Cotton Candy


This was a good one...and a long one. I believe we spent close to eight hours writing this role play, but it was so worth it. Vixxen, being the biker babe that she is, typically wears black...and leather...and black leather. A lot of black. Sometimes red. Never pink, or purple, or pastels. But... Zuriel has particular tastes that turn him on and he begged me to wear this outfit for him, so I complied, but I felt like cotton candy in it. And so the title of this story was born.

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Cotton Candy

Vixxen Rainbow walked up to find you lying on the dock, so she grinned and straddled your waist, settling down on your butt. "Seems someone is still wanting that massage..."

Zuriel Bedlam lifted a brow at the touch of you straddling him on the dock, smiling as he settled in and paused a moment. Lifting to drag his shirt off so your hands could touch his bare skin, he replies, "Mmm I'll take it..."

Vixxen smiled with so much adoration her cheeks hurt as she rested her hands on your broad shoulders and slid them down the sides along your spine, pressing firmly but gently all the way to the small of your back. Twisting her hands, she guided the balls of her hands--palms-first--back up, leaning into the massage until she hit your shoulders. Her hands turned again to press her fingers over the front and started at your neck, rubbing and pressing along the muscles to your arms.

Zuriel moaned, but it was not the sound you were used to hearing, the low groan instead showing his pleasure at your hands starting to work expertly on his muscled frame. He could not help but chew his lower lip, writhing a little under your ass until he had you sitting perfectly on his backside with your slender hands stroking his sore body. He felt like he had been beat up yesterday and couldn't fathom the reasons why. He pressed his ass up just a little to feel the warmth of your thighs hugging him to the pillow. "Now this I could obviously get used to..."

Vixxen's shoulders shook with her quiet laughter while shaking her head at you, but the love still shone in her eyes bright as the stars. Her thumbs pressed in hard, making semicircles as her hands inched their way back over your shoulders to your neck, then she gave a gentle squeeze and glided her thumbs right up along the two taut muscles at the back of your neck to your skull. Her fingers splayed out along the edge of your skull and pressed inwards, drawing the pressure from your ears to the nap of your neck before slipping back down to your shoulders. Resting there a moment, she leaned in and brushed her lips against your ear, breathing out "I would do this for you every day if it helped you to relax, to feel better, baby. I know how much I love it, so I enjoy doing it for others to make them feel good, too, and there is no one I want to bring pleasure to more than you." She placed a soft, butterfly kiss on your ear then nipped the lobe between her lips before rising back to settle on your back, drawing her hands once again along your spine, working the tension from your muscles.

Zuriel laid there entranced as your fingers worked the back of his neck, trilling low in his throat when your thumbs found the base of his skull. He felt you lean over him so he slipped one hand down, tugging off his spiked belt to give your lovely ass a better spot to sit without being poked by the metal adorning his clothing. By the time you nipped his ear, he grinned almost wickedly and wriggled down to the dock to let you toy with him a little while. Not like he minded every little thing you did for him, showing the love there as bright as your smile when you relaxed with nothing but the touch of your hands and the subtle suckle of your lips at his ear. When your ass perched easily on his butt from the lack of a spiked belt making it uncomfortable, he felt you settle your cheeks right over his and the touch brought a smile to his lips. Settling down fully to let you rub him a bit longer, his mind worked through the muddling sensations of your hands easing his aches. "Mmm... Baby, you have no idea how much I love this."

Vixxen closed her eyes with a smile, tilting her head with a little shrug, though her hands never stopped kneading your muscles. "Mm... I think I have an inkling." With your belt gone, she felt the soft leather of your pants brushing between her legs, the curves of your butt pressing into her own, and she couldn't resist giving a little grind down against it, letting you feel the natural heat between her legs on the small of your naked back. Hands slipped down around your sides massaging your rib cage and she leaned into you, pressing her ample breasts against your shoulder blades, intentionally letting you feel the fullness mashing against you. Her body rolled in a wave, swirling them on your back while at the same time her pelvis ground over your ass like she was massaging your body with her own. "I love it, too, because I love making you happy."

Zuriel lifted a brow, though his eyes remained closed, feeling you against him like a kitten in heat more than seeing you grind against him like that. He didn't voice how much he really liked that, feeling you slide against him and the warmth of your skin touching his own. He stayed down and grinned to himself, letting you press against him with a slow inhale of breath expanding his chest so your breasts felt the rise of his body beneath. He exhaled and slipped around, turning over on his back before his hand slipped up and caressed your cheek. "I love you. It's all I need to know, babymine." Pulling you down, he kissed your lips deeply before his tongue swirled and slipped between your lips holding you captive with nothing but his kiss until he pulled back to breathe. "And I would hope you love making me happy, because the same is true of me." A smirk on his lips was the only clue he gave when his hands slipped to your hips, pulling you right over his face with a lick of his tongue gliding between your thighs as he held you over his mouth.

Vixxen actually felt her heart swell in her chest at the love pouring from your words and your kiss. Damned if you didn't completely knock down every barrier she had so carefully erected over her lifetime and she wouldn't change a second of it. You were everything she needed in life and she would never want for anything more. Those big, strong hands wrapped around her hips and she closed her eyes, laughing mostly to herself as you dragged her back over your face. Resting her hands on your chest, she lifted that plump ass and swirled it over your head, teasing you with a glimpse of what lie under that neon skirt, but not yet letting you touch it. "Is there something that you wanted, love? Perhaps a taste of cotton candy?" She gyrated her hips right over your mouth, taunting you with a sly grin on her face, though she knew it was a battle she wouldn't win.

Zuriel couldn't contain the smile on his lips as he rounded your ass over his face, but even he had to admit that at seeing you lift on your knees and wriggle his prize just out of tongue's reach he just fell in love all over with you again. Your words only brought a smile to his lips which he licked as he lifted his hands over your hips to get a good look at that ass from underneath. Loving the way your panties clung to your body, the sight alone was enough to make him squirm a little. And perched on him as you were, the sight of his pants starting to bulge thicker was easily seen if you just peeked. Adding to it, he smacked your ass playfully and pushed you up on your sneaker-clad feet so your ass was in the air, hooking his fingers in your undies with a pull, taking them down so he could let them fall. His fingers gripped your ass, pulling you back down on your knees and keeping your slit just out of reach. "Yes. I want my cotton candy for dessert." Leaning his head up, just the tip of his tongue glided lightly over your pink lips.

