Zuriel's Stranded Downtown


We decided to do another role play in an RP sim, especially because we'd been discussing doing some public play over the previous months. When I logged into SL, Lisa had received an off line instant message, as though it was a voice mail, telling her that Zuriel's bike had broken down and he needed her to come downtown to pick him up. Needless to say, he (his character, anyhow) was in a pissy mood when she got there and he took his anger out on her ass in front of everyone.

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Zuriel's Stranded Downtown

Zuriel Bedlam tapped his foot as he waited, looking around and down the streets to see if you were ever going to make it here. He knew that you were going to be awhile, but when the first hour of waiting ticked by he was already annoyed. With a long breath he exhaled, bored out of his mind until he heard the sound of brakes, turning his head to see the car pull up and out came his lovely girl all dressed to kill. He crossed his arms and lifted a brow as you drew closer, walking up all cocky looking like you did. "About time... I thought I was going to have to take a cab." He didn't miss how you looked either, letting his eyes drift up and down a moment.

Lisa Languish parked her car at the end of the street since there seemed to be no where closer to park and walked down the block to find you standing near the dilapidated phone booth you'd called from earlier. Her eyes were wide and roamed the surroundings, noting just how nasty and seedy it was. She walked up to you with a look somewhere between disgust and concern on her face, and though she saw the look of annoyance on your face, she scowled. "What in the world are you doing out here, anyhow?"

Zuriel ticked his tongue as he let his eyes roam. Even if you were just going out with friends, that little body was dressed to the nines and even he could appreciate it. Your questions did not fall on deaf ears--he was just too engrossed looking you up and down to say anything right away. With a stern hand he grabbed you by the neck and pulled you closer to the booth. "My bike broke down, so I needed a lift. This was the first place I could call from."

Lisa's eyes opened wider, wondering what she'd done to deserve your wrath. She twisted in your grip trying to get your hand to loosen on her neck, strands of hair catching and snapping between your fingers making her hiss between her teeth. "Ow, geez... Not so rough!" Her high heels tangled as you dragged her towards the phone booth, and though she was starting to frighten at your state, she still said, "That still doesn't explain what you were doing down here in the first place." Noting the poster of the naked woman taped to the booth, she scowled again and looked at you for an answer.

Zuriel scoffed as he just pushed you inside the booth. No one else was around to really see anything and he doubted anyone was going to stop him as he stepped in after you. "I called you to come get me. Though I think, now, I called you to get some." His lips curled into a smirk when his hand drifted down, peeling his zipper open when he came closer. "Besides you look too good not to abuse right now." Licking his lips with that grin etched on his face, his eyes went down your body again seeing just how short that hot little dress was. "Oh don't worry...it will get rougher from here."

Lisa's tiny frame banged against the wall of the booth, the whole frame rattling from impact, her head hitting it with a bang so that her teeth clacked together. "I can't... No. We can't here! Besides, my friends are expecting me. Let's just get you home, please..." She saw that look in your eye as you stepped into the booth with her, her eyes drawn down to your hand as it drew the zipper open. Lisa's head snapped up, realizing the seriousness of your intent, and she put her hands up to ward you off. "Are you nuts? Have you been drinking? We can't fuck on a public street corner!"

Zuriel grunted as he came in closer, turning your smaller frame with his large hands flowing over your slender curves. Lifting both palms to squeeze your small tits before fingers tensed out in a pinch of fabric and flesh caught between his digits. "Hmm...no, I'm not drunk. I just think I need some of my baby girl slut." Biting his lower lip he pressed in tight, the feel of his open zipper brushing the backs of your thighs until he ground his crotch right against your ass. The lilt and rock of his hips making your dress ride up just enough to expose your cheeks a little from the way he pressed into you. "And who says we can't fuck on a corner? I don't see anyone to tell us no." His weight pushed you to the booth wall, the breadth of his body pressed firmly against your ass and even those complaints seemed not to matter to him when he got a hold of you.

