Breaking in Our Home


So we finally decided to rent land and get ourselves our own home instead of camping out at our friend's sim all the time. We, of course, had to christen the new home. This scene, again, delves into real life feelings and emotions as our love for one another grows.

Throughout our role play, Zuriel slowly begins to reveal to Lisa (as well as her alts in later scenes) that he is Garou--a breed of werewolf (his "brother," Jaidyn, is as well, but he does not turn up in this scene). I'm still learning about and trying to fully understand the lore, myself, but here is a link I found that explains it far better than I ever could:http://whitewolf.wikia.com/wiki/Garou

Perhaps some day I'll twist Zuriel's arm to share some posts on the blog and he can explain it further; he is a writer, after all. He's incorporated a form of vampirism into his lore, feeding on the essence of others for fun and the rush it gives him, but that's just his own evolution of his fantasy species. Either way, I find it highly erotic--the intimacy of his feeding from me turns me on probably more than anything else he does.

Breaking in Our Home

Zuriel smiled as he slipped over you, kissing you gently. "We got this new house, all the time this evening to spend together...heh."

Once again, her heart leaped into her throat simply by being near you. Joy couldn't even begin to describe how she feels with you. Elation scratched the surface, bliss came close, but it was more than that, and she found herself at a loss for words to express how you made her feel. Instead, she cupped your jaw and lifted her head to kiss you back, swallowing down the lump that threatened to form in her throat.

Zuriel purred against those lips almost as if he knew the effect he had on you, inhaling softly as his tongue darted between your lips and fingers teased through your hair. He slowly slipped his knee between your legs as he leaned into that kiss. Hungering for you after all the teasing from the previous days, nipping your bottom lip playfully before he pulled back to speak. "So just relax...we got time and I ain't going anywhere."

Lisa's smile started slowly, spreading wider over her face until she laughed softly, looking deep into your eyes, giving her head a small shake. "Have I told you today how wonderful you are?"

Zuriel shook his head, kissing that smile on your lips. "Mmm, not that I recall for today, but it's a start...hehe"

Lisa draped her heel over your leg that rested between hers, running her hand up and down the length of your arm to your shoulder, moving her gaze to watch it caressing over your muscles, then drawing it back to look at your face as you kiss her, unable to pull that smile from her lips. "Hmmm well, you are wonderful, Zuriel. Don't ever change a thing for anyone."

Zuriel grinned and presses closer, the feel of him taut and warm against your skin as he lifted his hand high enough to tug at your little top with his fingers, peeling it from your body. "Hmm I don't intend to change. Nor do I intend to let you escape my clutches today, baby girl." He moved just enough to tug your top away with a grin still etched on his lips, tossing it overhead so it landed in the water not far from us before his hand drifted down to your hip and easily wrapped the string of your bikini around his thick finger. "After all, we have a few days to make up for, little miss phone queen."

Lisa giggled warmly as she drew in a sigh, the feel of your strong body pressing against her awakening her never-ending desire for you. The cool air kissed her chest once you slipped her top free and her nipples pearled atop her full round breasts. She longed to feel the warmth of your body against her again, so she slipped her hand back up to your shoulder and tugged you gently back down on top of her, drawing you in for a kiss even as your finger found the string holding her bottoms together. "Yes, yes. I swear the thing will need to be surgically removed from my hand one of these days."

Zuriel chuckled at your words, but he slowly slid over you on the towel and while doing so, he pushed his shorts down and slipped free of them. He pressed in tighter against you because he loved being right next to you almost as much as you did with him. That smile creased his lips as he settled down on top of you once more without any clothes blocking your skin's caress against his own. "Or I'll just walk in, smash it, and throw you down on the bed. Either way, we both win. Hehe." He slipped his hand down your bare belly, curling his fingers in your bikini so he could drag it down your hips and pulled it along your luscious legs, only so he could toss it aside in the water with your top already sinking to the bottom. "Plus, we did just get a new home and have yet to...bless it. Hehe."

