Welcoming Alesh to Our Home


So I brought in yet another alt at this point--Aleshanee Ree. She had been my Gorean slave girl for around seven years. After a great deal of arguing out of character with her former Master, who refused to let her go even though both he and I had both formed new relationships elsewhere, I ended up having to mute him. I was remorse to end a seven year friendship with him, but he was being unreasonable.

With that said, I played it off that Alesh had run away from her Master on Gor and somehow (her memory is fuzzy in the fugue state she was in) wound up back on Earth. Vixxen found the girl wandering the city streets, took her to have her old collar removed by a locksmith, and brought her home to Zuriel as a gift to be their plaything together. Yes, it's strange to role play as my own Mistress, but most of our role play is fairly strange, so it's fitting.

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Welcoming Alesh to Our Home

Vixxen grinned, eying Alesh up and down, then turning to look back at you. "I found her wandering and lost in the city. Claims to have run away from a previous owner who was abusive to her. Had to take her to a locksmith to get the collar off her neck, but I brought her home so you could meet her. I think she'd make a...fine addition to the family."

Alesh chewed her lip and blushed deeply as the two of you spoke about her, though she was deeply grateful for Vixxen's kindness by taking her in, even if only temporarily.

Zuriel grinned and ran a hand over Alesh's belly, nodding as he hooked his fingers down in her little shorts. "I will have to agree, but we both need to lock a collar on her sexy self so we can keep her round the house." Letting his fingers slide away, he stepped to his love, caressing her juicy booty. "I'll have to get her something suitable. She won't have much clothing on in the cabin so we can take her any time we like, I will promise you that."

Vixxen grinned wickedly with a gleam in her eye you'd rarely seen before, though it was there the other night on the docks as she teased your cock with her lips. "I think having a little toy around the house will be great fun...for all of us. I've already been looking for clothes for her, if you can call them that, but of course I'm sure you'll be adorning her in what suits your tastes, as well, love. I did take her to the tanning salon...and for a pedicure. Were her shoes off, and I may have to remedy that, you would see how nice her feet look, too."

Zuriel smiled and squeezed his love's ass tightly, biting his lower lip before speaking. "Oh no, she belongs to you and me only. Jay and Darina can find their own toy. And I want you to dress her as you like, because she severely needs to suck my cum out of you. And I did noticed; she looks entirely edible."

Vixxen looked to Alesh with a firm nod. "Lose the shoes. And the clothes, too. I want him to see you fully before he decides to keep you." Turning to you, she laughed. "I had no intent on sharing her, babe. If I ever find out Jay even looks at her wrong, he'll wind up with one of my stiletto heels through his eye."

Zuriel smiled, watching Alesh as he rubbed his Vixxy's booty, waiting to see what our new girl had to offer.

Alesh blushed deeply at being asked to strip before two almost complete strangers. Though she was no stranger to nudity, she'd for a fleeting moment thought she was going to be free, so she was not prepared for having to strip again. But submission was in her blood, and though she was shamed, she was also aroused by the request, so she obeyed by slipping her sandals off with her toes, kicking them aside. She next slipped her top over her head and wriggled her shorts down over her long hips. Clenching her clothes in her hands, she stood stoically and waited for her appraisal.

Vixxen smiled. "Beautiful, isn't she?"

Zuriel lifted a brow as he stepped forward and lightly smacked Alesh's clothes from her hands, his eyes catching a glimpse of something shiny between our new caramel cake's lips, so he drifted his hand down her belly to stroke that clit ring. "Hmm... She has been owned before, but it looks like the poor sonofabitch couldn't even use her right." His fingers slipped, stroked, and toyed with Alesh's clit as he looked to his woman and nodded. "She is delicious. Yeah, we're keeping her, babymine." His fingers teased, getting some of Alesh's honey on his fingertips before he stepped to Vixxy and tickled his fingertips across her lips. "Taste her and tell me what you think love."

Vixxen wrapped her fingers around your wrist just to show she wanted what you offered her as much as you wished her to have it. Her lips parted and her tongue slipped out to lave over your fingers, though her eyes remained on Alesh the whole time, as though she wanted to see the origin of that delicious flavor. Smacking her lips, she purred out, "Mmm... She is delectable. I'll bet she tastes even better with your cum mixed into her own sweet taste." She let go of your wrist, but took your hand and held onto it by her side.

Zuriel smiled and kissed his Vixxy, taking a hint of Alesh's flavor on his tongue with a smile as he turned his head to regard our new plaything. "Well then, we'll have to remedy that, but first she gets to suck my cum out of you...hehe."

Alesh listened to the exchange but said nothing, only blushing as you both spoke about the things you would be having her do. Her clit was throbbing already, especially after you'd stroked between her folds to coat your fingers her in juices, but as you kept talking about her as though she weren't even there, like she was already your property, she couldn't help but start to fall back into her old ways, getting excited at the prospect of being owned again.

