Susi Meets Jaidyn


After Susi and Lisa have some fun, Susi leaves Lisa sleeping on the furs in the house and goes onto the land to explore. There, near the barn, she runs into Jaidyn. Hoping to have some more fun, she gets flirty with Jay, having no idea what kind of monster he is, and nearly pays for it with her life.

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Susi Meets Jaidyn

Susi strolled the grounds, checking everything out. She'd left Lisa lying on the fur rug in the house after she'd dozed off, apparently exhausted from their escapade. Spying a barn in the distance, she turned to get a closer look and as she approached, she noticed someone...a man... And holy fuckballs, he was naked! Man, she'd hit the jackpot discovering this place. It was like a sex addicts paradise. Straightening her skirt, fluffing her bright green ponytail, she strolled brazenly up to him with a grin like the Cheshire Cat on her face. "Well....well... What have we here? You make it a habit to stand around outside in the buff? Who are you, anyhow? You aren't Lisa's dad, are you? 'Cause that would be really fucking awkward. But I'm ok with that..." She made no attempt to hide her roving eyes, taking in every detail of his body, including the huge cock dangling between his legs.

Jaidyn had actually gone out to the road to check the mail. The fact that he left without a robe or anything on was just because he wasn't aware there was more company on the land. Something at the barn caught his attention and he stopped to look. Wouldn't you know it...some fresh new tart walked up and started chatting with him. He lifted a brow at the comment about being Lisa's father. "No I'm afraid not. I'm the bad uncle." He looked her up and down though, ticking his tongue as his eyes went to her feet and crawled back up her young curves like someone appraising a new ride. "And what the hell...are we farming candy coated sluts now, or what?" He nodded to her clothes and patted his head to talk about your hair. "What color does this make you? Green, obviously... So Lime Green Jello or Marijuana flavored pussy?" He turned to regard her fully, apparently not ashamed of his nudity either, because he made no move to cover himself.

Susi's smile pursed even tighter at the mention of the 'bad uncle,' like that was even naughtier than catching Lisa's daddy in the buff. Not that she didn't want that opportunity too, especially if he was even half as hot as his brother. But, that was for another time. Right now, she couldn't stop her eyes from constantly wandering to his cock, wondering just how it would look fully erect. His comment about candy coated sluts just made her shrug and roll her eyes as though she couldn't care less what he thought of her style. "It's green today. Might be another color tomorrow. You never know..." Looking him directly in the eye with a wicked gleam twinkling in her own, she purred out, "I like variety. And I am like no other flavor you've ever had before....Uncle." Placing her hands on her hips, she inched her thumbs up over her ass cheeks, hiking her already too short skirt up another inch, giving him just a glimpse of her neon green panties covering her mound.

Jaidyn didn't care where her eyes went at all, but he did step forward at the flash of neon green panties. That was about all he needed to spark him to life. The letters dropped from his hand as it snapped out to grab her by the ponytail. He didn't even wait for Susi to react, pushing her face forward by the hair and a clap of his free hand against her ass to get her moving toward the barn. At the thresh hold he just threw her inside onto the hay, immediately dropping down on his knees before grabbing her skirt. "Ehh, I could eat Jello for breakfast, bitch..." There was no delicate removal of her skirt. He stripped in a tearing of fabric and tossed it over his head out of the barn entrance. Either it was the come-on or his rather brazen grab and throw that got him riled, but Susi's wish was soon answered as he stroked his thick cock between her ass cheeks as he jerked her panties out of the way without taking them off. His other hand pushed up along the back of her shirt, shoving her jacket up tight against the back of her head, almost like he was trying to cover it with the leather as he held her down to stroke that fattening shaft between her cheeks.

Susi didn't yell--didn't even fight--when he grabbed her ponytail and shoved her down into the barn. If he was hoping to scare or intimated her, he was going to be disappointed. She loved the rough stuff and he clearly dished it out. She grunted, grinning even wider, her arousal kicking into high gear already. She hit the ground hard, palms and knees sinking into the hay-strewn mud. Typically a chatter box, she said very little, her sex drive consuming her brain like a virus. All she could do was pant, crawling up onto her hands and knees to watch him wrapping his hands in her skirt, the look on his face one of danger and determination. There was a hard tug around her waist making her bark out a sharp 'Ah!' then the sound of ripping fabric filled her ears and she thought 'Well fuck... I liked that skirt...' Then she felt the hot hard press of his cock grinding between her ass cheeks and, oh my god, she was not disappointed. Just by how long it took him to stroke from tip to base she could feel that he was already erect and fucking long...and thick enough that those curvy cheeks were spread wide apart by his girth. He wasn't nearly as big as Stacey, but that was probably a good thing because that thing would likely tear Susi up so much she'd not be able to fuck anyone again for a week, and she couldn't have that. Turning to look at him over her shoulder, she growled out, "You going to fuck me with that thing or just tease me with it all day?" She was intentionally trying to goad him, to piss him off, just to see how far he would go, because she wanted everything he had to give her.

