Zuriel Gets His Due


So that unfinished business on the docks..? Yeah, he gets his revenge, trust me. And I loved every minute of it. Apparently he'd been waiting for me to arrive but was away from the keyboard when I did. I decided to hop on a pose ball near him and much to my surprise, the following role play ensued.

Zuriel Gets His Due

Lisa Languish: hey sexy
Lisa Languish pokes your belly

    Zuriel grabs Lisa in a tight grip...
Lisa Languish chuckles. My turn to molest you while you're afk ;)

Zuriel grins wickedly, grabbing you by the throat as his other hand stroked along your side. Wet from the rain, muscles poised from waiting so long.

Lisa groans, trembling under the firm but gentle touch of your fingers along the curves of her body, though the ones at her throat both excite and unnerve her and she mewls a bit, her big eyes turning to look up into yours.

Lisa Languish: I hope I'm not disturbing you. I just thought I would keep you company.

Zuriel rumbles dangerously like a predator, jerking you to the post as he tossed you against it in a rush and the denim of those shorts was shredded by a powerful grip yanking them away in tatters. His hand slid between your cheeks and fingers stroked over those small bottoms that still clung to your curves with the rain pelting us both. "I thought you knew the dangers of me already..."

Lisa lets out sharp gasp followed by a shocked cry of surprise as she grabs the post for support. Her heart hammers wildly in her chest and she turns back to look at you, her features expressing both stun and lust, not sure if she should worry about your savage actions or be thrilled at how her presence affects you. "I... Mmm god... I just... never considered you dangerous. Ohhhh god... perhaps I should rethink my opinion of you." Rolling her hips, she relishes the feel of your fingers stroking her curves, they way they glide so easily over her wet skin, the rain trickling down accentuating the swell of her hips.

Zuriel slid his hand across your chest, fingers slipping under your top as the motion pulled the fabric rough shod over your skin and his hand clasped in a pinch and pull of your nipple caught between his fingers. His other hand between your thighs tugged your bikini aside, not even waiting as they dipped inside your pussy and started strumming your heat to the core as far as he could stuff them in. Lighting flashing overhead, highlighting the sudden attack with his hand pumping between your legs to finger that pussy he so loved teasing but was now using in a rough need to play out his frustrations on your supple body. Teeth clenched as he snapped your top off, his hand clapping hard against your breast in a squeeze that regained a pinch and pull of your nipple and his other hand worked back and forth to fill you with his thick fingers as he leaned in behind you. "Mine...right fucking now..."

Lisa's nail dug into the rough wood of the pillar, breath hissing between clenched teeth at the sharp sting through her budding nipple. Each twist, each pull draws a cry from her lips, her head first hanging down then thrashing backward, the rain pelting her face. The instant your thick, strong fingers delve into her core, she cries out, raising onto the balls of her feet, her round ass thrusting back and up to grant you better access to her sweet, wet hole. "Oh god, Zuriel... so good... so fucking good..."

Zuriel purrs as his hand gripped and thumbed across your nipple taut and hard from his assault, pulling his fingers from that pussy only to snap the strings of your bikini in a pull of jerking the fabric away and his hand slapped wildly hard from the side of your ass landing squarely on your cheek so hot it burned from the impact and the rain hitting your flesh only accentuated the sting. He slid back far enough to raise his arm, throwing his hand like a beast at your ass before another sharp swat darkened your tanned skin and both cheeks now sung with the promise of the fervor to come as the drops pelting your body tingled while your ass was burned from his spanking. "I would say today I'm bad...but you can scream whatever you want..."

Lisa grunts, the fabric of her bottoms biting roughly into her flesh as you jerk it free. She blushes deeply, feeling so exposed, so vulnerable, despite the dark, rainy night. Panting, heart beating so hard she fears it will come right out of her chest, she clings to the post, daring not to move in the mood you are in today. A loud crack resounds, your large hand connecting directly with the soft flesh on her backside, and she cries out, loud and sharp, whimpering as the sting lingers. Again, she feels your hand landing on her delicate skin and she cries louder, gasping, writhing, knees nearly buckling from under her. Words fail her, and she says nothing in response, simply enduring the pain on her cheeks until her arousal begins to boil deep within her belly.

