Zuriel & Jaidyn Doubleteam Lisa


So as I'd mentioned once before, we often have a lot of small talk that sort of evolves into role play. Oftentimes, its difficult to segregate the two without creating confusion, so I'll sometimes leave the pre-RP chit chat in with the stories just for clarification. Other times I leave it in just because it's entertaining. In this case, it's a bit of both. Not too long before this, Zuriel let his friend and pack brother, Jaidyn, have a little sampling of Lisa. This time, they take her together and things get really hot.

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Zuriel & Jaidyn Doubleteam Lisa

Lisa turned with a smirk. "Nice boots."

Jaidyn: Yeah, nice ass in those pants.

Lisa: Those for when you're shoveling sh-- Er, smooth talking the ladies?

Jaidyn: Har dee har har.

Lisa wrinkled her nose with a chuckle. "Oh that's right, I forgot. You don't smooth talk the ladies."

Jaidyn shook his head. "No. I usually just bend them over and stuff it in."

Zuriel: Oy vey, you two already at it?

Lisa tore her eyes away from Zuriel for a moment to look Jay deadpan in the face. "Which is why you're single and this man has captured my heart."

Jaidyn: Yeah, which is also why you get juicy when I just smack your ass.

Zuriel: I'm gonna ground you two.

Lisa scrunched up her face and stuck out her tongue, returning her gaze back to Zuriel, batting her eyelashes. "Who me?" She paused then, "I feel like a piece of bubblegum."

Jaidyn: You look about as sweet as one.

Zuriel: No chewing my girl dude.

Lisa snorted a laugh through her nose.

Jaidyn: Okay man she has got cute feet in those heels.

Lisa: Well, I wouldn't say 'no' chewing, but the biting needs to be kept to a minimum. The two of you just might kill me.

Zuriel: I know, I was looking at those myself.

Lisa bounced her foot up and down, wriggling her toes. "They are cute."

Zuriel: Aww love, we would never drain you to that point.

Jaidyn stifled a chuckle.

Lisa smirked, blushing, thankful neither of you could know how that made her clit twitch.

Jaidyn was already willing to guess as he slipped his hand over your thigh, stroking your latex clad leg smoothly.

Zuriel smirked watching Jay pet his girl, looking up in your eyes first just to see the love behind them.

"You I trust. This guy..." Lisa tilted her head in Jay's direction, "I just don't know about yet." Feeling his hand on her thigh before she even finished her sentence, she finally turned to look at him with no emotion in them, but then she looked back to you and her heart swelled, the smile spreading over her lips with unconstrained joy.

Jaidyn scoffed as he stroked that shiny leg a little more, even with Z rubbing your legs he teased his fingers closer and openly stroked right down your zipper to let you feel his nail titter off the metal clasping your outfit closed. "If you didn't know, why did you let me fuck your tight ass while 'Daddy' watched, hmm?"

Zuriel shook his head, running his hand up the opposite thigh Jay had hold of and both men used their hands just to tease and knead your leg between them both. Turning a glance to Jay, "Because she wanted to try and I will always give her what she wants." His eyes lifted to look back into yours. "And what she needs."

Lisa's face flushed while the two of you talked about her like she was just some toy in the room, and tonight she felt like one, but she had to admit she enjoyed it. She saw that look in your eye when you spoke of giving her what she needed and she couldn't love you more for it. Reaching out to stroke your hair, even as she felt her legs shifting at the insistence of both of your probing hands, she conveyed her love for you in her touch. Having no answer for his question because she really didn't know why she'd let him fuck her before, she just inched herself down some to settled further against Jay, letting her legs rest comfortably on your hip watching the two of you exploring her legs.

Jaidyn smirked at the lack of a response but Z always had something more to say. He rolled his eyes and slipped in a little closer to help Lisa tilt her hips just a little more as he spread those legs just wide enough for their hands to keep exploring. "Look, you can be in love. I might be alone, but right now, guess where I am?" There was no sorrow in his voice, only a primal need rising as he lightly stroked those clothed lips with his fingers dipping down. Only the bare stimulation of him teasing your body stirred your senses at all. "Besides, we both know what she needs right now."

Zuriel couldn't help but somewhat agree with Jay for once, especially when he watched him touch her body intimately and the caress made it a little hotter on the rugs as he looked on. His hand slipped away from your thigh and drifted upwards, pulling down the strap covering your nipple so his fingers could pluck and tease it between them. "Yeah I do have to actually agree with you there...for once." A hint of a fang peeked over his lip, and he had to remind himself not to go haywire when the feeding started. Those fingertips kept pulling up and down on your tender swelling bud caught in his grasp.

So far you'd both only just been barely teasing, caressing a thigh, making innuendos, but when your fingers tugged her nipple free of the material binding her breasts she couldn't stop herself from drawing in a sigh. The hand resting on Jay's shoulder clenched, grasping at him without her even being aware that she was doing so. Sucking her bottom lip into her teeth, she groaned and shifted, feeling his cock starting to swell against the small of her back. The sight of you both surrounding her had her looking everywhere, wanting to capture the beauty of your forms, and her eyes moved from you to him and back again. Catching a glimpse of that fang peeking out before you thought to hide it from her, her heart beat just a little bit harder with that familiar mix of fear and arousal shooting straight between her legs.