Lisa couldn't help but chuckle at you, though her cheeks flushed red at your playfulness. How you could make her feel so young and alive and innocent, yet naughty and erotic and wild at the same time she would never know, but she loved every minute of it. As your fingers traveled down her belly, you could feel it flutter under your touch. She let out a soft sigh as her head tilted back to relish the caress, then tipped upright again so as not to miss a moment of your actions. Lifting her hips to aid you in removing her panties, she nipped at her lip and laughed as you slipped them free and tossed them carelessly into the pool. "I like that idea very, very much."

Zuriel smirked as he crawled over you again, this time slipping up behind that gorgeous ass of yours while his hand drifted up your hip and back down your thigh so he could press in snugly and let you feel his naked frame wandering all over you, like he wanted to just keep you naked against him forever. "Which part, blessing the house or smashing the phone?" With a slight roll of his hips he slipped his nakedness along your backside, letting you feel the touch of him behind you as his body stirred and was soon pressing a little harder against your skin as he laid right there and lightly teased you with his motions. "You know me. Sometimes you have to be specific. Hehe."

Lisa chuckled. "Both." Responding to your touch, feeling your growing length pressing against her backside, she rolled her own hips, drawing the silky smooth flesh of her ass over your lap, each movement nudging your cock between her cheeks briefly before it slid back over the round peaks. The teasing gesture started her breathing somewhat harder and she reached back to cling to you, almost as though she wanted to pull you right into her, never close enough, always wanting more. Murmuring, she purred, "God, yes...So good..."

Zuriel rumbled softly in your ear from behind until the feeling of your yummy ass grinding back against him was too much to take. He slid over you and claimed you right then and there with his hand curling under your collar, his fingers cinched tight just to make sure you knew he was there. "You have no idea. In my mind I'm debating whether to tear you apart or show you how I make love..." His words were whispered to your ear as he pressed in tighter against that body. His arousal started to peak from being over you and the slow swell of him between your cheeks came to your senses as his other hand sneaked in and slowly lifted over your breast in a firm squeeze. "You are mine...and we both know who you belong to...now and forever." He brushed your hair aside with his lips, nipping your earlobe between his teeth briefly just so he could grind a little harder against your naked body. Savoring the soft caress of your skin, so inviting to his senses as he held you down and kept rolling his hips just enough to stir your heat.

Lisa grinned as you flipped her over until she felt your fingers snaking under her collar, then her eyes widen just a hint as her breath caught in her throat. That small gesture started her pussy throbbing and she groaned heatedly. "Both options are tempting, but if you keep teasing me the way you have been, I may just end up begging you to tear me apart because I won't be able to stand it any longer." Feeling your length now pressing insistently between her cheeks, she started to hump the ground, then pressing her ass upwards against you, driving your shaft in long, agonizing strokes between the soft flesh. Your hand at her breast drew a whimper from her lips, but the moment you spoke those words... oh, those sweet, delicious words...she lost it and gasped, trying to regain her breath as her head spun madly out of control. "Oh, Zuriel...Yes. Yes. Yes! I am yours forever. God help me, I am. You have claimed my heart...and my body...and my soul...and they are yours for the keeping."

Zuriel rumbled almost dangerously, the vibrato of a calm or angered predator in your ear; it was hard to tell aside from the fact that he was pushing right back down against your naked body from behind. "Then as mine...I could torment you endlessly until you beg me to let you cum." Even with the promise of those words he drifted to the side, pushing you over so his hand could slide down your bare belly and he sneaked in to kiss your lips. Nibbling them as his fingers drifted further and ever so lightly caressed your blushing lips that were moistened with your arousal showing just as much as his was. "I will deny you and give you everything you ever needed all in the same breath...every one of which you take for me." He dallied his middle finger right off your clit, getting a little gloss of your nectar on his finger before lifting his hand and smearing your lips with it. He devoured your mouth in a fiery kiss. holding you down like he owned every delicious inch of you as he shared a taste of his baby girl with his tongue sliding demandingly into your lips. His chest pressed to yours heavily, the weight of him holding you down as he teased your senses and that tongue swirled in your mouth to spread the flavor of your honey all over your tongue.