Despite how strange the situation seemed, she couldn't deny that she was excited at the prospect of fucking right in public view. And she could never deny you, anyhow. Her hands pressed against the glass wall of the booth and she turned her head slightly to watch you closing in behind her. The cold steel of your zipper dragged against her thighs and the roll of your hips hefted her already short skirt up over the curve of her ass, exposing her tiny slit between her thighs when she bent slightly to brush back against you. Feeling your hands caress up over her breasts to trap her nipples under the sheer lace material of her dress, she bit down hard on her bottom lip and whined in her throat, her nipples pinched tightly between your fingers like handles used to lift her breasts away from her body. "Mmm...yes sir."

Zuriel purred in your ear from behind feeling you press back into him, his smile deepening almost like he knew what you needed at just the right time. One hand dropped long enough from your breast so he could slide his cock free of his pants, lifting it right under your dress so it pushed between your cheeks. A single stroke of his hips sent that shaft slipping up between them and the head of his cock poked from your crack right where the fabric of your dress met together. Both hands slipped back into place, curling your dress down to expose your hard nipples budding from the attention, pinching them firmly in his grasp. "Nnnn...see? You just needed some attention, baby girl." The feel of hard dick was sliding between your cheeks, stroking it with just your ass clasped around him.

Lisa suddenly flushed with embarrassment. Teasing and toying and talking about fucking in public was exciting, but as her top slipped down and you exposed her bare breasts to the open window of the phone booth, the reality that anyone could walk or drive by and see her made her nearly die of shame and fear. Her eyes flit around nervously to see if anyone was coming, and though she didn't see anyone at the moment, it did nothing to alleviate her fear. Despite it all, or perhaps because of it, she felt herself growing wetter by the minute and when that thick cock of yours slipped up between the crack of her ass to tease her, she wished instead that it was pushing into her dripping cunt. Lisa's back arched and her hips rolled, toying that pert ass against the heat of your shaft rubbing between her cheeks. Her hands slipped somewhat higher on the glass so she could bend her body lower and she cooed out, "God yes, give it to me, please. Fuck my little pussy with that big hard cock of yours. Make me scream so the whole neighborhood can hear me!"

Zuriel slipped back and pulled his cock from your ass, stepping to the side just enough so that he could lift your dress and expose that pert little bottom. He gave no indication that he was angry, but even so his hand slapped right down over your exposed butt, hitting one cheek then the other, back to the right cheek again for a third hard swat ringing out on your flesh. "Oh not yet, darlin. First I need to hear you beg more." His hand squeezed the stinging cheeks from one to the next before he raised his hand and belted your ass once, twice, three more times to get it nice and red just like he loved to see it. "Now you can tell me again how bad you need to get fucked." When he shifted from foot to foot his cock glanced over your red cheeks, the heat of him matching the burning skin just freshly spanked for the sheer fun of hearing you whimper and whine from the slaps to your hot little butt cheeks. Once he saw how red it was, his hand relented, lifting to grab your dress to pull it down so that it fell in the dirty phone booth.

Lisa felt the heat flood her body as she flushed, her skin turning a glowing pink as she blushed deeply when the hem of her skirt slipped wickedly up over the curves of her ass to rest around her waist. She waited, whimpering as your hand stroked over the smooth skin of her bottom, then she felt the sudden sharp slap of skin on skin and then your hand smoothing over the red print you'd left before lifting to strike the other cheek. Each slap made her jump on her toes and drew a cry from her, the sounds starting out small but rising in pitch and volume with each successive strike as her skin grew hot and sensitive until it glowed a bright red on each side. When your cock brushed over those glowing red marks, she sucked in a breath and wriggled, not sure if she wanted to pull away from the sensitive pain or press into you to accentuate it. Instead, she did just as you told her to and begged you again, "Please fuck me, Daddy. I want your cock splitting my cunt open and making me leak my cum all over your hard shaft. Please... fuck me hard and make me scream to cum for you."

