In Zuriel's Bed


So by this point Zuriel has found someone new he falls in love with (those stories will be under Vixxen Rainbow) and without really having discussed things, he and Darina split up, almost through an unspoken but mutual understanding. Everyone was pretty much aware of the others' infidelities and rather than start drama, they just sort of went their own ways. Honestly, we really just didn't want to delve that far into the story line, instead opting to just change shit up a bit.

Still part of the 'pack,' Darina and Jaidyn remain in Edenfell (where the hell else am I going to put them besides on our own land?). Jay has his own shack on the property to live in, but he decides it would be more fun--and disrespectful--to fuck Darina in Zuriel's bed so that her former mate will come home and smell their scents on his sheets later

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In Zuriel's Bed

Jaidyn was reading by his lonesome at the docks until he heard your heels on the planks. Lifting a brow he stared up at you looking all doe eyed and easy. "Sit down, get comfy, and shut the fuck up so I can continue." He waited for you to get settled, lifting the book near your field of view and the low drone of his words thrummed in his chest when he read the book just enough you could hear. "And so Drizzt' Do'Urden did learn what love is that day, the smile of Eladriel watching as he strolled over and kisses Cattie-Brie for the first time like he had been lost at sea. All the while Eladriel smiled and whispered mostly to herself. 'Live for the moment Drizzt, for every second dances through our hearts. Through us they remain immortal.'"

Darina raised both brows in surprise, not so much at your demeanor--that was nothing new--but by the invitation to join you. Dropping her purse to the dock, she sank to her knees and slipped her butt in to nestle against you, cradled in your arm that held the book. Though curious about what you were reading, she didn't want to interrupt and ruin this rare opportunity, so she remained silent and listened, enjoying the vibrations of your chest as you spoke, letting herself get lost in the story.

(Side note: I'm pretty sure I'd gone afk at this point and came back to being face-raped, so we ran with it.)

Jaidyn Jameson shrugged and sank your mouth down his thick rod, making you take it all the way.

Darina wondered at what point you decided to toss the book and slip from under her to grab her hair and jerk her head against your crotch, but as you slipped you cock free of those tight leather pants, she found she didn't much care. She just wanted it in her mouth, so without argument she parted her lips and wrapped them right around the thick, pulsing head, sucking it in only to the rim with a groan in her throat. Her tongue did a little swirl around the angles of that smooth mushroom cap making your head fall back with a grunt of pleasure. Not wanting to be teased, your hands grasped her hair and shoved, forcing her mouth down the full length of your cock until she gagged, her shoulders lifting as her body jerked and she squealed in protest through her full mouth.

Jaidyn smiled darkly as he wrapped your hair in one hand, knowing full well you knew your place the second he had a hold of you with your mouth full of his dick.  He reached down and pushed your dress over those tits, letting it fall as his arm swept back and both hands locked fingers in your dark hair falling all over from your head. The hold firmly kept when he started rocking his hips to slide that cock in his girl's mouth without even having to tell you a single thing. That was how he knew he owned you--utter compliance and desire from your obedient mouth sucking at his fat shaft being pumped between your lips.  "That's right. My whore doesn't need anything but my dick in her mouth."

Darina slipped her hands up over your hips, clutching them tightly, pulling you into her as much as you pushed her head down onto your cock. Every pump drew a moan from her lips, the sound vibrating up the shaft to your balls as they slapped against her drool-covered chin. She had long since gotten over your demoralizing words, learning instead to love them because they turned her on so fucking much. She was your whore and she no longer denied it. Zuriel had someone else, anyhow. She knew just by how he acted, how he no longer notice her, no longer wanted her, and she was ok with that because she wanted you. Using her tongue, she coaxed it along the underside of your shaft, stroking powerfully as she sucked down your length with loud slurps, the spit bubbling at the corners of her lips even louder than the lapping waves on the pond. Without taking her mouth from your thick shaft, she turned her eyes up to look at you, seeing the grimace of pleasure and your face making her pussy clench and ooze out her juices.

