Zuriel Finally Drinks From Vixxen

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Vixxen grinned, seeing you naked and waiting for her. She walked up and trailed her fingertips along your thigh to your cock, teasing it lightly as she leaned in for a kiss. "Mmm... I need to find you like this every day."

Zuriel waited with the calm of a predator surveying it's territory, watching the door as he lounged on the statue of conquest. When the door opened he grinned wickedly. Seeing you in that outfit only made him smile as you entered the upstairs looking like that. You saw him lick his lips once when you reached out to touch him, kissing you gently with a grin etched on his face. "I have to agree..." He slowly slipped up to his feet, corralling you towards the wall until he pressed up against you.

Vixxen lightly stepped backwards with you honing in on her until her backside bumped against the wall. She laughed softly, smirking at the devilish look in your eyes. With the press of a knee between her legs, she parted them slightly, lifting one to draw it up and down the length of your calf. "Well now... What's gotten you so riled this afternoon? Not get enough last night, did we?" She winked, loving to tease you, knowing you could never get enough and, quite frankly, neither could she.

Zuriel stole your words with hands catching yours, pushing them up until they bopped against the picture he had you pinned on. The purr edging his lips as he kissed you, pushing his tongue between your lips with a hunger you hadn't seen in him for a few days. His head turning, attacking your lips with his own to never let you regain balance while his knee drifted in tightly between your thighs. He did not bother to answer, words being paltry and wet on his tongue delving inside your mouth.

Vixxen gave you a look that said 'oh you devil...' when her wrists were captured by your hands, her arms lifted to press her hard against the picture on the wall. Your demeanor excited her. You'd been so tender and gentle lately, and though she loved that, this was wild and exciting and was already making her wet between her thighs. Instead of answering her, she heard your rumbling in the kiss, stealing her breath. Matching your ferocity, she kissed you back hungrily, as though she'd not fed in days and you were her only sustenance. Lips meshed, teeth clashed, tongues tangled as she moaned into your mouth, panting hotly. The upper half of her body stayed pinned where you held her, but her legs shifted, pressing her hips hotly against you with a slow grind of her pelvis against your thigh.

Zuriel pressed in tight enough that your toes left the floor just a few inches, even in those stunning heels. He pushed in to leave you at his mercy while the kiss extended well beyond the want for air in his lungs. The feel of rough hands gripped your wrists when he leaned in tighter, tilting his head just enough your tongue slid right along the point of one fang and the slight pain brought you stirring back to pull away as he lifted his fang from your tongue. The kiss broke and he stared back at you held against the wall, the love showing through even as his lips parted and you saw the glint of his fangs behind his lips before he slipped his cheek along yours to brush your hair back with his face so he could whisper just for you, "I'm hungry..." Those two simple words carried so much weight even as his lips parted again and you felt the kiss right over the pulse of your heart catching in your throat--just a scrape, a lingering feeling touching your skin without leaving a single mark aside from the tingle singing along your nerves.

Vixxen trembled so hard that you could feel it against your body when those two little words graced her ear. She didn't move--not a muscle--but her heart was beating so hard you could both hear it. She'd wondered since having learned about you, and especially after you explained so much to her last night, if--when--this day would come, but she still was not prepared for it. It felt as though a wad of cloth had been stuffed in her throat and she swallowed hard to dislodge it. Wanting to argue, wanting to dissuade you, wanting to buy more time, she felt the fluttering of your lips against her neck and her breath caught in her throat. All she could do was nod (god, she must be fucking crazy!). Not knowing if you saw or felt that nod, she figured she should say something, so she cleared her throat gently and croaked out, "W-will it...hurt?" She was terrified, but she could not deny the tingle of excitement that buzzed in her veins at the thought. She loved you and she was in it for everything you had to offer, including this.

Zuriel caught your ear between his teeth, the pinch giving you all the answer you needed, but that was not his focus aside from letting you hear the growling rumble trailing along his lips over the rush of your heart hammering in your chest. He could hear it like a drum beat from his senses being beyond human ranges, and without letting you back out of having you for a meal, that mouth opened and you felt his tongue lave across your vein one more time so the purring teased your flesh. Not only were those fangs and his mouth riling your senses, the feel of his masculinity drifted along your inner thigh when his arousal of the moment started to peak, those teeth gliding over your pulse a final time before they dropped with a bite piercing your throat. It was a sharp stick, but the instant blood flowed over his tongue, the euphoria of the eternal kiss ran through you like a herd of horses breaking through a gate to run hard and fast to the horizon. The warmth filled his mouth and you felt your own life's blood pooling against your neck as he fed on your essence. One gulp...then two, breathing hard between swallows so much you felt his excitement rise as he drunk a third mouthful. The pull of your sanguine essence flowing down his throat started to come again, but he hesitated...no, he regained the control of the moment as he drunk in your emotions, feeling your excitement more intimately than any human could ever do and despite your head swimming, he lapped the marks on your skin closed before pulling away. You saw the one trickle over his lower lip being licked away before his mouth seared to yours in another kiss, growling over your tongue wrapped in bliss.

