Stacey Gets a Pet


Susi shows back up at Lisa's house looking to go out on the town for a night of fun. Susi finds that Lisa isn't home, but Stacey is there to make her night far more fun than she'd ever anticipated and winds up adorned with a collar around her neck.

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Stacey Gets a Pet

Stacey walked through the door, spying Susi in the entrance, "Hmm, well then... Isn't this tasty."

Susi grinned, looking Stacey up and down. "Yeah, well. I had plans to meet Lisa tonight. We were going to go out clubbing, but it seems she blew me off." Nipping her lip, her eyes lingered on the woman's breasts. "You care to join me, instead? I figure I'm all dressed up with no place to go, now."

Stacey bit her lower lip as she reached out and tangled her fingers in the strings of Susi's dress. "Well, yes. You and me are going to go out, however we need a few things first. Besides, I have to change into something more...appropriate."

Susi watched her fingers toying with the straps on her dress in amusement, but didn't say anything about it, only asking. "Get a few things? What? You need some more lip gloss or something? You look smokin' hot already, gorgeous. What more could you possibly need? But yeah, go ahead and change. Though I think you'd already have every eye in the club on you in that get up, but knock your socks off, sugar."

Stacey grinned as she loosened her grip and let her hand drift down the girl's body, suddenly curling two fingers in between the strings to slide over her bare lips. "Oh, but it's not about me tonight. See, sugar...we're gonna get all eyes on you."

Susi sucked in a soft gasp, feeling her fingers just barely brush over her pussy lips as they went to curl around the straps at the bottom of her dress. Her eyes had been on Stacey's hand, but as it lingered there and she spoke those enigmatic words, she lifted her gaze to her face with a naughty little grin on those purple lips, "Oh, is that so? And how do you propose to do that, sexy?"

Stacey smirked and lightly stroked her lips with her fingertips. "Mmm... I'll show you." Stacey slipped a high leather collar from the table, wrapping it snugly around Susi's neck with a click of the lock.

Susi's tongue slipped out between her lips, wetting the purple lipstick that coated them. Her eyes drifted closed at the twinge the woman's fingers caused by teasing her so wickedly and she shuddered almost visibly. "This looks to be a promising night, after all."

**Stacey and Susi head to a sex club to play by the pool...**

Stacey grinned and clasped a chain on Susi's collar. Wrapping the leash around her own fist to drag the girl's lithe body closer, she pulled her in and kissed those pouty lips. "You did say you loved the water."

Susi laughed softly with a nod, her lips brushing over her Mistress' blackened ones. When she broke the kiss, her eyes glanced over to the pool then back to the black vixen before her. Whispering softly, she said, "Yes, but you've already gotten me wet enough,Sta--" Susi caught herself, not yet used to using the new term, "...Mistress, and we've hardly yet begun our night."

Stacey smiled at those words and slowly pushed her girl's fine ass back on the lounger, climbing after her subtle frame with a glimmer in her green eyes staring back at the yummy woman before her. "I wouldn't say hardly, but at least we finally got a place to relax in." Her lips curled into a playful smirk before she kissed her girl again, nipping her lower lip.

Susi settled back on the chair with her heart pattering in her chest. Though she was always open to exploring new avenues, submitting to someone was a first for her and she found it was exciting her immensely. Susi laid back on the lounger as Stacey crawled over her and, lifting a hand to her neck, she traced the soft leather of the collar that had been wrapped around her neck just before they'd left the house. The draw of her lip in her Mistress' mouth had her fingers curling around that collar, feeling just how tight it was, and she realized it was locked on firmly. The idea made her stomach flip and she groaned, shifting excitedly but nervously on the chair.

