Zuriel Stops Jay from Raping Darina


In this story, Jaidyn comes looking for Zuriel but finds Darina instead and, being Jay, decides he wants a little piece of her ass--willing or not. Despite her fear and hatred for him, this actually foreshadows the torrid, twisted love affair Darina eventually falls into with Jaidyn.

Zuriel Stops Jay from Raping Darina

Darina sensed someone behind her and turned with her eyebrow arched. "Well, well. Look who's here."

Jaidyn smirked, "I was about to say the same."

Darina ran her tongue over her teeth, looking out over the patio as if she couldn't care less about you. "Zuriel is not here. You have no business in our home."

Jaidyn cocked his head with a shocked look, watching you closely before he shrugged and stormed over. Walking forward with you being pushed by him until you met the wall in a huff. "And if I made it my business to be here?"

Darina's eyes widened as she saw you storming up to her, her hands instinctively going up and out to hold you at bay. But her strength was nothing at all compared to yours and she stumbled backward, her head turning to watch her feet stupidly as she nearly tripped, regaining her balance to quickly backpedal against the wall with you looming over her the entire trip. "Hey! What the..? Get the fuck away from me you creep! You may be Z's friend, but I don't have one shred of fondness for you and I don't want you hanging around here if he's not home, so get lost!"

Jaidyn pressed against that body, his chiseled form staying close as his hand dallied up your thigh. "See that's the thing... Z already watched me fuck Lisa." He grinned wickedly and even leaned in despite those warding hands trying to hold him at bay, speaking right against your ear. "I'm sure we could arrange him to watch me fuck you, too. Get those heels in the air like the bad assed bitch I can already see you are." He pulled back, but only so he could look you in the face, rocking his hips just a little to let your hot self feel the hard press of something confined in his jeans.

Darina smirked as though the idea tantalized her, getting that 'come hither' look in her eyes as she placed her hands on your shoulders. "Is that so...?" With that, her face scrunched up and she lifted her leg, jamming her knee straight into your crotch. As you double over with a cough, she stood back smirking at the results of her punishment. "You pig. Get off of my property."

Jaidyn went down in a low stance, gritting his teeth as his boys were knocked painfully. The seconds ticked by until his eyes opened, and even though slightly injured, he lifted them to look back up at you. "And here I thought we could be friends..." Like a tiger he pounced, throwing you hard against the wall again, and this time his hips skipped to the side to not give you an easy shot, though he had stood up to worse punishment than this before. Jerking down that top on one side, his fingers clasped at your thick nipple and pinched while the rest of him held you pinned. "Guess this is gonna be rough. Maybe after a good tumble you might respect my desires a little more."

Darina's teeth clacked together as her head banged harshly against the wall, her arms flying upwards as if to break the impact, stupidly exposing her body to you. Tiny little stars danced in her vision and she clenched her eyes shut tight to ward off the pain. Groaning, shaking her head to clear her vision, her eyes flew open as you pinned her body to the wall. She cursed in a harsh whisper, "Sssshit!" and moved to knee you again, but your instincts were spot-on an as you shifted to avoid her and she connects, instead, with your thigh. She felt the terrifying pull of her top wrapped in your grasp, and she cried out her warning even as her breasts tumble into your view, "Get off me! Get off me you son of a bitch! Stop!" Her warnings were cut off by a sharp cry of pain, her nipple stinging smartly between your thick fingers. "Ahhh...fuck! Get OFF me!!"

Jaidyn moved to avoid another blow from that knee while his fingers kneaded and rolled, putting your back to him. Even through the fighting, he tugged and flicked his finger over the tip of that swelling bud rising from his rough touch and he leaned in tighter to hold you in place. "Why is it that fucker Z gets the hottest, most juicy fucking women on the planet?" Not even bothering to retort to your words, his hand shifted suddenly and caught hold of your throat, curling your body back to his chest as he started to drag you away with heels scraping the stone. "Fuck it. I don't really care. Jay wants a taste of honey, so I'm just fucking taking you." He simply dragged you inside the doors, unceremoniously throwing you onto the rug and tearing out of his shirt quickly to jump and land on that body of yours before he rolled you face down and snapped the rest of your top free, tossing it away like garbage. His teeth clenched as he held you down and his hand snaked along your side until you felt him snatch hold of your hot little skirt. "Now let's see what you've got..."