Vixxen winced slightly, her ear feeling as it had when she'd had them pierced. She thought to herself, 'Well, that's not so bad...' At least, pain-wise it wasn't. But that damned rumbling in your chest was almost scarier than the idea of your fangs sinking into her neck, reminding her that you were as much animal as human, and--having never seen it, never dealt with it before--she didn't know what you could do...what you would do. Not that it mattered. You had her trapped between yourself and the wall, and before she could change her mind, she felt the brush of your lips traveling from her ear to the pulse in her neck, and then a sharp sting that left her gasping for air. Her head fell back against the wall and her eyes closed at the suckle of lips pressed against her neck and she could feel it...my god! It was like her mind and body and soul were escaping her veins, being drawn into you, and she thought there was nothing more intimate, more erotic than this moment with you. She writhed against the wall, grunting as you drank her, feeling the hot press of your manhood against her, and all she could think of was wanting you inside of her at the same time. Before she knew what happened, it was over. The soft lave of your tongue caressed her neck and then you were looking at her, leaning in to kiss her deeply with the taste of her blood still on your tongue, and she groaned loving every second of it.

Zuriel opened his eyes as the silver glow framed your face in that kiss, holding you there right on the edge of sense and reason with nothing but his strength to keep you from falling down in both shock and awe. Slowly he pulled back, lingering with his lower lip catching yours before he pulled away and lifted his left hand. Already his arm was darkening, the nails on his fingers going through the same change until the nails glossed and became pointed talons to your eyes taking in the sight of him letting a little more of the animal free against you. Glittering talons flexed on his hand that he held up for you to see, barely giving you time to take it all in before he wrenched his hand across your collar bone, grabbing your strap with a pull across the top of your chest until it followed, flowing with the curve of your body down your side. Those straps could not stand up to the claws slicing through them, hardly touching your skin except for a few small lines catching hold in your flesh as he sliced away your outfit in a rush and just let it fall from your frame with nothing to hold your clothing on your curvaceous body. The growl that poured from his mouth like molten steel hit your ears and he pressed in harder, nothing in his way to stop his hard tip from finding your heat and drifting inside until you were firmly hilted on that cock claiming your body as its own. His eyes drifted to yours, watching the panic, the lust, and the desire pouring from your deep blues as he pinned you to the wall with his weight, and his length inside you at long last.

Vixxen felt as though you had literally stolen her breath. She felt faint, dizzy, weak, and at the same time high, elated, more aroused than she ever had in her life. When you drew back from that kiss, she stared at you from a blissful fog, breathing out your name like you were the only thing in the world, "Zuriel..." She watched, fascinated, entranced as the talons grew from your fingers. Her eyes jerked from them to meet your gaze and she held it, falling into those silvered orbs as you sliced through fabric and buckles like butter. Her clothing fell away and she finally felt the press of your warm skin against her own, her breasts mashing softly into your firm chest, arms snaking around one another's bodies like vines. With a lift accompanied by the rumbling growl in your chest, she felt the long, hard glide of your cock into her core, and she cried out in pure pleasure. "Oh god..."

Zuriel Bedlam clasped one clawed hand over your ass cheek as we twined together like serpents, purring constantly as he fit inside and started bucking under your thighs to stroke the length of his cock inside your silken walls hugging that shaft like a long lost lover. His other arm gripped your thigh in a pull, lifting your heel from the floor to cascade over his own leg with your foot bouncing from the sudden primal urge running through him now stuffing your hot hole with his cock. He didn't speak, nor would he need to--only grunting as he felt your breasts mash to his chest while he rode you harder against the picture on the wall. Talons merely clenched at your skin with every lifting thrust balancing you precariously on one foot, but with the monster he was holding you, there was no fear of falling except falling into pure pleasure from the deeper roll of his hips. Huffing as each thrust lifted your heel from the ground and sent your other foot bouncing with every stroke, he laid into you like he was conquering that body. The feel of heavy balls slapped your cheeks from underneath and the sheer power of those thrusts rocked through you so hard that your back slid and dropped over the hanging picture on the wall that he had cornered you against.

