Jay Stuffs Darina's Stockings


Feeling in the holiday spirit, Darina dresses up like a naughty little reindeer and waits for Jay to come home to find his Christmas present

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 Jay Stuffs Darina's Stockings

Jaidyn came inside the cabin with a huff, throwing his coat and shirt down as he shook off the cold. He strolled inside and his eyes drifted down to someone laying out on the rug rather colorfully and a slow smile spread over his lips seeing his woman looking rather festive. So why waste time? He slid down to the rug and snuggled up tight against her. "Mmm... Hello, Christmas girl."

Darina had been waiting patiently for you to arrive home and find your Christmas treat. She lay on the fur rugs all dressed up in her red and white jammies and as the door opened and you strode in, she smiled and slipped a candy cane between her lips waiting for you to see her. When you joined her on the floor, slipping in close behind her, she turned so you could see her face and crooked a finger in the hook of the candy cane, slowly drawing it between her lips, turning it so that the end was wrapped between those lush lips. With a suck and a pop, she pulled it free and gave you a pepper-minty kiss. "Do you like your gift?"

Jaidyn smirked watching you toy with that candy cane, but instead of letting you keep talking, his kiss pressed in deeper and his tongue joined yours in a torrid swivel and suckle of your bottom lip, getting a taste of peppermint on his tongue while he pushed in a little tighter to that body to feel those curves against him. "Oh, so I get something wrapped instead of something naked as I had reminded her to be, ehh?" He chuckled a little, and it was the first time he'd laughed when it wasn't after snide comment he'd made at someone else's expense.

Darina kissed you back with more passion than she'd remembered in quite a long time, the sweet peppermint taste clinging to her lips and tongue spreading with the swirl of your own tongue dancing about in her mouth. A groan traveled into that kiss from her throat, her backside starting to move and slide over your lap as it pressed in harder from behind. Darina's eyes turned down some and she bit her lip as you reminded her she'd been asked to wear nothing but stockings tonight, but she just couldn't resist wearing something festive to surprise you. Then she heard you chuckling and she just stared at you for a few lingering seconds until the corners of her own mouth turned up into a small grin, realizing you weren't actually angry, but--dare she say?--pleased. "I, um... I just thought this would be a fun surprise. Something festive for the holidays." Her cheeks reddened, almost matching her jammies. "I hope you don't mind."

Jaidyn shook his head and caressed your cheek. Again, the tender act seemed to be baffling, but he was all about keeping his girl off center just because it was fun to watch her squirm when she guessed incorrectly. But tonight he wasn't mad; in fact, maybe it was the season, maybe it was something else, but he genuinely seemed...happy, which was so odd for him, but something he fell into without provocation. "I'll let you off the hook this one time. Besides, my top bitch needs a break now and then." He pressed another kiss to your lips, sharing the fading peppermint taste with his girl on Christmas eve, even sliding his hand from your cheek to hold yours in a slowly tightening grip. "I don't mind. Maybe it's the season making me a softy instead of just fucking your ass for being a bad girl."

What ever the reason, Darina was embracing it and accepting it as her own Christmas gift from you, even if you never said as much--even if it didn't last beyond tonight. It almost broke her heart, though, to see you like this, knowing you had the capacity to be tender, but chose to be such an arrogant, pompous jerk the majority of the time. It was bittersweet to see you actually...happy tonight. And yet, at the same time, it made her heart swell to know that she could be the one to bring you even fleeting joy. Smirking at your words--knowing they were half true, because you would always be Jaidyn no matter what--she threaded her fingers with your own as you clasped her hand and drew them to her lips, her head facing away from you with your own resting just at the crook of her neck. One at a time, she kissed those fingers, slowly, deliberately, taking the index as she reached it and tracing the tip over her soft, full lips before pressing a kiss to it, as well. With your hand still holding hers, she let your arm drop and drew it in under her breast, guiding you to hold her in your embrace. "I suppose that would be better than getting coal in my stocking, Santa."

Jaidyn scoffed playfully and hugged you tight, but only for a fleeting few moments until he pushed your back to the rug and clambered over your body to look down at you dressed all festive despite his wishes expressed to you yesterday. "Hmm... So now I'm being compared to coal. But you know what they say about coal." The smirk creased his lips as he pressed down over your body, looking in your eyes with golden orbs searching your gaze as he spoke. "With enough pressure and beating, with enough heat and tension, coal becomes a diamond." The smirk on his lips didn't fade as he kicked off his shoes to get comfy, working on the fences all day had taken it's toll, but now that he was inside and alone with his girl, things were growing very relaxed. And for the first time since he raped your sexy ass by the docks at the old house, he was actually talking with you instead of just fucking you ragged. "So maybe I keep putting pressure on my lump of coal; pretty sure she'll soon polish and sparkle like a diamond."

