Jaidyn Takes Susi for His Own


This one is tied together with another story (following this post), 'Lisa Blows Zuriel while Jay takes Susi.' We kinda got crazy one night and brought on four characters, starting their RPs somewhat together, then branching them off while maintaining the two separately at the same time. So while Jaidyn drags Susi from the house to rape her (again), Lisa blows Zuriel as they listen in to their screams and shouts in the distance.

I tried to think of a clever way to bring them together without making the reading of the stories too complicated, but I guess with the holidays my brain just doesn't feel like cooperating, so I'm posting them as two individual stories. When you read them, you'll notice that the beginnings are identical until Jay drags Susi out the front door...

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Jaidyn Takes Susi for His Own

Lisa quickly settled in at her Master's feet while he was apparently distracted talking to Susi.

Jaidyn came in sniffing, following a bubble gum trail.

Susi was grinning but scowled as a wall of meat slammed into her back. "What the fuck?" Susi turned and glared at the brute behind her. "Whats your problem, mister?"

Zuriel stroked his love's hair, smirking at hearing Susi.

Jaidyn grunted, shoving his face under the girl's hair with his nostrils flaring, huffing her scent with a lick to his lips. "After all that tracking I did, you come back here."

Susi lifted a hand to her hair to knock him away, her face pinched in disgust. "What the..? Get! What the hell do you think you're doing, sniffing me?" She turned to face him fully, taking a step back not in fear, but just to be able to look up at him in the face. "And what are you talking about, tracking? Me? Why? I don't even know you!" She looked at Lisa. "Who the fuck is this dude? Your neighbor or something? He needs some manners." She righted the headphones on her ears, but reached to her hip to at least turn the sound down so she could hear the conversation better.

Zuriel covered his girl's ears, waiting for what he knew was coming.

Lisa tilted her head up at the warmth of hands covering her ears, her brows furrowing a bit, but she never questioned her Master, so she just rested her head on his leg.

Jaidyn scoffed at the punk, lifting a big hand to the back of her head and grabbing a thick handful of pink hair. Not even saying a word as he turned, he dragged the little punky bitch out the door caveman-style, dragging her across the yard well out of earshot of anyone in the cabin so he wouldn't disturb his alpha sitting with his girl. "You will know me..."

Susi let out a screech that surely Lisa heard, but when Susi's eyes turned to her for answers--for help--Lisa just sat there with her head in Zuriel's lap. Susi's hands went to her hair trying to loosen the hold Jaidyn had on her ponytail, but the fucker was strong. She stumbled along, bent awkwardly, using one hand to try and keep her hair attached to her scalp, the other beating at his arm the whole way across the yard. When they finally stopped outside the barn, she didn't try to run. Oh no, she was too angry to leave yet. Instead, she pulled her arm back and walloped him in the shoulder, her fist making a 'thwump!' sound as it hit the leather of his jacket. "You fucking asshole! What the hell do you think you're doing? I'm going back to the house right now!"

Jaidyn gritted his teeth as he lifted the arm that held her hair, her hits doing little to dissuade him from what he wanted after following her trail for an entire day. He flexed and pulled his arm up to dangle the screeching girl, throwing her headlong into the barn as he followed after her, shedding his jacket. Without the clothing, his ink was visible, the lines of his chest pumping with anticipation while he blocked the doorway. "Not yet, you're not. Lisa will clean you up after I'm done here." He stepped closer and grabbed the back of her neck, shoving the pink-clad bitch to her knees.