Darina's cry were choked off as you jerk her away from the wall, the muscles of your arm clenching tightly around her wind pipe. Her fingers flew to your arm--banging, digging, scratching to get you to release her--her feet kicking against the ground the entire way to the door. Gasping, her hands going to her bruised throat as she tumbles to the floor, she coughed and slowly, as though in a state of shock, started to crawl on hands and knees for the door. Before she could make it even off the fur rug, you pounced on top of her, flipping her to her stomach, pinning her beneath your large frame. Panicked, unable to utter anything but "nonononono!" she flailed her arms and hands at you as her shirt was completely stripped from her chest. Head collapsing to the floor, she starts to cry knowing she's no match for you and cannot get out of this without Zuriel. Where the hell WAS he, anyhow?! She felt your hand sliding down the indent of her waistline and over the curve of her hip. The tug of her skirt made her heart race even harder and she groaned mentally, wishing this was all a nightmare.

Zuriel heard a commotion and decided to check it out. Seeing someone in the throne room, he came in and his teeth clenched in anger as he reached down and snatched Jay by the hair in a rush to jerk him off his woman. "Okay, this has gone far enough, fucker. I told you she was off limits!" Growling as his arm flexed and pulled, he threw Jay to the door in a bang of his body thumping the glass.

Jaidyn had already torn her naked and his mouth was hovering over her nipple before he felt his hair being jerked and his world went end over end in a tumbling throw. He thunked against the doors and looked up, shocked, brows narrowing at the sight of who it was. "Well, hello there buddy..."

Zuriel grunted and shoved Jay out the doors, not even caring he was still naked after being woken up from his nap. He just tossed Jay through the door and pointed again to the land. "Don't 'hey buddy' me. Get the fuck out of here. You were not invited."

Jaidyn huffed as he was shoved through the doors, looking back like he was about to try something, his eyes lingering on the naked treat he left back on the rugs. He turned his sights back to Z and shrugged. "Fine. I'll wait 'til you're out of town."

Darina shakily rolled over, watching in both horror and excitement as the scene play out. Jay's last words echoed in her mind and she shuddered internally, knowing full well he would keep his promise.

Zuriel roared and his chest swelled. Punching Jay straight in the nose, he watched the man crumple under the might of his blow. Standing over him and his bloody face, he inhaled and his voice went low and dangerous. "I said...get out..."

Jaidyn fell, reaching up to touch his ruined nose and pulling back seeing the blood. He grinned despite the pain and didn't even offer another word. Finding his feet, he turned and walked off the porch. The only scary thing was that he started whistling "Jeepers... Creepers... Where'd you get those peepers..." as he vanished off the porch.

Darina rolled to her stomach, trying to save what dignity she had left by hiding her naked body as she gathered her clothes in her hands. Turning her eyes up to you, she growled, "Where the fuck were you?! He damn near raped me!"

Zuriel lifted a brow and came walking over, hands on his hips as you already went right back into bitch mode. "Geeze, how about a little 'thanks for not letting him fuck me'?"

Darina's eyes went dangerously wide as she gaped at you, "Thank you? Thank you?? Maybe you need to start going to church to find some decent friends and not thugs from the ghetto that refer to me as your whore then try to seduce me, and when I..." she coughs to cover the downplay of words "...politely refuse, they strip me of my clothes and try to rape me? I would thank you to not invite friends like that over anymore!"

Zuriel rolled his own eyes as he stepped onto the rugs. He was used to that mouth, but today the venom was obviously there considering the circumstances. Even as you bitched, he slid down and pulled you against his body, holding you close. "Look he got out of hand. I told both Jay and Stacey you were mine and that's it. If I have to beat it into them every godsdamned day, I will. And if they try anything like that again, they won't be walking any more...ever."