Jaidyn did more than see you. Z was too busy too notice, but he was not above using your little slutty ass now that he knew you needed to be abused like the good little bitch you were. So he locked his fingers in your hair, looking down with a wince of pleasure and a slight snarl glinting from one fang poking from the corner of his lips, watching the bubbling drool, and the way you shucked and glucked down that dick while he guided your mouth on a tight fuck and suck over his swollen shaft.  He inhaled and smiled, looking down to watch his balls pull from your chin with strings of saliva clinging and splitting each time he reared his hips back to fuck your face. "Just like my little slut needed. It's okay...you can tell Jay you're a worthless cock sucker."  Biting his lower lip with a smile, he took that mouth all the way, thrusting down your throat only to pull you so slowly that he extended your gagging sounds as long as his tip was lodged tightly in your gullet.  "I know what you're worth, slut: all the cum I can fit down your throat and even in that gooey cunt of yours."

Darina's face flushed in shame at your words. Still, they made her clit throb so hard that she shifted on her knees, pressing her thighs together to mash and grind her lips around it. With a swirl and dip of her hips she sank, drawing your cock down so that she was peering up at you from under it, then she rose again to swallow it back fully into her mouth, your hands drawing her up by the hair as though you had no intentions of ever letting her go from her place at your feet. When you drew back, she let the head slip from her lips just long enough to slurp and swallow the excess spit from her mouth, sucking in a deep breath of air just before you forced it back past her lips with a muffled grunt. She dared not bite you--not after the warnings she'd received in the past; and besides, she wasn't trying to get you to let her go--but she did risk grazing her teeth gently along the soft skin of your shaft just to tease you, to give you an edge in contrast to the soft caress of her lips and tongue. Grinning around that thick wad of meat in her mouth, she turned her eyes back up to you just to watch your reaction, hoping she didn't make a poor decision.

Jaidyn didn't even seem to notice the fire in your eyes despite the fact that he had you on your knees, figuring his bitch was right where she wanted to be with her mouth full of dick, so he took it at face value and savored it until the soft scrape brought a hiss from him and he jerked it from your lips and slapped your face with the weight of that cock slapping across your cheek.  "Nnn...fuck! If I said tease it, cunt, you can do that!"  His hand in your hair tightened before he jerked your face back, smearing his cock scent and your own saliva over your face to make your makeup smear and eye liner run. "Now open the fuck back up, bitch..." He knew you'd stare up at him in shock, but that was all he needed to ram his fat cock back in your lips and with both hands gripping his sudden deep thrusts sent that length curling down inside your throat with more fervor. "Keep acting like I need you to tease me, bitch. I'll fuck Lisa in front of you and just let you suck my cum out of her pussy."  With a feral growl he pulled back, fucking your mouth with deep, even stride of fat juicy beef pushing past your lips stretched open.

Darina flinched and turned away with a cry at the sticky wet slap of meat hit her face, smearing mascara under her eyes and lipstick across her cheek, making her look like a whore after an all-night bender. A rough jerk of her head lined her mouth right back up with your cock and before she could even explain or apologize, her parted lips were crammed full again and she didn't resist...didn't try to tease. She just did what she knew you wanted, and that was suck the ever-loving hell out of your fat cock. Each time it lodged in her throat with her nose pressed to your pelvis, she stuck her tongue out to lap over your balls with a fast lick until you drew back again, repeating this action with every dip back into her mouth. Her lips sucked and slurped, smacking like she was sucking hard on a lollipop, groaning all the while. When your thrusts came faster, the slushing, smacking, slurping increased as she tried to keep up with the rapid pounding of her mouth. Her fingers clenched against your ass now, gripping on to try and keep your motions in check, but she was no match and your hips moved despite her trying to hold them back. At your words, she got a visual of you fucking Lisa, your cock splitting her daughter's cunt open and then you pulling out to feed your cock covered with Lisa's juices to her, and she groaned again, a little tremor running through her at the idea. Her clit twitched once more and this time her juices spilled down her thighs in a trickle to her knees.

