Against the Bookcase

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Zuriel grinned. "See? You couldn't get all naked and pose like that in the city..."

Vixxen smirked and shook her head. "I could, but I'd likely be arrested or raped in a matter of minutes."

"Seconds, most likely," he replied.

Vixxen laughed. "Although... I'm not so sure I'm safe from that here, either, what with the way you're looking at me."

Zuriel smirked. "I had been trying to seduce you minutes ago, but you were enjoying your bike...hehe. So I think I might go read a book."

Vixxen's smile brightened as both her eyebrows went up. "A book... Really? Here I am, naked--and shivering, I might add, in these chilly-assed woods--and you're going to read?" She started to gather her clothes from the ground, slapping them against her thigh to dust them off, chuckling, "Alright, fine. I'll meet you inside."

Zuriel laughed and shook his head, going to the door. "Hey...now you know how I felt losing my shirt out here a little while ago."

Vixxen strolled in twirling her shirt in one hand, her pants tucked under her arm. Hips swaying dangerously she sauntered right up to you, naked as the day she was born. Grinning as though she hadn't a care in the world, she looked around the spacious corner of the house and with an unconcerned thwump, tossed her jeans against the wall followed by her shirt. From the other hand she dropped her shoes on top of them and crossed her arms in front of herself, plumping up her big bosom. "Well then... Why are you not already sitting in your comfy chair with a book in your hand, Mister Bedlam?"

Zuriel lifted a brow as he watched you approach with that cocky yet sensual way you strolled up towards him to toss those clothes aside. Since you were home alone together, the cabin warm and inviting, he kicked off his own boots first and added them to your pile of clothes near the stairs. "Oh, I thought we would try reading together. See what titles thrill your mind." He slipped close and took your hand, the back of his brushing under your bare breast before he led you towards the bookshelf and his hand slipped from yours to slide nice and slow from your ass cheeks all the way up your spine. Nodding to the books, he grinned. "Pick one." His hand drifted upwards to press in a curl of fingers about the back of your neck as he leaned in with you to look at the words.

Realizing you were seriously going to find a book to read, she debated grabbing her clothes back up to dress but figured naked would be much more fun, especially sitting on your lap while you read to her. Yeah, she'd been having fun showing off on the bike, but she'd only been hoping to tempt you not bore you, so her mission was to yet again draw your attention back to her curves and not to the spines of books. Letting you lead her to the shelves, she turned back to you to ensure you were watching, making a show of climbing up onto the stool. Each step she took, a hip swayed left...right...left until she gripped to upper most shelf. With an over exaggerated "Hmmm.." she made it look as though she were seriously pondering which to chose, bending slightly at the waste to look at the next shelf down, sticking that voluptuous bottom into the air. Shifting her weight, her legs parted giving you just the slighted glimpse of pouty pink lips between her thighs. With a huff and a sigh she says, "Gosh, I don't know... There's so many to chose from..." Turning to peek at you over her shoulder, a wicked grin crosses her lips, "See anything you like, perhaps?"

Zuriel was constantly reminded of your strong headed nature--nothing like any of the other women in his life--and it made him smile as he watched you ascend the little ladder to look at the books. But when you found yourself turning to peek at him, his eyes were not even on the books. Instead, they drifted up and down your form, taking in every line, every subtle movement you made. Those words of yours struck him like a brick and he had to shake his head to peel himself from the thoughts in his head just from having you naked and beside him. Since you were standing perfectly for what he had in mind, he nodded without saying anything and strolled to your clothes to grab the colorful boots you had previously been wearing. "Yes, I do. But before I say any more, step into these please." He helped get them on your legs one by one before he said anything more. "We have been shopping all day, and as much as I love your pretty toes, my brain has been seeing these booted heels in every way possible." His fingers tugged the laces tight after tying them, standing up fully behind you when his hands drifted up the backs of your thighs and slowly gripped your ass in both hands. "Now I get to see what I want: you in nothing but these...and my hands on your skin."