Zuriel pulled you right in front of the phone in the booth, pressing against your body to hold you in place. The feel of his cock tip gliding over your wet lips from behind was just a grinding stroke of thick hot cock meat sliding along your lips. Only toying for the moment, his own lusts were too much to keep him from pulling back and stuffing your hot little pussy with his cock spreading your walls open. Finally pushing inside that juicy cunt with a wet slurch of flesh parting to take in that thick shaft, he just held it there so that the heat of your spanked ass glowed against his hips before he pulled back. Bucking in even and deep, making that dick stroke your pussy without even pulling out halfway, he felt your muscles clamp and hold him each time he rocked it balls deep inside your slit. Large hands rocked the frame of the booth when he pressed them to the glass, pulling back to thump your tits against the phone in front of your body.

Lisa's tiny frame jostled as you moved her over, pressing her in against the phone. Arms reaching, hands moving to brace herself against the glass walls, her chest mashed into the phone, knocking the handle from the cradle with a clang, the receiver swinging on its cord against her belly. Little grunts accompanied her panting breaths. She was getting so wound up, she almost forgotten where you were, but the sound of the automated service on the phone floated up to her ears, "Please hang up and dial again..." and her belly twisted in a heated little knot at the reminder that you had her naked on a public street corner with your cock teasing at her glistening entrance. Lisa felt the smooth, hard length pressing in between her folds, toying with her, but only long enough to coat your shaft with her juices as they trickled between her puffy lips, then that hard shaft was driving home, splitting her walls wide, and filling her cunt so hard that she cried out in shock and pleasure. "Oh god!" Her head dipped to rest against the phone box and she stiffened her arms to brace against the impact of your thrusting hips, dancing on her toes to lift herself so that you could pump as deep into her as you could go. "Nnpphh...fuck yes. Fill that little pussy and fuck it good, Daddy! Make your baby girl cum hard."

Zuriel growled when hands caught your waist and he drug you back a foot or so, the pull from the wall making you drop until your frantic hands caught the glass and phone to stop your rapid descent. Riled as he was that fat dick slammed your cunt with new ferocity rolling through his hips and the lift of the corner of his mouth showed a glinting fang as he fucked you right here in the open. The sudden shink-shink-shink sounds of the chain belt he still wore clattered against your burned ass, the cold metal a stark reminder of the spanking you just got for the pure fun of making you moan and beg for more. Gritting his teeth his hands held firmly at your hips, pulling you back the last few precious inches to meet that thick shaft rutting you harder. The sheer impact against your backside lifted you to your toes and the pull of his hands was the only thing preventing you from spilling away from the force of that dick pounding in rough.

Passersby began commenting:
"Do we join in or just sell tickets?"
"Hm, lemme think..."

Lisa's hands skid down the glass wall with a screech and she barked out a startled little cry, but her fingers caught the change return, the other hand clasping desperately at the metal brace on the booth's wall to keep from tumbling to the ground. Your strong hands kept her up at the waist and she shifted her legs into a wider stand to brace herself, giving you an even better angle to stuff that pretty pussy of hers. With her head hanging down, she could see her breasts swaying and bouncing from impact and she risked letting a hand go to clasp it around one swinging globe, pinching the nipple between her fingers. With a heated groan, she turned to look back at you and see the lust on your features and your hips rocking, jerking to slam that cock into her over and over again. The cool kiss of the chain around your waist served as a stark contrast to her burning skin, still red from the slaps you'd given her ass earlier, and she rolled her hips to feel the links brushing over those glowing marks. Startled, she lifted her head, eyes wide as she heard other voices, and she blushed an even deeper shade of red than before, knowing with certainty that you had both been caught. She knew you had heard--how could you not have?--yet you kept going and that made her cunt quiver around your cock as she panted and moaned harder.

Zuriel had heard those voices, but the simple fact that someone had been watching only made him slam that pussy harder with a growling grunt at the end of each wild stick of that shaft lifting you to your toes hard enough to make your tits wobble from the animal need running through every hard stab of those hips. A car even drove by and the driver paused to look inside the booth right at your hanging head before continuing on. The fact that we were drawing stares and long looks just made him smile even more wickedly as the constant thrusts from his hips smacking your ass kept coming. The tinkling chain added spice to the sensations rolling through your walls each time he rammed that cock inside with a huff of breath growling past clenched teeth. It was knowing that we could be caught for real at any moment, the thrill of being in public that drew from him the hardest shoves. His heavy balls finally slid from his pants, tapping your clit with the heavy weight of them mashing tightly as he mauled your cunt like some beast, those thrusts jolting into you deep, trying to bruise that cunt from just the sheer force of his pistoning dick stretching you open.

