Jay Fucks the Hooters Girl


So in 'Jay Finally Gets Darina,' Dar was wearing this cut little Playboy-type bunny outfit and we played it off that she worked at some cocktail lounge. This time I'd found this fun Hooters outfit, so I wrote it as though she'd had to change jobs and now works at Hooters.

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Jay Fucks the Hooters Girl

Jaidyn raised a brow as he spied something day glow orange. His brow shot even higher once he realized it was his woman dressed like a Hooters girl. Being the smart ass that he was, he strolled up and smacked your ass hard before speaking. "I'll take 35 wings with bleu cheese. And lemme get a pitcher of Bud Light."

Darina ambled into the house after working her ass off all day. After getting fired from the Bunny Lounge for punching a patron when he grabbed her ass, she was still kicking herself because now she was stuck working at Hooters, of all places. But money was money and with her leaving Zuriel, she needed all she could. Expecting the house to be empty so she could change her clothes in peace, she stopped short seeing Jaidyn standing inside. Still caught in this love-hate relationship she had going with him, he was the last thing she'd wanted to see after the night she'd had. Scowling as he walked up to her, she crossed her arms in front of her chest when he smacked her ass and grumbled out, "I've had a hard enough day busting my ass waiting tables today, Jaidyn. I don't need your shit, too." Walking past him, she headed to the bedroom to change.

Jaidyn normally knew what it was like to bust his ass, too, but he took today off from doing much. Of course watching his little tart stroll in all indignant did make something click. He followed after you, his eyes going stern as he came up behind your sassy ass. "Oh, so just because you can get bitchy with the men at work wishing they could have you makes you think it's the same thing here?" A hand snapped out, grabbing your long, lustrous dark hair--frazzled from the day, but he didn't give a fuck. He dragged you towards the bed while holding those locks tightly. "Lets do a little reminder. Pull my cock out, bitch." Even if you didn't do as told, he dragged your face in hard against the tight bulge in his leather pants, giving you a chance to feel him there.

Darina heard you storming up behind her and she knew she should be at least somewhat frightened, but right now she had no patience for it. She turned to face you with a scowl like she was in no mood to be trifled with, even seeing the stern look in your eyes. When you started mouthing off to her, she crossed her arms over her breasts and rolled her eyes. Opening her mouth to tell you to shut your own, she saw your arm lash out, but before she could move away, it was wrapped around her pinned-up hair, dragging her to her knees with a yelp. Tennis shoes screeched on the floor as her feet slipped from under her and her knees connected to the hardwood with a thud. Caught off balance, she fell forward against you, her cheek pressing hard against the bulge in your pants. Your fingers tightened in her hair, giving her head a jerk and a pull harder against your crotch. She whined, pushing and shoving her hands against your thighs as she tried to get her legs back under her to rise up. "Stop it, Jay! Stop! I am in no mood for this tonight! Knock it the fuck off!" Making a fist, she punched the side of your thigh trying to get you to let go, but still you held firm, rubbing her face back and fourth across your leather-covered cock.

Jaidyn grunted from the punch, but it was hardly worth making a sound over. The fact that you had the stones to punch him was enough to make him grin devilishly at you on your knees already. His hand in your hair snapped back, pulling your face from his crotch so he could lean down and make you listen to his words very carefully. "Since when did this become about what the fuck you want, slut? Just because you're in a whore uniform you expect me to quake in fear of my friendly neighborhood Hooters tramp?" While his words filtered to your ears, his free hand pushed fingers inside your lips, even gritting his teeth from the bite of your teeth holding his digits, but he didn't even seem to care. "I guess I have to show your dumb ass who really runs this shit round here. And even after I read to your bitchy ass the other day, you're gonna act like you own this place, queen slut." His hand in your hair pulled, throwing you towards the bed but pulling you down to the floor while he turned, forcing your hands to catch hold of him while you spilled to the floor. His free hand unbuttoned his pants and his dick hovered by your face when he went to his knees, then he reached down to clamp your nose closed, cutting off your air while he waited for your mouth to open.

