Our First Time Together


My role play in the past, back when I first started playing Second Life eight years ago, had been something along the lines of: grabs his cock "Does this feel good, baby?". I like to think that as Z and I have role played over these last few months, my skills have improved immensely. He's been an avid role player for over 20 years, and I've learned a lot from him. The earlier role plays haven't been edited. I didn't start doing that until about a month or so later when I realized a) just how many we were creating, and b) just how amazing they would read as a story of sorts. I just haven't bothered to go back to the older ones because I have too many to do with the current ones. Maybe one of these days I'll go back and fix them up, but until then please bear with the tenses changing and the I/you's vs. he/she's. I also hadn't started taking photos of our role play yet, so the first few stories are strictly text.

Zuriel and I had met each other around seven or eight years ago, back when we'd both first started playing SL. At the time we were acquaintances--he was a friend's boy friend. We'd lost touch as I'd stopped playing for a few years and then this July we were reacquainted through a mutual friend. Needless to say I felt like an awkward, shy teenager again, but it was amazing finally getting to experience one another after all this time. There was a considerable amount of random chit chat that lead up to our role play, but I'd finally admitted that I felt intimidated being around him...like I wouldn't be up to par. He teased me about it, so I smacked him in the chest and then...

Our First Time

Zuriel Bedlam winces and ruffles your lovely hair. "Smack my chest will ya?"

Lisa Languish sighs softly and slips more comfortably into your embrace, lightly tracing her fingers over the ridges of your chest. "Mmm yes... You deserved it."

Zuriel smiles and runs his fingers down the small of your back, lightly teasing your spine. "Well I suppose, but I'm still smiling over the intimidation thing. Hehe..."

Lisa chuckles again softly, shaking her head with a grin. The light touch of your fingers on her spine made her quiver, her body jumping slightly, pressing her more closely against you. She chews her bottom lip and looks up at you, trying to read your eyes. "Yes, well.. I'm sure I'll get over that eventually. Just be gentle with me," she purrs with a smirk.

Zuriel raises a brow and looks down in your eyes, silvered hues searching even as he hooked his thumb in the string of your bikini and gave a little tug. "Gentle...?"

Lisa Languish lets out a small gasp, shifting her hips against the slight strain on her bikini, "Well... maybe not so gentle..." She moves herself so that she is positioned slightly over you, looking into your eyes, her lips close enough that you can feel her breath on your mouth.

Zuriel smiles as his thumb unhooks and his hand slides up your body, fingers finding the strings to your top which were grasped and tugged until the fabric loosened. "Somehow gentle doesn't suit what got you all hot and bothered don't you think?" Lifting his head just enough, catching your lips in a kiss that turned into a suckle of your lower lip.

Lisa closes her eyes, reveling in the feel of your mouth tugging at her lip. A small moan escapes her and she slips even further atop you, her thigh slipping over your waist, her core pressing urgently against your hip. "Mmm no... no, gentle does nothing for me. I'm... not sure why I said that."

Zuriel grins as he pulls your top away, exposing skin to his sight before he let you hold him down for the briefest of moments. "Good, because we both know you're denying yourself if we make this all lovey..." With a grunt he rolled over, pushing you down as his hand drew along your belly before sliding between those thighs so his fingers could stroke firmly over your clothed slit.

Lisa lets loose a muffled grunt as you reposition her beneath you, her soft breasts rolling heavily, the nipples pearling with arousal. The touch of your fingers between her legs draws the most sultry of sighs from her, and her legs splay open, inviting you to explore her fully. "God, yes... please..."

Zuriel rumbled like an animal about to feast as his head lowered and lips parted, catching your pearled nipple between his teeth for the slightest pinch before lips suckled softly and the pressure tightened around that bud trapped in his lips. His hands teased, sliding fingertips down and back up in a slow glide of those digits teasing your senses. Looking up at you with your nipple in his mouth and his hand lifting to curl into your bikini so his fingers could feel your heat growing between those yummy thighs.

Lisa moans through pursed lips, bursting into a cry of pleasure as her fingers snake through your hair, taking a firm grip, holding you tight to her chest. "Oh god, Zuriel. Don't stop. That feels amazing." She pants, her breath nearly stolen from her lungs as your expert fingers tease and toy with her engorged netherlips. Her hips lift as though on their own accord, trying desperately to feel you everywhere on her aching pussy.

