Jaidyn Abuses Darina in the Barn

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Darina walked up and sucked air through her teeth as she ran her tongue across them, a smirk sliding across her lips. "Good afternoon... 'Sheriff.' Dressed for Halloween, are we?"

Jaidyn Jameson lifted a brow and ticked his tongue at the arrival of a female by the barn, looking you over from head to toe. "Not really. Z is looking to get horses, so I'm running the land to fix it up."

Darina raised a brow. "You're running the land... He left you in charge, did he?"

Jaidyn gruffed and nodded, keeping his eyes trained on the woman in front of him. "For now at least. What concern of it is yours?"

Darina scowled, her lips turning down into a frown, eyes flashing in anger. Crossing her arms in front of her breasts, she quipped out, "What the hell is wrong with you, Jaidyn? You act like you don't even know who I am. As if I'd believe Z would leave you in charge of anything, for that matter, you incompetent ass."

Jaidyn crossed his arms just to let you finish that statement. That was all it took. He stepped over and grabbed you by the belt and literally tossing you into the barn with a tumble of head over heels in the hay, he stalked inside. That long hair of yours just helped him get a hold of you, jerking you up to your knees as he snarled down at you in the stable, "Like I need you telling me how to do the job I was given or even want to hear your damn opinion about anything."

The look on her face when you grabbed her belt and yanked her was almost comical at first, so surprised was she by the action. But when she hit the ground, rolling with a thump and a thud to skid on her side in the muddy hay, her look went from surprise to shock to absolute anger. She opened her mouth to cuss you a blue streak, but all she got out was, "You ba-" before your hand wound in her hair, yanking her to her knees in a cry of pain. Looking at you, her head askance in the awkward angle you held her in with her hair wound in your grasp, her eyes flared in rage and you could almost see the steam shooting from her nose as she panted. "Oh...you'll hear my opinion. I am  the woman of the household, as you may recall. And don't you get any smart ideas, Jaidyn. I'll have Zuriel on your ass before you know what hit you." She kept her eyes locked on you, but turned her head and spit out bits of dirt that had spattered her mouth when she'd fallen, leaving the mess right at your boot.

Jaidyn didn't seem to care as he swept in closer, taking down his zipper and grabbing your nose between his fingers to stifle any further complaints. He held it fast to force your breath to pull between your lips and the instant his nose pinching got your mouth open for air, he shoved his naked cock right inside your mouth. "Shut the fuck up. Your bitchy lips want something to do, then suck it slut..." Not really caring if you complied or not, his hand slipped from your nose and gripped that long hair, perfect for a face-fuck handle to stuff that dick in your mouth. Wrapping your long hair in his hand, he used it damn near like a leash for control of those lips. The length of his swelling shaft prodded your mouth open, making you take his tip right down your complaining throat in a rush with his teeth clenched and eyes blazing down at you sputtering now around the thickening meat in your mouth.
Darina stubbornly refused to open her mouth, even with your fingers pinching her nose shut. She sat and glared at you defiantly, lips pursed until her eyes squinted and her face started turning pink...then red... Fuck! She tried so hard, but she had to fucking breathe! She tried to just part her lips to suck in a breath, but her stupid body took over fighting for precious oxygen. She gasped and that cock was in her mouth before she even finished taking her breath. Thankfully you'd dropped your fingers from her nose the second you thrust into her mouth, so even as she gagged she drew another breath deep through her nostrils. That didn't stop her from screaming her outrage and complaints right around that thick shaft though. Her hands balled into fists and she beat against your legs and hips trying to rise on her feet, but the damn grip you had on her head was, indeed, like a leash--a very painful one. When you felt her trying to stand, you shoved her back down. Each time her fists started beating at you, a good hard jerk of the head was enough to rattle her and stop her actions. The pulling and shoving forced her mouth up and down that long, thick length of meat and she could do nothing more than comply, the spit spattering and drooling from her lips down her chin.

Jaidyn just snapped his free hand over the back of your head and with his other hand wrapped in your hair, getting up was no longer an option. Once he had both hands controlling that head, your complaints only served to tingle his shaft and make it swell thick and taut in your bitching mouth still whining at what he was doing. "I knew you just needed someone to show you what your worthless ass is good for. Z not beating up the coochie right, is he pretty pussy?" He had already seen the blond big-booty babe Z had been inviting over, but his focus right now was putting this slut in check with a hard stuff of that cock down your throat. The gack-gack-gack noises came just from the sheer virtue of him fucking your face like he didn't give a damn about you at all, your face turning red from barely getting a breath as he pumped your little lips. "That's it...just quiet down and take it like we both know you want to." His lips curled into a grin, pushing in all the way so his balls rested in the lines of drool cascading down your chin. There was hardly time for even a quick breath; his dick pulsed inside and lodged at the back of your throat in a turn with every push of his hips meeting the pulling hitch of his hand still holding your hair.