Every slam into her body drew a grunted breath from her. The cold press of glass behind her was a striking contrast to the soft warmth of your skin in front of her, and she clung to you craving that warmth and the closeness of your body. She had never given anything of herself to anyone before--she always took for her own pleasure, her own enjoyment--and having shared herself with you, and you taking what she had to give, made her feel closer to you than she ever thought possible. The claws raking her ass awoke her senses on a new level and she lifted her head from your shoulder to let out a small cry of pleasure-filled pain. Her body shook in your arms and she clung to you, not fearing you would drop her but needing to feel as though she were as close to you as she could possibly get, as though she wanted your bodies to meld into one. Letting her head drop back to rest against your shoulder, she pressed her lips to it, kissing and licking, tracing her lips and tongue slowly along the muscles to the little cleft of your neck. She pressed one kiss then another there, inching her way up, her mouth hovering just at your pulse. Drawing her lips back and fourth over it, she breathed, letting you feel the warmth caress you, then she pressed her lips down hard and opened her mouth. She was no werewolf, she had no fangs, but she bit you all the same, wanting to know, wanting to at least imagine what it was like. And though all she could do was mar your skin some and suck at the flesh, just the idea had her cunt twitching around your cock with her fingers grasping the back of your head to hold you tight to her mouth.

Zuriel fell into the wild bounce and rock of his hips taking your pussy to the hilt of that shaft powering inside you, holding fast to your body just to keep you right there on the picture with him filling your cunt, his swollen girth slushing wetly through your folds. He felt your lips even through the rising pushes of his hips, lifting a brow slightly as you kissed and found the vein in his neck now pulsing with you running through his very body after having drunk down your blood. That was forgotten the instant you bit down and he hissed, trying not to smile as you did that because he knew he was in no danger, but the hot press of your teeth marked him just the same while he held you there bouncing on his bucking dick. The hand at your thigh lifted, pulling your leg at an incredible angle until, like some practicing ballerina, he lifted your heel to the sky and rolled your foot over his head in a twist without even letting his cock fall from your juicy lips clinging to his shaft. You wanted to meld with him, but his own animal inside was becoming to great to ignore. Clutching your hips as his body slammed in roughly against your ass from behind, he really started laying into you. There was no more tempting fate by holding you like that and the growl coming from his mouth rolled to your ears before the drilling shoves of that girth began railing your pussy faster. Time was always precious with us both, but right now it seemed to stand still from your muscles clinging to him, claiming your cunt for his own right here like some godforsaken animal rutting your sexy body for all he was worth. A stained line of drool trickled from the corner of his mouth as he pressed in, jerking back to start throwing his weight though those hips battering your ass from behind as he plastered you against the picture hanging here.

Vixxen loved the feel of you inside her, every upward thrust sending her body bouncing so that she dropped back down onto your cock with her weigh, pushing you even deeper, her clit banging wickedly against your pelvis making her cry out each time it connected. So when you grabbed her leg and lifted it, turning her, spinning her like some gymnast, she almost complained. But you managed to stay inside her, never breaking that intimate connection, so she faced the wall and pushed against it, bracing her arms on the erotic photo and lifting her ass to let you plunge deep within her walls. Her ass bounced in your grip, jiggling every time your hips connected, and her wet walls grasped at your shaft within her, sliding and slushing with her arousal. She felt the stabbing pain of those claws sinking into the soft flesh of her hips and they rolled as though wanting to pull away, that roll traveling up her back so that her body danced before you. Turning her head, her cheek pressed to the photo, she cried out, each sound coming faster and faster as your pace quickened with you lost to your need, her breasts bouncing and slamming against the wall she was pinned to.

Zuriel snarled as he reached up and snatched your blond hair in one taloned hand, holding tight enough to pull your cheek from the glass of the picture frame, but your tits still pressed against the steamed glass in front of your pinned body. His other hand clutched hard--almost dangerously tight--with the tips of those claws pressing in ever so slightly making little dots of red trickle down your rolling hips. He was already drunk on your essence; now he was becoming drunk on your jiggling ass wobbling from impact each time he drove that cock deep as fucking possible right down to his nuts clapping off your naked clit. His fangs were bared the whole time, panting as he grimaced and held on to you, not letting you move once without his hips pumping, making your body jostle. His foot swept to the inside of yours, skidding your heel over the wooden floor of the cabin until your legs were spread just the right distance apart Those full heavy balls clapped, slapped, and popped amid the wet noises of his dick squishing through your folds welcoming him, allowing the beast to fuck you right here and now, trapped after being his meal and now the object of his lusts. He pulled back on your hair in his grasp, making those lovely pale nipple pop and slap against the picture's glass covering from the force of him taking your cunt as deep as humanly possible, making your honey bubble and froth over his glazed cock pounding your slit even harder. This was all he ever needed, all he ever wanted. Just to make you wail from being fucked with the ravenous need rushing through every hard jolt of his dick spreading your walls open, claiming your tunnel with every hungry lilt and drive of those hips smacking your cheeks from behind.