Jaidyn didn't need much goading, but when she asked him if he was going to use it, she saw his eyes light up with fire in them. He pulled back and grabbed her panties so hard that they stripped away in a rush when he fit half of that dick inside her smart-assed pussy. His hand jumped out and grabbed her hair tightly, dragging her down the last few inches of hot meat stuffing those lips as deep as they could go. "Hnnng...!" Teeth gritted as he fit that cock inside her tight little tunnel. This bitch was not like Darina, and though she was just about the size of Lisa, the similarity ended there. He barely waited a few seconds of getting that dick inside the demanding slut before he pulled back and started stroking her tight hold with the length of his cock. He pushed in so that his balls mushed firmly against her clit, only to peel away until the backstroke left just his fat tip inside, then ramming it home hard only to pull out slow again. "Nah... I'm gonna try and bruise your bitch cunt, girl."

Susi's cunt was still slick with her and Lisa's combined juices, having only just left the petite redhead moments before heading outside, so she was good and wet even before he'd grabbed her. But the promise of rough sex had her juices flowing hard again and when he stuffed that dick inside her waiting hole, it slurked and sucked at it like a mouth between her legs. Her clit stung from the panties catching and pulling hard between her folds before they, too, gave way and when his fat balls banged against it, she writhed in the grip of his hands around her waist. She had seen his eyes flash like they'd been hit by an oncoming car's headlights, but that light didn't seem to fade and she thought, 'These people just get weirder and weirder...' Turning away, she lowered her head to lift her ass higher, letting the full length of him push deep into her hungry cunt. Between gritted teeth, she grunted out, "I don't give a shit what you bruise, so long as you fucking make me cum on that big cock of yours Uncle." Since he hadn't told her his name, she found it amusing to keep referring to him as the title he'd given himself, not even making the connection to "Jaidyn," the man Stacey had mentioned when she'd been sucking that glorious cock of hers. "Let's see just how good you are, big boy. Think you can make an eighteen year old cum, or are you too old to keep up?"

Jaidyn growled as he jolted roughly, pulling back to barrel that hot cunt begging for it from how wet and tight it was, sucking his rod each time he shoved it in. Susi's clothing gave him an edge even if she was trying to match his ferocity, and no amount of age was going to keep him from having his pride about making girls like her squeal. A jerk of her arms yanked them back, wrestling with both until he fumbled the straps and buckles over her hands, using her own clothes in a tight cinch of creaking leather once her hands were bound in place. Satisfied he had her well in check, he flipped that sassy ass, not only to deny her the pleasure of pushing back onto his cock, but also to see her mud-stained cheek and those eyes staring back up at him. One hand latched in Susi's top, bunching it up with a tug and a pull of his fist, exposing her belly and freeing her tits in a mash of cloth drawing down under her ribs, "I don't think so, hooker. Tonight it's 'can you keep the fuck up with me?'" A hard pull came as he used her own shirt still clinging to her frame like a fuck handle, lifting her to his slamming dick, battering that pussy like a jack hammer turned on full blast, cutting to her core with his thick cock. He might not ever be as big as Stacey but she could never fuck like this wild man could. He kept drilling her cunt with every ounce of his weight clapping hard and fast against her skin in that pull, but using her top like that only lasted a few minutes. He felt the fabric tearing free and jerked it off before grabbing her hips to lift that sucking slit to his invading dick. Susi's jacket kept her arms in check as he ravaged that cunt with the fury of a monster set loose, and it was hell bent on destroying your cute pink pussy. The rough hold caught her skin with nails until his hand snapped out, slapping her breast from the side. Hands switched, smacking the other, popping sharply against her skin. With a lift of her hips, he fucked Susi's snatch in the air, never even letting her ass touch the muddy hay. Holding her at the perfect angle, the top of his dick scraped right over her g-spot from the lifting shove of that tip stuffing in and skating over the bundle of nerves from behind. "RRRrrRRRAAAHHH!"