Jaidyn didn't miss the trickle of your juices dripping on his toes between your thighs, smirking evilly as he realized what got your cunt oozing that honey as he kept fucking your pretty smeared face like the wanton little cock slut he knew you were. "Oh look at that... When does the bitch come home so I can tie momma up and make her watch me fuck that little girl? I bet I can even get you to lick her cunt while I fuck it right in front of your slutty smeared face." There was no remorse when he needed his whore's mouth. He just took it and hell be damned if he didn't get you just the way he wanted. He loved reminding you who owned that bitchy mouth of yours especially now that you came looking for it all the time. He had you and he fucking knew it--hell, you knew it now, with your mouth being used like a fuck doll. Already he had you naked and writhing on your knees like every word he spoke between hungry rams of that dick cramming down your mouth had your pussy on fire so much that it was melting in drops that spattered the towel beneath his feet. "I knew you lusted after your own daughter, but not enough to suck down her cum and mine... Remind me to catch her after practice someday so I can give you a proper taste of your slutty little girl." Not once did he let up. He jammed your nose down hard against his pelvis and truly fucked your face like he would fuck your pussy if he had your legs wrapped around his waist, bobbing your lips so quickly that your chin was battered by those juicy balls smacking your skin.

Darina wondered if you even knew that she'd been present once when Zuriel had fucked Lisa, even tasting her then and helping guide his cock into her, but she doubted you'd even care or want to know. Not that she could tell you with your cock filling her mouth, but the scenarios that you kept painting with your words were getting her so fucking hot that she was ready to beg you to fuck her aching cunt just to assuage the need building between her legs. She tried to pull back, to get her mouth off your cock long enough to tell you, to beg you, but you had such a grip on her head that she wasn't able to get her lips off the shaft, let alone speak. In fact, you were using her mouth so hard, so fast, that she was choking against on the length each time it dipped down her throat and gacking sounds wrenched out of her throat and past her lips each time her body rolled in retaliation to the invasion. Her eyes teared up making even more of a mess of her make up and she snuffled breaths through her runny nose, coughing to fight back the gags.

Jaidyn bit his bottom lip at the sight of you blubbering around his dick. He had to admit there was nothing like the sight of a gorgeous woman being used like a cock cozy and taking that mouth so deep that he had your eyes tearing up and drool leaking down your glistening chin. He didn't care that you were fighting a little, trying to breathe or speak. He didn't give a flying fuck what you were trying to do. The gack-gack-gack sounds came from him stuffing your mouth straight down in a pull of your hair to lean your face back so he could simply stroke his thick shaft between your lips hard enough that you felt that dick curl down your gullet. His dick was already swelling when he pulled out and one hand tapped your blushing cheek long enough to give you a weak shaky inhale as he spoke.  "What's wrong? Z didn't do it right, now you wanna see Jay fuck your baby Lisa so you can lick her up off my cock, you whore?"  He didn't even want to hear any retort. Before you could speak, and while his words flew, he smacked his drool-covered cock on your lips and at the very end of his words, that dick stuffed back between your lips. Saliva spattered your tits from the violent face fuck, the abusive and hungry desire rolling through him each time he sunk that shaft down your throat and fucked the sound right out of your whimpering at his feet, becoming a used whore mess with your makeup smeared and your chin utterly soaked from how much spit bubbled from your mouth being used like a pussy.  No one else was home, so he took the chance to abuse you right, fucking your mouth as the first pump of precum spurted against your throat. He grunted when he shoved it in and held your throat open as his cock twitched, unloading his balls right into your stomach until he had to pull back, the motion painting your tongue with his seed while he huffed and fucked your mouth, his cock spraying wildly. "UUhhaaaaa!"