The sound of that rumbling emanating from your chest sent a jolt straight through her. Her breath hitched in her chest and she fought for a desperately-needed breath to clear her fogging mind as you spoke, those words echoing through her soul, wrapping around her mind, and penetrating her heart. Had she the desire, she would have had no will left to resist you. Like putty in your hands, she would do anything and everything you wanted, and would withhold nothing from you ever. Feeling as though she should reply, but having no words--nor the breath to speak them--she simply closed her eyes and gasped as your finger lightly, maddeningly teased over her glistening clit, the little bud peeking out from its hood from how aroused you'd gotten her. Tongue darting wildly in your mouth, she kissed you back, tasting the musky flavor of her nectar on your tongue and she shifted under you, needing to feel you on her and inside her. "Zuriel, please... I can't stand it anymore. Take me...please."

Zuriel smirked as he heard your words greet his ears, the single minded need in you coursing through every syllable he heard and he could not help but smile devilishly as he lifted his hand and two fingers curled between your thighs. Only the stroke of his fingers met your senses, playing just enough to make your clit swell from your hood even more as he rubbed and stroked it up and down while watching your face. "I don't think Daddy would approve of being asked like that...nor would your Master." Slowly his fingers slithered back down, parting your lips just enough to slide inside half way as his fingertips pressed upwards to that spot he knew so well inside you. "Now tell your Master how bad you need him like a proper slut should." Those fingers intentionally hovered over that spot, stroking in tight little circles as he watched your face or leaned down to tease your nipple with his teeth, and all the while he waited to hear you try and speak. The second your words started to form, he pressed harder, teasing your clit with his thumb, all on purpose to make your lips stumble in saying what your fogged brain was trying to convey. "I'm waiting..."

Lisa's legs splayed open to your probing fingers, her body writhing beneath you like a cat in heat. Every little touch, each subtle stroke made her body jump and twitch, your body over hers the only thing keeping her on the ground. Hips lifting, rocking, wanting so badly to coax your fingers deeper, she mewled in her throat in frustration, her liquid heat trickling down along her slit, she's already so aroused. Hearing your words, her stomach clenched and she gasped, shuddering. Trying to answer you, she went to speak, but the moment your fingers curl inside her, hitting her sweet spot, her shoulders slammed back onto the ground and her ass lifted right up off that blanket like she was going to fuck the sky. "Ah god!" Try as she might, she couldn't get out a complete sentence without crying out in pleasure or gasping for air as you pressed against that rough patch within her womb. "I....I...Ohhhh fuck, please....I can't...Arrgghhh!" She shuddered, her walls tightening around your fingers as she loses her grip and cums all over your hand. "Fuuuuuck!"

Zuriel was intent on making you wait as long as possible, but the instant you started humping his hand faster he raised a brow and watched you close. There was no denying this one, so he simply pushed his fingers in tightly and pressed them right over that spot without moving a single inch as you started riding out that orgasm on his hand. The scowl crept onto his lips and he locked eyes with you as that orgasmic high started to subside, sliding his hand free to push it right inside your mouth so he could speak without even giving you a chance to say anything. "Seems my bitch needs a little training to hold back when her Master is waiting to hear her beg." With a lilting growl edging from deep in his chest, he rose up and grabbed your hair in his big hand to pull your mouth right to his fat twitching cock. Shoving it in your mouth, he fucked your lips until you felt him slide down your throat. Even in the haze of your orgasm still shimmering through you, he pulled out and smacked your lips with his dick, the hand in your hair holding on as he spoke harshly. "No one told you to cum, so I might just have to make you take mine now and leave you quivering for the rest of the day like a bad girl." He didn't even wait for a reply; in fact if you tried, he just shoved it right in your mouth when you dared speak and cut off your words anyway, jacking your head up and down his throbbing shaft so he could watch it slide from your lips all glossy with the same saliva that was coating his flesh.