The heels of her boots dug roughly into the backs of Jaidyn's thighs, her knees bent to grip his hips with her legs, buckles marring and scraping his skin with every pump his slammed into her cunt. She tugged at her arms just to see how well she was bound and when she discovered that she was incapable of freeing herself, she smirked, the idea of being captive to this sexgod exciting her even more. "Fuck yeah, baby. Take that cunt like you own it. If you do it right, I shouldn't be able to walk straight for at least a day. The dig of her shirt across her back--just before it, too, gave way with a rip (going to have to borrow some clothes from Lisa later...)--left a red welt across her back, making her body arch against the pain. She sucked in a breath and groaned hotly, the metal on her jacket clanking accompanying the sounds of her grunts. With her ass in the air held by his grip, her breasts rolled heavily on her chest, making moving targets for that large hand reaching out to slap them smartly. When it connected, she dug her head into the dirty hay and let out a pained cry, the flesh of those orbs turning pink then to an angry shade of red with each consecutive crack of his open palm knocking them about. The folds of her pussy, slick with nectar, parted around Jay's cock, clinging to the shaft with every outward stroke, folding around it again every time he pushed back into her. Her clit suck out between them, glistening with her juices, pulsing with arousal as she spurred him on. "Fuck yes, give it to me! Harder! I want to feel your fucking balls pushing right up against my little fuck-hole. Mmmm fuck yes!"

Jaidyn grunted as he heard this little cunt holler for more. His chest huffed like a steam bellows as he roared to life slamming that pussy with the over drive of that dick sizzling inside Susi's body. If her red tits weren't bouncing before now, they were certainly wobbling furiously with each shove he drilled down inside her creamy slick cunt still clinging to him like a wet rubber glove, tightening around his plowing shaft spearing through her folds. He pulled her all the way to him and leaned into her thighs, angling her body just right so the entire length of him pounded with all the veracity of a wild beast. Through it all, even with her body begging for more, with her mouth spitting for him to fuck her harder, he felt the tickle in his brain. He didn't know if Susi had just stumbled onto the land or was here for someone, but with no one around, he could drink her dry and throw her into the ocean before anyone even realized she had been fucked and was gone. Fangs peeks from under his top lip. The lip ring glinting in the dim light inside the barn could have made anyone see anything at that point, especially with his fat meat trying to harm their pussy each time he rammed it home. With a wince he powered through Susi's tight pussy. No matter how hard her tunnel gripped him or what clenched down on his dick, he snarled and drove through it. Muscles yielding to the feral slams of that cock sparked both pain and pleasure, making her cunt burn from the beating of man meat it was getting. And all the while, glittering eyes stared down pondering, on edge and wanting.

Susi was a tough little cookie and though she acted like a shithead, she was smart...smarter than most people her age. Hell, she was smarter than most people, period. But when she noticed that his eyes were still gleaming...brighter, even...and there was no light shining directly on them, her brows furrowed, though her pleasure-filled gasping never ceased. And then she saw gleams of white at his lips. Not the ring...no, that was silver...and shined. These seemed to glow luminescent in the dim light like... What the fuck? Were those teeth? No... Fangs... They were fucking fangs! Suddenly this girl with no fear of anything was frightened and her cries of pleasure went to cries of panic. She jerked her arms, trying to twist them free of the binds that had so recently excited her, turning her torso left then right hoping to jerk free of his tight grip. But he was too strong and though she slipped, he grunted and righted her again, never letting her off of the thick cock that continued to plunge so deep inside her tight walls that she thought he may break right through her womb. In her panic she stammered, "Stop! Stop! Get off me you fucking freak. What the fuck is wrong with you? Get...off!" Her hips lifted and bucked against him, trying to shove him away, but she only ended up aiding him in pushing in deeper, his balls slapping against her little ass every time she tried to push him away. Her heart thudded hard in her chest and she sucked in a lung full of air to let out a scream, hoping Lisa would hear her and wake.

