Vixxen Finds Z's Home


This was a long one. So long, in fact, that we actually broke it down over three days, but to maintain fluency in the story, I combined the three role plays into one. Sadly, I did not take a lot of photos to accompany this particular story.

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Vixxen Finds Z's Home

Vixxen Rainbow parked her bike at the end of the drive and walked the rest of the way along the forested path to the small log cabin. She'd had a hell of a time finding the place, but finally she did. Hoping like hell he was home, at the same time fearing he would be, she stopped short, seeing him already standing there outside. Running her tongue over her teeth behind her grin, she placed her hands on her hips, cocking one to the side. "You're a difficult man to find. Lucky for you, I had your address." With a flick of her wrist, she held out his identification, bouncing it between her fingers as though daring him to come take it from her.

Zuriel Bedlam was standing as he tossed a broom aside from sweeping the small porch when he heard the rumble of a bike in the distance. He had enough time to leave the porch and walk out a ways to see who was coming to visit. Living in the country had one benefit: anyone with a motor coming to say hello was heard well ahead of time. But this wasn't quite whom he was expecting, as he realized the blond with the stunning heels had finally decided to return his I.D. "Well, well... Look who finally decided to show..."

Seeing he wasn't intending to retrieve it--just yet--she lifted the hand holding his I.D. to her face, running the edge back and fourth over her lips, noting just how perfect he seemed in this environment as she looked him up and down for... Hell, how many times had she scoped out this guy? She'd lost count... The secluded woods suited him, almost like he was a part of it. Tapping the I.D. to her teeth, lost in thought, she nodded without purpose in response to his comment. Tearing her eyes away from him, dropping her hand back to her side, she turned her head, scanning her surroundings, feeling almost as out of place as he felt at home here. Still, she had to admit the woods had a certain cozy charm. "Yes, well, I thought it was only right. To return your I.D., that is. I mean, I hardly look like you, so I certainly couldn't use it as a fake." Once again she held it out, but moved no closer. If he wanted it back, he could damn well come and get it. She'd already gone to great lengths to bring it here to him. Her eyebrow arched as she waited, silently questioning him on what he was waiting for.

Zuriel shook his head, almost knowing why he had to wait rather than just run up to her; she was looking around and feeling the place out. It was not the city, but even outside of the hustle and bustle, it had its own style and serene nature. The wild look of the place was not quite civilized, but that's what he found the most appealing about it. She had come back to Joe's dressed like a knock out a mere few days after their first meeting and now here she was out of her element...or so it seemed. He idly thought that she didn't even look out of place here, since the biker outfit just said down-to-earth to him while still evoking the senses in other ways towards her sensuality. He held out his hand after closing the distance between them, lifting a brow as he spoke. "Yeah, somehow I doubted you could start an account or something just with my ID, seeing as even over the phone you still sound all womanly with no bass to your voice...hehe." He waited patiently for her to hand it over, but still his eyes traveled her rugged clothes hugging those curvy features of her body, making him recall every small detail about both times they'd met back at the bar.

She gave him that wicked grin that always seemed to accompany her and just as he reached to take his I.D. back, she drew her hand away half an inch, just enough to keep it out of reach. He paused, looking almost confused when he glanced at her, and reached for it again. She floated her hand back another half an inch, her chest bouncing in a silent chuckle. When he looked at her again, his brow furrowed, she winked and held it out to him once more. When he finally grasped it, she held on just a few seconds too long, still enjoying toying with him. Finally relinquishing the laminated card back into his possession, she drew in a deep breath an let it out in a sigh, looking up to the tree tops, down and around at the pond, and finally out over the shimmering water in the distance. "So... Why the hell do you live way out here where no one else seems to be? Seems...lonely."

Zuriel only fell for her trick twice; the third time he clasped his card and she held it a little longer than needed, but once he had it, he slipped it right inside his back pocket before answering her question. First his eyes drifted around his home and he smirked, settling his hands on his hips. "It's pretty simple really. In the city I'm looking for a bit of fun and danger, because my home is also a tad bit dangerous. I have one phone that works when it wants to, but I can also go out my front door and go fishing." He stepped closer and waved his arms out expressively as he went on, "I wake up to birds chirping and not the honking of car horns. I don't get Jehovah's witnesses out here, nor does anyone complain when I line up buckets to fire my guns off at. I can be as loud as I want. I can walk outside barefoot when the season is right for it and hang my feet in the pond." He stepped up beside her and inhaled, "Out here I can be my own man and if that makes it a lonely place, well then, sometimes being alone is worth it until you find someone to share it with."

Vixxen listened intently to his every word, fascinated by him. He was such an intriguing mix of sexuality, danger, confidence, and friendliness; rugged yet incredibly attractive. She turned and perused the area again, this time trying to see it through his eyes. As a city girl, growing up in the bad part of town where thugs, gang bangers, drug dealers, and prostitutes lined the streets and alley ways, this place was so foreign to her that she may as well have been on another planet. And yet... She closed her eyes and--almost subconsciously imitating him--took a deep breath to draw in the fresh, earthy air. The action almost seemed to cleanse her soul and a smile spread over her lips, lighting her whole face. Not moving, keeping her eyes closed, she murmured, "Mm, yes. I could see why you would like this. It's so... peaceful...serene." With a sigh that she'd never fully belong in a place like this--the city was in her blood--she finally opened her eyes and looked at him again. Though he was already close, she shifted her foot to close the distance between them, needing to feel the heat of his body radiating against hers. She tilted her head sideways with a coy smile. "So... I came all this way to return what you'd clumsily left behind at the bar. Aren't you at least going to show me around your home?"

Zuriel watched as she finally took in some of the fresh country air, lifting a brow as she came back to herself and finally asked to be shown around, but not without making a jab at him clumsily leaving his card back at the bar. He cleared his throat first and stepped around in front of her before speaking, "Somehow I didn't think it was a clumsy accident to leave my address behind...toots..." His place wasn't huge by any means, but he wouldn't mind a friendly stroll with her around his home, despite him feeling the tension on wanting to rush her and just crush her to him with a fiery kiss. She was so unlike Lisa or Darina. And while he loved his girls, he was almost afraid to admit that Darina was fast becoming one of his lost loves, especially since she just showed up when she wanted his company. "But sure thing. I'll show you around. We can take a few minutes and stroll the property line." He started off, but before he strolled away, he laced his fingers in hers and walked on with her in tow, grinning as they began venturing through the trees and foliage around his home. "Iro is around here somewhere, so don't freak out if a big Irish wolf hound comes bounding up to you. He hates strangers but loves women. Go figure..."