Vixxen let out a little yelp, feeling that big hand smacking the bare cheek of her ass. She turned to look at it as if she could mockingly scold you by looking at your hand, but then she felt the push upwards and, taking the hint, she rose up slightly. Feeling the brush of your fingers against her hips as they curled into her panties, she smirked knowingly to herself as you tugged them down her legs. Already there was a small, dark stain in the crotch, so when you pulled them from her pussy the open air breathed against her damp nether lips with a chilled kiss. Her legs splayed wide as you dragged her back down, and those glistening lips perched just above your own, the scent of her filling your nose as she rested her hands back on your chest. She could feel your breath caressing her folds and her mouth parted to let out a sigh. But just as it started she felt the soft, teasing warmth of your tongue just barely grazing her nether lips and she gasped, her whole body jerking in mixed surprise and pleasure, and she purred like a kitten as her ass started swirling over you once more. "Mmmm... more. I want more of that..."

Zuriel didn't even need to move with your ass swirling for more of his tongue. His hands lifted over your cheeks and just lightly hooked in the waist of your cotton candy skirt. With your body looking so edible, he just knew you would taste even sweeter than you dressed for him, and even though it was not your style, you wore it just like he knew you would. Lovingly he pushed your skirt up higher, over your hips without taking it off so the tip of his tongue tickled and suddenly pressed between your cheeks and you felt the keen sensation of his tongue flickering over your tight little pucker. But that was not his focus; the tip drifted down and glided over the bit of flesh between your ass and the bottom of your slit as his nose filled with the scent of his babe working that ass over his face. His hands sunk into your cheeks with a squeeze, holding you down against his face before that tongue glided up the right side of your lips, teasing over your clit before it drifted down the left, his lips pursing to suckle at your pink folds a moment until he lapped slowly over your clit with a slow, deliberate slither back and forth along that button. He fully let you stay on top of him for many reasons, but the most urgent one was that he could feel your mounting excitement when you pushed back or down against his lips.

Vixxen could barely sit still. In fact, she couldn't sit still at all. The feel of your tongue teasing over her ass widened her eyes for a bit, but she couldn't deny that it felt amazing. Still, when you licked up one side of her pussy and down the other, stopping only to draw her clit between your lips, she couldn't keep from moving. The only thing keeping her within reach of your mouth was the grip your hands had on her hips. Vixxen's fingers curled over your stomach and she dragged her nails over your skin to your chest as she groaned. "Oh dear fucking god, Zuriel.... Ssssshit! That feels so fucking amazing, baby." You had her so worked up already that the fluids were trickling freely. Grinding herself down against you mouth, she left a sheen on your cheeks and chin, spreading her own scent everywhere on your face. Every little breath she fought to draw was punctuated by a tiny whimper, and every one of those sounds was accompanied by a rolling jab of her hips over your face until she was bucking against your tongue in quick little bursts.

Zuriel wanted to say something but his mouth was occupied. He loved it, though, and that tongue flicked in a battering lift over your clit that tapped wet flesh together. Your nails down his chest, however, stymied his licking tongue in a rising curl that dipped between your lips until you were writhing on his stretched out muscle probing between your glistening folds already leaking down his chin and cheeks. One hand drifted to the side and you felt him fumbling with the buckle straps of your skirt. After only a few moments the cloth grew loose on your frame and again both hands swept in against your ass to push you up in a long stretch of your legs and wet lips sliding off his tongue. He let your clothing fall down those lovely legs and with his grip on your hips renewing, he jerked you right back down onto his tongue poking straight up from his mouth, giving you just a little something to ride as he pressed it back inside your wet pussy already juicing like crazy and he had hardly started in on you tonight. Those nails of yours in his chest made him hungrier for you, and he slipped that tongue out until it laved over your clit in a constant swirl of wet flesh grinding firmly against you like that and his rushing breaths inhaled his love's scent and flavor. Sweet and sticky...just what he wanted!

Vixxen hardly noticed you fumbling with her skirt until the material went slack around her waist. Complying in a sex-muddled daze, she rose again so that you could slip it, too, over her legs. Loving the feel of your hands brushing over he bare skin rather than through clothing, she hardly needed the guidance of your grip on her hips to drag her back down. She was more than willing to grind that wet pussy back over your tongue and lips, needing to feel it tasting and probing everywhere between her legs. Vixxen's pelvis rolled, drawing her pussy over that extended tongue until you slipped it inside of her like a little cock spreading her open. Chewing her lip, she groaned and rode that muscle, lifting and sinking onto it, feeling it press her lips apart and plunge into that treasure trove between her legs. Fingers gripped your sides and she clung to you with her throbbing clit brushing against the fine hairs on your chin making her shake and tremble. "Oh... Oh... Shit... Mmm fuck. So good..."

Zuriel was already lost on devouring his woman, loving the way you just sunk right back down and pushed your pussy over his probing tongue like a wanton little minx needing to feel him between your lips once more. His devious mind was always thinking how to make you squeal even more, so he slipped his hands over your now naked cheeks to just caress your skin and to tease you like he knew you needed. His tongue dipped back and forth, slinking into his mouth only to reverse and push up inside your walls as deep as his tongue would go with a flicker off that bundle of nerves inside your quaking tunnel that was juicing from the tongue fuck he pulled you into. He let you get into humping his tongue, feeling you riding that muscle intent on enjoying it to the very end, but he had another idea already in mind. As you rode his tongue, his hand sneaked in, and the sudden slip of a thick finger right up your tight ass contrasted with his tongue inside your cunt. Just enough of that digit rode inside you as that tongue became the point you ground against, and he grinned as he felt you clench around that muscle probing inside your pussy.

Vixxen was so intent on the feel of that tongue, so focused on it pushing inside her and brushing over the most sensitive spot she had, making her shake and tremble over you, that she was not expecting anything more. The shock of your fingers pressing against her ass made her stiffen with a slight jump as though she were going to pull away from you, but it slipped inside so quickly, so easily, that all thoughts of moving fled her mind and she melted right into you. The entire top of her body crumpled over to rest against your stomach she was so overwhelmed with stimulation. Her expletive came out as a long, breathy, groaned-out sound, like she was going to just burst from the pleasure of having both holes teased at once. "Fuuuuuck...." Bracing her hands back on your chest, she rose up again, but she kept that luscious ass in the air, leaving her went cunt grinding against your tongue so that your finger could work its magic inside her. "Zzzzzeee! Jesus...God! I'm... Holy shit... Nngggg!" Every word was broken by a grunt or a gasp. Nothing she said made sense and yet you completely understood what she was trying to convey. She was perched on the sweet edge of heaven, brought there by your grace and kept there by your wicked wiles. More of her honey spilled onto your tongue and the tingling started building in her belly, making her writhe harder, faster on that hot muscle you teased inside of her, drawing quicker, more rapid bursts of air from her lungs.

