Stacey Gets Her First Taste of Lisa


So this was a before work quickie--just an introduction of Lisa to Stacey--but its still quite erotic. And has pics, yay!

Stacey Gets Her First Taste of Lisa

"Hmm...an hour and ten minutes." Stacey Carnell smirks and pushes your sexy ass on the rug.

Lisa Languish giggles. "Oh, I have a feeling I'm not going to get much work done until you leave, am I?"

Stacey grins and crawls along the rug, shaking her head as her hand drew up the backs of your thighs. "Hmm probably not..."

Lisa smirks and shakes her head, lying quite still to see just how far you're going to push this with so little time.

Stacey snickers as her hand slides down, her middle finger teasing between your thighs in a light little stroke over your panties but close enough she lingered over your covered clit. "Well considering I've been waiting for you, I'm at least gonna get my taste...if nothing else. After all Jaidyn did make me suck his cock to taste your ass."

Lisa's eyes drift closed, her head lowering to the soft fur rug, tickling against her cheeks, though she hardly noticed it over the tantalizing teasing linger of your fingers grazing the silky covering over her slit. Almost imperceptibly her ass begins to sway and grind, as though she didn't want to look like some wanton slut, but she couldn't control herself, either. Having no retort to that comment, she could only lift her head from the floor and, turning to face you, press her lips against yours once again, tasting the sweetness of your gloss.

Stacey murmured softly against your lips, sharing the gloss from hers in a slow tugging pull and nibble of her lips. The subtle click of our lip jewelry clicked together in that kiss as she pressed her hand up the back of your dress and slender fingers tugged your panties down over that gorgeous ass all the way down your legs until she left them dangling around your ankle. She broke the kiss, resting her forehead against yours while her hand slipped back up between your thighs and delicate fingertips danced along your lips. The slow grind of her middle finger strolled up and down over that rising button swelling from her attention. "Mmm You know you want me to taste you both. I even got a kiss from Darina, but right now I want the tasty girl Z and Jay obsess over."

Lisa loved that kiss--oh god, how different it is to kiss the soft, sweet lips of a woman--and she melted as you stole her breath away. Resting her forehead against yours gladly as her head spun, you could feel the gasp as she sucked in a breath the instant your nimble little fingers, glided up and down along her folds, spreading the honey that pooled there until you connected with her tiny clit. Her body gave a start and she let out a tiny squeak at first contact, but as it started to trace around it, the little bud swelled and she let out a moan of ultimate pleasure. "God, yes, please. I want to feel your mouth sucking at my pussy, Stacey...your tongue lapping at my clit making me writhe."

Stacey let out the smallest laugh hearing your words, urging her to enjoy that little body with such tender lips and tongue ready to explore. She slowly licked across your lips and there was a similar if not lighter kind of purring vibration in her tongues path flowing over your soft lips. "It's all you get today, maybe in the future you'll ask me to let you taste me next." With a lift of her hand she let you watch as she licked her fingers clean and sat up, wriggling out of her own dress first and turning a sly eye down to you still on the rug before she pushed at your hip and threw you over lightly. Her hands slithered up with nails leading along your tender sides until they hooked in your tight little dress and started pulling down. Z was always in a rush but Stacey kissed your chin, nipping it gently as her lips slowly trailed down your neck and hovered over your collarbone. The teasing tug of her hands barely pulled it down past your nipples but her lips followed the fabric over your skin. Tracing down the soft valley of your breasts before her tongue curled and pulled your nipple between her lips. Those shining green eyes stared back up at yours as her mouth gave a slight twist around that bud and she let it pop from her mouth with a gasp. "Guess I need to hurry or we'll run out of time." Biting her lower lip she leaned down, kissing her way along your tummy and gave a teasing bite right under your navel. Her body slid down between your thighs, teeth catching the soft expanse of flesh against your right inner thigh before she licked right over your bare lips already drizzling with juices and heat. "Mmmm..."