Stacey watched through her lashes at her new girl squirming already, and she had hardly touched her yet. She forced her lips in tighter for a breath-stealing kiss that left the smaller woman panting on top of the lounger before she lifted away to speak. "You have no idea what I have planned Susi...hehe." The touch of her hand drifted between the laces covering Susi's belly, close enough that her slender digits slipped through and glided against the girl's pink lips for a teasing stroke of her hand. The middle finger worked up and down, pressing against the girl's clit until it dipped down into her honey pot. Stacey then licked a little of those juices from her fingertip before Susi's watching eyes. "Mmm... Needs stirring, though."

Susi's tiny body jerked in surprise at the gentle touch of of those fingertips brushing over her naked nether lips. She'd bought this dress with the intent to shock others, but also to heighten her own sexuality. It exposed everything she had while still remaining clothed, leaving her feeling like a wanton little slut. And now this gorgeous woman was taking her out to publicly expose her and use her like the slut she was, and it was driving her crazy with need. The slight flit of a fingertip over her clit drew a gasp from her lips and she reached out to Stacey, grasping her arm desperately. "Oh...god, Mistress. That feels..." She groaned and arched her back, whimpering, "Fuck, it feels so good!"

Stacey grinned as her lips danced over her new girl's mouth, drawing down her chin and leading along the new collar she now wore. Teeth catching skin, nipping over her chest as she went down further and nibbled along the exposed flesh the entire way until she lifted up once more. Fingers slipped up to grab the laces of that dress only to peel it down Susi's body, writhing on the lounger as her Mistress pulled her clothing right off and dropped it to the side. "Oh, we're just getting started!" Slowly she pulled her pet closer, bracing that body as her hand drifted down and her slender fingers pressed right between those blushing lips.

Susi's feet shifted restlessly on the lounger at the hot press of lips grazing over her own, working their way down her body, teeth grazing over her milky skin making her shiver with pleasure. Susi's eyes turned down to watch Stacey's fingers curl around the straps that bound her dress together, feeling the firm tug of material being peeled from the curves of her body like she was a piece of fruit. Nipping her bottom lip, her gaze stole to the distance, nervously looking for anyone nearby that might be watching, her face flushing as she noticed other patrons in the area. "Are you...sure about this? I mean, here..? There are people around..." Before she could finish presenting her arguments, she was lifted into Stacey's arms, cradled against her as her fingers traveled down her naked front and dipped between her legs. With a gasp, Susi's head fell back and she lifted her hips to press against those dainty digits teasing her nethers.

Stacey grinned as she cradled her girl's body in one arm. The other had already invaded between her thighs with two fingers slipping inside those wet petals begging for more as she stroked her girl's pussy with just her hand for the moment. Nipping her lip ring, she pumped those fingers back and forth, watching them slide out covered in her girl's honey before they dipped back inside. "Nnnn... They can watch me use you like the hot little slut you are." She pressed in and bit Susi by the bottom lip, pulling back until the girl's flesh tugged from her teeth and she looked straight down at the girl in her clutches. "How long does it take a new toy to be broken in, I wonder...hehe." The deft strokes of her fingers slipping inside Susi's cunt slowly pushed in knuckle deep, staying there as she wracked her hand up and down to make the girl's inner walls give out the wet schluck-shluck-schluck sounds of rapid movement through the heat and juicy folds of her girl held in the crook of her arm. Stacey turned her head to look at Susi from under her lashes, taking in the sight of playing with her new beauty.

Susi's small breasts wobbled, her body rocking each time Stacey's fingers pumped inside her tiny slit. She was so wet already that the slushing sounds were becoming louder than the noises around them. Susi had always been a slut but she'd never been much of an exhibitionist before, and she found herself flushing at the idea of others seeing her naked, seeing her being fucked publicly, hearing just how wet she got at the idea. Her pale skin turned a deep pink and she felt the heat flooding through her, but none of it stopped her from writhing like a bitch in heat and pressing her heels into the back of the lounge to lift her ass right up off the cushion and hump against her Mistress' invading fingers. Holding back a cry, she bit down hard on her lip, but she couldn't keep it back and those lips parted with a groan of pleasure carrying on the wind.