The adrenaline was still surging through her body and though she tried desperately to cling to that anger and direct it at you--at anyone--she couldn't Your kindness and gentleness, the things she loved so much about you, calmed her nerves as nothing else could. With your arms around her, holding her close to the warmth of your body, she sighed, releasing the tension. That release broke within her and she cried in great, wracking sobs, burying her face against your thigh as you stroked her hair. All she could do was whisper her useless complaints, just needing to get them out, "Where were you...? Where were you..?" each repetition of the question growing softer and softer until all that you heard were her soft hics and sniffles as she slowly calmed down.

Zuriel just stroked your hair softly, making sure you knew he was there as he let you rest against his thigh and get it out. He didn't answer right away--at least not until the words from your lips dwindled enough he could get a word in edgewise. "I was at the back of the land tending the garden as usual, then had gone to take a nap. As soon as I heard you screaming, I came to see what the hell was going on." Softly his fingers curled against you so as not to draw your heart pumping hard from the shock of a firm touch. Lifting your face just enough to look down at your eyes, he said, "I'm right here and nothing like that will ever happen again. You're mine and I will keep it that way."

Darina sniffled, lifting her hand to wipe away the tears from her eyes. She looked right back at you, her expression nearly impossible to read. Then her expression softened almost imperceptibly, but you knew her so well, you could read every subtle nuance of her face. And though she was angry at your friend, you saw in her eyes the unfathomable love for you she had in that look. Tearing her gaze from you, her fingers idling making swirls on your thigh, she spoke barely above a whisper. "You promise?"

Zuriel smiled softly down at your face and, nodded slowly, still brushing his fingers through your hair, he answered. "Rina, you are mine and I will not let anyone have you but me. I did just break Jay's nose, after all..." It was more than love in his eyes--there was always desire--but right now with you so vulnerable it was nothing but warmth and the feeling he was not going to leave you ever no matter how hard things got. His hand drifted around your neck gently, fingers curling lightly to hold on as he gazed down at you curled on his thigh. "And just because you asked, I promise."

Her lips curled into a smirk and you could feel, if not hear, her soft laughter as she recalled you throwing that punch, the crunch of his nose breaking, and the blood spattering his face as you threw him out. She silently wished she had had the strength to do that, too, but was simply thankful that you showed up when you did. "I'm sorry for yelling at you. I know it wasn't your fault. He's just a...a..." struggling to find a harsh enough word, but still not thinking straight, she sputters out, "fucktard!" Feeling your strong fingers nursing her neck, she closed her eyes and sighed contentedly, her fingers now trailing up and down along your thigh, soothing herself with the repetitive movement and the comfort of being able to touch you.

Zuriel chuckled lightly at your choice of words and nodded his head in agreement. Once he felt your breathing was normal enough, he lifted you over his body and reclined back to savor the moment of weakness you had in his presence for the first time in our lives. He found it endearing and sweet, and gave you a little confidence back by settling you over him just to feel you pressed against him closer than curled against his leg. "No. He's a bastard and he's wicked. By now poor Stacey is probably reaping the rewards and punishment of that broken nose." Softly he eased his hands over your thighs just to keep in contact with your skin, exhaling slightly at the thought of what he just said. Turning his eyes up, he looked back into yours calmly, "In any event, he's gone now and it's just the two of us."

Too weak to even argue, and not really wanting to at this point, she gave you no resistance as you lifted her on top of you, settling her tiny frame over your waist, rising and falling with each breath you took. Inwardly wincing at your words, though she hardly knew Stacey at all, she felt pity for the poor woman, though she'd seemed pretty tough and figured she could handle that man if anyone could. The whole ordeal had frayed her nerves and she was exceptionally vulnerable tonight, not her usual saucy self. Surprising you, she leaned down to rest her hands on your chest and slid them upwards to your shoulders to place a soft kiss on your lips. The movement pushed your hands up along her thighs as her body shifted, bringing them to rest on her bare hips. "So it is. And you seem to have me at your disposal, naked and weak."

