Zuriel Gets a BJ Before Work

Zuriel smirked and rubbed your bare butt.

Lisa pushed her butt backwards a little, making sure it was fully filling your hand before she leaned in and placed her lips gently over yours, murmuring, "You can grab me any damn time you like. Not that you need my permission."

Zuriel chuckled and gave it a good, tight squeeze before stroking his hand over your naked cheek. Smiling brightly, he said, "Be careful... Damn. I always get riled just being next to you. Yeesh."

Lisa chuckled and nipped your lip with a wicked grin. "Mhm. I know this. And I love it." Slowly she traced her tongue up and over your top lip from one corner to the other, then repeated the action on the lower lip, ending with another kiss. "I could always dress. Would be less tempting."

Zuriel shook his head before giving you a slow kiss, nipping your lip ring between his sharp teeth and idly letting it pull from his grasp. "Nope. I didn't tell you to get dressed, so naked you'll stay."

Lisa smirked, closing her eyes to softly sigh at the gentle tug of her ring between your teeth. "Mmm... Yes, sir. I think you just love the feel..." She ground her body slowly against your side, letting you feel every inch of her skin sliding against you, "...of my naked body pressed against yours."

Zuriel smiled and gripped your butt a little tighter, pulling you in against his side as his nails raked almost teasingly along your skin. "Mmhmm. I know you do. Just be glad I haven't broken out the oil and made you slide your ass right down my cock...hehe."

Lisa's eyes opened as she put on an almost-surprised grin, "Why, Mr. Bedlam. That does sound like a most intriguing idea. We may just have to try it some day. I do love being all slick and slippery, especially when it involves sliding on your hard cock."

Zuriel chuckled and shook his head, smacking your ass playfully before grabbing it tight in his big hand again. "Mmhmm. Miss Lisa already enjoying the idea in her pretty little head." Zuriel lifted his hips and bounced your ass in his lap.

Lisa giggled, leaning and reaching back to grab your thighs for support, her breasts bouncing on her chest. "Mmm... You keep that up, I may just have to slip off you long enough to strip your pants from you so that I can really enjoy that bouncing."

Zuriel chuckled and wriggled his hips, making sure to settle your naked frame right over the tight bulge in his pants. "Hmm... Topping from the bottom, ehh?"

Lisa nipped her lip with a grin, a little grunt slipping from her when you bounce again, the swell in your pants banging hotly against her sex. You could see the sultry, playful look in her eyes when she stared down at you, but still she warned, "Just remember, we only have a couple hours. Don't start what we can't finish or we'll both have a long, frustrating night apart."

Zuriel grinned wickedly and slowly rolled his hips just to glide that bulge tightly against your bare nethers, all with a devilish grin on his lips. "I can tease a little just because it's fun...hehe"

Lisa giggled deep in her chest, her smirk pushing her blush all across her cheeks to her ears even as she closed her eyes to groan. Your teasing already had her wet and when your bulge pressed between her lips, she could feel the leather of your pants slicken with her natural lubricant to glide over her folds and graze over her clit. On the heels of a sigh she breathed, "I can't argue that. I do so love when you tease me."

Zuriel nodded and rocked again just to glide it tightly against that wetness, feeling your lips mash and press along the heft of his confined length still in his pants. "Oh, I know you do. I could also be cruel and say you only get me in your mouth today," looking right up in your eyes, his silvered gaze shining. "Just make you get Daddy to cum and you have to wait to beg me for it later...heh."

Lisa's lips quirked into a sideways smirk, the small little jerk of her chest the only indication that she laughed. She stared down into those liquid silver eyes of yours and slowly stroked her fingers along your jawline. Lowering her torso, letting her hips slide back and making sure to press herself down firmly so you could feel her heat gliding along your shaft beneath the leather of your pants, she lowered her face to yours and, breathing the words out over your lips, whispered, "Is that so...Daddy? And just what makes you think I'm going to let you into my mouth before you leave? Its hardly fair you get to have any fun only to leave me hungry and unsatisfied, is it?" With that she pressed her lips to yours, her eyes still locked with your own. Biting, nipping, suckling on your bottom lip, she chuckled, drawing back to pull on your lip before letting it snap back into place, that wicked gleam twinkling in her eyes.