Zuriel would have chuckled--if his mouth was not busy--from the single minded need of your body tensing and pushing back down to his advances, and the way you laid over him sent that finger in your ass all the way to the knuckle. The only thing making him pull back was the rise of your body from your hands finding purchase on his chest to lift up and press your ass harder back to his mouth like a cotton candy slut. Your words just made his tongue start to pump, pressing it down to glide over that spot inside your quivering tunnel hanging onto his tongue so keenly he could only dream how it would feel on his cock after he got the dessert he had been wanting all damn day. A second finger joined the first in spreading your ass open, grunting beneath you as that tongue slowly slinked back for him to speak quickly. "Cum on it... Let me taste it!" He was hell bent on overstimulating your senses, probing your ass while his tongue shot back out and slithered between your lips to the base. His free hand was the devilish one, sneaking up your body by sense of feel alone until he pushed your shirt up enough for his fingers to find your nipple and clasp them in a tight pinch over the swollen bud begging for a touch. He wanted to get gooey with you--your juices smearing on his cheeks and chin with every pump of that tongue sliding inside your cunt all the way. Every glide of that tongue pressed down to that spot and when it happened, his fingers pushed in as deep as he could get them. The feel of your nipple being pinched and tugged accentuated everything; he rolled it between his fingers while he tormented your pussy and tight little ass at the same time.

Vixxen was already panting, feeling her climax building in her belly, but when you sneaked a second finger into her ass, she threw her head back and let out a cry that had her whole body trembling over you. Her fingers curled harder against your ribs, digging in for purchase as she rode that snaking, slithering tongue of yours dancing in her cunt. Lifting, rocking, pressing back against you, driving your fingers and tongue into her body, her cries turned to whimpers between every jagged breath she stole. Your words alone were enough that she took one step off of the ledge she danced on--ready to fall into bliss--but when your fingers clasped her nipple, freed of the half shirt she wore for you, everything exploded in a millisecond and she tumbled head-over-heels in the maw of pleasure abound. Without even knowing she was doing it, her fingers dragged upwards over your ribs, clawing lines into your flesh with her nails and her head lifted to the sky, the only thing keeping her body leaned over you your grip on her breast still twisting and pinching her nipple right through that orgasm. As she cried out, the flood gates opened and her cum splashed your tongue, your lips, your chin, coating you in her sweet nectar while she shook and convulsed over your body. "Ahhhh fuck!!! Zurielllll!!!!"

Zuriel winced at the feel of your nails in his ribs, but the sensation did do something: it made his cock, still confined in his pants, jump as you started riding out that orgasm on his face just like he dreamed of for the past two nights. His fingers drifted down from your nipple as the others slipped out of your ass, leaving you mostly empty, with nothing but the coursing orgasm rolling through you right on the tip of his tongue. When your juices just poured from your folds, his tongue sucked and lips slurped to draw in every dram of sweetness that was his baby's honey leaking onto his mouth and chin. With no real warning, he flipped you over, grabbing your thigh to pull you onto your back as he crawled like a feral beast between your thighs and let you watch the wolf in him licking the flavor from his mate's nethers, not letting you get up until he had lapped and licked up most of every drop aside from your juices still trickling, caught by his tongue slipping over your skin. His hand slipped in to hold your thighs open, licking every drop of smooth sweetness he could find regardless of how much you needed something more than tongue foreplay.

Vixxen let out a disappointed little cry when your fingers left her feeling empty, but her disappointment was quickly ended when you flipped her to her back. With her legs spread wantonly and her dripping wet snatch exposed to the open for you to just take in to your sights, she watched you crawling to her, looking dangerous and hungry. The sight thrilled her and sent her heart pattering in her chest, her stomach coiling back into that all too familiar knot of excitement. Her eyes never left you--the sight of you crawling between her legs with that look on your face was the most erotic thing she had ever seen in her life--and when your tongue lapped at her juices like a cat taking milk from a saucer, her orgasm roared to life in her veins once more. Vixxen's eyes rolled into her head as it dropped back. She let out a groan and then her body jerked as your tongue laved over her overly-sensitive clit. "Shhhit! Z... Too much... I can't... Oh shit, it's too sensitive!" She tried pulling away, but your damn hands had her hips in a grip like a vice, and still you kept slicking that tongue over her folds and across her clit, making her jump and dance in your grip. "Oh god.... please, no more...." Though she begged you, she realized you were not stopping until you damn well wanted to, so she gripped the blanket beneath you both and rode out the electric shocks jolting from her clit.

Zuriel took his time, and even if you tried to close your thighs, he growled and shoved his hand down to keep your legs spread. He did listen, but only a little bit, the feel of his tongue drifting over your sensitive clit sparking your nerves. Pulling back he pursed his lips before a rush of warm air drifted over your hot little button and he exhaled a lungful to keep you teased openly right there at his mercy. He held you to the dock a little while, until your clit started to get some of the sensation back from cumming like that on his face. His skin glistened with your juices still, and when he got the chance, he licked or swept his fingers over his face to taste you on his fingertips. With a grin he rolled to his side and unzipped his pants, letting them fall open to reveal his hard dick standing straight up, then he laid on his back and nodded at you to come get what you wanted. "Get in here. Take a taste baby." Smirking as he laid there and wobbled his hips, he sent his dick flopping side to side gently.

