A Futa Stacey Fucks Vixxen


So just because I wanted to fuck a shemale, Stacey suddenly grew a cock "because it was winter time." Don't ask. We really didn't delve that deeply into the storyline behind it. We were too interested in getting straight to the action.

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A Futa Stacey Fucks Vixxen

Stacey bit her lip ring as her slender fingers raked nails across your ass.

Vixxen stiffened slightly at the touch. She was no prude--no where near--and she'd been with her fair share of women before, but this... This was something entirely different. Never had she seen a woman with a cock before, and though it piqued her interest, she wasn't so sure just how comfortable she was with it yet. Good lord, what would her friends back home think if they found out about this? She'd never live it down. And as if the strange phenomenon with Zuriel last night wasn't enough to have rattled her, now his "lady friend" shows up and she's... Well... Not entirely a lady. Clearing her throat, feeling completely out of her element now, Vixxen shifts from one foot to another, trying to keep her eyes to the floor, though they kept drifting back to Stacy's curvaceous form and the immense cock hanging between her legs, "I...um...this is uh...unexpected. And, well...quite frankly new to me. I'm not sure how to react."

Stacey giggled with a lick to her lips, shaking her head before she dropped to one knee. She watched as those blue eyes focused on what was between her thighs, the thick meat just hanging there. "Maybe you should stop thinking for once..." Slender fingers untied your boot laces one by one, pulling them off one at a time to make sure the blond bombshell didn't lose her balance. After the boots were off, she rose to her own bare feet, taking your hand in hers. "Zuriel said he had something set up for us. Shall we go see?"

Vixxen awkwardly and uncomfortably watched you kneel down to slip off her boots. To keep her balance, she braced a hand on your slim shoulder, noting just how different your skin and frame felt to the touch compared to Zuriel's. She watched wordlessly, finding it ironic that Z made her put her boots back on last night and now the first thing you did was remove them. The wooden floor was chilly under her bare feet and she shivered a bit standing there still naked after having slept in the nude from the night before. Had she known Z had expected a guest, she would have dressed, but it seems that would have been a moot point, anyhow. Your dainty hand laced with her own and she glanced at them hanging between both your hips, then nodded in response to your question. "Lead on, I guess. What have I got to lose except my dignity?"

Stacey snickered at your comments, not really caring about that considering there was no one else here to lose your dignity to, no audience to watch. Slowly she turned and walked out the doors, pulling you along out into the sun and the trees as she lead you out into the forest around the cabin. She made sure to pull you up beside her to watch how you walked as she led you through the land, the sea coming into view with something else marring the landscape: a cold stone table sitting in the middle of the forest with no one else around to see. She lifted her hand under your ass cheek and squeezed. "Dignity? Honey, you have no idea what it means to lose it, especially with no one else watching."

Vixxen stepped onto the porch behind you with the grass squishing under her feet shortly after. The wind blew and a chill kissed her skin making her nipples perk right up into tight little buds on her breasts, swaying with each step she took. The sun felt nice on her bare skin and she inhaled the fresh air that she never seemed to get enough of when she came here. Wondering just where you were leading her, she followed along more complacently than she ever had with Zuriel, possibly because she was was so curious, or maybe it was because she was so stunned she couldn't find the will to argue or resist this madness. When you arrived at the stone, she stopped short and appraised it with a wary eye. "This looks like some sacrificial altar in a horror movie. Just what are you planning to do? Murder me to some demon lord you worship?" She was kidding--kind of--but her joking ended when she felt those dainty fingers cupping her naked ass cheek with a squeeze. Though she didn't move, she felt the familiar rush of sexuality spread through body and she realized that yes, she wanted this...very much. She wasn't sure what your comment meant, but she thought she understood the meaning and, realizing no one was here to see anyhow, except maybe Zuriel somewhere, she shrugged and said, "Yeah. Ok. What the hell..."

Stacey giggled at those unsure questions. This was not totally her idea since Z was the one who clued her in to stop by. She pulled you closer and let her fingers dance lightly over that budded nipple perked from the open air and the rising excitement of the moment. "Oh no honey, I'm not going to kill you..." She pursed her lips in thought a moment, smirking as she plucked and tugged at your swollen bud. "Well not in the literal sense at least." Suddenly she pushed you towards the stone table, lifting one dainty foot as she leaned in behind you and gave you the idea of how she might be killing you when the very thick and meaty dick she had pressed between your creamy thighs. "I think I'll just kill you with this..." Making her point when she slowly stroked her hips in tighter, drawing that length between your thighs. The sheer size of it was already bigger than Zuriel and she had yet to even get hard. "I'll try not to make it hurt." Biting her bottom lip, Stacey pressed in closer, giving you ample time to feel how big she really was and to see your eyes when you felt that fat girth getting rigid and stiff between your legs, grinding in closer, sliding the top of her cock right against your pink lips. "Mmmnnnh..."

