Susi Finds Lisa at Home


So as I began updating my alts, we started incorporating them into our role plays, creating greater diversity in our play time and story lines. Some of the characters change over time in looks, personality, and roles, but there is never a lack of entertainment with having so many at your disposal!

When I recreated Susi (vixxen.pink), I decided to make her one of Lisa's college classmates and friends. She's a playful little punk with a bit of an attitude--a way for me to let out my inner rebel. Lisa had never invited Susi over because, well...her family is a bit odd, and she wasn't ready to expose Susi to the strange happenings at her home yet. But Susi, being the clever little minx that she is, finds Lisa's home through the Internet and goes to see her, anyhow.

Keep in mind that as I post our older role plays to my newly created blog, I'm simply pulling them from the inventory of one character at a time, so the story lines may seem out of order now and then (i.e. in this story, Susi makes reference to having played with Stacey previously, but I've not yet gotten to posting that role play because it's saved on Susi and I'm still currently going through Lisa's note cards). The stories still make for entertaining reading, though. Oh and yes, this is a solo role play that I did between two of my characters just for fun and to give Zuriel something to read the next time he logged onto Second Life.

See the complete set of pics at http://www.flickr.com/photos/lisa_languish/sets/72157637740724803/

Susi Finds Lisa at Home

Lisa whistled as she approached the house. She was in such a great mood after having gone to the gym, working off the stress of going from class to class all morning. God, she hated college already. She was pretty good at English and not bad at math, but she struggled so much in science and history. She had no idea how she was going to make it. Thankfully she met Susi in chemistry. She was brilliant and was always helping Lisa when she got stuck on something. They'd become fast friends in the last few months, and though she enjoyed the outrageous girl's company, she wasn't quite ready to invite her to her home to meet her 'unusual' family, so when Lisa walked into the door of her home and saw Susi sitting in the study, she stopped short with a look of shock on her face. "Wha-what are you doing here? How did you find my house?"

Susi heard the whistling approaching the house, though after the mind-blowing romp with the sexy shemale, she'd almost forgotten why she was here. Lying back in the chair, one leg draped over an armrest bouncing idly, she grinned widely as Lisa walked in the door and twiddled her fingers in a greeting. "Sup, sexy? Been waitin' for you." Susi slipped over the arm of the chair, her boots thumping to the floor and strolled over to Lisa, still standing in the spot she'd froze in when she had seen her friend unexpectedly in her home. Looking the petite girl up and down, she crinkled her nose. "You smell like sweat. Where you been? Fuckin' that hot guy from chem? I can't blame you if you were. He's a total hottie. Anyhow... I came to help you with our chem assignment because I knew you'd totally botch it if I didn't. I found your address on the net. It's not to hard to do, you know." With that, she went to the table and snatch up the books she'd brought and, turning towards the back of the house, gave her head an upward jerk. "Lets go get comfy back there and get this done, eh?" She strolled off to the back of the house and settled on the fur rugs before the couch, setting the books on the floor beside herself.

Lisa inwardly cringed, wondering just how long Susi had been here and if she'd run into any of her family, especially Daddy or Jaidyn. Mom was cool, just a bit of a bitch, and Stacey was, well...just Stacey (little did Lisa know...). Still, she knew her family--both real and extended--was a bit eccentric to outsiders, so she tried to keep her friends away. Plus she liked Susi, but she didn't really know her all that well and wasn't sure just what kind of a person she was. She seemed a bit rough around the edges, dressed a bit outrageously, had a mouth like a truck driver, and seemed to talk about sex...a LOT. But still, she was brilliant, even though she acted to the contrary, and she was a lot of fun. Shrugging, Lisa followed her friend to the fur rug and settled down beside her, grabbing a chemistry book to start reading their assignment. Susi edged even closer to her, making to read over her shoulder, the buckles of her jacket cold and hard against her hot skin. Lisa glanced at her from the corner of her eye and said, "So... We were to read chapter twelve, right? Something to do with chemical bonding..." He words trailed off as she felt dainty fingers brushing over the skin on her arm.

Susi wasn't looking at the book. She was looking directly at Lisa, her fingers softly tracing lines up and down her delicate arm. Pausing, she grabbed the book and tossed it past the pillows on the rug, returning her fingers to Lisa's arm, loving the feel of her soft, warm skin turning to goose flesh from her caress. When she saw the look of confusion on Lisa's face, she laughed and leaned in close, their lips almost touching. "I want you, Lisa. I've wanted you since the first day we met in class. I think you are sexy as hell and I want to taste you. I want to fuck that pretty little pussy of yours and make you scream my name as you cum." Not waiting for an answer, she flipped Lisa onto her back and straddled her leg, pressing her thigh in between both of Lisa's, nestling it right against the heat of her crotch. Lisa gasped in surprise, but she didn't resist, so Susi leaned in and pressed her pouty pink lips against Lisa's cherry red ones, finally getting to taste that sweetness.

