Oral Play


So Zuriel had bought this dress for me (on top of funding the complete make over for my avatar so she was up to date after my hiatus). The dress had no material on the back side; just a series of criss-crossed strings holding it together. I was standing around chatting idly with some friends when  he appeared behind me and decided to start playing with me in instant messages.

This particular role play has some real life conversation that trickle into it. We're real people; sometimes breaking character just can't be helped. This is also the first time our feelings for one another started to surface.

Oral Play

Zuriel grins and slides his hand a the back of your dress and hooks his fingers in your panties, just to tug them off so he can stuff them in his back pocket while no one is watching.

Lisa goes rigid, her eyes widening in surprise, casting glances to the others to see if they're watching, turning to give you a wicked 'you're naughty' grin over her shoulder.

"The dress didn't come with panties. I added those. Apparently that was a poor judgment call on my part." Lisa laughs.

Zuriel smiles and teases his hand under your ass, just running his fingertips over your bare blushing lips before pulling his hand free and taking a lick of you off his fingers. "Mmm...yeah it was."

Lisa closes her eyes, pursing her lips together trying to stifle the groan that still manages to break free. Lifting her lashes to watch you, arousal blooms in her belly, making her knees weak and her legs tremble with desire for you all over again. "I'll not make that mistake again, trust me."

Zuriel snakes his hand up your spine, teasing his nails over that smooth skin until his fingers laced in your hair.  Not caring who watched as he pulled your head back and nipped your ear. "Oh I know you won't, especially after I fuck your little ass and make you moan for me later...hehe."

Lisa grasps your arm to steady herself, feeling like she could just turn to a pool of mush at your feet. Trying to take a deep breath, she manages only short, shallow panting gasps, your breath caressing her ear as the words you speak send her mind reeling. Shifting her legs, pressing her thighs together, she can already feel her arousal beginning to pool between the folds of her pussy. "God yes, I want that so much. I love everything you do to me, Zuriel. You drive me wild with desire."

Zuriel purrs at your ear, leaning in to nip your neck as his hand slowly released and he drew it down your lovely back only to curl it over your bare ass and down the ink on the back of your thigh.  "Soon, just entertaining our friends for now...hehe."

Lisa writhes under the touch of your fingers and hand on her body, taking a deep breath to regain her composure, as difficult as you make that for her. "Yes, you're right. Of course. I'll behave. At least I'll try..."

Zuriel smirks and shakes his head, pushing his hand back up to cup your ass tight in his big hand groping your body.  "Oh, you'll be fine. I'll keep stirring this body up as long as we can stand it...hehe."

Lisa instinctively pushes her ass backwards into the palm of your hand, loving the feel of its size and strength taking claim on her. Her own hand lightly traces up and down the length of your arm, feeling the defined ridges of the muscles beneath, making her want to trace each one with her tongue. "Mhm..." mumbling something almost incoherent about 'what ever you say' as she loses her thoughts in your touch.

Zuriel growls low in his throat, pressing his hand tighter to your ass just enough his fingers snuck between your thighs again.  Holding them right there as he chatted and made nice, all the while his middle fingertip circled your clit from behind as he put on a straight face and kept talking to everyone as he tormented you.

"Jesus!" Trying to cover her exclamation, she coughs, and stands almost rigid as though everything was completely normal, though her face flushed a deep shade of red as your fingers delved into her folds. The moment you connect with her clit, however, she mewls in her throat and pushes back against you as discreetly as she can, urging you for more.

Zuriel smiles devilishly and keeps circling your clit with his fingertip, pulling you against his hip so his hand had all the access it needed to play with your sexy body gone rigid and shivering from the touch.  Loving the way you mewled from him tormenting that hot little pussy all the while no one else really knew what was going on as he toyed with you.

Lisa's arm snakes around your waist, her fingers digging roughly into your side trying to find some way to stave off the mind-blowing arousal of the scenario. You teasing her publicly, in front of her friends, nearly has her ready to climax just from the toying of her clit. Legs spread apart just enough to give you access without making her look like a wanton whore in public, she slowly, discreetly sways her hips to grind against the tip of your finger.

Zuriel chews his lower lip and smacks your ass before his hand returns between your thighs, rubbing your clit snugly with just his fingertip as he let you hold on to his side and winced just a little at your fingers digging into his skin.  "No...you don't get to move. Only I can.  Stay put...like a good little girl..."