Vixxen sucked in a soft gasp of air at the blatant caress her her nipple. She was still baffled that there were no formalities, no niceties, no 'getting to know yous' before you started touching her naked body like the two of you had done this a dozen times before. It was that certainty, that confidence you displayed, that intrigued her and turned her on despite the oddity of the situation. She loved confident women, and you were certainly confident in your actions, not taking no for an answer--not even expecting or wanting an answer--just assuming that this was going to happen, regardless. The rough shove against the table did flare her anger to life, though. She was already willing--there was no need to get so rough--so when her hands collided with the cold stone, she turned around with her mouth already open, brows furled in a scowl, "Hey..!" It was a good thing she had braced herself on the table because the next thing she knew, you had one of her legs wrapped in your grip, lifting her knee beside her left hand to brace it on the table as well. "What in the hell..?" Again, her complaints were cut short, the press of your hips against her ass sliding the thick wad of meat between her leg stifling her more effectively than any gag ever could. Her jaw dropped even wider and she thought to herself, 'Holy shit!!' feeling the sheer size of your cock gliding against her nethers. Still looking at you over her shoulder, her mouth worked like a fish out of water, though she couldn't seem to find the words she wanted. "You can't... Oh god, no..."

Stacey giggled almost impishly at hearing you prattle on about how big she was but that was only the half of it. Licking her lips, she edged you up on the table and rolled you right over, crawling up after you to spread those creamy thighs to give you your first close up look of the dick that was about to split you wide. She only held your thighs apart, expertly gliding the underside of her twitching dick over your naked pussy. Letting you watch as the head peeked from the foreskin, the end of her dick distending before your very eyes as she stroked it full and tight against your pink lips just to show off what she was about to use on you. "Relax... I'll go easy, baby. Z said you'd need a shock after the night you had with him. I guess I'm it." That dick swelled impossibly huge--bigger than any man you have ever had in your life time--and the angle of her dick stroking your cunt made her cock head poke over the sight of your breasts as she stroked it over your clit all the way to the base of her shaft. "Nnnm...this is going to be so delicious!" Biting her lower lip she held your thighs, rocking herself hard and stiff by rubbing your pussy with her cock. She smiled down at you, seeing the realization in your face that she hadn't even been fully hard yet now that her cock, fully erect and gliding over your lips, graced your sight.

Vixxen was in such a state of shock (and, yes, concern), that she mindlessly complied as you guided her up to the table onto her hands and knees, slipping onto her back at the insistence of your tiny hands pressing at her side. Her heart beat so rapidly that she could hear the pulse in her own ears, looking down that the overly thick shaft pressing between her folds as it swelled and grew even larger, the head nearly glistening when it peeked from the folds of skin. Finally finding her voice, though unable to tear her eyes away from the sight between her thighs, she stated, "I think I had enough of a shock last night with Zuriel as it was. I can't possibly imagine why he felt I needed another." The strokes of your hips against her own sent her frame rocking, jostling her breasts in swirling circles. She watched between them in both fascination and slight horror as the cock grew even bigger still and she pondered just how in the hell you thought to fit it inside of her. "I don't think... No, I know that thing is not going to fit in me. I don't think this is a good idea, after all.' She started to draw her legs back, making to flip to her side in an attempt to descend from the table, but your hands gripped her thick thighs tightly, almost roughly, and she found that she wasn't able to pull away without having to physically hurt you, without having to fight you, and she didn't want that. Not really. So she tried to reason with you, instead "Please, Stacey. It is Stacey, right? Look, we don't have to do this. I appreciate the offer, but... I fear you may damage me with that thing... Let's just forget it, eh? Go ride the motorcycles, instead? What do you say?"