Zuriel lifted his hands along your thighs, drawing his nails lightly over your skin as his hands reached your hips and those eyes of his stared back into yours. A wicked smile split his lips even while you nibbled them, raking his fingers up over your hips and following the curves of your sides as he spoke. "See, that's the thing. I don't need you to let me in your mouth when I can..." His hands lifted higher, one snaking into your hair and pulling your head up and back so he could lick along your jawline until the clasp of teeth rumbled against your throat and he continued in a hushed tone. "...just take it from you, push you right down and sink that sassy mouth down my dick and make you wait with a juicy pussy all night." He didn't need pain for this; all he needed was to remind his little girl precisely who owned that body teasing his senses.

Though she kept smiling and remained playful through both her teasing and yours, the submissive in her responded to your actions as it always does--completely and utterly. At the tug of her hair, her heart jumped into her throat, beating rapidly as the adrenaline started to surge through her body. That little thrill was enough to have her melting right into you, but when she felt your teeth grazing over her jaw she lost all will power and moaned like your good little slut should. Even your words had their desired effect and soon your could feel her body trembling over you, the adrenaline and excitement coursing through her veins like wild fire. She couldn't even speak her head was spinning so hard; all she could manage to do was gasp and whimper and mumble her concession.

Zuriel smiled and held on tightly, gripping your lovely hair in his big hand, holding on as he lifted a little bit more and nipped right above your collar before falling back fully on the rugs under us. Looking up in your eyes his hand slowly drifted from your red locks to that leash dangling from your collar, pulling the chain taut in his grip. "Mmm... See, all it takes is reminding you, and gods, how I love putting you right in check. It's so intoxicating." His free hand popped a smack against your ass, raking his nails over your skin just to watch you shiver from his touch and the feel of that sharp swat stinging your nerves. "Now, does baby even deserve to get Daddy's cock in her mouth? Hehe." He was teasing on purpose, loving drawing out the torment even if time was slowly ticking away.

Lisa's breaths came more and more rapidly, her heart beating faster with every passing second that you held her head aloft. Her lips parted and you could hear the shallow, gasping breaths she fought for, interrupted only by a low, drawn out grunt when the silver collar around her neck pressed firmly against her throat when your fingers wrapped around the leash attached to it with a firm but gentle tug. Her submissive nature was always there, just under the surface, lying in wait, but when you teased her like this, even when you subtly but clearly reminded her of just who was in charge and who she belonged to, it rose to the surface, taking over every thought in her mind and made her entire body tremble as through she were a meek animal baring itself to you for approval and acceptance. The resounding smack on her ass made her jump, her pussy thrust hard against your shaft beneath her and she moaned at the feel of it so close and yet impossible to access. Her head still held high, she was unable to look at you as she responded, so she closed her eyes and relished the touch of your warm hands on her skin. Even still, you could hear it in her voice that she'd given up even play fighting and only wanted to give herself up to you completely. "If you wish me to have it, Daddy, I would love it in my mouth." Pausing, she added, "Please..."

Zuriel rumbled as he slipped your body to the side and slowly unzipped his pants. This was going to have to be quick, but a little savor of the moment was always in the back of his mind as he freed that heavy dick from his pants and took your dainty hand in his. "Well, since my baby girl asked so nicely, here..." He wrapped your fingers around that swollen cock, hugging you to his side as his hand slipped down your back to renew that grip on your bare ass firmly. "Go on... You can play with it just a little before we have to rush." He smirked down at you and watched your hand gripping his shaft, biting his lower lip as he lightly rolled his hips to slide that girth between your fingers grip just to remind you how big it really was clutched in your hand. He laid back fully reclined on the furs, even resting on his free hand for now while he looked up at you over him with your fingers wrapped around that thick cock. "Go ahead, baby girl. Tease it a little if you dare...hehe."