Lisa had heard that car drive by--even slowing down--but she dared not look up for fear she would see their face looking right at her, so she closed her eyes tight and kept her head down. But she couldn't deny the twinge of excitement that shot through her body knowing some pervert was watching her getting fucked right there in that phone booth like some dirty whore. Lisa felt your hands tighten around her waist, pulling her into you even as you shoved your hips forward to slam into her, the slap of leather against her skin echoing through the phone booths to mingle with her cries. Those sounds were accompanied by the wet slushing noises of her cunt being filled and emptied over and over, your cock taking her to new heights every time you bottomed out in her womb. The feel of your heavy balls slapping against her clit had her head spinning and each touch was like a live wire connected to every nerve in her body. Dropping her hand from her breast, she braced it back against the wall to keep herself up, or the rough pounding was going to throw her to the ground for sure. Held in place, her body no longer moved with you but fought against you, and your bestial thrusts became harder, rougher. Lisa gasped, her body shuddering in your grip as she felt that familiar stirring in her loins starting to build. "Oh fuck, Zuriel. So close... I'm so fucking close. Don't stop, please! Please make me cum!"

Zuriel growled at those words, but seeing you also duck your head and close those eyes tighter just pissed him off. With a grab of your red hair he pulled you up, pushing your leg to his other arm to hold it before he crammed his cock back inside your drooling pussy. Not even waiting for you t find a hold, he pushed back in and kept fucking that juicy cunt for everyone to see. "Oh no, whore. You're gonna stand right up so everyone who walks by can watch." He was forcing you into the open on purpose, making you stand proud and freaky as he fucked that hot tunnel with the entire length of that cock stretching your hole open. The snarl from his lips turned to your face, clutching your thigh in one hand and the hard shoves of that dick pounding you deep sent your small tits wobbling, bouncing up and down from the frantic pace he was railing that pussy with. When you begged, he teased, "Oh... Babygirl getting demanding, huh?" Grinning through his own need, he backed down, slowing his strokes to a crawl that teased deep and eased back smoothly from your juices coating his dick teasing you openly. "Hnnn...maybe you need to be reminded who owns this cunt." The slow swing of his hips sent that cock in and pulled back with measured control as much as he could muster inside your tight little cunny. He loved doing that: tormenting you like crazy just to hear you whine at not getting the fast hard orgasm you were already begging for. The sneer on his lips drifted away, and he licked them to get them moist while he slowly took that cunt so that he could hear you complain like the little slut he knew you were.

Lisa cried out at the jerk of her hair, stumbling back to her feet as you yanked her around, berating her for hiding her face from passers-by. She knew you weren't going to let her get away with it again, and as you twisted her around and lifted her leg over your arm, exposing her glistening cunt to the wide open doorway of the phone booth, she trembled and tried to scan the area discreetly for pedestrians. She spotted a few in the distance, and though they didn't seem to notice you in the booth, she knew at any moment they could turn and walk this way and see her nude and exposed and vulnerable and her heart hammered in her chest at the thought. Lisa had been so close...so fucking close to cumming...and she whimpered at having that stolen from her, but when that pulsing hard cock stuffed back into her dripping snatch, she threw her head back with another pleasureful cry, feeling that stirring flare right back to life. She nearly begged you again when she heard you chastising her for demanding you make her cum and she flushed with shame, chewing her bottom lip and closing her eyes. She'd been hoping for that good, hard fucking to continue through this new position, but instead your cock slid maddeningly slowly into her cunt with you just holding it there, then drawing it back leaving just the head inside. This new slow pace felt incredible, but it just drew out the pleasure and held her climax insanely at bay so that she thought she would go mad...like an itch she couldn't scratch. Her whimpers grew louder until they almost sounded like crying. Her eyes locked in on the spot where your cock penetrated her tight little pussy and she watched as you teased, but she couldn't stop herself from begging you again, "Oh please... please, please don't torment me. Just please let me cum. Fuck, I'm so...so fucking close. I can't... I can't stand it. Please, Master!"

