Dark Alley Rape


So the next two role plays I have saved even I found to be too intimate, too personal, between Zuriel and I to share. Sorry, dear readers, but you'll just have to make due with missing out on a few here and there. -smiles- So with that being said, we decided to take a journey to role play in Dark Alley as two complete strangers just for something new to do. Though we have a "base" story line to our characters which develops over time into what seems like some twisted, sordid, erotic soap opera, we sometimes branch off and do random shit just for variety. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did writing it.

Dark Alley Rape

Lisa walks up to the dark stranger on the street, standing back a distance for safety, nervously looking around as she stammers, "S-sir. Excuse me? I'm... lost. Do you know how I get back to the main streets?"

Zuriel had been skulking in the same spot most of the day. His eyes went a little surprised seeing such a treat walk right up to him asking for directions. He smirked slightly and nodded, "Well, what are you looking for? Maybe I can help you find it."

Lisa swallows hard, shaking like a little nervous mouse being lost in such a threatening part of town. Her eyes flit down the street and back to the man before her, "Erm, well... I was hoping to find a main thoroughfare to catch a cab or something to get back home. I just...I made a wrong turn somewhere and now I'm completely lost." Her hands fidget at her sides, clasping and opening, palms beginning to sweat as she notices the hungry look in the man's eyes when they rove up and down her body.

Zuriel couldn't believe his luck; here all alone was a tart just full of juicy filling and ready to be devoured like the little morsel she was. He acted as if he was listening but he really didn't care what she was looking for, nodding only to keep up appearances. "Oh, you want a main street. Well, technically you're on one, just not a lot of cabs come through. It's mostly ambulances and crap like that." He did let his eyes roam, taking in her every little curve as he looked her up and down and did his best not to breath too heavy with her so close.

Lisa starts to get this creeping feeling down her spine, alarms ringing in her head as she senses something...off about this man. Despite his good looks, there is something sinister in his eyes and she begins trembling harder, so much so that it comes out in her speech. "D-do you kn-know where I CAN find a cab, then...sir?" She starts to take a step backwards, wanting to put distance between herself and the stranger without looking like she's ready to bolt. Placing first one foot behind her, then the other behind it, she starts turning her body towards the end of the street, hoping to make a run for it before he realizes she's out of reach.

Zuriel stared with the ease of a predator that's played this game a hundred million times in his life and still had five times that to play some more. He watched her dainty-heeled foot step back before his pale silvered eyes lifted and caught sight of the stammering woman readying to back away or run. "Yeah, I do know..." With a snarl he leaped out from his spot, snatching her red hair before dragging her past the fence into a dark corner away from the sun and most prying eyes. She was light. Even kicking and screaming she would offer little trouble as he dragged her down the side of the car and threw her down to the hard concrete. Slipping down to one knee, he locked it behind her neck as his hand slithered over her body rising to fight back for freedom. "But I think you're gonna need an ambulance after this instead of a cab." Strong fingers snaked down her spine and his thick muscled thigh held her by the back of her head as he reached down and tugged at her panties.

The instant his hand gripped her hair, she let out a scream of sheer terror. Her heart trip-hammered in her chest, leaping straight into her throat, eyes going wide with fright. She lets out a yowl, hoping someone--anyone--nearby would hear her and help her, though she knew in her heart of hearts in this dank, poverty-stricken neighborhood that no one would help her. Hell, she'd be lucky if no one else joined him in assaulting her. Kicking, screaming, trying to bite and claw at him to get free, she sobs, realizing that he is far too strong and her efforts were useless. Dropping to her knees, scraping them in the rough gravel as he pins her down, she cries helplessly, "P-please... please don't do this! I'm begging you!"

Zuriel could take the clawing because his pants were thick enough, but her biting was cut short by a strong grip in her red hair yanking her face up and holding so firmly that she felt a few strands yanked from her scalp from how tight he gripped her. Teeth clenched as he slid his other hand down and just stripped the panties she wore right in two, yanking away the ruined undies with a toss aside before his hand slipped back down and she felt the intrusion of two thick digits splitting her lips and sinking in deep to the knuckles without even trying to be gentle. "Shut the fuck up, bitch. I'm taking it and there ain't a god damned thing gonna stop me!" He felt her tightness and knew she just needed a little juice for him to use her tight pink hole. He pulled his fingers out to spit on them before shoving them back in so he could stroke and jam them deep, jarring them back and forth, and then pulling out to spank her lips with his hand tapping harshly until he tore her dress up over her hips to show off her ass. "Damn. Tight little cookie."

