A Few Days Apart Again

Lisa grinned and grabbed the back of your head, tugging you down so she could press her lips hard against yours. Her lips parted, then pressed together again, consuming your lips, teasing her tongue over them, then kissing you hard once more. Parting for a breath, she breathed out, "You always do get me hot. I may have to leave the air on all the time..."

Zuriel purred into that mouth, nipping your lower lip before his tongue swirled and slinked between your lips and wrapped possessively with a growl edging his voice. "Well it is my job isn't it?" Pulling back just enough to suckle at your lip ring, lowering his head to kiss you deep as his eyes drifted closed. "Mmm..."

Lisa's hand rested at your shoulder, fingers curling around the blade and slowly tracing up and down the ridges there. Wanting to answer your question with some smart-assed retort, she opened her mouth to speak, but before she could get a word out, your lips silenced her and she ended up moaning instead. Her fingers tightened against your shoulder blade and dragged down along your back, leaving pink lines int heir wake until she reached your ass. Her palm flattened and she smoothed her hand over the round cheek, giving it a squeeze as she giggled into your mouth.

Zuriel lifted a brow at the rake of your nails, shivering from the caress of those fingers leaving trails in his skin until the tight clasp of your hand came to rest on his firm ass cheek. He guffed a little at the squeeze, pulling back to speak right against your lips to break the spell just a moment. "Nnn, now who's being possessive...?" He didn't bother to correct you, allowing his girl a little freedom as his lips pursed and sucked a little more hungry for a taste of your mouth. Wrestling your tongue with his, holding it down at the floor of your mouth or coiling it like a serpents ready to squeeze the life out of some juicy treat. His hand rode the curves of your body, drawing over your breast before coming to rest over your navel. A black taloned finger flicked the button off your shirt in a clatter to the floor. Another followed with a flick of that deadly sharp edge flicking just over your skin close enough to literally shave the buttons one by one from your outfit.

Lisa smirked against your lips, so that you felt rather than saw it, when she heard you tease her about being possessive. So maybe the movie got her just the teensiest bit jealous... She couldn't help it. She loved you and didn't want to share you. Just to prove her point, since she couldn't speak with your tongue tangled with hers, she squeezed your ass again, kissing you back even harder as she did. Responding like a snake to a charmer, her body writhed under your touch, lifting each section to meet the slide of your hand down her side. When you got to her stomach, her legs shifted, rubbing against one another as though she were trying to assuage the need building between them. Though she couldn't see, she could feel the tug of material each time your claw snagged on a button, followed by the sudden give of cloth. She couldn't be certain, but she didn't think the shirt pulled hard enough against her that you'd pulled it off, so she assumed... rightly... that you were snapping them off with your claws and she shivered, her lips curling into a smile even as you kissed her. As her shirt slowly parted open, she could feel her skin exposed to the air and goose flesh tickled up her belly to her breasts, pearling her nipples into hard little buds.

Zuriel gathered strength and resolve feeling you writhing under him, lifting to the side on his knees before he pulled away and let you watch him hovering over your chest with eyes staring right back into yours. Heedless of those ass squeezes he seemed to be taking control of that body when he leaned in and caught your shirt between his gleaming fangs and peeled it like a wolf skinning a deer. A grunt down at you with a nod of his head, dropping your shirt back to the bed beneath us when he lunged in and sucked your nipple hard between his lips. Making sure you knew who owned this body by getting you quivering, his tongue circling the tender bud in his lips before his mouth pulled and lips popped from the clasping suction drawing tightly around your nipple. Newly naked your skin was alive the second his clawed hand lightly, ever so lightly trailed his claw tips along the underside of your thigh, grazing off your ass cheek before starting at the same spot to do it all over again. His mouth clamped tighter, sucking that hard pearled bud inside his mouth to look back in your eyes as he just teased your senses. A fleeting moment to win the battle of control passing between us both as he grinned, those eyes almost daring you to test your limits before he let your nipple pop loudly from his mouth.

