"Horsing" Around


We're often trying to come up with new RP ideas just to shake things up and keep them fresh. Browsing the market place, I found a Khal Drogo, Dothraki horse lord avatar and I just melted into a pile of goo. I begged Z to get it and put together a Daenerys Targaryen avatar for myself on Lisa Languish. Zuriel was in the process of building the set in our scene rezzer when I logged on as Vixxen, and though I was so not dressed for the part, he just couldn't resist giving it a trial run. And yes, I'm still waiting to actually do this role play...  -coughs-

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"Horsing" Around

Zuriel growled and lunged, tearing through netted cloth like tissue paper as your dress fell free from his assault. "Maedras Vae ratak terimbel!"

Vixxen screamed and kicked at the beast of a man, thrashing her arms to beat against his chest. "Let go of me you heathen!" He was too strong, pinning her arms against her chest in the grip of one hand, the other tearing away the lacy garment like it was nothing to him, her breasts spilling freely before his leering eyes. With both hands free, he gripped her and spun her around, pressing her against his broad chest, and as she continued to screech in defiance, his large dirty hands roved over her body to paw at her naked breasts.

Zuriel smirked at you falling right into character like he knew you would, his hands squeezing, leaving smudges on your fair skin as he groped and drug your ass tight against the leather over his crotch. The feel of big hands holding you tightly, pulling you into him as the horse lord toyed with your body after getting you naked.

Vixxen turned her head this way and that, trying to get her face close enough to his arms to bite, but he kept moving, kept jostling her about, and she couldn't get a good angle. Instead, she dipped her head forward and brought it back hard, connecting with his jaw hoping to cause him enough pain to stun him into letting her loose, though the action left her head throbbing and her mind dazed.

Zuriel snarled at the hit to his head, barely leaving him fuzzy through the vision of his eyes flaring angry after being struck. The beastly man grabbed tight to your little throat and squeezed, holding you there as his other hand dropped and the flop of leather hit your ears before he kicked away his clothing to give him more room. That hand slipped around and forced your head down before snatching both of your wrists, grunting when he simply shoved his fat cock inside your fair lips being stretched open by the horse lord claiming your body as his own. Pulling back on your wrists to keep you held firmly, he drove that length to the base inside you without another word in his strange language.

Vixxen froze in fear and shock at the meaty paw wrapped around her throat. Her eyes went wide and she let out a whine like a tea kettle whistling, barely any other sound able to escape the press against her larynx. Stumbling, shuffling her feet, though unable to gain any ground, she nearly fell when his hand slipped form her throat to the back of her head, but he was fast and caught her wrists to pull her back up by her arms with his other hand wrapped in her long, blond hair. She'd not missed the sound of heavy leather hitting the sand with a thud and as she felt the smooth, hard heat of his cock brushing against her ass, she knew he was not playing around. Her arms jerked in his grasp, still trying in vain to get away from this animal, screaming her denial as she felt the press of his cock against her pussy and a hard shove that filled her instantly. Her head lifted with a jerk and she cried out in pain, in shame, in terror, "No!" Sobbing, her head hung back to her chest, her body bouncing with the heavy thrusts of his hips slamming into her ass.

Zuriel growled as he latched tightly around your wrists, holding your arms together before his hand smacked your head and drug tight in your hair for a hold. There was no playing; it was simple hunger and need rushing to slam that dick inside your cunt without a single shred of mercy from all the torment he endured the last few days while being unable to fulfill his desires. Now all of that was gone, only the single minded need to make this blond bitch pay for running her sassy assed mouth by getting taken just like he knew you wanted him too. No denial or toying could shake what he knew nor would it have stopped him in the first place. His boots dug into the sand as the smacking thrusts of his hips battered your ass without even attempting to go slow. He couldn't go slow anyway; he had to have you so right fucking now he was taking that pussy like he wanted. Dropping character to speak as himself just for you, "No... I doubt you're gonna stop me!"

Vixxen's heavy breasts wobbled through the rough slamming and though she denied wanting this, her nipples puckers to rigid peaks on her breasts as her arousal was stirred, even against her will. Her shoes sank, unable to get purchase in the sand, and her legs began to spread wider, forcing her body to bend even more to his will. His grip tightened on her arms, keeping her torso up, but her full, round ass rose the farther her legs spread so that he was able to push straight into her waiting cunt. Her body betrayed her, and though she fought and screamed to be free, the angry thrusts of his cock suddenly grew smoother, faster, as her juices flowed and made her tunnel wet and easy for that thick shaft to glide into. Shamed at her own arousal, she groaned and hung her head again, but she couldn't deny that he felt so fucking good it was making every muscle in her belly clench and flutter wildly.

Zuriel dropped his hold on your wrists, one big forearm braced under your chin to lift your head back so your body was flush with his chiseled chest keeping you braced tightly. Snaking his other hand down your leg to bend your limb back so he could keep you teetering on one foot precariously, that cock rammed your cunt harder from your juices making each stroke deeper than the last. He grinned wickedly as he held onto you like a rag doll in his grasp. He already knew you were denying him the solace of control, but a hard yank and pull of his arm when he shoved that cock back inside your pussy was all it took to tell him he knew what his bitch needed. "Nnn... Feel that cunt getting juicy? It needs me...just like you do" He pulled tighter to bend you back, hardly letting you stand on one foot as his balls smacked and tapped against your lips. Feeling the feeble slap of your hand on his hip trying to keep him from going too deep.