Darina came very close to correcting you. She'd compared -you- to coal, and somehow you ended up comparing her into being made from coal to a diamond. But she bit back her comments, keeping them to herself for fear of your ire and ruining what was the most perfect night with you ever to date. Still, the comment stung a bit, as though she weren't already a diamond in your eyes, and she deflated some. Darina let it go, chalking it up as your nature to insult rather than praise, seemingly even when you weren't trying to. She put on a smile, looking back into your eyes as you stared down at her. "Well, you certainly do put on the pressure. But if I'll become a diamond in your eyes because of it, then I'll endure."

Jaidyn lifted a brow as his hand slipped down your stocking-clad leg, lifting it just to let his body slide between your legs a little bit further. He seemed ignorant of the mental battle in your head, so he didn't address it, but he did reply, "Maybe it just takes enough pressure to finally see what's worth keeping...and still wanting it even if you only ever find fool's gold." Fuck, he was not romantic like Z. How in the hell did his alpha even do this while keeping some control over his girls? It was something he wasn't quite ready for. But then again, you didn't want him because he was like Zuriel. You wanted the challenge, the danger of him, even if he was being rather or trying to be rather affectionate tonight.

Darina's eyes drifted from yours for a fleeting moment just to watch your hand slip up over her leg, drawing it along side your body to touch and caress. Then she looked back at you, her lips curled in a rarely-seen smile for you. Usually it was either pursed in an 'O' from her moaning or stuffed full of your cock. Against her better judgment, still walking that mental tightrope of what was or wasn't safe to say around you, she braced herself, wanting to communicate with you more, still trying to figure out just what makes you tick. "So you're saying if I can take the pressure without cracking--instead, turning into a diamond--then I'll be worth keeping?" As your hand slid to her hip, she kept her leg draped over yours, gently pulling it forward to squeeze her calf against your ass and at the same time lifting her hips up to grind her pantie-clad pussy against the front of your pants. "Because if that's the case, I will endure all the pressure I can possibly handle."

Jaidyn kept his brow raised as he listened to you speak, his lip curling into another smirk first before he bothered to answer. "I would say I'm keeping you already, or you would have been sucked dry and left in the forest in a shallow grave," stating matter of factly what he would have done to someone he did not want to keep and not flinching at all from speaking the truth. "I'm a monster burning up from inside. I hate everything and everyone. Men are stupid wasteful creatures, taking more than they need. Women are even more dumb. If they had one tenth the sense of me, they would rule the world. And no male--Garou or otherwise--would ever trample them." His hand slipped up, catching your white jacket before he peeled it from your shoulder, taking the first sleeve out with his fingers and pulling it between his sharp teeth that were glinting down at you. Like a wolf skinning a deer, he pulled your little furred jacket free and let it drop from his mouth like torn deerskin. "I am a monster and I am not afraid of it, because I admit what I am. Zuriel is full of fear. That's why he hides among humans like a rat pretending to be a hamster."

Darina's smile slipped and her face even went a little pale hearing you describe what could have been her fate--hell, could still BE her fate if you ever tired of her or she pushed you too far with her defiance. But deep down she didn't believe you would ever to that--not to her, anyhow. Other women, though... She closed her eyes and shook her head, not wanting to even think about it. She hadn't even realized she'd closed her eyes until she found herself again staring deep into your golden gaze. She always felt almost like she was being hypnotized when she stared into them for long periods...like you were casting some spell on her. But it wasn't your eyes; it was just you that enchanted her for some unfathomable reason. Hearing you talk about women ruling the world had her brows furrowing in confusion. How the hell she could keep any man from trampling her, let alone you, was beyond her comprehension. She opened her mouth to ask what you meant, but stopped when your hand snaked into her jacket, slipping her arm free, the other side caught in your teeth, making her swallow hard with a little tremor quaking her limbs. Hearing you talk of Zuriel was still strange to her. Though she was no longer with him, a part of her would always love him, and she felt as the head of the house--of the pack--she owed him her loyalty and respect, but she dared not speak of it to you. Instead, laying back on the rugs now that you'd stripped her of her jacket, she braved asking you, "What do you mean, woman could rule the world? I don't understand how. We're the weaker sex. Physically, anyhow."