Lisa lets out another cry as the strands of hair pull from her scalp, her eyes watering as the pain hits her. Eyes as wide as a doe's in the head lights of an oncoming car, she feels him grip her panties. They silky material bites painfully into her skin as he rips it loose and she lets out a choked sob in both pain and humiliation. Scared, feeling exposed and vulnerable, terrified of what she knows will inevitably happen, she begins to buck beneath him, a surge of adrenaline rushing through her as she tries again to fight him. The only reward for her effort is more cuts and bruises on her palms and knees and she cries softly, until she feels his fingers delving into her tight, dry pussy. Her renewed panic has her thrashing against him, fighting him for all she's worth, simply exhausting herself for her futile efforts.

Zuriel grunts as he slides his fingers out and starts stripping her dress, getting that body bare even as she struggled against him, and the sudden slaps to her ass burned as he hauled off and hit her like a man might, bruising her cheeks with powerful claps of skin colliding, taking her last vestige of honor by tearing her dress off and throwing her haphazardly to the concrete. Once she was down and naked, her skin assaulted by the rough ground and him over her pinning her with a knee behind her shoulder blades, he jammed his fingers back inside her tight pink pussy. Pumping them furiously to force her body to react, holding her down like a piece of trash in the parking space, he fingered that tight slit and kept checking how slick she was. "Guess I might have to fuck you dry like a worthless whore..." Those two fingers stuffed in hard and at the same time his big thumb slid right inside her naked ass, holding her intimate places like a bowling ball on his fingers pumping both of her holes at the same time.

Lisa fights, growing weaker by the moment from her constant struggles as he savagely tears the dress from her body. Tears spill over her lashes to roll down her cheeks, her once beautiful make up now streaking her face like an over-used whore. Face throbbing where he hit her, she winces, oddly wondering at such a time like this what it will look like in the morning and if she had a way to hide it from her friends and coworkers. Naked, cold, the gravel and broken glass on the ground biting into her skin, she somehow registers through the haze of her mind the words he spoke and she nearly laughs to herself that he has the gall to bitch about how dry she is because, despite her terror and humiliation, she can actually feel arousal stirring within her against her own will. Sadistically she thinks to herself, 'Keep it up, fucker. You may be surprised.' Then, as if her sanity snapped, she laughs out loud in a short, quick burst, only to have it cut short when his finger not only invades her pussy but her ass now, as well.

Zuriel always loved it when they broke. That madness in her voice told him she knew it was gonna happen no matter what by this point and her brain was doing what it needed to in order to take what was about to happen. She was good and slick enough for him though, so he snatched her hair again and lifted her like a rag doll with one arm tugging her up to those dainty feet all dolled up like she had missed a date. One-handed, she was held aloft with her toes barely able to scrabble against the concrete let alone her heels, his other arm lowering to undo his zipper and she never even caught sight of the fat dick he was about to use on her struggling pussy. "I see how it is. Little bitch just needs to be used and left like a cum-dumpster in a dirty corner." With a hiss he threw her down to the car hood, battering her again with her cheek thumping off the metal hard enough she saw stars and the only thing to bring her back to her senses was the sudden press of something almost too big for her lips to wrap around as he pushed his hips forward and shoved his cock inside that warm hole of hers. He didn't care about this bitch. He was going to use her tight little pussy and maybe her ass, if he had the time, and leave her pouring cum to the fucking street over the car's bumper. The wild motions came to life as he started fucking that snatch, jarring her against the hood until he clenched his teeth and lifted her by the hair again to take his cock to the hilt in a single shove, breathing harshly behind her head as he started fucking her right there. "Wet enough now, slut. Nnn..."

Lisa gasps with a shriek as he grabs her by the hair again, her scalp already fucking sore from the first time he ripped strands from her head. Dancing on her toes, twisting as she struggles to find her balance, she stumbles onto the car with his violent shove, her face connecting so hard with the hood that her teeth clacked together and stars danced in front of her vision. Thinking this is her last chance to get away, she twists to break free, but too late. He grabs her roughly, pinning her to the hood and slams his cock hard into her cunt. The sheer size of him forces a cry from her as she feels her tight walls tearing slightly just to accommodate his girth. She lets out a wail, "Nooooo!" and begins crying anew, the sobs mixed with grunts of pain every time he shoved his cock harder and deeper into her snatch. Despite her gasping sobs, she feels her body betray her, the lack of lubrication he complained about now flowing abundantly from her hole to coat his cock.

