Lisa's a Brat and Gets Reprimanded

Lisa Languish slipped her hand to your cock, dallying her fingers over the length, drawing them to the tip.

"Interesting, SL is not letting me wear anything." He went silent looking down at your hand.

Lisa pressed herself up against you, drawing her hand back up the length of your cock, feeling it slowly swelling in her grip. "You were saying?"

Zuriel inhaled slightly, raising a brow at your hand stroking him slowly as he licked his lips. "I was saying...someone missed me it seems."

Lisa gave you a gentle squeeze, slipping her free hand around your waist, kissing your lips softly. "I always miss you when you're gone."

Zuriel rumbled softly as he reached down and grabbed your tight little ass, pulling you close against his side even after shivering a little from that squeeze. Smiling slightly, almost devilishly, he said, "Mmmm so I can tell," his cock growing thicker with every little tease you played against it.

Lisa drew her fingers along the length back to the tip, dabbing and twirling her fingertip right along the little slit at the tip, her lip curling up into a wicked little grin. "Hmmm... You have to leave soon. Maybe I shouldn't get you riled up tonight."

Zuriel bit his lower lip. That finger stroking over his tip, swirling, made him jump just a little, feeling his dick swell full and fat in your grasp. Hearing your words, his hand at your denim-covered cheek squeezed harder, and he turned his silvered gaze to look right in your eyes. "See, the difference is if you get me too riled, I'll just push you down on your knees and fuck that smart mouth...hehe."

Lisa snickered even as your words made her stomach clench. Little fingers slipped around the swelling, glistening head and squeeze, her thumb flicking over the tip still. Standing on her tiptoes, she bit at your jaw, grinning, "Is that so? And what if I just refuse to open my mouth, smart guy?"

Zuriel grinned a little evilly as he felt you bite at his jaw, gripping your belt just to make a point even with you going to your tip toes, exhaling hotly from your thumb flicking over his tip still making him twitch enough that you knew how sensitive it was. "Nnnn...well it's still an option. I'd just grab your nose and pinch it closed 'til you tried to take a breath." His hand lifted from your belt in a rush, grabbing your hair in a tight fist. "Then I'd fuck that pretty mouth."

Lisa smirks, chewing on her bottom lip at your constant creativity, but that smirk fell away quickly the moment your hand latched in her hair. Gasping, her eyes going wide with fright, her stomach did a flip and her eyes turned to you as you held her head awkwardly back. Panting, she whimpered, "Ok, ok. I'm sorry!"

Zuriel shook his head as he held your hair, already hard as fuck and slightly turned on by that fear in your eyes. "No, you're not sorry yet. I thought I gave you enough punishment last night after you fucked Stacey, but I think I was wrong." With a flex of his arm, he pulled you down by your hair to those knees. Getting you on the ground, his hand shifted, the other slipping in as he pulled you closer and latched his fingers over your nose. "Open..."

Lisa cried as she stumbled to her knees, your hard cock slapping her in the face as you manhandled her into position. Being the brat that she was today, she tried to turn her head and refuse to cooperate, hoping to call your bluff, but she felt your fingers slip around her nose, cutting off her air. Pressing her lips together, turning her eyes to look up at you from her knees, she mewled in her throat, hoping you'd change your mind and take compassion, but as the seconds passed, she felt her lungs hitch, fighting for air, and she couldn't fight off the need to open her mouth and take a gasping breath.

Zuriel looked down at you with grim determination, holding your nose closed. The mewl in your throat only made him rub his fat cock against your cheek, the tip dallying off your lip ring as he held you right there. A slow, deviant smile spread across his lips, watching you struggle for a breath and trying to keep your mouth closed at the same time. He didn't need to give you an order again--nature would provide just what he wanted if he was patient--and the instant you took a gasping breath, he growled, shoving his thick cock right into your lips, snatching the back of your head to sink that pretty mouth down his shaft all the way until your nose pressed against his pelvis. "That's right. Bow to the king, baby girl." Once he had your mouth around his cock, his fingers released, grabbing your head in both hands as he slowly stroked his dick over your tongue.

Lisa tried to pull away as she gasped for air, but your handhold in her hair jerked her head back and she choked hard as that thick cock stuffed straight into her throat. Her hands flew to your thighs, grasping at them desperately, sinking her nails right into the meat with a stinging bite. Her body convulsed as she gagged, the head of your cock sliding deep down her throat. Her resistance waining, she wrapped her lips around the shaft, sucking diligently as you started to move her head up and down the full length of you.

