Sailor Girl


Zuriel has a thing for footwear--socks, shoes, cuffs, anklets...you get the point--so I'm often gifted with adorable outfits that include something of that nature. This particular outfit had me looking like a cutesie-sexy sailor girl.

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Sailor Girl

Lisa laughs, "I'm not sure if you're posting or still waiting on me to finish eating... cause I'm just nomming on some potatoes while we chat at this point."

Zuriel grins, "Oh me, I'm just staring at your legs."

Lisa laughs, "Which I can certainly do with my feet in the air."

Zuriel smirks. "Listen to you, all 'daddy, fuck me while I eat potatoes'...hehe."

"Well then, why doesn't Daddy make his little sailor girl squeal on his cock?" She laughs again, "I'll leave the potatoes out of it, I promise. That would be weird."

Zuriel grinned as he slipped out from under that booty, letting you settle on the pillows before he pushed you down and crawled up on his knees right by your lovely face to look down at your head between his knees. "Hmm...yeah. No potatoes. But I could do with a little squeal...hehe."

Lisa turned her head up to look at you with a wicked little grin playing over her lips, a lovely view of that bulge in your pants hovering right over her face. Licking her lips, she coos, "That's OK. I'd much rather be eating your cock, anyhow, Daddy. Its so much more tastier than anything else I can imagine."

Zuriel smirked as his fingers trail down his belly, hooking onto his zipper to slowly pull it down as he watched your eyes following his hand. Seeing your tongue slither across your lips, he lifted and swung his leg over you like he was mounting a motorcycle, but instead mounted his baby girl, scooting his knees under your arms just so the scent of him lingered closely and his body aiding him in keeping you pinned right where he wanted you. "Well, no sense in depriving my girl her dessert, hmm?" Biting his lower lip he leaned in, letting the tip of his already swollen cock lay against your bottom lip almost like he was waiting to see what you might do with it first.

Lisa fucking loved being pinned underneath you. If there was ever a more dominant position, she didn't know it. She lay there, trapped beneath you, while you inched close and closer, her eyes riveted to your hands as you pulled the tab of your zipper down, the unmistakable sound of it drawing open resounding in her ears. She watched, fascinated, as your hand slipped inside and drew out your cock--not soft, but not yet fully hard--and she actually salivated in anticipation. Her eyes flickered up to your face and saw you watching her, then she swooped her gaze back to the beautiful sight before her and--drawing a long, deep breath through her nose--took in the rich, musky scent of you. She groaned and closed her eyes, but the feel of your silky cockhead brushing against her lips roused her again. She didn't open her eyes, but nearly with a smile on her lips, opened her mouth like a good little girl and laved her tongue right over the tip of your cock, just getting her first taste of you for the night.

Zuriel gasped as your tongue slinked along his cock slit, the motion bring a heated exhale from his lips rushing past barely clasped teeth. He snatched a hold of your red sailor hair and growled down at you, "Do that again. Lick it like a lollipop." Demanding that tongue of yours for a bit longer, every little tease of the tip of your tongue sent him back on his heels to leaning in so he could give you more of his silky cock head to taste. It was slightly salty but smooth to the touch of your tongue, and the heat of it was inviting as a steaming cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter's morning. He was giving his girl a chance to taste him completely, to draw in each breath of his masculine scent so close it stirred your senses, and he delighted in seeing your tongue enjoying every flick and grind along that slit in the tip of his dick. He let it go on for minutes, maybe--long enough to let you get lost in licking and flicking the head of his cock with your tongue before he just pushed his hips forward and the tip of that meat pushed passed your tongue and stuffed right between those ruby red lips he so loved watching. His hand slipped through your hair until his fingers locked behind your skull and held fast, pushing your mouth down his fully erect cock still so warm from being hard all fucking day without any kind of release. Lifting your head in a slow slide of his hips, he fit that dick in your mouth, making you take more than half of it in a single swing of his hips. "Nnn..."