Jaidyn felt those fingers clutch his shoulder so tightly, he watched with an amused grin on his lips while Z toyed with your nipple like that and decided now that things were getting interesting to up the ante a little. He reached in tighter, tugging that zipper down so the warm air of the room hit your lips before he started circling your clit with his fingertip. Just enough pressure to make your body arch a little more to feel the press of his swelling dick against your back. He lifted your legs and opened them, perching those new sexy heels on your Master's hip to keep your thighs apart as his hand slipped back in and he stroked your pussy smoothly. "Mmm... Dude. She's getting wet."

Zuriel grinned hearing Jays words, pulling and twisting your nipple as he watched Jay perch your feet on his body so he could play with your pretty pussy. "Just wait 'til she cums. She gets so fucking hot it's not funny." They were still only talking about you like a plaything, and between them both that was probably the closest to truth Jay ever got, at least. Slowly he lowered his hand from your breast, curling it under your spread thighs, so while Jay stroked your hot little cunt, he idly teased his fingers right against your tight little asshole. "Yeah, we're gonna have to open her up a little."

Lisa flushed an even deeper shade of red as you talked between yourselves about her, the color actually reaching her chest this time so that it nearly glowed. Feeling awkward and nervous and excited, her eyes flit about, seemingly unable to settle on anything. When she felt Jay tugging at the zipper, the only thing still providing what little bit of vanity she had left, she leg go of her inhibitions and uncrossed her legs, letting them slip over your hip to your thigh, the other moving to rest against your ribs. This quiet, subtle action let Jay draw that zipper down the rest of the way--she even moved to lift her ass up off the ground so that he could completely open the suit bottom. When his fingers moved back to her clit she trembled, a mix of shame at letting him touch her so intimately and unrestrained arousal pouring into her veins like a drug. The absence of your hand at her breast drew her attention back to you. Her eyes first settled on yours, but as your hand slipped down under her ass to tease against the pucker there, her lashes fell against her cheeks and she gasped, letting out a slight little exhale that ended in an almost inaudible whimper.

Jaidyn had gone silent as he helped build the moment, but with his own excitement mounting, it was not going to last. You could feel his hard dick pressing against your lower back as he flickered and tapped his fingers against your hot little button. He never had gotten inside you this way and from the way he touched and caressed your clit, giving it little spanks, you could tell he was thrilled about getting to slide inside the pussy that he was so adamantly playing with. He looked down at you writhing in our combined grasp, never letting you settle on one or the other as he dipped his fingers inside and let you watch as he slipped them out and sucked your juices off his digits. "Mmm... Now I see why you keep her." With a smack to Z's knee he rose up, crawling out of the heap of bodies to get to his feet. "Get up here, dude..." He turned his eyes down to you on the rugs, curling a still slick finger. "Come here bubblegum slut.. We'll give you some candy together."

Zuriel chewed his lower lip as he slowly eased his finger inside that tight little pucker, just stroking it while Jay teased your pussy so deliciously that soon you saw his cock starting to swell between the frame of your perched feet. Jay slipped his fingers inside that hot little slit while he probed your ass and stroked his finger deeper, even feeling him play with your pussy through the tight grip of your ass around his pumping digit, teasing your body to a higher plane. He was shocked out of his enjoyment by getting his knee slapped, but seeing what Jay had in mind he nodded and slipped out from under your heels. Standing right beside Jay as he called you closer to the pair of us. "Mmm, well this is a lovely sight..." Looking down at you on the rugs, that zipper pulled apart so they both could see everything as they stood there with cocks hard and twitching."Bring those lips over here baby girl."

Lisa mewled in disappointment when the multitude of fingers left the valley between her legs. She was thoroughly enjoying the attention as was evident by how wet she had already become. Still on her ass, she swung her legs around to face the both of you standing there looking down at her, her legs splayed provocatively wide so that the pink of her wet slit shone between a frame of pink latex. Slipping her legs under her, she crawled over before you both, her ass swaying in the air, the valley between her cheeks peeking through the unzipped backside of the skin tight suit. Drawing up to her knees, the scent of you and Jay filling her nostrils like some primal aphrodisiac, she slid her hands along the outside of each of your thighs, trailing her gloved fingertips over your pelvic bones to those beautiful hard cocks. Her fingers deftly wrapped around the bases and, turning her eyes up to you, then Jay, then back to you, she leaned in to your cock and wrapped her blackened lips around the head, suckling the tip as she started stroking the length of Jay. Not wanting to leave him out, she forced herself to pull off of your cock, her left hand working the length of you as well, and lapped her tongue over Jay's tip before sucking him down like Daddy's little cocksucker should.

