Submissive Brat


Ok, so sometimes we get ourselves so heated that we end up going to voice chat and don't even finish a scenario. This was one of those times. Yeah, we got that hot...

Submissive Brat

Lisa laughs. "Can I touch?" She grins wickedly.

Zuriel smirks. "Mmmhmm, of course you can."

Lisa tilts her chin down and looks at you through her lashes, whispering, "Even with my tongue?"

Zuriel smiles and curls his fingers under your chin to lift those eyes to his. "Are you seriously asking or just teasing right now? Cause in either case...it's a yes."

Lisa's chest heaves as you lift her chin, and she nips her lip with a shy smile, "Oh, as much as I do enjoy a good tease, I am dead serious."

Zuriel lets the sly smile crease his lips, raising a brow as he tangled his fingers in your hair. "Well then it's gonna be hard to do sitting in my lap."

Lisa laughs a short burst from her lips at your humor, "As much as I would love to accommodate your wishes, I, uh... I'm not sure how to work this chair. You may have to do it and I'll roll with the punches."

Zuriel chuckles and shakes his head, kissing your lips softly but with a slow inhale the slide of his tongue parting your lips came slithering inside. Dancing his tongue with yours, wrestling it down before he pulled back just enough to speak against your lips. "Mmm you know as well as I do we can both roll with the punches...hehe."

Lisa bounces in your lap with glee as she figures it out and slips down to the floor between your legs. Casting you a sultry glance, she turns her attention to your lap, her nimble fingers working at the buttons on your jeans. Having no patience, she gives them a rough yank, popping them open--SNAP! SNAP! SNAP!--and slips her hand inside to coil around your warm, soft cock. With a lick of her lips, she frees it from the confines of your pants, cooing like a dove. The sight of it makes her heart beat harder and she sets to work immediately, unable to keep her lips from wrapping around that delicious piece of meat. Head lowered, she slips her tongue out from between her lips and, looking up to be sure you are watching, gently, teasingly sweet, drags the point of her tongue along that sweet slit, flick after flick in light, rapid succession.

Zuriel exhaled at that bounce and can't help but chuckle again at your antics, at least until he watched you slide from his lap to your knees but gods that look you gave him made his cock jump before you even touched it. He raised a brow at the popping of his pants, inhaling a bit sharply when your fingers curled around his warm cock. Everything he watched happening only slowly made that tip start to rise, biting his lower lip when your tongue slicked up along that cock slit and he gasped. Just seconds of teasing your tongue slowly made that dick swell in your grasp as he watched, the tip of that tongue making it grow thick and tight in your slender fingers..."Nnnh...someones been practicing with ideas about me in her head."

Lisa can't help but let out a short, soft laugh at your words, the look of the devil in her grin--how pleased she is with herself. Eyes close and long lashes splay over her cheeks as she takes those full red lips and wraps them around the tip of your cock, not moving down, not taking your length in yet, but just savoring the feel of the silky smooth skin in her mouth, her tongue swirling and twirling round and around it in her mouth. So much does she love giving you head and bringing you pleasure that she starts to moan and, unable to remain still, her ass lifts slightly from her heels to undulate in the air. Those delicate fingers of hers, still wrapped around your now-hard shaft slowly start to slip upwards from the base of your cock, taking her time, letting you feel each movement. When her fist meets her lips, she reverses her motion, dragging it back down the length just as slowly, giving it a slight squeeze as she reaches your pelvis.

Zuriel was always humorous as he could be in any given situation but his wits were already being sapped by the close of those eyes and the slow suckling grip of your lips hugging just the head of his reddening cock. Grabbing the arms of his throne he leaned back just to watch as the feeling of your tongue starting to circle his tip made his lips part wordlessly, seeing you getting into this as much as he was already with that pert little ass rising and rolling with the delicious tension of his tip still held firmly in those soft pouty lips he loved so much. Fuck he wished he had a camera but his mind was too far gone to even try to snap a picture, the simple sight of your slender fingers gliding up his shaft and pushing his dick in a precious inch with that tongue stroking him still. His hands tightened at the arms of his throne, for once allowing his girl to show him how much she wanted to please him with the tight glide of that hand caressing back down his swollen dick. He let out a breath at the feel of your hand squeezing his base, full heavy balls pressed to the bottom of your hand as he chewed his lower lip and the sound of his breathing quickened.