Vixxen felt like every nerve in her body was tingling and her head was swimming in bliss, but when you called her over to take a taste of that cock, she grinned and crawled over to you like a hungry little minx. Not going straight for that beautiful piece of meat she so badly wanted to taste, she rose over you and kissed your lips first, sliding her tongue over them and then slipping it into your mouth to taste her own cum in that kiss. She moaned against you and drew back, kissing your chin, your neck, your chest, slowly working her way down to your pelvis. Her hair, tied back into that cute little ponytail, hung down past her ear and as she kissed that sweet spot just over your cock, it brushed the over the tip and shaft with a fluttery soft tickle. Vixxen's tongue laved over your skin in dancing swirls as her hands gripped your hips gently, tugging your pants lower so she could kiss the skin all around your cock. Those petal soft lips brushed down one pelvic bone and up the other, her cheek even brushing against your shaft so that she felt it jump, but she didn't touch it directly yet. With another tug, she slipped the seat of your pants even further so that your balls were free of the material, and then she placed her tongue over the sac drawing the flat of it from one side to the other leaving a wet trail of spit across the skin. Pursing her lips, she blew a stream of air across that wetness, then she dove in and sucked first one side then the other into the heat of her mouth. And still she left your cock untouched, purposefully making you wait, building the anticipation. Rising to her knees between your legs, she hovered over it, the head dancing just beneath her chin, and she looked at you with almost as much a feral gleam in her eyes as you always possess. Ensuring that your focus was on her and only her, she parted her lips and--holding eye contact with you--slowly lowered her mouth over the head of your cock and clamped her lips down around the head with a suckle, drawing you inch by inch by inch into her mouth.

Zuriel Bedlam had expected a little tease since he forced you to cum on his tongue, but when you kissed him to delve your own tongue inside his mouth to taste yourself still glazed on his lips and chin, he idly wondered if letting you take over was a really good idea. Yeah, he dressed you like a teeny bopper, and despite you never wearing anything like this in your life, you fell right into the teasing little bitch he knew you could be without ever touching his cock at first. Every inch of his cock was freshly shorn and smooth, so taut skin greeted every touch or lick of your tongue and lips near his cock. Only the happy little trail of hair adorned his belly and ended right past the button of his pants that you had slowly pulled down to free his cock completely from his clothing. When your tongue slipped over his smooth balls, he shook a little and felt your lips pull one, letting it drop before taking the other between your lips. Since your head was ducked down, you felt his untouched cock jump against your cheek when the breath of air washed over his spit-glazed flesh. If anticipation was what you wanted, the way he bobbed his hips told you he was already straining. Plus the look of his dick throbbing under your chin when your gleaming eyes looked back at him let you see that the color had gone from the pinkish tone of his skin to a deeper red, with the underside of his cock head swelling even bigger than before. He stared back down into your mischievous eyes looking up at him before the head disappeared between your lips. His head rolled back on his neck, and a roll of his hip lightly pushed his cock between your lips a little deeper than you were prepared for. He huffed and steeled his nerves, fighting the urge to just fuck your face and giving his love the chance to enjoy him without the urgent need to cum so quickly.

Vixxen felt you already trying to force yourself just a little too deep and she pulled back with a grin, placing her hand on your hip to push you back down. Wanting to take her time and make this last, make you enjoy it as much as she enjoyed the attention you'd just given her, she withdrew her mouth from your cock some, keeping just the tip inside. With a rolling swirl of her tongue, she caressed the head inside her mouth, the top of her tongue brushing along the underside of the shaft curing up and around so that the slick, slippery underside of her tongue glazed over the top of your cock. Round and round she swirled her tongue as the hand not holding you down glided in over your other hip to clasp the base of your cock with long, methodical strokes. Vixxen pulled off with a wet, smacking pop and parted her lips, using her hand to slap your cock head against her outstretched tongue. Even she couldn't keep the tease up for long, though, before she had to get her lips wrapped back around that thick piece of meat. God, she loved your cock, and she loved sucking it, loved how she made you feel, loved hearing your grumbling growls and grunts knowing she was the cause. Having had enough play time, she sucked you down like she was ravenous and you were her sustenance. The entire length disappeared past those pink lips and she bounced her head up-down-up-down, fucking it rapidly then slowing her pace so as not to bring you to the edge too fast. Each time she slowed, she peeked up at you through up-turned lashes, watching the ever-changing look on your face, though it was always one of pleasure. Smirking, she bobbed her head again, taking it deeper each time until she had to rise up and angle her head to allow the first couple of inches slip down into her clenching throat. Vixxen coughed but she fought the urge and forced it back down, holding you there, letting you feel the walls of her throat constricting around your head and shaft, then she drew back with a gasp for air and a groan at loving how you felt lodged in her throat. Slurping back spit and precum, she licked her lips and wrapped them back around that shaft, intent on giving you the same pleasure you'd just given her.

Zuriel knew you were going to pay him back for that tongue lashing, but never did he expect you to worship that cock like you were. Every swirl over his tip sent him lifting just from the feeling, his ass bared from the pull of his pants well out of the way, but he still felt you pushing at his hip to keep him down, and the actual intent made him smile more than did your success in keeping him in check. He hissed when your fingers from your free hand gripped the base of his cock, and he actually, literally shivered with every slap of his heated beef against your tongue, not knowing which was more erotic until your lips slurped wetly around his head again. He lifted on his elbows not wanting to miss a single thing you were doing, watching you under your lashes peeking up at him. His mouth parted and fangs gleamed in the soft light at you on the docks, sucking him down like he was the finest flavor your tongue would ever grace, but his hands clasped at the pillow beneath us on the planks when your mouth dropped the full length of him, your cough sending a pleasured shock through him. But that was just the start. He had had such bravado starting in on you with his tongue, and now between your lips and being shoved down your gulping throat, he wasn't sure he might deliver on that promise. You knew he was losing control by the time he wobbled his hips, lifting them up to give you a little more meat in your lips before falling back, both from your hand pushing at his hip and because he was getting lost in your mouth sucking at him tightly. "Nnhhaa...Vixx... Come on... Not so...fa-fast..."

Every time she felt you jumping and twitching in her mouth, she slowed down, drawing out the pleasure she was giving you. She didn't want you to cum--not yet--but she did want to bring you right to the edge and keep you there until you couldn't stand it any more. When her eyes turned back up to look at you, she saw those fangs gleaming in the light and her heart stuttered a few rapid beats. Drawing a shaky but excited breath, she picked up her pace once more, but when you pleaded--yes, pleaded--with her to slow down, she smirked but complied, knowing you were precariously balanced on the edge you had held her at not so long ago. Holding that shaft in the clasp of her dainty fingers, she drew back and grinned at you, lapping at the head of your cock between words, "Tell me what you want, Zuriel. Tell me how badly you want to cum. Beg me to suck it down and swallow it all." Her fingers would stroke your shaft rapidly, only stopping to slide her tongue over that tiny slit, drawing out more of your precious precum, then she would stroke you again, waiting patiently for you to do as she asked.