Jaidyn was content to watch especially when you wriggled your little ass and crawled over to us both, smirking to himself as he watched your hands glide up our bodies until those fingers wrapped firmly around both cocks hanging in front of your pretty face. Even though your lips sucked Z in first, he was repressing a shudder seeing your black lips caress Z's dick. You felt him twitch and throb in your clasped fingers as the scent of us both became so overpowering that it could not be ignored. He shot Z a look and really didn't wait for his approval--the instant your lips popped wetly from Z's dick and moved within reach, he just shoved your mouth all the way down his cock until he felt your chin press against his balls. "Hold it... Keep it in... Nnn fuck yeah!" Only when you needed air did he relent and let you slide off that thick shaft, hungering for more of your lips so that he even gripped your pink hair. "Fuck man. She's got some fucking skills." His head tossing back before you sputtered and lifted off his tip to pull Zuriel back in your mouth.

Zuriel inhaled hard when he felt your mouth draw him in, shaking on his feet lightly as he looked down at those black lips leaving slightly darker smears on his shaft. Loving the way you looked down on your knees, so much he barely noticed Jay shooting him a glance until your lips pulled away and he watched as Jay stuffed your mouth full of his cock. He was about to say something but realized this was all part of the fantasy. He was tense in your hand only for a moment especially when Jay backed off and let you have control of your head again. "You have no idea, my friend..." He watched as you started to change cocks and suddenly grabbed your head with his own large hand, simply shoving his dick right down your throat as he held on like another bastard in the room just did and waited until you looked up at him with pleading eyes before letting your head loose. "Nnn damn..."

She had intended just to tease back and fourth--suck a bit here, lick a bit there, stroking all the while where her mouth wasn't--but Jay always knew what he wanted and pretty much always just took it, so when he shoved her head down on his cock, her intent only being to take him in half way and back out again, it caught her off guard and she let out a muffled yelp around his shaft. His cock lodged in her throat and her body rocked as she gagged, spittle flying from her lips around his shaft. He could feel the warm walls of her throat clenching around the head of his cock each time she coughed until he finally relaxed his grip and let her slip off with a gasp for air. Turning to look up at you for reassurance that this was ok, that she was being a good girl for you, you could see her chin already glistening from the mixture of her spit and the precum she'd drawn from each of you. Her tongue slicked over her lips and she wrapped them back around your thick member with a groan. Though she enjoyed the different taste of Jay, she loved your familiar taste and she craved it above all others. Her eyes closed as she set to work on you, her right hand rapidly stroking up and down Jay's cock, and when you pushed her head down, fingers laced in the pink wig she'd donned for the occasion, she was prepared this time. Jaw relaxed to allow your full length in, she tilted her head as much as you would give her freedom to and let you slip into her mouth until your balls were pressed against her chin. Still she gagged, though not as hard, and she looked up to you with your cock buried all the way in her throat.

 Jaidyn huffed as he watched those black glossed lips take Z down to the base. He almost chuckled from the sight of you watching his eyes like you were still seeking approval, though he thought to himself that the point of approval had long since passed. He knew from the look in your eyes when he stuffed it right in your mouth that was not your intent, so for a change he backed off a little, willing to see how you got worked up with two nice dicks for you to suck on within reach. "I'll be a little gentler..." He said it to no one in particular, but once out there he just idly grabbed your head and waited for his turn in a twist of compliance. The instant your lips changed dick though, he scrunched his hand tightly and you felt the tremor in his arm from wanting to just fuck that pretty mouth like the bastard he was. Letting out a heated breath: "I...promise..." saying the words like it hurt him.

Zuriel didn't have to smack Jay for a change as he looked down at you sucking his cock like a fine flavor you always needed. His fists clenching as he, too, had to fight off the urge to be greedy with your mouth, and the tension in the air between them both from wanting to abuse you themselves could be felt by everyone on the rug. The rubber gloves you wore were growing slick with saliva between stroking those dicks and sucking them, making him buck just a little to your hand every time you squeezed and gripped him, feeling you stroke his thick shaft while your mouth was busy elsewhere. He didn't turn away; he wanted to watch how hot his little cock slut would get being a bubble gum treat for the both of us.

The sound of her little grunts and groans filled the room. She was your personal, private little whore tonight and she loved it. As much as she enjoyed getting fucked, she loved sucking cock, and to have both of you there craving her mouth was driving her wild. She rose on her knees, giving her leverage to move faster, her head turning this way and that as she worked her mouth up and down first one shaft then the other. The heat was stirring inside her, her arousal burning like a volcano stirring to life, bubbling, swirling, churning within her belly. Each time she turned from one of you to the other, her hips shifted and she could feel the slick lips of her pussy gliding against one another, stroking her clit between them. Faster and faster her breaths came, drawing them in through her nose, only to let them out in a gasp of hunger for more cock. Sucking, slurping, wet smacking sounds echoed off the walls, broken only for a moment as she paused to speak, stroking you both like an expert street whore. "I want you...both. Please, I'm so fucking horny. I want to feel both your cocks inside me, filling me like a dirty little whore." She licked her lips and groaned, "Mmm god, please...fuck me."