Darina flinched again, whimpering as you smacked her cheek--first with your hand, then again with your spit-covered cock--like she was trying to dodge it with nowhere to escape. Her one hand left your ass to block you, and your own hand simply smacked it away with a thrust of those hips filling her mouth again. She whimpered, nearly sobbing at how rough you were being, and she was choking not only on your cock but the saliva that was forming from the violent fucking of her face. She swallowed what she could and pushed the rest out around your shaft to drool down her chin and drip onto her chest as it wobbled from the rocking of her body being jostled by your pumping hips. She'd taken it all in stride, even wanted it up to this point, but you were fucking her face so hard now that she balled her hands into fists and started beating at your hips and thighs in an effort to get you to ease up, but it did no good. Suddenly she felt the first hot drops of precum spattering her tongue and with a jerk of her head by her hair, your cock slammed into her throat and swelled, exploding hot steams of cum jetting into her stomach. Her wild eyes turned up to you with her neck wrenched back at such an awkward angle and she groaned, the outline of your cock visible through the front of her neck as she swallowed and swallowed. Shaking, trembling, she sat motionless, waiting for you to finish and withdraw, to release her so she could draw a full breath again and wipe her face of the mess it had been made into.

Jaidyn grunted as he gripped the base of his dick and pulled out, leaving the tip over your panting mouth so that the last few drops spattered your lips and chin and then his hand jerked in your hair, pulling you up tight and high on your knees when he leaned down to speak to your panting face.  "Get those fucking shoes off. Whores don't get to wear clothing." He turned and started for the cabin, dropping his pants when he did so that he could step out of them before calling back. "Hurry up, slut. Get inside so I can fuck you on your ex-husband's bed like the bitch we know you are." He didn't even wait for you. He turned and walked right inside the cabin, leaving the door open for you behind him as he strolled naked into Z's place. Standing by the bed, he tapped his foot, waiting, and when you finally made your way inside, he simply threw you up on the bed and climbed after you. "Tell Jay you want your pussy fucked like a good whore."

Darina gasped for air when you pulled out, coughing until her throat no longer felt like there was something blocking it. She made to wipe her face, to get the spit and cum off of it, but her hand only lifted to the air before you were yanking her up by her hair, swaying on her knees. She cried out, turning her eyes away, afraid to look at you and when you let her go with a shove, she trembled but slipped her shoes off, leaving them on the dock before rising on shaky legs to follow you into the house. 'Oh, this is not good...not good at all.' she thought to herself. 'What if Zuriel comes home and finds us? He'll kill us both...' She could not get the idea out of her head, and though she saw you standing there impatiently as she approached, and she knew it would just piss you off, she couldn't keep the thought to herself. Before she could say it, though, you'd grabbed her by the arm and threw her to the bed, climbing on top of her like some rutting animal mounting its bitch. "Jay...wait! Please! What if Zuriel comes home..?" She felt the weight of your body closing in behind her, pressing down on her, felt your breath at the back of her neck as you loomed over her, and she lay there pinned, hoping to talk some sense into you, completely disregarding what you'd told her to say in the first place.

Jaidyn lifted a brow as he heard you whining about Zuriel coming home to catch us, but at this particular moment he obviously didn't care, so he climbed up behind you and pinioned your legs open with his knee slipping in between your thighs, and the second followed in a widening push of his legs spreading you open rather blatantly. "That's not what I told you to say, slut. I guess I'll leave your pussy alone, then, and just fuck your ass since you can't say a god damned word I told you to." To make his point he shifted his hips, lifting enough to glide his still-slick cock over your asshole, not caring how badly and hot your cunt squished from the pressure of him bearing down on your frame. But instead of fucking your gorgeous, drooling cunt, he teased your ass almost to give you a second chance to get what you wanted before he took whatever he desired. "I didn't ask you for your concern, either. Your job is to open your legs when I say so and get silenced by my dick when you can't control your bitch mouth." It might have been intentional, but he pressed against your ass, almost fitting into that tender pucker, but at the last second his cock bent and slipped along in a popping glide as he grunted and pulled back to line up another shove.