Zuriel raised a brow again at the slide of your body so close, feeling your hands trail up to his chest as those words graced his ears. A slow smile spread across his lips and the grin turned a little devious as he looked back in your eyes and gave those hips a squeeze. "I think seeing your man break a mother fucker's nose did something to you is all...hehe." Even with all that had happened, something stirred, and when you slid down, that lovely ass of yours rubbed right against him starting to stiffen just from your touch let alone your naked frame pressing down against him. "Or I could be wrong and you were excited by the danger...period." His hands at your hips pushed just a little until you fully felt the warmth of his renewed interest pressing against your skin. He lifted one hand and ran a strand of your hair through his finger's grasp. "Look, I'm not one to normally bare my soul or anything...but..." He looked away a moment and then back into your eyes. "You do know that no matter how deviant I am...that I...am in love with you, right?" He wanted to look through to your soul, right back through the aether of electricity to the pair of eyes watching the scene unfold as he admitted something he never had until now.

Darina sucked in a deep breath as her body moved against you, feeling your manhood pressing behind her clearly showing her just how much she aroused you. She laughed softly, having to agree with you about Jaidyn, "That was exciting, I must admit. And you know me...danger always has excited me. It's what drew me to you in the first place. I knew behind that sweet, friendly persona an animal lay sleeping just under the surface, waiting for someone to wake it." She ground her hips down, allowing your cock to slip between her legs and graze right up along her slit so that you could feel the wetness coating her lips. Still watching you, barely noticing you toying with her hair, she listened to you speak and her heart caught in her throat so that she found she was unable to speak around the lump that formed there. She started to speak, stopped and swallowed as her eyes welled up catching the dim light in the room, then started again. "I know you do, baby. I've always known, because I know your heart as I know my own, and I am so in love with you, too." She leaned back down--her ass riding into the air, the same movement pushing her more firmly down upon your shaft--to kiss you deeply, tenderly, wanting to capture this moment for all time.

Zuriel had known fear for the first time in a long time admitting his love for you so clearly. He actually caught himself holding his breath until you spoke those sweet words to him and the smile on his face could not be contained. You had him chuckling at the animal comment, and he knew it to be true. Of course there was never a problem with you ever waking it up inside him, even if there was more to this right now than releasing the beast inside him. Silvered eyes glistened wetly up into your gaze and he closed his eyes for the briefest moment to just drink in what you said to him. With everything we were, with all we are, he knew he had said it just right...and right when you needed to hear it. He exhaled and took a breath finally, pulling you down to kiss those lips with all the devotion and need he had for you playing along your lips as his tongue curled between yours softly. The feel of you against him was enough to drive him wild, the sensation of you rising those hips to stroke him lightly made him bite your lower lip with a purr rumbling into your mouth. Never wanting to let you go, his hands gripped your hips firmly and pressed you down a little tighter to his welling desire growing under your nethers.

Darina wrapped her hands around your face, holding you there as she kissed you, a soft little groan passing her lips. She pulled back for only a moment to look at you. Seeing your eyes welling tugged at her heart, and with a smile she pressed her lips to the corner of one eye then the other, kissing those tears away and savoring them on her lips. Never before had she ever known anyone like you and it boggled her mind how she got so damn lucky. Missing those lips already, she moved her own velvety soft ones across your cheek to press against your mouth, her tongue slipping in to taste you, to breath your air, to give you her breath and join your souls. The sweet intimacy of the moment had her moving and rocking over your waist, the length of your shaft slipping up and down between her folds, her own juices lubricating your cock as the head slipped over and back again past her entrance. Shifting her hips, she angled downwards as she pushed back, guiding the head of your cock right snug against that coveted little hole, and she remained there just letting you feel the snug grip without actually going inside.

Zuriel didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this moment, your body telling him to uncage the animal within, but your actions--the simple way you kissed his tears away and held his face like you never wanted to let him go--was enough to make him just burst into sobs and smiles. He inhaled your breath in that kiss, taking you into him with every pull of air and giving you his with those kisses and despite it all he was thick and taut against your lips even when you lifted and pressed down just to hold him snug against your body. His eyes opened again and looked up at you, the intimacy of the moment not lost, but also you were stirring something in him with your rolling hips fitting him in and getting him nice and slick with your juices coating his shaft. Exhaling, he breathed out, "You are all I want, in this world...and the one we dream from." He couldn't stop himself from lifting his hips just a little, slipping his hands from your hips to glide them between us just to caress your skin and so he could cup his hands under those breasts with a slightly sly grin on his lips. His fingers slowly pinched over your nipples still against his chest, rolling them slowly with his fingers as he stared up into your eyes, and after all this admitting how we really felt, all he could say was something simple. "Mine...to yours. Yours...to ours. Always."