Lisa was so enjoying just tasting your cock, teasing it, lapping at it like a kitten at a saucer of milk that she was more than happy to comply with your demands. The tip of her pink tongue flicked and flickered, then slid out further to lap over the full tip, the muscle curling to wrap around the head as she drew it back into her mouth. She purred and sighed contentedly, lost in the pleasure of tasting you when she felt your hand slipping into her hair. Thinking that perhaps you only meant to rest her head so she could continue, she turned her eyes up as if in thanks, but then she saw the hungry look in your eyes, and before the thought of 'uh oh...' could fully enter her mind, she felt you lift and shift, shoving half your cock into her mouth. She mumbled a small yelp, her eyes widening--she'd been preparing to get the entire length down her throat at once--but when only half the length of your thick shaft filled her mouth, she sighed her moan and started to suck the length, swirling her tongue around and around the head.
Zuriel smirked seeing that look in your eyes, almost thanking him without really knowing what he had planned. But he did only go halfway and with good reason: tonight he wasn't letting you take a taste as much as he was gonna take that mouth of yours. The ideas in his mind from last night were all rushing at him at once and the sight of you half clothed in your sailor outfit just spurred him on to ignore them and take advantage of having his girl truly at his mercy. His other hand slipped out to cradle your head in both palms but the gentleness ended there. Now that he was inside your mouth, he simply just started fucking your lips. This was not about you having your way tonight. Oh no. He had let you get away with him just cumming on your panties yesterday, but now with your lips around that fat shaft he started pumping his hips to fuck that pretty face with a slight snarled look to his lips that you would see if you ever managed to look up at him. Over half that dick swished back and forth over your tongue. Whatever curls and slides you could muster were not lost, but he seemed to avoid even acting like he felt them as his cock was pushed inside your mouth with deeper strokes sending that tip to the back of your throat until a sudden push made the head of his cock turn down in your gullet. His eyes half closed and he kept fucking your mouth a little harder, but when he heard you struggle to breathe he pulled back and left his cock head right against your lips. "You okay?" The very instant--the second you breathed in to speak--he grinned sadistically and shoved it right back in your mouth, bucking to your head as his hand held on and kept that mouth moving while he looked down and watched you taking every inch of it.

Lisa knew how much you loved her to service you, and she loved doing it just as much as you loved receiving it, but sometimes... sometimes she was just a vessel, a toy for pleasure, a fuck slut, and tonight seemed to be one of those nights. Despite that, she enjoyed being used as much as she enjoyed bringing you pleasure of her own accord, so when you grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her mouth like she was some blow-up doll you'd bought at the local porn shop, the muscles in her belly clenched tight, making her pussy quake and her clit throb. Her moan came out muffled and wet, the saliva already starting to build and coat your shaft, sluicing out around her ruby red lips as they dragged along the length of your shaft with each pull from her mouth. Though her torso was pinned, her legs flailed behind you, shifting, dancing, lifting into the air as though she were trying to heft you off of her in panic when the full length of you finally slid past her lips and down her throat. She gagged, her wide eyes looking at you panic-stricken, the glimmer of a tear welling at the corner of each eye. Her face started to take on a crimson shade, and when you pulled back, letting the head rest against her shinning lips, she sucked in a breath to reply to your question. That breath was all you were waiting for, so with her mouth wide and ready to receive you, the entirety of your cock was brusquely thrust straight back into her mouth, rendering her speechless aside from another garbled cry. Her hands clenched tightly to your hips, pushing, pulling, keeping you there while begging you to back off, her strangled fight for air sucked in through her nose when ever it wasn't pressed firmly into your pelvis.