Darina's back rolled heavily each time the head of that cock dipped down her throat, her body trying to dislodge it with a forceful gag drawing tears to her eyes. Sniffling back those tears, trying to clear her nose so she could still draw breath somehow, she remained placid as you used her mouth, her jaw aching from being stretched and held so wide. She simmered in her anger, eyes staring down at the hay behind you occasionally turning up to throw you a death-glare that she didn't know if you'd seen nor did she care. On the rare occasions you slid out just to torment her, she gasped and started her rant again but each time it was cut off before she'd gotten more than two words out, serving only to amuse you further. Grunting, growling around your shaft, she heard your words and they only enraged her further, yet at the same time--though she would never admit it to you--she felt a stirring in her loins at the humiliation. This only made her angrier--at you, at herself--and she flexed her jaw, rocking it back and fourth over your shaft, debating.

Jaidyn growled before he jerked your hair back, tugging your mouth off his drool soaked dick. "What the fuck did I say?" His free hand slapped your cheek, the tears making him want to just abuse this hot little whore even harder. His thumb fish hooked your cheek to turn your eyes up at him, those blazing eyes staring down almost daring you to try what he'd felt you debating on doing. "Stick your tongue out cunt..." he hissed as he pulled his hand away and his cock replaced that thumb. Instead of hooking it, he jammed it right back down your throat, filling your mouth with the flavor of him and the leather from his pants.The scent of rawhide and his musk flooded your nose each time he drove his dick down your throat to keep you gasping for breathe between those violent shoves pumping in your mouth. For him there was no debate, only what he wanted, only what he saw this bitch needed to keep her fucking tongue from waggling nonsense, so this was his recourse. Fucking your pretty face through the tear streaked eyes that looked back up at him. Seeing you crying was proof enough for him that you needed to be owned and used like a fuck doll. His thrusting hips pushed in so deep that his balls rolled over your stretched out tongue, the push of it out from your lips opening your throat so that nearly half of his shaft buried down your gullet more than once.

Darina had her mind and jaw set to just clamp down around that thick slab of meat between her teeth, and as she worked up the nerve and steeled herself for the undeniable recourse that would follow, you fucking grabbed her hair pulling her right off your cock so that her teeth clacked down on themselves. Wincing from both the pain of her teeth clamping together and the pain in her scalp, she let out an angered cry, "Ahh!" The opportunity was taken immediately by you, your thumb hooking into her cheek like she was a damn marlin. Her wide eyes rolled up to look at you like a frightened horse and when you told her to stick out her tongue, the pink wet muscle slid along side your thumb to lay flat and wide against her bottom lip with her mouth still yanked wide open. The fight was still in her but it was tampered for the moment, trapped as she was and seemingly one step behind you at every turn. So when you jammed your cock back into her mouth, she simply closed her eyes and tilted her head back as best she could in the grasp you had on her long brown hair and endured the torment. Fresh tears sprung in her eyes every time the length of that shaft slipped into her throat. She gagged so hard that snot was beginning to trickle from her nose and she began to sob, her crying only making it harder to breathe.

Jaidyn lifted a brow seeing the trickle from your nose, the tears only making you all the prettier to him as an abused cock slut whimpering at the end of his dick. He knew the bite was coming but he wasn't about to give his whore the chance to get a nibble, especially when he jerked his cock out by yanking your hair again. with the wet warm feel of his entire length resting from over your mouth to your forehead, he pulled in his free hand to grab that cock and wipe it all over your face. The action smeared your drool across your features to get the scent of him really flaring in your nostrils, his balls brushing up with every swipe and pull of that meat over your tortured tear soaked face. "Aww...whats the matter? Silly cock whore thinks Jay cares what she fucking says?" He gritted his teeth as he pulled it down from your face, leaving makeup, spit and his scent all over your skin like he was marking you as his, then the plunge of that dick crammed right back inside your startled lips. His leg stepped forward, pushing you backwards to steal any leverage from you. His shoving tip prodded over your gag reflex deep inside your throat to make those noises he loved to hear from bucking your mouth like he was inside your pussy. One hand held you from falling away while the other went down your back and snapped the cloth holding it together in a rake of claws slipping free to slice through the fabric, melting back to his pointed nails he stripped your top away with a flomph of your tits bounding from the snatched cloth off your skin. Both hands snapped tight around your face, holding you at that angle as the rumble poured from his lips, "Open up. You're not gonna fall."