Jaidyn had to squash it down, to curb the rising hunger in him while he fucked through the panic setting in once, he realized, she had seen his fangs. But that didn't stop him from pulling out and throwing Susi over in the hay, catching her wrists and pulling with a snap of leather buckles breaking when he reigned her in by gripping her arms and shoving his cock back inside that heated slit. He grunted as his knee shoved her legs wide and he fit back in tight, holding her by the arms to overpower that hot little body, using nothing but his strength to keep that ass in check, though he had to admit he loved the panic. One hand let loose of hers before the feeling of sharp talons--yes, talons--cut through the leather still clinging to her body and he skinned her from it like a wolf tearing deer hide away to get to the meat within. He grabbed her wrist once more in steely fingers clutching tightly, like he was using her as a bike, but instead of pedaling, his cock hammered her cunt relentless and deep. "Nnn... Whats wrong slut? Something frighten you?" A leering smile showed those teeth again if she'd managed to look back at him at all. Holding her arms tightly, he fucked that pussy with all of his power driving through his pumping hips, making her face into the barn so that even if she could scream loud enough, it would carry away from the house. Good thing she had fucked her friend stupid and into a sex coma before he got his hands on her.

Susi was just about to scream bloody-fucking-murder when he moved faster than any human could have, throwing her over so that her cry for help came out as a cry of surprise. Her face scraped over dirt and she was spitting out bits of hay when her arms were grabbed and yanked back...hard. Motherfucker that hurt! Yeah, she liked the rough stuff, but this guy was serious as a heart attack and she was beginning to regret having teased him into fucking her. Not to mention, she still had no idea what the deal was with his eyes or those fucking fangs. She knew she wasn't losing her mind...she had seen them... And now with him behind her, she had no way to see for certain. The stuff of that fat cock back into her dripping snatch jogged her from her thoughts, and though she'd been frightened out of her wits, she couldn't stop the heated groan that issued from her lips. He just felt so fucking good. Still, she whimpered and struggled, twisting her arms in his grip, trying to break free because she had no idea what he was capable of doing to her. "Please, mister... just let me go. I won't tell anyone about this, I swear. I just... you scare the shit outta me. Please let me go..." This last came out almost as a sob, and as though it fueled his desire, she felt the sharp sting of claws cutting through her leather jacket, leaving red lines over her shoulder blades and down her back. She hissed in air through clenched teeth, her back rolling as her jacket was shredded from her body, and she cried out again, though her pussy denied her fear by clenching tightly around the thick rod of meat pumping inside of it.

Jaidyn didn't do anything she said. In fact, he pulled on her arms to lean that body back just a little bit more to really settle her into the primal fuck he was nailing her with. The deep, urgent slams of his cock spreading her open came frantic and hard, but the new angle sent his dick skating over that spot from a new direction. Susi felt every searing shove, his hips driving harder the instant he heard those sobs like they turned him on even more. "Oh fuck yeah... Cry for me, you little sissy bitch. All tough on the outside, buttery cream crying on the inside." He hissed an inhale just in time to pull his claws back in. The feel of his hands on her wrists hung on through that lean and when his dick started stuffing upwards, the sheer velocity lifted her knees from the hay only to come thudding back down when his hips jerked back to keep fucking that cunt without a single shred of mercy. He didn't care what she thought right now. She had made the offer and he was going to take it no matter how much she whined or cried for him to get off her. He was going to force the orgasm from her pussy if it was the last thing he would do. Wet sounds squished in their ears, and the lean he pulled Susi into sent ripples of motion from her thighs all the way to her budded nipples bouncing from the rapid impact of skin colliding. "This cunt ain't cummed yet. You think your bitch eighteen-year-old snatch is gonna get away from me, you teasing whore?" He was not letting go, and if it was even inhumanly, possible that dick started drilling so roughly that it pained them both. But the wet heat between her thighs soothed him, sucked at him, and her pussy pushed against his cock like she was trying to force him out--to fight back or something--no matter how he held her, but the fight just made his hands tighten all the more.

Susi's knees kept slipping in the dirt from the jostling her body was taking and as she started falling forward, her arms wrenched in their sockets from the awkward angle he held them in, so she struggled to inch forward again, alleviating the pressure. Every time she worked her legs to scoot back upright, her thighs pressed together, squeezing that cock even more tightly and she'd hear him grunting from the effort of having to fight his way back inside. His words stung and she angered, forgetting her fear for a moment. "Fuck you, prick. I am tough. Let go of my arms and I'll show you just how tough I am, you jerk!" She yanked her arms again, crying out because it hurt her shoulders more, screeching and growling in frustration and humiliation at her predicament. "Let. Go!" She thrashed, her head shaking wildly, hair flying around like it was caught in a windstorm. And through it all he just laughed at her, increasing his tempo so that her pussy started hurt from the battering he was giving it, the flesh between her legs bruising and tender. She started sputtering curses in her anger, an uncontrolled moan or gasp slipping through between her words, "Cock sucking mother fucking asshole... Ohhhh.... I'll kick your ass you prick... Ahhhh god... Fuck you and your mother you son of a bitch... Mmmm fuck..." As the words spilled from her lips, so, too, did her honey flow from her sore cunt, splashing over his cock and balls with the wet shuck-shuck-shuck of her nether lips sucking away at that cock with every thrust.