Vixxen smirked and shook her head, tickled by your desire to see her back in her boots, thinking that they must smell ghastly after she'd been wearing them all day. But she dug you enough to comply with your request. It was harmless enough and she'd done stranger things in her life. Besides, she actually kind of enjoyed having you slip her boots on; it made her feel a little like Cinderella. With the guidance of your strong hands, she lifted one foot then the other, letting you slip the deep red leather back over the arches of her feet, sliding them up her calves. When you stepped back again she lifted one leg, flexing it outward and giving it a twist left and right in appraisal. "Good?" She lifted her eyes to you and you could almost swear that the smile she had actually reached her eyes now, diminishing some of that hardened edge she always carried with her. Turning back to the books, she felt you sidle up behind her to peek over her shoulder and assist in finding a title, but the slide of your warm hands up the backs of her thighs, stopping only when her full, round cheeks were resting in their palms, caused her to draw in a long, deep breath ending in a small groan that she tried desperately to stifle and failed miserably at. Hoping to hide her weakness, she coughed and drew out a random book, "This looks interesting..." She turned the cover towards herself and read aloud, "DOS for Dummies... Oh. Um.. Well, maybe not..." Shoving it back into place, she turned to glance back at you. "You chose something."

Zuriel pulled his hand up and plucked the book from your fingers, tossing it over his head before he caught hold of you and swept your body in his arms to slide down to the floor after being lifted from the foot ladder. "Yes, they are very good," he said, referring to the boots. "Why else would I put them back on if I didn't want to see you in them?" He smirked and almost seemed to be waiting for you to say something back, but the instant a sound passed from your lips, he pushed in and kissed you deeply. His tongue flicking playfully over the metal in your lip before he sucked your bottom petal-soft flesh in his mouth and pulled you into a hungrier kiss than his teasing nibbles. All day he had been watching you with him, not saying much of anything while you both shopped, but it was only because he knew you both needed to be home and relaxed before he could take advantage of you. His mouth pressed in tighter, that tongue searching yours, wrapping and coiling with every swivel and purr gliding against your lips as he held you spell bound in that moment as long as his own desires didn't make him tear you to the ground. He pulled back from that kiss, making sure your eyes were focused on him and not back in some sexual dreamland, because he wanted--no, he needed--you to hear him this very second. "I choose you, Vixxen." He spared a few seconds to just let his words sink in before he blazed his lips against yours all over again, holding you tight against the book shelf.

Those words were loaded with implications--ones she dared not fathom at the moment--so she took them for face value, especially when the book was snatched from her fingers and carelessly tossed to the floor. 'He just means he chooses you over a book. That's all...' She chided herself for nurturing childhood fantasies, even when she was literally swept off her feet by a real life Prince Charming. My god, your strength never ceased to surprise her, the way you lifted her right into your arms like she was nothing. She couldn't help but bark out a short laugh, her frame settling back against the bookshelf as you closed in with the heat and strength of your body pressing against the full softness of her curves. That kiss... That kiss... My god, how it made her melt helplessly every time you brandished it on her. She gave in to you at first, enjoying the way you nipped and played at her lips, lapping at the ring circling the bottom one just before drawing it into your mouth. But soon she was feeling the need to take as well as give, and she slipped her arms around your waist, giving a rough tug to pull you harder against her. One leg lifted, sliding up and down the back of your thigh and she curled with great strength, bringing your hips right snug against her heated pussy. With a roll and a grind, she drew her apex up against the bulge in your pants, finding you already hard for her and she grinned against your lips. "Books are overrated, anyhow."

Zuriel growled lightly into your mouth, his hand slipping up your side to follow those curves all the way out along your arm, fingers lacing between yours in a hard press that stole the motion of your lifted leg away simply by twisting you tighter to the book case. His other hand gave away exactly what he intended, dropping down to grab your ass firmly in one big hand that was still large enough to grab one whole cheek, but he loved both of them just as equally. He couldn't read your mind, but he could feel the heated caress of your lips against his, the soft slide and slow lilt of your tongue doing a dance more seductive than any pole dancer could muster just from the way your soft flesh wrestled and teased him right back with him clutching your ass firmly in that hand. Pushing the other back and up, the wood of the shelf pressed to your skin as he held you there and stole some of that bluster with a little rock of his hips sending his trapped manhood still confined in his clothing, pressing it more firmly against your skin to let you feel the heat of him. He tried so hard and gave in as well, tried to stop himself from attacking you like a weak girl, and then he gave in to the taste of your lips against his with his chin swerving side to side, never giving you a moment to speak as he caught your lips in a terribly divine suckle and pull from his mouth getting yours closer. Only when his lungs burned and the need for air overcame him did he pull back, nails raking lightly over your ass while he stared back into your eyes. Why were his silver orbs glimmering with a feral light that shone back, looking for a moment it was like Iro was staring at you? He could feel it behind his eyes--that primal beast wanting to be free. And yet the beat of his heart remained steady, elated...in love... "Vixxen..." Dare he say it? Was it too soon? Would he scare her off? Would she reply? His brows knotted down and the feel of his lips pressing in again, sucking softly on your tongue between his lips.