Vixxen looked down at his hand as he took hers, her expression blank while mentally she processed just how she felt about that. Guys aren't sweet and romantic; that's just in books. Guys are ass hats that are good for a fuck now and then...perhaps a fight is she was feeling especially bitchy. Still, she didn't pull away, but followed him while still trying to sort her feelings on his mannerisms. She'd more been hoping he'd just lead her straight to that little cabin right to his bed, but since she was here she may as well see the place. So she followed somewhat behind him as he lead her around to another part of the property. Her eyes looked here and there, taking in the trees, the foliage, the wildlife. She was kind of lost in absorbing the surroundings, so when she thought he mentioned something about a wolf hound, she faltered in her steps, almost tugging him to a halt. When he turned to see why she wasn't moving, she spoke in almost a whisper. "A...wolf hound? Is it...dangerous?" She never really grew up around animals--they didn't allow them in the apartment she grew up in--so she had no idea how to react to them. Its not that she didn't like them, she just never had the chance to play with them or interact with them. But a wolf hound sounded so...intimidating...that she damn near turned around and headed back to her bike to head back to the familiar, if not imagined, safety of her home in the city.

Zuriel laughed after she stopped him asking about his pet. He shook his head and tugged her lightly along to keep walking as she caught sight of a fountain on his land. "Iro is not particularly dangerous, though he did corner the mailman in a tree once." He pulled lightly at her hand to make sure she was looking directly at him, "Just don't be afraid. Dogs can smell it and they will test you to find out how far they can push. But as long as you show no fear and treat them nice, unless they were bred for fighting or raised wrong, they pose little threat to anyone. The mailman just freaked and climbed a tree. It was his own fault, really." He walked her up to the fountain and paused. Yeah, sure, he just wanted to shove her in his cabin, but dammit, she came all the way out here...there had to be more than a quick bar fuck to her. "My granddad made this for my grams before he left for the war. It gave her a place to come relax and think of him while he was away, and so he thought would serve as a memorial if he died overseas."

Vixxen looked at him askance at first, listening to him explain about the hound. She wasn't sure if she fully believed him or not but decided he had no reason to lie to her, so she relaxed and nodded. "I've beaten up bigger guys than you, before. I'm not afraid of some dog. Don't you worry about me. Besides, I can't climb a tree to save my life. We didn't have any in my neighborhood as a kid. Just jungle gyms on the school playground..." She stepped beside him near the pond, standing close enough that her hip brushed against his, their clasped hands held just before their connected hips. She couldn't help but smile at his story of the fountain...the romance of it penetrating the cynic in her. "For real? He built this for her as a memorial? That's...wow...hmm." She wasn't even sure what to say, so she just let her thought drift away, but her eyes lit up like a child's looking at the water shimmering and dancing as it flowed from the top of the statue down into the pond, seeing the lilies floating on the crystal clear surface. "It's breath-taking..."

Zuriel chuckled at the comment of beating up guys bigger than him before. Somehow he didn't doubt it, and at the same time he wondered who on earth would even pick a fight with someone so utterly beautiful, even if she wore the biker outfit like armor. It was as though she was trying to say she was a bad ass without having to let her guard down. He understood it, but he also knew that if she decided to keep coming around maybe he would be lucky enough to see what she looked like in a sun dress and bare feet walking towards him on a spring day. He smiled at her hip brushing his and he was beside himself with how right it felt. She was still very much putting on the brave face, but part of that bravery was coming out here to return his I.D. instead of giving it to Joe to end their bar time meetings like she knew she could have done. "I keep this fountain clean, and while I wouldn't recommend doing it much because it is an outdoor pool, the water is sweet enough for a drink...and after boiling it makes the best pitcher of sun tea you ever had in your life." With a gentle tug he pulled her by the hand to continue the stroll, this time walking through the trees as the pond came into view. There was a very peculiar tree by the bank that had something carved in the bark, but he stayed far enough away it was difficult to read. "Now the pond on the other hand...swim in it, play in it but never drink from it...hehe."

Growing used to her hand in his--hell, admittedly (to herself, at least) almost liking it--she strolled behind him as he lead her to yet another part of his land, zig zagging around trees, her boots crunching on twigs and leaves scattered on the ground. She still felt as out of place as a lizard in a nest of fluffy bunnies, but she couldn't deny how relaxing and peaceful she felt out here. No noise, no people (except this demigod of a man holding her hand like she was someone special), no cops, no gun shots, no honking cars, no screaming children, no hollering women or yelling men. Just...birds and rippling water and wind and his soothing voice. She scowled when his back was turned, chiding herself for even dreaming of being in a place like this. It was nice to visit but she would never feel at home here. She was visiting, however so she let go and just enjoyed it while she had the chance. Chuckling, she teased, "You make sun tea? I thought only old grandmas did that kind of thing..." They'd been heading one direction, but after she noted that he glanced towards a large tree and an odd look crossed his features, they changed course slightly heading off to the pond. She stayed a safe distance back not wanting to fall in, but she peered as though she could see into its depths. "I have been swimming before at the Y. It didn't look as nice as this does, though. Do you swim often?"

Zuriel lifted a brow at her old lady and sun tea comment as he guided her around the pond, letting her take in the rippling waters shifting like blue glass in the dappled sunlight that was streaming through the trees everywhere. "Not just old ladies, but my grams was very traditional. While the men did most of the work, she cooked, sewed and cleaned, but at the same time she also passed on good ideas to her grandchildren, like how to make sun tea." As they both rounded the pond, he chuckled and nodded at her question about swimming, even patting her hand in his before giving an answer. "Yeah, I try and do twenty laps a day back to back in the pond at the very least. Even though I'm a fire sign, I love the water. Kind of a quirky little trait I guess." As the pond was left behind, the tall grass shifted. The sound of snuffling breaths could be heard as he stopped strolling and smirked at the black upright tail combing through the grass like a shark fin zig zagging in the water. When the tail stopped moving there was a rumble like some beast way too big to hide itself in the grass was lurking there. He ticked his tongue a few times and spoke aloud, "Iro...come..."

Her hardened exterior crumbled just a fraction when he patted her hand almost affectionately and she couldn't hold back the smile that stole across her lips when she looked at him from the corner of her eye. God, how she loved to look at him. Those rugged, handsome features framing those beautiful, mysterious silver eyes. She could look at him forever and never grow weary of it. Another gentle tug of her hand drew her from her daydream and she followed along, more beside him than behind him now. She edged along the pond, trying carefully to traverse the terrain, but her boots were made for riding, not walking on damp, mossy earth. Her foot skid in the mud and she stumbled-danced-flailed to keep her balance, and though she didn't fall, she couldn't help but feel like a clod. He turned at the jerk against his arm and caught the last half of her acrobatics. Despite his best efforts to hide his smirk at seeing this vulnerable, human side of her, she'd looked up, mortified, and caught his gaze. Her eyes were wide in embarrassment,cheeks flushing crimson, but then she let out a bark of laughter, following behind him again almost more carefree now than she'd been before her stumble. She listened to him prattle on about swimming as they crossed to a grassy field, stopping only when first he, then she a few seconds later, heard rustling. Suddenly nervous again, having no freaking clue what was out there, her eyes scanned the tall grass seeing movement and... Oh shit, what the hell WAS that?? She took a step back, then another until his grip kept her from any moving further. She heard a rumbling growl only a few feet away and she nearly tripped over her own two feet still trying to back-peddle, but he held her hand firmly and whistled, calling for the beast. Remembering his warning, she swallowed her resolve and stepped back up beside him, calming her beating heart and standing tall, standing firm, as the hound came bounding out of the grass.