Jaidyn wasn't about to waste his Christmas gift time talking about how women could hold the power. Not that they wouldn't want a man to bend them over any longer, but they would only allow it to happen with their control. But, again, that was furthest thing from his mind, so he leaned down and hooked your pajama top with his teeth. A lift of his head pulled your top down exposing your nipples to the warm cabin air before his lips clasped hungrily over one bud and suckled firmly. Pulling it between his lips tight, he flicked just the tip of it with his tongue behind his lips while his hand skated up your hip and his thumb hooked into the side of your panties. "Mmnnmm... If you don't know, I'm not telling you,. I like my bitches cowering in fear of what I might do." Teeth pinched suddenly around your swollen bud, tugging until the flesh popped free of his teeth's clasp only to fall from his mouth. His tongue slithered out, dancing, rolling, and flicking over the exposed bud before he eased up and blew a cooling breath over wet skin to watch it dimple and harden more from his assault and tease. "Even if you knew, would you get wet for anyone else like you do for me?"

A confused look crossed Darina's features as you smirked at her question, dipping your head down to her chest instead of answering her at first. The slight graze of teeth over the soft skin on her chest left her gasping softly, her eyes locked on watching you strip her top down over her breasts until it nestled just under the full orbs. The sudden and unexpected erotic action left her nipples already budding and begging for attention, so when your lips clasped around one of them, a flash of heat shot between her legs, leaving her writhing and squirming under you. Darina's hand went to the back of your head just to feel you there at her breast. The pinch of teeth drew a small cry from her lips and her fingers curled in your hair, stroking, grasping, pulling at it in her lust. She didn't even acknowledge your reply--or lack thereof, rather. Instead, she groaned at the heat of your wet tongue curling around her nipple only for it to be chilled by the stream of air you blew across it. Her whole breast seemed to rise to that point like a beacon, the nipple puckered so tight the skin around it dimpled. Her hand slipped from your hair to your cheek, and she looked back at you as you spoke to her, replying, "No one has ever gotten me wet like you do, Jay, nor will they ever. You are..." She paused, not sure really what to say, and rephrased, "I am yours...for as long as you'll have me."

Jaidyn grinned as he lifted and drew your shirt up, pulling it over your head to toss it aside so that his gift was half unwrapped in but a few moments. He even took time to adjust your antlers so they remained right on top of that pretty little head. But once half nude, he fell upon you, grasping your tits in a tight shove, mashing them firmly together. His mouth dropped and both buds sucked between his forceful lips at the same time. The tip of his tongue danced back from one bud to the next, both nipples suckled firmly between his lips as his hands squeezed and pushed your breasts together firmly. But the eroticism of the moment was not his mouth--it was his golden eyes drifting down to watch your face intently, closely spying on your every little expression while he worked on your nipples. His lips smacked and voice hummed around those buds, teasing the tips with just his tongue pressing in on one nipple then the other. Holding your tits tightly in both hands, he pushed at both buds between his lips, letting you see the smile at the corners of his mouth while he toyed with your nipples alone just to feel you writhing beneath him, every kiss or suckle sending heat right between your legs so that he could feel it, as well as smell it through a deep inhale of breath through his flared nostrils.

Darina matched your grin with one of her own, lifting her arms over her head so you could strip her shirt off of her completely, her breasts catching in the material to fall with a bounce as they freed. Smiling even harder, her chest wobbling with her soft giggle, she turned her eyes up to watch you fixing her antlers on her head to keep your little reindeer looking festive for the time. Darina's smile slowly melted away, though, when her breasts filled your hands, the mounds pushed together like pillows of flesh. The heat of your breath graced them for only a moment before both nipples were drawn into your mouth with a suckling pull. Darina's mouth opened even wider than did her eyes, gasping like she'd just broken the water's surface after a long dive. Her hands dropped to the floor and grasped the furs beneath, clutching them as her legs slid and shifted around you. Never did she stop watching you, and the sight of your eyes peering at her over the tops of her breasts with your mouth sucking and nipping at her buds had her stomach dancing and coiling into excited little knots. Nipping her bottom lip, her ass lifted from the floor and she ground her red pantie-clad pussy, wet and growing wetter, over the bulge in your pants. Whimpering at the exquisite feel of your mouth at her breasts, she cried out, "Oh Jaidyn... My god, that feels so good!"

