On the Docks with Zuriel

Zuriel curled his tongue from under your lips all the way to the top of your clit as he watched your hands drift to your nipples, teasing your own breasts as the glimmer in his silvered eyes flashed and he slowly lowered down to the pillows beneath our tangled bodies. The Alpha in him didn't need to be reminded who you belonged to. That fucker who took you of his own wicked will would never command you like this, and the slither of that tongue only proved it more. The moon cascading over your heaving curves only stirred him to drive that tongue right inside your blooming lips, stroking you with the length of it as his eyes turned up to watch your face each time he dipped his tongue inside your pussy, feeling the way those walls clenched and quivered around his probing tongue delving inside like he had forgotten you for a couple of nights and only wanted to memorize every detail once more. As his tongue stroked out, his hands lifted, fingers clasping both of your nipples in a tightening pinch that rolled and teased the very tips with the feel of his rough thumbs gliding over the ends of those swollen buds. Toying with your breasts at the same time his tongue was strumming back and forth through your glistening lips, making sure to curl it upwards once it was inside so that the very tip of it stroked over that spot as he purred between your thighs at finally getting his girl all to himself. Only when you started rocking your hips did he retract his tongue, blowing a warm breath over your clit on purpose as his thumbs pressed in on your nipples at the same instant. Drawing out the torment to please you just because he loved teasing and making you squirm, his lips sneaked in to mash firmly around your hot swollen little button before he sucked on your clit harder, tapping it repeatedly with just the tip of his tongue so keenly that you heard the little smacks even covered by his mouth and when you turned your eyes down to watch him, he lifted his lips in a wet slurk, drawing his tongue over your clit as he lifted his face. "Should I be fun and make you cum on my face first? Or just fuck you stupid...?" He wasn't really waiting for an answer, especially when he dipped his tongue back inside your slit and pumped his neck back and forth anew.

 Darina hardly even noticed you lowering her to the ground, so lost was she in the feel of your mouth in and on her pussy. Never before had she so enjoyed oral play than when she was with you. Normally she endured it, never truly wanting it, and at times was embarrassed by it, but with you she couldn't get enough. There was nothing in the world to compare with the feel of your tongue lapping at her slit, making her tremble, making her cry out for more, and when your tongue delved inside her tunnel, she lost her will to you completely. Her entire being was focused in on that point, every nerve ending singing, every move and dip and slide of your tongue brushing over each nerve making them hum like live wires connected to her brain. Bracing her heels on the blanket, she parted her legs wider and lifted her hips up off the pier, rocking, grinding, swaying against your mouth, coaxing your tongue in deeper and deeper until it curled inside her, stroking right over her g-spot. Grasping at your hair, her arms encompassing yours as you moved to take her nipples between your fingers, she let her head fall back and gasped in a breath that was expelled in a heated cry of pleasure. "Zuriel... my god... what you do to me...." She couldn't even get out the rest. It collapsed into a purring moan that slipped into another gasp of pleasure. Lifting her leg to drape it over your shoulder, wanting to hold you firmly in place, she heard your words but before she could reply, you renewed your assault on her cunt and her leg slipped back to the pier, catching and slipping as she tried desperately again to fuck herself against your tongue.

Zuriel lifted a brow to listen to your words and he couldn't help but suppress a smile through the slow slides of his tongue dipping between your blushing lips. The scent of you so close was something he wanted to drown in and the taste of you melting on his stroking tongue was enough to drive a gay man crazy for a woman. His thumbs flicked away only to be replaced by his fingers rolling your nipples between them in a pinching hold designed to make you tremble, but the real sensations he focused on was the feeling of that tongue pumping your hot pussy with the entire length of it jamming straight inside as he fucked your cunt with his face. His nose thumped your clit with every stroke since he had the answer simply by feeling your heat rising to incredible levels of lust from him getting a hold of you like a piece of buttery candy melting on his tongue in gooey strides squishing inside those lips. His fingers passed your swollen nipples like a mobster teasing a coin across his knuckles, those buds flicking and passing to the curled clasp of his ring fingers clutching your nipples tightly so that his other fingers could knead and smash your tits together as he tongue fucked that pink hole with his entire appendage strumming that pussy. The nails on his index fingers darkened, clawed tips pushed out just a little and only enough to poke right at the tips of your nipples at the same instant that his tongue slammed upwards to grind over your g-spot. Holding you in delicious torment right there on the tip of his tongue, those claws teased your flesh, holding just enough pressure on the tips of those buds to not pierce, but only stimulate with an entirely new sensation as he flicked his tongue over that spot inside.