Zuriel smiled at the delicious surrender of those lips finally giving in, and he didn't even have to try hard to reign in his little sexy brat once she had that fat dick in her mouth. The gagging sounds made him grin as he held on to your head and started pumping your mouth even if you were doing it on your own. "I did say I would fuck it, didn't I?" Biting his bottom lip as he lifted your mouth up the length of his cock and keeping just the head of it between your lips before his hand in your hair pulled down and drew those lips to the base of his cock. Making sure to stuff that throat full of your Master's hard meat, he grit his teeth as he held on and worked your head back and forth. "Any more snide little remarks? Hehe..."

Lisa worked her tongue around the length of your shaft every time you drew it out, the tip of that pink little muscle flitting rapidly over the slit when you left the head there to rest at her lips. As the smooth skin glided past her spit-slicked lips, she sucked hard, her cheeks caving deliciously. Wanting to answer you but incapable with her mouth stuffed full of cock, she nodded, mumbling with spit trickling from the corners of her lips, "Mrfph..unghhrm..."

Zuriel smiled wickedly as he pulled you up by the hair, turning you around before walking you towards the wall. Once he slammed you against the glass window looking into the house, he shucked your pants straight down and left them around your ankles. Taking hold of your hai,r he jerked you right back onto his fat tip and easily slid the slickened length inside your pink little pussy so he could start fucking it right then and there, panting, "What was that? You had so much cock in your mouth, I couldn't hear you." Grunting as he started fucking that hot little snatch, he took precisely what he wanted from his little bitch.

Lisa's feet tangled together as you dragged her to the wall, the only thing keeping her from stumbling your hand wrapped in her hair. Arms out to catch herself against the window, she shouted a small cry, turning to peer back at you over her shoulder. Legs spread as far as the pants tangled around her ankles would allow, her glistening pink slit beckoned you from beneath her ass. As that fat cock head slipped inside her waiting slit, she rest her forehead against the window and groaned. Her whole body rocked as you started pumping inside her, breasts swaying heavily beneath her shirt. Every deep thrust forced a gasp or a cry from her lips and she considered ignoring your question as rhetorical, then forced herself to reply for fear of further repercussion, "No, Master. No more snide remarks..."

Zuriel snarled as he snatched your new clothes away, tearing your shirt aside so when he had hold of your hair, your tits pancaked against the glass and anyone on the other side would get one hell of a show. Maybe it was all the teasing or just hearing the way you spoke to him that got him going, but whatever the case, he had you against the window fucking that hot little cunt with his whole dick stroking deep enough his nuts clapped heavy against your clit from behind. Holding your hip, his free hand lifted, smacking your pale sexy ass hard enough to leave a stinging reminder of him all night just like your nails in his thighs had already done for him. Fangs flashed as he pumped you into the window harder, still clutching your hair in one strong fist as he rammed that dick inside you with all the power he could muster. He wasn't trying to make you cum; instead, he was savoring that hot tight pussy wrapped around his dick like he fucking owned it, and we both knew right then--and every damn night previous--who it belonged to no matter who he let have a taste of his baby girl. "Good girl. Now Daddy will give his bratty bitch just what she needs since you didn't get him inside you last night." His hand gripping your hip pulled that cunt back onto his swollen shaft pounding your body relentlessly, and he grit his teeth as he fucked you like someone was watching, making sure you felt him every time his cock drove home or he slapped your sexy ass cheek.

Lisa gasped as the cold, hard glass pressed snug against her breasts, mashing them between it and her body. Though no one was around, her cheeks flushed at the thought of someone seeing her so exposed, so vulnerable this way. Tugging her lip ring between her teeth, she whimpered, your fat cock splitting her lips apart to sink the entire length of you deep into her heated core. Bracing herself on the window, turning to watch you over her shoulder, she caught a glimpse of your lips peeling back and those fangs flashed right at her. Gasping, letting out a heated moan, her eyes closed and her little pussy twitched hotly at the sight. Trembling, she gasped again, and you could feel her walls clench inside, gripping your cock like a fist. She drew her arm back and banged her palm against the window with a shriek, her body jerking in your grip as her liquid heat poured out over your cock. "Dear GOD! Nnnggg!"