Zuriel wished like crazy last night you could have just gotten a glimpse. He did love you, but sometimes there was this primal thing that he could not get past, and you were the saving grace in that he owned you both body and soul. Sometimes it was okay to just be his plaything, and he knew it without asking...without even worrying if you could steal that breath in time to stop yourself from passing out when he kept fucking your pretty face no matter how hard it flushed with color. Even though he held your head captive and felt your legs squirming behind him like some helpless victim being attacked, he watched, looking at your tearing eyes, and when the black spots swam in your vision, he pulled out and let you take a few panic-stricken breaths. When you stopped huffing like someone dying from lack of air, he spoke. "Open up...stick your tongue out. That's Daddy's good little cum slut." He slid it right back in, gripping your head tightly in both hands so he could truly fuck your mouth and throat, driving right past your gag reflex until his cock could not turn down any more, then he withdrew only to bring it back inside your throat just as deep from the first stroke. As flustered as he was, there was no letting up; he finally had his sailor girl at his mercy and he was not letting her go without getting his cum in one of those holes like he missed the chance for yesterday. His hands released to let your head fall back to the pillow, and you might have thought it was a chance for a break to breathe again, until he rolled to his hands and knees and started plunging that fat dick down inside your lips unabated from the constraints of our bodies. Truly fucking your face like he was already between your thighs, he rumbled down at you as he lifted and slid his hands back to your head. "See? Daddy can make it worse, so be good and keep your little whore lips wide." Straddling you once more, he grinned down as he fucked those lips just a little deeper.

Lisa slurped as you withdrew, sucking not only your cock, but her spit that coated it so as not to choke on it as it accumulated in her mouth. Try as she might, some was dragged out with your cock, trailing line of dripping saliva over her lips and chin giving her skin a glowing sheen. She had not time to think on it let alone worry about it though--she was too busy sucking in lungs full of air when you were gracious enough to withdraw for even a few moments. Looking down at her, watching as she gasped, you could almost hear her speak, though it was so faint you weren't sure, but between each gasp it sounded like 'please...' Never able to get enough breath to properly beg you to stop, she could only whimper and comply when you ordered her to open her mouth and stick her tongue back out. Her brows furrowed in a pathetic pout, but that little pink muscle slipped back out of her parted lips and she closed her eyes when the smooth skin of your shaft brushed back along the length of her tongue until the cock head disappeared down the back of her throat, going farther and farther until your pelvis was pushed so hard against her face she couldn't even draw a breath through her nose again. Her hands started to beat on your hips and when you released her head, she thought 'oh-god-finally!' but it was not over--not by a long shot. Lowering her fully down to the pillows on the docks, flat on her back now, she could only lie complacent, helpless as you rested your hips right over her face, fucking her mouth like another cunt, the wet gack-gack-gack of your cock in her throat the only sound she was capable of making anymore.

Zuriel reveled in those sounds as he fucked that pretty mouth. Sitting back on his heels, he pulled that dick from your lips only to grab your hair tight in one hand. "Now about those frustrations..." The saliva on your chin was soon not the only thing making your face glisten. He rubbed his free dick all over your face, from your forehead all the way down across your cheeks, dropping it by your mouth before his hand smacked your face just enough to make the flush of those cheeks stand out more. "Oh no. Open up again, bitch. Come on. Daddy needs a dirty whore tonight." He shoved that dick back between your lips no matter if you were ready or not. Lines of red hair clung to your skin in places, and this time he fucked that face to get those sounds back as he lurched and drove his hips hard enough that your nose thudded against his pelvis with every stroke. One hand held your hair tightly, using it like a fuck handle to pump that cock inside your mouth so hard you had to open wide so that gack-gack-gack noise came out more while he chewed his lower lip in utter glee at getting to treat his girl like he wanted to yesterday. His other hand slipped down, tugging the bow of your top open so those tits could be exposed and another smack of his hand ran against your breast from the side, making it bounce as he fucked your mouth, then he smacked it again from beneath so it bounded from the impact. "Nnnn... That's my dirty bitch."