Darina starts to gasp and gasp, her breath catching, building in her lungs as surely as her orgasm was building deep in her belly. The constant stimulation, the teasing and toying of her nipples, the varying motions of your tongue, lapping, tasting, plunging inside her was driving her insane. When your tongue pumped inside her, your nose banging against her clit, and she grasped at your head like she was holding on for dear life, fucking against you so hard that her excess nectar splashed over your cheeks and her thighs. Her orgasm spiraled, building, rising within her with every humping motion of her hips. "So close... oh god, Z, I'm so close.." She couldn't take another minute of being held teetering over the edge and when she thought she would snap from that sweet release being held just out of her grasp, she felt those claws slip out and just barely pierce her nipples simultaneously with your tongue pressing against her g-spot and she toppled right over the edge. Her whole body went stiff as she gasped, feeling her climax spinning and spiraling outward through her body, like a firework exploding inside her. "Ohhhh shit! Zuriel!" Her cry echoed over the water and no sooner had the words fallen from her lips did her body jerk and convulse beneath you, her cum flowing over your tongue and down your chin.

Zuriel Bedlam pulled away at the last second, slithering his tongue free so his mouth could suck right over your clit as his hands jerked down leaving lines from the points of your nipples all the way down your sides and flowing to your hips like a predator marring its prey. He lifted a hand under your thigh and half turned your body, keeping those juices from totally escaping every swipe, suckle and lap of his tongue sucking down any dram of sweetness from your pussy he could get his greedy mouth on in a hurry. He wanted you to watch him licking up every drop he could find, let you see his lips kissing, sucking and tongue flicking to catch even the tiniest taste of you trying to escape his taste buds by virtue of gravity and nothing else. Slowly his hand shifted and the feel of a clawed grip against your naked ass was felt through the haze of that orgasm, but it didn't stop there. Once he caught every drop that he could, his tongue would lightly--and he meant lightly--slide just the tip over your clit as you started to come down from that orgasmic high still tensing your body in primordial bliss. Sharp claws raked down your ass cheek holding you close for his tongue to lathe up and down over that exposed clit throbbing from his attentions, turning his eyes up to yours so that the angle changed provided you with an excellent view of his tongue teasing just the tip up and down over that button like he was licking sweet cream from a tasty pastry held captive near his mouth. The purring rumble traveled right down the length of his tongue so the vibrations tormented your nerves a little more post orgasm, savoring every shiver of your body as he looked up at you.

Dazed, her orgasm still flowing through her body, pulsating, even the nerves in her fingers and toes singing, she complied as you roll her to her side. Propping herself on a shaky elbow, she watched you intently, never having seen anything quite so erotic in her life. The sight of your tongue laving up and down her slit, drawing out her climax, made it flare up once more. Her head fell back and she let out a breathy sigh, the second orgasm not nearly as intense, but just as pleasurable. She lifted her head again, returning her gaze to your mouth, and as that wicked tongue barely glided over her clit again and again, her hips bucked and jerked, each pass like an electric jolt being touched to the little nub. Her body was alive, sensitive even to the air around us, and when you dragged those claws down over her skin, she hissed in a breath through clenched teeth and her nipples went so erect it was almost painful. "Jesus, Zuriel... you drive me absolutely crazy."