Lisa arcs her back, remaining as still as possible, though it was maddeningly difficult. Her nails bite deeper into your side, just to keep herself steady as your continue to assault her swollen sensitive clit. Squeaking, nearly letting out a full on cry as your hand connects with the soft flesh of her ass, she bites down on her lip almost drawing blood. At your words, her head nods, though she can barely restrain herself from humping your finger like a bitch in heat. "I am so wet. It's unreal. God, you turn me on so..."

Zuriel smirks as he grabs your hips, dragging you tight to his lap so he could rock his hips and let you feel the bulge you've created by letting him play with you right in front of everyone. "Mmmm yummy, that's a good thing."

Lisa groans hotly, not giving a damn anymore if anyone else hears. Reaching behind herself to place her hands on your hips, her own sliding back and fourth across your jeans, she  feels your arousal pressing against her. Her hands move farther behind her back, gliding between your crotch and her ass for a moment so that she can grope and tease your growing cock beneath the denim. With a grin, she purrs, "I love knowing that I have this effect on you..." She squeezes you once more, then drops her hands and pushes her ass firmly back up against your pelvis.

Zuriel rumbles deeply at the feel of your hand giving him a squeeze, the bulge in his jeans tighter than fuck even when you pressed back against him with that ass of yours. He reached out and snagged your red hair, loving how you got yourself all changed for his desires so he jerked back and forced that body into a hard arch so he could lean in and whisper in your ear. "Then I guess we shouldn't waste any time, besides..." He rocked his hips harder, pressing that tight swell of his confined cock against your blushing lips. "I think someone needs taken for a proper test drive in her new skin..."  Grinning as he held on tightly, holding you on your tip toes as long as he could stand it before he let your hair go and grabbed your hand. "Lets take a walk..."

Lisa grunts, your hand roughly pulling at her hair, her body arching against you. A bolt of charged electricity shoots through to her core, flaming her desires. Her head spins so that her thoughts are muddled and the only thing she can think about is being with you, feeling you deep inside her again. She follows where you lead, not caring where you go so long as you are there. The moment you reach your destination, she steps up to you, almost nervously, and threads her arms around your waist to pull you as close as she can, needing to feel the heat of your body pressed against hers.

Zuriel stops when he finds a good quiet spot that was still easily observed but no one else was around to watch right now.  Lifting your leg over his hip as his hand clutched smoothly against your skin to hold that body against his so the warmth spread through us both connecting on the beach.  Instead of just throwing you down and fucking you like nuts he held you, pulling you tight to his chest as lips found yours in a slow kiss that moved into tongue slithering between your lips to tangle and wrestle yours hungrily.  Only pulling back when he had to breathe. "Lisa...I'm not asking you to be mine.  But...will you favor me most?  No commitment...just when you want to play...include me..."

Lisa's heart beats harder, making her feel deliciously alive when she's with you. Her leg bends in your grip, the heel of her shoe pressing against your ass expressing her urgent need to meld with you as you take her with your mouth. Lips meshing, tasting, her tongue responding to yours in her mouth, she teases and wraps it, dancing with yours, loving the feel of you sliding in her mouth. As you break the kiss, her head spinning wildly again, she listens to your words and smiles at you, her eyes holding your gaze as she replies, "I already do, Zuriel. No one makes me feel the way you do. No one even comes close. I desire you. I love to be with you, even when we're not intimate."

Zuriel listens carefully even as he held you like that against his chest, the steady beat of his own heart skipped slightly but only you would know from feeling him this close.  His brow raised at your words and the smile spread on his lips before they meshed against your mouth again, tickling his tongue over yours as it slid back in your throat, claiming those lips tightly.  Steely fingers snaked up your back and latched firmly in your red hair, holding your lips to his as he devoured your kiss.  Only letting go long enough to just tug and pull at the laces of the dress he knew would be perfect for you.  "Then I am getting you a collar, and not so I can control your every actions or lord over you, but to show you how much you're wanted as well."  It was almost a shame, but the intimacy of the moment was too much to pass up, and in the future he would make you wear this again so he could bend you over without panties and fuck you in public. But right now he drifted your dress down your body, letting your leg drop long enough to slip your clothing down those legs before he grabbed it up once you were naked to press that heel to his ass again while he held you on the sand.