Darina's head snapped back but she made no sound. She was too tired and too aggravated tonight, and though she knew she was pushing you with her attitude, she couldn't stop herself. Maybe she was doing it subconsciously, knowing you wouldn't tolerate it and would put her in her place. Maybe that was just what she needed...what she was looking for. Her eyes locked on yours--those mysterious fuckers that always seemed to see right through to her soul--and she bristled at your mocking words, but she bit back any retort she had, especially when you mentioned reading to her. That almost saddened her: that you'd shared a brief but extremely rare tender moment with her and she chose to act a bitch to you now. But not so much that when you jammed your fingers in her mouth she refrained from taking advantage of it. Biting down hard, her teeth left indentations in your fingers, but much to her dismay, you didn't even seem to flinch. Just kept them there as you talked until you tossed her around by her hair, slamming her back against the bed. The air rushed from her lungs in a whoomph! and her head rattled back. Arms flailing, she grabbed the first thing she came in contact with to steady herself and wrapped her hands around your legs, slipping them up over your hips as you knelt down in front of her while opening your pants. "No...no! Jay, I don't want this tonight! Get away from me and let me go. I just want to go lie down! I'm tired and not in the mood for your shit." She pursed her lips and turned her head away, refusing to comply, but your damn fingers clasped around her nose, and though she held her breath for what seemed like ages, she finally started choking and those ruby lips parted to suck in a huge lungful of air. Before she was able to even finish that breath, the head of your cock was past her lips and filling her mouth so that the rest of her breath had to be drawn in through her nose once you released it.

Jaidyn was already losing his patience simply from your words still spilling from your lips until he clamped your nose closed and held on, even through the slide to the floor from him holding you on the bed awkwardly. But it lasted seconds before he jammed your shoulders against the bed and held on to your nose through the last bit of whining you were trying to do out loud. He just mounted your tits and you felt the squeeze from his thighs clamping down with his weight while your lips parted breathlessly for air. With a tilt of his hand he spit in your mouth on purpose and jerked your head back down in line with his advancing cock pressing between your lips. "DO I LOOK LIKE I GIVE A FUCK!?!" He hitched his hips and sunk that swollen rod right between your lips, shutting you up by filling your mouth with dick after his booming voice shuddered the room overhead. With a huff he started fucking your mouth deeply, making sure his cock head glided right down your throat as he held your hair in both hands to fuck those sassy lips still intent on bitching loudly, it seemed. "Keep it up and your sore ass will be burning by the time I'm through with you. Complain too much, whore, and I'll tie you up and call in sick for your ass for a couple days so I can remind you what the fuck your job at home is!" Heavy balls skated over your tits as he kept fucking your mouth through every syllable that left his lips, cradling your head in both hands to keep your mouth right in line with that thick shaft stuffing your mouth full.

Darina's breasts mashed and spread around the weight of your balls pressing in between them, your cock sliding past her lips stifling any further argument. Her fingers curled in those skin-tight leather pants, half dragging them down your ass as though she could stop you or slow your movements by holding you back. When you'd finally lost your cool and yelled at her, she flinch as though she'd been struck and the blood in her veins went icy cold, draining her of all her fight. No matter what kind of day she'd had, she feared you more and she was not willing to push you past the point you were at now. There was little she needed to do--little she could do in the position she was in--so she sat with her mouth hanging open as far as it would go and let you fuck it like a second cunt. The head of your cock dipping down her throat triggered her gag reflex and her body jerked under you. Spit filled her mouth and soon the plunging of that meaty shaft past her lips started slurking and slushing, pushing bubbles of spit from the corners and down her chin. She couldn't help herself; your domineering ways started her moaning around that shaft and soon she was sucking at that cock even as it dipped down her throat. Unable to move her head, pinned as it was, she turned her eyes up to you to see if you were at least enjoying yourself now that she was bent to your will again.

Jaidyn made no move...gave no indication he was enjoying this except for the grunts leaving his lips each time he crammed his cock down your gullet. past the gagging confines of your throat until the tip of him dipped down from the angle he held your head at. When he realized you were moaning and sucking on the head of his dick, he pulled out and grabbed your chin before shoving his thumb in your mouth to pull you after him. "Get your stupid ass up. On your knees, hooker." Not even really waiting for you, his hand lifted and pulled you in close while the other locked in your hair once more and he jabbed your mouth full of man meat all over again after sitting on the bed. "That's it... Pussy getting wet already because she needed to be told what the fuck she was good for." One hand clasped firmly at the back of your head, forcing your lips to bob and weave up and down the length of meat in your mouth. The slurping, wet moans and garbles from your spit-bubbling mouth only made him sneer in sheer delight at getting you hot enough to remember your place at the end of his dick. His hand in your hair tightened, pulling you off his cock before his free hand slapped your cheek hard enough to make it blush deeper than normal. "What's Darina's job at home? Come on, bitch. Say it out loud." Pulling your face up to look down at you on your knees, he mauled you to get you right where he wanted no matter how much you fought or squirmed.