Darina flinched as she felt your saliva-spattered cock brushing all over her face, smearing her make up even more than her own tears had. She turned left and right, squealing her displeasure through clenched teeth. Her eyes flew open, glaring at you past the meat flailing in her face, growling between her teeth, "You bastard..." The smell of you saturated her senses and though she was angry...outraged...at your abuse, she still found the scent...intoxicating, like some primal wild drug. Your proximity forced her backwards on her knees, her spine bending until she had to brace herself on her hands, leaving her yet again defenseless. With upturned eyes, she saw you glaring down at her with that wicked smirk that always accompanied you and she faltered in her resolve. Her lips parted complacently and without a seconds hesitation, your cock was jammed unceremoniously back down her throat. She felt your hands at her head, one slipping to graze over her back, the slight nick of a claw nipping her skin followed by the loosening of her blouse. The material was shredded away and she sucked in a gasp of surprise and embarrassment when the cloth was torn from her, exposing her to the open air. The steely grip of your strong hands clamped the sides of her face and she groaned miserably, knowing she had no fucking way out of this anymore.

Jaidyn wrapped his hands around the back of your head to hold on, keeping your mouth wide and in trouble taking that dick tight between your lips. His heavy balls split your tits like a tennis ball hurled at two beach balls, thudding them apart so that the perked buds of your nipples slapped against his leather clad thighs each time he backstroked that fat shaft in your throat. The tapping of your nipples was heard even over the gagging noises of his new fuck toy being mauled relentlessly, reveling in the power he had over you sucking down his dick each time he pulled back and stuffed it in. "Look at that...little bitchy whore opening her mouth to suck it in right like a good hooker." He exhaled as he thrust with growing abandon, filling those lips so deep that the plunge in your throat made your saliva bubble and trickle, his nuts striking your breasts making those nipples snap and pop against the leather still on his thighs. And through it all he claimed your mouth, claimed you as his fucking property right here and now, with every jab of that cock ramming deep. Controlling your body was his domain right now, so his own edge pulled closer with the swell of that thick girth in your mouth, little pearls of precum melting over your tongue before the head of his dick shoved it past your sense of taste. Even through it all you could feel the pulse quicken, that length starting to throb and twitch as his tip kept drooling white cream for your taste buds only to smear it away with his pumping shaft pushing in all the way.

Darina was still angry at how you seemed to feel you could just fucking take what you wanted when you wanted, was still angry at how you acted like you didn't even know who she was when she'd first walked up to you this afternoon. And yet it was undeniable how fucking aroused she was at the abuse. She was so wet, in fact, that there was a dark patch of denim at the cleft between her thighs and the awkward angle had those jeans pulled so snug against her that they were rubbing her click, making things even worse. To top it off, the rocking, swaying, battering of your cock in her mouth and your thighs moving over her were brushing her nipples so fast, so hard, that they peaked into painful little buds that just begged to be sucked. The stimulation between her clit and breasts met in the middle, stirring her womb to life, making the muscles in her belly clench and quiver and she groaned around the fatty meat of your shaft, sending vibrations up to your balls. That sensation spurred you on, thrusting faster, and soon she felt the trickle of liquid male spattering her tongue, the salty taste stirring the lustful animal in her awake so that she started sucking harder, wanting more.

Jaidyn knew he had you right then, those lips yearning for more of his cream each time he pumped that dick down and his balls slapped your breasts apart. Not caring if he created a burning heat between your thighs either, all he was focused on was fucking your bitchy lips until he exploded. The swell and shiver of that rod in your mouth pushing down in a half turn every time he rocked his hips, owning your mouth with every stroke surging past your gag reflex so much so that the gack-gack-gack noises rolled out from your mouth anew until the first long squirt of male seed pulsed down your throat. Not even giving you the courtesy of telling his slut to swallow, forcing you to take every pulsing shot of cum pouring like molten lead through you. The first three gooey spurts shot right down, filling your stomach with his essence before pulling back to coat your tongue. But he didn't stop there. Jerking from your mouth, one hand stroked his pulsing shaft leaving a line of white from cheek to cheek, slicing another diagonally across your lips and back with a slather of male musk and cream drooling a spurt over your nose. The last jolt dribbled from his tip, but another spatter pulsed and smacked thick and gooey under your eye as he breathed in quick short bursts. Standing over his cum soaked prize, squeezing his cock to let the last weak drops speckle your tits with glistening liquid. His whole cock still shiny and slick in his pumping fist working out the last throes of his orgasm now in your belly, coating your face, and spattering those breasts. "Hnnn fuck yeah..."