Zuriel purred as a final lick coursed over your clit and he lifted, drawing up to his knees first before he grabbed your hair and without being overly rough he drug you up and pulled you down in a bend of that luscious body. "Good, but I think it's time to show you how crazy you've made me..." Just a hand was all he used, pulling you by the hair until his cock glided against your lips and slipped across your cheek. The hot feel of his swollen shaft rested against your skin as he held your locks firmly and made you realize how damn hard he already was. He lifted his arm and drew you right up to those knees fully, letting go as his cock slipped along your skin and his hand fell from your hair to slide behind his bare ass while he sat on his knees before you like a buffet waiting to be eaten. "Now I can tell Jay he didn't get your mouth on the docks, your Master did." He curled a clawed finger under your chin, drawing your lips closer as the masculine scent of him over powered your senses and a final order issued from his mouth, "Suck it..." He inhaled slowly as he looked down at you, watching closely with a slightly amused grin on his lips, and if you bothered to look, his whole cock throbbed and twitched right in front of your face.

Darina groaned as you coaxed her up, not wanting to let the tendrils of her orgasm slip from around her, but obey you she did, rising to her knees like the good girl that she was. Her hands slipped to your hips and when she felt the hard, velvety soft shaft sliding against her face, she closed her eyes and pressed gently against it, turning her face slightly back and fourth, nuzzling it with adoration. Not resisting a single silent command, her head lifted with the guidance of your finger, her lips brushing like the wings of a butterfly over the head of your cock, and when your uttered those two simple words, her stomach clenched and her pussy twitched, and her mouth opened obediently. As she slipped her lips around the head of your cock, one hand slid around the shaft, the other trailing down to your balls, cupping them gently as her finger dallied over the soft flesh. Drawing a deep breath through her nose, taking in the scent of you, forever imprinting it on her brain, she laved her tongue over and around the head as she suckled gently, drawing you in at an agonizingly slow pace. The fingers around your shaft gripped right at the base, pressed against your pelvis, simply holding you in place as she slid her mouth inch by inch down your length until her lips met her fingers. Turning her eyes up to watch your face, she flattened her palm against your pelvis, keeping her thumb under your shaft and her fingers curling to dig into your stomach. This gesture allowed her to continue swallowing the rest of your cock until your were lodged in her throat, the walls constricting around the swollen head.

Zuriel didn't really know which was sexier, the way you nuzzled his cock or the way you obeyed his command, taking it between those soft lips, but both had his shaft pulsing hotly against your skin while you inhaled him and took that scent deep into your memory. He always appreciated cock worship from his sexy girl slowly sinking her lips down his throbbing girth, the feel of it pulsing thicker between your lips enough to drown out any reason or sense in that lust-addled brain of yours. "Nnn... Quit teasing..." He threw his head back when you sucked him inside your hot little throat, his hand lifting to your head just to hold on. "Oooo fuck... There's my hot slut..." The feel of those lips sucking his thick rod just made him tremble right there on his knees in front of your face, turning his eyes down to look at yours with a mouth full of your Master's cock all swollen and hot in your mouth. He teased one clawed fingertip along your cheek before dropping his hands behind his ass again, giving you all the room and freedom you wanted to explore with that dick stuffed right down your gullet by your own wanton desire swallowing him down as deep as he would go. He couldn't help but rock his hips just a little, trying to move with the vice-like grip of your mouth sucking him tightly, and the feel of his tip jammed down your throat was enough to make him shudder right there. "Uhnnn... Make it cum or I'll do it for you...with nothing but your hot little mouth."
Darina loved nothing more than to swallow every last bit of your cock, taking you deep in her throat, and she could feel you barely restraining from just letting go and fucking her mouth with abandon. And though she heard you growling at her to stop teasing, she couldn't help herself--either despite or in spite of your warning. A wicked grin spread over her lips as she slowly withdrew her mouth from your shaft, lowering her body to angle herself beneath it. Twisting her head up so that she was looking at you from below your cock, she held it out with her hand and, extending her tongue, laved the length from base to tip and back again, the little pink muscle leaving a wet trail of saliva behind in its wake. Lapping once more from base to tip, she adjusted her position again so that she was facing you head on and, turning her eyes up to watch you, slowly, gently flit her tongue right over the tip of your cock. Once, twice, three times she lapped over the slit, drawing out droplets of precum onto her tongue. Groaning, she closed her eyes and drew her tongue into her mouth with a smack of her lips, relishing the manly taste of you. With a purr she murmured, "Mmmm so fucking good..." Wanting more, she wrapped her lips back around the head, swirling her tongue around the ridge, and sucked your length back down her throat in one swift motion.

