Mutual Masturbation

Zuriel smiled, lightly drawing his hand between your thighs for the softest stroke of his fingers.

Lisa sucked in a deep breath through her nose, that feather-light touch over her nethers so incredibly erotic she became instantly wet. "God, I love when you tease like that. Drives me wild." Begging for more without saying anything at all, her legs splayed open and her hand slipped up along your arm, caressing the skin to your bicep. Wrapping her fingers around you possessively, she laid her head back onto the floor and closed her eyes, wanting to focus solely on your touch and nothing more.

Zuriel stops just long enough to slide out of his clothing first, getting just as naked as his love before he leaned back in and nipped his way up your side. Kissing your flesh as he went higher and dallied his tongue around your nipple before his hand pressed back in. Deft fingers spread your lips open, making that pink pussy bloom from his touch while his middle finger slipped right up over your clit. His mouth devouring your nipple, sucking in firmly before his teeth caught hold and he turned an almost innocent look up at you like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar..."Mmm but I promised to do something for my baby and you looking like this...is making me wanna keep my word..."

Lisa wanted that touch to last forever. Her whole world narrowed down to the valley between her legs and the light touch of your fingers tracing between them. The stroking was like heaven, like an angel's caress, and every nerve in her body was connected to that apex making her head spin and her body tingle. Just as she thought there could be nothing better than your touch on those petal-soft lips, she felt your warm breath and lips kissing up her side and she though that yes, now she could die in utter bliss. The fingers wrapped around your bicep relaxed their grip and arched, her nails lightly dragging upwards once more over the curve of your shoulder, into the valley of your neckline, and over your skull, threading through your hair. Wanting to see you, to watch you, she parted her lashes and turned, bringing your beautiful face into view, those lips kissing up and up and up along her ribcage until they hovered just over her nipple. Time slowed and she took in every detail of you mouth parting to draw that pink bud into its depths, and the moment it was wrapped in the moist heat of your mouth, she felt your fingers part her nether lips and stroke over her swelled clit, making her finally cry out a sweet little moan of joy.

Zuriel purred totally on purpose around your nipple, letting you feel every press and tug of his lips and that subtle vibration stirring your senses. He reveled in completely owning you; your mind was his to muddle and that body was his personal playground of delights as that finger of his stroked up and down along the swelling rise of your clit. With a wet pop, he lifted from that pink bud and got up a moment, letting you watch as he licked his middle finger clean and he reached out to grab your long sock. "Something is wrong with this. You got all dressed up for me and wound up wearing these." He curled a slightly sinister looking smile as he pulled your sock down and just knocked your shoes off your foot. "I want you naked. No dressing...no garnish...just my baby nude so I can feel every inch of your body with mine." He pulled your other sock down and tossed both it and your shoe away. Something about this time just made him want you naked, with no defenses or pretense. Lowering back against your frame once he had you utterly devoid of any scrap of clothing like he was, those fingers spreading your lips open again before his middle finger ground from tip to the base in a slow curl of it grinding your clit up and down. Turning his eyes up to look at you, feeling your bare toes spread against his skin as he held you open to his touch and played with your body with nothing but the skin our makers got for us.

Lisa shivered, your moaning sending delicious little goosebumps through her body. A soft, short little moan escaped her lips and she writhed on the rugs beneath her. It astounded her how your every touch, every word, every action had her melting and swooning for you every damn day. She was addicted and could never get enough of you, and she thanked her lucky stars and the heavens above for you being in her life. The tug on her nipple forced a sharp intake of air and when she felt you slipping away, her brows furrowed in panic and confusion. She watched you moving to take her socks off, tugging them down over her legs, pulling her shoes off with them, somewhat bewildered that you didn't want them on. But your explanation both amused and delighted her and she smiled at you as you resumed your place at her side, tickled that you wanted her just as she was. Shifting so that she was as close to you as she could be, she slipped her left leg outwards and the cool air kissed her wet lips until the warmth of your hand covered her once more, making her slither about on the floor under the power of your caress. "Zuriel..." She breathed out the word and it spoke volumes. She need not tell you, need not ask you. Everything you did was perfection. Just your name on her lips was enough to fill her with pleasure, and your fingers slowly grinding against her clit started the stirring in her belly, getting her wetter than she had been in days and days.