Zuriel stepped on your jeans still around your ankles, pausing long enough to lift one leg free so he could spread you open right against the glass. The wider stance and spread of those luscious thighs made it easier for him to slam that hot little slit like a maniac with the hunger in every stride splitting you open like some gods forsaken beast. He leaned in tightly, and though his hips never stopped moving, he closed the distance to press in and hiss like a serpent in your ear, "Tell Daddy you've been bad and needed him to fuck you." Not even really waiting for an answer since that pussy grabbing his cock was milking him so fucking tightly, he jerked back and started hammering your cunt without any mercy at all. Having you naked and mewling in front of him--telling him your little remarks would stop--just drove him even crazier with heat as he pumped you full of fat cock strumming you to the very core. Those juices gushing over his thick length only spurred him on harder and you felt every tremble as he stilled himself and fucked you slowly--tortuously slow so he could draw out that orgasm until your legs started fucking shaking. Then right at the very peak of your moans, he started drilling you with the ferocity of a jackhammer cutting through concrete, the veracity of those thrusts pelting you against the glass.

Lisa's lower leg bounced and dangled in your grip, her pussy spread wide as you pulled her hips apart. The length of your cock delving even deeper inside her made her mad with lust and she grunted like a beast, needing more, never getting enough of you. Your breath at her neck as your words fell from your lips made her moan and shiver, her eyes closing tightly, and though you started fucking her even harder without waiting for a reply, she grunted out between her cries, "Daddy... I've been bad and... and need you to f-fuck me!" Her orgasm rode on and on and as you slowed your pace, she gasped for air...and still it lingered, spiraling ever outward from her core spreading through her limbs, making her weak and dizzy. As her cries reached their peak, she felt you suddenly, ferociously start to slam into her again and she let out such a cry the gods themselves must have hear it. Her cunt twitched, spasmed, grabbing you tighter than ever, and using her leg in your grip for leverage, she angled her ass back to hump against you as she came again and again.

Zuriel could not resist the panting voice as your words hit his ears. That call of Daddy turned him up so much you felt his whole dick spasm inside your clutching walls sucking as his thick shaft still pounding your cunt. juices just trickled from his balls, spattering your thighs and his legs, leaving drops on the glass from the sheer force he nailed you against the window with, and it was still never enough. The hungry lilt in his hips deepened at having you spread open easier for his entire length to batter that pussy hard. Feeling your tight tunnel twitch and clench around him pulled the first swollen drops of molten hot cum inside that snatch while the speed of his hips approached the breaking point. "That's right. Mmm-my little bad slut needed her Daddy...In...INSIDE AHHH!" His cock swelled so fucking much that it stretched you open deeper than ever before. Something about this time had him so turned on, his pulse raced from balls to tip and you felt it counter to every stroke he jammed inside your squeezing cunt hugging him, sucking him in like it never wanted to let him go. He took you right to the edge with him, tip trickling and balls tightening up before he jerked his dick from your pussy and stuffed it wet and slick right inside your ass before the first huge gout blasted hot cum inside your tight little hole. Panting hard, holding it inside your ass, he unload jolt after jolt of heavy cream flooding your little body, holding your hair in one hand still as he shivered behind your ass and stayed balls deep until he was done cumming inside your tight little asshole. "Fuuuck..."

Lisa thought she might pass out from lack of air, gasping and panting, with her orgasm so hard, so long, dragging on and on as you fucked her remorselessly. The feel of your cock--already stretching her so wide it hurt--swelling inside her dragged her right over the edge again and before her cry even finished crossing her lips, she felt you slip from her went snatch and force yourself into her tight little asshole. The shock of it made her cry almost turn into a scream, and it pushed her orgasm even higher, gripping the strings of her mind and lifting her to heaven. "Oh my dear god...."

Zuriel huffed, holding it right inside as long as he could, and despite the whole scene, he curled a hand under your chin and pulled you back to kiss those lips. "Mmm... I miss you already baby but I have to motor. And, fuck yes, this was hot."

Lisa smiled and kissed you, the lingering feel of your cock inside her, your cum dripping, left to carry her through the night. "I miss you already, too, baby. Have a good night."

Zuriel hissed as he slips out of your cum filled ass, pressing close again to kiss you once more.

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