Payback Time


Vixxen goes back to the bar seeking out Zuriel after several nights of trying to deny her desire to see him again. This time Zuriel turns the tables and Vixxen gets her first glimpse of the wolf that lies beneath his surface, yet she still remains ignorant of his true nature...

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Payback Time

Zuriel Bedlam had been muddled for days after that night at Joe's. He had to pay to replace the felt on the pool table, but considering the memory he walked away with, it was a small price for such a damn good time. The funny thing was now he was coming in here more often, especially over the last few days, hoping to catch a glimpse of her once more if nothing else. Maybe his wits were not with him that night, but she left him after just teasing him ragged and in the back of his mind he just knew he was going to have to do something about that desire still jumbling around in his head. Since he told his story to Joe, however, the owner had offered to help him out, but only they knew what that help entailed. It was another slow afternoon and he liked it that way, drinking a Coke as he sat there remembering the scene by the pool table, blissfully unaware of anything else for the moment.

Vixxen Rainbow had had Zuriel on her mind every night since she'd met him. Usually she met a guy, had some fun, and moved on. No strings, not commitments, but this one... She just couldn't stop thinking about him. She wanted more. She fought it at first, even going so far as to avoid going back to the place they'd met, but finally she couldn't stand it any longer, so she donned the hottest dress she owned and went back to Joe's in hopes of finding him there. She wasn't disappointed. As she strode through the door, she caught sight of him sitting at the bar. She chided herself mentally when her heart leaped into her throat, taking a deep breath to regain her composure. Trying to act nonchalant, she strode up to the bar, cigarette dangling from her fingers. She was dressed to kill tonight, nearly half naked in her mesh dress, only pasties covering the bits of her not meant for public viewing. She intended to knock him right off his feet again, so she stepped up behind him, her high heels clacking on the wooden floor as she crossed the distance. Before he even turned to see who was behind him, she leaned in, her lips barely brushing against his ear, and spoke, "Come back to find me, did you?" She knew that it was really she who came back to find him, but she wasn't about to let him know that. Let him think she had the upper hand.

Zuriel nearly jumped and sputtered a bit of soda at the voice in his ear. She came up on him totally quiet until the last few feet. Her heels clacking on the floor gave him a slight warning at what was coming, but when he turned around to look, his eyes went wide. His jaw dropped as he looked her up and down and the mere sight of her had him shifting on his seat with something in his pants already growing stiffer from just the way she looked. What was it about her? Her looks? Her charm? Or just that balls-to-the-wall attitude? He couldn't even hope to figure it out. He loved his submissive women, but this one was...slightly dangerous maybe. And that prospect thrilled him--maybe even made him a bit cautious in not wanting to drive her away with his bull-headed self. He swiveled out of the stool and stood, making sure to step closer and get a good, long look of her all dressed to kill and then some. He swallowed to wet his mouth before even trying a line. "Uhh, yeah. I have been coming back every night since we met...Vixxen."  He spoke her name like he was tasting it, mentally putting their names together to see how they sounded in his head while he looked back at her with that same almost-sly grin. "But it also looks like I'm not the only one who came looking for someone they'd met in a bar." He stepped in closer; not enough to pin her in, but just enough to make sure she wasn't going anywhere without brushing past him in her path.

Vixxen felt like a damned fool when her cheeks heated at his implication that she'd come looking for him, too. She took great pains to hide her feeling and her intentions from others, and yet here he'd just read her like an open book. Trying to cover her blunder, she looked askance and waved her hand as if it were nothing. "Oh this? I had nothing else to wear, is all..." She left the argument hanging, weak and pathetic. When he said nothing, she drew a deep breath and looked back at him as he honed in on her like some beast trying to keep its prey from escaping. Her eyebrow arched as though asking him what he thought he was doing, but she didn't speak, simply lifting her cigarette to her lips and taking a long pull around her smirk. Exhaling, her lips pursed to the side so as not to blow smoke right into his face---god, he was dangerously, excitably close--and she purred out in reply to his confession, "Every night, eh? Wanted another taste of Vixxy, did you Z?" Running her tongue over her teeth, she drew her eyes down the front of him, stopping at the bulge in his pants, knowing full well that her plan to knock him off his feet was already working.