Lisa didn't think she could stand the teasing any more than you could, though she wanted to drag this on and on for you. She was having a hard time resisting the urge to take that beautiful cock deep into her mouth, but she forced herself to make this last as long as she could. Instead of sucking you into her mouth, she used her free hand to impatiently tug your jeans open even more, trying to pull them down just enough to get access to your balls, as well. Her hand slipped back into your pants to draw them out so she could toy with them. Turning her eyes up to watch your face, seeing the pleasure there as you sat back and enjoyed yourself, she titled her head and, splaying her tongue out fully, dragged it up one side of your thick shaft and back down the other side, ensuring to lick straight across the tip each time she reached it. Over and over she did this until she came to your balls one last time. Kissing over them from the base of your cock, she settled back onto her heels and, lifting her eyes to look straight into yours as you watch her, she sucked first one ball into her mouth, then the other, her hot, wet tongue trailing along the sensitive skin between them each time she switched. Pressing her lips to the warmth of your balls, still looking into your eyes, she purrs "Does this feel good, my Master?"

Zuriel spread his legs wider at the tugging of your hand splaying his jeans open so his cock stood up like a sexy stiff piece of meat, that tongue of yours drawing the deepest moan from him and his voice shuddered when your tongue glided over his tip and went back down the other side of his now twitching cock. "Nhaaa..." He couldn't even hope to speak at the moment, feeling your delicate fingers sneak into his clothing to lift his balls out into the open for your lips to plant little kisses over the swollen orbs held in your hand. Even his girl felt him jump slightly at the suck of one ball inside your mouth, again that tongue drew a little shiver from him even as his lips turned a devious smile down at you when you asked him so properly he couldn't help but smile. "Yes Pet, you know how I like being handled already..." His teeth caught hold of his bottom lip again in a tug, fingers latching tightly onto the arms of the throne as he couldn't help but rock with a rise of his hips lifting him off the seat just an inch or two while you had his balls captivated in that mouth of yours. "Gods...my own little cock slut...trying to make me cum this fast?"

Loving that you can continue to make her smile throughout such a highly erotic moment, her lips curve into a grin as she moves to the glistening tip of your cock to lap at the precum spilling from that little slit she's come to love so well. As she dabs her tongue to it, she draws back, letting the string of pre cling to her tongue so that you can see her tasting you. her tongue lifts to run smoothly over her upper lip as she groans, eyes fluttering closed in pure pleasure, the taste of you like nothing else on earth. Hand still wrapped around your shaft, she continues to stroke you, slowly, wanting to keep you on edge, but not bring you climax yet, she looks up to you with a sultry, breathy whisper, "Oh no, my Master. Not yet. This is going to last until you can't stand it anymore." With that, she wraps her lips fully around you, letting her hands fall to your hips so that she can draw your full length into her mouth until her nose is pressed hard against your pelvis, the buttons of your pants pressing hard against her cheek.

Zuriel didn't know if he should be worried or more turned on by the fact his girl was taking such liberty with him, regardless of his jumbled brain he had to admit this was such a damn turn on to see than he wasn't gonna let himself cum too fast just to see how far you would go. With a bite still clutching his lower lip he damn near shook like the last leaf on a dying tree in a strong wind. His brows furrowed down as he felt those lips pull back only to notice that tongue slinking along the slit of his cock but just like a good little cock sucker you curled that tongue in a teasing taste of him welling a drop from his tip and being so close to your Masters dick you fully got to watch it jolt in a torrid bounce all on its own from him watching your lips so closely. His hands drifted from the arms of his throne, resting on your head and shoulders as your words graced his ears and his smile returned despite himself lost on that tongue, he was about to speak, to retort or say something but your full lips hugging his fat cock all the way down made his voice roll out in another hard moan of bliss. His lip curled into a slight snarl but he couldn't deny how turned on he was, you could feel it with your nose pressed tight to his body with the buttons of his pants stuck firmly to your cheek. As much as he wanted to those hands did not push you down, did not pull at your hair after his fingers laced in your red locks. To his credit he remained as impassive as he could with his girl sucking him deep, finding enough breath to hiss out in delight but lost on being able to even talk or try and answer your words.

