Unfinished Business


So with me working long hours from home, I'm able to play throughout the day, but am often pulled away for business needs. Between that and Zuriel and I having completely different schedules, we sometimes have difficulties finding time to spend together, and when we do, it is often interrupted. This was one of those occasions. Don't worry...he gets his revenge later. Again, this is one of the stories that does not have accompanying pics.

Unfinished Business

Lisa Languish: I suppose you only have minutes before you have to leave.
Zuriel Bedlam: Nope, I still got over an hour
Lisa Languish grins. "Good."
Zuriel Bedlam: Like an hour and a half anyway

Lisa settles herself in your arm, grinning down at you, nipping at your lips, teasing, tasting your sweetness. "Good. Then I can enjoy more of you before you have to go." Leaning down to kiss you fully, tracing her tongue over your lips before pressing her own to them, she slips her tongue into your mouth, needing to taste your essence, to consume you.

Zuriel smiles up at you, feeling the nip to his lips as he wrapped an arm about your body just to rest his hand on your naked ass. Daring to glide his fingers between your cheeks as he pressed back and kissed you deeply, sliding his tongue between those lips to taste and devour your kiss with a still hungry desire rocking through him under you for a change. "Mmm well there is that...hehe"

Lisa's back arches, pushing her full, round breasts firmly against your chest in reaction to the teasing intrusion along her backside. The eroticism makes her groan into your mouth, her long lashes slipping to her cheeks as her eyes drift close in pleasure. Not wanting to leave you unattended, her free hand slips down along the ridges of your stomach, leaving a burning trail under the tips of her fingers to the hem of your shorts. Her fingers dally there, dipping just barely under the hem, only hinting at her intentions.

Zuriel was too far gone to do much teasing, so much interrupting us today, let alone the feel of you naked against him and even your teasing fingers felt something hard and hot in his shorts just by sliding them under the hem of his shorts. Purring into your mouth as his hips lifted just on impulse and that hand playing along your ass slipped down a little further until the rub of his fingers slipped along your lips and drew all the way up between those tanned buns he loved staring at so often when you weren't watching him.

As you thrust your hips upwards, her hand slips down, fitting snugly around your hard shaft. Her fingers tighten, slowly working their way up and down the length. As she feels your fingers delve into her depths, her grip tightens, her stroke grows more intent, a heated moan emanating from her throat. Lisa pulls back and looks intently into your eyes, her fingers still deftly working along your shaft, loving the feel of its hard girth filling her hand. "Zuriel, no more teasing, no more interruptions. I need you now... please."

Zuriel growls low in the back of his throat, pushing his hand down as two fingers curled between your lips and slipped inside. He didn't move them, only holding them deep as they would go in the slightly awkward position with your hand wrapped around his hard length still covered by his shorts. Listening as close as his muddled senses allowed with a slightly sly grin crossing his features. "I was starting to think this was gonna be another interrupted tease." Sliding his fingers out of your tight hold he lifted his hand and let you watch as he sucked them clean of your juices on his thick digits, unable to resist a little tease of his own with you watching him lick your nectar from his skin. In a hard lift he slid out from under your body, jerking his shorts down in a rush as his cock escaped the firm grip of your hand before he threw you down and slipped up behind your sexy ass. He didn't even wait, snatching your dark hair in his strong grip and pulled, guiding his tip right between those blushing lips so he could jam his fat shaft inside you to the hilt with a shuddering gasp slipping from his lips. "No more waiting...Nnnnh!"

 Lisa lets out a long, low groan, her head spinning dizzily the instant your cock delves into her depth. The warm wet walls of her entrance contract at the invasion, fitting snugly around your girth. With a grunt, her back arcs, her hair wrapped firmly in your hand. The intensity of your claim on her thrills her to her core, and her pussy twitches, spasming around your driving cock. Somehow she manages between rasping, jagged breaths to speak, "Dear God... Zuriel, yes... Give it all to me. Take me, use me, pull me over the edge of bliss with you. Mmm fuck it feels so good."