Still panting, her orgasm subsiding, she saw the look in your eyes and her own grew wide and wary, a small tremor passing through her as she realized she'd crossed a line she should not have crossed. Hoping to redeem herself and appease you, wanting nothing more than to assuage your anger with her, she started to explain how there was no helping what happened and that she had no way to stop it even if she'd wanted to, but she got no further than getting the word "I..." from her mouth before your hand grasped her hair and your cock filled her open mouth. The rest of her explanation was choked off and the only sound she made was "Unfph!" Sucking a breath through her nose, she opened her mouth as wide as she could to accommodate your girth, every inch that slipped past her lips spreading them wider until her nose was pressed hard against your pelvis. Her slick cum still trickled down her netherlips, coating her inner thighs as she shifted, and she groaned feeling like a fucking whore as she sucked your cock with a strong pull, drawing back until just the tip was left in her hot mouth. Slipping her hand under your balls, she tilted her eyes upwards to look at you and she saw you staring right back down at her, watching her work your cock like a pro. Her fingers stroked your balls, caressing the skin with a feather-light touch and her mouth slowly slipped back down the length of that delicious cock until you were once again lodged in her throat.

Zuriel would drop his hands now and then, letting you suck him right there on the towel like the slutty little whore he loved to abuse, but with no warning he would lift both hands and pump your mouth like a very angry mother fucker getting his dick sucked. Pointed teeth flashed between his lips with him snarling lightly as he fucked that mouth, forcing your jaw to stretch open wide so he could hear your gasping breaths from him shoving that fat tip right down your gullet until your nose was mashed firmly against his skin. The scent of him was heady, even with the feel of his hard dick jammed tightly between your lips, and he snatched your hair up in one hand to jerk that mouth up and down his angry-looking cock, red and fully taut between your lips. "I don't want to hear it. I told you what to say and you came instead." He jerked his cock free from your mouth, smacking it against your face with a wet thud each time it struck your cheek or forehead. "Make it cum and I might fuck your ass for doing a good job like my whore should." Even though he sounded angered, there was a slight grin crooked on his lips as he rubbed your whole face with your Master's cock so that the scent of him was all around every breath you inhaled. Shoving it back in those lips until his balls smacked your chin, he humped your mouth as he held on to your head, pumping you up and down his livid shaft, pulsing hotly in your lips. He gripped the back of your collar, pulling you up to smack those tits with his dick as he spoke, "You want to please me now...then make it cum and maybe I'll reward my little cum hungry slut."

Lisa sucked at your cock like the cum hungry slut that she was, wanting nothing more in the world than to please you. She worked her mouth up and down along your thick shaft and every time you grabbed her hair and fucked it like another pussy, she choked and gagged, working the saliva in her mouth so that every thrust slushed and squished around her full, red lips. When you gave her free rein, she wrapped her fingers around the base, stroking it rapidly so that she could use her mouth and tongue on the tip, sucking it like a babe at a tit, lapping her tongue over the slit at the tip to draw the precum into her mouth as though she were licking an ice cream cone. Groaning at the taste of you, she could not refrain from sucking you fully into her mouth again. Gripping your hip with her free hand, she used the leverage to pull herself as hard down on your cock as she could until her body jerked and she gagged with a cough. Smelling your scent all over her face, still feeling her spit and your precum drying on her face like the glaze on a donut, she slaps at your ass cheek without even thinking of the consequences, just wanting to force you to fuck her mouth harder.