The hard wood of the shelves bit into her back, into her thighs, but she could not care less. Your lips stole her breath away then gave it back to her with the next kiss. She was living and breathing for you, because of you, and it made her head spin. Her hand clasped in your, pinned to the shelf as she was, almost like she was freaking out a bit and ready to shove you away, but another swipe of your lips over hers, another press of your body, and she was putty in your hands again. Somehow she managed to melt into the bookcase while still leaning into you, wanting to feel the brush of her nipples over your chest, the caress of her arms over the cords of muscles in your arms and shoulders. Her breathing became jagged, erratic, and when you drew back to catch your own breath, she caught your gaze, locking those mysterious blue eyes of hers with your exotic silvered ones, catching the luminescent glow behind them. Her own eyes widened and again her thoughts flashed to Iro and the uncanny similarity in his gaze and yours. The draw of nails over the soft, full curves of her ass drew her from her thoughts, her eyes fluttering closed to zero in on the chill that coursed through her from the action. When she looked back again, the shine had faded and she dismissed it as an adrenaline high. Then your lips moved and her gaze fell to them as you breathed out her name...and nothing more. That simple word, though, was enough to start her heart pitter-pattering in her chest and she clenched her fingers at the back of your head, drawing you in for another kiss before you could say another word, hoping that you would and fearing it even more.

Zuriel could no longer deny that animal behind his eyes no matter how hard he tried, the feeling of his pulse racing higher and higher stole what resolve he had when his hands gripped your naked cheeks and lifted your booted heels right from the floor. The wood of the book shelf pressed against your shoulder blades, his fingers gripping under your thighs both to hold you almost as his captive and to give you a chance to feel his confined girth pressing tightly between your thighs. He couldn't say it--not then--no matter how badly it wanted to fall from his tongue dancing effortlessly in your mouth. The weight of him crushed your breasts against his chest, the feel of his nipples poking against your skin as he held you airborne and kissed those lips with a lovers abandon. You were his and he knew it, but he wanted to say it, to show how thankful he was to have you in his life by expressing what he felt. Still, your body was also the greatest distraction and his hips lightly rocked almost as if he was trying to tease you or just take you, but amid those kissing lips stealing his thoughts away he could only do what came natural to him. His hands drifted down the backs of your thighs, showing you another reason why he wished you to have these boots back on your feet. Lifting your legs without dropping you an inch, he guided your heels over the waist of his pants. You swore you could almost feel him smirking devilishly against your mouth as he slowly walked his hands back up the length of your thighs and the shift in his hold straightened your legs. That shift was all he needed to use your boots as the perfect device to push his pants from his hips while he held you there. His clothing fell off the rest of the way once your legs were righted in the grasp of his hands once more. He lifted his eyes to look into yours, watching, waiting for the moment you felt his hard girth press against your lips while he held you airborne.

Vixxen found herself trusting you more and more with each passing day and fighting the urge to be in control, to have to have every situation set to her advantage. With you in front of her and the bookcase pressing in behind her, she had no where to go and in the past this would have had her panicked and fighting for the upper hand, but now... She relented, gave in to you, let you pin her, let you heft her in your arms, gave herself up to you in trust and need and desire. The city would always be in her, she would always have an edge, but it was...softening--dare she say?--under the caress of your kindness and the touch of your tenderness. And yet there was still the wild, wickedness simmering just under your surface that had drawn her to you in the first place...the darkness lying under the light...and she felt it almost like a living thing bubbling under the surface, waiting to break free. The idea thrilled and tantalized her. The heft of her hips in your hands was like taking the first dive of an amusement park right and her belly tightened. She let out a little squeak of surprise, lacing her legs around you feeling the hard press of denim between her legs. And though she laughed in confusion when you manipulated her to your advantage, she laughed outwardly when she realized what you were doing with her boots. Her smile lit up right in your face and when you pressed her back against the shelves again, and she felt the hot, smooth slide of your skin between her slick pink lips, she breathed out a sigh of warm air over your face as she closed in to kiss you again, her tongue parting your lips to taste your sweetness.