Lisa's back arches, feeling your cock lodge in her throat, trying desperately to hold you there without gagging, and though she rarely ever does, the full length of you filling her mouth and striking the back of her throat draws a cough from her. Sucking air through her nose, drawing your musky scent deep to imprint on her brain, she slowly lets you slip form her mouth inch by inch. Her fingers dig into your hips in an effort to control her urge to move faster and fuck your cock hard with her mouth. Instead, she let you slip out until just the head remained letting her tongue do a dancing little swirl around it before sucking hard, drawing you in deep once again. As you slip back into her mouth, she presses her tongue firmly to the underside of your shaft, stroking your length. Her moans vibrate through your cock and she feels you twitching in her mouth as your own rumbling groans echo in her ears and she can't keep her legs still, her arousal building so greatly that she has to press her thighs together to assuage her building need.

Zuriel was definitely trying to make his girl work for that tease she uttered from those lips, making him last as long as he could? Well she would have to find out exactly how long that could be even if he throbbed in those lips taking him all the way back up after her lovely throat held him tightly. He had to do something to refocus, anything to take his mind a few fleeting seconds away from those lips or he would utterly lose it so he grabbed the back of your shirt and just snapped it apart. Buttons flying all over the floor, strips of cloth hung from his fingers before he just threw it aside and settled his hands back to your head and shoulders with that vibrating moan coursing through him so keenly that dick pulsed and lurched between your lips. His whole dick was shaking and the leak of precum seeping from his cock slit oozed onto your tongue, the scent of him so close in your nose almost overwhelming as fingers tightened in your hair again and with the slide of your mouth drawing down his length he couldn't help but push your lips the last few inches to the base just to hear you gag on it a little more forcefully. "Nnngh...little cock slut...choking on Masters dick..." He was speaking just to try and keep himself from exploding, his whole shaft shivered like it was about ready to pop like a balloon and his balls sneaked up high and tight behind that shaft. Fangs glinting in the light with his head tossing back, growling as his eyes went wide and he forced himself to watch as that tip just seemed to bubble and leak more of that slippery pre inside your lips..."Ohhh fuck..."

Lisa wonders just how long she can keep this up without the overwhelming need to feel you cum in her mouth consumes her. Slowly losing her battle to make you last as long as she can, she unwittingly finds herself moving faster and faster over the length of your cock. Letting the tip pop from her lips only to suck you back in again, her saliva and your pre spattering her lips coating them with a glistening sheen, she wraps one hand back around the base to start stroking you rapidly, working her mouth up and down the upper half of your shaft, letting her tongue flit and flick over the head. As she works you into a frenzy, she hears that wicked growl of yours and her eyes tilt upwards to see you looking down at her. She catches a glimpse of those fang... oh my dear god, those fangs... and she shudders with so much pleasure that she feels herself cum right in her pants. That was all it took and she lost all control of herself. Still stroking you, she reluctantly pulls her mouth from your cock and, running her pink tongue across her lips to clean them, begs you, "Please fuck my mouth, Master. I need to taste you. I need to feel you flooding me with your cum, to feel it coating my tongue."

Zuriel snaps his eyes closed, his panting breaths rushing ragged from his parted lips still showing the tips of his fangs glinting in the light just over his lips. Both hands slid down your head and he grabbed you by the ears, resting his palms on your cheeks as he pulled you down that fat shaft the second he felt your tongue teasing his cock slit again. Your hand pumping his dick was met by your own lips faster than anticipated, he couldn't hold back any longer with that mouth driving him right over the brink let alone your words gracing his ears only to be cut slightly short by him cramming your mouth full with a pull of his hands holding your head. Sinking you right down that twitching cock until the tip pushed past the back of your throat with a launch of hot cum spurting right down your gullet and he held your lips flush with your fingers still clutching his thick shaft. "NnhaaAAAAA godsdamm-IT!" That body of his bucked and lifted from the throne, pushing into your mouth deep enough you had to choke down a good swallow of his gooey cum before you could catch any kind of breath and right in the middle he managed to regain enough focus to let you loose enough to pull in a lungful of air. Painting your tongue with rope after rope of sticky cream slathering your mouth so full your cheeks bulged out from the massive load he just fed you with. He fell back, panting as his hands dropped limply from your face..."Hnnn...hfff...hfff..."