Zuriel kept that slow pace, unerringly he stroked your pussy to the brim with his cock going all the way to the base. The pull of his shaft through your muscled walls tensed you from head to toes, and he still clutched your leg in one hand as the other rolled right over your still-reddened cheeks. "Mmm...no. You'll have to scream it before I let you cum on my dick." He eased back inside, feeling your walls clinging to him when he entered your cunt again and drove it all the way inside, the maddening shiver of his cock pulling back just until the head poised between your pink lips glistening in plain view for anyone to see. His free hand slapped hard over your ass again, bringing the vibrant pain back, then his palm snapped twice more against your skin while he slowly fucked your quivering pussy. Every time that cock took a long, lazy glide deep, he seated it to the hilt and shook his hips side to side, then pulled back, intent on drawing it out and making you endure being right on the edge for as long as he could keep you there before losing every ounce of will power you had. "Whats wrong baby girl? Shaking for that release?" He hissed out his words as his hand smacked your cheeks once more, loving the way your cute ass looked all bright red from being mauled by him when ever he liked. Just easily gliding that dick in and out of your open slit, he forced you to hold it as he strummed you to the depths and back of your clit being stroked by his cock as he took his time to slip it in deep.

Lisa groaned, her mind completely muddled by the lazy torment of your cock holding her at the brink of madness. The slow, slick glide of that fat shaft spreading her walls wide, filling her so completely she thought she'd never be satisfied with another ever again in her life. Then it would slide slowly--agonizingly so--out of her, leaving her feeling empty and hollow, with the head teasing at her entrance. Her cunt twitched and quivered, fluttering around that head inside her, stroking it like her mouth does when she sucks at it lovingly. Tearing her gaze from the sight of it spreading her lips wide, she turned to look at you as you spoke, her liquid green eyes pleading with you even though no words left her ruby lips. Only the sounds of her gasping breaths answered you. Her body shuddered--you could feel it in your hands and along your shaft--then it shuddered again, and she knew despite the slow torment of your fucking her that she was going to cum. Lisa wanted it hard and she wanted it now, so she begged you again at the top of her lungs, "Please fuck me harder, Master. Please make me scream for you to let me cum. Oh god, I need to cum. Please! Fuck my pussy hard and fast and make me beg you like your little whore!"

Zuriel pulled you close to slide your back across his chest, never once letting his dick fall from your lips as he pushed you to the doorway of the booth so those people down the way could see you properly if they just turned their heads. Sliding his hands up to guide your arms and forcing your hands closed over the bar of the booth overhead, he leaned in to whisper even as he was putting you on display, "Now I'll make you cum, my little bitch." With no warning, his hands swept under your legs to spread them wide, lifting your gorgeous feet off the booth floor so that you were completely at his mercy and forced to hold on tight to that bar or fall from his grasp. He lifted and stepped in closer, your body weight sitting right down on his fat nuts pressed firmly against your clit when he spoke again, "Cum for me like my baby slut needs to..." The grip of his hands lifted, pulling you right in line with his swinging hips as they suddenly pumped your tunnel harder. Every pop of skin meeting skin flopped your lips against his balls, the impact shuddering through you as he started using his arms to lift and drop you down on that invading tip taking you for a new kind of ride. "Mmmn...that's it. Hold tight and scream so everyone can see my whore getting to cum!" His hands cinched tightly and the only thing keeping you upright was your own grip, making you hold on instead of giving in totally to the building orgasm ready to rip through you. His breathing grew ragged and he panted deeply each time he drew you up the length of meat stuffed inside your cunt, letting you drop right back down so that your tits bounced from the brunt of him using you like a fuck doll hanging there for his pleasure.