Zuriel actually liked the way her cheeks looked when she was flushed from her stumble (so she was human, after all), but she still managed a laugh, almost like she'd intended the trip. The look in her eyes was even better, though, as the growl from the grass came followed by the sudden burst of the black wolf hound came, bounding out to see who was here. Iro had already found her bike and had been trailing her while they walked around the property, and just by fate he had crossed their path before his master called out for him. The big beast laid low, stretching his paws like he was trying to play before sitting up, his eyes flickering from her to his owner, back and forth. Had she been watching him, she might have noticed almost the same color in the hound's eyes that she was just staring at moments ago. Iro's eyes were not as bright or sharp as his own were, but it was unmistakable that damn near the same color looked back at her from under the dog's perked fluffy ears, raised and curious. "Iro...be good..." He really didn't need to say it but she felt his hand tighten on hers ever so slightly when the black wolf trotted around them both and finally sneaked up behind her with nostrils flaring, the snuffling sound coming back again. His cold wet nose nudged hard under her right buttock, bared in those chaps and shorts, before the canine huffed and bounced on his paws to come back to the front of them both, laying out on his belly almost expectantly. Z beamed with pride, grinning as he nodded at his companion. "See I told you he loves women. He doesn't know whether to attack you or lick you to death...hehe." He leaned down and scritched the dog's ears long enough that Iro closed his eyes and chuffed with panting breaths, making him seem like he was smiling while his master gave him some love. "Lets see the cabin. I warn you...it's small and hardly furnished, but I do plan to have a new one built sometime soon." The big black wolf fell into step beside Vixxen, his tail held high like he was escorting her with his master towards the cabin.

Vixxen Rainbow gasped as the huge hound bounded towards them, more in awe of the creature than afraid of it. Clearly this was a domesticated animal, at least partly. He responded obediently to Zuriel and she knew he would let no harm come to her, so letting curiosity overrule any possible fear she may have had, she held her ground as the hound cantered around her, sniffing and chuffing almost merrily. She didn't move (hardly) when she felt his cold nose brush and press against her butt cheek, but her eyes did grow wide in surprise, her back stiffening slightly, more out of shock at the bold prodding than anything. When he pattered back around in front of them, she smiled down at the black-furred beast and, turning her grin up to Zuriel, she said in awe, "That's no dog... Is that a...a wolf? He's so BIG!" Zuriel had been looking proudly down at the beast with a smile, and when he turned to meet her gaze, she felt this eerie sense that there was some connection she should be making, something she was over looking, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. She looked at Z, looked at the hound, then looked back at Z again thinking.... What WAS it? She shook her head dismissing it for now, filing it away to think on later. He hadn't really answered her question, but it wasn't all that important, so when he rose from petting the dog to walk to the cabin, she followed with Iro padding along at her side like a long-lost friend. She stepped into the cozy warmth of the cabin and peered around the room, grinning to herself thinking how different this was from her tiny little third floor apartment in the city. "This is lovely..."

Zuriel Bedlam smiled as she watched the wolf following them into the cabin. He nudged Iro back out the door though and the stern word "Stay" came from his lips before he closed the door. She heard the big hound scratching at the door a few times, but he soon went quiet with a whine outside. He turned and looked the blond biker babe in the eyes, grinning slightly as she commented on his cabin in the woods and he shrugged a bit. "It's small. My grams and granddad never built anything out here aside from the fountain, so this place was old even before they got here." He stepped past her to the rugs on the floor, lamenting that maybe he should have waited to give her his ID so the new cabin would have been built first, before she saw this small but cozy little place. "I have a contractor lined up already and in a week or so they're gonna start building the new place. Just bring it up to speed more or less." He kicked off his boots and settled down on the furs, the fire place crackling behind him as he got comfy. "I told you it was small. My grams had a few more things in here, but they fell apart literally over the years I spent away, so I had to clean out most of the broken furniture." He laid back and rolled to his side, blocking the fire place with his body to absorb a little more warmth from the flames and he cast a grin up at her before patting the fur. "It's completely alright. They won't bite and the pelts are very soft...hehe."

Vixxen laughed at the poor dog being shooed away when he clearly wanted attention, almost envying the ease of the relationship Zuriel had with the hound. There was clearly a strong bond there; something she was completely unfamiliar with, and she longed for that, too. She felt a small pang of regret when he mentioned that this cozy little cabin in the woods was going to be torn down for something larger, but she also envisioned something just as lovely, just as comforting on a larger scale, and she had to admit, that sounded quite wonderful, too. Watching him almost curiously, noticing the ways his arms flexed when he lowered himself to the rugs, the tight form of his ass in those jeans, the way his shirt stretched over his broad shoulders... She suddenly found herself growing flushed and it wasn't because of the fireplace. When he pat the rug, giving her one of the most seductive smiles she'd ever seen, she laughed and shook her head playfully and strut over to the rugs, the heat of the fire warming her even more. Towering over him, she grinned, "I'm less afraid of them biting me than I am you... Still, that idea holds a certain allure, as well..." She sank to her knees before him, hovering just a bit off the ground to lean in towards him, her gaze shifting between his eyes, noting again just how unusual they were...how exotic...and it made her stomach tighten with excitement. "Though you've not bitten me yet, so perhaps there's nothing to fear..."

Zuriel rose up to sit on the furs as she finally joined him though there was a tell tale slide of his leg between her as she settled down with him and started to get cozy herself. He didn't miss her words though--especially the part about biting her. Indeed, the idea crossed his mind as she sat down and started to relax a little, staring back into her eyes with his silvered ones never leaving the sight of those deep blues. He lifted a hand and stroked across her soft cheek, letting out a slight sigh with a smile at the softness of her skin and the constant reminder of her rugged exterior. "Hmm...well maybe like a vampire, I'm biding my time before I bite you...hehe." Telling her a half-truth without her even knowing he was doing it, his hands reached down and alighted on those hips before he laid back, the fire light spilling over them both growing brighter against her body from his own no longer blocking the flames. The warmth cascaded over them both as he held her hips in his hands and laid back to look up at her in his cabin home. Here she was finally all alone with him and he didn't know if he should ravage her or not. She was so beautiful that he didn't want to ever lose sight of her again, but she still seemed to carry the weight of the city on her shoulders a little. He raised up as his fingers started searching, snagging her boot laces in them before laying back and the motion pulled her laces loose, grinning up at her as he settled back down with the vision of her gorgeous self over him in the firelight. He let her calm herself as much as he could before he had to ask an obvious question. Sometimes it was nice just to hear obvious answers though. "So am I understanding right that this is becoming more than a two night stand?" Those eyes stared back into her, watching her face closely after he spoke.

