Zuriel Fucks His Girl Scout

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Lisa smirked. "Care for some cookies, mister?"

Zuriel grinned, licking his lips at the sight, his hand on your butt kneading a little. Using that hand on your ass, he pulled his girl scout close, then both hands roam your lithe, sexy frame in your hot little outfit.

Lisa giggled as you swept her into your arms, feeling your big, strong body pressing in against her tiny frame. She pressed her hips against your semi-erect cock so that it dipped up under her skirt and brushed against her little red thong panties.

Zuriel chewed his lip and slid to the bed pulling you after him to sit right on his lap, letting you get comfy before his hand drifted down, nails raking along that trim tummy. "Yeah, right now I do want a cookie, and you're gonna be a good girl scout and gimme one." His fingers curled, pressing against those little red panties to grind and stroke your clothed pussy, fingertips searching out that hot little button swelling from his touch.

Lisa settled in your lap, hardly able to keep her legs still when your fingers brushed over her panties. Resting her head against your shoulder, she clung to you and wriggled her hips, whimpering when you pressed the cloth against her clit in circles. Lisa whined out her need, "Nnnggg Daddy... You can have the whole box if you keep that up." The innuendo was not lost on you. Your girl wanted your cock. She was already soaking through her panties just from your touch. The material barely covered her pussy lips and your fingers could feel the slick skin peeking around the thong each time your stroked over her mound. "F-fuck... please don't stop. Keep touching my pussy, Daddy. You're getting me so hot."

Zuriel smirked hearing those words. Somehow hearing you call him 'Daddy' was always so fucking sexy that he would lose his mind every time you said it. He let you settle against him, those fingers rubbing tightly to stroke up and down juicy soaked lips with his fingertips teasing right over your clothed clit. His grin turning devious as his fingers plucked your thong between them and pulled. The action made the material cling to your nethers, hugging those lips with the cute button of your clit plastered tightly against the damp fabric creeping between your lips. "Just as hot as you have me. Little girl scout slut coming to my door needs some attention." You could feel it against your ass--his cock swollen and stiff. But his pressing hard on did not make his eyes look away from you as he toyed with his scout right here on his lap.

Lisa turned her head against your shoulder, her mouth open and mawing at your skin, licking over the ridges of muscles, teeth scraping in her lust. She whimpered right against your flesh, the sound muted but still clear that she was going crazy with your touch. The forceful bite of cloth between her folds--trapping her clit between it--had her head lifting to cry out and her hips jerked in your lap, her heeled Mary Janes digging against your legs as she lifted herself against the threading material between her ass cheeks. The nails on your other shoulder sank into the flesh in her death grip and she moaned out, "Ohhhh god, Daddy..." Panting, her little chest heaving, she begged you breathlessly, "I want you cock, please... Please fuck me, Daddy. Please stick your cock in me and make me squeal for you."

Zuriel slipped his hand away and unclipped your skirt, pulling it free so those Mary Janes lifted and fell to his legs again. Tossing that skirt aside, his hand slid back down and his fingers tugged your thong to the side to expose your blushing lips to his sight even sitting on his lap curled like a cutie. "No, I don't think you begged me right. You want a quick fix and I'm not giving you one." Instead of giving you his cock, two thick fingers pushed between your lips and the tip of his ring finger danced over your exposed clit with the squish of those digits sliding inside his tight girl scout. Rumbling in your ear when he turned his head, he spoke again, "You're gonna cum on my fingers whether you want my dick or not." With your legs almost too tight together, he could only push those digits in and out, letting them slide in to curl and press against that spot inside while his ring finger stroked and rubbed your clit from the outside right there on his lap.

Lisa kicked her legs out of that skirt just as fast as you could remove it, wanting to shed her clothes so that you could touch more of her. The moment your fingers were back between her legs tugging her panties aside and rubbing over her wet slit, she was grinding against them mewling like a kitten. Her panting breaths caressed your neck and she nipped and kissed and licked at the skin right up to your ear, suckling at it even through her moans. She wanted your cock so fucking bad, but cumming on your fingers was good, too, so she nodded and whimpered out against your ear, "Ok, Daddy. Pump 'em inside hard while you rub my little clitty. I wanna cummmm so bad. Please!" Her tight little ass writhed and rolled in your lap, bumping and brushing against your hard cock as it pressed into her hip and ass. Her juices trickled out and down into your lap and you could feel the slick wetness on your thighs being spread around by her movements. She whimpered over and over, little squeals that build in pitch the closer she got to climax. "Ngh! Ngh! Nnnngh! Don't stop, Daddy! Finger my little pussy and make me cum!"

