Jay & Zuriel Perform the Ritual


After Jaidyn nearly kills Susi, draining her of almost all her blood in his lust-crazed feeding, he calls on Zuriel to help perform a ritual that will wipe her memory clean, eradicating  any knowledge she has of them.

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Jay & Zuriel Perform the Ritual

Susi groaned trying to open her eyes, though they seemed glued shut, and her head was throbbing like she'd drank too much. Not to mention her pussy hurt like hell, but she couldn't remember... Well, much of anything right now. Trying to sit up, she found her arms bound. Her eyes flew open and a look of confusion furrowed her brow. "What the fuck..?" She felt the cold hard stone under her naked ass and she lifted her head to see where the hell she was. As she did, she finally noticed someone standing beside her out of the corner of her eye and she jerked her head sideways to face him fully. "You!" Suddenly it all came back to her in a rush and she jerked against her binds again, her heart hammering in her chest. "What the fuck do you think you're doing? Let me go! You go what you wanted from me. Let me up right this instant!" Fighting her bonds, she whimpered, the realization that she was in far more trouble now than she was earlier flashing like a warning sign in her brain.

Jaidyn Jameson smiled as she started to stir, his hands waving methodically over that pretty body chained to the cold stone slab at the edge of the sea. He had been humming as his hands moved, not touching your skin just yet but instead roaming the air over your flushed body coming back from the brink of death and even having a little fire when he heard your voice. "Well now, seems you didn't die after all."

Zuriel Bedlam came walking up with a stern look on his features, closing in on the girl and the stone table he had set up more for fun between Stacey and Vixxen, but instead finding Jay out here with some girl he hardly knew. "Dude, what the fuck are you doing? Is she dying or what?"

Susi's head whipped to the left at the sound of another man's voice. Her eyes were still as wide as a frightened rabbit's and her voice trembled when she spoke, "W-who are you?" Her head dropped back onto the cold stone and she winced, groaning to herself, "Ohhh god, now there's two of them..." Turning her head so that her ear pressed to the table, making her dizzy head spin again, she asked, "What do you mean, 'is she dying?' Am I dying? What the fuck did he do to me?"

Jaidyn scoffed and pushed his fingers down over her breast, tugging at her nipple before answering the other man. "No, Z. She's not dying. Not now, anyway, though I thought when she was hardly breathing that I did drink her to death." He stroked firmly, teasing her tit as he kept talking to the new arrival. "I am glad you showed though. I was afraid to do the ritual alone," he said, almost not even regarding the girl on the stone slab.

Zuriel shook his head and stepped forward, but instead of doing what Jay did, he laid a hand on the girl's shoulder first and leaned in to speak softly so she could hear. "It's alright sweetie. We just had to be careful he didn't turn you into something...unnatural."

Susi had stopped struggling while she listened to the two men talking, her eyes darting from one to the other as they spoke, trying to follow the conversation but only becoming more confused. It didn't help that the one she'd fucked earlier was plucking at her nipple like she was some blow up doll there for him to play with. It was distracting as hell and she turned to scowl at him, but he ignored her and continue rubbing at her tit as if he couldn't get enough of using her body. Forcing herself to ignore his teasing hand, she looked back at the stranger that had joined them, "What do you mean? I'm not following..." She stopped suddenly, her face going white, her voice dropping to a whisper of fear and understanding, "He's not...human...is he?" She groaned and closed her eyes, "Why the hell did I come here? What have you done to me?"

Jaidyn didn't seem to mind Susi speaking like she regretted the choice to follow Lisa home. He just kept tugging and stroking her nipple with his fingers. "Look, man. I called you as soon as she was out. I could have left the bitch in the barn, but I didn't. Fuck, for that matter, she could be feedin' the fishies right now, so just shut up and help me out here." His free hand roamed down her belly, drawing along her skin until his fingers teased over her clit while he kept talking. "We need to make her forget. It's not my fault your slutty daughter won't feed me and Darina is out. I got hungry and couldn't help it."

Zuriel did not take his hand from her shoulder despite what Jay was doing. He chewed his lower lip in thought and tried to keep his eyes off what his brother was doing. Finally letting out an exhale, he said, "Jay, we can't take that much of her memory. She could wind up a vegetable forever." He ticked his tongue as he thought about what to do, placing a comforting hand on the girl strapped down to the table while he pondered his options.