Zuriel pulled you from the book shelf, his hands guiding you down to the floor to stand in those boots again before he pulled you away from the shelves. The warmth of him glided behind your body, lifting his hands along your sides when he broke the kiss and slipped around that luscious frame. Pulling you back tight against him, the feel of his hands lifted higher along your sides until the breadth of his palms lifted under your breasts, his fingers plucking coyly at your stiff buds perking even more from his touch. He couldn't stand it any longer with his lips free to kiss and nip at your neck almost like he just knew where your pulse was, and they kissed down lightly over the very beat of your heart. His lips rose, flowing along your jawline before they graced your ear with a suckle flitting across your delicate lobe. He held you against him, the slide of his masculinity pressed between your cheeks and urgently ground against your lips from underneath. He couldn't say that word--not yet--but he had a sharp mind, so his brain managed to think of a way to say it without even letting the word slip from his lips once he spoke. "Vixxen... I am falling for you..." When he finished his words his fingers pressed in over your nipples, driving them down tightly under his guiding touch, leading you right along the path of desire that he was already on. The insistent thrum of his length pressed against your lips, grinding back and forth each time his fingers flicked or tumbled your swollen buds between his digits as they explored your body a bit, delaying the moment, denying himself the need to just fill you up like his engorged cock wanted him to do. Instead he delivered the words without saying the one you most feared, the one you most wanted to hear. You could hear him breathing heavy behind your ear, at least until his lips pressed in and the feel of his tooth clipped your flesh a little sharply. And like he knew it stung, he pulled away and covered his mouth, trying his best to will the hunger down, to make it stop before he did something he might regret later. Quickly he pushed his hand back down under your breast, kneading them together in the hopes you would not look back and see the tips of fangs poking down from his upper lip.

Vixxen was loving the feel of you pressed against her, gliding up between her folds, opening them to you like a flower, the slow, gentle grind of your cock over her clit. So when you lowered her legs, setting her feet back on the floor, she found herself almost disappointed, but you'd never let her down in the past and knew that what ever you had in mind would tease her senses just as much, would feel just as amazing. With a turn and dance of arms, you were behind her, the hard length of you back between her legs but caressing the underside of her buttocks this time in another wicked tease. Rough, calloused hands brushed over the soft, milky white skin of her sides, cupping her breasts and she reached back to clasp her hand around your head, lifting her breast higher in your hand. Her nipples sprung to life at your touch, hardened little buds trapped in your fingers as you rolled and pressed them, making her squirm back against you. God, she was already on fire, but when she felt the heat of your breath caressing over her neck, she thought for sure she would spontaneously combust and turn to ashes on the floor. Blond hair brushed your cheek as her head lilted back against your shoulder with a turn, letting your mouth guide its movements. Her breaths came faster in short, panted gasps and the brushing of your cock between her legs was suddenly graced with slick lube from her folds. Those soft lips of yours breathed against her ear, sending a chill sweeping down her spine. When you spoke, she froze for a moment, and had your lips still been pressed to her neck, you would have felt her pulse suddenly accelerate. She didn't respond--she just couldn't--but her eyes drifted closed and she smiled, her fingers grasping tightly to your hair. The softness of your lips brushed at that tender spot just behind her ear and she moaned softly until she felt a small, sharp sting. A quick breath accompanied a confused scowl and she started to turn back to you, but you kissed it away and drew her attention back to her breasts with the expertise of your fingers teasing her to new heights. "God, Zuriel... You are unlike anyone I have ever known before. Every time with you is like the first. I can never get enough of you."