Stacey shook her head as she ticked her tongue with a 'tsk tsk' sound coming from her lips. Her hands shifted, so instead of holding your legs up, her hands pinned your knees down. "I think pussy stretches. During the summer I have one and trust me, I've taken something this big..." Her tooth caught her lower lip once more, and you could feel her pulling back to drag the length of that monster dick over your lips, but the real shock was still on the way. It came when her hooded tip pressed between your lips, the pink folds stretching at the intrusion of something so large trying to slip inside. Stacey gasped and pulled back, lifting a hand for just a second to spit in her palm and giving her cock tip a few good strokes to get it more slick before the press of that fat tip came again. "Uhhn...damn. Normally Z has his ladies open more by now. You're still so tight, babe! Maybe you're more resilient than you think eh?" Her hips danced from side to side, making the head of that dick slip in a swivel. It was the little bit of slide that her saliva gave that made your pussy stretch even more as she pushed it in harder. The wet pop of that head going in was accelerated by the shape of her dick. The wide, fat head dropped in width about halfway down the cock pushing inside you, making half of it sink inside until your clamping walls squeezed so much she was stopped in her advance. "Nnnhg! Oooo... There we go. Feel that, baby? So tight...so hot.. Uhhh!" Since she could not sink it all the way in, she pulled back, drawing through the impossibly tight grip of your muscles contracting around something that was almost too large to even go as far as it had, sparking your cunt with the unbelievable feeling of being opened up like never before.

Vixxen realized her pleas and bargaining were being ignored and, honestly, she didn't really want to stop. She was just afraid that monstrosity was going to rip her in half. Her legs never moved more than an inch before you'd clamped your hands around the tops of them, pinning her in place, and though she was strong and could have fought you, in her heart she wanted to feel the big cock filling her up, feel the press of your breasts against hers while you were inside of her, fucking her. So she lay back and watched the wide tip of that cock pressing against her tight entrance, feeling the push and knowing--oh shit--it was not going to fit. No way, no how.. But your fingers curled around her thighs pulling her toward you as you pushed forward with that beautiful, round ass, forcing it in, spreading her entrance so that it fit snugly around that shaft. The discomfort hit her and her head hit the stone with a hiss of air through clenched teeth and a sharp grunt of pain. Her own hands were wrapped around the undersides of her thighs and she dug her nails into her own flesh to draw her attention elsewhere for a moment. "F-f-fuck.. Stacey, I'm telling you... It won't fit..." She was watching your face, waiting for you to acknowledge her words, but the only response she got was an evil smirk as you spat into your hand and rubbed it on the head of your cock. With another press of lubed skin, you went deeper and again she writhed on the stone, this time with a cry like she'd been stabbed. "Ah! Fuck! No more... no more!" Even as she begged you to stop, you forced another inch and another into her tight walls, stretching her uncomfortably wide. It hurt. It was ungodly painful. And yet she was so turned on, so aroused, that her honey started to flow over your shaft, getting it even more lubed than your spit had, and now it began to really slide into her with every hard press of your hips.

Stacey reached out and lavished a finger over your bottom lip, slipping it inside your mouth to hold down your tongue as she spoke. "Nnnnm...babe, this is what letting go feels like. Every...nnnfff...every ounce of you screams no...no more." With her hands on your thighs she shifted her hips, literally moving you with a cant of her spine and a roll of her hip so that cock inside you leveraged your body to the side. Showing you how much she adored using that dick to own pretty asses like yours. "Z... Uhaaa...Hnnn! Z...can't do this for you...because...because... Ahhh!" Your juices coating her fat dick allowed the last four inches to sink in past your quaking walls that were unable to stand up to the heat of wet, juicy cock bearing down deeper. The hit of her words probably not even registering, she bucked in tight and her balls smacked heftily against your skin before the following backstroke pulled them from your senses. The wild painted woman was showing her energy, pumping back in hard to take you deep as she could, not giving those walls time to tremble back in place. Her cock lodged in tightly, bringing the corner of her pretty lip up in a slight petite snarl from her mouth. "He loves you too much...to scare you away..." With all the heat between your thighs, she managed to say something profound. Her friend couldn't say it the night before, so she said it for him. Pulling her finger from your lips after getting all of her words out, her lungs were free to breathe instead of forcing herself to speak through pants, the speed of her body getting a little faster from your honey making that dick slide in easier.