Lisa settled back on dainty elbows as you moved beside her, watching your every move. It was almost a shame the way you ravaged that shirt she loved so much to get it off of her, but she couldn't keep the smile form her face and the soft chuckle of laughter that shook her chest as she watched you. Even in her amusement, she felt her belly clench when she spied a fang catching in the material just before you peeled it off of her. Dear god, she loved her sexy animal, and it shone through her eyes as she looked up at you. Like a feast laid out on a buffet just for you, she lay there, naked and exposed and feeling even more vulnerable than usual, seeing your eyes tear away from hers to linger down the length of her body and back again, every curve of her frame being burned into your memory for all time. The second your tongue connected with her nipple, she sucked in a gasp of air, eyes closing, head falling back to lift her chest higher, silently begging you for more. She wanted to hold you, touch you, guide you, but if she moved she'd fall, so she gripped at the covers and chewed on her lip ring, letting out grunting little whimpers around it until the next gasp had her lips parting and panting for a breath. "Zuriel..." Your name was spoken like a sonnet, that single word saying everything she felt for you, everything that you meant to her. Her mind was solely focused on your mouth, teasing her nipple, so when she felt the almost tickling sensation of your claws grazing along the underside of her leg, she curled and arched even harder, her body responding to your touch as though she were programmed only to respond to you. "Oh... oh god...." her mind was so fogged already, she couldn't get more than a word or two out, and despite her best efforts, she slowly found herself sinking back onto the bed to focus completely and utterly on the feel of your touch on her body.

Zuriel rumbled in delight at the noises he was getting from you tonight, his brows narrowing as he kissed and turned his head to the side to glance up at your face with a grin. The clear shine of his fang glimmered up at you before his head turned and the hairs on his chin ground against your soft skin when his lips sucked your other nipple inside his mouth. His hand under your thigh lifted and just the tips, the very dangerous tips grazed along your flesh without leaving so much as a nick before his hand drifted back down. Drawing out the tease like only your Master could do, the owner of your heart and soul now claiming your body for his own perverse delight. He kept watching your face as he tickled and lapped around your bud trapped in his lips, sucking tight then letting it loosen just enough to glide his tongue over the tip of it tightly held by his lips. You felt rather than saw his tongue usher under your bud like it was cradling it, lifting it up until the press of a needle sharp fang danced right against the edge of your pain. His body shifted when yours did, not letting the tip pierce your flesh at all but rather held it captive. In the same breath he growled and that hand under your legs slipped in, the very tip of his claws edged over your left lip, one finger spreading your pussy in bloom as two more fingers inched closer. One claw nudged just under your clit from the side as the other clasped your button in the curve of those claws. Trapping you right on the brink of danger and utter release, giving you a taste of sensual torture with being unable to move much or suffer the consequences of those dangerous things making mess of you while they held you on the tightly wound string of desire.

Oh fuck, that rumbling vibrated right to her chest and she had to swallow down the lump in her throat so she could breathe again. She knew with her mind and heart and soul that you would never hurt her...much...and you would think by now she'd be used to your beast, but it still fucking thrilled her and scared the hell out of her so much. Thinking on it, it was the fear that thrilled her so much, and though she loved you sweet and tender and loving, nothing heated her more than when it came out. Her sights zoomed in on those fangs glinting in the light when you turned your head to look at her and like she'd gone over the first huge dip of a roller coaster, her stomach flipped and she let out this breathy little whine, her legs shifting, rubbing, parting as though she couldn't keep still. She was so worked up, so aroused, that every nerve in her body was alive and hypersensitive that she swore she could feel the particles in the air alighting on her skin. Loving the feel of your tongue rasping over her nipple, she murmured her pleasure, and then... Oh shit, is that? Is he...? She nearly jerked when she felt the hint of that pinch against the rippled bud in your mouth, but she stilled herself as best she could, though your touch made it nearly impossible to remain still. Almost... until your hand finally moved from beneath her to between her legs. Trembling in anticipation, she sighed out, "Yesss..." but then she felt the smooth, hard press of a claw...and another, trapping her swelled little clit between them and she froze... Her breath came in short, jagged rasps and she turned her doe-like eyes to look at you. Trapped beneath you, you could feel the tremors passing through her body, and she whimpered again, but you weren't fooled. Already you could feel just how wet she was, the liquid coating your fingertips as they nestled between her heated folds.