Zuriel marveled at every reaction you had to him. There was so much joy in his heart, but the feel of those slippery lips gliding along his swollen shaft was too much to keep ignoring. He closed his mouth and tried staying tight lipped. Those fangs were not going away and he couldn't even try to focus on making them slip away with you so close to him--the warmth of your skin radiated through him to the core. Slowly he pulled away, but you soon felt him pulling you along with him in a turn, lifting your thigh with his hand drawing beneath to raise your booted heel from the floor. He kept saying it in his head--'Don't look up'-- trying to hold back your first sight of those teeth, and yet he could not stop himself from taking you right here and now. His other arm swept in before fingers latched at your back to hold you from spilling to the floor, but even that would do little to stop him even if you fell from his grasp. With a swing and press of his hips, that cock finally split your pink folds, easing inside almost like he was trying to make it last longer so he could feel your pussy molding to him fitting inside of you. The feel of those walls taking him in, hugging the length of his manhood drifting to the hilt sparked those eyes of his once more. There was no denying the sight of his eyes shimmering with a glare that almost glowed as he stared back at you with his mouth agape from the sensation of fitting his dick inside that pretty pussy. His face looked strained, lips down and intentionally covering the points of his fangs from your sight, but another glint of white hit your eyes when he bucked and slid back just so he could thrust inside again to pull you down the erotic avenue with him. It was slow...terribly slow...but no less inflaming, keeping you backed against the book shelves while he held you in his hands to keep your unsteady posture from falling to the floor. With single-minded strength, the man you wanted held your body in place as the first deepening thrusts of his cock pushed inside and sent your nerves reeling. "I...can't hold...c-can't..."

The backwards glide of your cock through her folds sparked her nerves to life, so when you spun her back against the shelves again, she didn't argue, didn't complain, but thanked the heavens above when yours large hand slipped under her bottom to lift her leg around you again. Knocking books apart, bracing her elbows on the polished wooden shelf, she watched, enraptured, as the head of your cock pressed in, splitting her glossy lips apart. As it disappeared she felt it pushing into her tunnel, and she watched each inch of your shaft slowly gliding into her, filling her core, stretching her apart to fit around you perfectly. It was one of the most erotic things she'd ever seen and every muscle between her legs fluttered and clenched, stroking you within her depths. Tearing her gaze from your union, she sought out your face, wanting to connect with you mentally as well as physically. Her lips were parted in a constant gasping-pant of pleasure, but when she looked into your eyes, her breath caught in her throat and her own eyes widened. There was no denying what she saw this time, and though she didn't understand it, it was enough to give her pause. "What..?" Zuriel..?" She couldn't seem to get the words out and then a flash caught her eyes, so they flit to your lips. Had you not had her pinned, captive in your grasp, she would have lunged and scrambled away, demanding to know what the fuck was going on. But there was no moving, no getting away, and despite the amazing feel of you inside her, she threw her arms out to grab the edge of the bookshelf and stared at you, dumbfounded, as you spoke. "What? What can't you hold? What the hell is wrong with you? Tell me, Z... You're scaring me..." You could hear the tremor in her voice, feel the beat of her heart through the grip on your cock, but she didn't, fight...didn't beat at you...didn't demand you let her go...so there was hope.

Zuriel Bedlam growled as he closed his eyes tightly and tamped down that mental cage he used before--the feel of you on his cock was just too much to keep the hunger down--but he faltered and nearly dropped you from his hands. A quick catch lowered you to the floor, and he dropped to his knees while his hands snatched hold of your hips to pull you up to him. He knew you had seen, but at the moment he lifted your body in line with his pistoning girth, and he just couldn't worry about it. All he could do was hold it back, try to keep the beast quiet inside even as his nails hardened and darkened. "NO!..." He bit his lower lip, sending a trickle of crimson down his skin as the pace between your thighs quickened, jarring your body hard enough that those lovely tits were sent to bounding from the impact of his hips sending ripples of motion through your every curve. He jerked you right up on your hands and booted heels, holding tightly to keep you there and the expanse of his muscled chest seemed to grow tighter with every thrust he rocked inside your tunnel holding him like he belonged there. The feel of your body so wet and warm, the smell of your arousal in his nose, the way you moved with him each time he drove that cock back inside your pink folds...with it all he was losing the internal battle, so turned on that the animal inside was jerking at the leash he barely had it tethered to. It had come to this. The dangerous side of him snapped the line in his head as those eyes went completely silver and shined brightly. Nails pressed out and the points of clawed fingers gripped your hips digging in just enough to dimple and poke your skin. There was no mistaking he had fangs any longer. They bared as he snarled and the pace of him picked up to the point that the whole of your body bounced and jostled from the force gathering between your thighs as he started mauling that pussy. "Can't...hold..."