Lisa nipped at her bottom lip watching the erotic act of you tasting her nectar on your fingers just before you coaxed her gently down to the floor. Her legs parting to welcome you between them, reveling the the feel of your soft curves moving up along her body,so that your fingers could tail down her form, stripping her dress from her. Her eyes took in every movement, every subtle nuance as she watched those full red lips kiss their way down her slowly exposed body. When you reached her sensitive nipple, though, her head fell back onto the furs and she let out such a cry of pleasure as you've ever heard. Her hand flew to the back of your head, fingers threading through your long, silken hair, and she gasped at you, not wanting to ever let you move from that place at her tit. But move you did, and her fingers relaxed to let you continue your journey down her body until you rested between her legs. Lifting her head once more, she felt her heart skip at the sight of you looking at her, watching her, as your tongue slipped out and traced a wickedly slow lap along her slit. Gasping to catch her breath, she murmurs out, "Oh Stacey..." her hips lifting, beckoning you for more.

Stacey smiled despite the heated moment and her tongue coiled effortlessly around your clit with a roll of her tongue, showing off a little of that well earned expertise as she licked, hummed sucked and blew through her rolled tongue rubbing over your clit. The sound was horrid but the myriad of sensations rolling through your body was anything but. fingers reaching up as her tongue flattened and she started licking that sweet little pussy from bottom to top, flowing the tip of it over your clit to tickle and tease. The slow pull ground down along that hot little button, her fingers reaching your nipples in a teasing pluck and pull with the very edge of her nails lightly creasing the tips of those buds trapped in her grasp and all the while he licking flicking tongue never stopped pressing smoothly over your blushing lips. She could taste everything, that arousal coating her tongue as she lapped sweetly and did her best to not go too far too fast even if the clock was ticking. Lips pursed and pulled your clit right in between them as one hand drifted down and slowly slipped inside your tight little slit. "Mmm, come on Lisa you gotta cum for me before I leave." Pushing her face in tight between your thighs to really suckle that little bundle of nerves with her lips, teasing the very tip of her tongue around the trapped bit of flesh in her mouth as her finger stroked your tight little hole all the way to the knuckle and her hand swirled, turning to press her fingertip right to that spot she knew you had with a moan from her lips vibrating right through you. "UUhnnnmmm..."

Lisa's ass lifted straight off the ground, her heels digging into the rugs at your sides getting her much needed leverage to push and hump at your face. The humming, blowing, twirling was unlike anything she'd ever felt before and she thought perhaps she had died and gone to heaven. Her thighs wanted to close together, to clasp against your head and hold you in place for ever, but she fought the urge so that you had access to the entirety of her pussy. The feel of that hot little tongue lapping at her drive her wild and as if she weren't squirming and whimpering enough already, the finger slipping into her core draw a cry from her lips that rang in your ears. Gasping, feeling herself slipping closer and closer to the edge, all she needed was that little push and, as though reading her mind, she felt your finger twist inside her hitting that sensitive spot. Her breath hitched and she sucked in a lungful of air before it exploded from her as her climax gripped her with such force, her body jerked right off the ground. "Oh fuck! Stacey! My god, yes! Mmmmfuuuuck!"

Stacey was hardly the god Z was, or the asshole Jay could be, but she managed to pull that little body on top of her own and nearly threw you down the length of her to catch you right in time. wrapping her arms around your waist to hold on she lifted her head between your legs and kept licking like crazy. Parting her lips to let you drizzle right into her mouth between hungry licks of that tongue coaxing you into a hard orgasm so quickly. She didn't even care where your head ended up, not enough time to explore more and find your limits all she could do was suck down those juices and swallow every drop you had to give while her tongue lapped and flicked along your blushing slit. Moaning out at finally getting a taste of you no matter how fast it was, almost pouting at the realization there was little time to keep playing when she wanted so much more. She promised herself to bring more toys next time to make your little body cream itself like mad as that tongue slurped and licked over your clit with her arms still holding you tightly against her frame. "Mmmm...fuck. I...hate...WORK...nnnn..."

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