Vixxen smiled at you, giving your hand a squeeze. "Fair enough. I think I'd rather break our new toy in by letting her watch before you use her, anyhow. I'm not sure she yet deserves your wonderful cock filling her full. Unless of course you want to, but that's just my opinion. She has to earn that if you ask me."

Zuriel lifted a brow and squeezed his loves ass cheek. "Heh, I think you just want me to fuck you in front of her, period." He fell back and seemed to ponder a bit, thinking in his own head. "Well, you own her as much as I do, so we'll have to decide things together unless we're alone with her and want to play to keep her occupied." Zuriel leaned in to whisper to his love, but made sure Alesh could hear him. "I was going to turn her into a little butt slut, anyway--never let her pussy have me until she has earned it...hehe."

Vixxen nods. "Very well, though we both know despite my bullheadedness you wear the pants in the family, mister alpha male, so either way you have the final say." She paused as you whispered in her ear, a huge grin spreading over her face. "Is that so? Guess we'll have to invest in lots of lube, then." Her eyes flit to Alesh to see her reaction, noting the girl's tanned skin deepened to a red hue as she flushed from head to toe. "Seems she likes that idea, babykins."

Alesh whispered something neither of you could hear, her eyes glued to the floor. She shifted nervously, not sure she should have spoken without being addressed, but she couldn't stop herself from expressing her thoughts.

Zuriel laughed and shook his head, curling a finger under his love's chin to kiss her again for being so thoughtful to bring a toy home for the two of us to share. His eyes met yours, staring into those deep blues. "I love you and thank you for bringing such a good piece of cake home for us to play with." Although right now he was a little hard pressed, take his woman or take our toy, he kept letting his eyes drift from Vixxy's ass to Alesh standing there naked before us both. His head snapped and he looked Alesh in the eye. "What was that, pet?"

Alesh's eyes, looking like the sky on a winter's day, turned up to you when you did finally address her. She swallowed hard and almost seemed to shrink in on herself when she spoke up, her jaw trembling slightly, "I...I said that I would like that very much, Master. I love to be fucked in the ass." Her cheeks turned almost crimson and her eyes dropped from your gaze back to the floorboards hoping she hadn't already overstepped her bounds.

Zuriel smirked and stepped forward, grabbing Alesh by the jaw in his big hand to look her right in the eyes, debating until he slipped his thumb between her lips and hooked her chin with that thumb sliding in to clutch firmly by pressing down on her tongue. "Good. But from now on you only speak when we tell you to. Our toy cannot be running off at the mouth. Unless you need a ball gag to silence your little slutty self."

Alesh's heart slammed in her chest when that big, strong hand clasped her jaw. She didn't move, didn't even make a sound other than a tiny little whine that ended almost before it began. Her eyes, however, grew impossibly large as she finally looked at you fully, not knowing you and therefore not knowing what you would do, how you would react, a completely unfamiliar dom issuing his first reprimand to her. She wanted to reply, to let you know she would obey, but with your thumb pressing down against her tongue, she wasn't able to do anything but garble, so she nodded her head as best she could with it held in your grasp, only muted uh-huhs emanating from her throat.

Vixxen laughed and patted you on the shoulder, "She'll learn baby. I'm sure our demands and needs differ from her last owner. She'll just have to be recondition and retrained."

Zuriel shook his head and forced Alesh into a turn, stepping in closer as he nodded at Vixxy standing to the side and lifted his free hand to slap Alesh on that caramel ass hard enough to make her skin flush from the slap stinging her skin. "That was not me asking for a response. I was telling you your limits." He sighed and turned his head to Vixxy, "Yeah, she needs retraining, but we'll break her in just right. I can feel it." Slowly he slipped back, pulling his thumb from Alesh's lips so his hand could slide and caress Vixxy's ass once more. "I think you're right, baby. She doesn't get my dick until she can learn to act properly. Tomorrow I'll let you do some training while I'm at work."

Alesh jumped when that broad hand connected with her bare skin. With her mouth still hanging open, the cry was louder than normal as she couldn't press her lips together to silence it, but it couldn't be helped. She wasn't expecting that at all and it shocked her as much as it pained her. Your hand was much larger than her last Master's and he rarely ever spanked her, anyhow, choosing to ignore her as punishment, instead. When you finally let go of her jaw, she stood still, her eyes only flitting to look at you and Vixxen for fleeting seconds before finding the ground again, but she couldn't keep her curiosity in check. Not when this was so new to her and you were both so...gorgeous. She couldn't believe her luck at having Vixxen find her.

Vixxen nodded. "I"ll work with her. Teach her what I expect, at the very least, assuming your expectations will be much the same. Though if you have anything special you require of her, I'll leave that to you to teach or demand of her." Vixxen smirked. "Momma may have to get herself some leather just to spend some quality time with her new toy..." Then she laughed and added, "Besides, what proper biker wouldn't want more leather in her closet?"