Darina let out a distorted cry with her cheek pulled painfully as you rose and lift her by her face. She quickly spun on her knees to face you and keep you from causing any real harm, slapping her hands to your thighs as her face was shoved by your grip on her hair. Your cock wasn't even out of her mouth long enough for her spit to cool on it before she was slurping it down again, her tongue wrapping and coiling around the length of the shaft with each upward stroke and each downward glide. Just as she was really getting into it, pain flared at her scalp and she found herself looking up at you, your cock leaving her pursed lips with a wet pop. The slap across her cheek made her flinch with a small little cry and she trembled as she listened to you. Usually your words were just meant to belittle and berate her with no response expected or even wanted, but this time she knew you were waiting for her to answer. The idea made her flush, made her body burn with shame, and her eyes darted around as she fought to answer but couldn't find the will to make the words come out. "To...to..." The tears welled in her eyes and she closed them, shaking, fearing repercussion, but still she couldn't seem to make her voice work. "To..." She tried to pull away, squirming on her knees, but you kept yanking her back into place, and the tears finally started trickling down her cheeks. She swallowed hard and in barely a whisper she sputtered out, "To suck your cock when...when ever you want. To be your slut to use...To be your..." She choked back a cry and sniffled, "...your dirty little fuck toy." Feeling like her face was on fire, her cheeks turned crimson, but she also felt the gush of liquid flood her cunt and seep into her bright orange shorts as she forced the words from her lips.

Jaidyn yanked up on your hair before he licked across your lips, clutching your chin to open your mouth so he could spit your drool back on your tongue and he purposefully held your chin tightly as he spoke again, "Now, you're mostly right, but Jay wants to hear it like this." He cleared his throat as he tilted your head and made the drool from your mouth coil lazily around the head of his cock while he spoke, "I wanna hear you say: I'm Jays dirty little fuck toy, and all those men at work only get to dream about me." The second his last word left his lips he jammed you down on his cock on purpose, preventing you from doing as told. Feeling your tears hit his balls and thighs only made him grin and bite his lower lip in utter sadistic glee. That hand inched down to the back of your neck and pulled, popping your mouth from his tip in a rush before he slapped your other burning cheek just enough to make it redder than ever before. "Aww... Is my little whore crying? That brain of yours finally letting it sink in now? How much your ass is worth?" His hold didn't relent, but he did give you room to slide your mouth from his cock to finally speak, even if his free hand grabbed his base and tapped, tapped that cock head against your speaking mouth. "Stop sobbing like a new hooker and say it. I'm not leaving cash on the dresser, bitch. I make deposits, and your slutty hole is about to get some for being this fucking dumb and making me have to remind your ass."

Darina wretched when your spit hit her mouth. Its not that she hadn't had your bodily fluids in her mouth before, but it was just the idea--the degradation--that made her body revolt against it, but she wasn't able to do anything about it with the awkward angel you held her head in, so she kept it there pooled on her tongue, her wide, wet eyes looking at you as you demeaned her yet again. Then, fast enough that it made her head spin, she felt you shove her head down your cock pointing right at her face, and with her mouth still holding your spit, it slushed into that wetness. A sob wracked her body as it slid right back down her throat and she braced herself for another onslaught. But instead, you ripped her from it once more and slapped the other side of her face, leaving both cheeks red and stinging. Letting out another cry, she gripped your thighs, not daring to try and block you or strike back, but the tears kept falling as that wet piece of meat kept slapping over her face and lips. Between cries, she obeyed and sobbed out, "I'm Jay's dirty little fuck toy. All those men at work only get to dream about me." Almost instinctively, she found herself seeking out your cock with her mouth even as it hit her cheek, her lips, her chin, turning her mouth to catch it each time, wanting it back for her to suck on.