Lisa loved the feel of your chest brushing against her back, the strength, the heat, the manly scent of you so close to her. Watching curiously as one hand slipped up along her arm to stretch it high, the other repeating the action on her opposite arm, she turned and looked up, seeing your fingers curl her own around the bar above her head. She didn't argue, didn't question you, but held on as you silently instructed with your actions, and when your hands slipped under her thighs to lift her feet off the ground, her fingers clenched tightly to that bar and she held on for the ride of her life. Lisa felt your cock brush along her slit again and with a short but sudden drop she was impaled on that fleshy spear. Her eyes locked on the strangers milling only a short distance away and as that cock split her open again she cried out, secretly hoping they would hear and turn to look at what the commotion was about. Wish granted, the two men turned, one elbowing their third friend to get his attention, and all three looked on with leering grins, watching you fuck her right there in the doorway of the booth with her legs spread like a feast for their eyes. Lisa couldn't let go...couldn't get down and hide her shame. She could only hold on and let you fuck her at your will and that excited her so much that even if you'd not commanded her to cum for you, the sight of those three strange men watching her get used like a common whore was enough to send her over the edge. Her head fell back, hair brushing against your face, and her body tensed, the cords in her arms standing out as she clung to that pole as she let out a scream of pleasure that echoed up and down the streets, bouncing off the tall buildings surrounding you both. "Ahhhhh fuck! Fuck! Yes! Oh my god! Unnngghhh!" Her little cunt spasmed, gripping your cock so hard inside her cunt that it nearly forced you out, her juices squirting from between her folds in a current she'd cum so fucking hard. And still you railed her, pushing that climax on and on so that her cries never ceased. Her body jerked in your hands so that you had to grip her thighs tighter, your fingers leaving little indentations in her flesh. Whining, she bit her lip panting through her nose as another orgasm built inside and her head jerked upwards as she cried out again, her eyes immediately landing on the three men only a short distance away to see them grabbing and rubbing the fronts of their pants as they watched her cumming on your cock.

Zuriel held you right there through every clench, every gush of your honey flowing down his shaft and dripping from his balls. He reveled in taking you right in front of anyone watching, holding you open for the men to see every inch unabashed and cumming on his dick. He let you ride out every tremor, every shiver until he held you panting with your pussy seated to the hilt of that cock inside you. He pulled you like a rag doll from the bar of the booth, laying you flat on the ground until he grabbed your ankle and lifted your petite body, nearly taking you over in a flip, but that was as far as you made it.

He stepped in and just sank his dick right inside your pussy, using your body to support the thudding weight of him fucking that pussy in a new angle, giving you nothing to see but his legs and ass framing your little slit between his legs so that you could watch every stuff of that cock driving straight down inside your cunt like a jackhammer nailing down a rail spike. Making your heels bounce from the animal fuck he was hammering into you, he grunted loudly between shoves of that length ramming home. Every push sent his swelling girth down inside that pussy, the wet squelches drifting out from your soaked tunnel as it was pounded without any sort of mercy. His knees pressed in over your bouncing tits, leather rubbing over your nipples as his cock started pumping. He let out a breath when his dick exploded, squirting rope after rope of thick cream down inside you deep enough that you felt the gooey warmth pooling in your womb. "NNhhaaaa SHIIiittt!"

Lisa let out a small gasp as you flipped her around, her shoulders pressing painfully into the concrete beneath her, her legs contorted awkwardly over her head and her breasts spilling under her chin. When she looked up, she saw the black leather of your pants and little more, but she felt that thick cock plunging into her from above and she gasped with a groan, loving the thickness spreading her slushing cunt wide open again. Evey pump sent her little ass jiggling, pushing more cries from her and as she felt your cock swelling inside her tight cunt, her fingers curled at the ends of her out-stretched arms, her third climax rushing through her body like a freight train out of control.

She could feel the heat of your cum shooting into her womb, filling her even more and she rolled her head side to side, gasping in the throes of ecstasy "Nnnghhh god..." As your movements slowed and you slowly withdrew, your hands gripped her legs and lowered her to the ground. She lay there gasping, panting for air until you took her hand and helped her to unsteady feet. She gathered her clothes as you put your cock away and zipped your pants, quickly slipping her dress back over herself to cover her shame. Taking your hand, she saw the men still watching and grinning, and she whispered to you as she felt her face flush once more. "Let's go home now, eh?"

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