Lisa could only nervously, happily, chew at her bottom lip, smiling as she cast her eyes down then back up again to gaze directly into yours, she murmurs, "I would love that. It would mean the world to me, Zuriel." Trembling, stepping back only as far she necessary to allow you to remove her dress and let it fall to the ground, she takes a deep breath, her chest rising beautifully before you as she lets your gaze drink her in long enough until you couldn't stand not having her in your embrace any longer. The moment your arms wrap around her again, she threads her hands through your thick hair, holding you desperately as she resumes kissing those full, lush lips.

Zuriel mumbled lightly against your lips as the thought he had faded from his muddled mind, sometimes being a man was a curse but those urges were always something he just couldn't ignore for very long especially where you were concerned.  Tasting those lips of yours sent his mind reeling let alone the words he heard you speak to him as he nipped and sucked on your tongue through his own desire growing too intense for anything but needing you right then and there. With a huff he fell back on the hammock, drawing you down into his lap just so his hands could explore your smooth delicate skin as he cupped your breast with one hand and slipped the other down your belly until it parted your thighs just enough to glide his fingers over your blushing lips again.  His lips graced your neck, teeth biting almost teasingly before his lips lifted to your ear and he whispered just for you to hear.  "Then I claim you Lisa, I claim you with understanding, desire and need this day and every day hence you remain locked in my comfort and protection." Those fingers pulled and pinched your nipple snugly between them, his body rocking softly like he was already wishing his clothes were off but he held his lusts in check for a little while longer. The hand between your thighs spoke another story though, fingers sliding along your lips until his middle tip rolled over your clit, stirring that body to life again as teeth caught your skin and clamped down over the pulse of your heart beat thrumming in your veins.

She falls back into your lap with a giggle, loving that you can be so erotic, so tender, so rough, and so playful wrapped into one perfect package. Her giggle died off quickly, though, shifting into a deep breath threaded with a sign of pleasure, ending in a moan that would make any man melt. The touch of your hands on her body were like molten heat, singing her skin, flushing her body so that she glowed a deep pink everywhere. The more her arousal grew, the shorter her breaths came until she was nearly panting with desire. Chest rising and falling, her nipples pearled into tight buds at their peaks, she sighs as your hand covers one mound, letting her head fall back against your shoulder. Responding to the insistent pressure of your hand on her thigh, her legs splay open, exposing her wet core to your probing touch. The first slight contact jerks her body, her pussy so sensitive from the prolonged stimulation, but she immediately melts at the continued touch, her sweet moans falling on your ears. As you bite at her neck, she trembles yet again, a small orgasm shivering through her. Then she hears your words, and the small climax swells within her. She gasps, her hips lifting upwards against your hand, unable to stop it from happening even if she wanted it. "Oh, Zuriel..." was all she could manage to get out, yet her moans continued as your touch pushed her minor orgasm on.

Zuriel lifted a brow noticing you were literally right on the verge of an orgasm already, so wet and slick to the touch. Your body responding like it needed release and it only brought a smile to his clasped lips holding your neck so his pointed teeth could hold your rising pulse captivated in the lock of them biting your flesh lightly.  He lifted his mouth and blew a warm breath over your skin, sending a tremble along your body from the feel of warm air flowing over saliva dampened skin, both hands rising to your budded nipples to pull on them in firm fingers making your tits poke out from the tug he held your nipples in. "Mmmmnh, someones already this excited?" He slipped out from under you, drifting your body to the hammock as he crawled in after you and that tongue curled up along your blushing slit.  Taking a taste of his, and he truly thought his woman laid open on the hammock getting a lick from that tongue slithering along slippery folds parting at his tongues caress. He looked up from the supple valley of your legs and those lips pursed and pulled at your clit, drawing it in his mouth as the very tip of his tongue circled your hot little clit trapped between his mashing lips hugging it tightly.  Arms reaching out as nails played along your flesh, raking over your breasts and nipples, slinking down your sides as he started licking that hot little pussy while watching you respond to every touch he teased you with and deepened every glide of his tongue curling against your lips.