Zuriel held on to a mix of adoration, desire, and a little fear. Not that he wouldn't cum, but the thought of you denying him so when he was so close was enough to make him bite his tongue almost in defiance, like he wasn't ready to admit you had him closer and closer to the edge with your mouth and slender fingers gripping his dick. But your tongue was the real treat and the real threat. Each time you licked over his cock slit, a little pearl of white melted on your slithering muscle. You could see it on his face: he hated admitting you had him at your mercy like that first night back at the bar. He hadn't felt like this since then and here was his cotton candy coated bitch dragging him down the path of admitting defeat while in your mouth. Legs tensed like he was about to move and hands slipped flat against the dock to push up--he was about to pounce and take his pleasure from you, even being held on the very edge of release. You felt him rising against your hand, starting to get up...if he could get past the sucking lips toying with his cock.

Vixxen saw that dangerous look in your eye, though there was doubt there, too. But when she saw you shifting and moving as though you were debating getting up to take advantage of the situation, she gripped her hand around your cock harder--hard enough to stave off that boiling desire in your loins. Shaking her head, she tsked her tongue, "You must not want to cum yet, my love, if you can't even ask me for it like I told you to. Maybe I should just keep lapping it at, like this..." She kept her grip on the base tight, but she slid her tongue right back over that dripping slit and drew her tongue in with a moan tasting the dribble of cum that coated it. "Or this..." This time her tongue started at your balls and, shifting her hand for just a moment, licked from your sack up the length and back to the head. Her grin curled up on one side and she saw your chest rising in panting breaths, heard you grunting and growling trying to hold off, too damn stubborn to beg her for release. "Or maybe I'll just fuck you with my mouth some more until I feel you starting to swell then pull off again, but you will tell me what you want before I give it to you, Zuriel." With that, she wrapped her mouth back around your cock using rapid, sucking pumps to bring you back to the edge and just as she heard you panting rapidly, as she felt your cock even remotely start to swell, she would pull off again, only giving you slow, intermediate strokes with her hands until you answered her demands.

Zuriel was almost on his ass lifting up until he felt your hand squeezing his dick hard enough to pull back his boiling balls from going over the brink. The sensation also knocked him back on his elbows with a panting breath escaping his snarling lips, but by the time you looked up at him and started talking, he was throbbing so badly that he lost the ability to lift himself up at all. He took in your words but couldn't even respond when you spoke. In fact, when your tongue lapped at his drooling cock slit, it was the only time he let out any sound, but all that came was a grunting gasp escaping his parted lips. He watched not only from fascination that you found your own strength in claiming him, but also the sight of your head dipping down to split his lifted balls with your tongue--the soft orbs hardly even bounced from the tension of his edge still being held at bay. He was angry and it showed, with fangs gleaming down at you, but more so angry with himself. His head tossed back, though, when your lips pumped hungrily up and down his shaft to bring him rolling back to the brink and you felt his thighs shake with frustration when you lifted your lips from his tip with a wet pop. "Oh you little... Uhaa...ffffuck!" He gritted his teeth and held fast as best he could, clutching the pillow beneath as a trickle of crimson rolled down his bottom lip and then his chin from nipping his own flesh. He was just too sensitive, and though you toyed with him, you were not giving him enough to cum, so his dick pulsed hotly in your hand clutching him. He lowered his eyes and grunted again, purring dangerously. "Please...make me cum..."

Vixxen heard you growling and though she kept that teasing stroke going, she wondered for a moment if perhaps she had pushed her luck and gone too far. She knew you would never hurt her, but she still wasn't positive that you wouldn't lose enough control to just simply overpower her and take what you wanted. Though your body jerked as you fought for control, and she saw those fangs peeking past your lips as you ground your teeth together, she finally heard what she'd been waiting for. Stroking your cock faster now, holding you right at the brink so she could take what she wanted most, she purred out as she locked your gaze with hers, "Cum for me, Zuriel. Fill my mouth with your hot seed so I can swallow every last drop. Cum for me now, baby. Do it!" Not wasting one precious second, she sucked your cock back down to the hilt, moving her hand away to lay it flat against your pelvis, just keeping that shaft upright with her thumb beneath the base. Her head pumped up and down so rapidly that her ponytail flailed on her head, forcing the tip of your cock down her throat. Her wet lips smacked and your cock choked off her air, making the gagging gack-gack-gack sound drown out her own moans of pleasure. Feeling you tense beneath her, your cock swelling so large that her lips actually spread wider around the girth, she sucked with all her might, drawing the cum right from your balls.

Zuriel Bedlam lost it, but not from you urging him to explode. It was the sudden and livid stroke of your mouth down his fat girth that pulled the first stream of cum from him the instant his tip hit the back of your throat, stopping those gagging sounds with a glutch of wet cream pumping into your mouth so vividly that the heels of his boots hooked against the backs of your thighs, almost as if he was trying to pin you in so that escape from his spraying tip was impossible. Pillows flew from the docks, hitting the pond, and he didn't even fucking care. He fell back into convulsions of his spine, rocking and bouncing his hips as your mouth sucked the load right from his balls so full and thick that you even felt your cheeks bloom out from the amount of gooey gold that flowed between your lips in a wild bucking spray. The feel of that orgasm was so intense, he thought he was going to have a heart attack. The ache in the base of his balls shot down the length of dick still trapped by your lips and his cum dribbled from your lower lip by sheer virtue of the amount of it filling your mouth. "Ahhhhh... Nngahhh... Haaa... hnnn...!"

Vixxen knew it was coming, but when that jet of thick, white cum hit her throat, she pulled back some to let it flood her mouth. Swallowing as though she might drown, she still couldn't catch it all and it filled her mouth, dribbles leaking from the corners of her lips as you kept pumping your pulsing cock past them. As you slowed, she drew back, letting you slip from the warmth of her mouth and she looked right at you as she swirled the pool of cum still resting on her tongue, making sure you saw her swallow every last bit of it. Moaning, she licked her lips and placed delicate little kisses over your cock, watching it dance and bounce from the sensitivity. Resting her cheek on your thigh, she purred out, "Delicious..." Her hand traced lazy lines over your ribs as you caught your breath, just letting you regain your senses from the intense orgasm.

