Lisa Meets Zuriel's Brother, Jaidyn


So I knew about Jay ahead of time, but I'd yet to encounter him before this point. When he showed up at our home, we all made idle chit chat and that lead into some pretty interesting role play. Also mentioned in the story is Stacey, another character that shows up often in our stories. She's considered to be part of the family, though the explanation I've been given is that she was someone Z and Jay found on the streets and decided to take into their home. Either way, she's sexy as fuck and I'm glad I've gotten to know her better on so many levels.

I've shared the conversation that proceeded the RP just because I felt it was necessary to the scene. And yes, there are finally some photos this time (finally!). Though they're not the greatest, they still add to the excitement.

Lisa Meets Zuriel's Brother, Jaidyn

Lisa Languish smirks, "Well, well. Look who's here..."

Jaidyn Jameson: Yeah no kidding. He said you were a real beauty.

Lisa blushes deeply. Then, looking at Jay's new group title, "Oh, enforcer. I like that one."

Zuriel Bedlam: Yeah I figured for the officers that worked.

Lisa winks. "He can enforce me, any day."

Zuriel Bedlam grins.

Jaidyn Jameson: Don't get me started. I don't wanna make Z cry when I got you bent over a rock.

Lisa chuckles. "I'm sure as long as we take pics, he won't mind. Will you, dear?"

Zuriel shakes his head. "Now who's being naughty...heh"

Jaidyn Jameson: I think she is. She wants to send you pics of me inside her.

Lisa Languish: You know, I could see him as the type of guy to come by the house looking for you when you're not around, deciding to make himself at home to wait, and end up forcing me against my will out of sheer boredom. Am I pretty close to the mark on his personality? Or am I way off base?

Jaidyn smirks. "And look at that. She knows me already."

Lisa chuckles.

Jaidyn Jameson: Don't worry man, I won't break her.

Zuriel growls.

Lisa grins and puts her hand on Zuriel's arm. "There, there sweetie. I can handle myself." She pauses, "I think. He is awfully big...like you. But I know karate." Lisa gets into some crazy make believe stance. "Hi-YA!" She looks at Jay, "Scared?"

Jaidyn laughs. "Uhh... Lisa, that won't save you. Just be lucky I'm not dragging you off."

Lisa chews her lip, blushing even harder. "Uhh.. Yeah...I'll thank my lucky stars for that one."  Though she secretly hopes he does drag her off somewhere.

Jaidyn lifts a brow and steps closer. "Oh I can...trust me. The thought is very...enticing."

Lisa tilts her head up to look at Jaidyn and swallows hard. "I have guard dogs, mister. Behave yourself."

(Zuriel dragged me to a bench via RLV while I was afk)

Jaidyn grins and throws those legs up high, snagging hold of those hips as his tongue slipped up along your naked lips. "Mmm, just as sweet as I thought..."

Lisa grins and can't help but feel her pussy twitch. "You are so wicked."

Jaidyn slides his tongue down, parting those lips just for a taste and once he dipped it in and got it slick that tongue reversed and drew down. Suddenly plunging right inside that tight little ass. "Mmmmnnnh..."

Zuriel smirks. "Well, you said he can drag you, so I gave him a hand."

Lisa drags in a deep breath, letting it out in a groan, "Oh my god... So you did. Mmm fuck... I have to admit, it's pretty hot having him eating me out while you sit there and supervise."

Jaidyn inhales slightly, drawing his tongue out before sliding it back in just to stretch that tight little hole with the width of his tongue delving inside. Both hands slipping to your tits, grabbing tightly in a firm hold as he tongue fucked your ass.

Zuriel huffs. "I think he has other ideas..."

Lisa lets out a breathy cry, her toes curling against the armrest of the bench trying to brace herself in the precarious position Jaidyn has her in. Her eyes flit closed, feeling his meaty hands on her breasts, then she opens them and turns them to look up to you, having the grace to blush as you watch her.

Jaidyn Jameson pulls his tongue out of that tight little hole, licking up over your lips until his tongue ground along your clit. "Mmmm damn dude, you didn't tell me she was THIS tasty..." He reached down and just unzipped his jeans, letting his cock fall free before jerking you up and throwing you right back down to the bench. Not even watching Z, he slowly pressed his tip between those cheeks, nudging your asshole. "I'll save her pussy for you...hehe."

Zuriel can't help but blush a bit, not to mention watching his Lisa with another man was kinda turning him on and he barely listened to Jay's words. His eyes fixed on that cock sliding inside her body.

Lisa softly cries out, her feet tangling as she's jerked up from the bench and immediately shoved over. Her ears burn she's blushing so hard, being talked about like she wasn't even there or able to comprehend the conversation. Despite that, she felt herself dripping with arousal and only wished that Jaidyn had used some of it on her tight little ass before he pressed his cock head against it and slid it in. Grabbing the back of the bench so hard she felt the wood imprint itself on her hands, she threw back her head and let out and agonizing cry until her muscles relaxed and let him move inside her somewhat less painfully.