Lisa had had a feeling Susi was interested in her. She just got that vibe when ever they were together in class: how close she sat, how she stared just a bit too long into her eyes, how she always seemed to find a way to brush against her. So when the green-haired girl confessed to wanting her, she realized that she'd secretly wanted to be with her, too. She was just so wild, so exciting, and so beautiful. Rolling onto her back at the insistent press of Susi's hands, Lisa parted her legs to welcome the girl between them. Her heavy leather jacket with the metal studs and chains pressed roughly against her own naked belly, the cold metal making her shiver. But the warmth of the little minx on top of her soon dispelled that chill with a kiss that made Lisa's knees weak. When Susi drew back to read her reaction, Lisa smiled and touched her face gently. "I'm glad, Susi, because I want you, too. I find you...fascinating, erotic, and sexy." Lisa shifted, letting her pussy grind slightly against the thigh wedged between her legs.

Susi rose to her knees, tugging her jacket over her arms almost frantically, a huge grin on her lips as she stared down at the beautiful little redhead pinned beneath her. While still on her knees, she rocked her hips, grinding her cunt against Lisa's pelvis, forcing her thigh tighter between the other girl's legs. Lisa writhed beneath her, her eyes closing with a groan. Susi's smile made her look like the devil's daughter disguised in a mask of sweetness as she reached out and slipped her thumbs under each of Lisa's suspenders. With a yank outwards, she pulled them both down over the tiny girl's arms, letting them hang to the floor. Pressing her hands to the smooth skin of her belly, she slipped upwards under the black tank top covering her breasts, pulling it over her head to let the perfect little orbs bounce and roll on Lisa's chest. Her hands wrapped around the sides, slipping inward to pluck and tease the pink flesh, watching them pearl into buds that looked like strawberry gumdrops. Smirking, she purred, her lips poised just over one nipple, "Perfect, just like I knew they would be." Those soft pink lips wrapped tightly around one bud while her fingers continued to twist and pull the other, her tongue flicking rapidly back and fourth over the puckered flesh trapped between her teeth.

Lisa felt the press of thigh between her legs, heating her already, but as the seductress on top of her stripped her of her top, her belly danced in excited flips. When those dainty gloved hands caressed her breasts, her back arched into the touch and she moaned softly, noting just how different Susi's touch was compared to Daddy's. It wasn't that she was gentler; it was that she was almost as small as Lisa and just as delicate. The heat of her breath, the warmth and wetness of her mouth suckling on her nipple, had her purring like a kitten. It felt so fucking good that she couldn't sit still, her hips rocking and humping upwards, wordlessly begging for more, to be touched everywhere. Already she could feel her juiced flowing, the slick lube making her nether lips glide together over her swelling clit. She had to be touched, couldn't wait any longer, so she begged, "Please, Susi, lick my pussy. I want to feel your tongue between my folds."

Susi heard those beautiful words and pulled back from the nipple trapped between her lips with a wet pop, the breast jiggling back into place. Smirking, she cooed, "I thought you'd never ask, sweet cheeks. I bet you taste like fucking candy." Slipping backwards down Lisa's legs, she settled on her knees between her Converse-adorned feet. Curling her fingers in the hem of those black shorts, she tugged, slipping them down over shapely hips and past strong, athletic legs. Without care, she tossed them over her head to land where they may and lowered herself onto her belly, her face an inch from Lisa's glistening pink folds. Inhaling, she moaned, smelling the intoxicating aroma of sweet, young musk like the nectar of a flower. Her hands slipped from under Lisa's ass to grasp her hips and she dove in, her tongue lapping in upwards strokes along the full length of that pretty little slit. Wet slurping and smacking sounds filled the house, accompanied by the soft whimpers coming from Lisa with an occasional gasp when Susi's tongue struck over the swollen bud between those lips. She dipped down, pulsing her tongue into the warm cavern as it leaked that sweet nectar, lapping it up as quickly as it was offered, pulling back with a smile to run her tongue over her lips. "Fucking A... If I had known you tasted this good, I would have come found you sooner. I could suck this pussy all god damn day." She immediately dove back in, thrashing her head side to side with her tongue protruding, flitting it across her click like a living vibrator.

Lisa couldn't speak...could barely catch her breath she was gasping and panting so hard. Her hands found Susi's head and she clasped her fingers around it, lacing them through the soft, green strands tied back in a ponytail. With an urgent pull, she held the vixen's face snug between her legs, her hips rising and falling in tempo with the lapping of the girl's hot tongue. When she felt her dipping down, she lifted her ass off the floor, humping her cunt against the thrusting, probing pink muscle, fucking Susi's face like there was a mini cock attached to it. Chest heaving with gasping breaths, she looked down at the glorious sight between her legs and barked out, "Oh fuck, Susi... I'm going to cum!" The final word was barely out of her mouth when she shuddered, her fingers gripping the other girl's hair so tightly she pulled a few strands loose from the ponytail. Cum pour from Lisa's heated snatch, trickling down her ass as she wailed loud enough to wake the dead.