Zuriel watched as his cock squirted the last few drops, but by no means were you done playing with him. Those kisses felt so fucking good that he nearly came again before he swept you down to the pillows and kissed your lips. Not relishing his own flavor but not afraid to share it, his tongue coiled with yours, wrestling and caressing it with his dancing behind your lips. He rose over your body and crawled up your curves to kiss you more deeply, nipping your lower lip as he panted against your mouth. "Inside...right now..."

Vixxen let out a laugh as you swept her up and laid her on what pillows remained on the dock, kissing you back just as greedily as you did her. The tug on her bottom lip drove her wild and she drew her leg up along your side, nodding with a laugh at your barked order. "Mmm... yes sir." She was only half teasing, replying to your command as instructed, and she gave you a gentle shove so she could slip from under you. Rising to her feet, she headed to the house with her naked ass swaying in your sights.

Zuriel followed your ass like a predator watching game it was about to pounce, his cock growing less sensitive by the moment as he followed you into the cabin and smirked at the sight of you standing in the middle of the place. He kicked off his boots and stepped up behind you, taking your hair in his hand to crush you against his chest in another kiss that seared along your lips and tongue. Because he was still so worked up, you could feel his dick laying against your hip in that kiss before he stepped back and started reaching for your hand. He strolled calmly towards the bed, towing you along with nibbles and kisses leading you closer to the mattress. "Hnn... Now I see I should stop letting you do that. Of course, you'll sneak and blow me when I least expect it, I bet." Smirking, he pulled you right beside the bed.

Vixxen melted right into your kiss--you always seemed to have that effect on her--and as you lead her to the bed, still nibbling and kissing her, she actually giggled like a school girl. Strolling to the bed with you, she couldn't hold back that shit-eating grin, "Stop letting me do what? Bring you pleasure? Hmm... Ok. But I'll still insist that you do it for me, even if you're wanting to give it up for yourself." She knew damn well what you meant, but she couldn't help being a smart ass. It was just her nature.

Zuriel smirked at your words. He knew that you knew what the hell he was talking about, but getting you inside half naked and warm with him was all that mattered. Especially when he pushed you into the frame of the bed and stepped up behind you to lift your shirt and expose your swollen nipples to the glowing warm air inside the cabin. "Alright, smart ass. Least I know you love me as much as I love you, otherwise you'd still be getting fucked on the docks right now." As if to make his point, his spit-slicked length glided right between your cheeks and the renewed playtime made that cock swell tighter between your buns. His hands swept in, cupping your tits to pluck and pull at your nipples, and he ground into you just to play back a little after you held him so mercilessly on edge for minutes back at the pond.

Vixxen had expected the rough play after the way she tormented you outside and she knew she deserved it. In all honesty, she had been counting on it. She was feeling feisty tonight and she wanted it good and hard and rough, so she'd intentionally worked you up--even made you beg her for release--because she wanted to stir up that animal inside you. Her hands slapped the cool wood of the headboard and when your hands wrapped around to expose her nipples, she leaned back into your chest to push them outward, almost begging for them to be toyed with. The grip you took on them drew a small cry from her lips and she was forced to lean into the pull, drawing her away from your chest to lean against the headboard once more. Chewing her lip, she whined in her throat, but the biting pain in her nipples flared her lusts anew and she let out a ragged sigh. The slick glide of your cock against her ass had her rolling her hips again, brushing those round cheeks against it, and she purred out, "Fuck me, Z. Please. As much as I love your tongue on my clit, I love nothing more than your cock stuffing my cunt full."

Zuriel purred as he drew his hands up and peeled your little half shirt off totally, only to get it out of his way and spare it from being torn apart, because he loved the way you looked in it. That was his last gentle touch, though, before he snapped his arms forward to grab your tits tightly in his smashing hands, kneading and squeezing those breasts with every slick slide of his cock between your cheeks. He pulled his hips back so his cock dropped from between your cheeks and glided right over your still juicy lips, making him shudder despite the need rising in him again. He swore to himself today was the day you wore stockings and sneakers for him only to have every one of your holes filled with his cum. His cock split your lips with a roll of his body, pushing inside to feel the heat of his love engulfing his shaft in her fiery lusts, the entrance of your pussy quaking at the feel of your mate taking it like he belonged there. He sort of knew that you had been playing him to get that animal to come out, almost like you were inviting his hunger to feed from you against the frame of the bed we shared. But he'd had enough teasing. Growling as he pulled back and dropped his hands after a pinch to your hard nipples, his grip smacked over your hips as he jerked back only to start fucking your cunt with ravenous shoves filling you up. "Your wish...is my command...Mistress...hehe." The last few words dropped an octave, the deep feral sound of his baritone voice hitting your ears as keenly as his dick stuffed in hard.

Vixxen had been feeling saucy and spicy today--hence the bravado on the docks--but once you clasped onto her breasts like you were staking a claim on them and she felt you press inside her with a roll of your hips, she lost all desire for control again, simply wanting--no, needing--to be taken by you. Her feet slipped outward at the first thrust and she angled her hips up, even rising on her toes to let you press into her fully. When you first started to speak, she started to smirk again at the playfulness of the words, but as your voice dropped in pitch and those first hard slams started rocking her body against the headboard, her stomach clenched and she thought perhaps she had, indeed, been poking a tiger--or in this case, a wolf--in a cage. Still, her pussy quivered around your shaft, and though she'd been wet since you'd first started licking her on the docks, her juices flowed once more, coating you from tip to base so that each stroke shlucked inside of her.

Zuriel was by no means done with you at all. The wet noises his plunging dick made only drew him down into that hunger to have more and you felt the deep strum of his dick bottoming out inside your wet tunnel that was hugging him like he was the one piece you needed to feel whole. But the animal inside was already awake when he stroked in and held it for only a moment to pull back and fall into a deep rhythm stroking your whole cunt with all of his cock at once. His hands locked more tightly at your hips and the beast came out in the rapid staccato bursts of his hips suddenly slamming against you, making your ass lift to let him inside, undoing yourself by giving him just what he needed: unlimited access to ravage your cunt with the violent shoves pelting your slit and the smooth feeling of heavy nuts smacking your clit from behind. His hand lifted, raking nails over your ass bouncing from the sudden impact of your wolf mounting you to claim that pussy for his own. Teeth bared as he pushed inside so hard your toes were the only thing hanging onto the floor for purchase as he drilled that slit like a damn maniac starved for sex.