Zuriel tried to look calm, but he had to be failing. She was already looking him up and down, knowing full well she had his attention, and he was struggling in his mind to not just throw her up on the bar and take that taste she was teasing about. He had to visibly inhale and let out a breath. He was already steaming from the heat she was making him feel, but no matter what was going through his head, his eyes did not tear away from the sight of her standing there dressed like a bad-ass but still so succulent hot that it hurt his eyes to keep looking. Instead of his usual throw-her-around-and-take-it approach, he nodded at her question, thinking perhaps honesty might serve him better here rather than caveman tactics. "Yeah, I do..." He left the past tense out of his words on purpose, giving her ample time to figure out she was exactly what he was hungry for. "I asked everyone I met over the past few days, and not many even knew who you were. It was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, so I just kept coming in...hoping I would see you."  He slid his hands into his pockets to keep resisting the urge (fuck, he just wanted to take her) but this one might hurt him--or worse--if he did that. Besides, he didn't want to scare her off or make her think he was just a jerk. Even the way she smoked was hot, and he found himself a little jealous of that cigarette for a few moments. There had to be something here though; she did dress up and come here looking for him, just as he had started doing in his search to find her.

Not wanting to appear intimidated by his proximity, she stepped in even closer to him so that she was scant inches away. As tall as she was, even in heels, she still barely came up to his chin, so she had to turn her head to look up at him. Standing so close, she could feel his breath as he looked down at her, the sweet linger of soda clinging to his lips, and she nipped her own, resisting the urge to kiss him and taste it. Instead, she put her index finger to his bare chest between the folds of his open shirt and dragged her nail down the center, over his navel, catching it on the hem of his jeans. "Well, now you see me... So where do we go from here?" Drawing her finger away, she crooked it at the knuckle, ensuring that she playfully tugged at his jeans when she withdrew the digit, returning her hand to a cocked hip as she watched him smugly.

Zuriel still fought his impulses as her finger trailed down his chest, passing his navel until she hooked that finger in his jeans and gave them a tug. He chewed his lower lip as his eyes followed her hand and slowly lifted up along her body all the way to that lovely face.  He fished his hand in one pocket and, with a grin on his lips, dangled what looked like a set of keys from his fingers. "Oh, I think I know where we can go from here." He reached out and took hold of her wrist, turning to walk around the bar and up the steps towards the office door. She discovered what the keys were for when he unlocked it and went inside before pulling her along after him. He was drunk on her being so close, and now that she was alone with him in the office, he closed the door behind them. "I think a little more private time is preferred over giving any yokel that walks in a chance to watch what's about to happen." He smirked as he turned his attentions back to her and came in suddenly, putting her sexy ass right against the edge of the desktop as he slipped in closer and nipped that ring adorning her lower lip. Drawing her into a slow kiss like he was trying to memorize the taste of her on his tongue, the muscle slithered past her lips to dance seductively against her own. The taste of him was fresh with a hint of sweet from his drink still edging his tongue as he kissed her right there. Gods, he was so used to just hooking up and leaving, but after the way she left him, he had to play his cards right. She was actually making him unsure about his tactics ever since she first pushed him against the pool table a few nights ago.