Zuriel let you hold him by the hair to keep his lips pressed to your breast, sucking harder at that nipple he kept trapped in his lips while those fingers snaked and played over your lips. The swell of his hand pushing your bikini out of his way before his middle finger danced and ground firmly against your hot little clit. Rolling the fingertip in smooth circles, waiting til you bucked those hips on pure impulse before his teeth bit your trapped nipple a little harder just to spike it with a bit of pain during that pleasure. He popped your nipple from his mouth, looking up at your face as his hand pushed down harder, two thick fingers delving inside that pussy as he watched your face. "I could be cruel and make you cum just like this and not even give you my cock..." The sly smirk on his lips with him staring at your face told you he was deadly serious.

Lisa's body writhes, her chest lifting, back arching, hips gyrating to meet your every touch, to give more, to take more, the desire to have you taking over all rational thought. Her fingers grasp and thread through your hair desperately, her moans drifting through the warm summer air. At your words, her eyes fly open in a panic, and she grasps your jaw with her other hand, looking down at your face, "Oh please, no... I need it. I need YOU inside me, Zuriel. Please don't deny me that pleasure."

Zuriel lifts his hand from between your thighs, letting you watch him take a taste of you from his fingers and the smile returned to his face. "Heh..." Steely fingers coiled and jerked your bikini down, crawling between your thighs as his tongue flickered up and battered your clit with his tip sliding side to side before the long slide of his tongue curled under your clit and helped pull it between his lips. He didn't even look back in your eyes, purring so the vibrations coursed through you and his lips squeezing that tender swelling button as his tongue circled your clit caught in his mouth. Hands rising along your sides, pushing that hair out of his way while he licked your pussy and teased his fingertips over your perked nipples.

Lisa moans at the feel of your velvety tongue coiling around her clit. Her leg lifts, heel resting against your shoulder as she uses it for leverage to lift her hips, pressing herself against you, needing to feel your tongue delving into her sweet, wet pussy. She slides along the dock, pulling her arched back taut, her breasts thrust high into the air as your fingers tease the nipples into rigid peaks. "Oh god, Z... you are amazing."

Zuriel growls low as his hands clasp suddenly at your hips, driving your ass back to the dock so his head could rush and that tongue assaulted your clit relentlessly. Licking, slurping and sucking at that tender little button, mashing, clasping and kissing it with his lips as he held you down and forced you to take every flicker without even being able to lift and move against his face. His brow raised as he looked up at you writhing in front of him, letting you see his tongue slithering like a serpents up and down before he suddenly plunged it inside that pussy and his whole head started rocking back and forth. Tongue fucking your slippery folds, making you take it all to the root of his tongue curling deep as humanly possible with his nose brushing your clit each time he slid that tongue inside and the tip curled up to stroke over that spot so many men had trouble finding. His tongue however was a heat seeking muscle, finding it easily with a press of his tongue tip rolling over that spot every time he pulled it back and pushed it inside. "Mmmmnnh..."

Lisa lets out cry after cry of pleasure, her hands greedily grasping at your hair, stroking your head, unable to pull away from the assault on her swollen, sensitive bud. Feet now planted firmly on the dock, she uses the leverage to push into you instead, resisting the fight and taking all you are willing to give. Her body trembles as she feels her first orgasm build, coiling in her womb and spiraling outward through her arms and legs. She gasps, holding her breath as it consumes her, exploding in a cry that echoes over the water. Your expert tongue rakes over her most sensitive spot and it sends her reeling once more. Her thighs close against your head as she convulses, barely able to keep herself open to you.

Zuriel pulls back but only enough his hands lifted and curled against your knees to force your thighs open. Making you spread with his strength holding you wide so his tongue could lift back and glide over your clit in a slow slither back behind his lips. He pursed them and blew against your clit after that orgasm, making you feel the warm rush wafting over your swollen clit. "Mmm, already cumming and I haven't even put my cock inside you yet...heh." He lifted, crawling out of his trunks slowly even as his head dropped back down to peck little kisses over your sensitive clit. Barely grazing his tongue over that hot little bit of flesh wanting nothing more than his attentions. Slowly he rose, letting his trunks fall from his body as his hand lowered once more to stroke and play along your lips.