Zuriel kept his eyes locked on yours, making sure you could see your swollen nipple at the tip of his tongue as he held it flush with the very tip of his fang until his lips pulled it out of sight to only stir your senses. His body was the bondage machine, holding you captive as his claws held so snugly the very curve of those dangerous tips barely, almost imperceptibly pressed against your sensitive flesh. He was not moving one bit, holding you in that extended need for touch but only giving you the fearful gasps of breath at how he held those animals tools so close to your intimate places. His lips sucked and the tip of that fang barely went in enough to draw the slightest, and I mean the slightest bubble of crimson that melted onto his tongue holding from underneath. His lips pursed slowly was the first sign of life aside from his measured breathing, watching your face closely as he sucked and the pull eased the pressure of that fang in your flesh just enough to make it burn with a little hurt. Those claws slowly began moving, the gentle sway of his fingers rocking side to side made his digits squirm back and forth. The hard talons keeping your clit as their captive while he tormented you further. Not letting you free from the precarious position he held you in just because your pussy was literally drolling juices from the hold he had on you. Your little button was squeezed a little tighter each time his fingers swayed, never once adding a slight hint of pain to the precious flower of his favorite part of you to eat. "Nnmmmh...wolf got your tongue?" His fang withdrew, mouth yawning wide he pressed the tips of both fangs against your tit while his tongue started lapping, coiling and pressing against your swollen bud.

Lisa didn't know which was worse: the fact that you held her captive without moving a muscle, or the fact that your doing so was getting her so worked up that she wanted to thrash and scream and beg for you to give her the release she so desperately needed because of your actions... But the absolute terror of what would happen if she did move kept her as still as a statue. Only her chest rose and fell from her gasping breaths--that couldn't be helped--and her eyes, flitting back and fourth between yours as she stared and stared at you, begging for mercy, begging for release, begging for...Oh god, what did she even want? All that you had to give her and more. She wanted it all, everything you were, everything that only you could give her. Her thoughts were abruptly cut off and her fingers wound tight in the bed cover with a gasp. "Shhhhhit!" She felt that fang pierce her nipple, despite the suckle of your mouth, and it made her clit dance dangerously between your claws. Mewling like a trapped, wounded animal, she felt more of her honey flowing from her folds. She couldn't help it.. Dear god, you turned her on so fucking much, and when your fingers started to finally MOVE over her clit she about lost it. That gentle, piercing pain mixed with the un-fucking-believable pleasure of her clit being massaged, the nub so aroused it was swollen and visibly throbbing, and she couldn't hold still any more. She just fucking couldn't! Her hips moved, slowly at first, bust started swaying and grinding of their own accord, lifting off the bed and dropping back down. He said something..? Yes, he said...something...about a wolf. She dismissed it because she knew you were just mocking her in fun, and instead of answering, she groaned, her eyes finally closing to luxuriate in the wonderful feel of your mouth wrapping around her breast, accompanied by the prick of fang trapping that orb in your mouth. "Mmm fuck...."

Zuriel clasped his jaw just enough that his fangs grazed two little pinkish lines in your breast as he heard you whining on the edge of all sense and reason. Gently he licked at those lines before lifting away, the slide of those claws went backwards and you knew that with a curl of his fingers he could fillet your softest lips in a heartbeat. The pain never came as the pressure of your clit being held captive abated as he turned to crawl away. Standing up on the floor at the foot of the bed he simply snapped his fingers and then curled one at you in a come hither motion. "On the ground, on your knees bitch..." All he did was point and wait for you to find yourself among the sex addled stars before your eyes as his command cut sharply through the haze to bring you blinking back to his words. He watched as you managed to find your strength and crawl his way, his fingers snapped again with a sharp rapport by your ear. "Crawl off the bed...like a kitten...yes that's my good little slut..." Words of encouragement flowed from his lips, bringing out every meek little desire stirring in your juicy pussy but still denying you any answer to that heat inside, no matter how much your honey trickled. "Now get over here and show Daddy how much his baby whore loves his dick." Dropping his hands to the side as he waited for you to just follow his order, grinning down at you as he stepped closer to let his cock hang within inches of your pretty face. "Get it hard...and love it..."