"Oh Jesus!" Susi's feet came off the ground by inches and her eyes went wide with shock until he threw her into the barn. She hit the ground with a tumbling skid and groaned. Rising to her knees then shakily to her feet, she made to face the door, but his huge frame filled it, blocking her escape. Susi sat there huffing angrily through her nose, her eyes darting about looking for a path of escape. What made her more angry was did Lisa know this was happening? Did her father? Why did they do nothing to stop this madness? She gritted her teeth looking him straight in those terrifying golden eyes and growled "Get out of my way. Now! I'm leaving here." Instead of moving out of the way, he stormed in on her, grabbing her by the back of her neck with such strength that she dropped right back down to her banged-up knees with a cry. The force of the action knocked her headset flying from her ears to clatter across the barn floor and she snapped, "Those were a fucking birthday gift, you ass! They better not be broken!" As if she didn't have bigger things to worry about.

Jaidyn ticked his tongue and stepped in, lifting her smaller frame easily with hardly any trouble at all when he shoved the little bitch over his knee. His hand shot down her back and fingers slipped under her little shorts to jerk them down in a rush. "No, you're not leaving. Zuriel and Vixxen have Alesh. I think my Darina and me need a little candy-coated slut for our own fun." His hand lifted, suddenly smacking that pert little ass hard enough to make the skin redden, to make her cheek bounce from impact as the sharp slap of his hand clapped openly on that cute little butt. She was going to have bigger things to worry about than her headphones, especially after he stopped spanking that ass long enough to drag her shorts off. Letting her see him bring her shorts to his nose, he inhaled deeply, saying, "Mmmm... Sweet little pussy, just like I remember."

Susi kicked and cried, fighting him for all she was worth, but it was no use. He was twice her size and overpowered her easily onto her knees. Normally Susi was all for kink and fun, but she had had other things planned for the night and she wasn't particularly fond of it just being taken from her without her consent, so she put up resistance, but none of it did her any good. Jay roughly yanked down the tight shorts she was wearing, drawing them just below her round cheeks and after only a moment's pause, a sudden crack followed by a flare of pain roared through her. Susi's ass stung and she turned left then right, as though seeing what was happening would prevent it from happening again, but when his hand landed once more, her head jerked forward and she let out a shout, the pain having doubled when his hand struck over the same spot twice. "Fucking shit! Stop it! Let me go! Let me go!!" She squirmed like an eel, but he held her fast with one hand, the striking blows of the other keeping her shocked and in too much pain to move. The reprieve was short--only long enough for Jay to drag her shorts the rest of the way off over her shifting, scrambling legs. Susi was gripping onto his thigh now, just trying to ward off the pain, when she saw him sniffing her shorts. When he spoke, she whipped her head around to face him in confusion. "Remember? Remember what??"

Jaidyn smirked as he noticed something black on her neck. This little girl was already trussed, and he proved it by hooking his fingers in the ring of the collar she already wore. "See? You're already wearing the very thing Darina and me will put on you." He held on fast to the collar's ring and his other hand lifted once more, raining blow after blow on that perky little butt. He would have to train this one, but he wasn't above locking her up to teach her who her new owner was. Even if she never accepted it, he would lock her to a fucking wall and just come grab her when he wanted to use her. That spanking hand slid down, stroking between those red cheeks to glide along her bare lips. He wasn't really trying to get her excited, but she needed some kind of lube for him to fit his dick inside her, so he plunged his middle finger between those pink lips, biting his at the feel of tight teenager around his finger as he probed that little cunny. "Nnn... I'm saying I remember this sweet little snatch girl. I smelled it all day while hunting you down."

Susi blushed deeply. Having grown so used to the collar, she rarely even thought about it anymore. But when he tugged at the ring, she couldn't help but realize what it meant and what he intended. She panicked some then, knowing she already belonged to someone else...in a manner of speaking. "You can't. Someone else gave that to me. It's a bond. I belong to her. You can't just 'take' me for your own!" Her babbling arguments were cut short when another wave of strikes landed on her cheeks, the resounding crack! crack! crack! floating through the barn. Each one was followed by a hiss of air through her clenched teeth until the final one drew yet another whimpering cry from her. Susi's fingers gripped and clenched at the leather on his legs, her nails almost bending backwards in her pain, but when his fingers slipped over her exposed slit and pushed into her hole, she found that the pain was doing more than hurting her--it was turning her on. She was wet already and the juices dribbled out as soon as his finger set them free of the folds that confined them. Susi groaned, unable to stop herself, and she leaned forward over his leg as though the push of his finger inside her were guiding her body down for him.