Jaidyn grinned around his nibbling lips taking those buds from bottom to tips, his tongue laving up and down one nipple at a time still caught between his lips, not pausing, not caring that you were crying out for him both with your words and with every shift and slide of those delicious legs. He popped free with a gasp, wobbling his fingers up and down your nipples so they stumbled off his digits dancing up and down. "Get up and crawl to me on your knees, reindeer bitch..." He lifted suddenly, getting to his feet before strolling to the table by the tree. After all, why not enjoy his present properly, right where Santa could be witness, at least in spirit. As he walked to the table and turned, he dropped his pants, stepping from them so you had to crawl over them before reaching him leaning against the table's edge with his thick meat hanging and a look of anticipation and cool resolve on his face. "Bring my cookie here, or Santa might have to get the reindeer reins and put a bit in your mouth."

Darina kept shifting under you, but her smile turned to a frown of confusion as you suddenly shifted gears, reverting back to the old Jay, and told her to crawl over to you on her knees. As you rose and walked away from her, her eyes, wide and stunned, followed you across the room. Darina rose to her hands and knees, crawling after you across the room, antlers leading the way and her half-clothed ass swaying behind her. Watching your pants drop to the floor as you walked shamelessly naked to the table, she crawled over them, pausing as you reached the table and turned to look at her. She was so torn--balanced on the edge of disappointment that the tender moment had already passed and aroused at the sudden wickedness of your demands. The idea of your getting a bit for her mouth both mortified her with shame and sent a tickling little thrill through her belly, but the threat was enough to get her moving again, her palms quickly but quietly leading her to you, her red and white stripped knees shuffling along behind. Darina settled between your feet, looking up at you like your perfect little reindeer slut, and she watched your bobbing cock swaying over her face, though she didn't touch it yet. Not until she was told to do so.

Jaidyn grinned as he waited for you. The sight of his little reindeer slut perching on her knees before him sent a thrill along his shaft, which rose a bit at your proximity. He reached down and grabbed your hand, guiding it to his cock before showing you how to stroke him and letting go once your hand started moving. "A shame... Had I know we were going to surprise each other, I would have painted my dick red and white with powered candy cane. Or at the very least wrapped it in a bow...hehe." Slowly he caressed your cheek, long enough to draw your gaze to his eyes before he spoke. "Stroke it. Kiss it. But do not suck it. Some other tight hole needs proper attention tonight." He wanted you to feel it with your hands and on your lips only, just being close enough to watch as your pumping fist brought a swell gliding along his length. The head poked out, lifting higher and higher with every stroke you glided up and down his hardening cock. "That's a good girl. Get it up nice and stiff..."

Darina was looking right at your cock, already salivating at the idea of getting her lips around it, even watching your hand guide her own to wrap around the semi-hard girth so she could start to stroke you. Transfixed by the sight, she licked her lips, but the warmth of your hand on her cheek drew her attention upwards to your eyes. You could almost see the disappointment on her features when you told her not to suck it, but she nodded chewing on her lip and worked her fingers from base to tip, leaning in to at the very least press her soft lips to the head for a kiss. Unable to help herself, she licked her tongue over it, a dribble of precum slathering her taste buds, and she pulled back with a groan, the tempo of her pumping hand picking up in her excitement. She tightly gripped the base, using quick, short strokes so she could lean in again and brush her lips up and down the top half, like warm, velvety soft rose petals being rubbed over your skin. As she continued to do this, pivoting her head side to side along the length of your shaft, she turned her eyes to look up at you watching her under your now fully erect cock. Smirking, she teased, "Is Santa going to stuff my stocking tonight?"

Jaidyn had no idea where his mind picked this idea from, but somewhere in the back of his lust-addled brain a thought occurred, and his deviant mind accepted the idea as a smile spread wickedly across his features. "Why yes, I think Santa is going to stuff your stocking tonight." Those lips barely touched him, brushing and smearing, and the sensations made him rock a little on his bare feet. He did lift a brow feeling that tongue tasting the jewel of his seed welling up at the base of his cock slit, but why begrudge his bitch a little taste? It was Christmas after all, and this one promised to be a white, creamy Christmas. "Just as soon as you get Kris Kringle's cane polished hard enough we'll see where the north pole winds up sticking." Of course they were bad puns, but like he gave a rat's ass. It was part of his charm. Despite his warning about sucking him, he did press his tip against your lips, sliding his shaft alongside the crease of your pouty lips puckered along his underside, then he dragged them right along the side of his swollen length as it grew hotter and tighter against your mouth by the second. "That's a good slut. Just kisses. No teeth, no sucking...Show it how much you love it even if it puts you in your reindeer whore's place." Grinning at that last one, his cheeks slightly flush as he stared down at you with his dick growing really hard in your hand.