Zuriel nodded approvingly, still giving his love's beautiful ass a squeeze. "I'll be sure to take her out Sunday and get her fitted for a new collar. I think you'll like her in a leather one. Single lock, because this one would never dare to slip her collar." Zuriel grinned and looked to his love. "Besides, I wanna see you fuck her with a strap on at some point...hehe."

Vixxen nodded. "Not if we don't giver her reason to. I think she'll be loyal...devoted...if we treat her properly. She told me she was with her last Master for seven years, and he was abusive. That tells me she's loyal, if nothing else." Vixxen's eyebrow rose higher than you'd ever seen when you made your suggestion to her, smirking devilishly. "I may have to have Stacey take me to the store she shops at then. I understand she found an amazing one recently."

Zuriel chuckled. "I'm more than sure Stacey will oblige you in picking the perfect toy for her. So we'll see how she trains for tonight and part of tomorrow. But I think she needs to squirm and watch you and me today. Make her think about what my cock feels like while I give it to my love for being so thoughtful by bringing this girl home...heh."

Vixxen smiled as she slipped her hand over your butt, giving it a playful squeeze as you'd been doing to her since you got home. When you turned to look at her, she rose up and dappled her lips over yours, "I think that's a fabulous idea. The whole idea of having a living toy all our own has gotten me incredibly aroused, especially watching how you handle her." Kissing you deeply, her other hand slipped to your cock, rubbing you through your pants, finding that she wasn't the only one already aroused.

Zuriel purred against his love's lips, kissing her back with a nibble over her bottom lip while his hand drifted down and gave that ass a tighter squeeze. He felt your hand sliding down to his pants and grinned, letting your fingers find his arousal in a heartbeat. He pulled back and looked in his love's eyes, "Thank you. And since you like watching me handle her..." He slipped away, grabbing Alesh by the hair before he strolled towards the table and pushed her yummy body onto it. He held fast as he leaned down and spoke so Alesh knew he was talking to her directly. "Sit here...and watch. Master and Mistress are going to give you a preview of what you're getting into." With that he curled a finger at his love, beckoning her closer. "Come here you naughty blond..."

Alesh gasped softly, listening to the two of you, watching almost enviously as Vixxen kissed you while stroking your cock. She could see the bulge in your pants and she was more than curious to see what lie beneath them. Alesh jumped almost like a deer being spooked in the woods when you loomed close to her to dragged her to the table and whispered in her ear, but she nodded, whispering, "Yes, Master," She knelt on the pillow you'd laid down for her with her knees held wide apart and her back straight so that her small but round breasts jut out proudly.

Vixxen laughed and shook her head, marveling at our life and the path it was taking. When she saw you crooking that finger at her with that mischievous grin on your face, she smiled and sauntered over to you with her hips swinging in full motion. She only cast a brief glance at Alesh on the floor, then stood before you to see what you had in mind.

Zuriel was hardly rough when he grabbed his love by the shoulder and pushed you on those knees, stroking across your cheek to smile down at you. "Let her see how good it tastes, babymine." Smirking, he waited, letting his love get settled so you could pull out his swollen cock that was bulging in his pants to let our new toy see it--and with as close as he had her on the pillows, she wouldn't miss a single moment of the action.

Vixxen slid gracefully to her knees between your feet, slipping your swelled cock free from the confines of your pants. Licking her lips, she turned her eyes up to you and wrapped those full, lush lips around the head with a moan. Every inch disappeared into her mouth with a soft suckle and a flicker of tongue along the throbbing vein under the shaft. Drawing back so she could speak, she purred out, "Mmm... Best fucking thing I've ever tasted in my life." She glanced over her shoulder at Alesh and grinned. "If you're a good girl, you'll get to taste it some day, too." With that, she slurped you back down, bobbing her head over the length like a practiced whore.

Alesh watched in fascination, the size of his cock making her eyes go wide in shock. The first thing that came to mind was whether or not she'd be able to take that thing in her ass and the idea of finding out thrilled her. She said nothing, but already her chest was heaving as she started panting excitedly.

Zuriel didn't even bother to look at Alesh. His eyes were focused on the graceful blond kneeling in front of him taking a taste of Master's cock right in front of our new little bitch. His brows narrowed as you took that cock in all the way. He would always shake as those lips lowered down his fattening shaft, growing truly rigid and tight in your grasp while we were being watched by big, lovely, and fearful eyes. He slipped his hand out and grabbed those lustrous locks of yours in his fingers, lightly rocking his hips to your mouth as his breathing picked up and the smile melted across his lips. "Nnn...fuck yeah, love. Just like that. Make her wish she was getting this dick. Maybe she'll learn to do what she's fucking told."

Vixxen grinned around that fat girth in her lips, her lace-gloved fingers grasping at your hips to pull herself to you even as you pushed your cock down her waiting throat. Lifting on her knees to get you at a deeper angle, her lace-covered bottom writhed in the air, lifting, falling, swirling in circles as she put her whole body into sucking that cock she loved so damn much. Her moans vibrated down your shaft to your balls, making that thick cock twitch in her mouth and she dug her fingers into your hips, grasping you tightly.