Zuriel didn't have time to be impressed from the feel of your mouth on him as he looked down to watch you grab his cock with your hands, at those lips suckling him tightly. Even his girl felt him shudder when your tongue glanced over his cock slit, his hips bucking on pure impulse with no way to stave the feeling of that tongue making him twitch. With a blush creeping into his cheeks, he knew he just gave away one of his weaknesses to the hot little whore gagging on his dick. He jumped at the smack to his ass and those dropped hands lifted as the growl issued from his throat, that glazed face looking so pretty with his cock in your mouth that he just couldn't resist any longer. With another flick of your tongue along his tip, a little pearl of slick cum graced your taste buds as they caressed his shaft. He bit down on his lower lip to try and stop the building pressure in his balls, the pain just enough to regain some composure. He was fucking your pretty face hard enough that those heavy balls slapped wetly against your chin and every stroke of your mouth taking him in made those nuts raise and tighten a little more. "Now that's my good little...slave bitch...uuhhnnn...fuck!" He managed to reach down your back with a hard stinging slap to your ass, but he couldn't keep it up, so he laced his fingers in your hair again as that shaft started to jerk and bounce in your mouth and he tightened to try and hold back what was coming. His hand drifted down to the back of your neck, adding thrust to those lips lurching down his fat dick so they went all the way, and every pull buried your face against his pelvis. His breathing grew ragged, the pleased look on his face spreading when you looked up at him, and the sudden gasp that followed dropped his jaw before the first gooey rope splattered on your tongue. He jerked his arm tightly, pulling that mouth down so he could cum straight down your throat. "Nnngaaaahhh! F-fuck, fuck FUCK!" He held on long as he could, that hand only loosening as the last few spurts landed thick and tasty on your tongue and he focused on catching his breathing.

Lisa couldn't help but grin to herself noticing the way you reacted to her tongue lapping at the tip of your cock, filing it away in her memory for future use, ensuring to do what pleases you again and again. That stinging slap on her ass made her squeal around your cock, her back rising and falling in an undulating wave. As your pace quickened, she sucked harder, anxious for your cum. The jerk on her collar thrilled her, sending her heart trip-hammering, and she braced herself as she felt your cock swell and your body stiffen just before your warm sticky cum shot straight down her throat. She didn't even get a real taste of you until the stream died down, your cock coating her tongue with its last precious drops. She groaned and let you slip gently from her mouth as she swallowed what you'd left for her to taste, then turned her eyes up to you with a grin on her face. "I hope that made it up to you, Master."

Zuriel exhaled hotly, licking his lips to get himself composed after that, but hearing you speak to him after swallowing him down just made him grin. He pushed you down on the towel, throwing your legs wide so his glistening dick could rub against your lips after he pounced you. "Yes it did. Such a dirty cock sucker...I love it!" He chewed his cheek as he pushed down tighter, lifting your legs just enough that his tip glanced between your lips, and he dropped his hips to slide it inside your pussy. The feel after just cumming was enough to make him shiver like he had a motor running behind his balls, grunting as his overly sensitive cock slipped inside his gooey girl, still slick from all his rough treatment. "Mmmm... Master is nothing if not a man of his word. Let me reward you." Slowly he rolled his hips, just enough to make his cock grind up and down while it was all the way inside that juicy pussy. The longer he stayed inside and started to move, the more he could feel with his cock swelling full and tight again inside his mewling little girl. Only when the sensitivity died down did he start lifting his hips to drive the hardening length between your blushing wet lips. "Oh gods..."

Lisa thrilled at how you just manipulate her, not asking but just taking what you wanted to have and giving what you wanted to give. Never before had she been happier to give herself over so completely to someone, knowing that she was cared for and cared about, and she would do anything you asked, anything you demanded, to please you. Hardly able to contain herself as you hovered over her, teasing her still wet and aching cunt with your cock, she shifted and moved anxiously, breathing out the words, "Please, Master..." The sound is the sweetest thing you've heard all day and as your hips shifted, guiding your cock into her folds, she latched her legs around your waist, pulling you into her as though she would never let you leave her empty and craving you again. As soon as you began to move, rolling your hips and sliding into her depths only to draw back out again, her breath hitched and she began to whimper and moan, arms wrapping around you to cling to you as though she feared you would leave her wanting again. Her lips murmured your name against your ear, like the caress of a dove "Zuriel..."