It was so fucking hard for her not to just take you in her mouth and suck that pole like a giant candy cane. Her hand gripped firmly, stroking up and down the length, and she would dip in now and then to kiss the tip or run her tongue along the sides (hey, you said no sucking...you didn't say anything about licking), even dipping down to your balls a couple of times to brush her lips and tongue over them as well. If her mouth wasn't on them, she slipped her free hand to toy with them, and though her right arm was growing tired, she kept stroking the full length of your cock, slipping her hand over the head when she reached the tip, then drawing it back down the length, squeezing her thumb along the thick vein underneath to apply pressure throughout her strokes. She could feel you hot and hard and throbbing in her hand and it was damn near driving her crazy with need, but she held her tongue, being a good girl tonight, and slipped underneath it to look at you with your bouncing cock head poised right over her lips so she could watch you watching her kissing the tip. Keeping her lips pressed against it as she slowed her hand just to keep the tip of your cock pressed to her lips, she grinned and dared another lick right along the rim of the head.

Jaidyn shivered at the tease of your tongue. His anger did not rise, but there was a glance between slow teasing tastes from your tongue that drew his cold stare more than once. Instead of letting you keep the teasing game going, a tight fist balled in your hair and lifted, hefting you right over the table with a thunk of breasts hitting the wood and his hand perched to push your cheek down to the table top. "I can tell my reindeer is getting well into her 'salt lick', but I think she's had enough." With a rough hand he jerked your panties to the side, exposing more ink, but leaving your lips vulnerably exposed from the tug. Even though the words were light hearted, somehow they bore the icy pall of the frozen wastes when he lowered his tenor. "Time to find true North..." A step and a turn--that's all he took before fingers latched in your locks and his fat tip plunged right past your blushing lips, lurching halfway with a single bound. Grunting like an orc, a plume of steam seemed to blast from his nostrils like the room's temperature suddenly matched the frost outside, only his fire was blazing through creeping cold, holding it back like a shield when he drove inside to claim what was his this Christmas and every night hence. "I love it when you push your luck. It always makes you a tastier, whimpering fuck." The sudden pull and slam of his hips against your ass came so abruptly that he froze the very breath you were about to take. Teeth clenched as he powered into your cunt with a fury rolling in fireballs, slapping your clit with those hungry shoves stretching your treasure open for the plunder of your beastly lord. Slightly clawed fingers coiled down your spine, leaving bright, reddening lines in your soft skin until he gripped your panties and they pulled taut like a handlebar between his hands. He used them like a fuck-handle, the fabric straining under the monster grip yanking on them like reins, shoving you face first across the table top, the wild slam of bouncing thrusts bucking you forward and down his glistening length.

Darina hadn't caught the first couple of icy stares you'd given, but she did see that last one when she dared to lap her tongue over the rim of your cock head one last time and her heart seemed to skip a beat when it landed on her. But her heart made up for that missing beat when your hand twisted in her hair, yanking her to her feet, the muscle beating double time as the adrenaline suddenly surged through her system. Darina scrambled to her feet so her long locks wouldn't be ripped from her scalp, her tiny frame thudding into the side of the table, her breasts mashing into the cold, hard top. All she did was grunt, her fingers coiling around the side to brace herself so that the edge wasn't cutting into her ribs and belly. She hadn't even had time to right herself before the force of your hand was pressing to her head, holding her cheek to the wood tabletop. All pretense aside, the loving, tender moment long having past, she felt the material of her skimpy Christmas panties being pulled over one cheek, leaving her glistening pink slit exposed to your sight. The view was not long for this world, though, before your hips closed in and the full length of your cock was splitting her lips and plunging the depths of her heated core. Though you had already caught the scent of her heat long before, there was no doubt now how fucking aroused she was. The squelching slush of her cunt sucked at your cock, drawing you in to that vacuum, her muscles pulling at you and grasping your shaft to keep you inside, making you fight to withdraw again. With her face forced to the table, Darina moaned, her fingers curling and scraping along the underside of the wood, your own nails dragged down her back so that it undulated in a wave following the lines you left in their wake. She hissed in air groaning, "Nnngghhh fuck, Jay. I can never get enough of you. You feel so fucking amazing!" Your hand slipped from her head and fabric suddenly dug into her folds, grinding against her swollen clit. Her head jerked from the table and she barked out a cry, turning to look at you pulling her panties so hard away from her body that she swore they were going to slice her in half through her cunt. That didn't stop you from bouncing against her, though, making her ass wobble from the impact, and she start panting and gasping feeling the thick length slipping out only to slam back into her heated cunt.