Alesh tried to sit still like a well-behaved slave girl should, but watching the scene before her unfold was getting her so aroused that she kept shifting on her knees. Already she could feel the liquid heat trickling between her folds and her little pierced clit pulsed with the quickening beat of her heart. Her breaths came faster, panting through her nose, and soon her lips parted to draw deeper breaths, a tiny little moan escaping them before she had the mind to stop it.

Zuriel was never one to stand idle, even with that mouth around his dick. He held your hair and pulled just enough to tell you what he wanted, but also said it loud enough so Alesh could hear us, as well as, while she watched us getting hot and heavy. "Lick it...just under the head. Curl your tongue right there...ohh fuck!" His head threw back as you took his directions to heart, showing off good for those eyes watching him getting his cock sucked. He paid Alesh no mind until he heard what sounded like small whimpers whining from the side. His eyes drifted as the grin on his lips turned a little sadistic. "See it? Look how fat it is..." He noted that Alesh was shifting and his voice rose in tremor, "Sit still and watch. If you squirm too much and distract me from your Mistress' lips, I'll shove a plug in your ass and turn it on to make you sit there all fucking night being vibed in your hole." His eyes turned back down, watching his love suck the dick that was in front of her pretty face, then he peered over her sitting at his feet so he could see her high heels behind her legs, the sight making his dick twitch noticeably.

Vixxen was excited at having Alesh in our home, but she loved how you reacted to her mouth on your cock--loved knowing she was still your favorite plaything even while seeing her as your equal, your partner, your mate. Hearing your directions, she smirked inwardly, recalling the previous night when she'd taken all control. She relinquished it to you now, though, letting Alesh know without being told just who was truly in charge here. Her tongue worked over the head of that cock like it was her favorite treat, lapping and licking around the rim and just under the head teasing at the bundle of nerves there before sucking it firmly back into her mouth. Hearing you address our little slut got her even hotter, and she sucked with even more fervor, pulling you deep into her throat until the first few inches were buried there, holding you until the muscles flexed and forced her to withdraw.

Alesh's eyes zoned right in on your cock when you told her to look at it, taking in the sheer size. Though you couldn't see it, her clit twitched again, and she squirmed almost impatiently. Her movements ceased immediately at the threat of being punished with the plug, thinking that although pleasurable, it would also be unbearable torture having that stimulation in her all night with no sign of relief. Alesh bit down on her bottom lip and stiffened her muscles, reverting to a proper pose to watch without being noticed.

Zuriel didn't have to act like he was having his attention drawn. The second your tongue slithered under his head, he whirled his gaze right back down and pulled back a little, like control at that point was difficult, panting out hotly when his fingers tightened in his love's hair just on impulse. Already his baby knew every fucking thing he loved and more, now that we had a new toy to play with and make ours. By the time his dick slipped down your gullet, he was reeling, even shaking against your hands at his hips. Those hands were holding on not only for dear life, but also so he couldn't get away, keeping the movements on your terms. His voice carried weight enough to make our little slut stiffen properly, but he was beyond noticing her right now. He inhaled hard and tried lifting his shirt, letting his fingers slide from your hair long enough to pull it over his head, though he paused from your mouth making him quake. Quickly shucking the garment, he threw it in front of Alesh so her Master's scent would reach her senses.

Vixxen didn't even notice you removing your shirt she was so focused on consuming you. Those lips you loved so well pursed, gripping that fat length between them as she drew back from base to head, sucking hard enough to cave her pink cheeks in. Pulling off with a wet pop, she tilted her head back to look at you, finally noticing your bared chest. She grinned and slapped that cock head right over her outstretched tongue, making sure to angle it so that Alesh could see it glistening and wet beating on that pink muscle. Using one hand to stroke your length, she spoke to you, but loud enough for the girl to hear, "Did you want to cum in my mouth, baby, or are you going to fuck me in front of her, too?"

Alesh never made another move, though her legs were starting to tremble from having to sit so still for so long and under such conditions. She'd endured much worse in the past, though, so she drew a deep breath to steel her reserve and watched, engrossed in seeing your massive cock pulled from those red lips and slapped against that pretty pink tongue, wishing she, too, could get her mouth around it.

Zuriel Bedlam was in heaven. Even the pop felt amazing and the tight slaps against your tongue so that Alesh could see it made him quiver on his feet. He listened closely and those eyes sparkled a moment, the grin on his lips vanishing as he grabbed his love by the arm and lifted, pulling you right against the table before his hand slipped around and caught the back of your lace dress. "We'll get another one..." He ripped it apart with a single tug, the cloth falling from your skin to hang before he hooked a finger in your panties and made sure his digit glided over your lips when he caught hold. He just pulled, tugging them away to let them fall before his open pants fell and he stepped from them to stand proud in his boots. He crawled up onto the table and dragged his woman with him, clutching your wrists as he danced his cock against your naked nether lips, savoring the heat there with a roll of his body gliding the top of his cock over your beautiful cunt. He closed his eyes and angled his hips, pressing the tip true and guiding it by feel into your pussy, making Alesh watch him give you just half the length.