Darina pulled in a long, drawn-out breath, her eyes closing even as her lips parted, hovering just over yours. Your fingers working her nipple expertly drew out the softest of sighs, her breath caressing your face with the sensual moan. Hearing you her brows furrowed, as though your words had wrapped painfully tight around her swelling heart and she thought it may just burst with the sheer joy and elation she felt at that moment. As though you'd spoken some hidden command, she shifted again, coaxing the head of your cock into the warmth of her entrance. Slowly sinking down onto the full length of your shaft, taking her time, not wanting to rush this moment for anything in the world, she look straight into your eyes, wanting you connected to her mentally, physically, and emotionally all at once. Her ass settled on your lap with your cock buried in her as fully and completely as it could go, and she sat there, relishing the feel of you inside her. Tracing her fingers along your face, she replies, "Always and forever, I am yours, and you are mine, and that is everything we need."

Zuriel could only stay still for so long inside your body fully. He tried to be still just to watch your face and feel you touching his with those fingers tracing over his skin, but he was only human, after all. His hands drifted back down to your hips and they slowly gripped you tighter. There was no urgency right now, no hard desire killing the moment, but he lifted you slowly and suck you right back down his cock with eyes turned up to you just to see the connection being made in your gaze staring back down at him. Biting his lower lip just from the feel of you taking him in--the utter completeness of being one with someone he utterly loved-- had him finally admitting it was just what he needed to feel. Softly he rocked you up and down, just looking up at you with those silvered eyes as he bore them straight to your heart and found himself smiling back through your eyes. "No, my love. WE are everything we need...just each other." A warm gasp escaped his lips, lifting you in a slightly tighter stroke of you wrapped around him like we were one being--two halves made whole.

Darina pressed her lips together as you started her rocking, feeling the long, slow push and pull of your length inside her. The sensation was pure bliss, your body inside hers, her body taking you in, enveloping you, clinging to you like another skin. Those soft velvety walls clung to your shaft, stroking the length with every purposeful movement of her hips. Wanting so badly to hold your gaze, not wanting to break that connection, she fought to look into your eyes, but the feel of you--oh god, how she loved having you inside of her--was overtaking her senses and she righted her body, letting her head fall back with a cascade of hair. Grasping your arms for support, she rocked over you, lifting and falling slowly at first, but increasing her tempo with each passing second until her ass was lifting from your pelvis to drop back down again and again. As her breaths came in shorter bursts, she started to whimper and moan. Looking back down to your beautiful face, she breathes, "Oh Zuriel...I love you. I do. You are everything I have ever wanted." Biting her lip to keep herself from crying again, she simply watches you as she concentrates on the feel of you filling her both body and soul.

Zuriel doesn't even let you drop your gaze from his eyes. His hand lifted and gripped your neck firm enough that you knew he was holding on and just light enough that you could move with ease while he stared back up in your face. Biting his own bottom lip, he lifted his hips from the rug just enough to meet your body dropping down on his thick length hugged by those wet slippery walls massaging every inch. He was already so damn hard from the teasing slip and grind of your slit over his cock, but now inside you and being milked by your juicy tunnel holding him like a rubber glove he could not fight the urges to do what he wanted to do with that body of yours. Your eyes staring into his could see him twitching, like he wanted to just throw you over and wail on that sexy frame of yours, but he still managed to hold himself in check. The building tempo coursing down his shaft made his hand at your neck waver and clench, dropping it from your throat as both hands lifted under your breasts to rub them together. Bouncing them in his grip from the way you rode out on top of his cock, he flicked his thumbs over your taut nipples, circling just the tips of his thumbs over them while you rocked and bounded, hot and loving up and down his hard girth stretching you open as his chest started rising and falling faster with quickened breaths. "Rina... You are all I ever needed, but never could find. Now...we found each other..."