Zuriel licked his lips before they clasped tightly around your swollen nipple again, his tongue writhing around the trapped bit of flesh in his mouth as he sucked and pulled just using nothing but his lips. The feel of his hand splayed and--keeping your lips spread--teased every nerve in your body as that middle finger lifted up and down without pausing any longer, feeling both the heat and wetness from your lips begging him almost as bewilderingly as you calling his name had been. He played with you a little while just like that after getting you naked, and with nothing blocking his view of your body any longer, he slowly lifted to a knee beside you and gripped his swelling shaft for you to watch. "Go on. Play with it for your Daddy, baby girl.  Let me see you touch yourself." He was already priming you for tonight, but first he had a promise to keep. Stroking himself thicker by the minute, his eyes took in the sight of you naked and teasing yourself while Daddy stayed back terribly out of reach to stroke his swelling dick for his baby to see the way he squeezed it in his powerful grip, drawing his bent finger along the underside each time to show you how he got himself going watching such a delicious naked treat on the furs playing with herself.

Lisa already felt as though a drug was running through her veins she was so hot, so aroused. You were going so painfully, wonderfully slow tonight that it was driving her so mad with desire she almost couldn't stand it and yet at the same time, she never wanted the sweet torture to end it was so pleasureful. She was so god damn wet that she could already feel the juices trickling over her lips and down the crack of her ass. It nearly embarrassed her that she could be so turned on by having so little done to her, but she was past the point of caring and could only think of you touching her more, of crawling on top of her and sliding your cock inside her to fill her little pussy. So when you moved away she became even more excited, thinking that now you would take your little slut and fuck her raw, but instead you settled to the side out of her reach. Confused, dismayed, she stated to rise intending to crawl over to you, but then you spoke and she froze before she'd even gotten her legs under her. She listened to your soft voice and when she realized what you wanted her to do, she grinned like an imp and lay back down on the rugs, slipping her legs even wider to give you a full view of her pink slit. With her eyes locked on yours, holding your gaze for a brief moment until your sights traveled down her lush body to settle between her legs, she slipped her hand down over her breast, past her stomach, over the curve of her hip and into the valley between her legs. Drawing in a deep breath, she arched her back, lifting her hips and slipped her fingers down between those already slick folds. Trapping her clit between her index and middle fingers, she drew them up and down the length of her slit, dipping the tips into her core with each downward stroke. She started off slowly, deliberately, making it last, wanting to tease you as you watched her, but soon she was so worked up that she couldn't keep from moving faster with each stroke, plunging her fingers in deeper every time she reached her cunt, and before she knew it she was humping her hips into the air crying out as she brought herself right to the brink of climax. Never once did she take her eyes off of you, though they would drop to your hand, watching your stroking the full length of your cock, filling her mind with the desire to have it pumping inside her just as her fingers were. Then she would look back to your face, reveling in the pleasure there as you watched her fuck herself just for your enjoyment. The scene was so erotic that she almost hoped you would cum all over her just from watching her playing for you.
Zuriel was a man who could get heated easily especially with the sight of his girl playing so intensely that you were already on the brink with your hips humping the air. His hand kept a steady pace though, stroking his now fully-erect dick right for you to watch and you noticed him pressing the brunt of his thumb against his own tip. The motion brought a sudden buck and shake from his hips, and the little string of precum clinging to his skin snapped as he stroked it fully from tip to base and his fingers cupped under his heavy balls. The scent of him drifted to your senses while he jacked that dick off a little faster for you to watch every move he made. With his chest starting to pant a little more deeply, he looked right down in your eyes, even turning your head to look him right in those silvered orbs. "Not yet. My baby girl does not cum until Daddy gives her some cream." His eyes drifted down the writhing expanse of your body bucking against your own fingers, forbidding you to cum until he did. The moment dragged out into minutes so unfathomable you lost count before hitting thirty seconds. His hand pumped tight down his swollen shaft, his bare balls bobbing each time he stroked his length fully, and the tip of him glistened right before your eyes as he jacked it off for his baby to see. His fingers formed a tight ring, squeezing that dick firmly from the head to his balls still bobbing thickly each time he pumped his hand. "N-not yet..."