Vixxen cringed as you shred her beautiful lacy dress from her body, though the erotic action of your impatience was enough to make her belly clench hotly. Following your lead onto the table, her eyes drifting to see that the girl was watching every move, she turned on her knees and pressed her ass against you, loving the feel of that hard press of cock between her legs. She was so turned on that she was soaked already and you needed no time to ease into her. Despite that, you teased her almost as much as you teased Alesh, by only giving her half of that fat shaft. Closing her eyes as she ground her hips backwards only to feel you pulling away just as much, she whimpered without shame, loving how you made her beg for it. "Please, Zuriel, don't tease. Give me that cock full and hard like I know you want to."

Alesh gasped when you ripped the dress from her new Mistress' body, thinking that if you treated Vixxen like that, how much harsher would you be with her? Ideas filled her mind and every one of them excited her more than the last. Her baby blues followed the two of you climbing onto the tabletop, and when Vixxen begged you for your cock, Alesh whispered so that--she thought--only she could hear herself, "Yes, give it to her..."

Zuriel grinned wickedly and held those wrists tight, drawing back before his left dropped free a moment and he snapped his fingers at Alesh on the pillow. "Get up. Mistress wants to make you watch bad enough that she's begging Master to fuck her deep." He pointed to the bench pillow closest to the wall and snapped his hand around his love's wrist again to angle her tits up when he drew back. He seemed too hot to notice that Alesh spoke out of turn... Or maybe his sensitive wolf ears had heard and he was just filing it away for later. The sudden rush thudded against your clit, the underside of that cock ramming hard enough to send your hips pitching forward, but the lock his hands held on your arms made your pussy bounce like a basketball on a full court. Driving inside like that to hammer out the pace, he grunted as his lips parted and he started playing bounce Mistress' ass for our new pet to see up close. Making you beg was the high note of his day already...now he wanted to make you cum for our bitch. Teeth clenched before the deep bounding thrusts kept popping against your skin, the motion of his hips sending almost the entire underside grinding the bottom of your clit with those bouncing shoves making your tits wobble deliciously for the eyes staring closely at us both.

Vixxen hadn't heard a word Alesh said--had almost forgotten she was there, in fact, until you let go of her wrist to snap your fingers and ordered her to sit closer. Vixxen managed to turn her head long enough to see Alesh comply with a look of surprise on her face, then her attention returned to you when your hand jerked her arm back up and behind her, using them like reins on a sleigh as that cock slammed home hard enough your smooth balls were slap-slap-slapping against her clit making her cry out over and over again. Groaning, she purred out, "Mmm fuck, baby, that cock feels so good. You're splitting me apart. I can't recall the last time you felt so fucking hard. I think you like an audience." She grinned even as her breasts bounced so hard that they were hitting her chin each time you leaned into her and forced her down before pulling her back up again to slam that thick piece of meat home.

Alesh's eyes whipped up in surprise when you snapped your fingers at her, thinking she had been forgotten in the heat of the moment. For a few seconds her heart beat rapidly in her chest wondering if her softly spoken words had drawn your attention, but no... There was no way you could have heard her over the moans of your lover. So she scrambled to her feet and quickly settled on the bench, the smells of your sexes filling her nose making her almost drool as she watched your cock disappearing into her Mistress' audibly wet snatch.

Zuriel rumbled hearing your words, almost like it angered him that you could even articulate still, because the beast was stealing his ability to speak. His legs pressed down to keep you pinioned to the table by your calves so that there was no play in your body save for the hungry slams suddenly beating that cunt hard enough that his nuts smacking your clit actually stung from the heat of the powerful swings battering your ass. Diamonds wished they were as hard as his dick squishing through your folds, his shaft so swollen from the watchful eyes on us, and from the fact that his lover had worn come-fuck-me heels just for the occasion. He stopped teasing Alesh by this point, gritting teeth tight to show the strain of him drilling that pussy so hard he was making the end of each devilish stroke hurt just a little, but the pain was dulled by the flop and quickly-building-bounce of your tits whapping your chin. Those hands tightened, not letting his top bitch loose for a single second. He had you locked down, going nowhere, while that cock rattled you to the core.

Vixxen heard that rumbling and panicked just the slightest bit at it. You'd shown no signs of losing control up to this point, but after the previous night, she was far more cautious in pushing you too far, especially with first introducing Alesh to you. She didn't want to frighten her off already, and at this point she still had the right to leave. Vixxen's eyes drifted to the girl for a reaction, wondering if she'd even yet seen those fangs she was sure were showing. But the girl sat enraptured, watching you take her like the animal that you secretly were, so she relaxed and gave in to her desires, loving how you pinned her down so you could clam that cunt for your own, every slam and pop against her ass stretching her walls to fit snug around your cock as it filled her to her depths.