Darina gasped a little. Despite the intimacy of the moment, she couldn't help but feel that familiar thrill of your hand at her throat. She groaned, her inner walls clenching, squeezing you even as she bounced harder in your lap, your hips lifting and meeting her movements, narrowing the gap between your bodies, increasing the tempo of your lovemaking. She almost regretted the loss of your fingers at her neck, but the warmth of your palm cupping the swell of her breast wiped that thought away with only the need to feel your laying claim to her breasts. Hissing in a breath, she encouraged you, "Mmmm yes... God, I love your touch." Thrusting her chest out, inviting more, she nipped at her lip releasing it almost immediately as she cried out, the little buds going rigid from your caresses.

Zuriel cupped both tits and pulled those nipples to his mouth, sucking one as his hand kneaded and rubbed those yummy globes together. His fingers tweaked and pulled at your unattended nipple, making it go tight and hard from his attentions, forcing you to slow down just a little as he sucked and pulled your entire nipple into his mouth harder. The bend of your body made it a little difficult to ride him all the way down, reducing your hips to a grind as he popped that nipple from his mouth, glistening with his saliva, before the other was slurked in forcefully with an inhale of breath. His tongue rasped from underneath that trapped bud to the top, rolling tightly around it when he switched teasing hands and pushed in on the slickened nipple that had been left alone to face the toying push of his fingers. He rocked his hips up through it all, making you slide all the way down his shaft once more as he played with your breasts at the same time. Hungry sucks puckered and popped for you to hear as he pushed those breasts together and nibbled on both taut buds at the same time. He turned his eyes up to you, his love and adoration clear in them, but there was also that sparkle of lust glimmering for you alone to see as he bounced your hot little slit over his cock. He pulled your nipples out with another wet suckle coming loose and lightly slapped your breasts one at a time just to make you shudder on top of him, then both hands swirled in to lift your nipples back to his lips. Watching your face, finding what you liked, he scraped his teeth along the bottom of your hard bud caught in his mouth.

Darina absolutely fucking melted feeling your mouth all over her breasts. Her head sagged with the mind-numbing weight of pleasure from the feel of your warm wet mouth sucking her nipples fully into your mouth. As you pulled her down, her hands rested on your shoulders, her groan was emphasized by her nails sinking into your skin. Whimpering, gasping, panting, she shuddered over you, the tremble felt through your hands on her body as you guided her slowly over your cock. Panting, she begged you shamelessly, "The fangs... Use your fangs... Please, Zuriel." Somehow managing to open her eyes, she saw you looking up at her, watching her expressions, and her heart lurched wildly. She'd always been attracted to the animal in you, and that would never change, but she'd never before seen such love in your eyes and it completed her. Her fingers flexed and grasped at your shoulders as the constant, varying, toying of her breasts sent her mind reeling and the moment you relaxed your grip on her hips letting her move freely again, she took full advantage and bounced in your lap even harder than before, needing to feel you deeper inside.

Zuriel growled as he rolled over and pushed you right down to the furs under our bodies, the primal rumble vibrating around your trapped nipple as he let it slide from his lips and turned a glittering gaze down at your eyes while letting you watch him open his lips to slide the tip of his tongue along the pearly tip of his fang. "Listen to this... My Rina telling me to hurry up and use my fangs already." His head dipped and teeth caught hold of your nipple again, staying right inside your slippery pussy as he went lower and slowly rolled his head from side to side. The pointed tip of his fang grazed your flesh, first teasing along the taut little bud before it poked right against the tip of it and his suckling lips smoothed away the sharp feel of that fang teasing your senses. He pulled back and blew a warm breath over your wet nipple before his head snapped aside and both fangs pressed around your areola with his top teeth scraping lightly over the hard nipple he captured. He had plans other than piercing your nipple with his fangs, but the tip slipped over and then followed your nipple from base to tip before clasping lips pulled hard at that swollen bud in his mouth. The corner of his fang drifted down, and with a tight pinch you felt the danger of teeth--able to shear it off your body--just holding onto it tightly without breaking the skin. His hips rocked harder to slide that cock deep inside your tight tunnel gripping him, every shove of that dick running through you to the core. He lifted and let your nipple fall from the poke of his fang and slipped over your body so he could pant in your ear, heated and already losing the fight to keep teasing himself with your body. "Maybe I was saving them for thisssss..." The last syllable hissed by your skin. With no warning, two fangs pierced your neck, and he went wide eyed feeding on your essence. Fangs buried as red flowed over his tongue, swallowing you down while his hips never stopped pumping with a building need in those motions sending his cock plunging inside your depths.