Vixxen damn near yanked her arm away when he grabbed her wrist to lead her like a dog on a leash, but she ground her teeth and complied--she wanted him that much. She followed behind him around the corner and up the ramp, ample hips swaying, the cheek of her ass that was not covered by anything more than netting clenching and bouncing with each long stride she took. She was so impatient to have him again that as he jangled the keys to unlock the office door, she had to resist the urge to just kick the damn thing in. Instead, she shifted from foot to foot impatiently, a sly grin spreading over her lips when the door swung open. He'd let go of her wrist to open the door, but she needed no urging to enter. She followed him in like a homing beacon. Her eyes wandered the room briefly, taking in the sights of a part of the bar she'd never seen before, turning her attention back to him only as she heard the door shut and the lock click into place. She regarded him, her head tilted, a smile lilted on her face as he approached. Edging back towards the desk as he closed in on her, she watched his eyes, seeing the arousal, yes, but there was a hint of something else there, smoldering... Almost...anger? Perhaps annoyance? She had to bite down on her lip to stop the bark of laughter that threatened to come out when she realized he was still angry for her having left him so abruptly a few days ago, but the idea tickled her in a sadistic way, knowing how confounded she'd left him. So much so that he came back night after night to find her again. When he finally kissed her, her head immediately swam and all the reasons she'd thought about him for countless hours over the last several days came flooding back to her and she could not stop her moan from pouring into his mouth.

Zuriel could not stop himself now that they were alone. He was more than on autopilot with his hands sliding down her body to yank her from the desk and sweep her up in his arms, kissing those lips hungrily, like he was on fire and she was the only thing that could quench that heat blistering his flesh for more of her as he held her against him. But there was something else--a sense of urgency in his every move pulling her tight to his chest with one hand groping her ass firmly--and with a pull of his lips from hers, he slung his free hand across the desk top and threw her down on it. She may not have been dainty, but he was handling her like she was barely a rag doll and she knew it was only because she got him so riled the previous time that he was thirsty for so much more than those yummy breasts. He didn't hold her down, but his hand did slide between those thighs, pressing in to stroke and rub her with the length of his fingers grinding up and down her slit as she was perched on the desk for him to enjoy. His eyes flickered, if it was even possible. They were still bright, but with her on the desk top and his hand between her legs, she realized his eyes were shimmering as he toyed with her in what seemed to be a rush. "I owe you for that first night, by the way..." He grinned down at her before he shrugged out of his jacket and let her get a look at his bare chest mere inches away while he stroked her little pussy with his hand.

God, she melted into that kiss. His lips were like a drug and she was already addicted. The edge of the desk bit into her cheeks as he backed her against them, but she paid it no heed, consumed as she was by his tongue dancing in her mouth. She kissed him back just as hungrily, just as greedily, giving and taking, never getting enough. When he pulled her against his large form, the hardness of his body meshed to the softness of hers, and she damn near leaped into his arms to wrap her legs around him. But even before the thought left her mind, she found herself being tossed back onto the desk. "What the fuck..?" was all she managed to get out before he was towering over her. Bracing herself on her arms as though she were ready to hop right back off that desk, she paused, feeling his hand slip up between her parted legs. Any thoughts of resisting fled her mind the instant his fingers brushed over her pussy lips. She gave a little shudder of pleasure and, turning her head to look up at him, saw those silvered eyes shimmering. What the hell..? She blinked, dismissing what she'd seen as her own eyes playing tricks on her, closing them so that she could focus on his toying with her cunt, instead. "Mmm... God, yes. I love how you touch me, Z. Play with that pussy, baby."

Zuriel had to get it good and wet before he could plunder what he wanted. Those fingers curled tightly against her lips and parted just enough to frame her clit for the slight pinch of his fingers clasping closed over her little button. But this was not about teasing today--it was all about using the fire she started inside him that night she pushed him against the pool table. He was answering in kind, stroking her clit until she felt his digits slip down and press between her lips in a slow push just to feel those walls clenching around his fingers slipping inside that pussy. "Oh gods, Vixx... So damn tight and hot!" She could see the concentration on his face when her pussy gripped his fingers so tight that he thought she would push them out, but his muscled arm was up to the challenge of keeping his fingers inside that tight tunnel. His only free hand lifted and plucked the cigarette from her fingers before dropping it to the floor, smirking as he crushed it out with his boot without missing a beat of his fingers strumming that hot little hole. The rumble from his chest sounded as he started pumping his fingers in slowly building strokes, driving in to the knuckles and slipping back out covered in glistening juices smelling so delicious that he sneaked in and took a lick of the base of his middle finger without pulling the tips from her lips. Zuriel chewed his bottom lip as his other hand sneaked in, grabbing the front of her dress in a clasp of his fingers, and he pulled it up that body of hers. Each time her curves stopped the pull, he took the time to work her dress over that obstacle until it was bunched under her chin, then he pulled hard to get it over her face before holding it up in his hand.  "You won't need this anymore..." He said, dropping it to the floor with a wink.