Jaidyn tugged hard on the collar's ring, pulling her in close enough to sniffle the leather around her neck and he grinned devilishly. "Stacey, right? Well, you won't have to worry about her, 'cause she takes my dick when ever I make her." Slowly he pumped that finger back and forth between those teenage lips, even leaning over to watch his finger sink back and forth through her tight little slit. "Nnn...damn. All this fighting and look...you're letting out juices like a ripe watermelon." With his fingers wet and glistening, he pulled them from her body, letting her watch as he raised his hand to his lips and sucked the honeydew off them inches from her face being held in place by his hand hooked in her collars ring. "Mmm...fuck. Even more tasty than I remember. I can't wait to fuck Darina and shove your cute face under my balls, bitch." He slid his hand out, grabbing her shirt and just pulled it right over her head, tossing it behind him before he gripped her nipple and tugged.

Susi tried to shrink away when he leaned in so damn close to her neck again, his sniffing freaking her out. But when he stated that Stacey was the one to put the collar one her, her eyes widened in disbelief and she turned to gape at him. "How..? How did you know that?" She didn't even question that he made Stacey suck his dick. It honestly didn't surprise her. Her questions ended there, though, when he teased her about how wet she was. Damn her body! She couldn't help that the rough play turned her on. She loved it, but she sure as hell wasn't going to let this asshole know it. Not that it mattered. He already knew just by how she reacted--like a slut ready to be fucked. She watched him sucking her juices off his fingers and she chewed her lip hotly. Fuck, that was so erotic... And then he said something about some Darina chick and making her lick his balls while he fucked the other chick, and her pussy just clenched around his fingers at the idea. She moaned again (damn it!) and her head swam as she pictured it in her mind. Jay drew her back to the present, though, when he jerked her shirt over her head, her little breasts bouncing and swaying until he caught one in his thick fingers and pinched that rosebud, making her head jerk up as she cried out, the sound ending in a lustful groan.

Jaidyn smirked seeing his new little whore groaning in heat. Oh, he had this one, and all because Lisa needed a friend. She would be the bridge between his alpha's girls and his own now. Fuck, yes. He was keeping this one! With a grunt he threw her face first into the dirty hay, clambering on top of that hot little body as he pressed in to let the girl feel his excitement bulging in his pants, the lump pressing firmly against the crack of her pink little ass. Slowly he ground his clothed cock against that hot little butt, letting her feel just what she was about to get into, since she had no memory of his already having been inside her before. The ideas of sharing girls between him and Z was already making him hotter: passing Lisa, Alesh, and Susi between himself and Darina, and Vixxen and his alpha. This was about to be the hottest spot in the world! With the feel of his confined dick grinding her ass harder, Jay said, "Mmm... I can feel the anticipation. You want it bad, don't you, slut?" He had tastes close to his alpha's, and her in sneakers and leggings was just too sexy to ignore, especially now that he was about to have a taste of some bubblegum. Unzipping his pants, he let that thick length free to glide against her cute little ass without his pants blocking the way. "Nnn..."

Susi hit the ground with a whoof! of air rushing from her lungs, the weight of him crushing her into the dirty hay. The leather of his pants brushed over her bare hips and she squirmed trying to get out from under him, but he had her pinned. "No... Please, no!" Stupidly she begged again, as though she thought one last attempt before he actually did something would make him stop. But instead of letting her go, she heard his zipper and the feel of hot, hard cock pressing between the tight cheeks of her ass. Susi whined again, torn between wanting to get out of this situation with he pride and wanting what felt to be a monstrous cock stuffed inside of her. Fingers clawed at the hay, leaving her with nothing but fists full of dirt and straw. She slammed her palms into the ground sending dirt and hay scattering everywhere and she bucked under him trying to dislodge him. "Get... Off! Of... Me!" She was no match for his size, but Susi was a fighter and she bucked like a bronco until he started laughing at her, pumping that cock between her cheeks even harder.