Lisa made a small whimpering sound as you grabbed her head, the sudden movement startling her and frightening her by the ferocity as you shoved her mouth down hard while simultaneously forcing your cock deep into her throat. Holding herself steady as you swelled so that her lips stretched around your girth, she watched your face with up-turned eyes. The moment you came, flooding her mouth with copious amounts of thick, white semen, she groans and swallows, taking it all, breathing heavily through her nose as more splashes over her tongue and drips down the back of her throat. Drawing back, letting your sensitive shaft slowly slip from between her full, slightly bruised lips, she slips her hands up around your ribs, and rests her face to your crotch, softly murmuring, "Im sorry, but I just could not wait any longer." She grins to herself knowing full well you didn't mind.

Zuriel huffs feeling your cheek press down over his wet cock, watching you with eyes half closed from that terrific blow job that just left him so fucking drained. He was actually surprised his dick was still hard under your face and lifted your chin with his fingers as he grabbed the base of his cock and tapped it over your lips..."Do you hear me complaining or punishing you, my little baby girl just needed a taste so why turn that down unless you deserve punishment?" A slow devious smile crossed his lips as he rubbed and pressed his cock against that mouth, he lost a little hardness and being overly sensitive right now made him shiver just a little when he stroked it across your mouth. "Lick it a little more and I'll take those pants off and give you some more..." He was smiling too much, every day he spent with you under his protection he just wanted more and this little interlude proved he chose the best girl out there for him let alone the previous night when he let his friend fuck your tight ass while he watched. "Be a good girl...lick it and I'll give you a reward..."

Lisa shakes her head in your lap in response to your question, still nuzzling her face against your slowly softening cock, watching it jump and twitch in fascination. Asking her to lick it again, she lets out a wickedly delighted sound and, not touching it with her hand just yet, keeps her head resting in your lap, only letting her tongue protrude from her mouth to slowly lick up and down the length of you against your leg. "Mmm fuck, I love the taste of you, of how your skin feels against my tongue. I could do this forever." To her astonishment, she feels it hardening again under her tongue and she can't resist taking it back into her hand to angle it so that she can lave her tongue up and down the length once more.

Zuriel exhaled with a shaky breath from that tongue making his sensitive cock slowly start to rise again, chewing his bottom lip as he relaxed and let the feel of your tongue draw him right back into that delicious need even after hearing you comment on his flavor. "Mmm, the feeling is mutual but I think Baby girl needs some...proper attention." He let out a little chuckle, knowing full well how wet you already were just from sucking him off and taking that monster load, if he didn't feed it to you there would be an utter mess and he knew it. Slowly his cock lost the sensitivity it had, the feel of it swelling again against your tongue bloomed to life with the heat returning to that shaft at every glide of your lovely little tongue curling along his cock again and again. "Oooo fuck...okay not gonna cum again...not...gonna..."

Lisa giggles, her tongue still lapping up and down your cock, stopping now and then to swirl around the head, until she sits back on her heels, her hand still drawing up and down your length, ensuring you stay nice and hard for her. She looks at you with a mischievous grin, only one side of her mouth curling up but you can see that devilish gleam in her eyes. "Why, whatever do you mean by 'proper attention?' my Master? You've been paying attention to me alllll night long." Chuckling, knowing she was being a bit of a brat and not caring, she lowers her head while holding your gaze and slowwwwwly drags her tongue along the underside of your cock to the tip again to dally at the slit, knowing full well how crazy it drove you.

Zuriel watches as he gets lost in the feel of that tongue lapping up the underside of his thick shaft, wriggling just a bit in his seat as he hears you speak. His lips turned into a sly grin at least as long as they could manage when your tongue tickled over the cock slit of his head again and the feeling made him jump as another little drop of pre simply welled from the tip right onto that teasing little tongue of yours. He was all ready to get lost in that mouth once more but with a shake of his head and a hard inhale he pushed you from his cock right down to the floor, dropping to one knee as he reached down and popped the button on your jeans off completely so it sailed across the room and clattered somewhere on the floor. "You know damn well what I mean you teasing little brat..." One hand lifted his shirt and threw it aside before he reached out and just drug your pants down without even getting them all the way off, lifting your legs as he stuffed your naked pussy with half of his length in a rush before he snapped your pants away and fell over you on the furred floor in front of his throne, winking down at you under him like a bad little slut needed to be.

