Lisa Gets Her Reward

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 Lisa asked. "Is this suitable for what you wanted me wearing?"

Zuriel nodded. "Baby...yes...you look amazing."

Lisa smiles. "Ok."

Zuriel smirked after leading you upstairs, taking you in his hands to push your body flat against the picture frame as he leaned back to peel off his shirt. After he was half naked, he tugged half a bottle of oil from his belt. Popping the top, he started drizzling the slick stuff over your small tits. "Now, where were we before, hmm?"

Lisa blushed seeing where you were leading her. Chewing nervously but excitedly on her lip ring, she followed you to the upstairs room being lead along by her leash again. Her little ass cheeks pressed flat to the picture frame and she watched you slipping that tight white shirt over your muscled arms and she wondered again at just how lucky she was to have you in her life. With a soft laugh, she spied the bottle in your hands and, pressing her arms flat against the picture, she watched you drizzle more of the slick oil over her breasts. The viscous liquid shimmered down between her breasts and trickled over her nipples to bead and drip onto her belly and thighs in spattering little patterns. "Mmm... I think you were getting me good and wet and slippery again."

Zuriel smirked as he rose and drizzled your arms, letting the oil flow down your chest and over your belly. But by the time it started trickling past your hips and following the expanse of your delicious thighs, he pushed the bottle back into his belt while his hands lifted and took your right hand between his. "You have no idea. I just wanted my little baby girl all shiny and slick, 'cause you got the kind of shape I wanna see working hard and sweaty." His hands molded to your frame, drifting up your hands to flow along your forearm, taking in your slender bicep with his fingers spreading the oil evenly over your skin. Not an inch was missed, even stroking oiled fingers under your arm before his fingers drifted over your right breast. Smearing the viscous fluid across your nipples, he grinned as he swirled his fingers around your swollen buds. "So sue me... I like juicy women in all forms." His hands kept smearing, drifting down your left arm from the lift and stroke beneath it, and then flowing all the way out to your hand until most of your top half glistened brightly. He turned you to face the picture in the frame, squirting again over your shoulders before the bottle was put away, his hands rubbing down your back and sides to not miss a single bit of your skin. Smiling as his hands slipped down over your ass cheeks, he rubbed the juicy oil over your butt, teasing his fingers up your crack, toying with you a little as he stroked your asshole and let his fingers keep moving up and down to roll over your upper thighs from behind. "The next time I oil you up, I'm gonna make you use your feet to jack Daddy's dick..." With another turn, your slippery back was pressed to the glass and he stroked his oiled hands down your legs, lifting the left one to make sure that even your feet were slippery and glossy. After his fingers plucked your right foot from the floor and drifted between your toes, he let your calf slide from his fingers with oil smearing your skin. Another squeeze from the bottle and his hand slid up your right thigh, then teased up and over your tummy. Curling a grin on his lips, his hand slipped down and two curled fingers stroked over your smooth lips to get them just as slick as the rest of your body.

Lisa closed her eyes with a smile still spread on her lips, focusing intently on every touch, every caress, every gentle stroke of your hands over her body spreading the oil over her skin. It was luxurious, relaxing, exhilarating, and erotic all at the same time. Her body turned to butter under your touch, melting at the heat of your fingers on her skin. Turning to face the hanging photo on the wall at the guidance of your hands, she pressed her upper body against it, her slicked up breasts sliding against the protective glass cover making her feel deliciously wicked. Those strong, thick fingers graced her ass and she drew in a breath, her fingers curling against the glass and her toes flexed, lifting her ass into the air with a roll of her hips. The breath came out in a drawn out sigh laced with pleasure and her nipples hardened right against the cold glass of the photo trapped under her breasts. When you turned her back to face you, they sprung out, standing firm and proud in your sight. Cheeks flushing at your words, she gave a nervous smile and turned her eyes away for a moment, but she nodded and whispered out, "Ok. Though I've never done that, so you may have to guide me." Her eyes returned to you as you knelt down, stroking your hands over her legs, making your way to her feet as if to emphasize your point once more. Unable to stop herself, she jerked her leg when your fingers caressed her feet and toes, giggling, even laughing giddily. She blushed and cleared her throat, embarrassed. "I'm... extremely ticklish. I'm sorry..." You didn't seem to mind, though, and as you stood again she draped her arms around your shoulders, pressing her slicked up chest against your bare one loving the feel of her skin gliding smoothly over yours. That didn't stop your hand from sneaking down her belly to the apex between her legs and when your slippery fingers coated her netherlips with oil, she closed her eyes and groaned, pressing her hips forward to push hard against your prying digits.