Darina's arms were shaking they ached so badly and her knees started to slip outwards as she sank down trying to diminish the assault on her mouth and throat, but your damned hands held her head right where you wanted it, not alleviating her humiliation in the slightest bit. Her lips spread wider at the swelling of your cock and she heard your grunting, felt you start to shudder, as your climax overcame you. She braced herself as best she could, but nothing could have prepared her for the jetting stream of cum that shot not into her mouth, but straight down her throat and into her belly. She squeaked out a cry of alarm but still you kept pumping and pumping, filling her with your seed until you inched back and, with your hand around your shaft, painted her make-up stained face in sticky, hot white cum. Flinching, her eyes clamping shut, she yelped audibly this time with nothing to block the sound and that only pleased you more. The last spray spattered across her breasts and she was left still hanging back on her knees, her chest heaving as she finally fought to get her breath unobstructed, her eyes opening with drops of cum stuck to the lashes as she looked up at you in shock, the fight completely drained from her now.

Jaidyn huffed as he got his wind back, looking down at you defeated and a smile played across his lips. He thought you looked so humiliated that you would hardly notice him stooping to grab your ankle. Strong arm flexing, pulling you aside, but mostly to spill you out on the muddy hay for him to drop down on one knee, he didn't even bother with your belt and just jerked your jeans down to expose your blushing ass cheeks as he pinned you with one hand beneath him. He flopped his hips to get the angle right and without even offering a word, a thank you, an explanation, his dick shoved right inside your tight little ass. Stretching it wide as he dropped the weight of his body into his hips and let you feel that swelling shaft stretch your ass open in a single stroke. "No, we're not done. You want to be my cum dumpster, so let me fill you up." He sneered as he lifted, pulling back so he could stroke that swelling length through the tiny ring of your ass clutching around him so tightly. "Your pussy doesn't deserve this dick, yet. You whine to much to enjoy this..." With a grunt he jammed it back inside, pulsing to life with a hard deep shove stretching your little hole open, pulling out just as quick to make you take every deep stick of that cock battering your tender ass open. Holding you down in the dirty hay, he fucked your ass with all the intent on breaking you wide open, gritting his teeth with the weight of him traveling down that shaft pushing between your cheeks, just to leave your pussy drenched and untouched.

Darina was so relieved that it was over, that you'd gotten what you wanted, she didn't even notice you move. With the reflexes of the predator that you were, your hand wrapped around her ankle so fast, jerking her leg out from under her, that the wind was knocked from her lungs when she hit the ground with a whoomf! Her arms reached out, hands clawing at the dirty hay trying to scramble away, but a swift yank roughly pulled her back by her pants, pulling them down past her hips and before she could try to crawl away again, your weight was pinning her down. She cried out, arms flailing backwards trying to smack at you, only managing to send dirt and mud and hay sailing through the barn. Screeching, she bucked, but she was nowhere near your match and her bucking only served to lift her ass up, giving you the perfect opportunity to slide that cock home, straight into her dry, tight asshole. The cry that issued shamed the others before it. Her fingers clawed and raked at the dirt and, shoving her knees under her to try and scramble away, she managed to lift her ass even higher, driving that thick, hot shaft balls-deep into her cavity. Panting, panicking, she screamed out, "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Get off me! Get the fuck off me, Jaidyn! You-motherfucker-get-off-of-meeeee!" She cried again, sobbing, the pain radiating through her core, her face flushing with the utter humiliation and degradation of being used against her will like she was some fuck doll for your amusement.