Susi froze at the word 'brother,' her struggling against the shackles that bound her to this godforsaken table ceasing as she whispered more to herself than anyone else, "Brother..." Then she jerked her head to look at the man she'd only just met and stated in a matter of fact tone, "You're Lisa's father.." No wonder he was being so kind...so gentle and reassuring. Whether they were blood brothers or just close buds that called each other brother she didn't know, but she did know that they were two totally different men and it was some small measure of relief that at least this one didn't seem hell bent on raping her or killing her or what ever other horrid things the animal she seduced earlier was planning to do to her. "Please, Mister... get me out of here. I just want to go home..."

Jaidyn rolled his eyes at the girl getting all emotional. That was always the damn case when Z was around--girls just blubbered to him like he was some kind of symbol of calm and fatherly love. His fingers pinched at Susi's nipple, tugging a bit harder while the hand teasing her clit dipped his finger inside that still-blushing pussy. "Come on man, lets do this. We'll use the forgetful ritual on her and she'll act like she's never met either of us." He raised a brow at Z and smirked, "Besides...you been fucking that blond pussy so long, I bet you forgot what teenager tastes like." Smiling, he stroked his finger down, teasing it along the bottom edge of Susi's clit each time he dipped it in, then slipped it out to see his cum--still trapped inside her pussy--trickling off his finger. "What other choice do we have? Look, we'll just cum in her one time each and that should work. Erase you and me from her mind and we'll pretend this never happened and I can go back to fucking my little bitch bunny and you can go back to Huge Tits McGee."

Zuriel sighed as he listened to Jay's plan. He hated to admit it, but there was hardly any other choice on what to do. She was alive now, but if Susi knew what they were and told others aside from anyone who lived here, that would make problems and he was refusing to give up his home no matter the cost. In the end, he patted her arm, his thumb stroking her skin softly as he nodded to Jay and finished his thought. "Okay, but one time each. Any more than that and she might forget where she lives, her mother or father, or even her whole damn family if we're not careful." He hated hearing Jay talk about Vixxen like that, but the situation was too dire to get into an argument with him right now. He looked down at you on the stone slab and spoke softly. "I can't help you darlin'--not right now anyway--but I can promise you this..." He reached out and took hold of Susi's chin to make sure she was looking in his silvered eyes. "You will wake up like none of this never happened. I promise."

Susi kept trying to squirm away form Jay's probing fingers, but she couldn't move more than a scan few inches, as if that made any difference. Her mind had more important things to think of, anyhow. She certainly didn't like the idea of losing her memory... not one damn bit. Her head shook side to side on that stone slab, and she started muttering "No, no, no, no... You can't! You can't do this! Please! I don't know anything... I won't tell anyone anything. Who the hell would believe me, anyhow?! The whole thing is absurd!" Her chest started heaving with fright, the panic setting in again, and she jerked against those bonds around her wrists and ankles, still chanting 'no' until she sucked in a deep breath and screamed at the top of her lungs hoping someone--anyone--would hear her and come to her rescue. The cry was so sudden and so loud that both men actually jumped a bit in surprise before reacting.

Jaidyn clamped a cum-glazed hand over Susi's mouth, turning a stern look back at Z as he held on tightly and canted his head. "She's starting to scream... Let's get this started so I can snuggle up and feed my bitch some of this girl's cum, dammit." He pressed in and cupped her chin tightly, his other hand stroking her breast while he levied serious looks towards the man across the table-bound girl. "Fine. I'll start this off. Take her fucking hands, retard." He strolled down to Susi's ankles, freeing her legs only to grab hold and keep her forced down just by his own strength, obviously waiting on his brother to get his head in the game.

Zuriel blinked as Jay just took over. He scowled but followed suit and stepped over to grab Susi's wrists, hating to do it this way. He didn't mind force as long as he knew the girl was receptive, but she seemed to be fighting every step of the way. He undid the chains and held on, clamping down on the girl's wrists to keep her from getting loose. "So start it up then, asshole."

Susi's cry was muffled, the sticky scent of cum spreading over her lips and cheek with the press of Jay's hand over her face. The hand slipped down from her lips, pressing so forcefully under her chin that she couldn't open her mouth again if she tried. Keeping it there, he moved around her to untie her, but held both wrists clasped in an unbelievably strong grip with his free hand. Her eyes followed Zuriel without moving her head, pinned as it was, to watch him unfasten the ties holding her legs, as well. Little by little she was regaining strength, coming back to her senses as her head cleared, but she was still too weak to resist one of them, let alone two of them. She was totally fucked and she knew it. Her resolve shattered, she slipped into desperation, whimpering in her throat, her little breasts rolling on her chest with her panting, anxious breaths.