Darina rolled under you, her ass swaying at the pressure of your cock pushing against her clenched hole. Its not that she didn't enjoy getting her ass fuck, but she wanted you in her cunt so much that she whimpered at the thought of you not giving it to her. She wanted it so badly, in fact, that she put the idea of Zuriel out of her mind and did as she was told, begging for you to fuck her cunt, "No, please, Jay! I want my pussy fucked..." She swallowed down her shame and finished, repeating just what you'd told her to say in almost a whisper, her face turned to the sheets "...like a good whore." Just saying it had her thighs flaming, had every muscle between her legs clenching, pushing out more of the slick lube she had been producing since you first grabbed her and started fucking her face on the docks. Her legs were spread so wide that she could hardly move them, but she lifted her ass as best she could, hoping to guide your cock lower before it hit home on the next attempt. "Please, Jay. I'm sorry. Please fuck my pussy. I need it so bad! You got me so hot..." With your weight on top of her she couldn't move, couldn't even turn to look back at you, so she waited--either for your mercy or your wicked justice--her heart hammering in her chest.

Jaidyn smiled as you lifted that ass, and from the drive of his cock pushing down, your glistening lips eased open and tightened as he fit that dick right down inside your cunt, and once he felt the wet warmth, he shoved it all the way in. Hitching tight and holding still as he shuddered over you, he whispered hoarsely from the feel of your pussy clamping down on him,"See..? Now why the fuck was that so hard, bitch?"  Even after he came in your mouth, his cock was still rigid, and the first tight drive down held fast while he talked a moment, but that was not going to last with your cunt gripping him like a vice. When he started jerking his hips back to fuck that hot little slit, he planted his hands to the bed to hold his chest up, giving him deep leverage to drill that pussy to the hilt of that shaft. "Nnn... Damn. Just when you think you're getting smart I have to remind you...make you remember who this body belongs to." He didn't mind that he was fucking you on Z's bed. In fact, it thrilled him to be so close to the scent of his brother and Vixxen, knowing he that was defiling their bed with your juices, like he was a freak for juicy kink. They were Garou, and Z was going to know whether he was told or not. But he kept that on the back burner while he stuffed that cunt deep and peeled back to begin fucking it right, making your juices squish and splurt with every shove of that dick splitting you wide. Panting behind you so hard that you could hear it while he rammed that hole with the force of a concrete splitter, he held his cock for nearly two seconds every time he drove it balls fucking deep inside your cunt. "Much better. Now you get a prize, slut."

That first deep plunge into her sopping wet cunt stole her breath away and it took several seconds before she was able to gasp another in and fill her lungs again, but she let it all back out in a shuddering moan because you felt so fucking good. That thick cock split her lips, making her cunt gush and squelch honey all around your shaft. She tensed again, nearly having forgotten just how big you felt inside of her, and the muscles in her pussy gripped you tight, like sloppy wet fingers stroking your cock. She didn't answer you, didn't return any of your taunts, knowing you didn't give a shit what she thought. Her only replies were the constant moans and whimpers that you forced from her with every hard thrust that was then held like some mind-fucking tease before you slid your length back out and then jammed it back into her again, making her body rock with a jerk every time you bottomed out inside her snatch. Her fingers curled in the sheets, balling them in her fists, making a mess of the clean bed, though her dripping pussy was making an even bigger mess under her, leaving a dark stain of her arousal in the beige threads.

Jaidyn loved that shit--just simply stuffing his cock inside your cunt left a gush of juices, making a trail on the bed sheets like a mark showing who was just fucked right here. Z would know you by scent and that was all the marker he wanted--to make sure the alpha knew he was claiming you as his beta mate--and the stains on the bed would be a fairly good message for the alpha, staking his claim right here with your ass raising to let him jam even more of that dick inside your drooling cunt. The feel of your man making you take it with rutting shoves smacked your ass back down so that your hips mashed to the bed, only to feel you lifting again to get more of his wondrous girth splitting you open wide enough that your nectar leaked like someone turned on a faucet.  He panted over you as he took that pussy and reamed it with all the subtlety of some wild animal needing to fuck. "Nnn... So much better when you just admit you wanna get back at him as much as I do. Leave your cum all over this fucking bed so he can smell us for days after I fucking flood your whore cunt with my cum. You know the thought thrills you, so stop being scared and take my fucking cock bitch!" The feel of his rapid breathing rushed over your skin, huffing down along your shoulders before the impact of heavy hips slammed your cheeks from behind and the jostling shoves made your legs shake from the force of his body hitting yours. There was no need for love or anything--not words, not forgiveness--this was all pure fucking adrenaline running through him flattening your body to the bed no matter how many times your ass lifted to get more of him inside. "Nnnngh..."