Vixxen's breath was stolen by your words. She felt like she didn't even know herself anymore. What happened to the strong, willful woman she had been? That woman was lost...remade by you into someone else. Someone that both frightened and excited her--liberated her--so that she was willing to do anything you wanted and loved it at the same time. Yes, she still tried to cling to her old ways, but every time she succumbed to you, her fight, her attitude became laughable; her own arousal to your entitlement and how you take what you wanted was proof that she had given herself over to you both physically and mentally. With one leg bent awkwardly, the foot still in the sand danced to keep her balance and she clung to your arm around her neck for support. But once you felt her nether lips grow wet and slick, and your pumping hips sped up to take her harder, she dropped a hand to your pelvis trying to slow you down, "Ah god, please... not so rough!" She whimpered and quickly reached for your arm again to lift herself up before she choked in your grasp, then reached back for your hip once more. "It's...ahhh fuck...I can't..can't..." Stubbornly refusing to completely give in, she sputtered out weak arguments, but her moans belied the truth, that it felt so fucking good she just wanted more.

Zuriel bent his whole body and dropped to the sand, not even falling more than a few inches out of your lips that were blushing hard and glistening from the juices he was squishing out of you from fucking you like a piece of meat. The warm sand pressed against your skin as he laid over you, clamping hands down on your arms to prevent you from fighting even if he knew you had lost the will to keep fighting back with your man's dick inside your pussy troweling hard and pumping even harder. He mounted you like only a horse lord could against the ground, and from him not having to hold onto you any longer, he could throw every ounce of his weight into those hips coming back to life as he drilled in wildly, claiming his beauty just like she needed right here and now. There was no teasing; just the pure animal need rolling through that cock stabbing your folds so keenly that your muscles were forced open to accept the sheer brunt of dick ramming you through. Maybe it was those days without having you mewling on his cock, maybe it was just bottled up inside and trying to break free, but the instant he was fucking you lying down on the sand his eyes went wide and he bit his lower lip to stave the rising tide building in his balls. You could feel those nuts lifting in line with his dick pounding your gooey pussy like he was a madman taking you after years of celibacy. "Oh damn..."

Vixxen crumpled under your weight, dropping to the ground as her legs gave way in the sand and her knees slid beneath her. Her arms splayed forward and she whimpered under the heft of your body pressing her into the hot sand. Trying to brace herself, her hands kept slipping the the ground giving way, so she gave in and pressed herself into the sand. Never once did that thick cock leave her gripping tunnel, and with you both lying flat, she felt the hard press of it sliding back all the way inside stretching her walls once more around that girth. Vixxen's head lifted from the ground, sand speckled on her cheek and chin, and she let out a stunted cry when you bottomed out inside her. Her hands clawed, bringing up fists full of sparkling grains that ran between her fingers, and she turned to look back at you, riding her like a beast rather than a man. Her cunt spasmed and clung to your shaft and it spurred you into action, your weight thrown into those pounding thrusts so hard that your hips clapped against her ass making it wobble and your balls slapped her clit making her squeal each time it connected. Panting, she gasped out, "Ah! Ah! Ah! F-f-fuck! Yes! So good... it feels so good..."

Zuriel didn't stop. Not one second passed that wasn't filled with him driving that dick inside your pussy so rough that those deep strokes hurt us both just a little. He was trying to harm you, wanting to make it hurt so fucking good just to show you how much he missed being inside that cunt, but even that was soon cut short by the swelling shaft sparking your senses. There wasn't even a dribble to announce it was happening--only the ballooning of meat in your pussy that throbbed so damn much he was shaking over your body held to the grains beneath. His eyes clamped closed as the feeling behind his balls grew deeper and deeper, that building pressure keeping him on the growing brink until it all fell away into spasms of lust. His cock didn't erupt, it didn't explode. This time, after days of waiting, it unleashed. He had cum inside you before, but tonight it wasn't a flood--it was a godsdamned deluge pouring inside your cunt so much that our mingled juices spurted from your pussy under the heft of his cock still bucking inside you. He lost almost all bodily functions, drooling on your shoulders, shaking over you with tremors as his nuts drew up tight and days worth of pent up sexual frustration roared like a torrent to coat your walls thick with his cum. "Holy fucking shit!!! AHHHH...AHHHhhhhh AHhhhhh!"

Vixxen was grunting under you, hardly able to draw a breath with you fucking her so hard into the earth. She was waiting for it--knew it would be coming soon--but the sudden swell of your cock was hardly warning enough when she felt you tense and her womb suddenly flooded with your jetting cum. She gasped, shocked at how quickly it happened, and the swell of that shaft spread her open with a last quick thrust, pushing her over the edge with you. She let out a groan that escalated into a cry of pleasure and her whole body shook beneath you as your cum pour out of her.

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