Jaidyn smiled as Z helped by grabbing Susi's hands, holding her wrists down to help him flip her body over on the cold stone table. He hardly gave her time to get her bearings when he climbed on top of her laid out like a buffet. There was a pause as he sat up on his knees and stroked his dick to get it going, leaning in to whisper in her ear while he fit the tip back between her blushing lips, "I won't bite you this time, pretty slut..." With a hiss he shoved his swelling cock inside her pussy, hilting it in moments as the heated walls of her body gripped and sucked at him until his shaft was nice and tight with those teasing strokes fitting him inside her cunt. "Nnn.. Hold her dude...she's kicking!"

Zuriel grunted as he leaned in and pressed down after helping flip Susi over on her belly. He wanted to be a comfort, but that was out of the question while the ritual was starting, and it was the only way to make her forget. So he gripped her wrists and pressed, keeping her pinned to the stone slab while Jay fit his cock inside her snatch. Not wanting to admit to himself that this was hot, his body betrayed him, and as he stood in front of her, there was no mistake his cock was getting stiff watching Jay manhandle the girl. Licking his lips to keep them moist as Jay started fucking her bruised pussy, he offered her his thumbs to hold on to in order to brace herself from the burning penetration rolling through her folds.

Susi knew it was futile to fight them, but she did anyhow, kicking and thrashing as they manhandled her onto her stomach so Jay could mount her from behind like a damn bitch in heat. She was still so fucking sore, and though her cunt continued to leak their combined cum, his cock pressing into her again made her cry out in pain. "Ah god, no! Please get it out! F-f-fuck! It hurts!" She tried to crawl away, but he was too heavy, pinning her down with his weight and every rock of his body pushed her firmly down onto the rough stone of that altar. Zuriel's hands held her wrists, making it impossible for her to grab anything for leverage, and she turned her tear streaked eyes up to look at him helplessly. His thumbs slipped down into her curled fingers and she squeezed, taking what small comfort they offered as her pussy was abused even further.

Jaidyn loved the fact that it hurt her. That meant the sooner he got her juicy, the better it would feel. But right now with him just pushing in, it blazed with pain and pricks of hurt each time he stroked his fat cock inside her cunt. He peeled over to the side of Susi's body without missing a beat of his rocking hips sliding that stiff dick inside her tunnel, even with her fighting, and nature was the only thing that started getting her pussy slippery. After being mounted by the man (if he could be called that), Jay drew her down into the tingles of pain drifting further and further apart while her pussy was being plumbed deep and tight. He kissed--yes, kissed--along Susi's ear and whispered, even though Z was just too close for him not to hear what was said, "Feels even better the second time round, little punk slut..." Full, heavy balls tapped against her lips from behind, the feel of his sac pushing between her inner thighs no matter how tight she clamped her legs closed.

Zuriel just held tight to Susi's hands, watching everything that was happening with both a mix of shock and awe at the same time. And even though he offered her his hands to grip, the sight of his own dick starting to lift and strain thicker from desire met her gaze. He was a man, after all, and this was a turn on with so many levels of deliciousness he didn't know where to begin. Helping Jay fuck the memory out of some pretty, fresh teenager was all he could stand, but the sight before him was too sexy to ignore. His cock showed exactly how hard it was to ignore, and he lowered his eyes to not look at your tear-streaked face too closely, but soon he couldn't help but to stare right back at your eyes...almost apologetically.

Susi wanted no part of this. No matter how much she loved sex, she didn't want to be part of some...ritual...didn't want to lose her memory. No matter how terrifying those memories might be, not having them was even scarier. But no matter how much her brain told her she didn't want this, her body figuratively flipped her the old bird and gave in to its desires. Deep in her belly she felt a stirring, and soon she could feel his cock slipping and gliding into her bruised cunt, her nectar beginning to flow freely again from the stimulation. Her eyes dropped from Zuriel's to stare straight ahead and she realized she wasn't the only one getting turned on. His cock was standing proudly just in front of her face, and (idiot! she chided herself) she licked her lips at the sight, her eyes slinking back up to his to see if he'd caught the action. He was staring right back at her--of course he'd seen--and though he recognized the seriousness of the situation and seemed almost pained at her torment, she couldn't help but notice a smirk curl at one corner of his lips. This brazen little vixen actually had the grace to blush, and as Jay's rocking hips thrust in harder at feeling her wetness, she closed her eyes and bit her lip with a groan.

