Drunken Zuriel Takes Darina


So after I dragged Darina out of storage and updated her to bring her into out role play, we felt she needed a role to actually play. One of us tossed out the idea that she could be Zuriel's mate, so we just kinda ran with it. It must have been the mood I was in the first night we brought them together, or perhaps it was because he was wanting to try out a new rape HUD that he'd bought, but either way I instantly became a bitch when in character with her. It made for some fun, rough play that once again did not get finished because we wound up going to voice chat early.

This was also still back before I started taking photos, so its text only.

 Drunken Zuriel Takes Darina

Startled by the sudden violence of your actions, she yelled and struggled, trying in vain to push you away. "Get off of me! What's the matter with you?" The force of your grip actually tore her blouse as its yanked down, her full breasts spilling out the front, swaying heavily as she struggled with you. "Are you drunk? Stop!"

Zuriel chuckled and licked his lips, breathing heavy as he snatched hold of your hair tightly in one fist clutching as his other hand slipped down and wrinkled into that skirt. "No. I just had to show you how turned on I was from earlier. Now I want my candy." Growling lightly as his hand tightened, he jerked that skirt away in tatters before he yanked your head back and sucked your thick nipple between his lips in a pop of wetness.

Darina swatted at your groping hands, a cry escaping her lips from the pain at her scalp when your fingers grasped her hair. "I am not your plaything to abuse at your leisure!" A hard yank at her hair shut her up, though she continued to struggle even as you yanked her skirt right from her hips. Panting, gasping for air as she fought you, her body betrayed her the second your mouth latched onto her nipple and she shuddered with a moan, her hands still batting at your arms and chest, meekly fighting you off.

Zuriel rumbled like some godforsaken animal. Too hungry for your body to ignore his own urges, his mouth at your nipples sucked tighter. Tight enough, in fact, that you felt the prod of fanged teeth scrape along struggling skin trying to fight back as his free hand dropped down your belly and shoved right between those yummy thighs. "No, but you're still my bitch," his voice hissed after that nipple popped from his lips, leaving two little scrapes just around your nipple that trickle red. He heard that moan, not caring at all that you were fighting back or even hitting him; it was like slamming a moving block of concrete, a wet sack of cement, but the heat from his skin was undeniable. In fact, he was so hot that when you slapped his sweat-laced flesh as he struggled to play with you a little, you knew without a doubt that he had to be drunk.

Like a stone sinking to the bottom of an icy-cold pool, Darina's heart dropped at the sound of your growling, knowing full well that the beast within you was already unleashed and she was powerless to stop it. As if to confirm that fear, she felt the sharp sting of those fangs scraping over the delicate flesh of her bare breasts. The sweet, aching sting was like a match igniting a fuse in her belly. The heat spread rapidly, and though she continued to put up a fight, there was no real intent behind it. She was simply enjoying the power struggle between you, thrilled by the ferocity of your need. Even as she groaned and whimpered, letting you know that she was enjoying the fight, she slashed out at you, raking her nails across your cheek. "Bastard..."

Zuriel snarled as he felt those nails rake his face. Eyes closed for a scant second until they opened and all struggle ceased as he went stone still, those silvered eyes glittering when they looked right into yours. He inhaled with another rumble vibrating his chest and swirled you tight to pull that back against his chest. Both hands curled under your tits to squeeze and hold tightly as you felt the vibration in his growl right on your skin. "Yes, I am. And I can smell the heat in you rising." Inhaling, nostrils flared and those hands pushed your breasts together with fingers pinching and pulling at those swollen nipples already hard from the fight. "I'm taking it. You and that teasing bitch Stacey wanna play? Well guess what...now it's my fucking turn."

Darina's face flushed both with anger and shame that you could sense her arousal like some damned animal smelling its prey in the wild. Brows furrowed as her anger renewed. She clenched her teeth and lifted her leg, bringing her heel down hard upon your foot. She could hear your laughter at her ridiculous attempt to hurt you and that pissed her off even more. Though her arms were pinned by the strength of yours, she wrenched at them, jabbing her elbow backwards trying to punch your ribs. Instead, she only ended up aiding you by shoving her breasts outwards right into your grasping hands. Feeling more than hearing your growl against her back, her stomach clenched and she let out a cry filled with anger, pain and fear, her nipples twisting smartly in your grip, their pink flesh turning a crimson red. "No..."