Jaidyn smiled as he chuckled feeling her struggles under him. He wasn't worried about making her relax; in fact, the more she fought, the more he wanted her. But he still hunkered down tightly to her cute little body while he stroked that cock between those cheeks. "Shhh... You can scream when I put it in you, bitch." He wet his lips and pulled back with the head of his cock gliding down. "At least I'm not gonna just fuck your ass and leave you chained here. I actually want to feel your little girl cunt squeezing my dick." With hands pressing on the dirty hay, he rolled his hips forward, the head of that monster cock slowly pushing between her pink lips until they bloomed around his head, and with a tight squeeze, he felt that little pussy open up for him. Even though he and his alpha had already fucked this girl during the ritual they'd performed to erase her memory of them, she was just as tight and pristine as the day they took her, and he felt it when he stuffed his cock inside that snatch. She could hear him, feeling him tense up as he slid home and fitted half of his length inside her cute little pussy. Pressing his chin beside her head, the panting breaths he took right by her ear grew shorter when his hips started to move, sampling his new little bubblegum whore's cunt all over again. "Oh, fuck... Damn, such a tight little bitch. Uuuhhnnn!"

Susi's head spun drunkenly when he shushed her and in the same breath told her she could scream when he forcibly fucked her. "Jesus Christ..." she whispered, finishing the thought in her head: 'This man is dangerous...and its turning me on. What the fuck's wrong with me?!' She spoke none of that, not wanting him to know just how hot he'd gotten her and how ashamed of herself she was for it, but as he thrust against her, it was evident just how hot she was. As her body rocked under him, her pussy lips mashed together between her thighs and they were so wet that they started squelching and smacking like someone loudly chewing bubblegum. Even Susi heard it over his grunts by her ear and she blushed so hard that her whole body turned a deep shade of pink. The slick lube made it all the easier for Jaidyn when he shifted and slid that cock of his right between those sliding lips, plunging it straight into the depths of her tight pussy. The size of him was even more surprising when she felt it inside and her hands raked at the dirt, getting bits of mud and hay under her nails. Her head lifted and she cried out, just as he'd told her to, though it was involuntary--she was just so shocked by the sudden stretch of her walls and the feeling of being completely filled without any warning. Susi bit her lip trying to silence herself, but she still groaned, giving herself away again at just how much she loved what he was doing. "Nnggghhhh!"

Jaidyn didn't miss the wet squish of those lips from the way he mounted that hot little body, but he wasn't done by a long shot as he swept in and slid between those pink legs. Using his knees, he spread that body open as he lifted on his hands to fit more of his cock inside the hot little slut he now had at his mercy. The press of him from behind pinned her to the dirty hay while he swung back and popped his dick in hard to make that pussy squelch even more. "Nnnmm... See? I knew you'd scream for me. Feels like you're all wet too, ain't you, bitch?" He gritted his teeth in a grin that bordered on sadistic, lifting fully on his arms to start dropping his weight to his hips, making his them pop tight against that pert jiggling ass under him, breathing so close to her ear that his words hissed past her senses. "Come on... Tell Jay you like it. I know you do. I can feel you...wet and gooey. So fucking tight that pussy is sucking on my dick." The feeling of full balls tapped, smacked and slapped against her clit from behind and he made sure to keep his body weight flowing through his strokes, hitting that pussy in a downward angle so that the underside of his cock ground down and beat over that sweet spot inside her cunt.