Zuriel grinned enough that his fangs peeked from under his lip, loving the way you mewled and nipped at his neck and ear just from him fingering you right there on his lap like his personal little scout. He purred close to your ear while his hand pumped a little harder and those digits straightened with the deeper plunge of his fingers stirring that hot juicy cunny. A single talon grew from his free hand and the nick to your flesh snapped over your hip as your thong was split at the string so it could fall away with the fabric still together and whole. That claw melted back in while his hand drifted over your hip to grab the remainder of your panties. With a huff and a snap he tore them free, baring your body a little more to his touch and to feel you writhing against him like a kitten in heat. He curled his fingers and pulled you by the pussy right over his cock, not stopping until he felt your juices drip down on his swollen girth just under your ass with his fingers slorping wetly through your tight walls. "Yeah, someone is being a little bossy bitch today...heh."

Lisa's heart was already racing but it beat that much harder when she felt the sharp sting against her hip just before her panties were torn away from her. She jumped slightly in your lap, startled by the bite of pain, and it forced your fingers in hard and deep in a sudden thrust. She gasped and coiled her arm around you, moaning even deeper. "Unnngghhh fuuuuck..." Already you could feel her inner walls pulsating around your fingers, her juices just flowing from her she was so hot, and her ass worked as fast as your hand did, humping those soaked digits in a frenzy. Even your chastising didn't stop her, but she did blush and bury her face in the crook of your neck in shame. She hadn't meant to get bossy, but you were driving her so crazy that she spoke without thinking, just needing for you to make her cum. Her thighs parted and clenched and parted again, as though she didn't know if she should give you more room or trap your hand there between them. They were simply moving as if they had a mind of their own. Lisa was getting close, right there with your fingers pushing her right to the edge and you could tell by the sounds she was making--by how rapidly her breaths came--and when she gasped in that final breath, your hand braced behind her back and she froze as her climax peaked and shot through her until she shuddered in convulsions in your lap, crying out over and over again, her honey spilling down over your cock under her ass. "Ahhhhh god, Daddyyyyy!!"

Zuriel grunted feeling you tense up and wriggle that ass harder, driving his fingers in deeper as he brought you right up to the brink and had no mercy in throwing you right over the edge into a blurring orgasm. When he felt you starting to cum, feeling your breathing growing ragged and rushed against his skin, he swept his free hand out over your hip and gripped your thigh just behind the knee. He spread your legs open so when your honey started flowing, it trickled down between your cheeks, flooding the crack of that ass until it dripped and spattered over his fat thick cock under it. He let you have that release; let his baby girl cum right there like a naughty girl scout seeking her first sex badge for the troop. His hand on your thigh released and he let your legs settle before he grabbed your red hair and pulled your face from the crook of his neck. His fingers slipped out and he shoved them--full of your cum still dripping from them--right in your mouth. "Taste it girl. Taste that cum like my little slut scout."

Lisa was still panting, her head spinning from the climax that raged through her, when you grabbed her hair and yanked her head up. She was so dazed that she didn't even argue, complying obediently by sucking those fingers right into her mouth. She moaned, slurping her tongue between each digit, drawing every drop from your skin into her mouth and shivering with pleasure as she did so. Mumbling around your fingers, she purred out, "Mmm thank you, Daddy. That was so good." As your fingers slipped from her lips so she could speak, she grinned. "But I still want your cock. I can feel it pressing into me and I know you want to fuck your little girl scout's pink pussy. Don't you, Daddy?" Lisa kissed you, then, letting you taste her cum from her lips and tongue, forcing it into your mouth to kiss you more deeply, intentionally wanting you to taste the essence that you'd just force-fed her.

Zuriel sucked and pulled on your cum glazed tongue, sharing the flavor of his baby girl in that kiss. He heard those words and there was no doubt his cock was stiff and hard, covered in your juices, just like the crack of your ass was still wet and juicy. He pulled from your lips to look in your eyes, that stern gaze catching your sight as he listened to his girl almost saying that he needed to fuck her. "Oh, so honey pot thinks she can figure Daddy out that easy, huh?" Smirking before his arm flexed, he tossed you up on the bed properly before turning to crawl after you with his hands sliding out to snatch your hips tightly. "Oh, Daddy wants to fuck his girl scout, but she needs some punishment to remind her who owns this ass and for being a mouthy little brat today." There was no hesitation when his cock tip brushed between your cheeks, hardly teasing as the head pressed right inside that tender little asshole of yours, and with a grunt he hitched his hips to hilt that dick in your tight little hole. "Now you'll get fucked...brat." Tensing his hands, they pulled you back, sinking his cock inside your ass all the way before he withdrew, pumping your tight little hole with the length of his cock driving in and out.