Lisa barely recovered from the climax trembling through her, she groans, writhing on the hammock as the gentle pressure of your tongue traces up along her glistening slit. "Sweet Jesus..." She wraps her fingers in your hair, wanting you there between her legs for ever, loving the warmth of your mouth on her most intimate place. Mewling like a needy kitten, her legs falling open as wide as they will fall, she pushes her heels into the hammock, lifting her ass to push you deeper, wanting to feel you everywhere between her legs. Her swollen clit pokes from between her engorged lips, begging you to take it, and you comply, drawing it into your mouth, making her cry out her pleasure as her head hangs off the side of the hammock. "Oh god, Zuriel... That feels so good. I love your mouth on my clit. Mmm god, please... don't stop." Dancing on the verge of another climax, your nails dragging over her flesh push her to the peak, teasing her there, letting her dangle at the edge of bliss so that she barely clings to her sanity. "Oh...oh god. So close. Please...."

Zuriel grins like a bad boy knowing he had you on the verge and all he wanted was to keep you in a constant state of orgasm as long as he possibly could.  The very taste of you making him rumble like a beast between your thighs and his hands pushed back at your hips when you raised your ass to keep his tongue on that pussy, even feeling you trying to grind harder on his tongue and the power of his arms came to bear holding you down to make you take every lick he slithered up and down those lips with the tip of his tongue flicking off your clit.  He pulled back just an inch and the vibration of his lips shivered against your swollen clit, watching your face when he wasn't in the middle of licking you crazy right there on the hammock with his own hungers playing out with every taste he got of you grinding against his slippery tongue playing up and down that pussy. He knew you were close just from how you bucked to his wanton mouth let alone the words spilling from your lips so he decided to take out the little fight you were giving him and hooked your legs over his shoulders.  Pulling your ass off the hammock completely so you had no where to go but on his tongue flicking up and down your slit like a hungry animal licking a fresh kill clean. Pausing long enough to dance his fingers along your lips before a little sharp slap of two thick digits popped lightly over your clit. "No. You're just gonna cum right on my tongue, Lisa." His hands moved to hold you up, that head dipped back down as his tongue coiled and wormed inside those lips, pushing inside with his head pumping that pink muscle inside your blushing pink lips, purring all the while so his tongue vibrated inside with every push he slithered into that pussy begging him to make it cum. His hand slapped your ass and gripped firmly over the sting, clutching you in place to not give you any leeway on making him lick as his tongue slipped back up and mashed firmly against your clit in a tight, constant grind up and down with the length of it sliding over that hot little button.

Lisa cries, one immediately follow the next as she builds to a crescendo. The constant teasing and prodding of your tongue spreads her lips, her pink glistening skin splayed like the fruit of a goddess between her legs. Pinned in your grip, your mouth holding her hips firmly in place, she rides your tongue, grinding as best she can against it dipping into her hole, then sliding out again to circle her hard clit, Gasping, her hips rising, legs wrapped so tightly around you that it nearly brings you down on top of her, she finally, miraculously falls over the edge of sweet bliss. The cry  that leaves her echoes over the water and her body goes rigid as her head falls back against the hammock. Shuddering, quaking in your grip, she cries out over and over, every thrust of your tongue, every caress over her clit spurring her orgasm on. Her juices flow, trickling over your tongue down your chin, trailing between the crack of her ass. Still she cums more, your skilled tongue drawing more than she thought possible from her body. Her fingers grasp and clench at her breasts, tugging at the nipples as she rides out her climax. "Fuuuuck, Zuriel. My god! Nnngghhh!"

Zuriel smiles against your clit and that tongue slips down to lap and lips pursed to suck up as much of your juices as they could get. He even grinned as he lifted his tongue and slithered just the tip of it against your tight little ass from the cum pooling there that he missed, making sure to lick up every dram of sweetness he could with your pussy gushing over his face. That was just what he wanted though and the flavor of his Lisa writhing on his tongue was just utterly delicious, kissing your clit a final time before he let your legs fall from over his shoulders and he slipped out from under that body of yours and stood up at the edge of the hammock.  He dropped his hand and unzipped his jeans, letting his fat hard cock fall from his clothing as his fingers curled around it and he stroked it right there by the side of your face standing at the hammocks edge. "Get that mouth over here. I want to paint your tongue with mine."  He reached out and helped you off the hammock, grinning as he waited for you to find your knees and he pressed the thick shaft against your cheek, a hand in your hair pulling your face to the side a little so he could glide the length of his cock along your pouty soft lips. "Mmm...go on...hehe."