Zuriel lets out animal sounds with every new smack adorning your cheeks, blow after blow raining down once, twice, three times. A fourth, back to back and cheek to cheek with no real pause save for the lift of his strong hand before it cracked down like a thunder bolt on your bare ass. The lighting flashing only added to the thunder god holding you to the post slapping your skin hungrily, making sure you would remember to never leave him so burdened with desire he couldn't stand it for a full fucking night. He eased up and just pushed your ass out to the rain, watching how you reacted to your ass being dripped on by cool drops stunning your blushing red ass from taking almost sixteen smacks in a row and he trailed his nails along the back of your thighs as he watched you writhe from the heat of it all amid the cool rain drops battering your flesh. "Beg for it...tell me to fuck you like the slut we know you are..." The only words he let out, his hand lifting to caress your blushing red ass just enough to rub the cooling rain water into your burned skin and he listened intensely through the rain and thunder overhead to hear precisely what he wanted...

Lisa's cries echoed out over the land, one after another after another until the tears formed in her eyes. Each slap made her body jerk, instinctively trying to pull her sore ass away from any further onslaught. Despite the wicked pain, her pussy throbbed, the juices beginning to pool and trickle down the inside of her thighs. Her glowing red ass burned mightily, the spattering of rain drops biting into the tender flesh like little needles. Her legs shifted causing her ass to sway, the flashes of lightning reflecting off her wet skin like a goddess. Unable to stand it any more, needing you desperately, she begged you between her gasps and cries, "Please, Zuriel... I need you to fuck me. I must have your cock inside me, taking me like a bitch in heat. I can't stand it anymore. Fuck me, please!"

Zuriel slowly slid to one knee as he poised behind your burned ass, reveling in the sight of red cheeks staring back at him before he slithered his hand between your thighs and just circled your clit. Making sure to keep your ass in the rain by holding your body away from the post he was letting you lean on and the devious nature in him grew. "I don't think I heard you right, should we try until your ass is bruised bitch?" Even through the pain of your burned cheeks his kiss to your ass was hardly soothing, pressing in harder and harder until his lips parted and the growl behind your shivering body rolled up to your ears edged with a rumble of thunder overhead. Teeth caught skin, stroking your hot little clit as he bit your flesh and sucked until his lips pulled away and his free hand swatted your ass again just to make it jolt with new sensation. "One more time...say...use me like the dirty bitch I am...and this time I want to hear you over the fucking thunder." He was livid, teasing you on purpose to drive every little feel or touch home through your nerves, making you sing like a canary on a summer morning.

Lisa chews on her bottom lip, her ass automatically pushing back at the touch of your finger swirling around her clit. She moans, her eyes fluttering closed, head sinking weakly against the post, the rough wood biting at her forehead. Just as she was beginning to come down from the continual slaps, her ass still tingling, but less than before, she feels you strike her once more and she gasps, biting down hard on her lip to stifle the near scream that tries to burst from her. The constant stimulation, the pain on her burning, stinging ass mixed with the erotic toying of her clit sends her mind spinning in opposite direction. Forcing herself to reply to your command, she groans fighting the dizziness spinning in her head. She takes a deep breath and nearly shouts to be heard over the rain and thunder, "Zuriel, please, use me like the dirty bitch that I am. Make me finally give you what you've been denied for so many days now. Use me solely for your pleasure."

Zuriel listens closely as those words nearly screamed from your lips, the smile that crossed his features only lasted a moment as he snatched your torn bikini from the ground and jerked your body by the back of your neck from the post to walk you on those shaky legs inside the shed. He threw you face down on the table and snatched your wrists roughly, jerking your arms back so he could use your own ruined clothing to bind your wrists together tightly. Once he had you trussed up he unzipped his jeans, letting the hot and hard length of him fall from his clothing only to slap his dick between your thighs in a hard buck of his hips. His arms reached out, grabbing the back of your neck as his cock tip danced and prodded around until he felt the heated slit wrap around his tip. Not even waiting to tease you any more, that fat dick just shoved inside your juicy pussy and he growled anew with the wild tumult of motion suddenly breaking free with every rabid thrust he started filling your hot hole with. Wet denim slapped wantonly against your burned ass cheeks, the sound just as loud as the lightning crashing overhead with the bestial need inside him finally being pounded into your tight snatch. Animal desire relentlessly jamming that dick inside your pussy, railing you so fucking hard your toes left the muddy ground from the sheer force of impact stuffing that slit deep enough your lips stretched around his invading cock and every shove only opened you up more. The tip of him hitting the entrance of your cervix he was fucking you so fierce, making sure to ram it all in like he knew you needed it right then and there. "Yesss...my little bitch...THATS FUCKING RIGHT!"