Alesh heard a deep rumbling and she dared to look away, turning her head to see if you had a dog somewhere, but as she turned her head, she realized the sound was coming from you. She'd heard many men in her life grumble in the throes of passion, but never like that! It thrilled her to no end. You were like an animal, truly. With watching your cock slamming into that juicy cunt and hearing the sounds it made as you filled it, it took all her will power to keep from reaching out to stroke you, to touch that wet pussy and taste you both on her fingers, so she sat on her hands and watched, getting hotter by the second, her cunt leaving a little wet patch on the pillow under her.

Zuriel reversed his hold on your wrists and those legs of his shifted so his boots pressed firmly over your calves to keep your feet in check. Riding you down to the table, he pushed until your ass rose and your cheek met the table top, those heaving, bouncing breasts mashing under your weight and his combined. Before, he was simply bouncing you. But now, holding your wrists like ski poles, he rocked and the higher angle let him really slam that cunt with all his weight pile-driving you down against the table. Heightened senses smelled our new pet's arousal, as well as the flood of sweet arousal from his mate being forced down so that Alesh could see how he handled his girls. His thighs clapped tighter against your body, making your sexy curves jiggle and wobble from impact ramming you down to take that pussy the way you loved for it to be used. No matter the act, no matter who was around, he needed his blond bitch on his cock most of all. Your pale body writhed under him as you were railed like a common hooker in an alleyway...all so our new toy could watch how Mistress got it rough. His arms pumped to pull yours, using the leverage to wail on that slit like he was trying to fuck you right through the damn table top.

Despite that she was not your little slave girl, Vixxen still loved the rough way you handled her--she always had. So when you pushed her down to the table, your cock never leaving her quivering cunt, she simply groaned and let her hips writhe beneath you, though her legs were trapped, so she couldn't move hardly at all. Her cheek was pressed to the hard wood of the table and with her arms bent backwards in your grip, she was unable to turn, forcing to stare at Alesh as you railed her snatch. The girl made eye contract with her and Vixxen grinned, then closed her eyes to focus only on you and the slap of your hips against her wobbling ass, the feel of that length splitting her open and spilling her juices from her sloshing cunt onto the table.

Alesh couldn't stop the panting breaths that came from her, no matter how hard she tried to keep quiet. The scene before her was so unbelievably erotic that she feared she may cum just from watching the two of you fucking before her eyes. Her fingers curled around the edge of the bench and dug in so hard that her nails bent backward and she yanked back them with a hiss, crossing and uncrossing her legs, hearing her own cunt squishing each time she did.

Zuriel roared as he clutched your arms and jerked hard, hitching those hips in like an animal rutting his mate with the constant whap and pop of his flesh colliding with his love's body at a hungry, needy pace. With no real warning aside from the swell of that dick, you felt the sudden spurt of precum rocket inside you like lava hitting ice. His hips crammed relentlessly faster against your beautiful cheeks, and the thought that he could cum for years on that ass, alone, came to his mind. But he was inside your pussy for now, watching your ass jiggle and smack against him every time he rammed his dick balls-deep in your slit. The smell of two women in the air, and the heated grip and glutch of your tunnel around his fat shaft was just too much to take. He panted through the growls and rumbles he was drawing with his heated lungs vibrating every breath he took, and his nuts lifted, drawing up tighter as the tip of his cock started to grow ever hotter. He was a monster on a mission, breaking his blond open like Alesh would soon be, but even being equals he knew what his baby liked. He took that cunt for his own and made it squirm, making it juicy and ripe just for his thick length to stir, beat, and stretch like some madman hungry for sex. His hips did not stop even as the first rope of thick cum pumped inside his mate. The wolf mounting you shook and trembled in the throes of bliss, but with a bite to his lower lip, he forced himself to keep going no matter how fucking wonderful you felt around his dick. "Nnnhaaaa....Hnnng...hnnn...!"

Vixxen cried out with every breath you forced from her lungs by the weight of your body slamming down on top of her, driving that cock into her cunt like a lumberjack taking an ax to a tree. Every time you slammed into her, her clit banged against the table sending pleasurable sparks shooting through her body, and she started crying out louder as her orgasm rolled through her. Vixxen felt your cock swell, felt the first spurts of cum shooting in her womb, and it drove her so fucking crazy that she jerked in your grip and gasped, letting out a wail as she came around your driving cock. "Oh fuck, Z! Ahhhhh god!"