Susi clenched her eyes shut at his words, hating that he was right and not wanting to admit it. She groaned out, "Noooo..." but the word was as weak as the denial itself and they both knew she was lying. Susi's small frame was pressed hard into the cold dirt, her skin almost sliding in the mud with each shove her threw into her soaking wet snatch and bits of hay pricked at her flesh. She could feel his hot breath on her ear and neck as he spoke and it sent a chill sweeping through her body making her stomach flip wildly. She could deny it all she wanted, but she was panting, loving the feel of that cock driving home, banging inside her, pressing and drawing over her g-spot inside. The pleasure rose and swirled, dipped and spun through her loins, dancing through her body and she couldn't deny it anymore. "Fuuuuck yes! I do! I fucking love it! Ahhhh...god. Don't stop!" She sobbed as she cried out the words, hating herself for loving it and hating herself even more for admitting it, but she couldn't hold back. He felt so fucking good she that had to have more and the words came rushing from her hot pink lips before she cold stop them.

Jaidyn rumbled as he pushed her face to the hay, throwing her pink hair out of his way before she felt the lock of her collar catch between his teeth. With an audible crunch the collar loosened. While he spat out the metal he slowed down, but never did he stop. With a hand dropping to his pocket, Jay pulled a small lock from his pants and hooked it in the grooves of her collar. The new small lock tightened the collar once more, but he didn't lock it closed just yet. Smiling, he slowed down to a crawl. Using the entire length of his fat rod, he drove straight down, the head of his dick skating over that spot inside while he went insanely slow. The feel of him pulling back until the head of his cock bloomed her pink lips, only to reverse and glide unerringly slow back inside until she felt his heavy balls flush with her lips. Hissing behind her pretty head, Jay said, "God is not here, but I will be your savior, poppet." He nipped at her ear. Drawing back took several seconds with him going that slow, so she could count between each pull and push of that length leaving her empty and then filling her up again. He took it nice and tortuously slow, gliding back and forth in her honey-soaked walls that were hugging him tighter than anything he had ever felt. But he was still not done with her. "I can feel it... So closssseaaaahhh... Do you want me to make it cum, little girl?" As if to add to his point, he shoved in hard, but then eased back in that same deliberate pull of his cock just toying through her tight hold.

Susi's heart clenched in her chest when she heard the crunching of metal, knowing damn well that he'd just broken that lock off with his fucking teeth! That thought scared her more than the entire afternoon had. Who the fuck can do that?? She was so busy pondering how he didn't break his damn teeth off she didn't even notice the collar had gone slack until he tightened it again and she realized he'd closed it with yet another lock, though there was no click of it closing. She had only seconds to wonder why before his hips drew back slowly--maddeningly slow. Oh my god..! Susi was going crazy with the way he was tormenting her. Never before in her life had someone made her need to be fucked so bad. Her cunt was drooling from his teasing. She could feel the liquid boiling up and spilling from her lips to the dirt and when the head of his cock rested just inside her lips, brushing over her g-spot, she swore she saw stars in her vision it felt so fucking good. She almost exploded into climax right then and there... If only he'd just hold it there a little longer... Then he rammed it back home, making her body arch off the dirt and she cried out again, this time in utter pleasure instead of rage. He was tormenting her on purpose, waiting for her to beg for it. And pride be damned, he had her wanting it so badly, she did just that. "Yes! Yes! Please, just fucking make me cum! Ohhh god, I want it so bad! Please stop tormenting me and make me cum!"

Jaidyn licked his lips before grabbing her arm, pulling it behind her back as the other slid up her thigh and hooked in her hip, drawing his pink whore up on those knees while he held her by the arm. And still he did not speed up. In fact, with her held like that, she was really at his mercy, and the grinding push of thick cock sliding inside that drooling pussy came slow and purposefully. He gritted his teeth and forced himself to remain even, measured, and deliberate. Her tight cunt fluttered around his dick and the way she begged was almost sweet enough for him to give her what she wanted, but there was more he desired. "Hfff...no. You haven't begged me good enough." With a jerk, he pulled her arm, slamming that pussy with his cock but then pulling back in that same teasing pace. His cock was fucking throbbing, but this was not over. He was going to make her wail for him to control her before he was done, and right now she was on the edge with his dick stirring her maddeningly slow. "Only good little...little slaves get to cum when they beg...hff..."