Vixxen was astounded that after the mind-blowing orgasm she'd given you outside you could still be so hungry for her...still take her like you'd been waiting for days to get inside her. Her hands held her up, but without your own grasping her breasts, the angry slamming of your hips against her ass sent her tits rolling and bouncing on her chest. Already she was panting, little moans spilling from her lips telling you just how fucking good you felt inside of her. The clasp of your hands on her hips urged her to to push back into each forward thrust you gave, but when those claws came out and dug into the soft flesh, she hissed in air between clenched teeth, then grunted out hotly, loving the wicked pain it brought. "Fuuuck, yes... Who's pussy is this, baby? Who does it belong to?" As if making her point, her cunt clenched around your cock, her own words making her feel dirty, turning herself on even more. A splash of honey squirt out around your shaft and the slick sounds grew louder as she got wetter. Turning her head to see you, she glanced over her shoulder and saw that look in your eye, and a bolt of excitement shot from between her legs through her body. Turning back, she braced her arms on the headboard and pushed to keep from rocking when you plunged into her, increasing the force of each blow so that you were literally slamming into her dripping wet pussy. Those cute little purple and blue shoes rose and fell on the floor, beating out a dance as she rode your cock through every lustful pump.

Zuriel snapped his head up to look at you turning that glance back at him, even daring to run your little teasing mouth further while he fucked your pussy with his entire shaft ramming home. Claws sunk in a little further at your hips leaving small lines of red trickling down your pale flesh and he jerked you back in a skid that scraped your slipping hands down the bed frame. His lip lifted in a snarl, holding your ass with those taloned hands jerking your cunt down his hungry dick, pounding you without even a shred of mercy holding him back. That cock beat against your lips, thudding hard enough that your ass rocked up only to be jerked back and down to his fat girth drilling that tunnel relentlessly--almost painfully. Each stroke made him wince and grunt in time with the jarring shoves that threw your bare hands to the frame in front of you. "Bitch, you know who owns this pussy!" Driving that cock to the brim inside your quaking snatch, he forced you to take it at that speed until the bed frame actually started to wobble from the fucking force he was nailing you against it with. The slamming of his dick threw your tits so hard that they bopped and battered your chin from every swing of his hips slapping against your raised ass as it took that dick you'd wanted so badly.

Vixxen's hands skid down the bed frame with a startled cry issuing from her lips. Your hands held her up and she caught herself once more, but the whole motion jerked her head back around front so that she was no longer looking back at you. She didn't need to though; she'd seen enough to know she'd gotten her wish; you were riled and that beast breathed just under the surface, clawing to come out. She had spent her life looking for excitement, for the next thrill, and when she'd met you she'd found it. But when you first exposed her to what you are, she had feared she may have found more than she'd bargained for. Now, though...now she craved it. She craved the thrill and the danger and the excitement of it, so she pushed for it tonight, seeing just how far she could go and get away with it, secretly hoping to push you over the edge. Getting exactly what she'd hoped for, she grit her teeth together feeling those fucking claws dragging over her hips, the red lines almost burning like fire. She held back the cry, but she shuddered and her squelching cunt fluttered around the girth of your cock splitting her open with such ferocity that she nearly toppled over. Her hands braced firmly against the wooden headboard and she bounced and jostled in your grip. Hell, even your barked reply to her teases turned her on, whereas in the past she would have gotten pissed and told anyone that said that to her to go fuck themselves. Coming from you, it nearly made her cum again, knowing that her pussy belonged to you and only you. Still, she said nothing more, the only sounds coming form her mouth the heated grunts she made as your cock parted her glossy lips and plunged to the depths of her womb until she thought you would break through to her stomach.

Zuriel yanked out of your juicy slit and threw you head-over-sneaker-clad-heels to the bed. Stalking down to the foot of it, he clambered up on top of the mattress with his dick hanging hard and glossy. You might have even swore that you saw it move like a tendril hanging from between his legs before the feel of taloned hands gripped your neck in a single hold of sharp fingers. Silvered eyes gleamed down at you in full glow as his black hands pulled you into position and he threw your legs high to trap them in place. The pull of that hand around your throat glutched your pussy right back onto his dick with a roll of his hips to seat it deep inside that pussy he claimed. The leather on his forearms popped free from his swelling muscles, the leather stretching until it broke, and he pulled that clawed hand from your neck to drag it right down your tits and belly to the bed. Talons hooked into the mattress with his arms locking under your legs to keep you spread open, and somehow that animal inside was trying not to ravage you like a deer at the mercy of a wolf in the woods. The wild push of his hips came back with a vengeance, now. With you spread open, no amount of leaning or wriggling like this would allow you to escape his thudding dick pile-driving straight down inside your red lips blushing hotly from getting the animal to come play with you. His eyes looked inhuman, and they watched your face like he could bite it off any moment.

Vixxen let out a small yelp as she stumbled over the bed with a flop and roll. Her eyes went wide as she saw you crawling to her, your breaths coming out more of a growl than just...well, breathing. Swallowing hard, she thought to herself, you may have gone too far, Vixxen. But it was too late now as you towered over her and your hand--was that fucking hand?--wrapped around her throat. Her head snapped up to look at you as if to say, what the fuck? But when she saw those gleaming, silvered orbs staring back down at her, her voice left her completely. He won't hurt you...he won't hurt you...he won't hurt you... She kept chanting it in her head as though saying it enough times would make it true. And she was sure it was true. But would what you became hurt her? That she didn't know. She swallowed hard again and despite her fear--or perhaps because of it--when you yanked her pussy back down onto your pulsating cock, she groaned like a whore, her head rolling on the bed from the pure pleasure of feeling you inside her again. When your arms wrapped under her legs, those sneaker-clad feet flew into the air, bouncing and jouncing with each rocking pump of your hips. Her hands wrapped around your arms and she tried not to look at how they morphed into... Jesus Christ, those are claws! She turned her head and closed her eyes, but that only emphasized the wild flips her stomach was doing at the idea of you turning into a wolf. Steeling herself, she pried her eyes open again and looked into your face and she saw you staring down at her--almost through her--with those mysterious silver eyes and she gasped, unable to catch a full breath, just gasping until her lungs finally filled, and then she let it all out in a whimpering moan. "Ohhh Zuriel.... Uunnghhhh..." She bit her lip, but her stomach coiled in a knot twisting tighter and tighter at the feel of you pushing her depths and the slapping of your balls against her ass.