Vixxen's heart still hammered in her chest. She was still frightened--oh yes--but the wild girl in her, the one always seeking a thrill, was in heaven. The way you just fucking took her like she belong to you, like she was yours and yours alone to use, was so damn hot that the thought of regaining control of the situation as she always had in the past was not even on her mind. She WAS yours and she loved you, and she would give you anything that you wanted. A hard yank of hair threw her head back and she yelped, but it was followed by a groan that told you she fucking loved it. Even the claws digging at her hip had them rolling so that every time your cock thrust into her, it was swirled inside her wet walls with a swivel of those hips, your shaft knocking around inside her to brush and graze over her g-spot. That motion, with the clapping of your balls beating a staccato rhythm against her clit, suddenly had her dancing on her toes, gasping little whimpers as she felt her orgasm building. Despite the few words shared since she found you this afternoon, she couldn't help begging you to push her right over the edge. "Z-zuriel... I'm going to... Ohhh god, please make me cum! So fucking close..."

Zuriel growled as he felt you pushing back, rolling those hips to send him into a frenzy that pulled at your hips hard enough your body tumbled down and barely caught the glass of the picture frame. He didn't stop or even try to make sure you were okay. With your ass in the air, he stooped down so he could ram that cunt into delicious orgasmic glee coming from the angle of his cock now battering your pussy with a hungry thrust driving inside your core. He woke with a hunger today that he had never felt before and you were the perfect menu to sate those desires by hammering your body at an animal pace, clattering our skin together from the sheer force of slamming into your cunt. The head of his cock buried deep and drew back ferociously faster so that spot inside could feel the glans of his dick swelling, the head puffing fatter like his shaft when the new angle of pumping attacks stole your breath and made him pant even harder from the urgent desire stuffing your walls relentlessly. Clawed hands gripped your hips to keep you from falling further, adding to the sensations of talons in your skin clutching tightly while your pussy was fucked by a rabid animal holding you tightly against the picture. Even though you were so close to cumming, it became obvious someone else was closer. His eyes closed and his breath went ragged as that cock swelled so thick that he swore it was about to explode in a hail of flesh. A few drops of saliva spattered your ass with him drooling from being held so tightly by your hot fucking snatch and he simply lost what control he had. Bucking unevenly...short, deep, shallow...he crammed it all in at the last second to spray--literally spray--your tunnel with so much cum that it gushed from your lips around his dick after it pumped inside you like a fire hose going full blast. "Nnnaaaaahhhhhh!" From dreams to reality, he could not hold back any more, fucking you right through every spurt, twitch, or spasm of his dick inside you, unloading his balls to flood you completely.

The sudden jerk of her hips stole the hold she had on the wall, her arms slipping, skin screeching against the glass covered picture as she slid. She cried out in alarm, stretching her arms farther to stop herself even as your hands dug and lifted her hips to keep her upright. Without even pausing through it all, your cock split through her tunnel to the depths of her womb, plunging through that wetness to claim your mate. You were so worked up, in such a frenzy, that she feared she would topple over from how hard you beat at her cunt, but she pushed hard against that wall, meeting you thrust for thrust, feeling the sudden swell of your cock stretching her wider, brushing over her spot, and she sucked in a breath, letting it all out in a scream of pleasure as her body shook in your grip, her knees buckling and feet stumbling to stay upright as her orgasm ravaged her body. "Ahhhhh fuuuuck! Zurielllll!" She felt you explode inside her, your cum spraying her walls, and it threw her climax to another level until she was just whimpering and babbling, not making any real words, but still conveying to you how fucking good it felt nonetheless, until she was just quivering in your hands panting for breath.

Zuriel huffed as he slowed down to a crawl, the feel of him just lightly stroking your pussy as he started to calm his breathing down. Giving you a lift to keep you from spilling to the floor and that was when you realized his claws were fading back into his fingers, his skin lightening until those hands were as normal as they had ever been. He pulled out with a drizzle of our mingled juices leaking from your lips only to come slithering off your clit before he pressed you back against the picture again. Devouring your lips in a heated kiss as the half animal who took you melted back to the man who loved you.

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