Vixxen had felt his fingers teasing and dipping into her a few days ago, but nothing like this. This was a full-on assault of her cunt with his fingers and it was driving her insane. Fuck, his fingers were so long and thick, filling her up and spreading her open so that her juices squelched and spattered. She didn't even notice him taking the cigarette from her fingers--hell, hadn't even remembered that she had one in the first place. At first she just propped herself up on the desk, watching his hand work those fingers in and out of her tight cunt, but she couldn't resist joining in, so she slipped one of her own hands between her legs to run over her clit when his digits were buried inside her, only moving her hand away when he lowered his head to the apex between her legs to lap her honey from his fingers. The sight was so erotic, so fucking intoxicating, that she groan and let her head fall back with a panting sigh. If only... God, she'd wanted his tongue on her pussy, not his own fingers, and it maddened her that he righted himself once again. When his fingers curled under the hem of her dress, she braced her feet on the desk and lifted, letting him slip it over her ass and hips. But even as he undressed her he kept assaulting her pussy, so she'd cry out and drop, then rise again helping him slip the flimsy material over her body. When he turned back from watching it drop the floor, she smirked, seeing the look upon his face when he saw the tape still covering her nipples. Grinning, she shrugged between a gasp and a moan, "Can't be exposing myself completely in public..." With that, she reached down and wrapped her fingers around his wrist as she had before, pushing and pulling, urging him faster, "Fuck it, Z. Make me cum, baby. Mmm...that's it."

Zuriel nearly purred at the sight of her lifting and helping him slide her dress off--even at the mention of the tape across her nipples--and without his dipping fingers slowing down, he shook his head and leaned in so she could hear him over the wet noises of his fingers pumping her tight cunt. "Mmm... No, we can't. In fact, I think your nipples got enough playtime the last time. Now I want something more..." He caught her look of longing for him to dip his head between her thighs when he went get a taste from his finger, but instead of licking her directly, he decided to just make her want it more for the next time. Denying her the pleasure of his tongue's caress, his fingers sped up in a wet chuckle of tight flesh being probed faster by his thick digits. He listened to those words and could not shake the smile from his face, though he did look a little deviant in that stare back down at her writhing on the desktop while he fingered that tight pussy harder, making sure to not stop until he got a gasp and a wriggle telling him she was getting closer to the edge, his grin turning wicked. "Oh... Make it cum..? I might need something better than my fingers, then."  She got to see his wet fingers slip out and he rose on his feet, unbuttoning and unzipping his pants so that they fell down his legs, showing off his hard dick standing like a homing missile about to find its target. He kicked out of his jeans before taking hold of her hips, gliding the length of his shaft over her clit, the underside grinding smooth and heated along those lips. "You might be a stone cold hottie, but you have to admit that this is what you wanted." He couldn't help but add a jibe while holding her back from cumming on his fingers, instead priming that pussy for something better.

When those fingers sped up, pumping her cunt like he was hammering a nail inside her, she couldn't hold back, the gasps and moans coming at the heels of each thrust. Her hips lifted right off the damn desk as though they were trying to force him deeper, and she shuddered, her inner walls clenching around his fingers as though to trap them there forever... And then he pulled them out with a wet slide. Her eyes flew open and she mewled (yes, she actually fucking mewled; what the hell was wrong with her??), turning her eyes to glare at--or perhaps beg--him, but she saw the deviant look on his face and knew what he was doing. Her own eyes squinted and she couldn't help but be amused by his wicked nature. Oh, yes. This was a fun one. She'd chosen him well. When he opened his pants and his cock spring free, her eyes gleamed in delight and she decided that it had been worth the wait, worth the teasing. Lying back on the desk, rubbing her clit almost lazily as she watched him slip free of his jeans, she spread her legs wide when he leaned in and grazed his full length between the folds of her pussy, letting her lube coat the shaft, making it good and slick. She watched until he spoke, and then she turned that wicked smirk back up to him, "Alright, I admit it. I wanted your cock and I wanted it more than just between my breasts this time." Lifting her legs to splay them even wider, she rested on her elbows and wrapped her fingers around his thick shaft, guiding it to her heated entrance, "Now stop talking and start fucking. I want to feel that cock splitting me open, Zuriel."