Lisa was hanging on the edge, captive to your will, silently praying that you would end this amazing but agonizing torture. And you did... Shit! What the fuck?! Why is he..? Stumbling from her reverie, slipping back onto her elbows as she felt you drawing away, she watches you, dumbfounded, as she slip from the bed and stand there in all your glory staring at her. Brows furrowed, a sexy pout on her lips, she looks like a forlorn puppy who's treat had just been snatched from their grasp. Daring to question you, she drew a breath, "What..?" But before she could get more than one word out, and she caught the look in your eyes at even her attempt to question you so she shut the fuck up, she herd the snap and saw your finger indicating exactly where she should be if she knew what was good for her. Swallowing hard once again, her belly tightening so hard she felt it all the way to her pussy, she went to swing her legs off the side of the bed to obey... And another snap froze her in place. Crawl... Crawl? He wanted her to crawl? She chewed her bottom lip self consciously and, with her head down to hide her embarrassment, she turned her eyes up to peer at you through her lashes. "Yes Master..." Ever the good little slut, she slipped her legs back under her and shifted to her hands and knees, her little ass pointed into the air. Wants a kitten, does he..? Lifting one hand, she brings it to her face and laps at the side, drawing it over her head with a purr, then places it back on the bed and slinks over to you, her ass swaying with each movement she makes. Cautiously placing first one hand then another to the floor, she slides down, slipping one leg at a time to the carpet until she was on all fours at your feet. Leaning against your thigh, she rubbed her face against you, rolling her tongue through her breath to purr for you. She grinned at her own playfulness and huffed out a short laugh, but decided not to push her luck, so settled back on her heels, and turned her eyes up to you, your thick, hard cock dangling in her vision so that she could hardly see your face. Keeping her hands at her sides, not wanting to grasp you yet, she rises on her legs just enough to place her lips along the underside of your cock. Barely touching it, she wisps the soft skin from tip to base and back again, her warm breath caressing the shaft like the caress of an angel. As she reaches the tip, her tongue slips out and she laps once...twice...a third time right over the head. With a satisfied smirk, she watched it jump and dance at the delicate caress, but she knew you wanted more, so she parted her lips wide and wrapped them around the smooth, round head. God, she fucking loved the taste of you, the feel of you in her mouth, and it was evident at the way she moaned when she sucked you in. Still her hands remained at her sides, and she rose on her legs more, moving herself closer, drawing you in inch...by inch...by inch...until her nose was pressed hard into your pelvis and she rocked as you lodged in her throat.

Zuriel watched his kitten slut perform for him, every move she made fit into his description so completely that by the time her breath had started brushing along the underside of his cock you already knew it didn't take much from how riled he was seeing you so...obedient... All it took was a firm hand and a stern word, that will bent to his so totally that he couldn't have issued a better command in his life and by the time your lips pursed around his head he tossed his own back in a gasp of pure glee. That was what he wanted and then some, to watch his kitten nuzzle his cock like she was at a cow udder for milk. The feeling of your mouth sucking him in as that shaft swelled to full tilt inside your lips so much you could taste the skin of his dick growing taut with a twitch against your tongue. He dropped his head forward and chin to his chest, breathing shakily already as hands bearing dark talons closed and opened but remained just at his sides. He inhaled a long steadying breath that rumbled like an animal was before you but instead his feral eyes looked down at you sucking him between those gorgeous lips. "Hnnng...I knew all you needed to be Daddy's little bitch was to get an order like that...fuck!" His brows knotted down when you sunk him to the back of your throat and rocked, keeping him lodged in your throat all on your own like a good little whore should. With a visible shudder he pushed his hands behind his back and gave in to his bodies need, lightly rolling his hips just to tease your mouth with the insistent pushes of that tip wanting to go a little further than you anticipated. Even with his silvered eyes glimmering down at you and his chest huffed he managed to speak with a guttural lilt to every word. "Such a good bitch...I'm gonna save the surprise til the end. " He didn't elaborate, no further words came from him aside for the growling rushes of air or the rumble of pure bliss at that mouth sucking him in worship. His eyes narrowed just a bit as he watched you taking that dick in your lips, loving to hear you gag when you sucked him down and the push of his hips plopped his smooth balls right against your chin and the look in your shocked eyes was always priceless. He pulled back just to watch your cheek hollow and those lips plump in a tight ring around the shaft of his cock until he left just the crown behind your lips. "My good little cock sucker..." Relenting just a bit as he forced his hips to go still, always trying to edge closer but he growled it away when he realized what he was doing. Trying his hardest to let his baby girl appreciate Daddy's cock like she wanted.

Every word you issued down to her sent a little thrilling jolt through her stomach to her clit, making it twitch again and again. as she worked and moved along your cock, she would rise and settle on her heels, and each time she rested back down, she could feel her cunt slushing over those pink and black shoes, their soles spreading her glistening lips just as your fingers had only moments ago. She was working herself up almost as much as she was you, and the stimulation against her clit got her moaning louder and harder around your cock as it filled her mouth. She'd resisted taking you in her hands long enough. Though just using her mouth was fun, she wanted to touch you, to stroke you, to feel your thickness in her grasp. Starting at your knees, she clasped her fingers around your legs and clenched, digging her nails--though nowhere near as sharp and dangerous as yours--into the flesh and intentionally dragging them up along the backs and insides of your thighs until she came to just under your ass. Still clawing at you, she drags her fingers around the fronts of your thighs to meet at either side of your cock. having never let you slip from her working mouth, sucking harder and harder as she worked her nails over your legs, she presses in around your shaft, circling it with steepled fingers coming together around the base. In a two-fisted grip, she strokes your cock, only stopping to move back when her lips met her hands in the middle. With less to take in, she was able to move faster and faster over the head and upper half of your shaft, her sucking and slurping getting wilder in her frenzy to consume you. Turning her eyes up to see your beautiful face, she sees the luminescent sheen of your silvered eyes staring back down at her and she shivers, moaning around the head of your cock, sending the vibrations traveling straight to your balls.