Jaidyn bit his lower lip as you sped up, devouring both cocks one at a time with such fever in your lips, sucking down each dick in turn that he almost missed your words. He stared down and wrapped his hand in your hair, jerking your head back to look in your eyes as his fingers probed your mouth and stroked right over your tongue like a little wanton whore needed. "No, no... 'Daddy' and I wanna hear you say that better. Don't we, Z?" Smirking wickedly as he held on and just swiveled his hips to tap his dick right over your pretty face. "Now be a good little bitch and tell me and 'Daddy' what you really want: both of our dicks inside your tight little holes." He waited patiently, which was a stretch for him to do. Every word he spoke down at you showed the fangs in his mouth while he egged you on to say just what he wanted to hear, at least. Slowly he pressed his hips in and ground that cock right across your mouth sideways and he looked at Z for his part.

Zuriel knew exactly where this was headed. His hand wound in your pink locks tightly and he aided Jay in pulling your head back to look up at us both while he listened to Jay telling you precisely what to do. "Go on, baby girl... Tell me and Jay how bad you want us to stretch your little holes." He joined Jay in pressing his hips forward, gliding his swollen dick over your forehead and not really caring that he crossed cocks with Jay a few times, rubbing them over your face like they were toying with you together now. "You wanted this, so say it..."

Lisa's hands slipped away when Jay grabbed her hair and forced her head up. She hadn't even intended it, but the action startled her so, put such a fright into her, that she just reflexively threw her hands in front of her with a gasp. They remained in the air, though she fought to keep them from blocking her face protectively, knowing full well that it was his and your intent to mock her with your cocks slapping and prodding at her lips and face. Though she kept wanting to close her eyes, she willed them open to look back at you and Jay. Her heart was racing so hard that you could hear it in her voice when she spoke, the tremor in her words, "I...want both of your cocks in me. I want to feel you in my pussy, Daddy, and Jaidyn in my ass. And then I want Jay's cock in my little cunt and yours splitting my ass. I want to feel both of your cocks stretching my holes wide at the same time." Her eyes were as wide as a frightened deer, but she was shifting and writhing on her knees like she was trying to assuage the burning need between her thighs, and she mewled out her desires like a cat in heat begging to be taken.

Jaidyn lifted a brow when he realized you thought he was about to hit you. But instead of turning him off, that really got him going and he pulled away from Zuriel's grinding dick and your face to lay out on the rugs. His cock stood straight up as he laid back on his arms and smirked at the both of you still standing. "Z... Bring that ass over here. She wants me back inside it." He waited as he watched Z's eyes light up, turning them down to you like a fire just sparked somewhere inside. Seeing Zuriel pick you up off your knees before spreading your legs wide as he knelt down nearly carrying you. He just held his cock straight up as Z lowered your hot little asshole right over his tip. "Nnnhaaa...fuck...!"

Zuriel looked over at Jay stepping away to lie down on the rugs. He heard the advice and just lifted your body from the floor before holding you in his arms like a fuck doll with your legs spread. "Seems my slut needs it really good, don't you agree?" He didn't really wait for an answer as he went to his knees, carrying you down with him, working your ass into place until he heard Jay gasp from his dick slipping inside your tight little hold. At first he actually just helped his friend, clutching under your knees to lift you up and down with no ability to rock yourself at all with the grip he had on your legs. Using your hot body to fuck Jays cock nice and slow, making you rise all the way to the head before letting his arms go slack, so your body weight drove his dick right back inside your tight ass. "Mmm fuck that looks hot, even from here."

Lisa had asked for this--hell, begged for it--but suddenly she found herself wondering if she would be able to take you both at the same time. She considered recanting her offer, thinking perhaps she should take one of you and then the other, but before she could even open her mouth to speak, you lifted her from her knees stunning her into silence. She could feel your hard length pressing against her slit, grinding her clit madly as you walked her back towards Jay and she grasped your arms, digging her nails right into the flesh as she tried to grind herself against you. Then she felt the heat of his hard body pressing into her back and she stiffened. With a turn of her head, she saw the feral look in his eyes and the subtle shift of his body as he angled his cockhead right against her backdoor. There was no turning back now, she knew, and then she felt you almost drop her onto him, spearing her ass right on his thick cock. Her nails raked across your shoulders as she slipped down, trying to maintain her grasp on you, though you never fully let her go so that you could lift and drop her again on his cock, forcing it deeper each time. She let out a cry as though she'd been torn in two, and at first it felt that way, but with each drive of his shaft inside her, the sharp pain abated and in its place was the unbelievable, pleasurable ache of having her ass stretched and filled with Jay's thick cock.

