked her legs up and into place, he held her down and started drilling that cunt with his ferocity building, watching her face contort in fucking heat like she was trying to fight through the sensations. But that dick stirring her up and beating her sore cunt was not going to stop until he was truly done with her. "Oh, my dear, it's okay. You can act...but you're fucking soaked and loving it..." He didn't need her satisfaction; he took it from her by just fucking her raw all over again, and, boy, that slit was going to hurt tomorrow after she woke up. But right now, still pumping her full of his cock, there was nothing she could say or do to persuade him from what he already knew in his black heart. The way he had her bent was so extreme that his dick slammed through her cervix and the head of his cock pierced her womb, opening her up to the final degradation of being deflowered by the losing team's quarterback right in her own home locker room. The snarl on his lips deepened when she felt that shaft pulsing with new life again. His tip was already drooling just from how long he had been fucking her and he wanted her bad enough that he could have fucked her right into oblivion, but he would have to make it home at some point.

Lisa would have continued her defiance, would have laughed in a huff at his words without even gracing him with a look had he not grabbed her legs and forced them nearly to her damn ears. But instead of acting as though she didn't give a damn anymore about what he wanted or what he did, she cried out feeling that cock delving deeper--oh god, so fucking deep inside her! Her head lifted to watch him, dipping and disappearing inside her snatch, and her eyes rolled as she slammed her head back onto the ground. Her mouth fell agape and she writhed under him, each gasping breath she drew punctuated by a cry. Body rocking, her pert little breasts jiggled deliciously. The pink nipples stood proud at their peaks, beads of sweat rolling between her breasts to gather and trickle down to her neck, pooling in the little indentation there at her throat. It felt as though his entire cock was buried inside her, pushing all the way through her and--lifting her head yet again to see--she looked at her belly wondering how it is she couldn't see it moving within her. Her anger flared again at his words and she lifted her eyes to his, growling between clenched teeth, "Urrrrgh! Fuck you!"

Zuriel laughed as he got up and dragged her body with him, getting her on her sneaker-clad feet before thrusting her cheek hard to the lockers, his hand grabbing her head and holding her right there to feel him slide back inside that cunt. He was so deep a moment ago that her eyes had started rolling back into her skull, but now as he slid up behind her, the sudden rapid charge of his hips smacking her ass came rushing to her addled senses and he bucked like a jackhammer coming to life inside her pussy. He already knew she would do exactly as he said, so he gritted his teeth and started fucking her with all the grace of a bull in a fucking china shop. Rattling the locker doors with every impact, he railed her cunt as heavy nuts clapped and smacked her clit from behind. He didn't care what she said, and even after losing the game, he had won this small victory with every gasp and drip of cum she leaked from her lips as he battered that cunt like a man possessed. It started like a point of heat inside. The first squirt of his seed gushed within her walls until his nuts lifted tight and the swollen spray spurted into her pussy so vibrantly she felt it hit her flesh just from the heat of it pumping inside. Grunting through each jolt of cum hitting her cervix, holding her hair as he unloaded the last of his cum--for today, at least--and flooded her all over again. This time when he pulled out, a line of his cream leaked from her nether lips and he let go so she could slump to the floor, used and abused like a common hooker. He wiped his cock clean on her back and stepped away. Gathering his things, she watched him dress as quickly as he could, and with a wink down at her, he spoke, "See ya next year...if I don't see ya sooner." He laughed. "And by the way, I'm in dorm room 606" He turned and headed out the doors, whistling a lively tune as his cum pooled from her lips onto the floor.

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