Zuriel pulled back and slapped the backs of her thighs hard enough to leave finger marks in her flesh, lifting her up high on her feet as his voice hissed sibilant behind her head. "Stand the fuck up, bitch. I can feel your pussy twitching with my dick in it!" When she tried to lean away, he snatched her hair tight, using her own locks like the reigns of a show pony to right her head and force her back to arch between the growing rabid shoves of that cock stretching her open like no one before him. Feeling her walls grow slicker and hotter, the wet sounds of him squishing inside that pussy only served to make him beat it harder with his whole length driving in and the feel of his nuts still half inside his pants smacking against her blushing cunt just proved his point every time his thick cock slid out covered in her juices. "Look at that. Little whiny hooker all wet and sloppy from being taken by the big dog on the fucking block." Growling, he slapped his hands to her hips, slamming that slit deep enough to make her knees weak, and when she started falling she was grabbed right back up and yanked into place like a trainer breaking a stubborn filly. When she tried buckling her knees, she was slapped back to standing straight or had her nipples grabbed until she pushed back to escape the twisting grip he rolled over those hard sensitive buds that were begging for more, just like that slutty cunt was with every wet shuck of that cock sliding in and out of her body.

Feeling like a rag doll being tossed around--pushed, pulled, prodded into place--by an overgrown, petulant child, she fights to keep her bruised and battered body upright, if only to keep him from hitting her again or yanking her hair anymore, though she begins to realize that no matter what she does or if she complies, he will continue to abuse her just for the sheer pleasure he gets from it. Her anguished cries begin to fade to whimpers and mewls as her energy is sapped from her and the adrenaline is spent. As her grabs her hair and yanks her head up to force her back upright, she spies someone walking down the street. They turn and look--seeing, but not caring--and walk on. Her cries renew, dripping down her face from her chin to collect on the hood of this beat-up, dusty, broken down car. Thinking he will be done soon and leave her to her misery, she relents and lowers her head to rest in the pool of her own tears, but his fingers gripping, twisting pulling on her nipples draws a yell of sheer pain from her lips and she jerks her body upright to pull away from the torment. As she does, his cock pushes even deeper than she thought possible and, despite her absolute reluctance to comply with this horrible man, her pussy twitches and she groans like a bitch in heat. "Nnnnghhh...."

Zuriel rumbles like a beast behind his prey and her own motions told him she was melting despite herself, and despite all her crying and whimpering, the simple bottom line was her pussy was on fire being used by his sheer will now hard and taut inside her cunt. He didn't even give her a chance to keep fighting anymore since she was so close to what he knew was coming. Lifting one knee behind hers, and then the other once she was perched halfway on the dusty hood, he just walked her up over the vehicle on all fours without even missing a beat inside that juicy pussy blooming out to take him in with every stretching stride of that dick ramming inside her. She was defeated and her body was now his, even if he was gonna leave it for the hobos to find after he was through fucking her tight pink hole. Grabbing her hair again, her nipples met cool metal and her face plastered against the windshield. Too bad no one was inside to see the sight of her face mashed against the glass, tits bouncing from impact as he held her down like a bitch and fucked her like the dominant dog of the damn block. Now she really had nowhere to go; pinned on the hood with her face against the windshield, she was utterly at his mercy and the rabid hunger of that dick plowed through her defenses like a battering ram. Stuffing between those stretched lips, feeling her drip down his balls one trickle at a time, being claimed like a slut in heat with his powerful shoves invading every sense she had. The old creaky struts of the car rocked in time with his thrusts filling her up, using that cunt like a fuck-glove to sate his own desire with her toes barely able to find purchase on cold metal under her body andher ass in the air like his personal fuck doll. "RrrrrRrrr... Little pussy is soo fucking sweet!"

Lisa, at first bewildered by his motions as he lifts his legs behind her, groans as she realizes he is forcing her up onto the hood of the car. Having thought her ordeal was nearly over, she finally succumbs, giving in to the fight and relents to his having her until he tires of using her body. Her scraped palms and knees leave little bloody trails along the hood as she scrambles forward under his weight until her face is pressed to the glass with an 'umfph!' Not missing a beat, his cock pummels her sore, swollen pussy and she groans, a mix of her continued shame and the damnable arousal building in her pussy. Shaking her head, chanting, 'no, no, no, no....' she fights the inevitable. Her body betrays her mind and she feels the first stirrings of a climax building in her loins. Angry at him, at herself, at her body, she tries to fight it off, but it slams through her anyhow, and she screams against the windshield, "Fuuuuuuck noooooo!" just as her orgasm explodes from within. Her cunt clamps down tight around the already too-snug cock inside her and her juices squirt out around his shaft, spilling down the backs of her thighs as he continues to shove his shaft in and out of her abused little hole.