Jaidyn crawled his legs up high enough the heels of his boots caught your jeans, making them scrape off your clothing enough to bare that ass to him fully. Those squirming struggles just lifted your cheeks, offering him the perfect target and at least he was still slick enough from your mouth that it wasn't utterly dry. Hearing your words just pissed him off even more, so he slammed his hand over the back of your head to cram your face against the dirty hay under our bodies moving in a battle of lusts. He growled down at you like a wolf pinning a still quaking deer under its massive paw, holding you right there to take his fat cock stroking down inside that ring of flesh shuddering from him driving inside. Your flailing arms did knock the hat from his head, but once it was gone he slipped right up between your shoulder blades so your backwards slaps just glanced off his arms and shoulders, doing little to stop him from taking your ass no matter how many times you said the word fuck. In fact when those words spilled from your lips, the hard stab of his tip pounded harder each time you got louder to make the fucking point that he was taking your ass whether you liked it or not. "See? What did I fucking tell you? Whiny-ass slut knows you want this dick in your cunt, but I'm not giving you the satisfaction."

Darina's mind raced, ideas of how to get out from under you or hurt you in some way flashing like images of a slide show racing through her mind. Nothing would do. She was trapped, pinned, helpless at your mercy and you were showing none. Her jeans wrenched down further, keeping her from even being able to move her legs, so she lay there whimpering, crying, fingers curling in the dirt clenching fists full of hay. She kept cursing you between her cries and the only thing that finally shut her up the shove of your hand at the back of her head, filling her mouth with dirt and hay. Coughing, she forcibly turned her head under your grip, spitting the debris out with another sobbing cry, then she felt the rumbling of your chest against her back even before the growling emanated from your throat and she choked back a sob, shuddering violently beneath you. Her head shook back and fourth under your hand and she started to chant under her breath, 'No-no-no-no..." in terror. Your smart ass remarks followed that terrifying sound, but she didn't have the will to retort. And even if she'd had the will, she couldn't deny that her cunt was throbbing, aching for that cock to fill it.

Jaidyn had already made up his mind about what he wanted the first instant you'd tried speaking to him like he knew you. Of course he did know you; that was all part of the game to get your lips to spill some silly words to get him going. And that was all it took, proven by his already having filled your mouth and now your ass was on fire, as well. He drug your body back, a clasp of his hand at the back of your neck pulling to spread your knees high and wide so he could meet your tender asshole with his whole cock dropping in harder, the very shove of his hips making your body bounce from sheer force pumping between your cheeks like a jackhammer cutting concrete. He was making your poor abused hole take every inch without any respite, no mercy given with his cock ramming your ass wide so every inch stretched it open. Panting down at you with a wicked rumble edging his words, "Might as well train you like the proud bitch you are." He was drunk on having you at his fingertips, thrown down and stuffed full of dick so deep his nuts clapped your clit from the force sending his balls tapping between your thighs, opening that floodgate within, sending your mind reeling from the shock of being used like a whore in the muddy hay with every shove of that throbbing shaft pushing between your cheeks.

Darina was still spitting out dirt when she felt your fingers wrap around the back of her neck, dragging her backwards even as you shifted your legs forward, scrunching her into a ball on her arms and knees. With her ass so high in the air, you were able to angle your cock and delve even deeper, spreading her tight little hole wider around the base of your cock. She grunted with pain but it was laced with a dark pleasure, and the grunt spun out into a groan of lust and desire. Her clit was throbbing, now caked with dirt and hay, and she fought the urge to reach between her legs and rub it as you fucked her ass hard, talking down to her like a worthless whore. Her breaths grew shorter, rapid, and she started to pant in time with each plunge of your cock, the head hitting deeper and deeper inside her until she felt your balls slapping against her aching, throbbing clit, making her cry out in a whole new way. "Oh god! F-f-fuck! Don't...stop...please...!"

Jaidyn smiled through the clench of his teeth hearing you moan out for him to keep fucking your ass without mercy. He actually slowed down to a long stride of his hips sliding that meat back inside your asshole without as much force so that his balls did not hit quite as hard as they had been. He had you on the ropes now and that call for him to not stop just made him slow maddeningly down entirely on purpose. "Who said bitches get to cum? Nope, I don't recall hearing it. Maybe I need to leave you like this so I can come back after I work on the fences?" He was doing it just to torment an already weakened woman on the brink of her own release building from his fucking your ass. But he didn't seem to want to give it. His cock slowed down to a firm slide and stuff, but nothing like before, and he made it keep doing just that for as long as his own swelling shaft would allow it. The torture, the way you looked with smeared make up and eyeliner, still spluttering to the hay under your body, made him want to hurt you with his dick all the more. The slow stride crammed into wild bucks, drawing in to those body-jarring hits of him slamming that cock in earnest back inside your tight little ass with all the fury of a man hungry for his own explosive orgasm. "If I cum before you, then it looks like you just don't get to..." Shaking into those rutting slams of that shaft hammering your ass harder, his balls flopped firmly between your thighs with every pile-drive against your ass wobbling from the force of his thrusts.

