Parted for Two Days


So we'd been apart for a few days, and needless to say, we really, really missed each other.

Parted for Two Days

Lisa Languish smirks. "You are so bad."

Zuriel Bedlam lifts a brow as he lazily lifts his tongue over your clit..."Mmmwhhaaa...?"

Lisa shakes her head, slipping her hands down to cup your face, her thumbs tracing over the light stubble on your cheeks. Turning your gaze up to peer at her face between the valley of her breasts, you can see her eyes staring down at you, full of love. "I said you are amazing," changing her phrase to something she tries to tell you every day so that you know how much she adores you. Her eyes flit closed, lashes splaying on her cheeks, and she draws in a sharp breath through her nose as she feels your tongue glide up between her folds.

Zuriel laughs lightly as he lapped and flicked his tongue between your lips, drawing it upwards in a slow curl against that hot little button of yours before his lips sucked and pulled it taut inside his mouth. "Mmmnnh... I know I am. And you...are tasty." Grinning as he lifted his hands just stroking the tips of his fingers over your bare nipples, sliding his tongue's tip around that bit of your clit trapped in between his lips. His eyes stared back at yours, letting you see his face mashed between your thighs as that tongue pushed against your little button, grinding it harder with the smooth breadth of his tongue's caress.

Lisa slips her fingers from your cheeks to rest behind your ears. A smirk crosses her lips as she toys with the idea of them being handlebars, her chest bouncing once as she tries to hold in a giggle, then runs the tips of her fingers through your hair, just feeling your head move beneath them as you work your tongue over her clit. Already her juices are flowing; she can feel the slight trickle of it pooling between her nether lips, so she bucks her hips upwards hoping to force your tongue from her clit to between those lips to give you a real taste of her. "Tasty, eh? Even better than chocolate? Or a fine wine? What about tastier than... Hmm... What's your favorite food? Even better than that?" Teasing you, she grins, even through the heated flames that were spreading through her body like a wild fire, she couldn't stop smiling at you today. Maybe because she'd missed you so much, but she was so ecstatic to have you with her again, she couldn't keep her joy from slipping through. Not really expecting an answer, she rolled her hips to push her pussy up harder against your mouth, swaying in a long, slow grind against your tongue until she couldn't stand it anymore and she let her head fall back onto the pillow, a sigh slipping from between her ruby lips.

Zuriel was ready for the rise of your hips almost like he was anticipating it, running a hand down to your belly like he was trying to hold you down, but not really, while his tongue licked, pressed and flicked down in a constant flurry of motion gliding effortlessly over that tender button swelling from his attentions. He was purposefully denying you that dip of his tongue as his eyes flicked up to watch yours, letting you see the smile he had even with his tongue slithering up and down your pussy. He made sure you were watching as he angled his head and slid that tongue straight down, pushing your nether lips open with the invasion of that muscle seeking your juices, pulling out to let you watch as he trickled a little of your honey right over that clit. His mouth kissed it away in a suckle like one would lap honey from a pastry before he smacked his lips and lifted his face in thought. "I'm a large man. I can prefer any foods, but you...you taste better than anything I could ever imagine..." To prove his point he slowly edged his tongue up along the outside of your lips then drew it back down the right side, the tip of that tongue splitting up the middle as he pressed in tighter to drive his tongue inside your pussy again before his whole head rocked back and forth to glide his tongue inside your tight tunnel.

Lisa lifted her head off the pillow again once she regained her senses, not wanting to miss a moment of you there between the valley of her legs. Her smile never left her face, though it would occasionally clench when you hit an especially sensitive spot. She would whimper or moan, but she would always resume watching you, fascinated by how lucky she was to have you here with her, in her life. Words floated up to her ears and she recognized that you were speaking, and on some subconscious level she even understood their meaning because her heart swelled, but at the forefront of her mind she could only concentrate on the feel of your soft, warm tongue probing at her folds. Already flying high on euphoria, the moment your tongue finally delved deep within her core she gasped, her hips nearly lunging off the ground. Thankfully your hand on her belly kept her steady so that she didn't force you right back out of her pussy. She shuddered on a groan, almost laughing through it, "Oh you...god, that was sneaky...and oh-so fucking good..." She lifted her right leg and placed the sole of her foot on your butt, dragging it upwards so that it rested on your back. Pressing down, she used the leverage to lift her hips even higher, feeling that velvety soft tongue of yours slip even deeper inside her tunnel.