Jaidyn slowly eased back. The hold on your neck slipped away and he marveled at your lips turning down on their own to find his cock so you could suck it of your own free will. He no longer had to guide you, to force you as those hands rested on the side of the bed and he finally let his head roll back to savor the feel of his dirty bitch sucking that fat meat tightly. "Nnn... That's a good whore...not even being told what to do any longer, just like you know you wanted to." He smiled despite the hard words he had to use, fading back to enjoy your mouth on him with each suck and tug of those lips drawing down his swollen shaft pulsing wetly in your mouth. He stayed just like that a little while to savor your lips working his dick now that you remembered what your purpose for him was, even half closing his eyes each time your tongue laved along his skin or your lips pursed hotly around the head of that prick. When he felt the first tickle in the base of his balls, he pulled away, hopping further up onto the bed before his hand caught your hair and dragged you up after him. He didn't even take off your apron; there was just the single minded jerk of your shorts flowing down your hips until he let them hang off one sneaker-clad foot as he pressed in. "Now that you learned your lesson, I'll make this pussy scream and cum all over the place." His hands drifted up along the backside of your thighs, spreading you open before the head of his dick swept in, finding your molten lips in a sclutch of wet flesh parting from the weight of that cock splitting you open. With one roll of his spine, his dick slipped inside with a wet pucker, your cunt drawing him in with the push of his hips sending it to the hilt in one single thrust. "Mmm... There's my pussy... Sounds like it missed me." Smirking as he lifted, he pulled back to start fucking that slit with his whole length sliding through your slickened walls.

Darina loved the taste of your cock...loved the feel of it in her mouth, especially when you weren't forcing her and just let her have full reign to do as she pleased with it. Slipping one hand over from your thigh to clasp her tiny fingers around the base, she held it firmly and glided her mouth up and down the length of it. Her tongue slipped out to caress the underside, dipping left then right, pressing up against it, then relaxing, never keeping the same pressure on it for more than a second or two. As her head moved down to draw you in, she pressed her face against your pelvis and worked her throat around the head, swallowing it. Then as she drew back, she sucked hard, as though trying to pull you back in even as she pulled away and you slipped out. Reaching the head, her tongue swirled around it, flicking over the smooth rim, then she pulled off just enough to lave the flat, wide surface of her tongue over the tip, lapping at you like an ice cream cone. Moaning at the taste of your wild, masculine precum, she licked her lips, but before she could draw you back in again, you rose up onto the bed and dragged her with you. Rough hands snagged her shorts and she lifted her hips wordlessly, then lifted her legs so you could draw her shorts all the way down. Though they caught on one sneaker, she didn't care. All she could think about was having you buried inside of her, so she spread her legs wide at the guidance of your hands, inviting you between them like a good whore should. There was no pretense, no teasing...that cock simply slid home with a buck of your hips and her body arched under you, a long, low sigh slipping from her lips as though she'd been needing that relief forever and finally found it. There was no hiding how turned on you'd gotten her. Despite her whining, despite her arguments, despite her tears, she was hot and wet and ready for you. Clasping her arms around your shoulders, she gasped and shuddered in pleasure, feeling the thickness of that cock spreading her wide to take you into her depths.

Jaidyn felt like half of a person until the union of our bodies made us whole. Despite all the berating and down-talking while he was inside you, he was a king with you and it showed in the way his muscled chest pressed against your tits. The weight of him pressed over you--both claiming and taking you in the same breath when his hips started to move. He could hear every wet sound coming from between your thighs at having finally gotten him inside to pry open your tension with the head of his cock driving in tightly. He was never a romantic, but while inside you his lips blazed a trail from your mouth along your jaw to that spot right over the vein in your neck, the vessel pulsing wildly from the feel of him so close to devouring you. Fangs skidded across soft flesh just to leave the slightest mark that he licked away with a purring rumble teasing the very edge of your senses. He used nothing more than the heft of his body weight to keep you in check even when his hips started moving a little faster. The rise in his thrusts came faster from the quickening beat of your heart that he felt thrumming through the small succulent vein in your neck as he kissed, licked and nibbled it with every rising push of that dick slipping through your clenching walls. He kissed from your neck over your jaw, heading back to your lips until he lifted his head too far for his mouth to taste yours fully. Instead, his golden lion's eyes stared back at you, watching you taking his cock in your wet tunnel with the sheer slippery flesh massaging him, holding him with every deepening plunge that cock laid inside your cunt.