Darina knew it to be true. She did want to get back at him for having some other woman, whoever she was. The fact that she had been cheating on him first didn't cross her mind...only that she knew she wanted you more, like she was spellbound, hypnotized, like you were some kind of drug and once she'd had you, she had to have more to get her fix. Her heavy breasts mashed into the bed, and each time your weight came down on top of her, pinning her tight, she grunted out a breath, trying to brace her arms to stay upright, but they way you claimed her--forcing your cock into her sloshing cunt--kept knocking her back down, pushing her clit to the sheets to grind against her own slick juices on the bed. Still, she gasped out between each thrust, "He...he'll kill...you... Kill us...when he finds...finds out." She wasn't sure that was true, but it was always a possibility, and she dreaded the confrontation when it came. Then again, with having another love interest, Zuriel just might not care. Might even be relieved so that each of them could move on with their lives. Despite not knowing, you were right. The idea that you were fucking her in Z's bed was thrilling...dangerous...erotic as fuck and it made her belly clench knowing he would smell your sex on the sheets when he got home. The idea hit her like a bullet and she tensed, clenching the sheets in a groan that had her lifting her head to cry out to the headboard. "Ohhh fuck!" Her pussy spasmed and gripped your pulsing cock, pushing more gobs of her nectar out past your shaft to pool on the bed beneath her.

Jaidyn stiffened as your cunt gripped him, biting his lower lip to flow through the clenching glove of your muscles clasping his girth inside and those juices sliding along his thick shaft sent him reeling back in a raise. One hand gripped your ankle and flipped, pushing you over without letting that cock fall from your cunt one precious inch in the middle of that release and he swooped in on you. He wasn't going to kiss you, but it seemed as though he might at the height of the moment, with the need rushing through your body now spasming under his as he slowed that cock down to a long crawl through your release. Instead, he shoved your head to the side with only his cheek, nipping, sucking at your quickened pulse with the feel of his lips pulling at your flesh while he slowly rolled his entire body to give your pussy more than a quick fuck and spurt.  He drew it out on purpose, giving you waves and waves of thick dick sliding through you to send your senses careening away in a hail of orgasmic sparks snapping through the gloom in your lust filled brain. Only the feel of teeth catching your skin brought you back from the spinning room, a little slip of fang opening your skin just enough for him to purr and lick a rumbling slide of his vibrating tongue over the sting of the fang mark. Pinning you to the bed with just his body weight, his hips moved deliberately, dragging out the moment as long as your body could keep staying there when your pussy clamped down on him. "Mmmnh...damn..."

Darina let you flip her soundlessly, only her heavy breathing filled the air. Eyes closed, back ached gracefully, she felt you inching over her body, slipping the rest of your cock into her, filling her once again, and finally she groaned. Her arms slipped around you, clinging to your sides, feeling the strength of you over her with each rise and fall of your torso. With your face hovering so close to hers, she thought...just for a moment... But no, instead of lips gracing her own, you nudged her head to the side. She bit her lip, steeling herself for what she knew was to come and her body tensed in anticipation, her breath coming in jagged, panting bursts. A sharp pain--quick, but small--had her releasing her lip from her teeth with an almost soundless gasp, but there was nothing more than the lap of your tongue over the thin trickle of blood that spilled from it. Her eyes opened in confusion, having expected (hoped for) worse,  but the licking and sucking on her neck was still so erotic, still felt so amazing, that she curled her fingers to grip your sides, trying to lift herself into your strokes, wanting more than what you were giving her. "Jaidyn... please..." Her hips rolled and shifted under you, trying to pick up your pace, but you kept it lingering, intentionally driving her mad with need.