Zuriel felt those bare toes more than anything, the press of them against his flesh brought his lips down against your pussy in a lurid slide of that tongue fucking your hot little slit. Loving the ingenuity of his baby girl to get him in deeper and excite him more at the same time with the perch of your foot resting on his bare back, semi sharp nails raked down your side as he held you right there and started pumping his head with deeper strokes of his tongue slinking back and forth. He pushed it in, spread that muscle and curled it up only to glide it out and over the underside of your clit before it drove back inside again. He hummed on purpose, sending vibrations through his dipping tongue sliding in and coiling out to tease your clit, looking up with his eyes focused on your face to watch every detail, every look of bliss you made as he toyed and tongued your juicy cunt. With a slow lift he slipped his tongue free and winked up at you. "When have you ever known me to play fair?" Not even really waiting for an answer, his tongue shot straight out and pushed back inside between your blushing lips.

Lisa couldn't help but giggle at your words, shaking her head though the movement was interrupted by a cringe of pleasure and a groan when your tongue slipped back up to wrap around her clit. Hissing air in between her teeth, she curses, "Sssshit!" and shudders again, the little bud twitching in the grasp of your lips. Every suckle of your mouth makes her gasp until her lungs completely expand, the entirety of it expelled in a loud rush of air, crying out when her hole was filled again with your tongue. Pressing her lips together, she moans, the sound only coming out as "Mmmmm!" Barely able to sit still now, she starts writhing on the rug, her hips swaying back and fourth, lifting and falling, trying to get your mouth everywhere at once. Even when she feels the pin prick grasp of your nails gripping her hips, she finds she can't sit still, the light scratches only spurring her on more. "Fuck... Don't stop... So close!"

Zuriel does exactly what you begged him not to do, slipping his tongue from your lips as it drug over your clit a final time and he rose to sit back on his heels. His nails scratched lightly from your hip all the way down your leg as he sat up. "I don't think you're gonna cum on my tongue today. My cock is too hungry for that." Slowly he crept forward, bending over your body once more, but his teeth caught your ankle in a teasing bite, drawing up your calf with kisses. Like a wolf savoring a fresh kill he pawed his way over you, nipping at your hip before kissing his way to your belly. Going higher with his lips leading the charge in a suckle of your pert nipple between his lips before shaking his head to make that bud fall from his mouth. His hand drifted up along the other side of your body, gripping your breasts in a smooth squeeze that tightened as he got over your body and the thick girth of his arousal pressed firmly against your lips. "Every orgasm you have today is going to be sucked down by my dick." He loved doing that to you: getting you right on the edge and pulling back to make you squirm even more. Rolling his hips back to put the tip right against your wet lips, he continues, "And he's gonna get every one..." With a hard exhale he slipped it inside, scrunching his eyes slightly closed, feeling the tight hold of your pussy clasped around his pushing shaft. "Nnnnn fuck!"

God damn, she had been right there! Right on the edge of falling into bliss and you stopped and withdrew and she nearly shrieked in frustration. Her leg slipped from your back when you moved in to rise over her, and she lifted her hips to press her dripping wet sex towards your crotch hoping to grind herself to climax on it, but you were maddeningly out of reach. Her ass dropped to the floor and she whimpered, sulking, but she was stirred from her pout when she felt your nails dragging over her hips and down her legs. The chill that ran through her body made her deliciously drunk and she closed her eyes and groaned, her head rolling to the side. Even as your wrapped your hand around her ankle, kissing up the length of her leg, she stayed that way, her body rocking gently every time she felt your lips and teeth caress her skin, punctuated by whisper-soft gasps. Like being pulled from a dream, your mouth at her nipple drew her from her reverie, and her eyes finally opened again. Like a magnet, her head rolled back to focus on you, and her shoulders lifted right off the fur rug as though you were lifting her chest with the power of your lips alone. Legs splayed so that her knees were almost to the ground, she finally, blessedly felt the heat and hardness of you pressing against her and she nearly came from that small contact. So great was her need to feel you inside her again that her pussy actually ached from it, and when you finally rolled your hips and pressed into her, the smooth head spreading her lips and driving into her warm, wet tunnel, she though she had died and gone to heaven. She actually found herself holding her breath just to enjoy the absolute pleasure of feeling you filling her cunt, and when she finally did breath again, she wrapped her arms around your neck and pulled herself up to your chest with a cry of pure joy.

Zuriel could, and had, fallen utterly in love with how you whimpered, feeling your body so tense and on edge from him denying you that quick orgasm for one much more intimate. He inhaled at the grasp of your hands going to his shoulders, pulling his hips back after filling you up so fast you nearly cried from joy of finally getting him inside you. He rammed his hands to the rug for support, leaning over you as you caught sight of his nails, dark and sharp, but clutching the rug when he bucked his hips and stuffed your cunt full all over again. The bestial sway of his body picking up steam drew you down with him into that carnal need, watching your face as he started fucking that pussy with the whole length of his cock drawing in and out of your depths, making your core just buzz from the feel of him claiming you all over again. "Baby girl trying to cum without asking again...hfff..." He gritted his teeth and tried to hide the smile on his lips. The glint of fangs shone in the light as he jammed his hips in hard and made sure to give you every inch of that dick splitting you open, the feel of warm tight balls smacking your ass when he pulled back into the hungry lilt of his back lifting and falling over your succulent body spread wide for his pleasure. He loomed over you, pumping his hips hard enough to make your breasts bounce from the force thudding against your ass.