Jaidyn gritted his teeth, wincing as he pushed it in and with a slightly heated look he asked. "Umm Z, hand me the lube..." Taking the offered bottle and pulling out just enough to squirt it over his cock, exhaling when he slid in more easily with the gel making her hole nice and slick and his hand drifted back to hand off the bottle once more. "Nnn thanks... Now I can really lay it in..." His hand resting on your back as he slipped out and pushed back in harder, making you rise to those bare toes with a sadistic grin on his lips as he started rocking his body to slide in deeper. "Yumm... Man, now I know why you stopped hanging with those bitches. This one is...delicious!"

Zuriel watches and rolls his eyes before fishing in his pocket for the Astroglide, seeing his friend grease up that dick before he took the bottle back and put it away. He let out a breath at the notion of Jay fucking Lisa in the ass, but right now all he could do was watch. She was already dripping from the attention. "Fucker..." he muttered under his breath.

Lisa squirms in his tight grip, turning her head to look back over her shoulder, catching a glimpse of Zuriel as her eyes passed by, her gaze locking with his for a fleeting moment as if to say, 'You invited this...' then she finished turning, watching Jaidyn greasing up his thick cock. As he slid it back into her, she groaned, her ass writhing and lifting into the air to meet him half way, a deep, throaty moan rumbling from her lips.

Jaidyn grinned before tearing his shirt off over his head in a rush, missing the glances between the two of them simply because he was inside that tight ass squeezing his dick with every slide. He hardly heard what Z said, but he took it as 'Fuck her,' so he pushed her onto the bench right in front of him and looked him in the eyes. "Oh I'm going to... Really hard, right here." Grinning wickedly as he started pumping that tight little ass with the entire length of his cock, he forced Lisa down to the arm of the bench as he pumped his hips so Z could watch up close and really look at his girl getting fucked over the bench right there.

Zuriel smiled at that look. He knew what it was for and there was no anger--only understanding as Jay pulled his clothes off and threw her down right in front of him. He curled his hand under your chin and pulled you back up, kissing those lips softly to say it was okay before Jay pushed you down and started pumping your ass harder.

Lisa grunts as she's shoved around like some plaything, banging her knee on the seat of the chair as Jay rushed to get her up there. Hissing a breath through her clenched teeth, she braces her hands on the armrest only seconds before he grabbed her and slid that huge cock of his back into her sore asshole. Whining from the pain, panting from the pleasure, she feels a warm, gentle hand under her chin, tilting her head to look into those eyes she loves so much. Her own eyes conveyed exactly how she felt about him without words and when he kissed her, she melted all over again. But as soon as he backed away and released her chin, her eyes closed again and she found herself humping back, pushing hard, harder against Jay's cock inside her, her breasts swaying heavily beneath her. "Mmmpfh! God..."

Jaidyn watched the two of you kiss before he huffed and dragged you off the bench arm, throwing those hands of yours over the back of the bench he kicked your bare feet apart and grabbed those hips. "Okay enough lovey dovey. We know you two are an item." The pull of him dragging you around and easing you back onto his cock a final time stretched your tight little hole. The gel had long coated his thick shaft making his dick very slippery and he reveled in that fact as he pulled back and started pumping that sexy ass harder. The pace quickened, stealing you away from Z but pulling you astride the bench so he could watch his cock slamming that tight ass. The wobble of your cheeks every time he clapped his hips hard against your backside rippled your skin, panting as he started fucking that tight ass with more urgent need rushing through him..."Nnnnh fuck...goddamn she's tight! Uhhh!"

Zuriel scowled as Jay pulled his girl away from him, but the sudden violent fuck coming to bear inside that tight little hole actually made him hold his breath a few minutes. Now he almost knew what he looked like railing that gorgeous body, biting his lower lip as his own pants grew tight and confining from watching Lisa getting fucked like a rag doll by his friend. "Easy..." was he could manage to say at the sight.

Lisa's knees scrape against the old wood of the weathered bench as she's dragged back to the ground, her feet hitting the sand with a thud, toes twisting into the earth as Jay spins her around and pushes against her back. As he grabs her hips, she grabs the back of the bench to hang on for dear life, her head turning slightly sideways to look at Zuriel with a soft smile. That smile melted into a look of pure, unadulterated lust the moment that big cock slipped into her ass again, now gliding easily from the copious lube and the fact that he'd stretched her tight little ass wide enough to accommodate his size. Her head thrashes backwards, red hair cascading over her shoulders only to fly in disarray as he starts his hungry, insatiable pumping deep inside her. Unable to hold back, she starts to pant, letting out her joy in small whimpers, "Oh...oh...fuck...yes. Don't stop! God....don't stop!"

Jaidyn all but forgot Z was right there, getting lost in that ass pushing back to meet his rabid thrusts suddenly growing forceful and needy. Teeth bared as they clenched and he hung on to your hips so tightly little lines from his nails digging into that fair skin formed from his grip tightly dragging that bouncy little ass back so his thick shaft could spread it open. She was livid and calling out for him to fuck her harder, his abs flexing as he grunted and forced himself to ram it home with all the ferocity of a man gone insane with lust. He knew well why Z had kept this one, she was just too much to ever let go and he was under that primal spell from just her words let alone that tight ass clamping around his pistoning dick hammering her tight hole. He barely realized Z had started coming closer, round the back of the bench as he lifted his eyes to meet his friends gaze with a sly smile. "Told you I could make her moan like a little whore..." Almost to prove his point that body sped up, the rapid slaps of skin smacking his jeans thudded to your ears before his hand lifted and smacked your wobbling cheek before it grabbed at your hip again. "Already gonna cum just from me fucking your slutty ass huh?"