Jaidyn roared to the wall at the other end of the table, the rumbling echo reverberating back hard enough that the glass shook in the window frames. But he was not even started, it seemed. There was a sudden break in stride of his battering your pussy to the hilt as he used and pulled your tight panties until they snapped from the force of him yanking on them to keep pace. His thrusts faltered for only a second, though, until his sharp nails dug into your hips and his hands closed on the thick part of your body to get a grip before he laid his dick into your cunt like he was drilling for fucking oil.
Leaning into his hands gripping your body tightly, the hold allowing him more bounce backwards, so when he drove that dick to the base in a hard rut, his own weight added to yours slamming through your molten core squelching around his fat shaft. The wet sounds, the way your hot pussy walls sucked at him to try and sink him in deeper, only added to the tumult of bodies colliding with such rapid shoves that he had fucked your panties apart. Now those hammering drives were pounding your clit without reprieve, nothing stopping the animal fuck from sloshing into your cunny with all the ferocity of a wolverine set loose. "NNhgaaarrrrrr!" Unintelligible grunts slipped past clamped teeth, fangs edging out as a line of drool trickled from the corner of his parted lips and golden orbs flared to life. The popping sounds of skin smacking together came louder and louder amid panting bodies, and the smack of flesh thudding just from sheer virtue of strength was overpowering to any sense.

Darina actually jumped when you roared over her, her heart triphammering in her chest, muttering under her breath, "Jesus..." Then her panties pulled harder, biting into her soft flesh with a rip and a snap and she jerked against the table with a cry, "Ahh!!" Her head snapped around, but the assault on her cunt only quickened now that the material was out of your way to fuck that snatch with every ounce of strength and movement. Her toes lifted from the floor with every heavy slam, her chest wiggling and mashing onto the table under her so that she swore she was getting friction burns on her nipples. Darina braced her hands firmer on the table, pushing her arms and torso backwards to meet each pump, to drive that cock home into the hilt, your heavy balls slap-slap-slapping against her clit and lips spattering sprays of her lube in little showered droplets over your thighs and hers. Her sounds no more intelligible than yours, she panted out, "Fu-fu-fuck-gahhhhh-shhhit!"

Jaidyn fucked that cunt with all that hunger coursing through his hips, at least until the final stuff of his dick before yanking free. He didn't even grab hold of you until he walked away and climbed onto the table top, both hands gripping your hips from above, and with impossible ease he lifted and tumbled your body head over heels, grabbing your wrists in both strong hands. All he needed was the new hold, pulling you to your knees like a sacrifice to the gods of dark lusts, making you rise on your knees higher and then you felt the head of his slippery cock press against your lips from behind. It was like a heat-seeking lock and the instant his tip pierced those lips, he reversed the pull of those wrists and locked your arms back. The drop of your body speared your cunt down on his throbbing meat and cinched you in place. The hold on those wrists locked down tightly, serving to bind you down from the wild assault of his cock drilling your pussy hard enough to slam it tight and make it bounce three times between every body-battering shove forcing you up and down his fat dick. The hold of your arms being captive in his grip only added to every shove he use to push you out, using your own limbs to yank you back to meet his triple stuffing prick stretching your lips open to glisten pink and wet in the lights gleaming colorfully from the nearby tree. "NNmmm... Merry fucking...Christmas...!"