Zuriel could not hide the fact her words made his cock jump. She could feel it twitch right over that clit as he held it there firmly, and when she reached down and took hold of him to guide her to that tight vice drooling to be taken, he lifted his eyes to hers. "As the lady wishes..."  Smirking through a little defiance at her words, he gripped those hips tighter. The first pull of his hands drew her body off her elbows and she went down onto her back with a thunk. He raised both of those yummy legs still wearing her heels over his shoulders without gaining an inch inside or going inside her any further for just a moment. 'Splitting her open' were the words she used, so with him having her right where he wanted her, that dick slammed in tight and jerked back into a furious pump, rocking her tight little hole that was gripping his fat shaft, the girth spreading her tight pink cunt open wide. The teasing with her was so much fucking fun, but from it all he was just too hot to keep ignoring his need. She had no idea how many of his wet dreams and daydreams she had already been a part of.  His hands slipped up and took hold of her wrists, offering her no chance of getting up as long as he held fast and kept her there to suffer the rabid shoves of that cock nailing her tight little pussy with every inch he had to give.

Vixxen's head hit the damned desk--hard--and she cursed out her pain, but he took hold of her hips and thrust into her so fast and hard that she immediately forgot about it. Her entire universe centered around that thick piece of meat penetrating her core, stretching her tight opening wide to fit around his girth. She gasped and her body arched, her arms flying out to the side over the desktop, knocking pens and paper, even the phone clattering and clanging to the floor. Her fingers curled over the edges of the desk, bracing herself against his deep, hard thrusts, her skin skitching along the desktop, and had he not held onto her hips to firmly, he very well might have fucked her right over the side. Her long legs draped over his arms and she flexed the muscles, gripping at him with her knees to lift her ass right off the table. Releasing the grip she had on the desk, she slipped her hands under her ass and used them to brace herself, giving him a better angle to plunge into her depths. Panting, she cried out, "Oh, Zuriel... Mmm, fuck... So good.  Don't...don't fucking stop. Fuck that pussy raw!" Her full breasts rolled and jiggled on her chest, and her entire body rocked as he pummeled her like a man intent on splitting her in two.

Zuriel snarled as he pounded that little cunt with everything he had, she was livid under him and panting already from the lust she held onto for days until she got all dolled up to come look for him. All of that was lost in his mind as he reached down and took hold of her arm, lifting her like a sack of potatoes before his hands settled right under her thighs, forcing her to grab hold of his neck when he lifted her from the desk top. "No. You're getting my cum tonight...right where it needs to be." Strong arms held her body airborne, flexing with every pump, and his hips thrusting upwards lifted her body in a rise before the quick backstroke jerked him halfway out. His hands guided her fall right back onto his dick and with the first hint of her weight driving down, he jammed his hips upwards again to send her bouncing from the power of him using her own body weight against her. He gritting his teeth as he focused on keeping her from falling from his grasp to make that pussy sing from the wild ride he started bucking her on. The impact of bodies colliding sent shudders through her very core, his eyes glimmering for sure this time. Zuriel fucked that tight hole with every drop of that cunt down his cock only to be met by his thrusting hips jarring her so deep that she felt him stirring her senses further than they had ever been. Taped nipples popped and smacked against his chest from the reckless bounces of his hips making those globes wobble and bounce against his skin. Sheer force kept her in the air like a sexy piece of meat being fucked by this beast of a man, his breaths coming in hard exhales rushing down her bare skin, the hilt of that cock smacking heavy balls against her cheeks from underneath with all that strength crashing into her falling body being bounced on that dick.