From the corner of her eye she caught sight of those claws sinking into the rug and her stomach did an excited little flip. As though conditioned, she immediately looked at your face, and there between those clenched teeth she spied the fangs gleaming. Her cunt twitched and twitched again and she closed her eyes, panting shallowly, a mewl stuck in her throat. The heat of your body enveloped her, a fine mist of sweat covering her skin the faster you moved. Slick skin glided together as her body rocked beneath you, her breasts mashed right against your chest when you lowered her to the floor and rested your frame on top of her, pinning her beneath you. Her legs slipped up around your ass, hooking together at the ankles in a gesture of pinning you, though not as effectively as you had her. Fingers grasping at your hair, she tugged your head down and pressed her lips to your, her tongue parting your lips insistently. When you released your clenching jaw, she didn't hesitate, and slipped her tongue inside, the graze of a fang tip brushing over the delicate muscle so that she gasped but never faltered; she wanted to be connected to you in every way possible. The feel of your cock stretching her wide, filling her cunt so completely was driving her wild, and she flexed, tightening herself around your shaft, wanting to grip you inside her as much as you stretched her apart. Sucking in gasps of air through her nose, she felt her loins stirring to life and she knew she would have to break that kiss to beg your permission to cum, especially after receiving another warning. But she was loath to end the kiss, so she dropped her hands to your shoulders and sunk her nails into your flesh as though your pain would hold off her climax.

Zuriel growled and almost thrashed at the hook of your nails into his shoulders, the pain bringing him to vibrant life as his teeth showed with sharp points growling down at you from his lips. The pain did something to him, muscles taut and hard under your hands with every touch you made and the kiss was broken by his snarling lips until you pulled him down tighter and didn't let go. He felt you trying to hold him down, to pin him with your legs like you were going to stop him from escaping the confines of your tight cunt gripping his pumping dick. Every little thing you did sent him reeling, like he had almost forgotten how wonderfully hot and sexy you were, how primal you could be with him letting the animal out to play, and despite your feet looking pretty as fuck, he still grabbed your thighs and shoved your knees right over your tits. Barring your legs with his arms, those clawed hands clasped the rugs under us both as he seemed to use the fucking floor to pull himself into you so hard your thighs shook from the impact of his his slapping your ass. His silvered eyes gazed right down into yours as he fought to keep that kiss, a tink of a fang against your lip ring, and he gasped when he pulled away to look down at you pinned beneath him like his little slut should be. But the look on his face was one of pure lust, panting down at you while he pounded your little pussy with all the ferocity of a beast let out to breed. He could feel you fighting even if you knew the consequences, loving the way your tight hole gripped and pulled at him every time he shoved it inside your aching cunt..."GRrrrrRrrrrlll..." He couldn't even form a word watching you like that.

Lisa felt her limbs go to jelly when you reared back snarling at her. She'd only intended to stave off her own need, but in doing so fueled yours deeper. Never having though she could possibly be more submissive, she felt like she would have rolled over onto her back to bare herself to you had she not already been in that position. You scared the hell out of her and it aroused her more than anything else possibly could. Her cunt was spasming so hard around your cock it was nearly in convulsions. Unable to turn away from your gaze--the silver eyes hypnotic, but just the sheer fact that YOU were staring down at her--she held her sights locked on yours. She'd started panting even harder, barely able to draw a full breath, but when you unthreaded her legs from around your waist and forced them up to her chest, her lashes fluttered and she groaned, feeling the length of your cock pushing deeper, hitting spots inside her previously left untouched. Pinning her legs with your body, she felt your mouth close on hers, consuming her, stealing her breath. When her ring caught on a fang, she mewled, but the tug only flamed her desires higher until she didn't think she could take it any more. Trying to speak between your lips mashing together, she pants out,"Please, Master... I need to cum. I have to cum. Please, please... let me cum on your cock!" Somehow she managed to get the words out between the kisses, and as the final word left her lips, she felt her pussy tighten, ready to let go, ready to release herself on you.