Darina's fingers curled around your arms, clinging to you as though she feared losing you now that you were inside of her. Her hips rocked, lifting to meet each stroke, feeling the slide of that hard meat pushing into her tight tunnel, filling her so completely. Her walls clung to you to keep you inside of her, as if to possess you as much as you sought to possess her. The feel of your lips brushing over her surprised her as much as it flamed her passion to the sky. So rarely did you ever kiss her that she couldn't even recall if you ever had, and though it was fleeting, she felt her heart swell and beat harder even as they caressed over her jaw to her graceful neck. The soft but sharp nick at her vein drew a stunted gasp from her and her fingers clenched your arms. Her nails sunk into your flesh and her heart galloped, but the soft lave of your tongue accompanied by the rumbling purr in your throat made her stomach flip and her pussy clenched hard around that driving shaft, spilling more of her sweet juices out from her slit. Quickened pumps sloshed inside that sopping wet pussy and she rolled her head letting out a groan that she could no longer hold back. "Ohhhh Jaidyn... So good... You feel so fucking good inside me..." She felt your lips against her neck and she shivered, her head spinning madly as you kissed your way back to her mouth, only to draw back and look at her with those exotic eyes. Her own grew wide seeing you look at her like that, and then her lids slipped closed and she gasped in several short, successive breaths, feeling her climax twisting in her belly, building and building.

Jaidyn growled with that being the only answer to your words, the harder thrusts of his hips jolting your legs higher until they were bounding from impact as the animal inside him clawed at the surface, but he held it at bay. Only glittering eyes and sharp teeth caught your sight while the maddeningly faster shoves stole your bluster. This was both his own desires and the consequence for testing him while putting your ass in check, but the punishment was no less delicious when his cock sped up and the beats of his hips against the backs of your raised thighs rolled through you hard enough to make your clothed tits bounce in your whore's top. The thrill of doing this Hooters girl now belonged to him alone, especially now that he was pounding your hot little pussy faster, his dick cramming balls-fucking-deep. Each push sent a ripple along that shaft, a little pulse of swelling that throbbed fatter as each thrust rocked into your molten cunt squeezing him so tightly he was wincing at the end of each buck. He was beyond trying to talk anymore. Your mouth had fought him at first, but in the end you wanted to suck him down; now he was inside you taking what was rightfully his. He knew it from the day he had raped you in that bunny slut's get-up you'd worn that you belonged to him, and nothing was going to change that. He hissed, biting his bottom lip to try and hold back from the feeling of his precum dribbling from his cock slit to leave you with warm trickles melting with your own juices.

Darina's stomach bottomed out at the sound of that growl...the implication both frightening and exciting her at the same time. When her eyes opened again and saw your face, she swallowed hard. She knew that look--she'd seen it in Zuriel and she'd seen it in you before--and she knew you were fighting to maintain control. That edge of danger got her hotter than anything and when you started fucking her so hard that you coiled her body in on itself, pushing her legs into the air, she couldn't hold back any longer. Throwing her legs around your back, she pulled herself up into every hard thrust, grinding her clit against your pelvis as that cock slid and banged against her g-spot inside. Her head fell back and she gasped breath after breath as her climax built. Her arms wrapped around your shoulders to pull you to her and she cried out, her whole body trembling under you. Her cunt spilled, flooding your cock with her cum, and every pump pushed another cry from her lips until all she could do was gasp for air. "Ahhh god! Nghhhhh fuck yes!"

Jaidyn could not hold back any longer as hands slipped down to lift your legs high, pinning your heels over his shoulders before he started attacking your pussy with a violent need rushing through him. The sudden wild shoves battering your slit without a single shred of mercy started wailing on that tunnel sucking him down each time he shoved that cock to the hilt. He wasn't trying to deny you but he couldn't be concerned with making sure his bitch came when his own edge was right there and fast approaching to shove him over the brink. That fat shaft grew so tight inside your pussy that those walls felt his heartbeat before your pressing breasts even felt the slightest thrum.  By the time it registered to your brain that he had your legs locked, you realized it was either cum with him or don't cum at all. The new position gave him so much room to gallop, he used every inch to his full advantage, swinging those hips in hard enough to drive a damn nail through wood from the force of his body colliding with yours. He held your legs pinned and drove down inside you through that orgasm, hard enough that his entire dick jerked. He grunted once before his tip started spraying wildly in a torrent of juices rushing inside to flood your nerves with heat and gooey man-juices bubbling inside your pussy. Even with your legs held high, you felt his ass flex and twitch, holding that cock inside as his balls unloaded and sent your mind sailing away on a sea of heat and sensation coursing through your core. "Hnnnaaaaahhh! Hnnngh... Hnnnnf...nnnf!"

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