Lisa's eyes go wide, brow furrowed in primal fear as you grab her and yank her roughly about like a ragdoll. Stumbling, nearly tripping over her own feet to keep up with you, she braces herself on the table, a splinter driving itself into her hand as it skitches forward from her fall. With no time to nurse it, she feels you grab her wrists and twist them behind her back. Whimpering as you tie them securely, she thrashes her head from one side to the next, trying to see what you are doing, second guessing her offer to you, knowing it was only too late at this point. The edge of the table bites hard into her thighs and she grunts, feeling you pushing against her from behind. The moment your cock slides into her heated core, however, the pain of the table immediately leaves her mind and she lets out a long, lustful groan, using the table as leverage to push herself back against you, needing to feel you penetrate her as deep and hard as you can.

Zuriel snarls as he stops suddenly, holding that dick inside your heated hole until you dared to look back at him and he roared and lurched forward. Slapping his hand over the back of that neck he held you face down to the fucking wood and started pounding your slit without a single shred of mercy all over again. The vibrant shoves hammered you without a moments concern, and in fact, the way he was fucking that pussy spoke volumes in how he was literally trying to break the godsdamned table by fucking you through it. Creaking wood barely seemed to be holding on and it jolted and rocked with every tumultuous shove he drilled inside you so fucking deep the head of his cock pierced through to your womb. The pressure of waiting, the need to have you moaning like a whore from having his dick inside you was too much and for fucking days all he thought about was how to pay your burned ass back for leaving him hanging. The fury of it was just too much, he had to have you mewling like a bitch in heat for him and him alone and now that he caught you all that angry desire was jamming your cunt full of fat fucking cock throbbing inside your clenching walls..."Feel that? That's me showing you how much you left me with...my goddamned balls are bubbling for your ass!" His hand clutching your wrists shifted away, jarring down to swat your ass hard enough the wet denim of his jeans smacking your ass only made the sting undulate and throb on your flesh....

Lisa grunts as your hand forces her head against the table, a tremor of fear coalescing through her body. The grip on her neck sent her heart knocking against her ribcage once more, but the sheer thrill of your violent nature nearly has her climaxing on your cock already. Her pussy twitches and twitches again, gripping your thick shaft inside her, the warm, wet, velvety walls milking and stroking you nearly to your balls as you bury yourself deep within her womb. As the table rocks, nearly giving way beneath your combined weight and the violent assault against it, her feet stumble and she groans as you nearly slip from her aching pussy. "Oh god no! Please, don't stop Zuriel. Keep it in me! Fuck I love how you feel, filling my cunt with your thick cock, abusing it, getting the relief you need." She gasps turn to cries of pure, unadulterated pleasure and she jerks, spasming, her cunt clamping down hard as she wails out her climax. "Fuuuckkkk yesssss!"

Zuriel snaps open the bikini binding on your wrists the second you started cumming on his dick, feeling your juices flood his jeans and run down his balls, soaking into the denim. He lifted your knee and pushed you higher on the table before he planted your hands and his slipped back to hold your hips as the deep stick of his cock stayed buried to the hilt and he slowed way down to make your orgasm last so much longer, feeling your slick muscled walls milking him during that release only served to make him hiss and roll his body slowly to draw out your release with his dick strumming you just enough to highlight every sensation running through your core. Panting through it all his words wafted past your ears, flowed down your back still glistening from having you soaked in the rain before he shoved you in the shelter of the shed, "Hhhf...my little sex bitch...from now on I will just take you any time I want. Hff...." He held back just a little, still achingly hard inside your cunt so keenly you felt his heart beat running through the shaft that just squished a few inches back and forth as the tip of his cock played in and out of your hot little womb..."I won't care if we are in a crowded room, if I want to fuck your mouth I'll do it and watch everyone get jealous with those lips sucking my dick...hfff..." He kept that up through your entire orgasm, just hitching his hips enough to stroke you a few inches at a time, drawing out the delicious sensations of that claimed pussy sucking at his cock like it was hungry for his cum. "And when you finally submit everything to me...I will give you everything I am...and take everything you have."