Zuriel smiled at the feel of hard nipples and oil on his chest, letting his fingers remain curled before another squirt of the bottle drizzled down your belly only to coat his fingers in dripping oil glossed between his digits scissoring over your rising clit. "I'll guide you the rest of my days, through every pain and pleasure life has to offer, and always will you know I am by your side." The sincerity of his words was refracted by the carnal lusts of your man, his hand dipping in to play with your clit between his fingertips only to stroke it up and down, the oil adding so much slickness that his fingers slithered and squished against your slit with hardly any resistance. His body slipped to the side giving his arm more room to move, the slow curl building with fingers strumming your pussy like a musician playing a fiddle. Each sweet sound from your lips was a surrender, every little whimper a treat for your Daddy slipping in closer to kiss your cheek, nipping your lower lip before you felt his rough cheek slide over yours and his tongue laving along the line of your pulse felt it quicken from what you knew he could do. His lips soothed away the lick, kissing at the thrumming pulse in your neck until they drifted over your ear lobe. "Mmmm..."

Lisa nearly cried at your words, her smile deepening so that it reached her glistening eyes that threatened to well over. Instead, she closed them to hold off the tears and forced out joyful laugh that was more breath than sound, thinking that if she loved you anymore she would simply die from joy. But all that was surrounded and consumed by the feel of those wicked fingers pushing in and spreading her lips, exposing her clit to be trapped between two digits pinching and rubbing it until she was gasping and fighting for a breath. Her fingers clasped at your arm to steady herself for fear her legs would simply give out from under her, each flick and twist of your own fingers sending pulsating shock waves through her system. As slick as she was coated in oil, none was needed between her legs. You had her so aroused that she was already leaking copious amounts of her of natural lube and the two combined make a wet, slurking sound with the movements of your hand between her folds. Lisa bit down hard on her lip, trying to hold back the cry that already threatened to come, but she couldn't stop the whine that issued from her throat and it built until she couldn't contain it any longer. The second she felt your lips caressing her neck, her own parted and that cry came bursting fourth with a digging grip of her nails into your shoulder. Her head fell forward then back, and her chest heaved with her panting breaths as sparks of pleasure shot from between her legs through her body. "Oh god... please... It's so... Fuck, it feels so good!" The hand not draped around your shoulder grasped at your wrist, urging you for more, begging you not to stop, demanding everything you had. "Master, please..." Panting, barely able to speak, not even sure what she was begging for, she pleaded with you, "Please..."

Zuriel heard exactly what he wanted to hear: already his baby girl was begging him and she hardly even knew what she was begging for. She was simply voicing that word because she knew it was the only one he would listen to, the only word he cared about hearing at all when his fingers pulled back and the middle digit slipped easily between your naturally slick lips. His middle finger jamming in tightly, stroking to the sluck-sluck-sluck sounds of his hand jostling between your thighs. He smirked to himself as he started rolling his hand, moving it like he would move his spine to fuck your hot little cunt now being sliced deeply by that finger invading your hot hold. Teeth caught your earlobe and held fast, his words hissed past your ear with his mouth clamped on your flesh. "Pleasssse what baby girl...?" He didn't give you a chance to speak; a second finger pressed in and the lighter noises gave rise to the squish-schuluck-squick of deeper strokes from his fingers stirring your pussy harder. His free hand sneaked in, dropping the belt from his hips leaving his pants falling from his frame, but his focus wasn't on staying dressed--he wanted to hear what his baby girl needed.

In a matter of minutes, her focus had gone from the world, to this house, to you, to the place where your finger slipped in between her legs, and nothing else mattered at that point. The only thing to even remotely drag her focus away from that pinnacle of sensation was your mouth growling those words into her ear. For a moment she seemed dazed, dumbfounded, then she realized you expected her to answer. She tried... oh, how she tried...but she could barely get enough air to reply and as she sucked in another breath to plead again, her cunt was spread wider, a second finger joining the first to stroke within her quaking walls. The grip she had on your wrist tightened, though that didn't stop you from pressing in harder and making her stumble so that her legs splayed wider. She was so frazzled, so lost to her lust, she didn't even acknowledge your pants coming off. All she wanted was to find the words she needed to get what she desired, but she couldn't get her brain to send the signal to her mouth, and she stumbled again over her words, "P-please M-m-master.... please...Ohhh god.... J-just.... Mmmm...fuck!" Those fingers twisted inside her walls, brushing over her g-spot and she shuddered against you, crying out like she'd been hit by lightning. A flood gushed over your hand but she was so consumed by need, she either didn't notice or didn't care that her juices spilled down the insides of her thighs to pool at her toes. She whined again and finally blurted out, "Please Master, make me cum. Oh god, I want to cum so bad!"