Zuriel started to sway on his feet a little at the slide of your nails along his skin, you could tell every touch thrilled him to no end with his flesh tensing under your fingers. He still managed to keep his claws out of harms way the whole time, clasping his wrist in one hand tightly to keep his balance on legs shivering from what you and those lips were doing, let alone the slow trail of your arched digits gliding in tighter and tighter until they gripped the base of his cock. With less to take in that pretty mouth of yours you had all the room you needed to start slurping that dick faster and his face screwed up in both a little anger and too much wetness making him throb in your mouth. But he let you take it just like you wanted, not stopping you at all despite his spine going rigid and the feel of that shaft in your lips jerked and bounced before your lips sucked it in tight again. He shook his head and pushed out at your shoulder, taking your favorite toy out of your sexy mouth and he panted..."Spit on it, get it good and slimy. " He was huffing hard enough and from the grip of your hands around his shaft you knew he came very close to exploding but he held it off just to give you an order. His chest calmed some while he waited, those eyes narrowing a bit as he let you do as you were told.

Lisa was so into what she was doing, she nearly barked at you for shoving her away...and then she came to her senses. The look in your eyes was enough to put her bank into place without your even being aware of her flash of anger, but your huffed order whipped her right back into her place. Dropping one hand yet still stroking you rapidly with another, she worked up the spit in her mouth--and there was plenty with the way she'd been sucking at you. Pushing it to her lips with her tongue, she rose high on her knees and puckered, letting a long string of thick saliva and precum drool down onto your cock. The second it hit, she stroked her hand over it, spreading the mix over the length of your shaft. Her hand slid even faster and easier, coated as it was in the viscous fluid. Her eyes lifted from watching her hand on your cock to your eyes. Seeing you still watching intently, assuming you wanted more, she slushed more spit around in her mouth, this time spitting it out forcefully to spatter both her hand and your cock, never stopping the heated friction of her stroking your shaft. The thick, red shaft pulsed in her hands and though you'd not instructed her to do so, she couldn't resist and she swallowed the head again, pressing her palm flat against your pelvis to that she could take you all the way down into her throat. The action gagged her, especially with how thick you'd grown, and she coughed, her eyes starting to water, but she moved only a fraction to stop the gagging, then pushed her face into your pelvis again, making wet gargling sounds around the head of your cock as it brushed against the back of her throat.

Zuriel smirked at the way you were staring back at him when he pushed you away, but that fire in your eyes died down a little when you heard him speak in that stern tone as he watched you handle his dick. He actually went open mouthed when you rose up on your knees and let that heavy drool slather his cock, moaning deep as he felt the warm mix over his flesh and the sudden pump of your hand making his dick glisten in the light. The rumble in his chest deepened when you slathered another spat at his dick and coated it once again, the shiny red tip beckoning you so much it seemed you needed another taste of him. He snapped his head down sharply when you gulped him in, growling in a disdainful sound as he clasped hold of your hair and started fucking your lips like he was about to batter your pussy. Taking you over in a second with the heavy shove of that dick working down your throat until your tears dribbled from the corners of your eyes. Fucking your mouth so forcefully your saliva built into a bubbling froth dripping from your chin in moments. "Bad whore, Daddy just said spit on it..." His hand in your hair pulled, lifting you from the floor before he just threw you on the bed. Grabbing your hips he pulled you back like you weighed nothing to him, furling the blankets as he drug you close and his drooling dick was poised right behind you. "I guess bad sluts don't get to cum." He jammed it in tightly, shoving his cock right in your unprepared ass until it stretched hard from him rushing in and the burn of your tight ring being pried open hit your nerves. "Nnn...so much for letting my baby have a good one ." His grin turned evil as he gripped your hips, dragging you onto his fat shaft stretching you open more as he grunted to fit the spit slicked length between your cheeks.

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