Jaidyn gasped and growled out loudly with each rise and fall your Zuriel made you do. He was definitely regretting being on the bottom right now, though, as Z kept the torment going by using just your hot tight ass to fuck his cock with, like you were a simple toy between them both. He senses on fire with that asshole gripping him each time Z lifted and dropped you down his length, his eyes starting to glimmer though from the tight sensations gripping his dick every time Zuriel lifted and bounced you on his fat cock. He had to regain a little control; every fiber of him was loving this, but at the same time he needed to hear your wails from him fucking you and not being used as an over-sized dildo. His hands snaked out, grabbing your tits tightly in both hands before curling fingers drew the latex away enough he could clasp your nipples tightly, changing the angle completely when he laid your back against his chest. "Nnnnh... Still fucking...tight!"

Zuriel was enjoying making you bounce and ride Jays fat dick, arms flexing to lift and going slack to drop you right on his cock so it slid back tightly in your little pucker. He felt rather than saw Jay grab your breasts, feeling you tilt out of his arms to be laid back, so he decided why waste the opportunity. Poising his tip right against your lips, he caressed your cheek one final time. "All for my baby girl..." Both hands smacked your latex clad hips. The feel of Daddy entering your juicy cunt thrust through your very being and he could feel Jays dick in your ass when he shoved his cock inside that drooling pussy. He straddled Jays legs and started rocking his hips, sliding his fat girth inside your tight cunt with a wet squish and your own voice careening higher in pitch as they both filled you up with cock. "Grrrr...just like...THAT...!"

The feel of Jay's cock stretching her so wide had her mind reeling already. Somewhere in the back of her consciousness she felt his hands mawing her breasts, drawing the shiny pink latex over the mounds so that her rigid nipples popped out from the tight material, but there was nothing that could fully take her attention away from the feel of him moving and pulsing so deep inside her ass. Nothing, that is, until she felt your caress on her cheek and heard those sweet, loving words falling from your lips. Though she still had the look of a porn star on her face, she stared back at you with a smile then turned her eyes down to between her legs where your cock rested at her entrance. Everything stood still for just a breath and then you thrust forward, forcing yourself in to the hilt. "Holy fucking shit!" She stiffened in shock before she could draw a breath to relax, sucking in a huge lungful of air to let out a cry as you'd never heard her make before. Jay was pinned beneath her, hardly able to move, but he didn't need to. Every pump of your cock rocked her tiny frame up and down, driving his cock in and out of her ass as effectively as he could have done himself. Her breasts jiggled in his grasp, his thick fingers pinching the red buds between the knuckles, drawing them up and away from her body only to let them snap and drop back down with a bounce. Babbling incoherently, muttering curses of pain and pleasure, she could only manage to alternate between grunts and whimpers. Never before had she felt so fucking full and her cunt positively oozed her arousal over your cock. Forcing herself to keep her head up, she watched in fascination as your cock withdrew and drove into her again and again and the sight drove her absolutely wild.

Jaidyn hardly needed to move at all with Zuriel fucking your pussy so deeply; his every move rocked and jarred your ass up and down his fat rod lodged inside. The feel was so fucking tight that he actually couldn't move much even if he was able to. His fingers tugged and pinched, slipping in from the sides of your breasts to skate two open fingers over your nipples before they clamped firmly to pull outwards, your daddy's thrusts making them pop from his fingers only to be grabbed once again by him. He was not one to be outdone, though, and despite being pinned as he was in a sex sandwich, he suddenly bounced his hips when Z pulled out almost the whole way. Finding his rhythm, the key being that each time Zuriel pulled out, he drove his hips up making your tits wobble in his grasping fingers still toying with your nipples. Every stroke moved counter to the other, when Z pulled out he drove his hips up sliding his cock further inside your tight asshole. Since he was behind you, you never caught the glow from his eyes, though Z did from overhead, almost like they were feeding off the others lusts, and when you next felt Jay's fingers, the nails were already pointed and gliding lightly across your vulnerable skin.

Zuriel rumbled like a beast as he started pounding that pussy with his whole weight clapping in hard, drawing back as he took over every inch of your body's movements with his back arched and hips stuffing that cock deep. He looked down and saw the glow from Jays eyes and the silvered hues staring past your face started to glimmer brighter. His fangs slid from parted lips gasping as he held your body tight with his hands on your hips. It wasn't until you felt the first jolt of claws prodding your skin that you realized precisely why they made you wear thick tight rubber. He drew his hands down your thighs, but the claws slicing through your outfit barely marred your skin--only a scrape here or there as he pulled his talons through the rubber adorning your flesh. His balls smacking Jays while he fucked you still, every thrust lifting your body so the feel of Jay thrusting up brought a whole new level of sensation coursing through your tight pink holes being stretched by those two fat dicks.