Darina felt more than heard that dangerous rumbling from your chest vibrating through her nipple trapped between your lips. Watching you, both fascinated and frightened as she was every time you build up to this point, she stared in rapture as your tongue teasingly glided over the tip of one fang. Her heart stuttered like a bird trapped in her chest and she gasped, willing it to beat properly again. Though she'd invited this--begged for it, even--it still always sent a jolt of fear tinged with excitement coursing through her body straight between her legs. You could even feel her pussy twitch around your cock the moment she saw your fangs, the sight spurring you into action. Though she'd always known they were there, you rarely brought them into play, but when you did...it thrilled her like nothing else she knew. A sharp little pang brushed her nipple and her back lifted from the floor, drawing a low groan from her, "Yessss..." Her hand slipped around your neck gently, not wanting to restrain you, but wanting to convey that she loved your actions and wanted more...always more. Her own teeth trapped her lip between them, stifling a cry as she felt your teeth grazing her nipple, taunting her, teasing her, but when that fang caught the rough skin, dragging over it, her lip slipped from her teeth and she let out a gasping cry. "Oh Zuriel.... So good. So...fucking...good..." Her legs slipped around you like snakes around their prey and she rocked beneath you, lifting her hips to greet each thrust, your cock filling her to her so completely and perfectly. Feeling your head shift and pull back, she let her hand fall to your shoulder to caress down your arm. A chill swept her body as you moved in close to her neck, your breath hot against her ear, and as you spoke those words she realized what your intentions were, but only too late. She'd only meant for the teasing fangs to graze her nipples, but then the sharp stinging ache in her neck gripped her soul. Darina went rigid beneath you, her mouth hanging agape in a silent cry, eyes wide, staring at the ceiling. She could feel you sucking, lapping, drinking her essence down, and she thought there was nothing more intimate--more erotic--than having you at her neck, consuming her, taking what is hers and making it yours, making her yours completely. Her cunt spasmed, gripping you so fucking tightly you had to force yourself to be able to move inside her. Finally finding the air she needed, she let out a cry that was such a mix of pleasure and pain that you knew you had captured her forever...she was your ultimately and completely.

Zuriel rumbles like some animal over your body, feeling you go rigid and tight at the piercing push of his fangs driving through your creamy skin to make your blood flow over his tongue in heated swallows. No matter how intimate, how loving we got, he still devoured you right there on the furs with a splash of crimson escaping his lips as he swirled his mouth just enough to catch the arterial spray leaving a stain of you on this rug forever. Even through the gripping muscles holding him so tightly, the wild press of his balls bounced and smacked your ass without once missing a beat as he drained you of that heat and let it flow down his throat, consuming every bit of you he could get. His head was so addled with lust he kept drinking, the very pulse of you drowning in the pull of him sucking down all he could get, and when he felt your heart flutter his eyes went closed to savor the last few beats ringing in his ears. With a gasp he pulled out his fangs, licking over the marks he claimed you with, and even when your limbs grew heavy from weakness and loss of that heartsblood, he swiveled his hips faster. The weak hold you had on him was delicious as the tight grip of your pussy sucked at his fat cock with every lurching drag of his ass, lifting and bouncing your weak legs in that hold he had sucked the strength right out of. His red tongue lathed across your lips before he pressed a hungry kiss to your mouth, sharing the taste of you, spreading the red as his body kept moving for more of that mewling weak little sound he loved to hear.