Head spinning as she comes down from her high, she takes your hand to help her from the hammock, sinking to her knees and crawls over to you on shaky legs. Groaning slightly as you brush your cock over her lips, she slips her tongue out to lap at it, teasing you, getting the precum from the slit onto her tongue. Rising to reach you, loving how tall you are and how tiny you make her feel, she wraps her fingers around your girth, drawing them up and down the full length, mesmerizing at your beautiful cock before she parts her lips and draws the sweet head into her mouth. Tongue dancing across the head, she suckles you like a babe, loving the taste of you on her tongue. Moaning, the vibrations trembling over the tip and down the base, she glides her lips down the length of your shaft, letting you slide into her hot, wet mouth one inch at a time until you are buried in her throat, your balls pressing against her chin and her nose pressed into your pelvis.

Zuriel gasps when you finally take him in, he loved the teasing licks of your tongue but the feel of your mouth wrapped around him set him on edge more than anything and it showed.  For once he was trying to let you take him as deep as you wanted, holding back with his fingers lacing in your hair just to hold on as he watched your lips suck him down so deep he felt your nose pressing against his lower stomach and his heavy balls right against your chin and the sensation was enough to make him shudder. The taste of him was slightly salty, the masculine scent of him so close filled your nose as that mouth devoured him by every inch all the way to the base. "Ahhh Shit...LissaaaHHhh!"  He threw his head back, that cock had already been throbbing forever from the very instant he snagged your panties off in your new dress and now it was utterly pulsing in your lips.  The keen feel of his heart racing along that shaft and he fought his first impulse to just fuck your mouth and gritted his teeth to stave off the desire to just ram it deep. "Fuck, fuck, fuck...gods! Suck it just like that!  Uhhhhnnn!" Both hands lifted to your head then, licking his lips as he looked down and watched so the very instant you sucked him deep he gripped your red hair and forced your mouth down even tighter, long enough your eyes looked up with a little panic at not being able to breathe with him down your throat and he released to let you snatch a quick breath with his hands still clutching tightly to your head.

Lost in her passion, loving to pleasure you, loving the taste and feel of your cock in her mouth, she works herself frantically along your shaft. Up and down she moves her head, hungrily fucking you with her lush mouth. When you hold yourself in her, pinning her to your pelvis with your grip in her hair, she does indeed panic for a moment, her doe-like eyes filled with fright as they turn up to your face. She fights her gag reflex and as you release your grip and slide back, she coughs, drawing a deep breath through her nose, yet she never stops sucking at your hard member. From time to time she grips the base, letting you fall from her mouth, only to move her attention to your heavy balls. Her tongue traces over the skin and she inhales the raw male scent of you as she draws one ball into her mouth, rolling it, sucking on it, letting it slip past her lips so that she can show her attention to the other, as well. Satisfied that she's given them the stimulation they deserve, she rises on her knees once more, moving from your balls back to your cock, sucking the full length back into her mouth, pumping her lips rapidly up and down the shaft, feeling the heavy pulse of your heart throbbing against her lips and tongue.

Zuriel loses all sense of himself, those lips sending him right to the edge and the feel of that mouth sucking on his balls one by one pushes him to his toes as he lifts on pure primal impulse.  You had no idea how turned on he had been from the moment he saw you and now with you on your knees sucking him down hungrily like this it just had him barely able to contain himself any longer.  His head went back again with eyes opening to the sky overhead, fingers gripping tighter as his lower lip was chewed non stop.  His cock lurched like a living thing, twitching in your lips when his tip oozed a gooey strand that melted on your tongue right then and there. "Oh shit... Uhh... FffffffFFFFFFUUUUUCKAHHHHH!"  He knotted his eyes closed tightly, the sudden explosion in your lips coating your tongue in warm sticky cum flowing between your lips as it pumped hot and heady from his tip still clasped in your mouth. His chest rising and falling rapidly, panting like a dog that had just run a mile at full speed as he held your head firmly in both strong hands and flooded your mouth full.

Lisa groans at the taste of you on her tongue. Wrapping her lips tightly around your shaft, sealing you in her mouth, not wanting to lose a single drop of that sweet cum, she sucks harder as you pump into her mouth, drawing every last delicious drop from you. The feel of you swelling and exploding in her mouth, the animalistic sounds of your climax, grab her mentally and drag her over the edge right along with you. Without even having to touch herself, she shudders and climaxes with you, her hands gripping your ass tightly as she keeps you in her mouth until she finally feels you relaxing and softening on her tongue. Drawing back, letting you slide from her lips, she looks up at you from beneath her long lashes and, with a wicked grin, licks her lips, purring, "Delicious..."

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