Before Work Quickie

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"We do have two hours for a quickie... if you can manage that." Vixxen said.

"Less than two hours... But the thought did enter my mind...hehe," But Zuriel couldn't stand it any longer. He pushed you down on the table as his free hand groped and ran over your yummy ass. "See? I am such a terrible person...hehe."

Vixxen braced her hands on the edge of the table, lifting her round ass as high as she could on tiptoes to let you touch every curve, every divot, a sly grin on her face and she rested her chest down against the table. "Mmm.. Wicked, evil person, indeed."

Zuriel nodded as his hand sneaked up between your cheeks, teasing his fingers along the crack of your delicious butt. "Mmhmm yes I am. Maybe it's you...or I might just be too wicked not to indulge myself with you."

Vixxen stepped her feet apart wider, pressing her torso hard against the table to get even more lift, swaying that full, round ass in the air to tease you but also to feel your hand tracing wickedly up between her cheeks, pressing the material of her shorts right up against her most delicate spots. "I happen to like when you indulge. It tends to turn out well for me, too. "

Zuriel growled softly at the feel of you lifting and swaying those lovely cheeks as he held you pinned to the table top. Finally slipping behind you, he rubbed and teased his already hard tip between your buns. "Mmmm, lets just chalk it up to you make me horny period." Biting his lower lip, he slid and ground that length against your ass.

Vixxen laughed and turned to peek at you over her shoulder, 'I can live with that... You make me quiver like a school girl, yourself, you know." Reaching back, she strummed her fingertip along the length of your shaft as it teased against her ass, then she curled her fingers into the cleft of her cheeks and hooked them around the material of her shorts, tugging them to one side exposing the tiny pucker nestled between those round orbs. "Is that what you're after, sexy?"

Zuriel smirked as he watched you drag your own clothes to the side for him, stroking that cock right between your cheeks to toy his length along the sensitive little pucker. "See, now I know you're mine 'cause you just knew." Biting his bottom lip, he slowly fitted his tip between your buns, driving it forward with a wince from him. He eased back, drooling a line of saliva on his dick before rocking his hips, seating that cock inside your tight ass, his dream coming true right before his eyes. "Uhhh...fuck baby..."

Vixxen's fingers curled around the edge of the table at the feel of that thick cock head pressing against her back door. The pressure pushed until it popped through and she hissed in air through clenched teeth with a grunt as she felt that thick length sliding in. "Uhh god..." Resting her head on the table she braced herself, but felt the slick glide of your shaft coated in your spit easing into her, and she grunted again. Feeling your pelvis sitting snugly against her ass cheeks, she lifted her head to look at you again over her shoulder and smiled. "God, baby... If I'd known you felt this good, I'd have begged you to fuck my ass long ago."

Zuriel didn't know what was turning him on more and you could feel how hard he was by the time he started stroking that dick between your cheeks. There was no more teasing as he knew time was growing short, but fuck...the sight of you mewling on the table with your legs spread like this had him so lost on the sight of you full of his cock that he was throbbing in minutes each time he stroked the full thick shaft inside your asshole. "Babe, I have never spoken like this to you, but..." He gritted his teeth and hitched his hips deep, stuffing your little pucker harder, "Shut up and take my cock. Nnnhhaa!" His head tossed back, inhaling hard as his hips started to speed up.

Vixxen snorted laughter, not taking offense to the orders because she knew you were just riled and worked up, but a tiny little part of her actually thrilled at the aggressive way you were tonight. With the pounding coming harder, her body was jostled and she kept having to shuffle her feet to keep her balance. That thick cock spread her tiny ass open wider and wider as the length dipped in, then closed back tight around the head as it slipped back out. Every time you stuffed her again, she gritted her teeth and grunted, the thickness filling her painfully, yet it felt so fucking amazing that she couldn't help but beg you for more. "God, Z... That feels incredible. Fuck my ass hard, baby. Don't hold back."

Zuriel went fucking crazy by the time you asked for him to fuck you harder, the sudden press of his shaft jamming in with a more feral need rushing through the length of meat stretching your ass open. His hands caught in your shorts and dragged them down, making the fabric frame your perfect apple ass with his dick between your cheeks. Even with your shorts in the way across your slit, you felt the heavy tap of his balls slapping the cloth between your thighs hard enough that the heavy orbs swished and bopped against your covered lips from behind. He didn't rip them off--somehow it was more erotic to take your ass with your clothes still on--but he couldn't help but swat your ass cheek with one hand, snatching your shorts to keep them held down as he watched your cheeks jiggling in the confines of your clothing from his cock pumping your tight ass. "Oh god...oh god...Vixxy...fuck!" He couldn't even keep his words straight with the feel of your tight hole gripping him each time he shoved it in.

