Confessions of Love


On a rare--very rare--occasion, we have role play that does not involve sex (oh, stop your complaining...it's part of the storyline). This one is short, but there's no sex (nor any photos)...just the growing love between Vixxen and Zuriel. Awww... Here's a tissue for when the tears start welling in your eyes.

Confessions of love

Vixxen Rainbow grinned and slipped on top of you. "I um... haven't changed since Stacey was last here..."

Zuriel Bedlam nodded and lifted a brow, smiling..."So I've noticed."

Vixxen sucked on your bottom lip, pulling back with a devilish little grin. With a press of her hips, she slid her pelvis up against your waist and kissed you softly. "Did you have a good night? I've missed you."

Zuriel smiled as his hand drifted down, caressing your mostly bare cheeks before he nodded after that suckling kiss. "It was a lonely night, but otherwise okay." He lifted just a bit to get comfy, settling back down with you on top. "I missed you."

Vixxen intentionally did a little squiggle of her body, mashing her breasts down hard against your chest, her full, round bottom wriggling in the air with your warm hand slipping down over the peaks and valleys to cup at the crease at the top of her thigh. "Well you have me now, at least for a while longer, so no more being lonely." She smiled and stroked your cheek then kissed you again softly, tenderly, lapping her tongue against your lips and barely slipping it between them just to taste you.

Zuriel closed his eyes at the feel of that body pressing against his own, touching your skin and holding you close while he tasted your tongue with his own teasingly kissing back against yours. Slowly he lifted, cradling you in his arms until he rose and dropped you lightly in his lap to stroke your cheek and to hold you so he could kiss you on his own, almost like he didn't feel like being on the bottom just then. "No more lonely ever...as long as you're not afraid of what's happened," he stated rather bluntly.

Vixxen laughed ever so softly when you cradled her in her arms, almost feeling child-like, making her heart leap with joy once again at your tenderness--something she had never attributed to you the first night she'd met you. You were a wonder and a joy and she fathomed what she'd ever done to find you, to deserve you. God knows she'd been nothing but trouble all her life and didn't deserve anything quite so wonderful as you, yet here you were and here she was, and she would thank what ever gods she had to for the blessing. Your sweet kiss was like honey on her lips, and she found herself running her tongue over them when you paused to speak, almost as though she could still taste you lingering. Shaking her head she spoke in a hushed voice, not wanting to spoil the moment, "No. I'm not afraid. Not any more. Stacey..." She paused remember that Stacey had said you might be angry with her for telling your secret, but she felt honesty was best in this matter, "Stacey explained what you are. At least, she tried. She seemed somewhat unclear on details, but it was enough that though I still feel like I've gone through the looking glass, I know that nothing is going to frighten me away from you. I don't want to lose you from my life, Zuriel." She paused again, chewing on her lip as though there was more on her mind but she couldn't bring herself to say it. Her eyes looked to the wall then back to you, and she smiled, lost in those sexy silver eyes.

Zuriel let the anger flare into his eyes. The shimmer of heat shone in them for the briefest moment once he heard Stacey had spilled the beans, but it barely lasted a few seconds, exhaling hotly as he nodded and held you gently in his arms. He didn't say much for what seemed like forever, looking down behind your head and back to your eyes, switching focus from staring at nothing and back to you while his mind worked. A small spark hit his eyes and the garish grin swooned smartly on his lips like he also knew a secret, but one we both shared. "And despite it all, you're still here squirming like a wanton little thing. After Stacey had battered that pussy I figured you'd be sore...hehe."

Vixxen didn't embarrass easily, but the moment you brought up her rendezvous with Stacey, her cheeks flared like she'd been standing too close to a fire. Her eyes shifted up and around trying to avoid your gaze, but they finally settled back at your staring eyes. Seeing the humor in them she scowled a bit, trying to hide her embarrassment with anger, "Yes, well... I was, but I've had a day or two to recuperate. We were... That is, she and I were...yesterday... Well, lets just say things started getting heated again, but something came up and we had to postpone our romp." She'd seen the flash of anger in your eyes, felt your muscles tense when she'd spilled the beans about what she'd learned from Stacey, and she wasn't so sure she should clue you in that they'd almost gone at it a second time, especially knowing what she knew about your feelings, but it was out of her mouth before she'd even given it a thought. She pondered asking you, as Stacey had told her to do, but she was so frightened--something she was not used to being--and that bugged her. Pursing her lips, she took a deep breath to steel her nerves and let it out in a sigh, then turned to look at you fully before speaking again. "Stacey also told me you'd had a conversation with her out on the pier...about us." Watching you for your reaction, she paused and went on, "Is there...anything you want to tell me?"