Zuriel lifted a brow at seeing your juices pooled around your feet, thinking you might have been bad and already came, but he soon realized you were just that turned on and the thought made him smile devilishly. Fingers slipped out of your cunt only to glide up and push inside your lips, stuffing his girl-soaked digits inside your mouth to make you taste it while he pulled his pants off fully. The oiled glass behind your body soon had your hands smacking the frame for support when he jerked you round to get that glossy wet ass pointed back at him. Fuck, he wanted to tease you, but all the toying had already got him so worked up that by the time his pants fell and he had you turned, your hot cheeks felt Master's dick slide over your buttock. "Don't you dare cum before I tell you slut... Don't...you...dare...." His voice trailed off before the feeling of hot dick slipped between your lips, opening you like a new flower with the sudden glitch and stick of that cock fitting to the hilt inside you in a single shove. Hands snatched your hips and with all the poise he could manage, he held that cock balls deep inside your quaking pussy. But he did nothing but hold it right there, relishing in the feel of your limbs starting to shiver from being held perfectly still and filled with his fat girth. With a groan he pulled back, feeling your walls so slick with girl honey that he almost fell out, but he was quick to jam his dick back inside, biting his bottom lip when the slow, deliberate strokes thrummed your tunnel, pistoning like a steam boat slowly churning to life. With hard shoves that went slow, his drilling head went deep, but the slow pull back lined you up for nothing but another stuff of his dick. Both of his hands held your ass, squeezing the cheeks open and holding them there to slam your cunt down his fat cock, his hips meeting the pull in the middle and hammering so rough inside that he lifted you to oil slick toes each time he drove it in.

Lisa sucked on your fingers with as much enthusiasm as she had your cock earlier tonight, slipping her tongue between the digits to lap at every drop of her juices that soaked them, nipping at the tips, then sucking at them again, moaning at both the taste and the erotic action of you making her suck them in the first place. Somewhere at the back of her muddled mind she acknowledged you shedding your pants the rest of the way and her belly clenched at the thought of getting your cock inside her. Her body spun in your grip, hands slapping to the glass with a rattle, though they slid against the smooth texture and she slipped and slapped and slipped again until the press of you behind her held her in place. With your cock pressing between her cheeks, she couldn't hold still and she rose on her toes shoving her ass into the air to drag the slick cheeks back and fourth over your shaft. God, she was so fucking hot and ready, she thought for sure she would cum as soon as you entered her, but then you warned her...and she she closed her eyes with a sobbing whine, the denial falling from her lips, "Oh no... no no, please..." Her begging went unanswered--the sudden plunge of your cock filling her cunt your only reply--and she let out a long, low groan, her head spinning like she'd just gone over the first plunge of a roller coaster. "Fffffuck...." She shuddered, every muscle in her belly tightening almost painfully, and she tried to move, tried to pull away to feel it slide back out, but you just held it there and she nearly came just from the sweet torment. Then the smooth, slick glide of shaft kissed her inner walls and she gasped out a breath only to suck it back in again in the same slow rhythm that your hips were moving in. In...out...in...out... She thought she was going to go mad with need from the slow torture, each press in a hard jab, each outward stroke long and deliberate, and there was nothing she could do to stop the roiling storm that was building in her gut from soon bursting. With her chest and face pressed to the glass, she turned her head as much as she could and begged you again, "Master, please... I can't... I can't stop it. I can't hold back. Pleaseohpleaseletmecum!" The last all came out in a jumbled rush, knowing full well that it was going to happen whether she wanted it to or not. She was just so fucking turned on and your cock felt so good inside her, slamming into her sopping wet cunt that she couldn't keep it at bay any longer.

Zuriel growled at the feel of sloshing walls hugging his shaft. He felt it coming just from how your muscles quivered from the need sending drooling juices trickling down his balls. Suddenly your leash wound over your shoulder and wrapped a figure eight around your tits before winding down over your belly button. With a pull and a lift of his leg, he drew the remaining length up between your thighs in tight enough that the links angled over your clit and splayed your right lip open for his cock to get a better opening. His hand tightened on the chain, making the length clamp around your tits and mash against your clit from tinkling metal tension, and the feel of dick pumped in to hold tightly without moving an inch. Even though he stuttered and shook hard, he somehow managed to stop those thrusts and held you captive on his dick. "Then I don't move until...until...it stops..." He could be a rock when he wanted to, especially when it involved making his baby girl scream from frustration and desire cutting into her with iron precision. "T-tell me when it...stops..."