Despite the panic at not being able to breathe, of fighting off the urge to gag and choke on your cock as you repeatedly forced it down her throat, she was getting so fucking aroused that she couldn't keep her legs still. Bracing her red heels on the ground, she pressed her thighs together, lifting her ass, trying to put pressure on her throbbing clit. It ached so fucking bad it was about to drive her insane. Even as she fought for precious breaths of air, she couldn't get her mind off how to rub her clit, to relieve the building ache between her legs. She tried shoving her hand under your thigh to get between her own legs, but you were pressed down so hard, fucking her mouth so fast, that she couldn't get a good angle quick enough. A few minutes of this one-sided fight was enough to frustrate her, and she growled-whined-screeched around your cock,. lifting the arm she'd been trying to manipulate up only to bring it back down in a pounded fist on your hip. At the same time, she lifted one leg and slammed her foot down onto the dock, almost throwing a tantrum like a child. Through it all, she took your cock as you fed it to her--her jaw growing tired--and when you rose slightly to tear open her shirt and toy with her breasts, she tried again to slip her arm under you, but there was no damn room and she growled yet again in frustration.

Zuriel rumbled like a predator over you as he lifted his knees just enough to keep your arms from ever sliding under him. Nearly riding your shoulders, he kept those arms hooked over his thighs when he pressed in and kept that wild fuck of his dick stuffing your mouth so full that taking a breath was out of the question. Only when he pulled it out--strings of saliva clinging to his tip--did you get a chance for air. But his cock was rubbed all over your face and the tip prodded your eyes just before gliding over your cheek as he buried your mouth under his balls when he swiveled his hips to drag that dick over your forehead. He pushed your face down with one hand and shredded your sailor top with the other, getting your tits out fully before another smack brightened your cheek and his eyes caught yours. "What is this? Little slut trying to make her clit happy without asking me? I don't fucking think so..." That same hand shifted down, pinching your nipple, squeezing your tit until it bloomed redder from the pressure of him bearing down on it like that, slapping it three times with his palm and fingers skating across your nipple on the final strike and he pushed his hand up to grab your neck right around the collar he owned your ass with. "You're gonna say it if you can speak with a mouthful of dick...whore..." Leaning forward, his hand in your hair moved to slap the planks behind your head on the pillows, holding your throat as he barreled that cock in and out of your mouth watching your red face--now gleaming with your own saliva and sweat from the hard pivot and stuff of that shaft making your mouth fit around it. His little dainty Lisa--a fucking plaything at the end of her owner's dick stuffing her pretty mouth--with lipstick smearing away from such rough treatment leaving pink lips and trails of red along your chin and cheeks. His hand around your collar tightened and he lifted just long enough to strip the shirt off his back and his hand slammed down on the docks again with a thunk, bringing those wet gagging noises spilling from your lips he loved to hear.

Lisa's jaw ached from having to remain open for so long. She mewled in in both pain and frustration, wanting so badly to touch herself, and you kept fucking blocking her. Your cock withdrew and she wrenched her jaw, trying to bring relief there, but the slick, wet skin of your shaft was all over her face. She grunted and whimpered, turning to and fro trying to avoid it. Her make up was disheveled and smeared, mixed with sweat and spit and precum, hair clinging to the sticky mess on her face, though when you you leaned and dragged your balls past her mouth, she couldn't resist parting her lips again to let her tongue drag over them, sucking them in only for them to pop back out as you moved them about her face. Her jaw had only just started to relax when she felt your hand striking against her now-naked chest, and she arched her body in a cry of pain, gasping from the shock of the stinging blows each time they landed. The assault only sparked her arousal more and her cunt leaked with the need to be filled, the fluids trickling down the crack of her ass. The flesh of her breasts were bright pink, growing red with each slap, and the pinch of her nipple nearly lifted her off the docks. She gasped and held her breath, her moan caught in her throat until you finally let go, and her body dropped back to the docks with a thud. Her mouth still hung open in that unreleased moan and you took the opportunity to stuff that cock right back where it belonged. She was hopping--silently praying--that you would fuck her, or at the very least reach around and rub her clit, to bring her some relief, but instead you tormented her for having tried. You taunted her to beg with her mouth full, so she did...or at least she tried. She turned her green eyes--full of misery and pleas--up to you even while your cock pumped her mouth full again, and she wailed out her muffled cries around that thick shaft. "Mmrff! Gckl-rgh!" You could feel her hips lifting, swaying, grinding behind you as though she was trying to grind her cunt against your ass, but it was just out of reach and you purposefully kept it that way.

