Stacey Breaks in The New Girl


Susi came back to the house looking for Lisa, but she was not home this time. Instead, she meets Stacey, and boy is she in for a surprise!

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Stacey Breaks in The New Girl

Susi looked at the woman who had answered the door. "Is Lisa home? I came to help her with her chemistry assignment. She sucks pretty bad at it and I thought...you know...she might like a hand. "

Stacey smirked. "I'm afraid not. Although I am the resident break-in-the-new-girl madame. Maybe you could show me some of your chemistry, instead"

Susi grinned wickedly. "Oh yeah? Just how many girls you got around here, anyhow? Only one I know is Lisa. Well, and Darina, but I haven't met her yet and you seem to be the only one here."

Stacey snickered as she teased a hand up to play with a lock of Susi's hair. "Sweetie, that only leaves you..."  Letting that sink in, she led the girl to a chair and leaned in tight for a kiss.

Susi thought to herself, 'Fuck yeah!' Here she just came around to find Lisa to see if she could help her with her chemistry homework and maybe hit the streets for some fun later in the evening, but instead she found this hot fuckin' babe hanging around the house. She had no idea who the woman was, but she wore the tightest fuckin' dress ever and it looked like... What the hell? Does she have a cock hangin' down there? Jackpot! Susi is gonna get laid tonight.

Stacey smirked as if she knew what was going through that pretty head of Susi's. But instead of giving her visitor what she thought she was going to get, she stepped back and, moving in closer, gripped the base of her flaccid dick to stroke it across the girl's face. "Mmm... Sorry... Momma doesn't have the proper time to fuck your tight little pussy right now."

Susi shrugged as if nothing phased her and she just rolled with the punches. "I love sucking cock just as much as getting fucked, lady. You'll just have to bend me over another time and show me what you can do with that thing." Wasting no time, she gripped the thick base of Stacey's monstrous cock and wrapped her lips around the head, sucking and slurping like she was a pro. Her fingers couldn't even curl half way around that girth  and it made her little cunt twitch imagining just how it would feel to be split apart by that thing. Stroking the length, she leaned back and looked up at Stacey watching her, a look of smug satisfaction on her face. "This is the biggest cock I've ever fucking seen....and on a chick, no less. You some kind of freak?" Apparently she had no mental filter, because what ever she thought simply spilled from her lips. She'd never been one to care what other people thought about her, so she always spoke her mind and to hell with the consequences. Not even waiting for her reply, she wrapped her lips back around the head of that amazing cock, working her jaw to open as wide as she could, her lips stretching tight as she fit it into her mouth, slipping down the first inch of that wide shaft. She stopped there, fearing to go farther, bobbing her head up and down that tiny bit sucking just as hard as she could.

Stacey laughed despite what your mouth was doing between non-filtered words. She loved that, though...it was refreshing. So maybe Lisa got a school friend that was well versed in sex... She idly wondered if the football team or someone else had taught the ins and outs of cock sucking to the sassy girl in front of her, but by the time Susi's mouth wrapped around the head of her still flaccid cock, she decided that she didn't really care.  "Look at that. Lisa's friend is a little willing cock sucker. Maybe Jay should meet you..."  Biting her bottom lip, she laced her fingers in the girl's hair, pushing that mouth as deep as she dared while trying not to get too riled because her cock could kill if she wasn't careful. Only the head could make it over Susi's tongue anyway, so she held on and rocked her hips to feed that unfiltered mouth just the tip of her cock.

Susi's lips were glistening with spit, shining in the light of the room, and she was drooling around the mass of meat in her mouth. She pulled off and slurped in some of that excess saliva. But even still when she pulled Stacey's cock back into her pretty little mouth, it squished wetly, making slushing, bubbling sounds as she tried so hard to get more of it into her mouth. That was proving to be difficult, though, because the more she sucked, the harder--and bigger--it got. Her eyes widened in disbelief and fascination, but each time she pulled back to swallow, a wicked grin was plastered on her face. Using the back of her free hand, she wiped her glove across her lips to clean up some of her own spit and looked back up at the foxy woman in front of her while still stroking that unbelievably huge cock. "Who the hell is Jay? Is he as big as you are? Maybe I should take you both on at once." When she smiled she looked so deviant, and yet so adorable, like a wicked little minx. There was a reason Lisa had never brought her friend over before: she knew something like this would happen if any of her family or extended family met this girl. But Susi figured out where she lived, anyhow, and took it upon herself to pop in for a visit.

Stacey grinned wickedly at the display. The girl was definitely into it, so why not use the little slut to her own advantage? She locked her hand behind Susi's pretty head and just started shoving her mouth down the swelling girth of meat glistening in front of her face, fucking her mouth without a care in the world while her dick swelled and started growing from sheer pleasure between those spit-bubbling lips. "Nnnm... Just a quickie before work, then I'll come back and open your slutty ass up girl." Licking her lips, she held on, pulling that mouth down her length with a look of surprise as the girl took in almost half of her hardening shaft. "Wow..."

Susi's lips stretched even wider around that girth, much to her surprise, though they felt like they just might tear at the damn corners. Still, she was a trooper and she was in for the long haul. Part of it was that she just wanted to find out how much she could take, but she also wanted to taste the cum from a shemale's cock because this was definitely something she had never done before. Man, why had Lisa not told her about this? Why was she hiding this amazing creature and keeping her all to herself? She'd have to ask her later when she found her. But for now, she gripped Stacey's thigh and held on, riding out the forceful way this woman used her mouth like her own personal fuck toy. What didn't slip past her lips was stroked expertly by her fingers, her grip snug around the half she was able to grasp. She thrilled at the idea of having this thing stuffing her cunt and her excitement showed in the way she sucked, pressing her tongue along the top half of that cock as it plunged in and out of her hot, wet, dripping mouth.

Stacey thought to herself that she had just found the holy grail of fuck toys--a young, fresh, small bitch who loved to get fucked and dared herself to try things sexually. Oh, if only she kept her cock year-round...the fun she could have with this one. Especially with that mouth stealing her bluster a bit as those fingers also stroked her swelling dick.She had to bite her lower lip to keep it from getting all the way hard or should would just choke her to death by ramming her dick deep in the girl's throat.  Panting, Stacey used that mouth faster as a bubble of precum welled from the tip and flooded Susi's mouth with just the start of a quick orgasm. "Fuck... Like that. Take it in, bitch. Nnngh..!"

Susi wasn't even aware that the cock was still not fully erect or she'd have been for an even bigger shock. Still, she felt it tremble and swell some as it pumped rapidly inside her mouth as far as she could take it. She let out a little cry of surprise--or perhaps pain--when it swelled. Her jaw nearly locked from being stretched so wide, but she kept going even as those spatters of cum splashed on her tongue. When the taste hit her she groaned, swallowing it down as best she could without really being able to manipulate her tongue to wash it down her throat. Instead, she tilted her head and let it trickle down, pulling off for a moment to swallow the rest. And still that cock still kept jetting cum, spattering her pretty little face with sticky white semen. She blinked and parted her lips to catch the rest on her tongue, sticking it out like she was catching raindrops.

Stacey exhaled, grabbing her dick in her own fingers to pump and stroke the base as the slutty girl's mouth caught the cum spurting thickly from the tip still held between her lips. Sending gobs of cum bursting in her mouth, making it bubble and froth, she watched her cock unload in the new girl's mouth with a sadistic glee painted on her face at seeing the gobs of white cum dripping and sputtering from her mouth. She pulled back and stroked the rest of her cum right on Susi's tongue, letting it fall on soft flesh as she watched from above with a heated grin. "Nnn...my... So damn slutty. I love it!"

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