Susi didn't miss a beat. She withdrew her tongue from that tight little hole and lapped up the rivulets of honey spilling from within, slurping up cum and spittle to ensure she didn't miss a drop. Curling back to her knees, rising between Lisa's legs while she lay panting to catch her breath, Susi hooked her fingers under her own shirt and lifted it over her head, then dropped it to the floor. She waited until Lisa's eyes opened, letting her take in the sight of her beautiful breasts, then she slipped her hands over the curves of her own hips, wriggling out of her skirt, kicking it aside as she maneuvered around to slip it past her boots. Grinning through clenched teeth, she growled out, "My turn to cum..." Scooting in closer, lifting on leg to drape it over Lisa's hip, she wrapped her hand around the redhead's other leg and pulled her body closer, even as she inched her own ass forward, until their steamy hot cunts were just barely touching. She looked up and saw the blush on Lisa's face, her teeth nipping at her lip ring, looking as shy as can be. Laughing, Susi teased, "Never cunt fucked another girl before, Lis? Oh girl, you are gonna love this, then..." She rolled her hips slowly, purposefully, letting Lisa feel the incredible sensation of their two honey-slicked pussies sliding against one another. Their little clits brushed together, making each of them gasp and shudder. Susi kept it slow at first, wanting to build the tension, wanting Lisa to really feel the soft folds meshing together, the mixing of their lube soaking their inner thighs and asses so that their lower bodies glided against one another hotly. Susi groaned, hissing with pleasure, "Hssss...fuck yes. That's it, Lisa. Rub my cunt with your hot little pussy. Fuck, you're so good at this! Makes me wish I had a cock so I could fuck you with it, too." She had a flash of Stacey run through her mind at that last comment and the memory sucking the female's cock shot through her like a bolt. She gasped and clenched tighter to Lisa's thigh, the tempo of her rocking suddenly increasing and banging their lube-coated clits together harder and faster.

Lisa's fingers curled in the fur rug, gripping it as her body rocketed to the stars. My god, she had never felt anything quite like this before and it was un-fucking-believable! Her hips rolled side-to-side, up and down, pushing against Susi's hot snatch like she was trying to force it into her own cunt. She could feel the press of the other girl's ass slipping against her own, the cheeks bumping and thumping over one another, slick with their juices, as they ground against each other harder and harder. Soon Susi was moving faster, her hips rocking so wildly that Lisa almost wished the girl did have a cock so that she could use it to fuck her aching cunt good and hard. Lisa's clit was already so sensitive, so swollen from her first climax, that the increased tempo of their jostling hips soon had another orgasm building in her belly. Throwing her head back, she gasped in breath after breath, the tension building until she jerked, sitting upwards to grasp Susi's thigh with both arms, pulling their bodies together as tightly as she could, crying out again, "Ahhhh fuck! Susi! Fuck my cunt! God, don't stop! Grind that pussy of yours against it hard! Cum all over my pussy!"

Almost all at once, Susi felt Lisa's body shudder, felt her sit up and grab her leg pulling their pussies harder together, felt the splash of cum squirting out between their mashed-together lips. And on the heels of that she heard the redhead's pleasure-filled cries, heard her begging for more, begging for Susi to cum with her. She didn't need to be asked twice. Lisa's orgasm was enough to puller her right over the edge of that cliff with in tandem, falling into bliss between her legs. The fingers on Lisa's thigh clasped harder while the other hand dropped to grab the opposite thigh in a tight grip of digging nails. Her hips lifted and lifted, her shoulders pressed hard to the floor giving her leverage to slam that cunt upwards over Lisa's over and over again, their clits striking repeatedly until she froze with them pressed hard together. Her orgasm flashed through her like a wild fire and she bucked in short bursts, barking out staccato cries with each upward hump until she let out one long final cry, reaching a crescendo that echoed off the ceiling. Her hips suddenly dropped to the floor and she lay panting, heart thudding in her chest as she regained her senses.

A few moments passed and she sighed heavily, finally catching her breath. Legs still entwined, she slipped around and pressed Lisa back onto the rug, crawling over her with a wicked smile. Leaning in, she kissed her deeply, her sloppy wet cunt still trickling over her chemistry class partner's thigh and hip. Her tongue dipped in to swirl in Lisa's mouth, then she drew back and murmured in a gravelly voice. "We are so fucking doing this again sometime. I may even use a strap-on on your pretty little cunt the next time I get my hands on you."

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