Jaidyn lifted from your neck as he kept that even pace rolling. No matter how hotly he twitched or throbbed inside your aching cunt, he did not allow himself to break stride and run while he had you saying please like a breathless whore begging for it. He rose and looked right down in your eyes and you got to see his tongue peppered with a little red from your neck before he slurked it behind his lips for a taste. "Mmmnh...you know how to get it hard. Stop begging me and say it right, slut."  Not only did he love breaking your body, but it was the mental breakdown he savored as well, forcing you to say vile things you never would have with Z, but he seemed to bring it right out of you like some magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. He did not go any faster but merely kept that maddeningly slow pace rolling through your folds, feeling your juices coat him and that cunt quaking like it was about to spontaneously combust from being that hot and juicy on his cock. "You're not dumb, even if you act like it. Lift your chin up, bitch, and say it out loud."

Darina saw you slipping your tongue back inside, like you'd intentionally let her see what was on it, and she flinched, turning her head away. Despite how much it excited her, it still unnerved her and she swallowed hard with a shudder. Your words caressed her ear like some seductive serpent coiling around it and she turned her head back to face you fully, her eyes locking on yours--obediently and defiantly at the same time--like she knew you were tormenting her but she was going to do it, anyhow, despite how it made her feel. "Fuck my cunt, Jaidyn. Fuck me like your little whore because I want you to make me cum. I need you to make me cum in a way that only you can make me. My pussy is yours and I'm begging you to make it cum all over your hard, hot cock." Just having said the words while look at you, seeing you staring at her with that smug smile of satisfaction spreading on your lips, made her quiver like she was going to cum already. You could actually feel her cunt get wetter as she said it, like the juices were just pouring out of her, and as she waited she gasped, holding your gaze, and then gasped again teetering right on the edge of insanity and only you could bring her back.

Jaidyn gave that smug smile a few moments longer as you finally just said it like a good little slut should with the feel of him rocking back and forth, pulling away leaving you nearly empty as the tip of that dick hovered between your lips."About time for fucks sake, Darina. Quit acting like this fucking choir girl prude and just say it like you need it. Jesus..." To punctuate the end of his words, the weight reversed and he suddenly slammed that cock inside your drooling cunt, gritting his teeth at the feeling of your pussy clamping down on him when he drilled his shaft back in deep only to rear back to keep pumping it good and hard. The sound of smacking skin filled the room around us, his body coming to life all over again so he could fuck that pussy like it needed to be fucked and every whimpering moan you gave him only spurred him on deeper. "Hnnn yessss... That's it. My bitch just needed to ask right!" The deeper shoves came faster, lifting your legs from sheer impact, forcing you to brace them around his body to hold on while he pile-drove that cock inside you so he could make that cunt squirt from the hard slams of his pelvis thudding reckless against yours.

Darina realized that was all you'd wanted: to hear her begging you for it, to quit playing coy and ask you for what she really wanted in the way you wanted to hear it. And she enjoyed being made to feel like your slut because it turned her on...it turned you both on. So when your thrusts finally went from a slow, torturous draw and push to the hard fucking pounding she needed, she begged you more, spurring you on. "Fuck yes, Jay! Take my pussy and use it good and hard! Fuck it so hard you bruise it. Just please make me cum and quiver like a little whore on your cock. Mmmm god..." Those thrusts came so hard and deep that her legs lifted right over you, so she wrapped them around your waist, pulling her hips up leaving a shorter gap for you to push, making your thrusts quicker, deeper, getting her to cry out over and over. "Ah Christ! Jay... I'm going...to cum!" The wet sounds of your cock plunging into her filled the room, the fluids pouring out of her cunt and down her ass. Squeezing her legs tighter, she jerked upward, meeting you thrust for thrust until she could feel you bottoming out in her womb. Her neck curved back, head pressing into the mattress, and she let out a cry that could be heard across the woods as she came, her walls clenching, gripping, holding you tight inside her warm tunnel. "Fuuuuuck yessss!"