Jaidyn snapped his fingers and pointed at Z without saying a word. Watching as his brother released her hands, he simply mauled her over himself in a rush, putting that pussy right down on his dick as Z started walking to the side of the stone table. He missed the sight of Susi licking her lips with Lisa's father in front of her face, but that wouldn't have mattered to him in the least, anyhow. Not as long as he held her hips and dropped that newly-juicy cunt down with his fat shaft spreading her open. He took a moment as Z clambered up on the table, holding her slit down tight on his cock, waiting for his brother to get into place and start trying to fit his cock in her only other free hole at the moment. "Come on. Get in there dude..." With a woman between them, he couldn't help but moan out feeling Z slide inside to join him in sharing this new girl. A shame she had to forget...she was turning into quite the little slutty vixen.

Zuriel chewed his lower lip the entire time he watched Jay fucking the hot new girl on the stone slab. The sight alone was enough to bring him full and hard, so Susi got a look at him before he stepped away to the side. He hopped up on the table then, dropping to his knees first before he scooted in behind her shivering ass. "I'm hurrying. Chill the hell out. Damn..." The head of his cock pressed in, glancing off Jay's nuts before he found what he was looking for and then Susi felt the keen press of his dick at the entrance to her tight ass. "Just one time Jay...One fucking time..." His brother was just as insatiable as--if not more than--he was, so Zuriel had to remind Jay, even as he shuddered from stuffing his cock inside the squirming girl's asshole. Gritting his teeth, he lifted his hands over her shoulders, pinning her on Jay's dick and at the same time he jerked back and started pumping her tight little hole. "Nnn... Fuck, she's tiiiight...!"

Susi gasped, rather than cried out, when Jay flipped her over and lifted her right over his waist, fitting her dripping snatch back onto his cock. In a better position to move, she started to rise on her shaky legs, bracing her hands against his chest to lift away, but those strong hands clamped down on her hips and with a downward yank, he lifted up stuffing that cock back inside her, keeping her from going anywhere. She grunted, her small frame jostling as he lifted and dropped her using her own hips to guide her, and she looked back to Zuriel with one last silent plea for help. Instead, at Jay's barking orders, he moved to the side of the table and climbed up behind her. So far as she knew, Zuriel had just been there to help hold her down, though she seemed to recall something about them saying they both needed to cum in her once. But she'd assumed one at a time, so when she saw Lisa's dad moving around and climbing up onto the slab behind her, she freaked out again. "Oh...no... No no no you can't! I've never... Please, dude, don't do this! I'm begging you..." Seems the little slut still had new things to explore, because she started blurting out that she'd never had two men at once before, but her panicked blabbering cut the statement short before she finished. Little did it matter. She felt his warm hand pressing against her shoulder, pushing her lithe body down on top of Jay's chest to expose her tight little asshole and with a guiding hand, Zuriel pressed the head of his cock right up against that pucker and slid it home. She stiffened with a sucking breath and a shudder, letting it out in a moan laced with pain and pleasure. "Nnnngg fuck..."

Jaidyn knew the ritual was already in full swing now that Z finally got on the ball and climbed up to fuck this pretty little kid slut with him. He adored her panic when Z got back there, her babbling lips a compliment to her inexperience as he lifted his hands to those hips to drag that pussy down his fat cock. It took a little while, but before Susi knew it, Jay would slide in and Z would stroke his hips harder to keep pace. At the same time he stuffed her pussy, Z also fit all the way inside her ass, both cocks moving in unison together, fucking her holes so good, like she'd never been fucked before, and here they were about to steal the memory of it from her! Jay laughed hearing her call out 'dude,' like using their language was going to stop what was happening. Nails bit her skin as fingers tightened, throwing her down his shaft harder, making her take both dicks even from his position at bottom, using his brother as part of the force reaming her holes open. "Nnngh... Damn. She's tighter than before... Come on... We could fuck her twice and reprogram her!" He looked past Susi's shoulder to his brother, "Tell her she's always been our fuck doll and keep her like a poodle!"