Susi drew up like a rag doll to her knees, so fucking lost to her lust and need she hardly knew what was going on anymore. Jay's cock was slowly driving her mad, and he kept up that slow pace that made her willing to do anything he asked just to get the relief that she needed. It was like the sex washed all sense from her mind, especially with this man. He was unreal.--like he was born for this. Perched on her elbows, breasts swaying as she writhed in front of him riding the torturous slide of his cock, she heard him demanding more from her and when the word 'slave' fell from his lips, her cunt clenched and she nearly came right then and there. She groaned, a mix of pleasure and misery, at having to say what he was asking her to say. But she was at his mercy and nothing, but nothing, was going to keep her from getting what she wanted--no, needed--from this man. If being his little slut-toy property would get her fucked like this all the time, then that was what she would be. With her head hanging she whimpered out, "Please make me cum. Please, please make your slave girl cum on your cock. I can't stand it anymore! I beg you to make me cum. Please!" She sobbed out the last word, her shoulders shaking as she cried it out. Her wet pussy was quivering, fluttering around his shaft, and every time that thick piece of meat slid home she would shudder, teetering on the climax that was being held just out of her reach.

Jaidyn smiled wickedly and slowly slid his dick all the way inside of her, holding it deep and then utterly stopping--not moving an inch as his shaft swelled and pulsed inside her cunt like a living thing. No more strokes stirred her senses. He just held it there and whispered hoarsely so she could hear. "Hmm... No." He stopped, not moving with her crammed full of his dick; he was dragging this out on purpose. "Your Master is now Jaidyn Jameson. You belong to him and the pack." He pulled back just an inch, pushing it back in balls deep and staying still. His free hand drifted down and pinched her nipple, clamping tightly as he growled a bit and huffed. "Say it. Scream it, bitch. I want your friend inside to hear you shout your owner's name!" His voice grew in tenor, getting louder with each word, and he pulled back two inches, holding his hips still until he felt her tense up waiting for him to put it back in all the way. He waited until she dared to look back over her shoulder before he hitched his hips hard and stuffed her cunt to his balls once again. "SAY IT!"

Susi was actually shaking, her limbs quivering with need, with lust, with the insanity that threatened to take her if she didn't cum soon. And that fucker had the nerve to slide his cock inside and just hold it there. She tried moving, tried squirming away to fuck it herself, but he held fast to her hips and hair and she couldn't gain an inch to move that rigid stick of meat inside of her. No... He'd said no! Susi groaned again and sobbed, crying in frustration. Hearing him tell her exactly what he wanted her to say, even as he drew back an inch just to leave himself sitting there wrapped in her slit before slamming it in fully again. Then the pain of her nipple twisting in his grip flared through her body and she screamed, crying. Her jaw trembled as the tears rolled down her cheeks and she turned to look at him over her shoulder, but he yanked on her hair and demanded again that she name him, so she sobbed and screamed out, "You are! You're my Master! JAIDYN JAMESON IS MY MASTER! Ohhh fuck! Ahhhhh!" The second she cried it out, her cunt clenched around his cock painfully hard and a ball of pleasure flared to life in her belly, but still she didn't cum. It just swirled inside of her, teasing her almost as much as he was, waiting to explode like a rocket the second he broke free of his tormenting pace.