Vixxen watched as he slipped his legs under her. Somehow, like an illusionist, he managed to slide himself right under her and settle her ass right over his pelvis. She gave him a smirk, her eyes looking as though she were thinking 'you sly dog you,' but she didn't resist. Instead, she leaned over him, resting the flats of her palms over his broad, toned chest. This was a position she was comfortable with and quite familiar with, too. Always enjoying being on top, not necessarily a dominant person but still wanting control of her situation. It empowered her to be over him, looking down into his eyes. She chuckled at his words, enjoying his wit, though the idea of him biting her sent a thrilling little jolt down her spine and she drew the corner of her bottom lip into a tug, nipping it gently with her own tooth, her lip ring glinting orange in the firelight. His hands wandered, alighting on her boots, and she felt them loosen as the strings were drawn open. With a raised brow, she turned to watch his hand on her right string, looking back at him without turning her head, then turned her eyes back to his hand her boot. She reached around and tugged at it, slipping it over her feet (hell...he was barefoot, and when in Rome...). Twisting in his lap, she tugged the other free, as well, setting them each before the hearth of the fireplace. Wriggling her naked toes in the thick fur of the rugs, she gazed at him as he spoke and when he finished, her smile had slipped some, disarmed as she was by the question. She hesitated, unsure of how to answer at first. After a moment, she commented, "I'm not sure. I hadn't really given it any thought. I'd only gone so far as to plan out returning your I.D." She shrugged, "I tend to fly by the seat of my pants." She waited and when he didn't say anything, she continued, "Why? Did you want it to be more than a two night stand?" That little voice in the back of her head started chiding her again, asking her what the hell she thought she was doing, but she shushed it, thinking perhaps...just maybe...she could find something truly special in her life for once.

Zuriel smirked slightly as she peeled out of her boots, a little piece of that rough armor lost both to his tugging at her laces and her own resolve starting to crumble in the face of him asking her such a personal question. Not to mention that once she settled back on his pelvis after getting her boots off, he had to admit her feet looked just as yummy as the rest of her. They were surprisingly soft and supple from wearing all those protective boots, he guessed. His eyes drifted back up to her once she was comfy and sitting down on him again, and despite himself, he actually nodded at her return question. "I hope you don't think I'm in the habit of giving someone, or let's just say anyone, my home address and my ID in the same instant." Slowly he inhaled and she could feel his chest expand under her slender fingers pressed against his chest,, keeping his eyes locked on her as he went on. "I did come looking for you as a sort of payback, I guess, but while we were on the desk I just felt...so right. I honestly don't have any other way to explain it. I mean, we both know just by this little meeting that there is more than hot office sex... And it was hot..." His feet swished side to side as he rocked his legs a little and smiled up at her, "But having you here now, in my own home, with all I am laid bare for you to see, it still doesn't feel wrong... Not one little bit." Over him as she was, she saw a slight lick of his lower lip before those eyes turned back up to stare at her very pretty face. "I am a biker myself, but somehow I think you've only been around the Sons of Anarchy types in the city...assholes with no substance aside from what they could steal, take or buy all in the name of getting ahead or getting high." He was hazarding a guess, but why not tell her his thoughts? He was really, really starting to dig her.

Vixxen bristled a bit at his description of her friends, but were they friends really? More like people she hung out with because she'd grown up with them; friends by default more than anything. And they WERE assholes, she couldn't argue that. The few that she'd fucked had been nothing more than that, other than one here or there she'd gotten more involved with and they usually ended up hitting her or cheating on her, so she'd dumped them and moved on. She didn't get into stealing and she didn't really do drugs, other than smoke weed now and then, but that doesn't really count, so it kinda hurt her to think that he lumped her in with a crowd that he clearly disliked. Still... she was here because he'd given her his I.D. intentionally, which means he wanted her here, so he must not think that poorly of her. Or he just wanted her ass again... She'd never know for sure, though, unless she took a chance and she was never afraid to take chances. Her life was built on risk, always looking for the next thrill, striving to find something to fill that hole in her... What did she have to lose now with him? Though she did have to admit that he was breaking down her defenses at an alarming rate and it scared the hell out of her. Every time she felt herself soften at his look, his touch, his words, she mentally threw a wall up again, hoping to protect herself from getting hurt in what was just meant to be a fun romp at the bar some nights ago. Sticking to a safe topic, she replied almost in surprise, "You..? A biker..? I would never have guessed it..."

Zuriel seemed to sense the slight internal battle she was having. Maybe it was the way she looked at him telling him that he had crossed some line, or perhaps she thought he was putting her in line with the rest of the low life chumps out there. But he really wasn't. He was just taking a guess at the times she had already been through with those types of losers. And while he was no chump himself, he wasn't a square either, so when she asked him about him being a biker he chuckled and nodded. "Grim Reapers, LMC. Gator is a personal friend of mine." The Reapers held none of the fame of most motorcycle clubs. They were based in Kentucky with a club house in his old neighborhood, literally down the street from where he grew up. "And to answer your next question: Harley Davidson Fatboy...heh. I don't park it on the dirt road leading into here and right now it's getting fixed up while I make plans to build the new cabin." She felt him shift his hips under her a little bit, putting his hands on her thighs for a slight squeeze to really get her attention before he spoke again. "And I don't think you're one of those drug chasing losers. For one, you could not be this pretty if you did hard dope. Two, you're not skinny. I love a healthy looking chick, and damn girl you got it goin' on." He slid his hands from her body and pulled his arms behind his head to keep her in sight as he went on, "And three, if I didn't think you were wild and easy to trust, you would not be here right now."

Vixxen was somewhat taken aback by how he seemed to read her thoughts, answering her unasked questions, abating her fears that had gone unspoken. She wasn't sure if she was frightened by how he seemed to read her so well or enamored by it. Unsure of how to react, she simply stared at him--not smiling, not frowning, just...taking him in. The movement under her awoke another part of her mind, though. Those big, strong hands pressed down on her thighs making sure that she felt him under her, and oh god did she feel him. That subtle movement nearly made her moan. Despite herself, she closed her eyes, revealing just how much the feel of his shaft trapped beneath his jeans affected her, and her chest rose and fell with a sigh so soft it was impossible to hear, but he knew it was there and couldn't help but feel a small amount of smug satisfaction in knowing he was arousing her without really even trying. Needing a distraction before she lost control, and needing it now, she honed in on the last thing he'd said, trying to fill the silence with chatter until she could regain her composure, "I don't do drugs. Well, not really...pot doesn't count. It's less dangerous than alcohol and doesn't give me a hangover in the morning." She smirked at herself, and though she ignored the comment about her size, she went on to address his final statement, "You think I'm easy to trust? Why is that? You hardly know me, you know..."