Zuriel growled as those lips withdrew and he looked down sternly like he was just about to pounce, but the look in his eyes disarmed at the sight of you under his shaft with your tongue leading the slow slide along his shaft from base to the very tip, and the sight alone was enough to make him shake, let alone the feel of you teasing his cock right there when he'd warned you not to. He knew somewhere in the back of your mind it was like a challenge, but one we both would win if he broke and just took you over like he wanted to. Clawed, clenching fists lifted and hands shook, fighting the urge to just take your mouth from the desire to see how much more you would do with him and the need to just cum inside those lips. When that tongue went to his tip, though, he lost that part of the battle, his hands dropping back again with your tongue tip coaxing out a few pearly drops from teasing his cock slit like his own personal whore right here on the docks. Jay would never get it like this and that was all he needed to know. Fighting through his building lusts and the way your tongue made his cock jiggle and lift all on its own with powerful twitches, it nearly escaped your lips and tongue teasing him right back. He gasped and forced himself to try and be still, but it was so damn hard to do with your tongue doing every little thing so fucking right that it had him on fire. Even the very tip of your tongue felt the heat in his cock rise when his fat heavy balls started to lift from you toying with your Master's cock right there. "Oh gods...you little fucking bitch...Oooo!" He hissed through clenched teeth, fangs glittering in the starlight as he looked down at you to watch every detail.

Darina smirked in satisfaction, knowing she had you--dangerously, mind you--right where she wanted you. Yes, she toyed with you and pushed her luck when it came to minding you, but that danger was half the fun, and she loved to see just how far she could push you sometimes, and there was no small amount of satisfaction when she won a battle. Satisfied with herself, she increased her efforts, her fingers slipping more snugly around your shaft, stroking up and down in rapid jerks as her mouth worked harder and faster, sucking so hard that the slurping, smacking sounds drown out the waves beneath the dock. Panting through her nose, she made little sounds of moaning and whimpering, lost in her task, loving the honor of sucking your cock, of being the only one to bring you such pleasure. Needing air, she pulled back, still stroking the full length of your cock as she gasped, her head tilting upwards to look at you, catching the glint of fang in the moonlight. The sight stirred her, unnerved her, thrilled her, and she resumed her efforts ten-fold, sucking you for all she was worth, her hair flying into a disarray in her face, getting matted with her spit so that it clung to her cheeks.