Jaidyn rumbled as he reached out, clicking the lock on her collar closed with an audible sound that she heard keenly before he said another word. "Now, bitch...you are mine!" Growling, he jerked back and lined her up perfectly, slamming his hips hard against her ass with all the subtlety of a drill worming through wood. He didn't tell her to cum though, and by the time the third body jarring thrust of his cock crammed in her pussy, she knew he wasn't going to tell her anything at all. That dick was going to force her over the edge so that she would know exactly what kind of fucking she would get from her new owner. The sudden rapid staccato bursts of his hips popping against her pink little ass sent her body jostling on the dirty hay in the barn. Growling through clenched teeth, he looked down and rattled that cunt with the entire girth of his thick shaft stuffing her. An insane need rushed through him so vibrantly and fiercely that her knees left the hay from the brunt of body smacks lifting her from the ground. Jay's animal hunger rocked her body to the core, sending her small tits bounding from the force of him battering her cunt with all the ferocity he could muster into beating the fuck out of her newly claimed pussy. "Grrrrr!"

Susi heard the click of the lock sealing her fate; her heart sank and leaped at the same time. Dear god, what have I gotten myself into? she thought. But the thought was fleeting, and the cock filling her cunt chased it away before it could even register. As the word 'mine' fell from his lips, she quivered and her clit twitched to life. She whimpered and the upper half of her body spilled to the dirty ground as he shoved in hard and fast, forcing her knees up under her so that her little pink slit was in the air, perfect for him to ram in with hard, fast, bursting strokes. She had begged and begged to cum, and though she belonged to him now he didn't tell her to do so. Then again, he didn't forbid it, either, so when he started fucking her harder, faster, pushing that swirling ball of pleasure to bang against the insides of her belly, she embraced it, feeling that long hard shaft gliding over her g-spot every time he plunged back into her depths. Susi turned her head to the side taking gasping pants of air, her orgasm building...building... Ohhh fuck...right...there! She sucked in a huge breath and let our an ear-shattering scream, her body tensing and jerking in his grip, her cunt clamping down so hard he swore it would cut him in half. And still he kept pounding away at her little wet slit, riding her right through that climax. "AHHHH FUCK!!! GOD!!!" Her cum gushed out from her pussy, spraying from her lips. And still she screamed out, her hands clawing and digging at the dirt like she was trying to crawl away in her delirium.

Jaidyn gave it to her. He let her cum like the good little pink whore she was, and all it took was him to claim that little body as his own for her to cum in a screaming orgasm. He let her have it, let her enjoy it as much as she could while he fucked that little cunt right through her release until he felt her shaking in the aftermath of cumming that hard...from gushing out around his cock before he'd even pulled out. He stood fast, grabbing her by the pink hair before yanking his bitch to her knees. He didn't even wait before cramming his shiny girl-cum-coated cock down her throat. Panting as he fucked her mouth, the sudden spray of hot cum bubbled down her throat, feeding his bitch every drop, making her take it all right in her mouth to swallow him down. "Nnngh... Take it, slut! Gahh!"

Susi scrambled to her knees as he yanked her up, still shaking with the lingering orgasm flooding her veins. She whimpered but did not protest, figuring she owed it to him after the mind-blowing orgasm he just gave her. Her cum spilled down the insides of her thighs as she rose, the honey trickling down to soak into the hem of her stockings. But she had no time to think about it. Jay stuffed that fat cock right into her bright pink lips, filling her mouth so full she muttered a muffled 'umph!' and then choked when it slid into her throat. Her body jerked in revulsion, but he held fast to her head and forced it to stay in place, his hips working to pump that fat girth past her lips. It didn't take long; he was already there--ready to cum--only holding off long enough to get into her mouth. The spray hit her throat and she coughed, swallowing madly to get it down before it either came gushing out her nose or choked her more. She whined her protest then, nearly drowning in his cum, but he kept her in check, jetting streams of it into her mouth to slide down her throat. Susi sucked like a good whore, pulling every last drop of her Master's cum from his cock, swallowing it all until he was finished with her.

Jaidyn inhaled deeply, pulling her little slut mouth off his dick while he left it hanging in front of the girl's face. "Come on. You're coming home with me 'cause you need to ride my cock until your Mistress arrives." With that, he pulled her to her feet, throwing her little pink body over his shoulder to carry her off into the woods.

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