Lisa grinned at you, almost shyly looking over at your cock as you released it from the confines of your pants. She gasped softly at the sight of its beauty, watching you guide her hand and clasp her fingers around the shaft almost as though you were teaching her what to do. She loved how you controlled her, how you made her your own, and she loved you all the more for wanting to possess her the way you did. She drew her fingers up along the shaft, holding it gently in her grip as though testing the weight and length of you for the first time, then slowly dragged her hand back down to press against your heavy balls. Turning to face you once more, she stared deep into your eyes, wanting to see every reaction on your face as she continued her movements, up and down, faster with each stroke, applying just a bit more pressure with each movement. Seeing the pleasure on your face, she changed her tempo, faster, slower, focusing just on the tip then slipping her hands down to your balls to caress and cup them, as well. Feeling a moment of extra wickedness, she stopped and left just the tip of one finger on the hard shaft right at the base and slowly--oh, so slowly--drew it right up along the vein along the underside of your cock, over the little ridge at the head, and right...over...the slit at the tip, knowing full fucking well how crazy it drove you. Her finger slipped right over the dollop of precum that seeped out and still holding your gaze, waiting for your eyes to focus on her, she lifted her finger to her lips and slipped her tongue out so that you could watch her lap that glistening drop of cum from the tip. Closing her eyes for the briefest of moments, she groan at the taste and swallowed as she looked back into your eyes once more.

Zuriel knew that owning you body and soul was sometimes a double edged sword. You had the capacity in you to be a merciless tease, yourself, and sometimes he pondered seeing what you would do in control, much like you were when your hand started pumping his dick. His brows furrowed deeply, turning to look in your eyes when he realized you were staring back at him to watch his every reaction. Your stroking hand made him start panting and those silvered eyes glimmered as he watched you stroke him off right there, but the biggest reaction was when your hand slipped down to cup his heavy balls in your slender fingers. The lift of that fingertip along his underside illicited a shudder from your Master, trying his best not to hump the air as your finger lifted along the underside of his shaft only to glide it all the way up over his tip. The instant your fingertip graced his cock slit, he gasped as a pearl of precum welled from the head just because you knew what he liked so well. Huffing hotly as you pulled your hand from that dick, he watched closely when you sucked your fingertip clean of his cream. He flicked his gaze to the clock before slipping out from under your body, crawling into his throne behind us as his grin turned wicked and he scooted out to make his cock wobble from the way he pushed his hips out. He snaked his hand from the armrest and gripped your leash again, pulling you up after him as that chain tugged and guided your cheek right down to his cock standing at full attention. "Suck it. We don't have much more time." He wrapped his hand through your hair, grabbing it tightly as he guided your head back up to push the tip right to your soft lips.

Not wasting any time, already feeling you pressing her to your thick, full cock, she wraps her fingers back around the shaft, stroking it fully up and down the length as she licked her lips wetting them so that they would slide easily down your shaft even as the head danced across their full, pink flesh. With a sigh of absolute adoration, she parts her lips and wraps them around the head of your cock, her soft, warm tongue swirling in a dance around the cap, flicking over and around the ridge and then back over the smooth tip. Each shift in movement sent a jolt of sensation from your cock through your body and she relished seeing your body jolt--punctuated by grunts and groans of your own--from the corner of her eye. Realizing she was teasing more than working to get you off and we were pressed for time, she moved her hand all the way down to the base to rest at your balls, giving her full access to the length of your shaft. Working her mouth up and down, sucking, slurping, smacking her lips around your girth, she fucked you with her hot little mouth as effectively as any whore would do, wanting nothing more than to bring you pleasure before you left her for the night. Her free hand slipped under your balls, hefting their wait in her palm to roll them in her fingers, her head bobbing up and down faster and faster on your cock.