Lisa slowed her pace because if she didn't, she was going to cum right then and there, but you forbade her and she was a good girl and did as she was told...most of the time. Still, even with her fingers barely moving between the folds of her glistening pussy, the sight of you stroking your cock had her mind reeling and she started whimpering again. Sensing you looking at her as you spoke, she tore her gaze away from the beautiful sight of your dripping cock, the shaft hard and throbbing, and she trembled when you held her gaze so steadily. Even from the corner of your eye, you could see the rapid rise and fall of her chest--her breaths having grown so rapid and shallow in her need--and as the seconds dragged out to minutes, she started fucking herself again, as though she had no will of her own and her body simply took over. The stirring in her belly grew and grew until she was teetering back on the brink and she knew she wasn't going to be able to stop this time, so she swallowed her pride and begged, "Oh please, Daddy, please! Let me cum. F-f-fuck! I can't hold off any longer! Ple-e-ease let your little slut cum, Daddy!"

Zuriel growled lightly as he reached out and snatched your wrist, pulling your hand out of reach til only your fingertips could grace the skin over your hood and that was as close as he let you move. Denying you by force as he held on and pumped his fat cock harder in that fist of his. He didn't say anything, just fucked his cock with that hand in a building tempo rocking him on the rugs beside your body. He made you stop no matter how much you whined or begged. The only thing he did was hold on and look right in your eyes like he was telling you 'don't even try moving.' Those eyes, however, soon started to lose focus, teeth gritted as he lost his grip on your wrist with the coming flood boiling in his rising balls. His fingers let go altogether, no longer stopping you from playing with yourself as he leaned right over your skin flushed with heat. The bobbing tip of his cock drooled a line of precum that spattered your flesh right under your navel. Your working forearm, renewing the stroke of your fingers, smeared and rubbed the slippery seed into your skin and he started moving with a feverish need running through his powerful strokes. "N-Nooowww... Cum now! AHHHhhhh fuck!" His brows knotted down hard, the concentration on his face waning in a teeth-clenching look of pure bliss. That cock erupted, lathing lines of his cum in a spattered criss-cross pattern on your belly, tilting it just enough that he launched a thick spurt along your heaving tits and a few more drops trickled down between the small, lovely valley of your breasts. His cock slowly ebbed the flow of cum, dropping his juices on your pumping arm with the heat from his load searing every spot it landed on. "Nnnhhh..."

Lisa was almost so far gone that she damn near fought you when you grasped her wrist and held her hand motionless, but she saw the look in your eyes and froze in complete submission, not daring to move a muscle. Only her chest continued to heave as she panted from the adrenaline coursing through her veins. She didn't beg--didn't even speak--but she continued to whine and whimper in frustration as she watched you stroking your cock faster and faster over her body. For a second or two after you lost your grip on her wrist, she still dared not move, but when she heard you tell her--no, command her to cum--she didn't hesitate. Her fingers worked briskly, rubbing her little clit so fast it was a wonder she didn't start it on fire. Unable to help herself, she thrust her other hand down between her legs and forced three fingers deep into her cunt and fucked herself silly. Her body jerked, nearly curling in on itself and she gasped, filling her lungs to let out such a scream of pleasure that it made your cock twitch just to hear it. "AHHhh FUCK!!" Her cum poured out around her fingers and her thighs clasped together, trapping her hands between her legs as her climax shot through to her limbs. She jumped and twitched as it slowly abated, and she rolled to her side facing you, her eyes closed as she worked to catch her breath once more.

Zuriel exhaled slowly, looking down at the glow on his cum-covered baby girl's skin and he bit his lower lip at the sight. He gently lowered himself against your body and cuddled you close--cum covered or not. "Now you have leave to do what you need to do. But tonight, you are to come home naked and be right here before I make a call." Pulling you in, he kissed you deeply, not caring if we stuck together or not.

Lisa grinned and giggled, snuggling close with you. "Mmm, yes Daddy. I'll be back as soon as I can."

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