Zuriel had to utterly admit defeat for the first time since he met you. All this time he was in control, but for this moment there was nothing he could do but bow to your prowess for a change in making him slip ever closer to the brink, all his senses alive with the feel of your mouth, the sight of your face sucking him down like that. His knees had lost all ability to even keep him up any longer, giving you the utter satisfaction of felling the giant that you claimed had your body mind and soul as his own, and with a powerful thump he landed on the dock pillows without so much as a single flex to try and fight back to regain the upper hand right now. The ravenous need in those lips sucking him down made him spread his legs so you could follow him right down in a torrid embrace still with your lips clasped around his tip until he couldn't fall away from you any further. He knew he was losing and for the first time he didn't care. He couldn't even try and fight back to take that mouth any more, he was so lost on the sight of your matted cheeks, stringy with your own hair from how sloppy that mouth took him with squishing lips slurping him in like a thick piece of meat. Both fangs bared in defiance, but that was as far as they showed, gripping the pillow beneath him in tense, white knuckled fingers as he rocked his hips ever upward, back and forth to slide that shaft between your lips almost like he wasn't done trying to take that mouth. But he had fallen prey to those lips and tongue and even in defeat his mouth parted and the words started flying from his gasping lips. "Don't you dare fucking stop... Suck that cock... Oh fucking gods... Nnnhaaa...!" He couldn't stand it any longer and grabbed your hair hard in one clenched fist, the feel of his whole dick shivering on your tongue with every suck you rammed down his fat cock as spurts of pre-cum spattered your tongue. His dick was swollen and red, looking like it was about to just explode from so much sexual heat stirring the feeling in his balls. "RrrrrRrrrinaaaahh...!"

Even with you growling at her not to stop, she had no desire to relinquish her hold on you. She felt you collapsing, nearly slipping from her grip, but she followed you down, her mouth around your shaft unrelenting. Inching up between your trembling legs, she redoubled her efforts around your swollen red shaft. Wet slurking sounds resounded every time your hips thrust and withdrew, her lips wrapped firmly around your girth, spreading her spit up and down the length of your shaft. Even with you vigorously fucking her mouth, she worked her head ever downward, until your cock was sliding over and over into her throat. Though she gagged, she fought to keep you there, and every time she did choke, the walls over her throat constricted around your cock head, milking it for every drop of precum you had to offer. Her hands gripped your hips, nails biting into your skin as she gripped you, pulling herself down harder, deeper. Moaning, panting, slurping, every little sound she made expressed to you just how much she loved sucking you off. Her right hand moved to grip you, stroking you hard and fast as she pulled away, but only long enough to look at you with a wicked feral grin and tell you, "Cum for me, Zuriel. I want it all. Cum in my mouth and fill my belly with your seed." With that, she sucked you down, her head bobbing rapidly, cheeks caving from the force of her suction as though to take from you what she wanted even if you were unwilling to give it to her.

Zuriel lost all sense of control he had even tried to keep. There was just nothing else he could do in the face of such powerful suction or the sight of you taking him to the hilt with every push of your lips sinking down his shaft. He raised on his elbows just to watch because there was no way he could hold out any longer. That mouth had won and the reward was a fat jolt of cum smearing over your tongue with the heat of a bursting volcano. He bit down on his lower lip hard enough to draw a trickle of crimson leaking over his chin, grunting out loud before teeth parted and he screamed out across the beating waves, their sound being drowned out by those of your conquest so readily taken with him unable to resist any longer. Gout after gout of thick creamy cum pumped between your lips, those hips of his bucking on pure lust as he fed you his steamy load and the scent of him flowed stronger into your flaring nostrils struggling to find breath. He looked down with his chest heaving, bleary eyes watching you suck down his cum with lungs trying to desperately keep drawing breath amid the release of that explosion in your lips. "Fuuuuck..."

Darina felt you swell inside her mouth, her lips stretching wider to accommodate your size. Her fingers dug even harder into your hips, clawing at your flesh, leaving trails along the sides as she fought to keep her mouth around your thrusting shaft. She groaned, nearly choking from the copious amounts of cum jetting down her throat. Swallowing rapidly, taking all you had to give her with a greed unlike anything you've known, she sucked harder, even as your cock twitched and your body shook, drawing every last drop from you. When there wass nothing more to give, she took hold of your shaft once more, gently this time and--slipping you from her mouth--laved her tongue over the head, watching you jump and wince from the sensitivity, a smirk spreading over her lips as she drew her tongue down the full length of your shaft, cleaning off every last remaining drop of cum from your skin. "MMmmm fuck, you taste so god damn amazing. I can never get enough."

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