Darina cringed and sank her head against her arms in the dirt, sobbing softly again, finally having revealed her need, her desires to you, and still you deny her like the bastard you are. The pace had slowed to an almost agonizing crawl, and those long, slow, deep strokes were almost as torturous as the rapid, bestial pound you had ceased. It was like the slow strum of a drum echoing through her body, and she could feel that orgasm build and build and build but never quite reach the pinnacle so she could topple over. Her ass ached, burned, and yet it felt so wickedly delicious that she just wanted more, wanted you to push her over the edge. It was maddening and she became so frustrated with need, with your tormenting denial, that she tried to rear her head under your shoving hand and she screeched in anger, "Rarrrgh! Fuck you Jaidyn! Fuck you and your mother! Make me cum you son of a bitch!" She panted in rage and need, angrily shoving piles of dirt from her face at your taunts like a child in a tantrum.

Jaidyn growled low as he reached out and grabbed both of your wrists, jerking your tits and face off the hay under our bodies before he lurched and used the grip on your arms to drill that ass as deep as fucking possible, the vibrant shoves battering your tender hole with all the force of a bull in mating season. He bucked without any remorse, taking your little hole violently with his balls clapping non stop on your clit as his cock swelled fat and full between your cheeks still bouncing from the animal fuck he was railing your little ass with. It was obvious he didn't care if you came or not. He started using your ass like a fuck-glove right then, and through every shove you felt his heartbeat racing along that shaft pounding your asshole like he was mad as fuck, and instead of beating you his dick was slamming his frustrations out inside you. Bits of hay fell from your flopping breasts he was hammering in so hard, your tits bouncing and snapping around from the hold on your wrists and the sudden cram of that monster dick stuffing you full. There was no more waiting. There was no more playing around. With each thrust his tip pumped thicker and thicker with lines of cum drooling from his cock head to stroke tight down inside your ass, his own precum lubing your wrecked little hole. His hands tightened around your wrists like he was revving a motorcycle, clutching harder the instant his dick exploded and started pumping your ass full of his cum, flooding your senses. Bucking out of control, shallow, deep, jerking you back by the arms to either take it or squirm away, only to be yanked balls fucking deep while his cock sprayed your insides with a gout of molten heat. "HhhhffffFFFUUUUCKAAAAAAhhhhh!"

Darina barked out a startled, pained cry, her arms wrenched violently behind her back in the grasp of your thick fingers. The pumping, pounding, humping of your cock jolted her tiny frame hard, her hair flying in further disarray, her breasts bouncing so that they felt as though they might detach from her chest. Her cries of pleasure were indistinguishable from her cries of pain. They were interconnected and wound together like the weave of a rug. Her ass hurt so badly she didn't think she'd be able to sit for a week but she didn't fucking care. She just wanted to cum (fuck...please let her cum!). Her cunt dripped down her thighs (for all the good that lube did her) and her clit throbbed with her pulse, slapped over and over by your swaying, hanging balls. She tried to bend down, to push them outward so they would be slapped harder, but your hands twisted her arms even further around and back and she yelped in pain instead. The pace quickened and she heard you grunting, panting, growling behind her and then she felt your cock swell so big with cum she thought you might split her ass in half. That was all it took, the feel of you swelling inside her, your hot cum jetting deep in her bowels, the staccato slap of your balls on her clit and she gasped, her body arching backwards into your grasp on her arms. Her head fell back, hair flying against your face until it settled on her back, and she let out a cry that echoed through the woods. "Ahhhhh fuuuuuck!" She jerked, shaking in your grip, your cock still pushing into her, spilling your seed in her ass, until it was dripping down the backs of her thighs.

Jaidyn stayed parked there until every last drop was squeezed from his dick by your clenching ass, only working it back and forth to make sure you got every little bit and then he simply pulled out. Letting you fall over face first, ass still in the air, he wiped his cock clean on your cheek to leave a smear of juices on your skin. He stood up and zipped his cock away, smirking as he nudged your ass cheek with his boot. "When you want your pussy fucked right wear white stockings bitch." With that he turned and left you lying there in the muddy hay, heading out to finish working on the fences now that he had properly gave that whore what she needed. He licked his lips as he strolled away, grinning to himself.

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