As if the achingly slow teasing of your cock inside her weren't enough to draw her orgasm on and on and on, the moment your words fell on her ears and registered in her brain she let out yet another cry, her head spinning so madly she thought for sure she would pass out from the absolute pure bliss she felt. Gasping, moaning, whimpering with every slow, deep thrust, she came again and again, each one blending into the next so that they were indistinguishable. Her copious nectar poured from within, covering your shaft, soaking both your lap and her legs, joining with the rain clinging to her thighs to trickle down her long legs over her ankles to the ground. Barely able to draw a breath, she mewls like a weakened kitten, "God yes, Zuriel. I would give everything to you. Anything you wanted, anywhere, any time. It is your for the taking. I want nothing more than to bring you pleasure." She chews her lip, feeling the growing knot in her stomach once more beginning to unravel and explode within her. She gasps and stiffens as yet another orgasm slams through her, her head thrashing backwards as she wails to the thundering skies.

Zuriel uses that thrashing orgasm to claim his prize, grabbing your black hair in his threading fingers yanking your locks to hold you upright, his other hand gripped under the tied bit of bikini holding your wrists together as his own lusts peaked and were no longer controllable by his needs. The animal urges inside him suddenly rolling to renewed life as he started fucking that cunt like a madman again, only the fluttering hold of your muscles and slippery walls gave him pause and he jammed in deep as fuck to lift you off the balls of your feet so your toes barely held onto the muddy ground. He was slick with you, coated in that honey trickling down your thighs and making his balls slippery even still nestled in his jeans, that ache in the base of his cock started from his nuts having to hold off the first time you left him stranded with no release and his eyes turned up, nearly rolling back inside his skull from the rising strokes of that fat dick pushing inside you to the deepest parts of your core hugging his pulsing cock. It started hard, shoving inside you and holding to the hilt so vividly he had to try and fuck through that sexy body arched at his mercy, then seconds passed inside your cunt until he jerked back and strummed it fast all over again. His balls lifted free of his pants when the first spray flooded your pussy so deeply you felt it jet inside your womb and pooled out from the sheer volume of cum pumping inside your wracked body. Normal men would have only had that first jolt in him, but leaving him high and dry like you did brought another jolt of sticky cream rushing inside you so keenly it pumped out of your tight lips wrapped around his dick so our mingled juices spurted hotly down your inner thighs, flowing down the backs of your legs so his thrusting hips left strings of juicy cum sticking to the denim of his jeans and your skin. Filling you with so much cum your belly even distended a little and still even through broken thrusts and hungry bucks of his body that cock tip oozed more inside your already cum filled cunt..."HOLY FUCK...Ahhnnnn...Hnnnn HNNNGH!"

Lisa's back arches almost painfully, her hair locked in the grip of your grasping fingers forcing her head back and her ass up. Dancing on her toes, the mud splashing and coating her pretty painted nails, she fights to stay pushed against you, not wanting your cock to leave her for even a moment. Every deep, savage thrust reminds her that she'd left you hanging frustrated and unfulfilled and that she deserves the brutal treatment, that she owed you this recourse. The pure animalistic need that consumes you, driving you to take her like a wild caveman, fuels her inner slut, making her want to give herself over to you absolutely and completely. She twists in your grasp, barely able to glance over her shoulder to watch your hips thrusting, the feel of your thick hard shaft gliding in and out of her tight walls in time with your movements drawing her right over the brink of ecstasy yet again. At the moment your cock swells inside her, forcing her tiny entrance wider than possible, she feels your hot, sticky cum spilling--shooting--within her walls and she screams in pure pleasure, her body jerking violently as she cums again, then only thing holding her up your hand in her hair and your cock pushing her against the table. "Oh dear sweet Jesus yes! Ahhhhhfuckkk!"

Zuriel went listless, holding himself deep inside that spasming pussy hugging his cock so tightly he felt your muscles squeezing every last drop out of him and considering he waited to cum with you and you alone he had alot to give that cunt of yours. As his arms regained their strength he lifted you up and carried you back into the falling rain, dropping his ass right on a bale of hay and sitting you down on his thick shaft to look at you covered in raindrops and sweat...His hands slithered to your hips and even through shivering limbs he lifted you and drug you right back down his still rigid dick..."Uhhhnnn...gods damn girl..."

Lisa draped her arms around you, thankful that you had the strength to carry her, because her legs were so weak and shaky she barely had the strength to stand anymore. The cool splash of the rain beating against her hot skin brought some small amount of relief, reviving her slightly, almost bringing a chill as the night air kissed her wet skin. The folds between her legs slipped together with the slick coating of your commingled cum, stirring her overly sensitive clit back to life as she rocked in your arms. Feeling your still-hard cock slipping into her, she groans and rests her head on your shoulder, loving the feel of you inside her, but in desperate need of recuperation. "Zuriel, I don't know that I can take anymore." She laughs weakly. "Can we just rest now?"

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