Zuriel Bedlam smiled and shook his head, pulling the blond beautiful biker babe off his lap and brought her down for a closer snuggle before he even gave an answer to her question. "No I don't know you, all I even know is your name and some of that bad ass attitude you got in there, but I think we both know there is more." He sat back and lifted his legs just enough to keep her pressed firmly against him while he kept talking. "My only reasons for trusting you in the first place were proven when you brought back my I.D. instead of charging up a bunch of crap I would have closed down the second I noticed it happening." His hand alighted on her knee and slowly rose over the lovely curve of her thigh after he got her more close to him. "But the first day came and went, nothing happened. Then the second, and third. By the fourth I stopped watching. If you were going to take advantage, you'd had plenty of time to do it...but you didn't." His eyes peered back and searched her deep glassy blues, watching her face. "So even if I don't know you in the manner you're speaking of, I know one fact: you were trustworthy enough to show up at my door with my I.D.."

Vixxen Rainbow just stared back at him for what almost became an uncomfortable length of time. It seemed she was thinking, pondering his words, afraid to respond just yet. And she was. She was like one of those pieces of candy with the hard outer shell, but soft in the middle. The problem was, she never let anyone get close enough to ever discover that soft inner sweetness, and yet this man seemed to hone right in on it and just melt it to liquid goo without even having broken away the outer shell. This made her both nervous and uncomfortable...and gave her this uncertain sense of...hope, dare she say? Finally she drew a deep breath and turned her head slightly towards the door, her eyes looking across the room as though avoiding his gaze. "Yes, well... I'm not a thief, but you didn't know that at the time. It was still a gamble." As she finished, she looked at him again, a somber expression on her face like she still hadn't sorted her thoughts, but then a sly smile crept over her crimson lips. "Still, I'm glad you did or I'd have had no reason to.." she paused for a half second, as though changing her words mid-stream "...visit the country." She rested against him comfortably, loving how the curves of her body seemed to nestle perfectly against his. Even his touch, the warmth of his hand resting on her barely-clad ass cheek was comforting...and erotic, she had to admit. Almost without thought, her hand resting on his shoulder brushed over his chest and back again, the feel of his strength trapped under his tight tee shirt stirring the blood in her veins. He sat silently watching her, listening to what she had to say without interruption, without chastising her, and she felt her heart swell a bit. She couldn't help herself..she reached out and touched his face gently, tenderly, and without breaking eye contact. He tilted his face against her hand, pressing his lips to her wrist. She drew it back, the corners of her lips barely curling into the sweetest smile he'd ever seen and she closed her eyes and sighed out a small, ironic laugh.

Zuriel listened closely to everything she had to say, even finding a chuckle in her words about visiting the country, so by the time she reached out to touch his face, he lifted his hand long enough to grasp it in his fingers. Turning her arm just enough his lips kissed at the soft skin just behind the glove she wore. But once he heard that small laugh his hand slipped free and lightly drew up along her thigh until she felt his fingers curling just under her exposed ass cheek, strong fingers giving a slight squeeze as he held her spell bound from just a little kiss against the pulse of her wrist. She could feel his hand kneading lightly, stroking and touching before he responded. "Like coming out here wasn't a gamble. I could have been out. Iro could have ran you off. I could have been back in the city looking for you...but every little twist of fate brought you out here and now here we are snuggled in front of the fireplace telling each other things we never wanted anyone else to know about us." He lifted a brow and canted his head a bit, "Well I'm a bit more of an open book, but you get the idea." Wistfully, his hand on her mostly bare cheek slipped down over her hip, dipping down to the front of her chaps before he unclasped the belt holding them on her hips, letting the leather hang open before his hand swept back up to roam her gorgeous ass once more. Touching her while he watched her face, meeting her eyes directly and without malice or even a hint of any danger aside from that slightly hungry predatory stare she was beginning to become accustomed to. "You know what they say about gambling: sometimes you have to just roll the dice and see where they land."

Vixxen had to fight the urge to suddenly stand and rise, to excuse herself and bolt from the house. He was just...too much--too perfect...and she was so drawn to him that it was starting to scare the hell out of her. Her mind screamed 'get out! get out now before its too late!' but her heart...oh it was beating in a way it never had before and though that, too, frightened her, it was enough to take that gamble he just spoke of. So she steeled her nerves and remained at his side, never even letting on that she'd damn near had a panic attack from his sheer tenderness. Grateful for the distraction, she watched his fingers working at the clasp on her belt, turning her eyes only so as not to be overly obvious, but the half-lilted grin on her lips when he looked at her spoke volumes. That smirk grew wider and her eyebrow cocked playfully, "I know plenty about gambling, but I tend to use loaded dice. I hate to lose..." With that, she inched forward, slipped the hand on his shoulder around the back of his neck, drawing him down for a kiss. Her lips brushed over his, parting with a breath, barely meshing together against the softness of his mouth. Only a hint of her tongue slipped out to flit over his lips, tasting him, teasing him, making the kiss last, lingering just on this side of erotic innocence. She was teasing him intentionally, not wanting to rush, not wanting just to shove her tongue down his throat like some whore being paid to make out with him. No, she wanted to enjoy every little taste, every little nuance of intimacy. and though her intent was to tease him, she was working herself up, too. So much so that a little whimper emanated from her throat and she drew in a breath with a shudder of pleasure just from being able to kiss him again.

Zuriel let her take his head in her hand, giving her the chance to taste him any way she wanted with her soft nibbles and that teasing tongue barely flicking against his. There was tension in her arm clutching the back of his head, but he didn't read too much into it--she did kiss him first after all, so there was no need to make her tighten that tension in her arm by making her mind scream alarms. There was no rush because he had her right here, kissing her lips back, and before she knew it he was rising a little to kiss her with just a little more hunger without acting like a porn star. Nipping her lip ring, teasing her mouth with his, or gently slipping his tongue between her lips to savor the sweet taste of her kiss melding with his. The only thing that was not so innocently erotic was his hand curling in the belt of her chaps, pushing them down as he met her lips with his own, using his primal nature to draw a whimper from her throat; he almost couldn't believe it when he heard it. His eyes opened to watch her face and see her cheeks blushing when he kissed her back with a little more fire than she was anticipating. Through every subtle nuance, with every lick and pull of his lips, that hand worked her chaps down without even having to lift her body. He left them clinging to her calves before that same hand rose, taking her ponytail in his grasp with his hand clinging to the back of her head when his tongue swept in, sucking hers between his lips to steal her breath away completely on purpose. The power of that moment stretched into infinity as he held her speechless against his mouth and danced his tongue around hers before trapping her in a slowly building suckle of her tongue caught in his mouth. He had broken through her defenses--he could feel it in her kiss without even having to say it. In that moment, connected as they were, he knew without a doubt that she had lost most of that hard edge she was so used to keeping by giving her something intimate, surreal, and heartfelt while never losing the erotic edge to his touch.