Zuriel locked his arm down, his elbow keeping yours in place when you hit him in the ribs, but still it was like punching a hot bag of sand. Even through the grit of his teeth, he licked his lips and tightened the grip of his hands, pulling your nipples harder just to heighten the pain. It wasn't until you started squirming harder in his grasp that you knew the reasons: with every rock and roll of your hips, it made your ass grind tighter back against his crotch and the hard feeling in his pants was like your cheeks were rolling across a bulged heating pad. Cupping his hands harder, he pulled your chest back to keep your back planted right against his own. The boots he wore were plated with steel, so when you stomped on them, your shoes were hardly even effective. The struggle was turning him on; the fight in your every move made him harder and he insistently pressed his clothed cock against your ass with every move you attempted to get loose. His arms tightened as he hissed in your ear, making sure to draw out every delicious syllable for you alone to fathom in your reeling mind. "I want you to keep fighting. I want you to squirm for me... To scream when I finally slide it inside you. I claim every bit of you and you're going to love it..." He couldn't deny the color in your skin just drove him hotter. He was already sweating and panting like a dog that had just run five miles...and yet he still held on.

Darina grunted, screeching like a cat caught by its tail, fighting to break free of your grasp even as she denied she wanted it. It was now a matter of wills and damned if she was going to lose! You may have strength, but she had determination and she was too strong willed, too full of spit fire to just give in to you and let you have your way with her. She put fourth all her effort to shove her arms out, to break free of their being pinned down by yours, and when she found that she was absolutely no match for you, she screeched again and thrashed her body. The movement pushed her back against you and she felt that hard, hot form in your jeans pushing snug between her soft, round cheeks. For a moment she gasped, the heat flaring between her legs, her struggle stopping for only the most fleeting moment, then she roared-screeched-cried out again, her struggles renewed before she gave in to you. Even the meaning of your words had no effect in stopping her struggle. Just because you got off on her fighting, in the taking of her body against her will, she would be damned if she gave up and gave in.

Zuriel growled as he felt your screeching reach a crescendo. He jerked his belt free before wrestling your arms behind your back and all the fight was concentrated to get your wrists together. He felt you pause and he just knew that the heat and size of that confined dick was already stirring that body just as much as the fight had left his cheek bleeding from nail wounds in his skin. Licking the blood from his lips, he just let his pants drop before he cinched your wrists together and wrapped the belt around both of them in a bind. His cock was freed and he slapped it heftily between your thighs, the length of it rubbing against your slit even when your struggles renewed. There was a searing stab to your entrance when his dick rushed through those creamy folds and he gasped at the wet heat gripping him as he slid it inside and ripped you open with it. "Nngghh... You're tight as fuck. Uhhhhnnn!" Once inside, he lifted to take away all your leverage, perching your feet right on top of his boots before snatching hold of your hair in one hand. Zuriel balanced your body precariously on his own shoes to keep you from finding a way to jerk from his grip now that he simply held you aloft like a piece of meat. He had to admit you felt so fucking good that he could get lost inside that pussy, but right now this was about conquest and you were the prize. Grunting as he jerked you back, his hips started pumping to send that cock in and out of your juicy cunt, his breathing growing hard, though he managed a smile through the struggle. The lurching stride of his shoving hips stirred it inside, stretching your lips open as he began fucking that lovely sweet pussy.

Wrestling with you, fighting, struggling, the entire act was exhausting her, but her stubborn will refused to let her give up the game--her need to defeat you and get away from your grasp outweighing her building lust and the burning need stirring in her loins. But the dynamics changed as you wrenched her arms behind her back. The feel of that thick leather being wrapped around her wrists struck home the realization that this was no longer a game and you were fucking serious. Her head shaking back and fourth so hard her hair whipped across her eyes, she could only manage to get out, "No...no...no..Oh please, no!" Her pleas unanswered, she felt the hard, painful thrust of your cock straight into dripping wet cunt, the full length sliding in and spreading her wide. Her head jerked back in a wail of pain and her full, heavy breasts thrust forward to sway in the air, the nipples hard as little pebbles. Her anger flared to life, and she screamed at you, "Fuck you! You bastard, fuck you!" Argh!"