Zuriel just could not get enough of you and how you begged him. His brows narrowed as he kept fucking that juicy cunt with his whole dick spreading you wide and jamming in to the root of his shaft burying hard inside your pussy. This time he was commanding you, keeping your legs locked in place despite wanting to let them go so he could just fuck that cunt like a maniac, but he held you down beneath him. Even though you were already offered up to your Master, he still would have taken you just the same as his eyes met yours and he watched with every hungry buck of his hips stuffing your tight little hole without any remorse. He wanted to blurt it out, to drive you over the brink with just his words, but he bit his tongue and growled over you like a predator not quite ready to stop hearing the mewling cries of its prey. No matter how tight you gripped him, no matter how much you begged, he kept pushing the edge closer with his cock battering your cunt with the force of a ram breaking down a door. Making your pretty feet bounce so much the chains and metal on your skin clinked and jingled. His eyes locked on yours while he fucked that pussy with a feverish desire making his arms quake as they held him up over your body, his chest brushing your nipples to your own thighs as they pressed into your tits from the hold he had over you. Right at the height of it all, when you were on fire so much from him not telling you to cum and he knew you were about to just gush, he stopped and jammed that cock deep. He covered your mouth in kisses, draining the breath from any words you could muster, and when the tingle started to die down his hips bucked again just to keep you right there, only moving once or twice to hold that orgasm from flooding him.

Lisa just about went bat-shit crazy on you. Not only did you not give her permission to cum, but you started fucking her harder, watching her squirm, knowing full well that she could barely hold her orgasm at bay. It boiled right at the damned surface, scalding her with need and she could do nothing to cool that rising urge. Fuck, it was taking her over and she fought with every ounce of will she had, but the feel of you slamming her so ruthlessly, unabated, like an animal unleashed was driving her mad. 'This is it. I'm going to lose control and cum without permission again and there is nothing I can do to stop it.' She'd almost given up hope and just said fuck it and let go when you stopped. And the world stopped. And the seconds passed and everything hinged on that moment. She wanted to thank you for the reprieve and curse you for not pushing her past the point of control all at the same time, but she held her breath and her lips parted and she teetered...teetered...and slowly fucking regained control of her senses, though her grasp was still so tentative than when you kissed her and started moving again--oh god, so fucking good!--she wondered just how much more of this she could take before her body took over and she lost all control.

Zuriel pulled barely an inch from your lips, almost saying it so low that he hoped you wouldn't hear it, but the words fell from his mouth just the same. "Cum for me..." He smiled darkly for he knew how close you were, just a few pumps of his hips and then a few seconds passed into eternity before he started moving again to slide that fat dick through your quaking tunnel gripping him. He was doing this deliberately, holding it deep and pulling back to move for a few strokes or even seconds, but right as he felt your cunt clamp around him he stopped again. Hovering right there at the edge, forcing you to bewilderment from him not letting you cum even though he gave you almost whispered permission. Panting lips seemed to count the seconds between those thrusts, watching each time the seconds grew less and less between the need to have him fucking your hot little pussy. He was drunk on the power he had over you, his eyes watching your face and letting a few more seconds pass between him bucking inside you again, but what he was really waiting for happened right when your pussy sucked at him hard. The first pulsing clasp of your cunt and he was off like a machine gun trigger had just been pulled. Rattling your whole body with jarring shoves clapping with barely a second between the rabid bucks of his hips battering your pussy. Gritting his teeth down at you, his dick swollen and getting fatter each time he drove it all the way in to feel his heavy nuts smack against your ass.

Lisa felt the heat of your breath caressing her lips, and though you'd barely spoken, the words coming through almost as though piercing her haze from another world, she had been waiting....waiting for them. They slipped into her mind and wrapped like ephemeral tendrils around her brain and they sunk in to every part of her psyche, screaming at her body to obey... And god, how she wanted to, but you fucking stopped again! Her eyes flashed open like the dead coming back to life and she looked at you, every nuance of her face radiating her pleas, her eyes willing you...begging you to move again. She tried to shift, to lift her hips and force herself onto you, but the way you had her pinned allowed her zero leverage, so the whine built in her throat until it came out in a squeal. Her bottom lip trembled and she whispered, "Please..." And then you moved again and she arched against you--thank God!--her lips emitting a moan of thanks, feeling you buried inside her. And then you just held yourself there, deep in her fluttering walls, and she moaned in frustration, her orgasm rising and falling and rising again until she didn't know up from down, if she was coming or going, floating or falling. Once more, her voice trembling this time, though still barely above a whisper, she begged, "Please..." Her eyes held yours, the green liquefying with her burning need, and when you drew out and slipped in once more, it was like the final, gentle push over the crumbling edge of a cliff, sending her into the maw of an abyss. Her eyes flew wide open and her neck bent back so that her head was pressed firmly into the ground. Sucking in a breath, it caught and she held it and held it as she fell down that proverbial cliff, and when she hit the bottom, she let out a scream that shook the windows. Her cunt gripped your cock like a vice and her body convulsed, her orgasm tearing through her so violently that you had to bear down on her to keep her still. The flood that poured fourth was so copious that she not only soaked your cock, but your balls as well. And still it went on as you started ravaging her again, her cries never ending as her orgasm rode on and on...

(at this point, Zuriel had to leave for work...sigh )

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