Zuriel grunts as he pulls back and jerks your body up on hands and knees fully, letting your hair go to snap his hands in a full grip on your hips before he rocks to life suddenly mad-dogging that twitching pussy wrapped around his thick throbbing cock. There was no more playing around, only the primal drive of every thrust ramming that tight hole with all the ferocity of a beast let out to breed after being in heat for so fucking long it was crazy with desire. Looking down and watching his cock come out of those lips glistening with your juices coating his pistoning shaft battering your pussy with a hungry lilt to every shove he pushed inside you. Making you take it all in a rush right here and now on the docks, pulling your hot little ass back so our skin collided in a hungry smack of flesh pelting together from the sheer need rolling through him invading your body all the way until his balls clapped hard against your clit and jerked back. The constant rhythm rushing through you being drilled by that dick, nails even biting into your skin as he held on and pulled you back to meet his thrusting hips. "Nnngh fuck...so damn tight Lisa...!"

Lisa's sweet moans and wails carry out over the rushing water; every deep thrust, every time our bodies connect, she cries out, filling the night air. The sheer size of you spreads her small hole wide, almost painfully, but her excess lubrication enables you to easily glide in and out of her, taking you both closer and closer to the edge. Hands thrust forward on the rough dock planks, she braces herself from toppling over as your thrusts push her small frame forward over and over. Her heavy breasts sway, nipples brushing along the planks, sending delicious jolts of electric sparks through her body. She turns her head, casting glances at you over her shoulder, wanting--needing--to see the look of lust and pleasure on your face.

Zuriel looked right back at you casting him those lustful over the shoulder glances, biting his bottom lip before his mouth widened in a gasp of pure need rolling through him and without even thinking his hand lifted and slapped across your ass so hard it left a darker mark in your tanned flesh in the shape of his hand. Drunk on feeling that tight hole gripping him like he could simply move and tear you apart but you were so damn juicy he slipped in and gritted his teeth when he felt your body offering a little resistance to his insistent thrusts bottoming out that dick inside your tight pussy. His balls were red and purple almost from having to start and stop from before, feeling the tickle in the base of his cock like he was already on the verge of cumming but he was not gonna let it be so damn easy with a bite again to his bottom lip to bring some pain so he could focus. The sharp crack of another slap darkened your other ass cheek before both hands snapped tight at your hips and he drug you harder onto his cock to meet him. Trying to hurt it this time, wanting to hear you scream for both mercy and for him to keep going, wanting the primal confusion rushing through your every nerve begging him to slow down and to hear you urging him to fuck you retarded on the docks.

Seeing you look back into her eyes nearly knocks her breath from her. She closes her eyes, turning back to the docks beneath her, focusing solely on the feel of your thick, long cock delving deeper and deeper into her womb. The sudden stinging slap on her ass draws a cry from her and she winces, relishing the sweet, aching pain. Its mate on the other side brings a louder cry, and she lowers her head, mewling in her throat. As you increase your pace, driving even harder than she thought possible, her whole body rocks, slamming back each time you moved into her, the sound of our skin slapping nearly drowning out her cries. Her loins stir, the boiling building knot in her belly spiraling, opening within, grabbing her entire being to cast it to the universe. Begging you, she nearly wails, "Ohhhh fuck Z! I'm going to cum... please... please don't stop. I'm going to... oh god, yes!!!!" Her body stiffens as her orgasm slams through her and she cries out, nearly collapsing to the dock beneath her, only your grip on her hips and your cock buried in her core keeping her upright.

Zuriel Bedlam snarls like some godforsaken monster as he felt your orgasm building, the clutch of your walls hugging him so damn tight he knew it was coming even before you started crying out for him to keep going. He didn't hold you any longer, at least not by those hips, and your cheek thunked to the planks below as he wrestled your arms behind your back. There was no more letting you push and whine back at him, a strong hand grabbed both wrists and kept your arms locked back as he barreled inside your nearly squirting pussy wrapped around that fat shaft pounding you all the way through even the rush of your orgasm pooling in your belly. Right as he felt you reaching your peak, the shakes in your thighs jiggling him inside your aching hole he grunted and slowed down on purpose. Making you take his dick with the slow grinding slides he pushed into you, highlighting your orgasm by not giving you the full effect of him battering your pussy like a maniac. His free hand alighted on the back of your neck, holding you down firmly. "I knew you needed this, to just be fucked like a ragdoll. Nnnnn..." Just as he felt your thighs shaking less his body came to life without a single shred of remorse, the wild machine gun slaps of his heavy balls started pelting your clit again and he fucked your body with a fury no one else could match. "Just...Like...THIS AHHHH...!"

(It was here that real life called and I had to bail...)

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