Alesh dared not slip her hand between her legs no matter how badly she wanted to, but she was so turned on that even if she just applied a little pressure of her thighs together, it rubbed her clit between them and she shifted, stroking that little bud with her own legs. She started panting almost as hard as the two of you were, though she knew she couldn't be heard over the noises you were making. Chewing on her bottom lip, she watched in fascination and when her new Mistress screamed out her orgasm, she felt a tiny ripple of pleasure shoot through her own cunt into her tight belly. The smallest of whimpers rang in her throat, but she clung to that bench and remained still, giving no indication that she'd cum right along with her.

Zuriel dropped your arms from his grip, letting you flump down to the table top as Alesh sat there squirming. Nothing could take his focus from his mate right now though, climbing over that ass just enough so he could reach out and press his hand right at the back of your neck just low enough that your head could still lift. Even though he was on fire, shivering through the hot lines of cream flooding his baby, he kept humping, sending that dick as deep as humanly possible. He didn't lose an ounce of hardness; that fat dick staying tight and hungry with those trembling shoves rolling through your folds with his quaking meat splitting you still. "You...are...not...done...yet" Those words hissed to your ears, rushing over your shoulder in a heated exhale that brought him lifting his hips to stuff you with his entire girth stretching you open. Little oozes of mingled cream trickled from your parted lips still full of your mate's dick thumping in and out to keep your perched ass lifted from the force of his shoves.

Vixxen groaned as her eyes rolled back, the orgasm still coursing through her heated veins...and here you tell her she's not even finished yet! Pressed into the table so firmly that her breasts almost ached, she used all her strength to keep her ass in the air, exposing that little slit to your cock to keep you slamming it home. Her climax never died out but just as it was dying down, your entire body lunged, slamming your hips hard against her, skin slapping skin so that it felt like your cock would go right through her. Vixxen's fingers curled against the table and she wailed every time you bottomed out inside her, her orgasm roaring back to life like an atom bomb went off inside of her. Her cunt squelched, juices spitting and spraying her thighs and yours, along with her ass and your balls, even spattering to the table so that her scent filled the air. Surely Alesh could smell her scent, and she grinned knowing that it would drive the girl wild.

Alesh wondered if she was mistaken in assuming that this beautiful blond would be her Mistress. With the way you took her, how you spoke to her, surely she must be another submissive in your home. But, no; you'd both spoken about using her, training her, so she must be your equal... Alesh wondered just how dominant you must be to take your own woman like a common slut, and her head spun at the delicious notion that she had found a true Master to take her as his own. The sounds of your grunts and Vixxen's cries were driving her wild. Even as her own little orgasm subsided, she found herself still wanting, still needing to give, to receive, to do something pleasing, and she had to stop herself from begging you to taste, to touch, to be used.

Zuriel slopped and gushed that honey, making it spray everywhere, smiling darkly at making his mate squirt for our watching audience, the show growing even hotter as his cock started to regain some composure to fuck your cunt right. He was so godsdamned hot, he couldn't stand it. He just didn't want to slide out of your pussy so quickly and make it end, so with a determined grunt he hitched his hips hard and firm after slowing just a little for a few strokes, getting his second wind. His lips parted to show his gritted teeth, and he forced the sensation in his cock to lessen by virtue of still fucking that snatch. He was staking his claim on his mate right there for Alesh to see. They would use her equally, but he was not one to be denied his mate's cunt any time he wanted it, knowing full well you were this fucking wet from being used this way. You needed it, you loved it, and he knew every damn minute was something he would remember always. With his cock drilling your pussy under the heft of his weight cramming that beef inside your tight hold, he half turned his head to look at Alesh. She might have thought herself forgotten until he spoke, "Look at that... Mistress squirted everywhere." Licking his lips to steady his words while he fucked the sweetest, most ripe pussy in the house, he told Alesh, "Go on... Get some on your fingers and let Mistress see you taste Master and her." He kept rocking, jamming that cock to the hilt inside his breathless lover, waiting for Alesh to do as he commanded.

Vixxen could only groan at this point with your length still pressing inside her even after she'd cum and cum on your cock. She was drunk on endorphins, her mind swimming and clouded, her limbs like Jello. Even the tops of her thighs were wet and sticky, sliding in her own juices on the table as they were. She heard you speaking and it dawned on her that you weren't speaking to her. Jogging her mind back to reality, she recalled Alesh, having completely forgotten about the girl as you fucked her silly, and her stomach did an excited little flip that the girl had been sitting there watching you taking her the whole time. Hearing you command Alesh to taste your co-mingled cum from the table, she smirked and turned her head to watch, wanting to see what our pet would do, how she would react.