Darina let out as squeal of "WahhhAHH!" as you lifted her up like she weighed nothing to you, hefting her onto the table and flipping her around like some poseable doll. "Jay...what the..?" Wrenching pain in her arms cut her short. Her back arched and her head lifted to the ceiling in another cry of startled pain, her arms locked in your grip behind her. Darina felt the head of your cock teasing from behind, sliding upwards along her slick lips until you dipped in slightly, just resting at her entrance. Panting, she waited for it to come, but you didn't move. Instead, a great yank and pull on her arms drew her torso backwards, impaling her right on that spear of meat between her legs. Darina gasped, her mouth hanging open soundlessly for a beat, then she let out a loud groan and just melted onto you, even pulling against the grip you had on her arms so she could rise up and drop back down of her own accord. Every time she did lift away, you pulled her back hard again, banging her against your hips, slamming-driving-ramming that cock full on into her like a car crashing high speed into a brick wall. The slams jarred her whole body and her breasts swayed and wobbled on her chest, bouncing and swirling in circles with the force of your fucking her like you wanted to tear her limbs from her body. "Uhhhnngg god, Jay... I love your cock splitting me open. So fucking wet for you..."

Jaidyn matched your body trying to level back into him with his hips jamming in reverse as hard as he could muster, popping your little spread pussy with the rutting shoves taking your ass like a basketball being driven down court on a wild drive. His hunger kept your breasts wobbling from heated impact drilling that cunt with so much heat that it felt like he was searing your insides. Only flowing juices kept his swelling shaft from starting a real fire between your legs, slippery juices giving him all the lubrication he needed to wail that cunt like he was trying to hurt it so damn good you would remember this all Christmas day. The only problem was that you felt so fucking good that soon he was breathing hoarse and ragged, his shaft swelling so fucking tight he had to force it deeper through the ring inside your tunnel opening up to his cock slamming your body's defenses aside. But when he jerked back, a jet of precum splurted inside your tight hole so keenly that even he gasped and rocked upwards to try and change the sensation building in his balls. "Oh fuckmothergoddamnwhythehell?!?" He was right fucking there in moments, his strained cock pulsing between your walls that were being throbbed wider from the girth of him growing with each heartbeat. "Fuuuck!"

The jarring speed at which you were coming at her was hitting her so hard that her teeth clacked together and she feared she would tumble right over the side of the table from the force. But the grip on her arms prevented that from happening, though she bounced and bounded, her ass slapping and popping with each hit of your pelvis against her, the cheeks wobbling from the impact of the slap-slap-slap of your hips. Darina was gasping and panting so fast that she was nearly hyperventilating, her head starting to spin from not getting enough oxygen, but you felt so fucking good that she couldn't get more than a short burst of air between each fast withdraw of your cock and each faster slam back into her dripping, frothing pussy. She felt you swelling, the molten trickle of precum splashing her womb, and every word she panted out was broken and punctuated by the breath being forced out of her by your cock driving home. "Oh. God. More. Fuck. Jay... Please... Don't stop." And then she gasped, her jaw working like she was trying to speak, but all she could do was suck in a breath that caught in her throat... And then she shattered into a million pieces, her orgasm raging through her. She whipped her head back, her hair flailing over you as she screamed to the sky, "AHHHhhhh FUCK!! JAY! I'm cumming... I'm....cumming now!" Darina's walls closed in around your shaft, pulsating like a living thing, grasping your cock inside of her as she jerked and wrenched in your grip, still pulling her back by her arms to force her into your cock. The heat of her melted from inside and poured out over your rod like hot cream, spilling, trickling from her slit over your balls, dripping to the table between her knees.

Jaidyn could not be derailed from his mission. The feeling of your cunt clamping down around him pulled another line of seed. Thick and hot it burst inside that pussy and flooded your nerves with heat and juices. Mingled dribbles of cream slathered off your clit as a second and third pump sent gushes of rich cum down between fluttering walls. He was almost so lost in the moment that he barely remembered his promise to stuff his girls stocking--or stockings, as the case were. Pulling from your slit, his cock still angry and red, he grabbed the back of one festive legging and pulled it out, shoving his dick down the back of your thigh before two spurts of heated jizz rocketed down your sock. Panting as he grabbed the base of his dick and jerked it loose, he pulled the other stocking out before his tip erupted again. The last trickles seeped from his tip as he held it behind your thigh a few moments and then he lifted, slipping his dick back between your cheeks just to stroke his shrinking cock between your buns as his hands resumed a grip on your wrist. "Hff... And from her outfit, she raised such a clatter. Soon on the table taking Santa's baby batter. Hff... So with a shove between flushed cheeks to give her another round's fright, he exclaimed loud and clear: Merry Christmas to all! GOD DAMN, THIS GIRLS TIGHT!" He couldn't contain his laughter, even still stroking your ass with his length.

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