Lisa's body jumps, convulsing every so lightly with every touch, every breath on her overly sensitive clit. The stroke of your fingers over her engorged pussy lips drawing heated moans from her mouth, her hands roaming up her stomach to her breasts, kneading and toying with them as toy with her pussy. Lifting her head to gaze at you, watching your trunks fall to the dock, she gasps, taking in your form, her tongue snaking out to trace over her lips as she eyes your thick cock, her lust stirring her need for you.

Zuriel was almost expecting a come back from his words but instead he got a lustful look of her taking in the sight of him naked, scooting in closer he tapped his fat tip against that clit and grinned devilishly down at the lovely girl before him. "Well no time like the present then to just enjoy it..." With his hand holding the base of his cock he dropped it lower, suddenly spreading those lips with his thick head parting your folds before he hitched his hips and drove halfway inside. The tightness gripping him made his teeth clench, dropping to the dock hard as his hands caught him but his chest still pressed hard against those breasts as his hips rocked on pure impulse. He leaned aside just a little, catching your neck with his teeth when his hips suddenly rocked harder and surged his whole cock inside that aching pussy still twitching from his tongue taking you over the edge once already. Breathing heavier as he started fucking that slippery pussy, taking it all the way so his heavy balls slapped against your naked ass. "Uhhhn...fuck...tight!"

"Oh dear sweet god!" As if the teasing of your cock at her entrance wan't enough to make her head spin wildly, the feel of your thick, hard shaft spreading her wide, gliding into her, filling her so completely was nearly enough to make her see stars. Her fingers grasp at your strong arms, nails biting to the flesh, and she arches her back to angle her hips, thrusting herself down onto your cock. Her wet core envelops you, gripping tightly, drawing you in and caressing your shaft in her warm wet folds. Lisa mewls in her throat, your teeth at her neck sending chills down her spine. "Oh god, Zuriel.. So good... I never knew you would be so amazing."

Zuriel growled at nails in his skin, the pain from them only seemed to turn him on even more as his hips bucked and that cock slammed to the deepest part of that achingly wet pussy hugging around his shaft plunging in. He reeled back and drove inside all the way, his body coming to life as he started fucking that eager pussy with all of his weight rolling through his hips sending that thick cock to the base every thrust. His teeth smoothed away by lips kissing your neck with a hunger that drove him harder between your thighs, battering down against your rising hips trying to take even more of him inside as the beast awoke and started ramming that fat dick inside your pussy. Bucking hard enough those wrapped legs of yours lifted, heels smacking his flexing ass with every pump of his body taking you deeper and deeper. "Oh fuck Lisa...nnnn gods so damn tight!" His teeth clasped tightly, breathing harder into your neck as he fucked that wet pussy faster.

Every deep thrust forces a gasp from her lips, her breaths short and ragged, fueled by her heightening desire for you, for her need of you to take her, consume her, and bring her over the edge of bliss with you. Her long, shapely legs snake around your hips, pulling you tight, lifting her body firmly against you, barely allowing you to withdraw from her pussy, keeping your thrusts deep and tight. Her hands slide up from your arms to your shoulders, smoothing over the ridges of your shoulder blades. She cries out once again as you thrust deep inside her, and her nails rake across your back, breaking the skin in some places. "Ohhh god... Zuriel. Take it... take it all. Make me cum all over your cock. I... Oh god, I need to cum!"

Zuriel grits his teeth as those legs grab him and hold, making his strokes stay deep and giving him little room to move. "Gah, you little..." Narrowing his eyes as the close hold of those sexy legs prevents him from long-stroking that succulent pussy, so he planted his hands hard to the dock and used what he had. The sudden hold from your legs giving him no room to move so he had to throw it all in his hips, just the last few inches of his cock strumming your pussy as the whole of him pistoned fast and furious from the way you clasped him to you with those legs holding him tight. "That's it...I'm gonna make this pussy explode!" Yelling through clenched teeth as he sped his body up into a machine gun rythym pounding your hot little pussy without a single shred of remorse. Jarring you against the dock like a damn plaything as he rolled his hips harder and battered your body with all the subtlety of a jack hammer mauling concrete. Looking right down in your eyes from the way you were holding him inside, only giving him room enough to make that pussy squish and slurk with wet noises as his cock plowed through your folds like a madman trying to fuck you through the godsdamned dock. Zuriel nudged your head with his chin. "Look at me dammit...I wanna see your eyes when you cum...don't you dare fucking close your eyes or I'll get up right fucking now and leave you here writhing!"