Jaidyn finally talked some fucking sense into you, making that filthy fucking mouth on you work to get what we both knew you needed. The sudden clamp and suck of that cunt drew out the length of his dick with your walls clenching and tugging at his fat shaft spearing through you. He rose on his hands with your feet dancing over his naked ass flexing with every plunge of his thick fat cock stirring your juicy pussy to a bubbling goo of girl juices squirting from around his thick cock head as it plowed deep in that pussy of yours. He stared right down at you finally letting go, finally talking trash like the whore we knew you needed to be, with the flex and curl of your toes in his skin as he made that cunt gush in a hard explosion of juices. He gave you that orgasm completely, letting you have it with no teasing or torment, just the pure unadulterated need rushing through you, finally giving a release. Fucking you through every clamp or quiver, every suckle and pull on that dick took you over the brink and finally gave you those satisfied quakes teasing through your frazzled nerves. It might have been him just grabbing your hair, but his grip almost was like a hug. His hand moved to your head and his arm flexed for just a second, like he was trying to hold you but failed, especially when he threw your legs up and pinned them over his arms. "Now shut up and take my cum."  Grinning wickedly, he held you open right after your orgasm washed through you, and now his cock started pounding your snatch with all his weight thudding down hard inside.

"Oh Jesus!" She'd not even come down from her orgasm--the fire still racing through her veins, the quakes still shaking her body--and you threw her legs into the air and started railing her like someone had lit a fire under your ass. The shuck-shuck-shucking sound of your cock bashing and plowing into her oozing cunt nearly drown out her cries, the slapping of skin sounding like applause it was so fast, so sharp, and she clench her fingers around your neck, pulling you down hard against her until the jostling of her body had her wrapping her hands behind her knees to keep her legs spread wide and back for you like a good little whore. You had her muttering, rambling, sputtering out words like she had tourettes, "Fuck... fuck... FUCK!! Harder, Jay! Fuck it hard and cum in my pussy! Fill my cunt with your cum and make me your slut!"

Jaidyn bit his lower lip as the wet sounds coursed through his ears, the end of his stamina coming as that dick swelled and slowly grew fatter even in the wake of your squeezing muscles clamping around him, stuffing that pussy with a feverish need. He held you open on purpose, taking that juicy cunt to the hilt with his teeth clenched and face looking down at yours moaning and crying out in utter shock and awe from him turning you up and spreading you deep with his cock drilling. His upper lip hitched at the corner, showing a fang with his breathing growing ragged and deeper. The feel of his length grew tighter and hotter in your pussy each time he railed it in wildly. Even with your legs bent, the force of his hips cramming against your ass sent your tits flopping, bounding from the force of his body crashing into yours. The tempo increased. Already the animal desire rolling through him turned into wanton lust powering through your clamping muscles holding his quaking shaft. The speed of him shucking through your folds grew to the point of his balls slapping so furiously fast that they were just a blur, making your bare feet bounce and toes fucking curl when his dick erupted in a line of blasted cum pumping inside your aching womb. Bucking, his hands clutched the sheets as that dick fully unloaded in your steamy slit, now oozing our mingled juices to stain the very sheets you and your ex husband had shared.

Darina absolutely wailed when she felt your cock swell and gush inside her, making her feel like a dirty whore...your dirty whore. Her eyes looked up to watch you and she saw that fang peeking from under a snarled lip and she gasped, another quake rocketing through her body. Rolling with you, just holding you tight as you rode out your orgasm, she panted, gasping to catch her breath as you slowly calmed, hips still jerking unevenly as the last few sputters jolted from the head of your cock inside her. "Oh my god... Jaidyn...." She was afraid to say more, so she left it hanging, just watching you until your eyes opened to looked back at her.

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