Alesh hesitated if only for a moment, not sure just what she should do. The wetness glistened on the table, but it was also everywhere on the lower halves of your bodies, and since you hadn't specified where to taste from... She debated rising and just leaning in and licking it directly from your bodies, but even she thought that might be too bold. Still, she couldn't resist at least a touch, so her hand slipped out to reach beneath her Mistress' pelvis where both her cum and yours had trickled down from her oozing snatch and trailed her fingers over the patch of skin just above her labia. Alesh saw Vixxen's stomach flutter from her gentle touch, saw her Mistress' eyes look at her, but the blond said nothing, so the girl drew her fingers back, glistening and wet and dripping with cum, and placed them to her parted lips. When the taste hit her tongue, she groaned and closed her eyes, swirling the muscle in her mouth to coat the essence everywhere, swallowing it down with a shiver. She'd not been asked to speak, so she simply turned her eyes from Vixxen up to you to see if you had been watching her, hoping for your approval.

Zuriel rose and caught hold of blond hair, pulling his mate to her knees as his cock slipped out and he drove two fingers right inside that cum-filled pussy, squishing them in and out, getting them good and slick and covered in goo before he pulled them out. He caught Alesh by the hair and drove his fingers into her mouth, painting that tongue with his mate's juices and his own seed. "No, you need some more. That's it. Suck it clean for Mistress. She likes seeing you be a dirty little slut, so come on... Suck them clean." He only gave Alesh that last taste before he lifted on his knees and jammed that cock right back inside his mate, grunting from the renewed grip of that pussy sucking at his fat head driving in with a hot exhale from him. Seating his dick back in that cunt before he started moving, he rocked his hips to send his cock driving in and out while he looked at Alesh licking her lips still. "You have permission to tell Mistress how good we taste. Go ahead. Lean on in and tell her how much you like our flavor." His hands drifted down and latched tight on your hips, biting his lower lip with the deep stick of that cock coming back inside your snatch.

Alesh let out a little squeal as her hair was tangled in your grip, her head jerked so hard that her breasts mashed against the side of the table. That cry left her mouth hanging open so your fingers could fill it, spreading more of the slick, musky cum on her tongue. Without missing a beat, she clasped her lips around your fingers and sucked like only someone who had been performing pleasurable tasks most her life would do. Her tongue slipped and slithered over your fingers, drawing every last drop of cum from them before you slid them from her lips. Still leaned against the table though you'd let her hair go, she turned with her lips almost to Mistress' ear, and though she spoke softly, even you could hear her sultry voice, 'You taste divine, Mistress. Like the goddesses of love after being fed a diet of only honey and cream. And Master... He tastes like the wind and rain and the forest. Like the beasts that roam the woods--strong and powerful and masculine. I could live by your nectars alone feeding me." Reluctantly she settled back onto her ass, the cushion wet from her own juices now cold from her having risen those few moments.

Vixxen watched as Alesh sucked on your fingers, the sight so erotic you felt her cunt flutter around your cock again. But when the girl leaned in to tell her just how much she loved tasting her, her eyes closed and she gasped, her body trembling as your cock plunged back in deep, your thrusts renewed and shoving her right over the edge again. Her head lifted to the ceiling and she let out a cry, her nails scraping over the table and the walls of her pussy flexed and grasped at that cock like it was trying to draw you into her and keep you there forever. "Fuck, Zuriel! I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming so hard, baby! AhhHHhh!!!"

Zuriel went wide-eyed as his mate started convulsing around his cock. He almost lost it inside your pussy, but as soon as your muscles let him, he jerked free and started jacking his cock off right against your raised slit, still fluttering in climax. His wet dick stroked so Alesh could see the sudden burst of creamy white launching against Mistress' skin, and Master panted as he jerked that dick and coated his mate's snatch completely in his final load. Still huffing softly, his cock started to droop, but continued to trickle cum onto your sexy cunt. "Nnn...now both of you go to the rug and Alesh clean Mistress' pussy for Master." He rose and went to sit down, waiting for his girls to come over and give him a little show before he had to go get cleaned up for work.

Vixxen took Alesh by the hand and lead her to the rug at the back of the house, drawing her down right between her own juicy thighs. Wrapping her fingers in the girl's long, dark locks, she purred out, 'Lick it clean, girl. Suck every last drop of our cum from my cunt and earn your stay here with us." Lifting her hips, she pushed her pussy up against the girl's face grinding it against her lips.

Alesh followed behind her Mistress, dropping to her knees between the long legs of the beautiful blond. Though she needed no urging, Vixxen's fingers latched in her hair forcing her face down to her twat as she pressed her hips upwards to Alesh's mouth. Alesh opened her lips and laved her tongue over her Mistress' clit, groaning hotly at the taste, then she dove in, slithering her tongue between the folds, lapping up every drop, every dribble of nectar she could find, slurping, sucking, smacking her lips as her ass writhed in the air in her heated lusts.

Zuriel slipped down to his knees, rubbing his dick across his love's mouth first. "Mmm... You two have fun. I must go get ready." He scooted over and grabbed Alesh by the hair, lifting her face to make sure she heard him. "Mistress commands you right now, pet. I will return later." He pulled her head and slid that dick over her lips before shoving that pretty face back between his mate's thighs. "Lick it... There you go, slut..." With that he rose with a grin, strolling off to go prepare for the night.

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