Zuriel growls as he was made to hold still just long enough for her pussy to gush around his fat dick pummeling her without mercy, gritting his teeth through a sly smile that crept onto his lips at making her cum without even trying. "Just like I thought... Little whore needed a strong fuck to finally let go." With a wet slurk, he popped his thick tip from her abused lips and threw his new little fuck toy over onto her back, gripping under her bruised and scraped up knees with the tip of his dick perched right against her asshole. "My turn..." All slippery from her orgasm, he didn't even hesitate; the sudden shove inside her tight ass stretched it open and her own juices aided him in taking her ass to the hilt. Pushing her legs up over his shoulders to pin them out of his way, he watched her tear-streaked faced with mascara staining her skin and smudged lipstick from being fucked against the windshield like a plaything. There was no remorse and he reveled in the fact he just raped her other hole fully with his fat cock sliding balls fucking deep as he held her down and pumped her with no sign of him slowing down any time soon. There was only his primal hunger in every stride opening her tender, tight little ass open as she was fully abused by that cock peeling her cheeks apart and drilling in hard. Her own body betrayed her to the very end as she got to look up and see right into her attacker's face and that leering glare he cast down at her with her breasts bouncing in tight circles from being fucked in her other hole. "Nnn...ss-shit...!"

Lisa moans weakly, his words becoming white noise in her mind because she refused to believe she was enjoying his raping her even though her body just proved otherwise. As his dick slid from her dripping pussy, the head popping out with a wet sound, she groans again and nearly flops onto her back as he tosses her around like a doll. Head lolling, eyes trying to focus through her tears, the sight of him again sobers her and her eyes widen once more, almost as though she had awoken from a terrible nightmare. She goes to scream, to cry for help once more, but her raw throat refused to comply and the only thing that came out was a hoarse croak. At that very moment, the head of his cock pushed past the tight barrier of her ass and her head slammed backwards, banging against the hood of the car, doubling her vision for a second. Legs pinned nearly behind her ears, she feels the long, thick length of his cock pushing deeper and deeper into her ass, painfully tearing the membranes until she howled in renewed pain. "Nooooo! Please, dear God, noooo!" Her pleas falling on deaf ears, she grabs his strong arms, her nails sinking into the skin, surely drawing blood, though the fight was no use--he was too far gone in his need to fuck her until he was completely satisfied.

Zuriel lost his vision as he sunk it in and started fucking that tight ass with out a single shred of remorse. Her pleas only fell on deaf ears. The need in him had grown so intense that he didn't even feel her nails in his skin, nor did he feel his shirt soak through with blood from her fingers clutching holes into his flesh. The pace grew into a maddening shove that rocked up and down so fiercely that the car creaked more in protest than her own wailing lips did. The sheer force of him hammering her ass like he owned every inch of it rocked the struts over her voice into a near deafening crescendo of metal straining under the force of his hips plowing against her cheeks. Every thrust was keenly felt inside her torn ass taking every bit of that dick. His head started bobbing purely on edge with his jaw agape from the building pressure in his lifting balls slapping against her flushed skin. She already knew was the moment was coming when he started jerking and twitching over her abused body. There was a single pull and then it simply erupted like a broken valve. Steamy, hot seed rushed inside her burned ass, stretched open in a final act of defilement of her beautiful body and even tighter insides, coating them in hot gooey cum rushing to flood her asshole. Every lurching push of those hips rocked her heels skyward, bouncing her feet with the sheer volume of cum pumping inside her ass until two thick lines trickled from that tight stretched hole only to stain the car's paint job with his release. He stayed right there and made sure she got every thick drop shuddering from his fat cock still lodged inside her tight ass, then he slightly rocked to make sure her fluttering grip around his shaft squeezed him dry of every little trickle. He held his cock in as deep as humanly possible until she felt him slide slowly from her ass before clambering shaky down the hood to stand weakly on his feet. Trying to catch his breath, he lifted her torn dress from the ground and wiped his cock clean, putting it away to zip up. Once he was calm enough to talk, he slipped away and walked down the road, pulling his phone from his pocket and dialing 911. "Yes, operator I was walking by the hospital and saw a girl on a car hood without any clothes... Yes, on Euclid Avenue. Thank you..." Once they had the message, he hung up and whistled as he strolled away leaving her for anyone else to find.

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