Stacey deviously moved her fingers back and found that spot inside right Susi's cunt under her fingertips. The slow twist and press of her fingers drove right up against Susi's g-spot as she held the girl there, marveling that the girl could lift at all with her pussy being stroked and fingered right there on the lounge like some grape flavored whore for everyone to get a glimpse of. Stacey held her right there with those fingers dipping in and out, playing over that spot inside or peeling free to dance unmercifully against her pet's clit. She pulled those fingers free and dribbled some of that nectar right over Susi's clit and smirked. "I think I wanna taste my new little slut." Throwing her pets legs high, she lowered down, bending to take her first lick along the girl's blushing lips.

Susi let out a shuddering gasp, her fingers clutching Stacey's back when the woman's fingers pressed just inside her tiny hole to stroke right over her g-spot. Her legs stiffened, nearly launching her off the seat, her free hand clutching the side of the cushion as she cried out, "Holy shit! Ahhh god!" Just when she thought she was about to shatter into a million little pieces, Stacey's fingers would slip from that sweet spot to tap along her clit again, spreading her honey everywhere between her cunt lips. This wicked Mistress expertly lifted her up and dropped her down again, never letting her get used to a tempo, keeping her on edge, making her body crave more but never quite giving it to her. Her whole body was on fire, every nerve singing, and she nearly forgot about the other people around, her entire focus on the pleasurable torment of her Mistress. Graceful but strong fingers clasped her leg, lifting it over Stacey's shoulder, and Susi smirked as her Mistress slipped between her thighs. Watching as her pink tongue slipped from between those blackened lips, Susi gasped, feeling the soft wet muscle part her pussy lips and lave over her swollen bud.

Stacey sucked and pursed her lips over the swollen bud of her girl's clit, kissing and pulling it between skillful lips working her new pet into a frenzy without ever letting her settle in and claim that rising need dripping from her lips with each lap of her tongue. She let out a giggle and lifted her head and her hand, pinching Susi by the nipple tightly when she spoke, "Mmm... I think we need to move this to a place where people can come sit and watch." Smirking, she rose, taking her girl's leash well in hand before she lifted her pet by the collar, making sure Susi found her feet before strolling into the playhouse. Once inside, she pushed her naked girl to the cushions of the couch, kissing her way back down along Susi's belly with a grin on her face.

Susi writhed on the lounge chair at the feel of her Mistress' soft, full lips pressing against her glistening nether ones, the heat of Stacey's breath caressing her folds like an angel's kiss coming from a demon's lips. The warm lapping tongue teased over her clit and she squealed in delight, her thighs pressing in and spreading open as though she couldn't keep them still. The wicked temptress had Susi teetering on the brink again and then she lifted her head and Susi nearly barked out a curse in frustration, but she slapped her hand to her own mouth and bit down to keep it in. Still she groaned so loudly when Stacey's fingers found her little pink nipple, pinching it between them, that her muffled cry could be heard around her hand. Nodding her head in response to Stacey's suggestion, Susi rose and followed behind her Mistress holding her leash, flopping backwards onto the couch when her she was given a rough shove to her shoulder. Susi watched, swallowing hard, as Stacey kissed her way down her belly, the muscles dancing under the woman's lips making her stomach quiver, and she sucked in a breath when those succulent lips reached the valley between her legs once more.

Stacey had crawled back down only to kiss and nibble her girl's clit a little bit longer--enough to keep her on the very edge of sense and reason while at the same time driving her mad with lust. Then Stacey bit her lower lip as she rose to her knees, letting Susi see her fingers tugging her belt open while she spoke, "Place seems empty... Well, if no one wants to watch, I guess it's time to see just how badly I can make you cum." She tossed her belt to the floor first and slowly wriggled free of her pants. But that was not the surprise--the neon blue cock hanging from the strap-on harness was the real treat. Grinning down at her new girl with a soft lilt to her smile, Stacey said, "I think you;re wet enough for this now, but just in case...lick it." Her hand drifted into her girl's hair, clutching tightly as she rubbed that strap on all over her pretty face, teasing it across Susi's lips while she stepped fully out of her pants.