Zuriel went back down to his knees and pushed your head back until his tip pulled from your lips. His hand at your neck did not let go, however, and he glared down at you looking like a sexy, slutty train wreck that he adored, and he just wanted nothing more than to destroy you so much that you turned into a cum gushing whore for him. "Go on... Say it." His cock out of your mouth finally gave you time to both breathe and find the words he was ordering you to speak, but the instant you tried his dick was shoved right back down your throat and he held it tight with balls against your chin, then pulled out just as fast as he stuffed it in. "Okay... Hff... Say it now..." Purposefully he let you get one word out before his fat cock jammed back inside your lips and three pumps later he jerked it free of your mouth with a laugh from him. "Hfff... Say it now..." He smirked down as he watched you hesitate from the hard treatment--knowing he was just going to cut you off with his dick--but he actually held back and let you speak. Almost every word made it past your lips until the last one, then that cock rammed deep in your throat again, but this time he held it there. "What's Daddy's little slut trying to say? I can't make it out." His hand lifted from your neck, slapping your other breast until it was getting just as pink and livid as the other before both hands slipped down and your nipples were pulled and tugged before being twisted by his clasping fingers. Holding those buds tightly, he teased and tormented you just because he could almost smell the juices leaking out of your pink cunt, begging to be filled. And still he denied you, even as his cock left your lips again in a smear of saliva running down your chin. "That's a girl. Get a breath and tell Daddy what you want. Come on..." He knew he was being cruel, but somehow he just was needing this, to abuse his dirty little bitch looking so pretty in her sailor outfit. It was all he could take. He had wanted to fuck you so badly, but now he was being a sadistic asshole and utterly on purpose. Gracefully he gave you plenty of time to talk this time, as his dick hovered right over your lips and throbbed hard enough that you got to see it twitch and bounce before your face. Instead of shoving his fat rod back in your mouth when you tried to speak this time, his fingers shifted over your nipples, clasping them between index and middle digits as his thumbs drifted in to press right against the very tips of those swollen buds. The feeling of claws pressed against your sensitive flesh, piercing your senses like a gunshot, yet he did not press them in any harder.

Lisa's fingers clenched into fists on your thighs, banging over and over while you held her down--unable to move, unable to touch herself, unable to speak or beg or plea--and then finally you pulled out, giving her permission to speak. She coughed, sucking in air. Nearly crying, she started to beg you, "Pleas--" and before the word was even finished, your fat cock was shoved right back into her mouth. Her eyes grew almost impossibly wider, she was so stunned that you'd demand she speak then cut her off. And then she did cry in frustration, sobbing around your cock, her eyes clenched, her chest heaving as she mewled miserably. Never before had her pussy ached so fucking bad, she thought that a strong enough wind across her clit might make her cum she was so pent up. And again you withdrew, but when she tried to speak this time, she drew a breath and hesitated, fearing you would cut her off again. She continued, "Master-GACK!" and her mouth was stuffed once more, tears springing anew in her eyes because your cock had gone so far down her throat this time, triggering her gag reflex so that she bucked beneath you. Every time you pulled out to let her speak, she tried again, getting yet another word out, and every time she was silenced with a muffled grunt. She knew you were tormenting her on purpose, and that only make her arousal grow and intensify until she thought for certain she was going to snap and lose her sanity. Balled up fists were not enough to let out her frustration, so she sank her nails into your pants and gripped them, twisting the material in her grasp, pulling, clawing at your hips, shaking them as though she could shake some sense into you, stopping only when at last you slipped out and finally ordered her to tell you what she wanted, the head of your cock dancing on her lips even as she tried to speak... Fuck! ...and then your fingers twisted her poor swollen nipples and instead of begging you for what she needed, she wailed, her back lifting her chest right into the air. "Ahhh god!" The tips of those claws danced along the ridges of her buds, and she trembled, trying still to get out the words between her panting breaths, "Please, Master, please... I'm so horny. Please fuck me, touch me, do anything... Just please make me cum!"