Zuriel came round the back of the bench, biting his lower lip still as Jay turned up the tempo and started battering his girls ass right in front of him. He couldn't help himself and if you even looked up from that rabid fuck Jay was giving you would see his pants bunched up tightly with his cock bulged in his clothing. Licking his lips he looked down at you begging for it harder, his chest rising a little faster from seeing you cry out for someone else to fuck that tight little body..."Yeah...but she's my little whore, you're just getting a sneak peak..." He knew Jay probably wasn't listening but what the hell, he knew he would be fucking you later so he took it in stride.

Seeing movement from the corner of her eye, she tries to lift her head, but it lolls on her neck from the brutal ramming at her backside. Mouth hanging open in a constant stream of groans and cries, her eyes find Zuriel now standing before her and though she's deeply shamed at allowing this man to fuck her like a wanton slut, she can't bring herself to tell him to stop--in fact she holds Zuriel's hungry gaze even as she begs Jaidyn for more. "Nnngghhh fuck, don't stop! Keep slamming that cock into me, Jaidyn. More.. Give me more!" Her eyes drift down, seeing the bulge in her love's pants and she grins, knowing she has truly met her soul mate in this man.

Jaidyn smacks that hot little ass with his big hand again, the shock barely felt before the slam of his hips rutting that ass hard overrode any other sensation. His hips swinging with all their might, cramming his dick inside that tight little hole so wildly every thrust bounced your body up on your tip toes. Every shove made those breasts wobble and jostle from the violent impact of another mans cock beating that asshole up with every inch so hard his nuts clapped and slapped your clit from behind as he held on and kept dragging you back down his raging shaft throbbing inside your ass so keenly you felt it start to get tighter from his cock swelling thicker. He could care less what Z had to say right then, lost in that clenching hole gripping his cock so tightly all he could do was drive through the hold of those slick muscles bearing down on him, squeezing him as his balls lifted higher and higher. "Oh fuck..." The only warning as the speed got even faster, the maddening drill of that dick stroking your ass and opening it up surged through you.

Zuriel watched as Jay took it to the next level, the sheer speed of it making even him inhale sharply and his eyes transfixed on those cheeks wobbling from his fucking his girl like a maniac. His hand drifted out, taking those red locks in his fingers as he looked down into your eyes and just met your gaze. "My little girl can cum if she wants... Daddy says it's okay..." The grin creeping across his lips turning devilish as he watched and held onto your red hair.

Lisa's tiny frame rocks violently the harder and harder Jaidyn abused her tiny ass, her breasts swaying so hard in circles they clapped together with every deep impacting thrust. Every time his hips connected with her ass, she let out a gasp until it built up, raising her to a pinnacle of pleasure. Teetering on the edge, she only needed that shove, and give it to her you did with those deliciously wicked words. Ass rising she her toes curled and her legs lifted, she grasped the back of the bench so hard her knuckles turned white. Head lifting to the sky, she lets out a savage scream and every muscle in her body tenses, gripping Jaidyn's cock in her ass like a vice. "Ahhhh fucking... shit!!!"

Jaidyn furrowed his brows, those toes in the sand underfoot curling from the rising orgasm coursing through that tight little body and even he had a moment to admit to himself he couldn't make someone just cum from his words. But then he couldn't even think about it as you started screaming, arching that body with your head tossed back as you cried out from him fucking your ass. His chest heaved harder, panting like a steam locomotive as his strokes grew uneven and erratic, his hands holding your hips dug in harder and the sudden eruption inside your tight little hole sprayed so voluminously, coating your inside with steamy cum pumping in again and again until he was humping on pure instinct driving his hips forward. "Hnnnaaaaaa...FUUUUCK....FUUUUUUUUCK!" He gritted his teeth hard, shoving it in deep and holding it right there as he shivered behind your sexy little ass.

Zuriel grew breathless as Jay battered his girl's ass. You'd already screamed out your orgasm and once you were shivering with shaky legs, he lifted his hand from your hair and just smiled down at the sight of his friend holding himself inside his girl tightly. He let out the breath he had been holding, leaning forward to curl his fingers under your chin again before lifting your face and bending to kiss you. "All for you, my dear baby girl..." Smirking, he rose and nodded to Jay still panting behind his girl. "You can pull out anytime, now. And stop harassing Stacey..."

Jaidyn smirks as he slowly slid from that tight little ass and patted you on the cheek, "Good little slut. Have a great evening." He found his shirt and zipped his pants up, nodding to Z as he grinned. "Oh, I think I'm gonna find her and fuck her face. She wanted a taste of your girl so badly...hehe." With that he turned and walked away, leaving the two love birds to clean up.

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