Zuriel would have just melted at the words he had waited to hear--the way they hit his senses was enough to drive him crazy, let alone the feel of your legs wrapping around him tightly like you never wanted him to slide out of you ever again. He couldn't--just couldn't--remain still, even with your heels against his ass. Those legs pulling him in brought that shaft to vibrant life again inside your cunt so keenly, you felt his heart skip a beat through the thick girth stretching you open like you were made just for him. Lips kissed and teeth nipped, tugging at your lower lip until he slid to the side and you felt the sharp bite of fangs press against your flesh, marking you as his. Sucking down the little crimson that trickled from your flesh, he left two neat marks right under the collar he'd locked on you to claim you forever, now giving you yet another mark to show that you belonged to only him. He lifted just enough that you felt his teeth leave your skin with a warm trickle of your blood running along your neck and shoulder, bracing himself over you to slowly start rocking harder and faster. The entire length of his shaft massaged your folds, claiming that cunt for his delight and those swaying balls clapped heavy against your naked ass. "Mine...Lisa...all mine...forever..." His chest mashed tightly over your tits, feeling your hard nipples graze and dig into his skin with every swirl and roll of his hips. He stirred that pussy up all over again but this time gave you the proper reward for being his sexy little slut, fucking you with a building fever rushing through his hips as he stuffed that dick deep.

Lisa's eyes roll back into her head as she groaned...oh god, how she groaned at the feel of you biting and tugging at her lips, but then--dear sweet Jesus--you bit her neck and she fucking lost her mind. The sharp, aching pierce through her skin; the erotic suckling of your mouth; the sweet sting in her neck grabbed hold of her sanity and dragged her down and down into the folds of sweet oblivion. Fearing she would never catch her breath again, she gasped, gasped, gasped until the air filled her lungs and she let it all out in the loudest cry she'd let loose in your time together. Her legs cinched around you like a vice and her back arched so hard that she actually lifted you momentarily with her chest. Head thrown back, she wailed and you could feel her pussy tighten around your cock so hard she nearly cut off the blood supply. "Oh FUCK! Fuck fuck fuck! Zuriel! Oh god, yes!!!" She thrashed in your grip, her hips pumping so hard against you that your balls slapped against her ass over and over as she rode her climax out on your cock. Her cum flooded from her, spilling over your shaft and down her ass, soaking the towel beneath you both, and still she cried out as you continued to plunge into her. "God, yes... Yours... Now. Always. Forever, yours..."

Zuriel licked along those marks in your neck, purring like a great beast over you. Breathing hard as he felt you thrashing under him like some crazed woman gone nuts in the throes of that orgasm hitting you so fucking hard he was lifted from your body in mid stroke. There was no way to explain the flood gushing around him with the way you squeezed his shaft with your pulsing walls, the muscles tightening around his thick cock as it drove inside you without pause. He fought through that rise of your body, mauling you down with just his chest and hips driving you to the towel. Only when the whimpers from your lips met his ears did he curl his body down, the great expanse of him rising as his chest lifted and hands coursed down your thighs, grabbing your legs to lift them up as his face went down and teeth nipped at your skin. Biting along your inner thigh when the swift motion raised your legs over his shoulders, he took that juicy cunt deeper like he was trying to keep you cumming over his cock for being such a naughty good bitch. He scooted in closer, the tighter press of him just rocking your pussy back and forth with a few inches of his cock. Planting his hands and holding you down tightly, he suddenly broke into a wild tumult of motion, the wet sounds over skin slapping echoing across the water while he fucked you with that growing need running through his shaft as it battered your body. "More...I want...to fuck you unconscious!" Gritting his teeth the burst of quick shoves arose again, falling back to that sliding need when he couldn't keep it up forever. His silvered eyes watched your face, looking right through your soul. "More..."

Her stomach twisted at the sound of your growling, thinking you like some wild animal, and she thrilled at the danger and excitement of it. As you pin her down, draping her legs over your shoulders, she used the leverage to lift her ass off the ground and spread her thighs wide, giving you the access you need to plunge into her deeper and fill her cunt completely with your thick cock. Head thrashing back and fourth, she gasped and cried out, trying desperately to focus on your face, but unable to stay focused on anything but the point where both of you connected as one. Your words slammed into her and she jerked at the thought, wanting everything you have to give her. "All of it...everything I have...is yours. Take it all and then take more...It is yours, Zuriel."