This was almost a battle of wills--it had been since the day they'd met. Her taking... Him taking... A power struggle that she refused to bend to despite his strength, both physically and mentally. And yet...and yet... Damn this man... She'd wanted to tease him, to make him want her, crave her yet again, but he turned the tables on her, beating her at her own game. The kiss she'd initiated, controlled, used to fuel his fire was suddenly consumed by him and twisted into making her weak at the knees. Had she been standing, she'd likely have wound up on the damn floor. And to top it off, he was effectively stripping her without even breaking that kiss. It was one of the most erotic things she'd ever experienced. He didn't even take them off. Just peeled them down and left them there, almost as a sign...a reminder to her of what he was doing, what he was capable of doing without ending it...prolonging the eroticism of undressing her. He'd taken control of that kiss, but she met him ten-fold, fingers grasping his hair, kissing him back just as fiercely, just as hungrily. Pride be damned, she was grunting and whimpering with each mash of lips, with every break and connection of lips and tongues, and when his hand grasped her hair...oh god...she groaned. She couldn't help it. He'd gotten her so worked up that she dropped her hand from his hair to land on his chest again, drawing her fingers down along his ribcage to his hip. She grasped it for a moment when she felt him sucking her tongue into his mouth, drawing a purring groan from her, but then it continued its journey down, slipping between them to the front of his pants. Finding what she'd been looking for, she massaged her fingers gently but firmly over the outline of his cock under the tight denim, crooking her fingers to claw them from base to tip, flattening her palm to massage it back up again, feeling it jump and pulse in its confines. "Zuriel..." She breathed out his name against his lips, as though it conveyed every thought, every desire in that one word.

Zuriel had been content to match the battle of wills with just his lips and his hands stripping her down, fingers leading down her leg until he pushed the chaps from her ankles leaving those lovely legs bare, but she stopped him short. She felt his lips go tense and then relax as her hand slipped into his pants like he really wasn't expecting it this soon. She even had his lips fumbling a bit, only tugging at her lip ring haphazardly, but the full press of her palm surged a new desire in him and that mouth sudden pushed back tightly against her lips as his tongue coiled and helped keep her captive in a suck of her pink muscle. The rumble from his chest vibrated against her frame and that hand pushing her chaps the rest of the way off lifted, nails creasing skin softly. Slightly darkened lines followed the curl of those nails along her leg heading up over her hip. Her own fingers felt the warmth grow under his confining pants, soft flesh swelling from the attention, as though her touch was something he'd lost long ago but once she found him again, the fire sparked anew. His lips blazed bright into hers, burning the taste of him on her tongue as his hand lifted from her hip and caught the first buckle of her vest between his fingertips, letting it pop open at the clasp of his fingers so his hand could glide in under the loosening leather. His fingers flowing over the side of her breast still trapped beneath the black hide she wore, but his thumb crept in and her nipple was squeezed from the pressure of it gliding closed against his hand. His chest rose and fell a bit faster now, teasing without giving her too much, or even enough, while he touched her body lying so tightly against his own. Without missing a single press of his lips against hers, she heard a single word: "Vixxen..."

She found herself shifting, almost kicking to aid him in getting her chaps off. The heat of the fire burned even hotter against the backs of her legs without the leather covering them, the soft fur of the rug brushing seductively against the skin on her hip and thigh. He tasted like wind and rain, like the wilderness he lived in, and she couldn't get enough of his kisses. His lips were firm yet soft to the touch, his tongue like a living thing wrestling in her mouth, driving her wild. Her hand remained, still rubbing gently but insistently over his growing cock, but when his hand slipped in under her vest, it gripped him firmer and she sucked in a lungful of air that caught in her throat and was expelled in a whimper that burst from her lips still against his own. She paused in that kiss, her head swimming, in order to regain her senses, her lips parting just within his view to gather several panting breaths. Opening her radiant blue eyes, she turned them up under her long lashes to search out his own silver ones, as though he held her in stunned silence by the simple manipulation of his fingers teasing her nipple. Those same blue eyes closed as they rolled upwards, her head hanging with another grunted sigh. Perhaps is was that he'd slowly but effectively whittled down so many of her defenses, but she was like putty in his hands tonight and she had no desire to fight it this time. He wasn't pawing at her, wasn't manhandling her like she was so used to... He was simply teasing, toying, lingering at every action purposefully, and it did more to arouse her senses than anything else ever had. She was torn between pushing him down, pulling his cock free of his pants, climbing on top of him and fucking his brains out; and just letting him continue to seduce her and tease her, drawing out the eroticism, letting her desires and needs build and build until, when she got to the point of climax, she simply exploded into a million brilliant pieces of ecstasy. Her hand moved up again along his cock, not wanting to be the only one to receive pleasure, and found the button on his jeans. Even still with her eyes closed, panting at the pleasure of his hand on her breast toying with her nipple, she popped it open and guided the zipper down. Almost as an afterthought, she slipped her free hand between them, as well, and quickly stripped the glove from the hand she'd had on his cock, tossing it into a corner of the room. Slipping the gloveless hand back between them with a wriggle, she guided it inside and wrapped her fingers around his shaft, groaning at the feel of his heat, his hardness, the soft, smooth skin gliding in her now bare hand as she started to stroke him.

Zuriel stared back at her eyes looking at him from under those lashes, the way her lips parted in a wordless gasp when his hand clasped down on her nipple, kneading that breast with a bite to his lower lip. This was a dance he was not used to, but he was never one for being complacent when a beautiful woman like her was writhing against him. The give and take was almost like sword play, beautiful and deadly but at the same time erotic and serene. He was not fighting her at all, especially when her hand started teasing his senses in that glide up and down his length after she freed it from his clothing. An amused grin crossed his lips when he realized she took her glove off to get bare skin against skin, and the heat of it on her palm was so great that he was almost steaming in her grip. He let her keep holding him, stroking up and down, while his hand slipped from her vest and the last buckling clasp holding it together came apart with a click, but he didn't take it off yet. His hand bunched the vest at her shoulder and with a feral sound rumbling from his throat. He pulled her in and those lips graced her jawline, nibbling until they suckled softly at her earlobe and pulled away just as smoothly. "I want you..." Three simple words spoken so softly that only she could hear them. The hand clutching her vest pushed until the leather fell from her shoulders, tossing it over his own head to let it slap to the floor. He paused to calm down and try to pace himself or the beast inside would come out, and he did not want to ruin this moment. His hunger was growing so much so that she could feel his heartbeat in the shaft she held as her fingers expertly toyed with it, as though she had known him forever yet tonight was the first time in years that she had gotten a hold of him again. He didn't seem to want to break the spell she had on him this moment, not moving save for the slow rises and fall of his hips making his length slip through her grasp a little more in earnest as she held him with each stroke. With her body more fully exposed, his hand slipped down from her shoulder, drawing over the generous swell of her breast before those fingertips plucked and tugged at her nipple. He twisted just a little to hear her breath catch in her throat again despite the tense lift and roll of his hips like he was fighting to urge to be rough, to send her hurtling towards the wild end of calling out his name as fluids rushed and mixed, to feel the single union of a soul fusing with his own even if only for a moment. Even though he teased her back just a little, she could feel him holding something at bay, not because he didn't trust her but because he couldn't trust the animal inside to show her what he felt when he stared back into her deep blue eyes. His hand slowly pulled away to leave her swollen bud alone, fingers curling in her shorts with a tug of his hand tugging until the button popped open. Silvered hues watched her face, drifting down to her hand on his shaft while he eased those shorts down her hips. When she felt the denim pass her cheeks they stopped moving, his fingers etching lines in her flesh once more with those nails stirring her body to life in a curl along her side, following her body like he was trying to memorize every line, every detail, as she kept him spell bound just by using her grasp on that shaft of his poking from his pants.