Vixxen kept wanting to protest, to cry out in exquisite pain, but her words were silenced with the slip of a dainty finger pressed to her lips and gliding into her mouth. She couldn't help but find the action highly erotic, as though it were symbolic of the strange cock forcing her walls open. Grazing her teeth over the tip, she suckled on the digit, drawing it into her mouth with a pull of her lips, having both her cunt and her mouth filled at the same time. Peering at you past your finger, she listened to you speak again, at first wondering what the hell you were talking about and discounting it as the raving of someone addled with lust. The wet squelching of her cunt around your cock muffled some when you shifted and finally (oh dear god, so full!) bottomed out inside of her, the last incredibly thick inch of your base pushing those tight walls impossibly wide and she grunted on a heavy sigh, her eyes closing to absorb the pain and relish the wonderful feel of being so deliciously full. Her lashes flit open and her blue eyes turned back to your face, watching your lush red lips as you spoke again...and when the words hit her, when they penetrated her sex-fogged brain, her heart leaped and she gasped, the word 'what..?' tangling on her lips around your finger as it slipped from her mouth. She tried to focus on the importance of those words, to cling to them, but it was so difficult with you fucking her. It tumbled in her head, and once the shock lifted, she smiled dreamily and closed her eyes, letting the amazement and pleasure overtake her senses completely.

Stacey licked her lips as she felt your body opening, allowing the invasion so deeply that your tight hold had her shaking each time she pushed it inside. So lost on you she shook her head, bringing her back to the reason for this and she pulled out. The contrast of being so full and suddenly so empty sent your brain tumbling. She hopped from the table and quickly grabbed you by the ankles to pull you along with her. Slender fingers latched at the back of your pretty neck, holding on while she slid and slipped that hard thick head over your ass, between your thighs. "Get down here..." With a grunt she shoved you face down on the table, not needing to be rough and hard because at the same time she pushed, that fat tip split your nether lips once more. She stole the fight you had by just shoving you full of cock so big that it thumped with a heartbeat all its own. Her hand lifted from your skin, slowly winding your blond tail in her fingers until she had a firm grip, keeping you down while her free hand collected your wrists to pull them behind your back. "No more talking. It's time to make you cum like a virgin." Cool rock pressed against your warm breasts, the bouncy flesh mashing down hard only to wobble back from their size keeping you balanced from the table against your cheek. With a powerful hitch she jerked back, throwing her strength into those hips hard enough her own cheeks jiggled from the stuff of that dick taking you to the deepest places inside, showing you how it felt to be invaded, to be filled so brazenly that no amount of fight would ever be enough. You would have to sever that cock to stop it, but even a meat cleaver could not stop the rabid beef pumping inside your cunt unabashedly. Rolling back into a tight, short, fast beat, her hips slammed your ass cheeks only to rear back and stab through your very core, finding the liquid center of that pussy so she could pop it and make your cunt flood with girl cream.

Vixxen tumbled and turned, dragged by your hands around her ankles to the edge of the table, hissing in air between clenched teeth when she scraped a knee going over the side. She had no chance to even brace herself against the edge when your hand gripped the back of her neck and forced her torso down onto the table. She was no petite woman and she'd had her fair share of fights, but she found herself wondering if she'd be able to fight you off even if she wanted to. That grip told her more about your strength than anything else had and, though she trusted Zuriel never to harm her or force her into anything, she didn't really know a thing about you and she was suddenly nervous again. A kick to the inside of each of her feet spread her legs wider, pushing her face against the cool stone with her breasts mashed uncomfortably under her. That discomfort was nothing compared to the sudden thrust of that thick meaty cock back into her waiting hole. Though you'd already stretched her out, she was still so tight that the invasion was a renewed shock and she jerked, letting out a cry. Her arms flexed in your firm grip and she whimpered in her throat, but none of the fear, none of the panic, not even the pain could stop the roiling boil of climax from starting to build in her belly. Her ass jiggled with each slap of your pelvis against it, and your cock parted her lips, spreading her entrance like a ship parting water only to have them gather together again in its departing wake. Every plunge drew a gasp from her and soon she was moaning, starting to float on the high of her impending orgasm, and she utter through her groans, "Stacey... oh god, it hurts! Mmm fuck...so good... I'm...I'm going to...to cum... Ohhh shit..."

Stacey purred at the words spilling from your lips, but she was not going to make you ask permission like Zuriel might have. There was nothing but the feel of her lifting your face from the table by a pull of your wound hair, drawing you up after having kicked your feet apart to spread those legs and stuff that pink hole deep. It wasn't that she was strong or forceful; she just took what she wanted. And with her dick being as large as it was, it only ensured that after the first slide of her girth between some lucky girl's lips, she would melt and shake herself apart wanting it. Looking down to watch your ass, she kept her eyes trained, holding your wrists still in one dainty hand clutching them firmly. The hold she had on your raised body sent waves of pleasure through you with the hard slam of that cock bottoming out, the feel of her engorged balls slapping just as hard as the rest of her length had. "I know you are. Nnnn... I can feel your pussy sucking...me...uuhh..." There were no commands; only the heat of that shaft spearing you wide and pulling back kept your nerves on fire from the feel of that massive girth pushing through you. The head of her dick pumped in harder, searching for that liquid release she knew was building in there, her own tummy feeling tight as her balls started to lift with every wild slam of her body crashing into you. "Nnn...delicious. I knew it!"