Zuriel clutched your hair tighter as his other hand gripped your bent arm to lock you right on top of his feet, keeping your heels right there. Those hips of yours balanced so oddly, with your feet lifted from his boots underneath, that there was little to help you jump from his grasp. The locked arm under yours aided in holding you there as that dick started pumping furiously. That smile melted away and his teeth gritted so tightly that his fangs glittered from the light above as he slammed that slit with a deepening need rocking through him. Those struggles lifted you a few times, letting him stuff the entire length of that cock inside you so hard that his balls smacked your clit almost painfully, the jarring shoves making those tits bounce from the sheer need to take you deeper. He was livid once he was fully inside that pussy, hungry for the rising orgasm rocking through him. Slamming that cunt like a man on fire, the hot slap of flesh smacking in a hard collision showed you how hot he really was. Sweaty skin clapped loudly as his hand in your hair reigned you back to keep you off balance without giving you any other way to fight him back and the throbbing in his shaft rocked through you like a stallion taking a mare in the field. "Yessss... Keep fighting...right until I cum inside you!"

Darina knew it was useless; there was no way she was getting free of your grasp. You had her balancing so precariously on those damnable boots that she hated so much. Who the fuck did you think you were? Some kind of biker? And her arms--wrenched painfully behind her--had no leverage to even try to scratch or punch you. Gritting her teeth, panting through them as her scream started from a low growl in her throat. It built, rising in pitch as it clawed its way out of her mouth as though to wake the demons of hell "FUUUCK!!! Let me go you son of a bitch! You will pay for this!" Even as she screamed at you, you could feel her liquid heat oozing from her snatch, coating your cock so that it slid easily in and out of her tight, gripping entrance. Her head fell forward limply--the only thing keeping it up at all your grip on her hair. Meekly she whimpers, "Fuck you..." as her body rocked violently from your deepening thrusts.

Zuriel grinned hearing those sweet lips cussing back at him, cursing him to let that pussy go. And for a second, as your head fell forward, you thought he was going to. The sand rushed up at your face like he was letting you go, and then his hand gripped the belt around your wrists and clasped tightly. He jerked you right back onto his dick so your limply-hanging head wobbled just as much as did those billowy tits, battering your chin and cheeks from him holding you bent over like a common whore. That liquid heat was met by his pistoning dick spreading your cunt open like melted butter, the wet juicy sounds squishing from your lips as he fucked you like a hot little slut. Every inch of him was on fire. He was so fucking hot that he just had to be liquored up; or maybe he was just so hot for your body that he felt you just needed to be fucked like a bitch. There was no warning when his free hand dropped and smacked across your ass, leaving a hand print in your skin with the pull on the belt securing your arms hard in a tug to drag your cunt down his fat shaft pulsing like a living thing inside your body. Toned muscles flexed and rippled with every shove, and his thick cock rammed your pussy so hard that the pink blushing lips spread open around his shaft. He was powering inside you so recklessly that he had to smack your bouncing cheek again just to keep himself from cumming like a high school kid. "So godsdamned tight.. Nnnngh!" He gritted his teeth again and slapped that ass once more, heaving tits bounding from the violent shoves of his hips racking against your ass without pause, and before you knew it, a hotter squirt of something from his tip melted inside your pussy. "Oh shit..."

Darina could tell from your speech, from the way your words slurred that you had, in fact, been drinking tonight. The thought made her see red and she yelled unintelligible sounds, wrenching at her arms, trying to free them from your grasp and only succeeding in burning marks into her arms from the leather rubbing so harshly against her delicate skin. Her shoulders ached supporting her body in such an awkward position and she bucked and jerked her body, her back rising and falling as she tried, still, to break free from your grasp. Immediately she stopped struggling, though, as that slap to her ass startled her back to her senses. Her muttering curses changed quickly to a cry, then another, each slap stinging worse then the previous one until her firm little ass glowed hot and red. Whimpering, she started to plead with you, hoping to end the pain, "Please! Please, stop! Ow, fuck! No!" She starts to sob, the tears trickling from her eyes to trail down her cheeks, humiliated that the feel of your thick cock splitting her open felt so good she could feel the orgasm building inside her.

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