Everything you did to try and make it stop only made it harder to hold at bay and she panicked, willing her orgasm not to come, chanting, "Ohgod ohgod ohgod ohgod..... Nooooo please...." Fuck! Every nerve in her body was singing, her heart galloping, and that damnable leash was rubbing over her clit with your thick cock stuffed inside her cunt and she was going to cum.... She bit down on her lip hard enough to draw blood and she cried out, not in pleasure but in pain, and she saw stars in her vision, but even through her whimpering she sobbed out, "I'm... ok. But...why.? I begged. I pleaded. I want to cum so bad. Please..." She was nearly in tears she was so frustrated. Her body was on fire, her clit was throbbing with the beat of her heart it was so aroused, and she was dripping juices down her legs like a faucet had been turned on. Even holding her climax back, you could feel the walls of her cunt clenching and spasming around you as if they, too, refused to believe they'd been denied. She tried not to move, to hold as still as she could, because even the slightest shift, even a breath caused that chain between her legs to roll over her clit and every touch made her jump, made her tremble, and threatened to betray her will power. Lisa paced her breathing, trying to compose herself, and when she finally felt her need abating some, she sighed, "I'm ok... I'm ok now."

Zuriel thought you knew this game a little better and smirked as the first 'I'm okay' hit his ears. It wasn't until then that you realized his intent. His hips jumped back and the feel of his whole cock from head to base stirred your cunt once, feathering back just as quickly so that entire shaft stroked you again and the reverse sent you up on those toes again. He stopped short and held it in tightly, the double-stuffed strokes rocking through your core while you clenched and fought to hold back that orgasm from coming. His face, feral and devious, stared back at you as you turned your head to him. When you started asking him why, he pulled back and drilled your pussy quickly--in, out, back in tight and then held still. He gave a riled snarl from him having to hold himself still for your torment, but he gritted right through the need to fuck you ragged. Before your last words came, he pulled back and tugged the chain, thudding it tight in his grip to snap along your breasts and right over that hot little button begging for release after being forced to hold back. With no warning as the chain jiggled and snipped tight, his hips rammed hard and quick once more, rolling three times in a triple plunge to see how much you could hold back from him teasing your pussy like he knew you would die for.

Lisa tried her hardest to obey, to please you, to avoid punishment, but even with all her will her body betrayed her. There was nothing she could do. The second she thought she had herself under control, you slammed that cock home stirring everything back to life as if it had never died. Like pouring gasoline on glowing coals, the fire roared to life inside her once more and she cried out, her entire body going rigid. Even as you pulled back for another buck of your hips, she muttered out, "Oh no...no....no..." but whether you heard her or not, whether her body obeyed her own demands or not, that leash was yanked against her clit once more and that cock slid home with a force hard enough that she felt the slap of your balls smacking against her dripping wet cunt lips and she lost all control. It flared out from her core through her limbs like a brush fire, burning and raging through her body. The breath she sucked in caught in her lungs and she felt like she'd exploded into a million tiny fragments only to slam back together in a rush of pounding, throbbing, slapping flesh. She'd lost the battle, so she succumbed, taking it all greedily, crying out her bliss unchecked, "FFFFFFFUCK!!! Oh...god! Fuck! Ahhhhh my god, yes!" Her cries didn't cease. They came with each pulsing stroke of your cock, every one accentuated by a jerk and shudder of her body until she was hoarse from screaming. As she came down, she flushed in shame, cursing herself under her breath, fearing to even look at you knowing she'd done just what you'd forbidden her to do, despite that it was out of her control.

Zuriel shifted his hand holding the leash. The chain skidded aside a little, but still clung over your shaking clit from the forced orgasm he drove you right into. He didn't look angry. In fact, he was smiling as he felt you lose all sense of control with him still stirring your cunt to a heated blaze. Even with his own lusts aflame, he could not force himself to stop the long troweling shoves of that dick. Pounding through every muscle clench, he winced with every pulse of your pussy sucking tightly around his jamming cock shoving through your folds. Measured stuttering and shaking strokes filled your pussy, and all the while slick fingers fought to hold your bouncing ass from jiggling out of his hands, latching his nails into your skin long enough to hold your cheeks steady for his cock to cram inside crazy and wild. He knew he could do it, and making himself take control, he could stroke that cunt deep and steady, his own release teetering as his cock swelled from the measured way he was pumping your slit. The urgency grew, skin clapping harder and faster despite his best wishes and intent. He panted out, "Fuck...Fuck...FUUUCK AHHHHH!" Your sucking muscles pulled it right out of him, white cum pouring into you like a firehose set loose and flooding your contracting walls. The heated goo spurted from around his cock in your pussy, every convulsion sending our mixed juices in a spray over the wooden floor that would mark this place in our sexual conquests forever. "Nnnhaaa!"

Lisa was still crying out her own bliss when she felt your nails dig into her hips, roughly pulling her back onto your cock even as it drove deep into her still quivering cunt. Groaning, she felt that cock swell inside her and with your own cries falling to her ears, she felt the hot jet of cum splashing her walls and squelching out from between her lips as each thrust pushed your mingled cum out of her tunnel. Gasping for breath, she rested her sweaty face against the cool glass photo cover as you slowed, her heart beating wildly but slowing, and she chewed her lip nervously as she waited for reprimand...

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