Lisa lets out a small "Oh!" as you drag her to the floor, her breath catching in her throat despite expecting this sort of reaction form you. Your strength always surprised and thrilled her, even when you were gentle enough not to hurt her. The sheer power you possessed, knowing you could do anything you pleased with her, yet still took care to be gentle with her... unless pain was the desired result...just made her quiver with need for you. Biting her lip as you tear at her pants like a man crazed, her heart stutters at your words, wondering if she'd gone too far with her teasing, Her backside hitting the rugs with soft thud, she struggled to help you get her pants off, but in the tangled mess she finds you too impatient to wait, her leg suddenly lifted as you plung into her heated core without ceremony. Not giving a damn, her head flies back with a wail, the feel of you suddenly filling her, stretching her entrance to wrap around your shaft the only thing consuming her mind. hardly noticing you taking her pants off the rest of the way, her hands clasp to the back of your neck, urgently pulling you into her. "Mmm god! Yes... take me, please! Fuck, you feel so amazing, I can't stand it!"

Zuriel couldn't even wait any longer as he filled that pussy up with his cock, planting his hands to the furred floor his hips just rocked to life suddenly plunging inside that cunt like a man insane with desire. He felt your hands lace around the back of his neck, trying to pull him down as his arms flexed and pushed up, making you have to fight him as his hips started rocking and stuffing you deep what that cock you so adored. There was no more teasing, only the pure unadulterated need to be inside you like Jay could never do no matter how hard he tried. Only your Master could take your pussy, only he could claim it and every inch of you and make you cry out like a little wanton whore begging for it with every rutting shove of that cock driving in hard and furiously now that he was all riled from your tongue teasing him like crazy. "I'll take you, right to the edge and back little teasing bitch!" Gritting his teeth his ass started jumping up and down, the rapid shoves pushing through your lips hugging him in a deep tight 'O' surrounding his dick spreading you open. His eyes drifted down to yours to watch your face, grinning devilishly as he fucked that hot little slit nice and hard.

Lisa hears your words and her eyes roll back into her head as her mouth parts, letting out a groan that morphed into a cry of absolute pleasure. Fingers laced behind your head as you lifted away from her, she found her shoulders actually leaving the rugs as she found to cling to you, your sheer strength holding the both of you up off the ground. Rather than fight you, she relaxed her grip to settle herself back against the soft furs beneath her so that she had the leverage she needed to lift her hips and meet your pounding thrusts. Heels digging into the floor, she bucked beneath you, feeling that silk, hard shaft gliding easily into her soaked cunt--so wet because of you, only for you, always for you. Every time you entered her, she gasped, feeling you hitting her in places she didn't know existed before you claimed her, and the sensations were enough to push her sanity to the edge of her mind. Trying to focus, wanting to watch you as you took her, her eyes would flit open only to close again as the pleasure of you inside her consumed her every thought. Trying to convey her what she felt, to beg you for more, she only seemed to be able to bark out short, barely coherent words, "Fu-fuck! Oh... my god... Zuriel! More...more! Don't... oh god please, don't stop!"

Zuriel snarled as your words rang in his ears and the little fight of your pull only served to make him throw your legs up high before the lock of his arms jammed in under your thighs to pin that body of yours in place. Hungering only for his baby girl, those cries adding to his lust so fucking much his fattened dick swelled even fatter and by the gods he couldn't get any fucking harder from being inside you! Holding you down his lips sneered, turning his eyes down to your face as his lips parted and the flood of his words hit your ears. "Yesss...my little bitch. No matter who I let fuck you only I can make you scream like a little whore with my cock stretching you open! Nnngh...!" The hard press of his arms kept your feet in the air, making those toes bounce from the impact of that dick ramming you open as his left fang hung over his lip with him peering down and you making the effort to look up in his face. He jerked back only half way and the wild slam of his body weight cramming through his cock and stretching your little tunnel open with every wet sound he made as he drove that dick inside you rang out for us both to hear. "Say it...say No one fucks you like I do!" He wasn't stopping but he listened intently for you to even try to speak, the second a word started to leave your lips he lifted out til just his tip was between your lips and rammed inside you so hard you knew he was trying to make it hurt so fucking good and stifle those words for the sheer demented fucking fun of it.