Sweet Jesus, he's growling like the damn dog! The thought flooded her mind just as your grip slipped and she inched down with a startling drop. Though you'd caught her only half a second after, it was enough to distract her with a yelp on her lips. 'Something is wrong,' she thought as you knelt to the ground, carrying her weight down with you, drawing her hips into your lap. The feel of you coaxing her down onto your thick cock, fitting her to you like a sleeve, muddled her brain and she couldn't stop the groan that issued from her. Bracing herself on her hands, back arched like she was some offering to the gods, she felt the entirety of your shaft pressing in, knocking against her walls, brushing over her g-spot like it knew just where to go, stroking over it so that she started to gasp. She heard you bark out your denial, though to what she didn't know, but she looked at you and saw the blood on your lip and her eyes creased in concern. "What..? What happened?" She groaned again, because you felt so un-fucking-believable inside of her that she was ready to cum from the long, slow, pulsating strokes within her walls. "Oh god, Zuriel... What...what is going on? Mmm fuck... What is wrong with you?" Instead of answering her, you grumbled something again, and unlike the familiar grasp of your fingers on her flesh, she felt the biting press of claws in her ass. Hissing in a breath, she jerked in your lap, forcing you deeper inside, glossing your pelvis with the slick moisture of her pussy. "Jesus!" Half of her was terrified, the other half was aroused beyond belief, so instead of fighting she flexed her legs, using her own strength to hump against you and slam that cock harder into her dripping snatch. "Fuck, don't stop... Give me more, Zuriel. Give it to me harder! God, I'm so close..." She looked into those silver eyes and a tremor ran through her, but she felt her cunt twitch and she started bouncing in your lap to get every last inch of you inside of her wet walls.

Zuriel did more than give it to you--the animal was loose and there was no turning back--but the last tingle of thought he had saved you from something that could have been dangerous. Instead of claiming you outright, he swept you over him, pushing you down on his lap with a clawed hand surging over your thigh to jerk you down on top of his dick pulsing so damn hot it felt like it was melting in your juices. Hitching the corner of his lips when he snarled, he showed off a fang with the heated rush of his hips rising, sending that cock back in all the way. So sure was his strike that he bounced between those wild drops from him guiding you right back down. The beastly god within seated you so deeply on that dick that his balls flumped heavy and tight against your clit from your ass being used like a basketball. One hand shot up your spine, the devil inside the man you chose to be with clasping the back of your neck as he drilled that pussy down his length. All that frenzied need rushed through him as he jammed the head of his cock in so hard it pummeled the entrance to your womb. His muscles were as tight as steel under your touch and every body-lifting shove made the wild impact of his cock meet your pink hole directly in the middle with his length then drawing back out. The punch of his cock head flowed over that spot from the angle held you at and his sheer hunger to make this pussy drool over him taking it at long last. Fangs showed in the light as he panted under you, cramming you full and battering your body to the brink without any tearing away. The deep drive sent shock waves through your muscles as they clamped around that curved cock splitting you wide. Feral eyes looked on steady, not blinking as the whites grew a little bloodshot from the heat of that cock jamming your pussy without pause. "GggrrrrrrrRRrrrrrrrllll..."

Vixxen had long since stopped trying to control this situation. She had lost it and there was no regaining it this time, and at this point she no longer cared. The feel of you inside her was all that mattered, all that she wanted--to be connected to you, to share this utmost pleasure with you, to take everything you would give, and to give you everything she had. As you flipped her in your lap, she rose over you on her knees, your cock perched at her entrance for scant seconds but what felt like eternity. And then with a hard jerk of your hips she was thrust upwards, that spear hitting home and filling her with an impact that sent sparks flying across her vision, followed by another...and another. Quick, short, deep jabs kept her bouncing in your lap, her tits swaying heavily on her chest, her ass jiggling each time your hips connected with the fleshy mounds with a thick slap-slap-slap of sweat- and lube-slicked skin. In the few times she'd been with you, she'd never seen you lose control quite like this before, but you were like an animal tonight... That thought was followed on its heels by another: Iro. And suddenly she made the connection and it was beyond her reality, beyond her comprehension of city life and gang bangers and drug dealers and motorcycles. She had always been drawn to danger--hell, it was the aura of danger about you that attracted her in the first place--and believed to know excited her to the core on some primal, instinctive level. The comprehension was like someone threw on a switch, sending live currents of electricity through her body. Her hands clamped to her jostling hips and she rose and fell on her knees, meeting each upwards thrust of your hips, driving you in, slamming you in, her cunt sloshing and slapping she was so incredibly wet. Her head tilted back, face lifting to the heavens, and she let out a cry that came from her soul, shuddering, trembling, her cunt gripping and squeezing your cock so fucking tight it was painful. Her cum flowed--gushed--from her and still she cried out, nearly toppling forward in her throes of climax. Her words came out in a rush, "Ohhhh fuck-Zuriel-holy-fucking-shit-I'm-cumming! Oh god, I'm cumming so...fucking...hard! Don't stop!"