Zuriel did his best to focus. 'Just one time,' he kept repeating in his head like a mantra. But the feel of that tight ass gripping his dick kept stealing the words from his mind every time Susi's cute little ass bounced and wobbled on his cock. He could care less that his nuts were clapping against Jay's--the feel of her body in front of him and hearing her panic at having them both inside at once brought a smirk to his lips. He just couldn't help it, with such a pretty bitch on his cock taking another at the same time. He was getting into it more and more until he heard the crazy idea to steal her whole life away. Zuriel stared right back down at Jay over her shoulder, and even though both of them were pounding her holes at the same time, he managed to speak through it all. "No... We're not taking her whole fucking life Jay. JUST ONE FUCKING TIME!" He yelled at the top of his lungs, not caring how it sounded. "ONE TIME. DO YOU HEAR ME YOU FUCKING ABUSIVE SHITHEAD?!"

Susi felt like she was being split in two. Each of their cocks was already large, but both of them at once was like having the trunk of a tree being stuffed inside her...and it was absolutely fucking amazing. God, it hurt so much when Zuriel first pressed that cock into her ass with Jay's already filling her cunt, but as they started moving, even though the ring of her ass burned with no lubricant on it, it started feeling so fucking good that she couldn't help but get into it. Her fears were forgotten for the moment. She was so focused on getting fucked by two hot guys at once that she curled her fingers against Jay's chest and started riding them of her own volition, using her knees to rise and fall back on both of those cocks at the same time. Then she heard Jay talk about reprogramming her and Zuriel actually shouting back at him, and her eyes went wild again. "What...what the hell are you talking about now? What do you mean 'reprogram?'" Having heard Jay use Zuriel's nickname, she used it trying to get more personal, "Listen...Z... It's Z, right? Or I can call you Lisa's dad, but please... What ever he's thinking of doing, you won't let him, will you? Please tell me you won't." Through her whole speech her body was jostled between them both, her little tits bouncing rapidly right in Jay's face, and as she spoke Susi stared at the man under her, watching his reaction and not liking the wicked grin he gave her back.

Jaidyn rolled his eyes the instant Susi's pleas started with the good guy. He reached up and grabbed her small neck in his massive hand to take this to another level. Using the hold on her throat, he pushed her body down harder on those cocks, using the tempo of her own riding lifts. He didn't let her pause to speak. Instead, he used that grip to drill her pussy deeper with the added force of the dick in her ass stuffing in just as hard without Z even trying to take her hot little hole any harder just yet. He didn't want to keep arguing. He just wanted to keep this slut naked in a corner so he could drop his pants to fuck her face like she was a damn rag doll, but Z had other ideas. He was intent on taking the ritual seriously, like they both had planned. Sometimes he wondered how this guy was related to him. He never took advantage of anything when he could, and right now they literally had her life on the end of their dicks.

Zuriel scowled as long as Jay was talking about taking this girl's entire memory to reprogram her like she was nothing. They could do it, too. It was just that he was not about to leave an innocent to Jay's devil designs, even if he was already making him erase her memory because he didn't want the headache of her knowing more than she already did. The hold Jay had on Susi's throat only served to make Zuriel's strokes buck deeper, gasping at the feel of that tight ring tugging at his shaft with every plunge that he rocked upwards inside that tight little asshole. He had to wait for Jay to say it was time--they were going to have to cum inside her at nearly the same instant for it to work--so his hands tightened over her shoulders, using the leverage to batter her hot hole deeper, licking his lips he looked down just to watch your ass hitting his pelvis rhythmically. "Shut up, Jay. Just tell me when..."