Vixxen let out a half cry-half laugh as he hefted her off the desk like she weighed nothing to him and it thrilled her. All her life she'd always had to be so damn tough, so strong on her own, and this man made her feel like she didn't need to be, like he would protect her for once. The thought made her almost giddy and when he wrapped her arms around his neck, she couldn't resist the impulse to kiss his it. She inhaled, drawing his scent into her senses, and as he hefted and dropped her body down, impaling her on that rock hard cock, she cried out and bit down onto his neck, sucking hard, leaving an angry red mark where her teeth had imprinted on the skin. That seemed to spur him on even harder, and he lifted and dropped her using only his hands and his cock to jar her body so forcefully that her head fell back and lolled on her neck, her cries echoing to the ceiling. "Ah...ah...ah...fffffuck! Zuriel... Holy fucking shit...Nnggg!" She sucked in a breath, feeling that cock spreading her and filling her like no one before him ever had, and she could feel it stirring in her belly, feel her clit start to pulse and throb like a living thing. Her nails grabbed at his shoulder blades, biting, sinking into the flesh, leaving crescent moons in his flesh and her cunt spasmed as she gasped, going rigid in his arms, "F-f-FUCK! ZURIEL!!" She barely got the words out before she shuddered, the walls of her pussy clamping down tight, grasping at the thick shaft still pulsing and moving inside her. A flood of cum splashed the head of his cock, gushing out over his shaft, spilling over his balls and down the fronts of his thighs. She cried out again and again, every push, every pump into her drawing that orgasm on and on until she was gasping to draw a full breath.

Zuriel growled as he wracked and jarred her body through her entire orgasm, feeling her juices drench his cock while she shuddered to hold on through every clench of her cunt sucking at his fat shaft buried deep. Even with her flooding his thighs he held on, making her ride him in mid air like a dainty girl, but it was all power in those limbs keeping her from falling to the floor. He made sure to get every gasp from her, taking that pussy with every stride of his throbbing dick impaling her on it, arms pumping to keep her moving no matter how badly they started to shake as she was cumming. He lifted her off his tip and dropped her feet to the floor. No matter how shaky she was in those heels, he turned her roughly, one hand at her hip while the other gripped his dick to aim where it was going. "My turn..."

Grinning devilishly, the tip of that cock--all lubed up from her juices--poked right against her ass. Not even waiting for an invitation, he bucked once and the tip popped in followed by the long slide of him fitting inside the tight ring between her delicious ass cheeks. He felt her hands smack his hips almost as if to hold him back, but muddled with an orgasm as she was, there was hardly any fight when he slipped it in all the way. Huffing hard as he reared back, both hands gripped those yummy cheeks before he started fucking her other tight hole. "Guess you were lucky like me...and came too soon before..." 
He didn't finish his words, nor would he have had time to even if he wanted. The sudden violation and rock of his hips--the way it felt inside as he stroked it deep--told her what was about to happen, and if he had been as cruel as she had been previously, she might have had a bad night. Instead, her honey helped him fit that monster dick inside her ass, fucking it faster as his lungs puffed in time with his frantic strokes. That whole cock swelled from base to tip--or maybe it just felt so damn big in her ass while he fucked her with a fury that bordered on primal.  Stuffing her tight little hole without remorse, he made her feel the long drip oozing from the tip of his cock stirring her ass up with every stroke pumping between those cheeks.  His hands tightened so much that they left nail marks in her skin, digging in tightly as his dick spurted a thick stream inside her tight little hole being opened by this wild guy. He went slack-jawed and roared, brows narrowing as the sensations rushed through him straight from his brain to his cock and down to his balls lifting from unloading inside this blond bombshell. The last drops of his cum trickled between her cheeks and he made sure she got every last drop. He stayed parked there a few more moments and then pulled out, stepping away to grab his pants before stepping into them and jerking them up with a zip. "Thanks...toots..."  He said, drawing out the same word she'd used days ago. Walking past her still leaning against the desk, he dropped his I.D., the address clear on it as he walked out the door.

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