Having finally broken free of the spellbound sight your cock had on her, she let her head fall backwards to rest against Jay's shoulder. Even if she'd turned her head she couldn't see his face, so she'd not seen the glow in his eyes, wasn't aware of the changes taking place within him. But she looked up at you and she did see it in your eyes, and she knew... And then she felt the pinprick sensations of his nails biting into the flesh of her breasts around her nipples. Gasping, her back arching in fright (oh my god, what did she get herself into with both of you?), she started panting, gasping as her heart raced. And through it all she grew even wetter, your cock slushing inside her cunt, every thrust splashing her nectar over your balls and onto her thighs. The fear only heightened her arousal until her clit throbbed so hard it ached. She could feel your cock so fucking deep inside her that she clenched her eyes and whimpered, and when she opened them again, she saw your fangs had slipped out fully. That sight alone nearly made her cum, and she gasped over and over, her climax building...building... And then, oh dear lord, your own nails raked over her body, shredding latex for fuck's sake! Hissing in breaths, whimpering, her body jerking from one side to the other as she felt the tips pierce the material and nick her skin, she nearly struggled--foolishly--to free herself from between the two of you before you mauled her to death, but she was pinned, skewered between you and had no chance of escape. All she could do was mewl tiny little cries between her gasping breaths.

Jaidyn growled from behind like a finely tuned motor purring to life. Your ear was near his chest, so the vibration rumbled through your bouncing body even as the panic set in. He lifted his hand up high enough, letting you see his black claws before they grasped down in a grip over your covered breast and three of them left little lines of red in your skin as he just raked your outfit apart. Buckles popped and rubber tore from the pull of his hands skinning you out of your hot little whore's outfit like two predators skinning a meal they were about to devour and share. As your body grew bare and little marks from their claws nicked your flesh, you felt him rip free half of your outfit and tossing it aside before those same clawed hands sneaked under your tits and grabbed tightly. The tips of his index claws rolled and pressed, teasing against your nipples even with Zuriel releasing his lusts on you so vigorously that he felt your tight ass stroking his thick shaft every time Z pumped his hips. He leaned in a little closer, his tongue tip finding your pounding jugular vein like it just knew where to go as he licked along your rapid pulse.

Zuriel shredded that rubber with hardly any effort at all. The slight scratches and nicks on your body would hardly stop them from taking you, but it did put the scent of blood and sex in the air. As they both flared their nostrils, the change came over them, those eyes glaring down at you from his head as he raked your body free of anything in his way. The wild animal on top of you started rutting your pussy with a hungry desire rocking through his battering hips. Even Jay underneath started moving with primal need in his body, pushing up to dance your tight hole faster with his dick. Once he had you clean of anything on your body, his hands snapped down to your hips again, gripping tightly as his fanged mouth snarled and a little line of drool cascaded from the corner of his feral mouth.

The fear never abated, but kept coursing through her veins, only to mingle with the lust and urgent need she had to be taken and fucked and used, to cum and make you both cum deep inside her. Everywhere on her body were little lines and scratches, glaring red against her fair skin. The sting only burned her lusts hotter, even as she caught sight of Jay's claws grasping at her breasts. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she groaned, lost to her most basic needs. When you looked down at her, your eyes glowing ephemerally, she trembled and her stomach felt as though it bottomed out. Swallowing hard, she croaked out, "Oh god..." She was so fucking full, so stretched with one cock pistoning into her and the other out that she teetered right on the edge. Her head lolled, rolling to the side over Jay's shoulder as her little body rocked between yours, and she could feel the heat of his breath caressing her neck. A chill swept through her and she moaned, begging you, "Daddy, please... I need to cum. I'm going to cum. I can't... Fuck, I can't hold off..."

Jaidyn knew somewhere even in his primal state that you were begging for permission, and being the bastard he was he never allowed you to get it. Clawed fingertips pinched your nipples so there was a mix of biting pain right with the tingle of him holding those buds in his clasping tips. He used the hold on those nipples to pull your body in even closer. The feel of his lips pressed over your pulse once more as he rocked upwards, feeling Zuriel fucking your pussy through the tight slide of his dick in your ass filling you so damn full. With no warning, fangs plunged into your flesh, lips sucking down the crimson that washed over his tongue as he drank you right then and there with Zuriel  watching. Hearing the surprised gasp of Z overhead only made him bury his face to your neck tighter as he sucked down more of that precious life's blood you needed to stay conscious. His eyes lifted just enough to stare back at Z who was already licking his lips from the scent, holding you captive to his hunger right on the verge of exploding all over our cocks taking you deep.

Zuriel sucked in a breath like he was about to tell you to cum before he saw Jay sink his fangs into your neck. His eyes glossed over, even glowing like they were, and the smell of such pure unadulterated lust in the air combined with the scent of your blood made him drunk on having you. He reached out and your collar just fell apart from his strength breaking it to pieces. Lunging down on the opposite side of your neck he bit down hard, the both of us drinking your essence as slow as our heated bodies would allow, but the loss from both bites would send your head swimming in no time flat. He felt your rapidly beating heart thrumming in his ears as he pumped his hips through the entire feeding. His chest mashed so tight over yours that Jay lost his grip on your nipples and had to focus on drinking you down as Daddy fed from his girl as well. His eyes were alight, blazing so brightly that when Jay kept sucking as your heart fluttered, your Master snatched his hair and pushed his head away to free your skin from his fangs. Not letting him drink you into oblivion,he  pulling his own lips from your neck in a rush as his head tossed back and an ear-splitting howl echoed from his wide mouth.