Zuriel did not stop. The cries from your mouth, agape and screaming out for him to keep jamming that cunt of yours in a hard ride on his lap, spurred him on. He fell back on his hands the second he heard you were cumming, but the same strokes no longer stirred your pussy deep. His body came to life with a rapid jolt pushing you up and retracting just as fast before the momentum left your hips rising from the sheer impact of his thrust. Pulling back quickly, he reversed his hips at the very second your body started falling back towards his slapping nuts as they tapped insanely hot on your clit. He savored the wet sloshing squishes from your pink folds, growling deep enough that the trembling vibration convulsed down the throbbing shaft beating your pussy, those relentless strides taking your cunt on the deepest fast ride it had ever been on. Only a motorcycle ever got you off like this before. The screaming snarls huffed up at the back of your head from the moment he bucked into that sewing machine pace, your breasts now wobbling even quicker with your nipples snapping like little whips from the speed of him claiming that release for himself. His hands shifted forward, clamping down on the toes of your boots from underneath, adding tension so that your body snapped down that massive shaft battering your juices from your slit like a water balloon popping between your thighs, the nectar only making your pussy slide back down unabated from friction no matter how tight that tunnel was. The hungry desire in him rolled through you, trying to make your bliss extend to the realms of the gods, wishing to make you cry out to the moon as the beast inside dug his claws into the floorboards of the cabin, locking you down with the screech of them locking into the floor.

Vixxen's climax didn't stop...didn't even wane. The rapid slamming pumps of your hips pushed it higher and higher until, with the absence of your hand around the back of her neck, she did topple forward. Her hands slammed to the floorboards and she gave a shove, rising back onto her knees with her hair flying in disarray, falling from the tie she had bound it in. That growling grew louder, the rumbling traveling through the cock inside her. It was like having a vibrator between her legs and she crazily thought that she had to put a dildo on her bike seat after tonight. She shoved the thought from her mind and leaned back, her ass pressing snug against your stomach, her hands reaching around to grab your hips. Her breasts danced atop her chest and she turned her head up, panting out cries, gasping for whimpering breaths, and though she'd just cum, she felt another orgasm biting at the heels of the first like a rabid dog chasing its prey. Her nails sunk into your hips, and though not nearly as sharp as your claws, they dug crescent moons into your flesh as she screamed again, her still-spasming cunt tightening even harder around your shaft. "Ohhhh fuck! Zuriel! Yes...yes...yes!"

Zuriel unhooked his talons that were still locked to the floor, his hands lifting as he rose like a coiled spring pulling you from your knees. A strong hand latched around the base of your blond tail as he pushed you forward in a turn of his body. Barely giving time for your fingers to find a grip, he slammed your tits into the line of books directly in front of you, sending tomes spilling to the floor from the heat of it all. His free hand slapped over your hip, dragging you back and with a kick of his foot he spread those booted heels. "Mine!" The snarl barked from him deeply, pulling himself into a hungry jab of his hips smacking hard against your cheeks. Feeling your skin damp and glistening, seeing you bent over in front of the book shelf in those boots, everything about you quelled the beast within. Your wet undulating walls caressed him, clamped him, quivered around his cock that was battering you like a mating monster. Curved claws reached out, clamping down with lines being etched over the rose and black graphic of the ink adorning your perfect blushing flesh, leaving his mark on you the second you felt that throb growing, the pulse of him fattening to the beat of his wild racing heart driving into you. As his fingers cinched tight, his jaw dropped and his head lowered for the coming inhale he was taking, the feel of his heavy balls lifting like a hammer being cocked on a firearm. Just having you writhing before him, crying out as he hammered that entire shaft deep, caused the very end to erupt like a geyser. Throwing his head back, the howl echoed in the cabin, shook the very foundations, as he pumped your pussy full of hungry hot molten lead seeking your depths, the liquid flowing inside and pooling to put out the fire in your belly with a hiss of steam pouring from his back stroking cock. "NNnnn... Fuuuucckk... Aaaaahhhh!"

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