Zuriel furrowed his brows as he felt you try to open up for him. His head shook and with a gruff rumble he pulled out and threw that body down to the towel before crawling over you from behind. "Time for my dream to come true..." He didn't even wait for a response, with a shove he slammed back down inside that cunt to the hilt and the new position let him deep stroke that pussy with his entire cock pulling back. The weight of him clapped hard against your ass and he grit his teeth through a smile at the feeling of you lift that body up to meet his thrusts jamming your pussy hard. Sweat kissed skin smacked together louder as he leaned forward on his hands and started hammering that slit like some beast let loose and you were it's first victim. Panting hotly behind your head, every driving stroke of that dick spreading you open made it swell hotter, and the feel of your Master widening inside that cunt stirred your senses. His actions forced lines of your juices to come dragging out with his shaft, only to snap from the friction of him plunging that dick inside you faster. "Lisa... Nnnn... f-fuck!" His eyes closed and the wrack of his body pelting your ass started coming harder.

Lisa's chest mashed to the ground as your weight pressed her down. Her face buried in the towel, gripped between her teeth to stifle the cries you forced from her as your cock plunged into her folds once more, hard and heavy. Panting, nearly exhausted from the continued onslaught to her raw pussy, she ground back against you, barely able to do anything more than lift her hips to match your thrusts. All she could think about was how incredible you made her feel, how every cell in her body came to life when you touched her, when you made her cum. Your sweet little whore, your pet, your toy, your slave, your love--she is everything to you as you are everything to her--and with that realization, she gasped, going rigid beneath you just as another climax exploded from within, shooting through her limbs as though she had been struck by lightning. "Ahhhhh god!" Her head spun and blackness crossed her vision. For a moment she feared your wish just may have come true and that she may, indeed blackout, but your pistoning shaft pushed her climax on and she clawed at the towel, twisting it in her grip just as tight as her cunt gripped your cock inside her.

Zuriel lost all sense of himself; all that remained was the constant slam of that cock inside your tightening walls hugging his dick. His eyes clasped closed at the rush of you biting the towel like someone could hear us, as if he gave a fuck if anyone even was close by. He shifted higher over that ass and pounded your pussy straight down with the swelling expanse of his cock, shoving your hips down to the towel again and again. The clench of those muscles fluttering around him in ecstasy just drove him further to the edge, growling as he railed that cunt like a madman. Every shove jammed your rising ass back down under the beating of that cock, leveling you to the ground. His eyes rolled back in his head, his shaft swollen so much it felt like it would explode from the pressure, and he bucked, "AHHHHH HOLY...NNNGH!" He couldn't even finish his thought; the blinding light in his eyes flashed as his dick started spraying that pussy full of thick cream, flooding you like a molten gout of lava pouring inside you. The wet sounds of us colliding slowly started to die down with him shaking behind your supple cheeks as he lowered a final time and stayed inside you, his tip oozing that liquid heat to mingle with your own. Holding you down on purpose, not letting you lift an inch, he hisses out, "Sssstay down...Don't...move..."

Lisa's climax didn't stop--it, just kept flowing on and on through her body like a current traveling a live wire, and the moment she felt you grow inside her, your cum spraying her walls and filling her so that she actually felt it sloshing inside her, she cried out one final time, that current jolting her system and awakening every nerve in her body. Panting for air, feeling weak and dizzy, she started to shift from under you, only to feel you pressing your weight down on top of her and pinning her beneath you. Your words, simple as they may have been, grabbed her mind and she let out the tiniest whimper. Obeying, she lay still, feeling your shaft still inside her throbbing and softening. "Yes, Master."

Zuriel exhaled hard, just trying to recover from the mind-shattering orgasm. His dick was too sensitive right now, so he dared not even pull out as he held you down and listened to that whimper. He managed a slow smile, staying hips-to-ass while his cock softened enough for him to pull out with another gasp and a wince. He slumped to the side, breathing hard as he laid there trying to still the fire in his lungs...and realizing exactly how long he had been fucking you. "Gods...I went a little overboard...hff..."

Lisa giggles softly, completely sated and loving just being able to lie with you as we both rested, catching our breath. Looking up into your eyes, she teases you, "Well, your goal was to make me pass out. I think you damn near accomplished that. I don't know that I've ever gone for so long...but I loved every fucking minute of it."

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