Vixxen knew she had him, could feel the evidence in her hand pulsing and throbbing with life, but he had her just as well. Like a drug in her veins, her body pulsed with life when she felt his lips at her jaw, burning a line of fire in its wake to her ear. She heard that sexy, deep rumbling in his chest and a fleeting thought of Iro sitting outside flashed through her mind, but it evaporated into wisps of fantasy when she heard him purr against her ear those three delicious words. Her heart banged against her chest, so much so she feared he would hear it, and the muscles in her abdomen clenched making everything tighten and ache with need. The words had barely left his lips when she felt his hand grasping at her vest. Reluctantly she released her hold on him to slip her arm free of the leather, but before he'd even tossed it over his head, she'd reclaimed her prize, drawing her grip from the base along the full length of him to dally her fingers at the head of his cock. The tip of her index fluttered over the tip of his cock, sliding through a dapple of precum. She grinned and stared deep into those beautiful silver eyes that seemed to almost shimmer in the firelight and, lifting her hand to her lips, lapped the precum from the tip of her finger slowly, methodically, closing her eyes for the briefest of moments to savor the taste of him once again. "Like the essence of the gods..." she cooed, drawing that same finger down his chest to his pelvis again. She didn't grab him this time, but teased, tickled, drew swirling lines around his cock, over the length, and down to his balls, stopping only for a heartbeat when she saw...something change in his eyes. But it was gone almost before she knew it was there, so she dismissed it as the firelight reflecting in the unusual color. She turned her head askance and grinned at him, slipping her hand not into his pants again but under the hem of his shirt to tease and gently scratch over his chest and stomach. When she felt his fingers grasping and clawing at her hip and thigh, she curled her fingers against his chest and hissed in air, letting it out in another sultry groan. Not wanting to be the only one exposed, wanting to be able to freely touch his skin, she withdrew her hand and caught the hem of his shirt, tugging it upwards to draw it over his head. "Your turn..." she teased.

Zuriel was on some kind of high that only she could give him. He had barely registered she was even lifting his shirt until his chest was exposed and he helped with a little wriggle and raise of his arms to peel out of his shirt. Oh gods, the way her nails raked down his chest and teased along his stomach made him inhale sharp and sudden, but the interplay of those fingers swirling down, the way she toyed still had him in the grip of her spellbound touch, making him stay put instead of ravishing her. The glimmer in his eyes faded as he reeled that monster in and locked it down...way down in his subconscious mind so he could live forever in this moment as they both explored and touched one another. As her hand curled under his balls his own drifted out over her thigh, slipping under her knee to raise her leg just enough the bare cleft between those limbs was exposed and the lift slipped her the rest of the way out of those shorts, leaving them to merely cling around one ankle. He didn't want to fuck her; he didn't want to own her. No, this time was different. He wanted to make love to her and show her exactly how she made him feel every time she stared back at him with those eyes blazing in his gaze. But when she licked that little bit of him from her fingertips...oh lords the simple sight of that sent his mind reeling while the animal behind his eyes rattled the mental cage he had it locked within. He didn't want it getting out. He couldn't let it take this gorgeous creature and maul her without her fully trusting him or even asking for it. No, not this time, wolf, it was not going to happen.

His fingers drifted down over her soft stomach and curled lightly against the bare pink of her lips. It started slow, a little pulse of finger length gliding over her lips until the tips found her clit and brushed right over it and continued beyond. Roaming just over that sensitive spot, making horseshoe shaped turns over that bundle of nerves without even touching it. The tension could be felt even in the grace of his fingertip lowering back over her clit, a little side to side roll before it slipped down like he was about to push it inside her pink folds, but instead it pulled back and danced lightly right over the swelling tip of that nub rising from his touch. Caressing it, gliding down the left side of her lips, she felt the telltale prod of his fingertip push against her ass cheek from underneath and then his fingertip swept softly back the way it came, drawing up and down over the right side, stirring her heat on purpose with his skin starting to grow damp and slippery from his finger teasing her body. If she had looked at him, she would have seen that he was chewing his lower lip, shuddering just a little so that she would have known he was holding back from rushing, but not waiting for her permission either. Every fiber of his being wanted it to be out of trust, wanted it to be from her own need, and as his finger slipped up between her lips and circled her clit, he turned his eyes from under his lowered brows to watch her face intently.

Vixxen kept raking her fingers up and down his now exposed chest, watching the goose flesh draw his nipples into tight beads. Her waist rested just across his lap so that his cock bounced and twitched against her belly and she watched it in admiration and fascination. Drawing her nails down over the length of his chest and belly, she returned her attention to his cock, teasing her fingers over it like a feather, gently, softly, almost lovingly. Another little dew drop of precum glistened at the tip and she smeared it over the silken head, swirling her finger around languidly before cupping her palm over the top. She slowly drew her hand up, then back down, only stroking the first inch of his shaft, paying extra attention to the head. As she did this, she felt his hand travel down her bely to the valley between her legs, his fingers barely brushing over the soft pink lips nestled there. That tender, gentle touch was more intense than if he'd plunged his fingers inside. It was the near absence of touch that drove her most crazy. She wanted to beg him for more, to touch her harder, yet she relished the feather-light caress because of how intense it was in its own right. She didn't stop massaging the head of his cock, but that breath of a caress on her pussy lips made her gasp and gasp and gasp until her lungs were so full of air she couldn't draw another breath. The entirety was rushed out in a whisper: "Oh god..." She licked her lips and closed her eyes, giving a gentle squeeze to his cock, her fingers relaxing to slip down the full length again, her strokes synchronized with the teasing strokes of his fingertip circling over and around her clit. Just by how it glided through her folds, she knew how wet she'd become. He aroused her unlike anyone else before him. He was so...different, so intense, so seductive, and she loved every minute of it. When those fingers slipped down along the valley between her legs, teasing at her ass, she sucked in a surprised gasp of air, but she shuddered with unrestrained pleasure, her legs parting even farther to grant him complete access to her body. She was panting, losing herself to his touch, wanting it to last forever yet needing more of him with every passing second that she nearly--god forbid--begged him to take her. But she bit back her driving need and instead slipped her free hand to join the one on his cock, using it to stroke his balls while she massaged his cock at a slow but even pace.