Still watching you over her shoulder, she smirked, closing her eyes for a brief moment as you slipped her shorts down and pushed in extra hard. When she opened them again, she lifted one hand from the table and reached around to slap one cheek hard, letting a resounding crack! echo through the house. She nipped her bottom lip and groaned, her eyes slipping closed again, then slapped herself once more. "Mmmm fuck yes, baby. I love the feel of your cock spreading my ass open and taking me. God, it hurts...but it feels so fucking good, too." Leaving her hand on her cheek after that last slap, she gripped it hard, leaving dents under her nails, and pulled to spread those cheeks apart so you could watch your cock disappearing into that tight little star as it gripped the shaft firmly.

Zuriel gave in to the feeling--he just let himself go with all the ferocity of a bull behind you spreading your ass. He did smile at you smacking your own cheek and dragging nails into your own skin. The sight made his cock jump and you could feel it inside, jerking and throbbing with every push of that dick bottoming out inside your tight little hole. His thumbs hooked in the sides of your pulled-down shorts, but only for a grip, keeping your buns framed in the clothing you still wore with him fucking your ass even deeper. The feeling of him stretching it open burned as he took it to the hilt between your cheeks hard enough to make your heels clack and clatter on the wooden floor under our feet. Every push lifted you to your toes with the feel of his hips wobbling your cheeks from impact growing more intense. "Hnnn...fuuuuck...!"

The faster you pumped into her, the more her body rocked, so she had to let go and brace herself back against the table. That gave her leverage to push back and hold herself firm, though. so that each time you slammed into her, you bottomed out with a hard thud against those giggling ass cheeks, making her cry out. "Uh! Uh! Uh! Fuuuuck, Z! I could... I could fucking cum from you taking me in the ass, it feels so good. Jesus, baby... don't stop. Fuck it... unnggg! Fuck it harder!" Her heels scrapped on the floor and she stiffened her arms, the pounding you gave her so hard that the table actually shifted under her and she stumbled and inch forward. But without missing a beat, you stepped in and plunged that cock right back into that tight ass, filling her completely again.

Zuriel went wide-eyed feeling you find some leverage against the assault of that dick in your ass. He gritted his teeth and bore down even harder with the heft of that cock rutting you through like mad. He could no longer say anything. Only the sound of growling rumbles filled your ears with the hitch and stuff of his hips sending that shaft to the base inside your hot little hole. The grimace of his face tightened and the length of cock inside your ass started to swell before the first jolt of precum spurted inside, the sudden slicker push of him making that whole dick shiver on the very edge. "Oh, damn...Vixx..." was all the warning he could muster. Nothing else but grunts came from his lips as the expanse of cock in your ass started to twitch all on its own. He felt his balls lift--there was no more holding back--and the first volley of his cum lurched inside you. Both hands tightened in your shorts, pulling you back to take his load deep inside your ass while he shook behind you.

Vixxen actually felt the swelling of your cock in her ass--the girth opening that tiny ring wider making her groan deliciously--and she knew you were there at the edge of bliss. The grip of her shorts bit into her hips and she heard your resounding growls, so she purred out, "That's it, baby. Take Momma's ass and fuck it good. Fill it full of your hot, steamy cum until it drips into my pants. Make me cum with your cock buried deep inside my asshole, baby. Yes...yes... fuck yes!" As she felt you lurch, your cum jetting inside her, she felt a blow to her stomach like a gloved fist and her own orgasm ripped through her. Her nails scraped over the wooden table and her head collapsed to the top as she gasped out her own shuddering orgasm, feeling your balls empty inside of her.

Zuriel held that cock deep until he had given you every last drop, holding it like that when you started cumming like crazy on his dick still buried in your hot little hole. Bleary-eyed, he slowly pulled out after you came, feeling his dick fall from your ass with a wince from him. His fingers slipped down and pulled your shorts up, getting them tight on your cheeks again as he stepped back and smiled while still trying to catch his breath.

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