Zuriel slowly trailed his claws along the outer edge of your nipples while you spoke between those panting breaths. He gave no reply as he rose and unbuttoned his pants to let them fall and if you even tried touching yourself, he slapped your hand away and threw you over on your belly. He crawled along your frame until you felt the slippery heft of his cock slide between your thighs and the weight of his shaft settled right against your lips with him pressed against you. But the torment was not done as that dick lifted when he rose his hips, dragging his cock in a grind from your clit all the way down until you felt his tip prodding at your tight little asshole. Just when you thought it was about to go in, he angled his hips and sent the tip of his dick skating back down to your juicy cunt throbbing for release but he simply stroked his length from your clit, back down along your lips and made sure the pointed press of his cock met your tender rosebud like he was going to deny you any release at all. "Oh, I know you were busy, my pet, but wouldn't it be fitting if I just fucked your hot little ass for making me wait to get a hold of my little sailor slut, hmm?" As the idea crossed his mind, his smile went utterly sadistic and he leaned up long enough to drool a line of saliva right between your cheeks. "Consider this a reminder: next time Daddy wants to fuck you be a good whore and just get naked."  He had came so close to cumming already with your mouth, so this would take little effort with his dick pulsing so hard it was hurting. He slipped up to his knees and grabbed your ass cheeks in both hands, sliding his fat prick between your buns without even giving you the pleasureful glide of his cock against your pussy, still oozing for some attention. "Friday you will be here, naked and in cuffs. Do I make myself clear?" Licking his lips as he stroked his twitching shaft between your cheeks, he pushed them together, the underside of his thick girth gliding right over your asshole without even pressing against it. "Naked and in the hay stable." His chest started panting harder, gritting his teeth a little more as he fucked the split of your ass crack with a building shove denying you his cock at all. "And if you even think about touching yourself, Daddy is gonna lock you up and leave a water dribble right on your clit...and you will be chained until he's ready to give you an orgasm."

She was so far gone, she wasn't even thinking straight anymore; the only thing on her mind was getting herself off before her pussy imploded. So when you moved off of her, her hands immediately flew between her legs, but you were one step ahead of her, slapping them away. She drew them to her chest protectively, her bottom lip trembling in frustration, but her hands quickly moved to brace herself when you flipped her over onto her knees. 'Finally!' she thought, feeling your cock pressing against her slick, dripping wet folds. She pushed back, trying to grind against you, but again you insisted on teasing and tormenting her. She whined and mewled, trying so hard to get that cock to slip into her burning cunt, needing relief and needing it fucking now! Every time it brushed against her clit, she gasped and hissed air between clenched teeth, thinking that if you did it just one more time, she would cum. But each time just wasn't quite enough; she needed that cock inside of her. She opened her mouth thinking to beg you for it, hoping that would appease you, but before she could speak, she heard you speak, and your words stopped her short. She clenched her eyes, silently cursing to herself, knowing she would get no fucking relief tonight, and braced herself for further torture. At your question, knowing you expected an answer and she damn well better give you one, she groaned and forced out the words, "Yes Master. I understand." Then she felt a drop on her asshole, the trickle of spit running over the pucker, and your hard shaft grinding between her round cheeks, making her tiny body rock on her hands and knees.

(Went to voice, where Zuriel denied me still...Grr)

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