Lisa cried out at the feel of Jay's claws piercing her budded nipples. Her back arched so hard that it thrust upwards, forcing her ass down harder onto him, pushing his cock all the way into the tight grip. Feeling him buried balls deep inside her forced another cry from her lips and she snatched your wrists in her grasp, clinging to you desperately as Jay's grip on her breasts dragged her hard against his chest. Even before her her cry finished, she felt his face move, felt his hot breath on her neck even closer than before and the surge of adrenaline that raced through her veins came only half a second before she felt his fangs pierce her skin and sink into her neck. Her entire body stiffened and she sucked in a gasp of air that she held and held, her mouth hanging open silently. Her eyes slowly dragged to meet your gaze and she saw that you, too, were lost to your needs. Though you were looking back at her, you were already consumed, your senses overtaken by the smells of sex and blood in the air. Finally expelling her breath in a long, shuddering moan, she closed her eyes feeling her essence leaving her veins and feeding Jay. And there again was the same pain, the same sensation on the opposite side, and she felt your weight, felt your heat pressing down on top of her and she knew you too were taking everything she had to offer. She shuddered, pierced by your cocks, pierced by your teeth, filling her and emptying her all at once, and even as her heart stammered and fluttered, she cried out her need, "Please... Please let me...cum..."

Jaidyn lunged upward almost like you were forgotten a moment, wedged between two snarling wolfen men glaring daggers at each other until he dropped his gaze from the challenge he'd just made with Z. He'd lost, so when Zuriel pulled you from his grip and slid your ass right off his dick, he glowered a little and gave in to what he heard you stammering out. As Z pulled you away and stuffed that cunt deep all over again he crawled around to the front of your body, trying to gather his wits instead of being a beast man ready to tear someone apart, and when he inhaled, if you managed to look up at all, his ears rounded back to normal instead of tapered. He closed the distance and grabbed your pink hair, not even really waiting for a word as he shoved his dick in your mouth while Zuriel  filled your pussy roughly. You were no more than a mere sex doll between us both, a piece of sexy meat that had almost been fought over in the blink of an eye, but it ended the instant he pushed that tip inside your mouth. "RRRrrrRrrrr..."

Zuriel heard your whimpers to just let you cum, even drained like you were, still on the verge of letting go, but he never once gave you permission. And the cries to let you cum were forgotten the instant Jay stared him down like he was going to take you himself. Silvered eyes glowed as he looked back at Jay until he shrank away for other conquests. Satisfied that it was over in the span of seconds, he grabbed your legs and splayed them wide as he laid down, fitting his cock back inside your hot cunt as he gripped your knee and started pumping that dick in your blushing lips even faster. His voice was hardly recognizable from the animal in him having boiled so close to the surface. "Cum... Cum for Daddy!" The base in his voice rumbled through you as that cock started driving in furiously hard, his swollen balls smacking your clit wildly as he fucked you with a reckless hunger still making him shake. You were still trapped between two sweaty creatures fucking you ragged, one pushing inside your mouth while Daddy stretched that cunt out with his thick shaft drilling in hard.

The growling between you both didn't go unnoticed, but she was so far gone in her need, not to mention considerably woozy from loss of blood, that she didn't ask, didn't argue, and simply fumbled onto her side as you manipulated her around on the floor. As you came in behind her, she pushed her ass back and lifted her leg, letting you take a firm grip on it to lift it high and thrust your cock back inside her dripping snatch. She'd had her head angled back, watching you, so when Jay came up beside her and gripped her hair, yanking her head around, she nearly yelled at him. But the instant her mouth was open to do so, he shoved his cock right into her mouth, silencing her words into muffled groans. Her head was spinning as though she'd drank too much wine and she felt like she was floating, drifting. The feel of your cock pumping inside her like you were trying to break right on through to her skull was driving her insane. She wanted to beg you, plead with you to please, please finally let her fucking cum, but her mouth was so full of Jay's cock that she couldn't speak. It didn't matter, though. You knew and--granting your baby what she wanted so badly--finally graced her with your permission to cum. She gasped and gasped, sucking in air through her nose, never ceasing her sucking mouth on Jay's cock, until her orgasm grabbed her fully and completely and exploded inside her so violently that she jerked, nearly toppling Jay over. Your reactions were so fast, tough, that you grabbed her body and pulled her back against you, forcing your cock deep, deep inside, spurring her climax on even harder. She wailed around his cock, the vibrations trembling along his shaft to his balls, and her fingers grabbed at his thigh digging her own marks into his flesh. Her cum gushed out over your cock, spilling down her thigh to pool on the floor, and the wet slushing sounds drown out the slurping of her mouth around Jay's shaft.