Susi's pleas stopped the instant Jay's hand wrapped around her throat for the second time today. She now knew his name, having heard Z say it, but she couldn't say it with his fingers grasping her throat again, not nearly enough to choke her unconscious like he had earlier, but enough to scare her silent. It didn't, however, stop the grunts from issuing from her throat every time both of their cocks stuffed back into her, only to withdraw leaving her feeling emptier than she ever had in her life. Had she known how incredible this would feel, she would have talked two guys into fucking her at the same time a long time ago. And then she realized that she wouldn't even remember how awesome this moment was when they were done with her. She was going to be sore and aching and not even know why. That got her mind racing again, and even with Jay's hand clasped to her neck, she stammered, "Guys, listen... please. I... Ahhh god... I promise I won't tell anyone anything about you or Stacey or anything I saw or heard here. I swear it to you. I don't..." Susi trailed off, wondering if she was crazy for saying it, but it was truth, so she said it anyhow, "I don't want this to be the last time we do this. It... Uhhhh...shit! It's fucking incredible. Please don't take this from my memory." She had no idea what Jay had been thinking or she might not have made such an offer, but she did want to fuck them again, maybe with Jay being just a little less a maniac, but still... He fucked so well and Z felt incredible inside her, so she had to try. Their pace increased, both of them starting to pant in surround sound. Her hips flew up off Jay's pelvis with every upward thrust forcing her harder onto Z's cock and the dual stimulation had her body spiraling out of control. She started to pant, whimpering with each bounce and jostle between them, her climax building like a coil in her belly and her head fell back, lips parted to catch the breath building in her lungs.

Jaidyn smacked Z on the hand, nodding at him to get up so they both could lift Susi from the table like a rag doll. She weighed nothing to the both of them, so moving her was hardly an effort once the loamy grass was under their feet. Jay pulled out and grabbed her arms, pulling her hands over his hips before the feel of his wet dick smeared her juices across her lips. "Open up bitch. We're done listening to you." With a growl, he clamped Susi's nose closed, waiting for that hurried breath to come hard between her parting lips. "That's it... Take it whore..." Jay's hand swept under her pony tail to grip her head, stuffing her mouth full of his cock glazed with her girlie flavor coating his shaft. He made her take it clear down her throat for the first shove, only to have it remain stuffed deep when Z followed and shoved his cock inside her drooling cunt. "Ahh yeah... That's it bro. Fuck that pussy!" Gritting his teeth, Jay started fucking her face like he was trying to make their dicks meet in the middle of her body every time they fucked her harder.

Zuriel huffed at having to stop and help carry Susi to the ground, but by the time her knees touched grass he was down behind her, fitting his cock inside her leaking cunt with a hard buck of his hips slamming deep enough to make her cheeks jiggle from the pure impact. He wasn't as foul-mouthed as Jay, but once he was back inside her pussy, fucking it good and fast, his hands clamped on her hips to hold that body right where he needed her. Nails caught flesh and stuck, leaving marks in Susi's skin as Zuriel railed that pussy with a building ferocity claiming her cunt. The swelling feeling of those cocks inside her at the same time brought her mind reeling. She was barely able to breathe with her mouth being fucked by Jay, and now the wild ravenous beast fucking her pussy was getting to the edge of his resolve. Zuriel ducked his head, muttering under his breath at first, but soon even through the fucking and sucking sounds wailing her body, she heard the dull sound of a rhythmic chant escaping his lips. "Phaestus...in con treya...Memorandia til vest Puruus..."

Susi yelled in frustration when Z pulled out of her ass and Jay stopped moving inside of her, clearly intending to shift positions again. "Mother fuck!" She was right there, teetering on the edge of her orgasm, and it fell away like a jumper from an airplane...slipped from her grasp in an instant...and she was pissed. "Why the fuck did you stop? I was about to cum!" Her bitching was cut off when Z lifted her from on top of Jay and Jay rose to grab her arms. As they settled her to the ground, she sat rigid, wondering 'What now..?' Maybe they finally heeded her pleas and were going to let her go. But no...why put her on the ground if that were the case? Instead, Z crawled up behind her again, this time ramming his cock home straight into the depths of her cunt, and though he felt different from Jay, it was just as fucking incredible. His cock had a different angle, hitting her in new places and she groaned, closing her eyes at the sensation. When they opened again, she saw Jay standing with his cock pointing right at her face. Pursing her lips, knowing what he intended, she looked stubbornly up at him refusing to budge. But Jay had dealt with stubborn women refusing to suck his cock before, so without pause he reached down and clamped her nose. She tried to jerk back, but with Z behind her and Jay holding her nose, she had no where to go. Choking, lungs hitching for air, she finally parted her lips to suck in a breath, and without missing a beat that thick rod of meat was stuffed into her mouth and down her throat, choking her so hard she gagged around it. Jay jerked her head back by her mint green hair, allowing her to breath and swallow at least, while thrusting the top half of that cock down her pulsing throat. The sharp bite of claws in her hip had her squealing around Jay's cock,  her hips being drawn backwards to force her onto Z's nectar-covered cock in her snatch. And through it all she heard the sound of his deep voice chanting strange words, making her heart stammer in her chest. She shook her head as best she could with a pole stuck in her mouth, squeaking out her denial that they were still going through with the ritual.