Lisa had been grinning, thinking she knew just what you wanted--and perhaps she did. But she'd been presumptuous in announcing it and she saw by the look in your silvered eyes that she was going to pay the price. Her smile fell and her heart stammered in her chest as she realized her mistake. Squealing as you grabbed her and tossed her onto the bed, she started whimpering, feeling you crawling behind her over her legs. Panicked, she stammered out, "I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm so sorry, Daddy! Please..." Her pleas turned to sobs, but still she felt your cock roughly sliding between her cheeks. She tried to tense up and clench them, but your strong arms pried her legs and cheeks apart enough that the head pressed right against her asshole and with a grip on her hips, her body was dragged down and impaled on that hard shaft. Her head lifted with a jerk and she wailed, the pain of suddenly being stretched wide open around that girth consuming her. "AHH! FUCK!" Daddy, it HURTS!" There was no mercy...no remorse. Your hips started rocking like you'd not fucked in weeks, ravishing her ass like she was some toy and not your baby girl. "Please, please, please..." She cried out, but the length of you kept drawing out until only the head remained inside then slamming back in until your balls slapped against her clit. Despite her cries, she groaned and lifted her hips, letting you fuck her as deep as you could possibly force yourself into her, as hard as you wanted.

Zuriel rode that ass right down to the bed. This was not about pleasure except for him. This was about reminding his girl exactly where she stood, with her body pinned and ass hitched up for his cock to slide into. To make it worse--or better yet, to make you feel it--he crawled his legs over yours and clamped those luscious thighs together. The clasp of your legs prevented him from going balls-deep since his nuts slapped against the backs of your closed legs, but that did not stop him from turning up the heat and pounding your ass right through those delicious pleas for mercy. Every 'sorry' only made him shove that cock harder inside your tender hole being pried open by Daddy's cock. Growling behind you, his wild machine gun pace rattled and stuffed inside your asshole, claiming that body as his own to torment with his fat dick ramming home. The only reprieve you got was his balls being too big to squeeze between your thighs from behind to fuck you with the last two inches in your bowels. One hand lifted and pressed against the back of your head, mashing your cheek to the mattress beneath our bodies. The animal grunts sounded behind your head as he held you down and fucked that ass like he owned it. Taking every ounce of pleasure he wanted without giving his girl scout anything but a thick cock in your ass. "Say 'this ass belongs to Zuriel' and you might not need another lesson, or I'll just fuck your mouth the next time you decide to shoot it off like you run the godsdamned show, slut." He wasn't trying to make this last. It was a punishment and the rutting shoves of that dick started growing hotter as his cock swelled between your cheeks.

Lisa mewled feeling your legs pinning hers under you. Not that she had any misconceptions about getting away from you--just the symbolic act of it terrified and excited her. The slide of her legs pressed tighter together did nothing to slow you, and though the thrusts were not as deep, they almost hurt more with her ass forcibly clenched together around that girth trying to rip her open. "Daddy, please..." She sobbed. "Please stop. You're hurting me!" Her pleading did nothing but spur you on harder until her ass burned and throbbed. And through it all her cunt dribbled onto the bed soaking the sheets; your little whore was so turned on by being ass raped she was going to cum again. Her face mashed into the mattress and she groaned as you spoke, telling her what you wanted to hear. She sobbed but forced the words out, "My ass belongs to Zuriel Bedlam!" Crying softly, she felt your cock growing thicker, prying her apart even more and she gasped in pain as she felt the first drops of cum starting to spatter her bowels.

Zuriel let your head go as his hands planted to the bed and his hips sped up. The jarring body slaps hitting your ass jiggled and pummeled those cheeks apart just as much as the swollen girth slamming your tender little hole wide open. He didn't care if your pussy was drooling--he was taking your ass right here and now for you being a sassy little whore that needed to be reminded of who was in charge. Heavy nuts clapped and bounced against the backs of those yummy thighs, gritting his teeth as that shaft between your cheeks swelled thicker with every pump of his hips slapping against your perky little butt. "That's right, bitch. Daddy owns this ass. Remember that when Jay shows up next time, because I'll fuck you in front of him to prove a fucking point... Nnnhaaaa!" He sucked in a fiery breath, balls tightly smacking your legs still as that cock started to dribble and leak inside your tender little butt hole. Teeth clenched together as that girth swelled, the sudden thick rope of cum launching into your ass was joined by more spurts of thick seed flooding your tight little hole as deep as his barred cock would go. Exhaling harshly when his dick unloaded and balls sagged against the backs of your thighs, he pulled out, crawling down your legs, and as an after thought he wiped his cock clean on your white sock. "Now, go soak your ass so I can fuck it later, bitch." He walked away, leaving you half naked with cum bubbling from your ass to trickle down your lips onto the mattress.

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