Darina's head spun wildly, the piercing sting of your fangs and the constant rough plunge of your cock inside her the only things keeping her tethered to the world as you drained her. She could feel it--her blood flowing from those holes in her neck--and she was powerless to stop it now. Despite her growing weakness, she clung to you with every last shred of strength she had, gasping harder, each breath more difficult, and still she opened her eyes to look at you with nothing but the love she felt for you. One hand slipped from your shoulder, dropping to the floor, even as her body rocked with the force of you thrusting into her over and over. She gasped, whimpering, her vision starting to go black, and as you finally, blessedly released your lips from her neck to kiss her, smearing her life's essence across her mouth and face, her cunt twitched and twitched again, and she came, wetting your cock with the last of what she had to give you of herself.

Zuriel left just enough that your heart could still beat. Feeling that tightening grip around his pistoning dick made him shake as he held it in and let you rid out those last precious few moments you might have had in utter bliss at being claimed by him. There was no more toying, and with your strength fast fading, he pulled out in a rush and threw you over on the rugs, lifting your ass in the air as he fit his cock back inside your twitching slit, glistening with trickling juices. Using your own body to prop you up, he leaned over your gorgeous ass and grabbed the rug beneath you to hold on for leverage. Even if you passed out now he would still get more of what he wanted as he started ramming his thick girth wildly inside you, now fueled by your blood making him surge even harder in your juicy pussy. Sparking your weakened nerves, the swell of his shaft throbbed between your lips so full and fat. The look of you from behind was a tightly stretched oval being pummeled by his dick pounding even harder with the need to feel you from the inside, still warm and trembling in the after-shocks of your last orgasm. Weak and listless, he let you fall back so his hips could smack your ass tight and shove you a few inches upwards, letting your body weight skate across his stomach as he drew back and started bouncing your hot body without letting you fall fully to the furs beneath. "Mine... Always..." The growl you heard from behind was followed by his hand clasping your breast, mashing it tight in his grasp as he fucked you with a primal abandon coursing through him, and even weakened you felt the hot spurt of his cum starting to build up with a little jolt from his swollen tip while he panted and stuffed you full again and again. "Nnnhg...sssshit....!"

Darina's eyes kept closing; she just couldn't keep them open. Her head rolled listlessly on her neck, swaying with every bounce and jostle of you fucking her hard, nearly toppling her body over in the process. Holding herself up as best she could but quickly losing the battle, she laid complacent, weak, her skin actually having turned a lighter shade from the loss of blood, and the marks you'd left on her neck stood out a stark, angry red against the pale flesh. Despite her weakness, she felt the warm glow of her orgasm still swirling through her veins and she clung to that feeling even as her head dropped to the floor. It hung limply to her chest as you then lifted her by her breasts, her body flailing around like a ragdoll against you, and though she was barely conscious, she was fully aware that you were going to take what you wanted until you were satisfied. Feeling your cock twitch inside her, she smiled, her eyes now so heavy she couldn't open them even if her life depended on it, and she blissfully faded into unconsciousness as she felt your cum jetting inside her.

Zuriel bucked in tight as he felt your walls gripping him all over again--still a little life left in you after all. He bit down on his bottom lip and that last shove pushed him right over the brink. Liquid heat pumped inside your body so hard it was like pouring gas on a fire pit, his balls actually bouncing with jet after jet of thick cream flooding your hot little hole so full that it gushed out from your taut lips surrounding his dick and leaked right down your clit and belly. He stayed buried in deep, shaking when your muscles squeezed too hard, or inhaling sharply when your pussy twitched around him, still inside your milking little tunnel hugging him like we were permanently joined. His lungs started to slow down, the fire in them dying down as he held himself inside your pussy and tried to focus on his breathing.

Darina lay beneath you--still, unmoving, listless. Looking at her lying there, you could see the barely perceptible rise and fall of her chest and though her eyes remained close, the lashes flutter ever so gently. Drawing out of her, your cum trickled from her blushing, abused hole, leaving a milky white trail over her swollen lips to trickle and drip from her belly to the rug, mixing with the blood that had spilled form her. You stared so long, the image of her lying there so peacefully was burned forever on your mind, and you could only bid your time as she slowly recovered.

Zuriel Bedlam pulled out and slumps to the furs, pulling you over to relax and recover from losing the last beat of your heart to him, and the thought just made him smile

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