Jaidyn gritted his teeth as he held Susi's pony tail, fucking that mouth through whatever complaints or bitching she was about to do. Instead, he focused on those lips of hers, stuffing them deep as fuck until his balls pushed against her chin, fucking her face hard enough to make her saliva bubble and pour from her mouth as his dick stroked wanton and hard between her lips. Jay's cock started to swell, growing fatter as he panted and held her hair to keep that mouth open and full of his dick. The chant was soon joined by his own words, speaking the same instant as Z so the words reached her ears in stereo from the front and behind. "Phaestus...in con treya...Memorandia til vest Puruus... Cater Noster con quil est verata..." Z spoke the same words behind her, and as the chanting increased, so did the frenzy that filled her mouth and pussy at the same time. As long as he was taking her mouth any way he liked, the chant kept building in tempo and grew louder in her ears. The memory of the day, the sight of Jay's fangs, flitted before Susi's eyes even as the sight of Jay in her mouth filtered through the flashing images.

Zuriel clenched his teeth as nails dug into her hips, pulling Susi back until Jay had to scoot closer and before she knew it, that sexy body of hers was spitted between two cocks filling her mouth and that drooling snatch. Every thrust sent more images scattering before her mind's eye, including the sight of the table and even of Z himself. Everything leading to this point danced before your sight with the two of them breaking the mental imagery as your eyes caught hold of the fleeting reality before you. The intensity of those cocks picked up speed, battering you between them so rough your knees started lifting from the grass each time they drove those cocks inside you and he started yelling the words louder with the first spurt of his precum glazing your tight tunnel. "Phaestus...in con treya...Memorandia til vest Puruus... Cater Noster con quil est verata...! Phaestus...in con treya...Memorandia til vest Puruus... Cater Noster con quil est verata...!"

Susi heard your voices in unison, the sound and the words sending chills down her spine. It was...wickedly erotic, despite what it was doing to her. And through it all, her body ran on autopilot. The visions of strange images that meant nothing to her flashed through her mind, but her pussy twitched again, her orgasm renewed with the rough pounding of Z's cock slamming into the wet tunnel between her legs and Jay's forceful fucking of her mouth, gagging her repeatedly on his length. She moaned around that cock, sending vibrations traveling down the length to his balls and she sucked in air through her nose until her body shook with the climax that raced through her limbs, her cunt clamping down around the thick cock stroking along her inner walls. Trickles of precum seeped into her snatch, spilled down her throat, and her mind went fuzzy, almost like she was delirious with fever, but still her climax raged on with otherworldly words echoing in her head.

Jaidyn threw his head back as he felt Susi's mouth pulling, sucking down those first few drops melting on her tongue, and all the while the chanting grew in tempo and tenor. The both of them held her as Z rose to his feet, leaving her with toes barely touching the grass. Jay fucked her mouth and his brother took her from behind, spiraling down into those fleeting images that started to fade like they had never been there in the first place, and while his cock started to swell fatter, Jay even forgot about trying to reprogram her slutty mind to turn her into a fuck doll. His mind was instead consumed with both the ritual and her mouth gagging on his dick. Toes curled into the grass as he held Susi up with his brother, the both of them pistoning her body back and forth between them with nothing but his hands in her hair, holding her head to keep her from falling to the ground beneath them all. The sun was starting to set as he breathed harder, throwing his head back to scream out his part of the chant before she felt his dick erupting in a stream of thick cum covering her tongue, pumping down her throat and flooding her mouth as he huffed, panting out those words to seal her memories forever. "Phaestus...in con treya...Memorandia til vest Puruus... Cater Noster con quil est verataaaaAAAAAHHHHHHhh...!"