Susi slipped off the couch, letting her knees hit the floor so she could crawl over to Stacey between those black leather boots that graced her beautiful legs. Susi curled her fingers around her Mistress' calves, letting her fingers caress the soft creamy flesh of one leg and the black and red ink on the other until her palms pressed along the backs of her strong thighs. Legs spread obscenely wide, Susi tipped her head up to see her Mistress staring back down at her with those mysterious green eyes, the glaring blue strap-on brushing against her cheek as though mocking her. Susi debated grabbing it, but she kept her fingers locked around those beautiful legs and parted her lips, running her tongue over her top lip then bottom, wetting them before inching her head forward to draw the plastic phallus into her mouth. Though it didn't have the familiar masculine taste she was used to, it was the same intent, the same idea, objectifying her as a whore being used for the pleasure of another, and she moaned as the shaft slipped deeper into her mouth spreading her purple-glossed lips wide around the girth.

Stacey purred not from the sensation--since it was just a toy, after all--but rather the sight of her pet on her lovely knees. She knew she chose right catching this little slut all for herself tonight, especially as her pet's purple lips spread wide and she took that fake cock in her pretty mouth. "Nnn... That's a good bitch. Suck it in." Grabbing a handful of dark purple hair, Stacey started fucking her girl's whore mouth, intentionally cramming it down the girl's throat to bring out those gagging sounds she loved to hear sometimes. The sight was made even prettier when tear-filled eyes looked back up at her from the strain of being force fed that fake dick. "Hnnn... I bet your glad I thought to bring this little toy along." Smirking with an almost sadistic glee she pulled back, taking that mouth slower so she could lavish in the sound of her pet's lips smacking each time she pulled that rubbery tip from Susi's lips. "Now if you want it, you have to ask Mistress to fuck you with it. Until then, I'll let you look like a pretty slut with it in your mouth."

Susi was working that cock like it was real, trying to bring pleasure vicariously to her Mistress through the strap-on, but since that was impossible, Stacey did what was pleasurable to her. Susi felt the grip of Stacey's hand in her hair and as the woman's hips started bucking, her grip tightened, forcing the fake cock deep into her throat. The tip banged against the back of her throat and she heaved, choking on it. Bubbles of saliva gushed from her lips around the blue phallus, and though she kept swallowing, the gagging made her drool more so that it started running down her chin. Coughing, tears springing in her eyes, she turned to look up at Stacey, seeing the maniacal grin on her face as she told her to beg to be fucked. Susi trembled with excitement and once Stacey relaxed her grip in her purple hair, she pulled her lips from the strap-on with a slurping smack, her mouth shining with spit. Smirking almost foolishly, though she couldn't help but feel deliciously wicked, she purred out, "Mistress, will you please fuck my pretty little pussy with your big, blue cock? I want to feel it stretching my cunt open until you make me cum all over it." With that, she nipped the tip of the strap-on with her teeth, grazing them down the length then drawing back with another slurping pop of her lips off the tip.

Stacey smiled as she heard her pet finally ask to be fucked like a proper slut should, even catching those lips popping off the tip of her toy with a smirk. There was no waiting as she shoved her girl down on the couch and crawled up after Susi, planting her hands to the cushions as she wriggled her hips to fit the tip of that blue strap on inside her new pussy. "Now that's how you ask to be fucked." With a huff she pushed in, feeling the toy right itself and slide inside her girl's juicy cunt, pulling back with a bite to her lower lip before she started pumping her hips to send that fake cock between her pet's juicy lips only to draw it back glossy with her juices. "Nnnn fuck!" Her full breasts mashed against Susi's smaller tits, holding her down under the weight of her body with every clapping thud of hips colliding with her pet's thighs.

 (Some day we need to finish this one, but at this point, real life intruded)

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