Jaidyn let Susi's right arm go as his hand swept in under her chin, gripping her neck in a choke to stifle her words from even spilling past her bitching lips. His hand clamped tighter, cutting off her air on purpose, waiting until he felt her body going rigid from both the lack of oxygen and the sudden climax rushing through her senses. Without a breath, that orgasm tingled inside her like never before. Holding her tightly by the throat from behind, he never once missed a stroke of that dick bottoming out inside her cunt until he was fucking her drooling hole so hard that the wet noises overpowered her cut-off screams and curses. Susi's leaking pussy twitched on his cock right at the peak of her orgasm, so he loosened his hold just enough to let her red blushing face take in air and stop the black spots in her vision from claiming her. The return of oxygen to her bursting lungs sent her orgasm rocking down the cliff, hitting every wall with sparks of sheer fire in her flipping belly, cumming even harder when her brain could feel the serotonin now that she could breathe. Sharp slaps blasted her tits one at a time, smacking the small fleshy globes on her chest with his hand now freed from her neck, setting her tits on fire, popping hard on one only to glance off the other, getting one square underneath, or scraping across her nipple. The entire time his swelling dick pounded her pussy with a hunger she had not felt with any fucking school boy she had ever been with. "Eighteen year old my fucking ass... weak little cunt cumming already..."

Susi was still sputtering curses when her arm suddenly swung free. Surprised--shocked even--that he would let her go when she was so angry, she made to wrench the other arm free. But before she could even begin to turn, his meaty hand wrapped around her neck, choking off her air. She let out a strangled gasp, her eyes going wide in absolute terror, her free hand flailing and clawing without any effect at his hand. All she managed to do was scratch and claw at the skin, drawing lines of blood from his fingers and knuckles. Instead of releasing, though, his grip only tightened until her mouth opened and worked soundlessly. The sheer terror, the adrenaline pumping, and his cock pulsing and pumping inside her at reckless speed had her orgasm spilling through her veins like liquid fire. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't draw a breath and her heart hammered in her chest, her vision spotted, and her eyes started to roll back into her head as she began to lose consciousness, all sound going faint and muffled as though it were playing on a T.V. in another room. Then as her cunt clenched down around his cock--gripping him tighter than Darina ever could, but much like Lisa's little cunt had--she felt his hand loosen though not yet release her neck. She almost forgot to breathe, but her body took over and she sucked in a huge lung full of air, her vision clearing, the sound returning, and she realized that the screaming cries she heard were her own as her orgasm slammed through her body like a bolt of lightning striking her in a thunderstorm. Her whole body jerked and stuttered in his grip and with every gasping breath she took, she let out another loud cry of pleasure.

Jaidyn barely gave Susi time to come back to her senses as he snatched hold of her wrist again, leaning over her. Driving her down to the muddy hay floor. he raised her arms backwards to keep hold of them. Blood trickled from his hand, but only for a few seconds--without the wound being caused by silver, it closed quickly. His spreading knees kept her legs mostly closed when he rode her to the ground, holding her like a fuck doll in the dirt, and he never lost a stroke when he pushed her down to claim that pussy. Face down in the hay, held captive by him acting as the restraint that held her in check, the feel of his cock slowing down might have been a relief had he not started deep-stroking her tunnel to the brink. With the way he held on, he had her at his mercy, making her take the entire length of his cock battering her cunt wide open even after giving her the greatest orgasm of her short eighteen years of life. "Slutty pussy all filled with girl cum now, ehh bitch? What was that you said..? Can I keep...up...?" The hold on Susi's wrists jerked in time with his cock stuffing in harder, the swelling rod stretching her walls even tighter as the first trickle of precum leaked from his tip like molten lead flooding her senses. The constant sluck-sluck-sluck of wet sounds coming to his ears spurned him right over the edge until his dick was flooding her little pussy full of male seed. Gushing inside with hot lava searing her nerves, he bucked and battered her slit all the way through his own mind shattering release. "AHHHHHhh damn!"