Zuriel could hold back no longer, and though he stuttered his words a time or two, they regained strength when he lifted to his feet still inside Susi's gushing cunt, now holding her up so her one foot barely touched the grass below. Clutching her leg to help hold her up, he kept her hot body spitted between them both as he heard Jay starting to get closer with his chant being hurried through. He had no intention of stopping or even canceling the chant as they both fucked her into oblivion together--one mind with two bodies tearing her apart so much that she was simply writhing in dumbfounded glee even with those memories fading from her brain in a lust-filled fog that danced before her eyes. Growling as he focused, he tried to belt out the words before his orgasm came rushing inside of her. "Phaestus...in con treya...Memorandia til vest Puruus...NnnhhhnnnGgg!" Susi's tightly clamping tunnel made him stumble, roaring through the sensations coursing through his cock while his balls lifted. "Memorandia til vest Puruus... Cater Noster con quil est...verata...Ahh...Hnnn...!" Like a floodgate his dick exploded, covering her pussy with thick cream and flooding her insides with the last of those words being panted out from his gasping mouth.

Susi felt the hot splash of cum gushing over her tongue and she swallowed to keep from drowning in it even as Jay's cock head pushed the fluids down her throat with his continued thrusts. She moaned at the masculine taste of him and at the same time she felt Z's cock swell with the stammering of his words, the sudden jetting of his cum streaming deep into her heated pussy. She squeaked around Jay's cock again and shuddered, nearly toppling over as she came again from the feel of both of them climaxing inside her at the same time. The only thing that kept her upright and dancing on her toes in the grass was the grip Z had on her leg and hip and Jay's cock lodged in her throat. Their cum filled her, permeating her, muddling her brain better than any drug she'd ever taken in the past, and everything fell into oblivion leaving her climax the only thought raging through her brain.

Jaidyn just took the little bitch as his own for a few minutes, holding her hair after Z had let go and made sure she sucked down every drop like a good little zombie slut. Smiling at his brother squeezing out his last few drops, he said, "I think it worked. But come on, dude...one more time and she's ours. Think about it!"

Zuriel exhaled as he stroked out the last few dribbles from his cock, shaking his head before wiping his hand clean on his thigh--he was going to need a bath after this anyway. "I said no, and you risk angering the gafflings if you try to do the ritual on your own. If you want another slut, I suggest you go hunt for one."

Jaidyn used your little mouth just awhile longer, ticking his tongue at his brother. "Fine, I think Darina needs to suck me off anyway," giving his brother the jab that he was more or less fucking his supposed wife.

Zuriel rolled his eyes. He and Darina would come to terms on their own time. Right now all he wanted was for Vixxen to get home so he could hug someone he loved. "Do what you have to. Now leave her here so she can wake and find where she has to go."

Susi lay complacent at Jay's knees, his hand still guiding her mouth over his cock until she'd sucked every last drop of cum from him. And suck him she did, like a babe at a teat drawing the last remnants of his male essence into her mouth. She swallowed it down with little moans and whimpers still emanating from her throat, but she said nothing more, as though she wasn't even fully there anymore. The two men chatted over her as if they knew she was oblivious and their words were lost on her. With their help, she finally stood on wobbly legs letting them lead her like a lamb.

Zuriel blinked. "She isn't passed out. Fuck... I guess I'll have to lay her down with Lisa, dammit."

Jaidyn waved his hand as he strolled back towards his cabin, "Do what you gotta. I'm out now that this whore lost her memory."

"You would leave it to me, fucker." Zuriel sighed and took her hand, turning to walk back home.

Susi followed with glazed eyes to the house, stepping past the threshold looking around a place that should be familiar but just didn't ring a bell right now.

Zuriel had no idea what else to do. It seemed that Lisa left awhile ago, so he led you to the couch and laid you back to rest. "Stay here. You'll feel better after a nap."

Susi strolled along behind him, her face neutral, completely uncaring that she was still nude...seemingly uncaring of anything at all. She looked at the couch and, heedless of the cum dripping from between her legs, crawled onto it as ordered.

Zuriel sighed and laid you back on his thigh, hoping to make you relax enough to get some sleep. Some rest would make your brain spark back to normal except for the memory of today happening at all. "I hate rituals... They take so much out of you..."

Susi was exhausted...completely drained, though what she'd done kept eluding her and it hurt her head too much to think, so she closed her eyes and relaxed into the warmth of the man who was being so sweet to her... Why was he being so nice to her, anyhow? That thought made her head ache, too, so she put it from her mind and snuggled against him, slipping off to sleep with steady breathing almost instantly.

Zuriel got up, sliding softly out from under her head to let her sleep it off. He had no idea what to dress her in, so he had to leave her lying there naked, but at least he got his boxers on before anyone came home.

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