Zuriel roared, and with you caught beneath him like this, you could see his eyebrows growing together. Silvered orbs watched your face as the brush of something furry swished over your hip and the realization came that he was swinging a godsdamned tail! Every tooth between his fangs stretched in that roar and the flat human-looking teeth sharpened to points right before your eyes. Saliva strung between those teeth in his jaws, held wide and still letting out the deepest sound you'd ever heard in your life come from a living thing--and this one was inside you. He was slamming your cunt so fucking fiercely that it wasn't long until the base of his cock started to swell, and just like a canine, the knot in his shaft slushed through your lips and stretched you open even wider. The rutting fuck he railed inside your pussy bounced and wobbled your tits hard enough that your nipples actually scraped and bopped your chin and cheeks from the animal fuck being pounded inside you with all the beastly hunger in him hardly contained. The battle in his mind was raging through the lust of the moment, making his human side fight for a foothold every time he crammed you full of dick, and his chest just kept panting like a train barreling down the tracks at full tilt using the force of the moment to rattle and stuff your cunt so deep that every pull back squished your juices out in a spray of honey glittering in the cabins light. "NnnghaaarrrrRrrrrr...." He couldn't even speak any longer; his tongue was growing beyond the ability for speech.

Vixxen felt something soft brushing over her hip every few seconds and she turned her head to see if you had a cat or something that she'd never noticed in the house before, and when she saw it she thought, yes...wait, no...what the fuck? Her eyes bugged from her head and she looked back at you completely fucking bewildered, though after seeing those claws nothing should have surprised her. But...a tail?? Oh, this is too much, she thought. Instead of clinging to you, she started to push against your arms, but she was completely pinned beneath you, her legs trapped, your cock pinning her to the bed like a spike through a board. She panicked now, stammering out, "Jesus, Z... What..? Can you even hear me? Are you still with me?" Vixxen's hands reached up to clasp your face, willing you to return to her, but the look in your eyes was glazed and she saw the teeth in that gaping maw and she started panting heavily, her head rolling back and her eyes closing. The rutting pounding of her cunt never ceased. In fact, it got wilder and harder the more you changed, and despite her growing trepidation, she couldn't fight her body's response. That cock felt huge inside her, pressing even harder than ever, pushing her open so wide that it hurt every time you bottomed out and she wondered just what else on you had changed. Every time your hips clapped against her, she gasped and cried out, but the pain was so deliciously wicked that she found herself lifting her hips even the tiny amount that she could just to feel that thickness splitting her wide open. Her wet juices slushed and spilled out of her pussy, trickling down the crack of her ass to pool on the bed. "Zuriel.. Fuck! What..what's happening? Ohhh god...it feels so fucking good... Please don't stop!"

Zuriel growled as he heard your words, but the beast was so close to the surface that his human side was hardly stirring. Maybe for a moment a dull shine came to his eyes--long enough that your legs were let loose--but that was not enough to get free, especially when your walls hugged that knotted cock so tightly that the squish of your legs lowering only made him groan an ungodly sound.  Asking him not to stop was hardly even slowing him down. The rabid animal you dared torment came to life and was now slushing through your folds with that knot slurping from your pussy in sprays of your juices staining the bed beneath us. Even as the beast you called your love fucked that cunt, you felt the growing swell of that knot pulling through your lips growing tighter and tighter. His cock drooled inside your pussy so deeply that you felt the warmth growing from his dick oozing juices inside to mingle with your own. Fuck, he loved you, and that alone might have been what kept him from tearing out your throat, from devouring you on the bed like a deer in headlights now being fucked like crazy. Lines of saliva cascaded down his chin, slithering along your tits and neck from him feeling hungry to taste you, but somehow his human side held a fraying leash on the animal you dared to wake up.

With you pressed up against her the way you were, she could actually feel her own chest vibrating with your growls, like she was at a concert with the bass cranked too high. It terrified her and excited her at the same time, but still she thought that she'd gone too far this time. Not only were you not responding to her pleas, but the sounds you made were...well, they were just fucking inhuman and it scared the crap out of her. But she'd begged you not to stop because oh-my-god it felt so fucking good, and not only did you not stop, but the fucking became impossibly harder, faster, and she wrapped her legs around your waist to pull herself into you. Daring to look down between your bodies, she peered at your cock, and to her astonishment she saw that it had changed, explaining the painful spread and push into her tiny entrance, and the drawing pull every time you withdrew, until she swore it was getting so tight she didn't think you'd be able to pull out again at all. Because of that, those thrusts became shorter but deeper, filling her so full, so tight, it almost felt like her belly was swelling with the force of you inside her walls and she groaned with the aching feel of it stretching her wide. Her sights landed back on your face and she saw the drips of saliva hanging from your lips and she shuddered, tightening her grip on your arms. The whole reality of it came crashing in on her and it struck her that she was fucking more an animal than a man and it was so taboo, so wild, that without warning she sucked in a breath and let out an ear-shattering scream as her cunt spasmed around your pulsing, throbbing cock. Her orgasm hit her like a freight train, slamming through her body and she screamed out, "OHHH FUCK!!! ZURIEL! AHHHH GODDDD!"

Zuriel kept breathing like he was running a marathon over your body. Even your tightening limbs and walls hugging his dick brought him right to the very end of the animal's reign, but not soon enough. By the time you came all over him, that knot had grown so thick that your release triggered the last few pulses that caught his dick and he held it tightly inside your cunt without being able to move. Like two dogs in a tie, he was snapped tight from doing anything but writhing over you as the beast in his eyes looked down at you lost in the throes of an orgasm so fierce it rocked you to the core. That knot held him still and it hurt when he tried to pull out, so he remained buried balls deep inside that pussy. His cock jolted and twitched with the tip suddenly spurting to life. Much like a canine, the knot held his boiling load until it released in a steady stream. It filled you so completely that as his cock was held inside your walls, his seed made his dick float between your muscles as they clenched at him. Panting constantly, huffing a growling lilt against your chest, the knot slowly melted away as his eyes dimmed to normal. Not only did he fill you up with his wolven seed, but you got to watch the catharsis: his wolfish features slowly receding from sight. Those teeth flattened and the drooling slowly stopped. His eyebrows grew apart and the feel of his fluffy tail shirked away, swishing against your hip a final time. His fangs did not go away, but the claws on his long black fingers started to draw in, shrinking back down to the size of his human hands. He huffed a final time, not even pulling out until he just collapsed on top of you like he simply passed out from the exertion of holding the beast at bay.

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