Susi slid to the muddy ground under his weight pressing down against her back, her arm wrenched again behind her back so that she couldn't even try to scramble away. She was still so dazed form her mind blowing orgasm, though, that she couldn't even think to escape. All she could focus on was the thick, probing cock still pounding inside of her walls like he was trying to drive her right through the ground. Her orgasm hadn't even ended--it kept rolling through her like waves on the ocean, rising and falling, and crashing over her as though it sought to drown her in pleasure. She decided that he wasn't going to harm her--not permanently, anyhow--despite what he was, so she resigned herself to enjoying this like she'd intended in the first place. Now that she'd cum, some of her sass came back and she snapped back at his comment. "I'm glad you could prove yourself. Got me what I wanted, anyhow. Thing is, are you able to cum or are you just a dry hump?" Apparently her words pissed him off again, because the next thing she knew, her arms were yanked harder and his hips doubled his efforts, humping even faster, his pelvis slamming against her ass so hard it started to hurt. She felt the length of that cock splitting her walls even as they continued to quiver and convulse from her orgasm, milking his orgasm right from the tip of that yummy cock. He tensed and pushed in rapid, deep strokes until she felt the liquid heat of his cum jetting inside her cunt, filling her with his hot seed until the force of his strokes pushed it out of her womb to trickle down her blushing pink lips.

Jaidyn exhaled hotly to the air in the barn, leveling himself in deep to hold it there as his dick shivered and let out the last few drops to shut her little sassy mouth. Slowly he crawled his hands down Susi's arms and, perching atop her shoulders, he looked down at her still under him and rocked his hips just to send his cock squishing through the juices plastering her insides with heavy cream. He stayed just like that, a gargoyle on top of her body still huffing in the aftermath of that violent fuck he had just rattled her with, and now he was taking a few moments to bask in the afterglow of cumming that good inside this new little pussy. "Yeah, you got what you wanted..." Smirking as he slowly started to smile, the white points of fangs greeted her eyes when she stole a glance back at him holding her shoulders down in the hay, exposing those teeth on purpose for the next words to come from his mouth. "Now it's time I get what I want..."

No matter the panic or how great Susi's fear, he was already on top of her, holding her down to the barn floor when his open jaws came lower and closer to her body. As his chest pressed down against her back, one hand lifted to grab her green hair tightly, pulling her head back to expose the expanse of skin under her jawline, baring her throat to his slowly advancing lips. Not for one second did he pull out of her cunt. Instead, he savored the fear of her body clenching, twisting and tightening up as the end of life came dropping down towards her throat with lips parted and fangs glinting in the light. He molded himself to her, every curve fitting into his chiseled frame as the scent of some wild thing and heated sex reached her senses and the warm pall of breath cascaded over her very pulse. He loved doing it like this...making the anticipation the hardest part to take as he pressed in and those fangs hovered right over her jugular vein. The dancing tips glanced off her flushed skin like the tip of a sword skating across marble until the clasp and close of his jaws pressed in. His teeth pushed through the heated flesh to find that pulse rushing from the entrance of his fangs invading her body. She was pinned and claimed utterly, his cock held tight inside her pussy as those fangs drifted through her skin like a knife through warm butter. Searching, seeking the sanguine heat of her blood coursing after that tremendous fuck, now turned into a seductive feeding, the warmth flowed over his tongue and he gulped down her beating heart slowly. Taking mouthful by mouthful, letting her feel the flow of consciousness go fuzzy and start to fade from her sight, he drank her down and held her there like a feast to his hunger. With Lisa he would stop. With Darina he would hold back. But he didn't know this smart-mouthed girl nor did he care about her. With his dick still inside her, and now feeding from her, she was nothing more than a sweat-kissed trophy for him to keep...as long as she was alive. And that was what saved her. Feeling her heart slowing down to a crawl, barely thumping in his head, he retracted, fangs pulling from flesh as he licked away the marks his teeth had left. Panting, he rose fast with a trickle of her blood teasing from his lip ring down his chin. He managed to stop right before her heart did, licking his lips as she laid there, out of it from having her life's blood taken almost to the very end. She was so fucking tasty he debated on keeping her with Darina, but for now she would have to recover. He slipped out and stood up, pondering on taking her to his cabin or Z's, or simply just leaving her here. No one would harm her on Z's land, and since she was out cold, she might not even remember him come tomorrow. With a grin he rose, leaving her there in the hay stable as he strolled out to collect the letters he dropped previously, walking naked across the land back to his place, maybe to make Darina suck this girl's cum off his cock for brunch.

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