Jaidyn didn't have time to listen. He wanted to be inside you somewhere and the second Zuriel gave you permission, he knew how hard you would fucking explode just from this little scene coming to life. Feeling that mouth trying to complain or even protest, he just stuffed his dick inside. He fucked that pretty face while Z reamed out that cunt like a mad man. He felt it coming, the way you tensed up after Z told you to just cum, hanging on tightly to your hair to ride it out inside your mouth as the waves rushed and crashed over you, sending you into spasms of delight like never before with just one dick, taking your holes like they were nothing but playthings. He waited with his dick in your lips, bobbing your head through your orgasm when you could no longer move and then he idly tapped your cheek with his cockhead lodged there inside. "Dude... You promised. And I want her," letting loose a little secret between them both having you together. Once he saw Zuriel nod and slip out of your drenched pussy, he sidled up behind you, pulling you up on your knees before shoving his thick cock inside your still quaking cunt. "Uuuhnnn... That's it."

Zuriel smiled wickedly as his baby girl finally let go, holding herself right on the edge like that and then making her cum like a freight train. He was still panting and his whole dick just throbbed, needing his own release. Jay broke the spell by reminding him and he let out a heated sigh, pulling out of his baby girl's pussy before crawling around her on the furs, stroking his hand down her cheek as his tip rested against your black glossed lips. "Our turn now, babymine." He really didn't wait. His own heat was making him so fucking hot that his dick was just teetering on the brink it was so fucking swollen and fat. Pushing it right between your lips, he urged your mouth all the way to the base of his cock while Jay stuffed his tip inside your still shivering pussy. "Nnn... Next time... Hhhf... Next time we get a hold of her earlier so we can fuck her exhausted." He didn't wait for Jay to even hear him and the slow drool of his precum dripped down on your waiting tongue as he pumped your hot mouth.

Lisa was almost annoyed by Jay's hand tapping her cheek like she was some mutt he was rewarding or scolding, but she was still so lost to her orgasm that she ignored it--though she was sorely tempted to sink her teeth right down onto his cock in her mouth to teach him some manners. But before she could do something so foolish, she was being manhandled again, this time to her hands and knees. She was drained, both from you each feeding from her and from the raging climax that ripped through her body, but she wanted so badly to please both of you for making her feel so fucking good, that she summoned the strength to keep herself upright. When she felt Jay slide into her from behind, her still twitching cunt fluttered around his cock and the feel of him inside her pussy for the first time made her feel both shamed and highly aroused all over again. When she felt you move close to her head, she turned and looked up at you with the same look she'd given you the first time he'd fucked her ass in the backyard, but when she read on your face that this had been planned, she let her gaze fall to your cock wavering in her sight. Without needing any encouragement, she reached out with one hand and guided you to her mouth, sucking your full length into the warm, wet cavern. It was her turn to move, rocking back and fourth between your bodies, forcing Jay's cock into her cunt as she rocked back, and sucking your cock down her throat when she pushed forward again. Pistioning between you, skewered like a piece of meat on a spit, she fucked you both at once, her mouth and pussy both sucking and slurping and sloshing with dripping wetness.

Jaidyn didn't know how close he came to ruin for being a smartass but he never cared anyway. The feel of that pussy around his cock for the first time brought such a rush that he screwed his face up in disbelief. That one single stroke had gotten his balls to lift and he looked at Z with that same shocked expression. The way you moved between them was so fucking erotic that he lost all sense of himself and just reveled in the moment, holding your hips tightly as clawed fingertips clutched just tight enough that little spots of red lingered on your flesh, but the hold allowed him to pull you back against his dick and he smiled wickedly each time he jerked your body back and those lips slurped hungrily at Zuriel's cock. Maybe it was the heels, maybe it was finally getting inside that cunt that did it, but he barely lasted a few minutes until he was shivering behind your ass, feeling those slickened walls suck and tug at his dick still stroking your spasming pussy. "Holy fucking hell... Nnnngh! Goddammit, not yet... Awww fuck...!" There was no more holding back. He bit his bottom lip for some pain but nothing could stop the swell in his cock before it just erupted inside your pussy like a fountain. His forehead lowered and lips hung open as he breathed quick and shallow, flooding that snatch with his seed. "NNGAAAAHHHH..."

Zuriel just rested his hands on your shoulders, letting his baby girl work her slutty magic on his dick with those lips of yours slurping him inside. He leaned forward just a little to watch Jay fucking your pussy from overhead and when he did you felt that cock twitch in your mouth before another little jolt of pre landed on your tongue. He snapped his eyes up when Jay seemed to start to panic, talking shit as that pussy he loved so well pulled him right to the edge and pushed him off the fucking cliff in making him cum in minutes flat. The way he bucked and pumped against your ass though sent your lips sliding tightly down his swollen shaft, the feel of him in your lips getting thicker as you drew out every last drop of Jay in your pussy. His hand lifted to your hair as he looked down in your eyes once more. "Oh gods... Hnnn...!" He backed his hips up, holding your hair as he pulled back just enough that the spray of him spurted all over your tongue, coating your mouth with his thick hot cream rushing inside. "GHNNNAAAAAA!"

(The SL server went down at this point, so we moved on to voice chat, but that was pretty much the end.)

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