Zuriel inhaled quick as those fingers of hers danced around the tip of his cock. She had to notice how his stomach fluttered and bounced from her fingertip glancing down his cock slit only to swirl around the head of it. Even as her other hand slipped in and stroked his heavy balls, she knew the very tip of him was his utmost sensitive spot--a secret key to the man under her body beginning to pant a little harder. Two fingers pressed just at her lips, not even daring to touch her clit as he held open those pink folds to get a glance of her he'd somehow seemed to have forgotten. The two meetings in a bar before was nothing to this moment, to the feather light press of his fingers just holding her open enough the middle digit strolled down to glide effortlessly along her wetness. She had had a taste of him, now she got to watch as his fingers slipped away, leaving the ache of not being touched burning between her thighs, and he raised his arm to suckle her nectar from his fingertips. The animal behind those silver eyes still battered against the mental cage it was in, but her flavor, the mere scent of her so close mingling with his own masculine smell, was too much to bear any more. Despite her hands stroking him she felt him rise in a turn of his hip, letting his open pants fall from his frame before he slipped both hands under her thighs and guided them open on the soft fur rugs near the crackling fireplace. He was marveling at his own restraint, but it broke a little as he got a taste of her. He could not deny that he wanted more and she was the closest thing to food of the gods he was ever going to get. He laid her back as his body lowered to the furs, crawling out of his pants until they hung round the backs of his knees, but he never bothered to get them off. Instead she felt those soft but firm lips of his kiss right beside her pink little slit, the sensation of his tongue slipping up along the crease of her thigh before it flowed upward and followed damn near the same path as his fingers had in that slow oval, never touching her too intensely to build up the anticipation growing in her belly. His hands drifted out over her hips and lightly held onto her, keeping her near a prisoner of desire when his tongue reversed and drifted down the inside of her other thigh. There was nothing to say, especially as his tongue coiled back behind his lips and strummed straight up the middle to send a shock of pleasure rushing through her teased nerves so hotly that his tongue swirled and slipped right back down. Lips sucking at her swollen clit, he kissed the delicious fruit of her gender with his head between her thighs, his nails in steely fingers gripping a little tighter to her smooth delicious skin.

Vixxen was so intently focused on the teasing torment of his fingers dancing, swirling, gliding around her clit but never...fucking...touching it that she thought she might just scream. When he slipped out from under her and flipped her onto her back, she smiled and watched him kicking out of his pants even as he crawled between her raised legs. It wasn't lost on her that he'd yet to really, fully taste her. She'd denied him their first night and he'd not taken the time the second night. She was anxious to find out just how talented with his tongue he was. Then again, she was already so aroused that she was certain the moment he brushed over her clit, she was going to have an earth-shattering orgasm anyhow. But he didn't touch her clit--not at first anyhow--and she was still left burning with need as he teased her further. His tongue was hot and soft, licking up along the crease between her thigh and pussy, and the feel of that velvet-soft rasp there so close to her clit yet avoiding direct contact pushed her sense to further heights. No one had ever done this before, had never taken the time to ensure her pleasure over theirs, let alone made the effort to push her senses even higher than she ever thought possible. She squirmed on the rug, clasping her thighs against his head so that she felt the rough scrape of his stubble brushing against her soft skin. Her toes curled into the rug as she braced them on the floor, lifting her hips to writhe against his face. His hands slipped under that up-lifted ass, cupping her cheeks and hips, holding her there at his mercy and she reached out, grasping at his hair to keep him locked in place as much as he held her there. She was long past caring about pride or maintaining the facade of the tough girl. She needed him to bring her release and didn't care if she had to beg for it--was ready to beg for it, even--and so she did, "Oh god, please... I can't take it anymore. Make me cum, Zuriel, please..." His tongue lapped and delved between her folds, stoking the flames higher and higher, her cries growing louder with every pass around her clit until he finally pressed his lips right against that overly-sensitive bud peeking from those pink folds. She gasped and bucked, her hips thrusting up hard and fast, head rocking side to side on the rugs, and she let out such a cry that, though they'd not seen it, even Iro outside perked his ears in alarm. That tongue kept moving, kept swirling through her folds, pushing her climax on, and she rolled and gyrated under him, only his hands on her hips and his face between her legs holding her in place. "Ohhhh fuck! My god! Yes, Zuriel, yes!"

Zuriel was not expecting her to ride his face that fast at all and when she started bucking to him without his tongue once touching her sensitive parts, she was already on fire. He took his time with every lick, every kiss or little suckle of his lips, until the moment his mouth clasped smoothly around that hot little button begging for attention. He had been in a rush before--both times actually--and she'd merely left him with a silly look on his face after cumming on her tits that first night they met. But right now, here in his cabin, here on the rugs, his tongue circled the trapped bit of flesh caught between his lips. Lungs exhaled but lips held firmly together, humming out like a big vibrating toy over that bundle of nerves screaming for more. His face was buried between her thighs, so he couldn't see her toes pushed to the furs beneath, her body arching like she was about to just leap from the rugs, but with his hands rising to press down under her tits, he was holding her there to endure the rumbling trembles of his vibrating lips purring over her clit. It happened in mere moments: her body reacting to his mouth hungrily sucking at her pussy until he was bringing her to a gushing orgasm on the furs, the heat of the fire crackling nearby flushing her skin almost as much as his tongue was. She tasted so damn sweet. Pale white girls always were tasty, but the blond biker melted in his mouth like buttercream icing on a cake. Those lips paused only so he could inhale as a lower buzz from his humming mouth tingled her nerves to the frazzled edge of sense and reason. The humming intensified as she started coming down from that rush of him getting to finally taste her, to finally feel her heat right against his mouth as his lips bumbled softer. The rumble died down and those lips slipped away, but even after cumming like she did he was not done with her. Pursed lips hovered barely an inch from her clit and the varying intensity of his lungs blew a warm breath across those pink folds. The stream of air tightened to a pencil point or spread like a warm flower after the cooling breeze of his tight mouth rushed a stream of air over that clit. She felt his words before hearing them, still hardly an inch away from the molten crucible of delicious girl honey, "Gods, you have no idea how sweet you are..." Letting his voice trail off, another cooling rush blew across that button, spreading into the warm exhale of his lungs puffing the last of that held breath along her pink folds.

Vixxen's head spun she'd cum so hard, but he wasn't done. Every nerve in her body was on fire and still he lapped and hummed and blew on that sensitive bud, making her jump and buck and cry out. She groaned, her head rolling to the side to look at the fire crackling beside them, marveling at how she came to be here, then sucking in another gasping cry when his warm breath caressed her glistening folds just before his tongue laved over her clit again. With his hands having slipped up to toy with her breasts, she was able to move her hips again. Settling them back on the silky fur rug beneath them, she lifted one leg to drape it over his shoulder, slowly drawing her heel up and down his back and shoulder. Pressing her foot down against him, she used the leverage to lift her hips once again, coaxing his tongue further down between her folds. "More... Use your tongue inside me, Zuriel. I need to feel you fucking me with it. Please..." Again, she begged him, her pride having long since fled, only her burning need to have this man take her and please her, to have his touch and caress, to feel his body connected with hers was of importance at this point. Nothing else mattered. Nothing else would do. His words floated up from between her legs to caress her ears, and she trembled at knowing just how much he relished pleasing her. She turned away from the fire and looked down at him there between her legs, and the sight sent her mind reeling again, drawing out another shuddering gasp of pleasure. "Oh god...."

(I no longer recall why we ended so abruptly, but I'm going to hazard a guess that we took it to voice)

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