Zuriel sat back on his throne and let you tease even though the clock was ticking. He loved making you wait just as much as pleasing you, but he couldn't wait any longer as his hands lifted with one wrapping the back of your head as the other wound your leash round and round until he had a tight hold of it. He was already a mess just from the stroking, let alone feeling your lips purse around his cock. Unable to control himself, he shoved your pretty mouth down his thick shaft filling your lips, and even if you were obediently sucking his cock, he pumped your mouth a little faster than you were planning. He made you take it all the way to the tip before gulping him down to those fingers wrapped around the base of his thick cock, holding his balls out of the way so you could suck him down with impunity. "Ahhh fuck, Lisa... Oooo you are earning that orgasm tomorrow... Uhhnnn!" He chewed his lower lip as he helped you fuck his cock with your pretty mouth, making you suck him down until your lips met your fingers and every surging swallow had your mouth feeling his fat dick throb and twitch inside, even pushing inside your throat as he held your hair and leash to aid him in pumping those slick lips along his swollen meat clasped in your mouth. "Uhhh... Take it all!"

Lisa tried not to choke with the metal biting into her throat every time you pushed her head down only to pull her back up again by the collar, but that was hardly a concern once she felt that fat cock head slip into her throat to bang and bang against the back of it. Her hand slipped free of the base to grasp at your thigh, trying in vain to brace herself and keep you form choking her, but your grip was too tight. Not to mention her hand leaving your cock gave you even more room to push her down the length of your cock and the full measure of you slipped not just to the back of her throat, but down it so far that her nose was pressed against your pelvis. Her back arched and she coughed and gagged, her eyes tearing up, a tear trickling down from the corner of her eye and over her cheek. Sucking drags of air through her nose, she pulled harder, drawing her insides of her cheeks against the sides of your cock, her tongue laving along the underside applying pressure around the entire shaft.

Zuriel tensed as his arms flexed and he fought to hold back a little while longer, but those lips were just giving him so much pleasure. He had total control of your body right then, forcing you down his rigid length pulsing so hotly in your mouth. The entire shaft inside your lips throbbed like a living thing, hitting the back of your throat every time he plunged your mouth down his fat dick and he loved looking down and seeing the blush on your cheeks as you sucked him off. The tingle started in his balls, making them lift when he felt your nose press against his skin from taking him deep as fuck in that sexy mouth of yours. His lungs were on fire, bellowing out his panting breaths like a steam engine. His chest rose and fell rapidly while he forced your lips up and down until a sudden explosion filled your mouth so full that he leaked from the corners of your lips and his hands went stock still to grip you tightly. Line after line of sweet thick cum pumped and spattered your tongue and his eyes rolled back as he slumped into the throne and his fingers slowly eased from your hair and the chain holding your collar. "Fuuuck... Nnnhaaa... Hhfff...hfff...."

Lisa's hair had fallen into her face to plaster in the sweat on her forehead, so she couldn't see anything but your pants and the cock appearing and disappearing before her each time it slipped back into her mouth, but she could hear your groans and could feel your girth expanding and spreading her lips wider. Taking one last long breath of air she braced herself, sucking for all she was worth until she felt you stiffen and explode inside her. The warm, wet splashes on the back of her throat had her groaning hotly and she swallowed and swallowed, consuming every drop you gave her until your cock stopped twitching and your fingers relaxed from her hair. Slowly drawing back, letting your slip gently from her lips, she turned to look up at you, little dribbles of cum still trickling from the corners of her lips. When your eyes finally opened and settled on her, she slipped her tongue from her lips and licked up the last few dollops from the corners of her mouth, groaning at how erotic and dirty it made her feel to do so. "Mmm... So fucking good. Thank you, Master-Daddy."

Zuriel Bedlam smiled and pulled you up in his lap, shivering slightly still. "Mmm.. So good is right. That's my baby girl."

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