Zuriel listened plainly as you filled him in on the details he had missed so far, like Stacey's little games at trying for a second time when he only was going to allow her to have you once, just because she'd begged him like she had with Lisa. He took it all in stride and listened calmly, holding you like a long lost lover as he heard you ask him if there was anything he should tell you. He sat back first and let your shoulders fall to his lap. His fingers danced and fidgeted with the straps of your outfit's remains while he ticked his tongue in thought, wondering if such an admission was really forthcoming after some hot chick with a dick opened his love up a few nights ago. Maybe it was also jealousy--the fact she had such a bigger cock and could make you squeal like he tried to do even though wasn't nearly as well equipped. After all these thoughts filled his head, those eyes stared down into yours and he just let it out plain as day with no worries at all. You would either feel it with him or not return the affection. "Yeah I do have something to say. Vixxen, I am in love with you..."

Vixxen had already known since Stacey had told her, but she wanted to hear it from your lips--had to hear it from your lips to believe it. Still, a little cynical part of her--the part that had been beaten and abused and misused all her life--made a sound of disbelief in her head. She inwardly scowled at that part of herself and mentally stomped her foot down in it, crushing it once and for all. She couldn't stop looking at you as she lay back in your lap cradled in warmth and comfort. How could she possibly doubt? And as she sat there marveling at your admission, she realized that, yes, she loved you, too, and she had never loved anyone before. The seconds ticked by and she just looked at you, a lump building in her throat until it became painful. She swallowed it down as best she could and, taking a shaky breath, croaked out in a choked voice, "I...love you, too, Zuriel. I don't know how it happened, but God help me, I do." She realized she was shaking with fright, that confession harder than anything she'd ever done in her life, leaving herself so vulnerable when she always fought so hard to be strong, stay protected, to never allow herself to come to harm. And here she had just bared her heart to you--given it to you to cherish and protect.

Zuriel watched your eyes as that lump worked through your senses. He let your voice calmly say the words that couldn't help but choke through your tension. The bared heart of the moment made him smile, lifting you onto the bed higher as he crawled and clambered down over your gorgeous body, but his eyes met yours. Biting his lower lip as he held you there, caressing you, he said, "Babe, are you sure you're ready to drop into my crazy shit storm of a life? Are you positive? You can walk away right now and I would not hate you, Vixx baby..."

Vixxen settled back onto the bed on shaky arms, feeling like her entire world had gone topsy-turvy in a matter of weeks. It wouldn't surprise her at this point if a purple elephant with a clown juggling flaming bowling balls riding on its back walked through the living room. But that would be OK... Everything would be OK so long as she had you. Calming as you crawled over her pressing your warm strength against her body, she realized at the bite of your lip that you were just as nervous as she was. Your hand stroking her side was like a soothing balm, relaxing her in the cocoon of your tenderness and she nodded, unable to hold back the smile, "Zuriel, my entire life has been a shit storm and you are the calm in the center. As...unusual as you are, you are the sanest thing to have ever come into my life. I wouldn't walk away from you ever. I couldn't be dragged away by horses. I'm afraid you're stuck with me."

Zuriel honestly would have wished to hear what you thought in your head about the purple elephant--he would be laughing his ass off--but instead the smile in his eyes looked down at you with fingers caressing your skin and lightly toying with plucking the straps of the outfit Stacey wanted you to keep wearing. He did chew his lower lip again, slipping a knee between your thighs as he said what any man would say after knowing who his girl had been with, friend or not. "So...is she that damn big for real or should I invest in the vaginal shrinking cream?"

Vixxen pursed her lips through her laugh. Trying to give you a scowl and failing miserably, she playfully popped you one in the arm and teased back, "No, smartass. In fact, she complained about just how tight I am. Seems she'd expected you to have me opened up more...like all your other women in the past..." Her eyebrow raised accusingly at the last statement, wondering just how many women you'd shared with Stacey before, and not really certain she wanted to know the answer. "Besides, she's freakishly large, but you're perfect. You fit me as though you were made just for me. One night with a gargantuan isn't going to permanently distort my body, so don't worry about it, toots." She intentionally used the nickname she'd used on you the first night you'd met, wanting to get another playful poke in.

Zuriel couldn't help but laugh at that, nodding as he leaned in to kiss you and look lovingly in your eyes. "Well she's gonna be like that for the winter. Some summer nights she will have her dick hanging out and her face painted like a native. So be wary if you hear something that sounds vaguely human luring you outside...it might be her waiting to snag a hot girl for herself...hehe."

Vixxen laughed and shook her head, and wondered again at the bizarre twist her life had taken, but was so elated right now, she couldn't much bring herself to care. Smiling, she curled her face against your chest, trying to stifle a yawn because she didn't want this moment to end, but she was so emotionally drained she couldn't help her eyes from flitting closed. Nodding against you, she murmured sleepily, "Mhm...I suppose she's not human, either? I think maybe I just have fallen down the rabbit hole, after all..."

Zuriel smiled and slowly pulled you against his chest, laying back to guide the woman he loved into the comfort of his chiseled body warm and bare for you to lie against and touch as you started yawning. He encircled you with his arms to hold you, pulling your cheek to his heart so you could hear the beat thrumming gently in your ear. "Maybe, but together we'll find our way out of the rabbit hole."

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