With her legs splayed, pinned by your arms, she felt like a dirty fucking whore, but she was your whore and she loved every damn minute of it. As her brain registered your words, knowing them to be fully and utterly true, she gasps as though the breath were stolen from her lungs, and could not stop the orgasm that gripped her from stopping if her life depended on it. Were you not pinning her in place with your cock pistoning inside her, her body would have lurched right off the ground it hit her so hard. Her head thrashed back against the floor with such a bang she saw stars for a moment and she let out a cry the filled the room. Arms whipping to the sides, she grasps at the furs, back arching uncontrollably. You can feel the liquid heat gush from her and it pours fourth ever time you delved into her core again. Somehow through her haze, she hears your words and tries between her continued cries to reply , but she finds herself unable to say what you want to hear. "No...unnghhhh! No one.....ah god! ...fucks me... Mmmm fuck, Zuriel! More!"

Zuriel  growls even as the tight confines of your cunt grip him so hard he felt the blood forcing to pump its way back inside his dick, fangs flashed dangerously through the haze of that orgasm hitting you so damn hard even he felt like he might not be able to hold you down until his arms rushed forward and slammed tight to the furs underneath to keep you pinned and locked with your feet in the air. The vibrato of his rumbling growl coursed through you pinned beneath him and the rough slams of his hips against the backs of your thighs pounded against you so recklessly there would be more bruises on your fair skin by the time this was even over. He was trying to fuck you into the floor, make it buckle under the sheer force of him battering that cunt without a single shred of mercy since you came all over him like a torn up heated slut...He curled his arm and snatched hold of your throat through it all and still managed to speak as icy cold as possible while he fucked that pussy into orgasmic submission. "No one fucks you like Master...say it bitch..." Panting with every heaving slide of that dick pummeling your pussy without any signs of slowing down, in fact since he didn't hear what he really wanted he gave another ounce of weight to his hips cramming your slit like an animal in heat.

Lisa's head rolls from side to side, her back arching so hard her chest heaves, breasts rolling with the rhythm of your cock slamming into her. tight hole. Forcing her eyes open to look at you, she catches a glimpse of fang hanging over your lip and a jolt runs through her core, the thrill of it stirring awake primal fears and wicked desires. Her hands slip up to your arms, fingers clasping around muscular biceps that hold her legs splayed open for you. She hears that rumbling growl and a tremor of fear stirs in her belly, but that fear is overshadowed the minute your hand wraps around her throat. Her eyes fly open, wide like a small animal that has spotted a lion stalking it. Her gasp is cut off from the pressure of your grip, and she mewls her reply as you visibly feel her tremble beneath you, "No one fucks me like my Master! No one!" She lets out a whine of fear, but despite it, you feel her pussy twitch, then twitch again, gripping at you inside her, that one simple action evoking yet another orgasm so powerful she nearly blacks out from the force.

Zuriel roars as he lifts and lets those legs fall, powerful hands grabbing you by the hips to lift your ass from the furs without even slowing down through your second orgasm rocking out over his pistoning dick slamming that pussy without any remorse. His arms tensed and held you in place, letting your legs fall and fumble from the sudden impact rocking through you so intently your heels just kept bouncing off his ass from the sheer speed ramming your cunt like a madman. "That's right...Uhhnn...only MASTER FUCKS YOU THIS GOOD! Ahhhnnnn!" Yelling out over flying lips, fangs showing with every word flying from his mouth as he railed that slit with the fury of a man turned on so fucking much that you need to just have your pussy beat down by his cock. The lift of your body from his arms kept your ass from ever touching down and the way he held you up like a rag doll gave him a straight angle to fuck your pussy so gods damned deep that his tip slammed through your cervix right into the deepest part of your womb opening up to suck at his tip slamming through you. His girl had to be rewarded, sucking him so good and teasing like she was a fucking sweet brat so you deserved ever demanding shove of that dick bottoming out inside your juicy cunt..."Fuck...Fuck...FUUUUCK...Nnnnn!"

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