Vixxen was lifted on her toes every time that huge cock was driven into body so deep she swore you were penetrating her stomach. Jesus god! She had never been stuffed so fucking full before and every cell in her body seemed to merge to that point where you entered her in a spread that gripped you live a vice. Her feet danced in the grass, drawing blades between her toes, and with her head held by the twist of hair in your grip, her belly banged into the edge of the cold stone table with every rough, deep plunge of that cock. Her head swam and she bit her bottom lip so hard that it would surely swell later, drawing in a gasping breath as her climax spiraled up and out of control, exploding in a blaze of of molten fire through her body. "Ahhh God! Stacey!!!" She cried out her pleasure, her cunt spasming though the clenching muscles around your cock hardly moved, spread as they were around your girth and yet her climax was so hard, it halted your movements in a death grip, her cum pouring over the head inside her, staying trapped in the air-tight seal you had plugging her up. The only escape of those slick fluids, the withdraw of your cock just before another slam pushed most of it right back into her waiting pussy.

Stacey barreled through the feeling of those walls clamping down on her fat cock, closing her green eyes as those muscles undulated and pulled at her entire girth from tip to the base of her thick shaft. Every ounce of her body still rolled, breasts heaving as she felt you cumming in a gush, busted like a warm water balloon filled with baby oil and your honey just made that cock gleam as it stroked your pussy through. The spasms that holding her out were simply bucked against and shoved into harder. She managed to hold back just enough, lifting your knee to the stone table top once more and she drove that dick in tightly to make your back arch so she could push you up there fully. Once she got you in place, her hand gripped your hair tightly again, holding your hip before the first hungry thrust powered inside you, her own glossy lips parting in a heated gasp when you felt that enormous dick battering you open, the head of it starting to swell. "Unnnnnaaahhh... ooh shit...!" Her eyes tightened closed, the feel of that cock inside throbbing so hard that your walls quaked with the sensation of being ao full of that massive length. Suddenly she went wide-eyed, wracking her hips faster as the rise in her need leaked pre from her tip to add to the slippery juices inside. She was being a good girl despite her desire to fill you with her load, but she had made a promise, so she jerked out of that pussy instead. Panting with her tongue hanging from her lips, she stroked her fat dick and shot line after line of hot cum onto your ass. It pooled on your back, even as she continued to spurt thick cream over your flesh, the liquid leaking down your still-shaking limbs from having that cock inside you. "Nnnhaaaa! Hhhnnng!"

Vixxen was still gasping from the most intense orgasm ever when she felt you pull out and shoved her up onto the table again. Crawling--scrambling--on hands and knees, she halted in the center, giving you room behind her. She felt you clamber up between her legs, that thick cock dancing and prodding back at her slick, dripping cunt. Now that you'd pulled out, her cum just oozed from between her lips and down her legs, making her knees slick on the stone. But she braced her hands and when you pushed that meaty shaft back inside of her, she flexed her arms to brace herself against you. Her orgasm had nearly abated, but the feel of you back inside her, pumping with reckless abandon, stirred it back to life and she found herself gasping yet again, her arms and legs tingling with sparks of pleasure, her belly coiling back into that tight knot. The sudden swell of your cock filling with cum toppled her right over the edge again and as she wailed, her body racked with tremors of pleasure. She felt you withdraw from her quaking pussy and your grunts and heavy breathing behind her proceeded that sudden hot splash of sticky cum on her ass and back, her body rolling at the contact like a wave on the ocean. Her fingers curled against the rock and she groaned at the feel of your cum trickling down her ass and over her sides at her hips and her head hung limply, arms shaking from sheer exertion. "Dear... god..."

Stacey inhaled a shaky breath. The feel of her cock slowly shrinking had her head spinning after one of the strongest orgasms she'd ever had. She pulled away and slipped from the stone table, pulling you down with her almost as if you weighed nothing. Drawing you down to the soft grass, she kissed and licked your neck, lifting her hand to slide over your breasts before she spoke. "I'll be waiting for you to call. And just ask him. He'll tell you what I said..." Leaving those words in your ears, she stole a kiss, dancing her tongue in your lips before she let you slide fully to the ground, walking away with the jangle of jewelry in each step.

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