Lisa chews her bottom lip, her whimpers building, rising in pitch until they turn into cries of pure bliss filling the night. Her legs tighten like a vise around your waist, fingers having drawn across your back to your shoulders, holding on for dear life as you assault her overly sensitive pussy. The sounds of her arousal mix with her cries, the warm liquids seeping down from her core to trickle over her ass, pooling on the boards beneath her. Her eyes close tightly as she focuses on the feel of you filling her, pounding into her, pushing her closer and closer to the edge of euphoria, but as she feels you nudging at her with your chin and hears your words growled in her ear, she shivers in terrified delight, her eyes opening wide to look straight into yours. The sight sends her completely over the edge and she lets out her cry, her hips bucking wildly against you, her pussy tightening around your shaft deep inside her. "Oh my dear god, Z! Oh fuck yes! Please... don't stop. Oh god I'm cumming so hard!"

Zuriel growls with a hard pull from your legs, straddling one in a rush as he lifts the other to let him stroke his whole cock through those quaking folds clamped around his invading dick. Not letting up one second as he felt your pussy clamp and spasm, turning up the heat by getting more room to move as he looked down in your eyes as he fucked that pussy with a reckless need running through his hips belting out hard to slam that cock inside your quivering pussy like some godsforsaken beast sent to breed. Pinning you down just long enough to let you ride out that orgasm on his cock pounding you without any remorse at all with teeth clenched tightly through barely parted lips. Slowing down to savor every pulse and twitch of your pussy holding his shaft tightly as he rocked slower and slower. "Oh gods...fuuuuck....!" Panting softly he barely gave you time to recover before throwing you face down on the docks and stuffed his cock back inside you to the hilt. "My turn!" Zuriel snatched hold of those hips and jerked you up on your hands and knees, the wild assault on that pussy coming back in full force with his dick railing that slippery hole with all the brazen desire rushing through his pumping hips slamming that pussy with the force of a freight train. Holding your hips tightly he jerked you back over his throbbing dick, driving his body forward at the same time so our clapping skin drowned out even your loudest screams with him behind you hammering that slit like a maniac.

Lisa pants, barely able to catch her breath, stumbling onto her hands and knees as you roughly maneuverer her into a more suitable position for your pleasure. She grunts and braces herself against the rough boards beneath her hands, her body rocking wildly driven by every deep thrust of your cock into her wet core. Breasts swaying, her hair falling into her face, she turns to flip it from her view, casting sultry looks over her shoulder. The sight of you rutting her like an animal draws another heated groan from her lips and she closes her eyes to focus on the sensation of your hard shaft pistioning in and out of her slick hole.

Zuriel reached out and grabbed your long hair like a fuck handle, tugging back to arch that body like he was using reigns on a beast with his fat dick pummeling your body without remorse. His thick shaft throbbed and swelled thicker, so damn fat he was stirring your pussy in ways you had fucking forgotten were even possible and the tremors of your last orgasm played out along his shaft drilling you non stop with the sudden lustful need rolling through him so fiercely there was no more denying what he wanted. Only giving you the briefest glimpse of him before his hand in your hair tugged firmly to keep your head tossed back and ass perked in the air from him fucking you so hard your knees kept leaving the boards under our flailing bodies. The heated slams of him driving balls fucking deep slapped your clit with hardly a space of a second between claps of heavy nuts smacking harder with the building pressure rocking out along his cock in a sudden spurt of heat that made him gasp and go wide eyed. "Oh SHIIIITAAAHHHHH!" He snapped his eyes shut, holding your hair tightly in one big hand as he pumped line after line of hot steamy cum inside that quaking pussy milking him of every drop. Flooding your pussy so deeply a gout of cum spurted from under his hard cock to dribble along your clit in a thinning line that splattered the dock beneath us. "Mother fuuuckerrrrr...nnnnnGGh!"

"Ahhh god!" Unable to stop the cry from exploding out of her, she nearly collapses, feeling you swell, your hot cum shooting deep in her womb, coating her walls, only your grip on her hair keeping her upright. Her nails scrape across the rough wooden planks leaving grooves in their wake. Barely having recovered from her last orgasm, plus the feel of you releasing inside her, the sounds of your grunts, your cries of pleasure, and knowing she brought you to this point sends her over the edge again and she gasps, her breath caught for a moment, only to cry out again, her body trembling violently as her climax rips through her body. "Ohhh fuck Z... Arrghhhh god......!"

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